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7*      T      T  If 

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in  2014 

Supplement  to  The  Publishers  Circular"] 
mwd  Booksellers?  Record,  July  24,  1909.J 


Publishers'  Circular 


Booksellers'  Record 



(JANUARY     TO     JUNE.  1909) 


o;f:f  I  C  E 


X  0  n  &  0  n 

Adam  Street,  Adelphi,  Strand,  London,  W.C. 


Sttft'lewent  to  The  Publishers'  Circular"] 
axi'i  Booksellers'  Record,  July  24.  1909J 



Abel,  Mr.  W.  E  

Akerman.  Mr.  W.  B. 

Associated  Booksellers,  Banquet  of 

the,  as  Supplement  to  the  issue 

of  June  26th 
Associated  Booksellers.  Some  of  the 

Founders  : — Mr.  C.  Brown,  Mr.  T. 

Burleigh,  Mr.  G.  S.  Beeching,  Mr. 

W.  Glaisher,  Mr.  F.  Hanson,  Mr. 

J.  Shaylor,  Mr.  D.  Stott,  and  Mr. 

F.  C.  Turner — as  Supplement  to 

the  issue  of  June  19th,  rgog. 

Mr.  W.  G.  Harrison  (968),  Mr.  T. 

A.  Newton 

Bartlev,  Mr.  A.  E.  . . 

Bell.lMr.  E  

Blackwell.  Mr.  B.  H. 
Blyth,  Mr.  James  . . 
Brightwen,  Mrs. 

337  I  "  Closed  Doors  "  Cover  Design 

475  Collyer,  Mr.  J  

!  Combridge's  Patriotic  Window  Dis- 
play, Messrs. 
!  Cooper,  Mr.  H. 

Courtney,  Mr.  W.  L  

Crane,  Mr.  J.  H  

Darling,  Mr.  Justice 

Davis,  J. P.,  Mr.  W.  J  

Denny,  Mr.  A.  J.  ... 
Diosy,  Mr.  A. 
Dreadnought,  H.M.S. 



Cassell's  Splendid  Advertisement  of 
the  "  New  Magazine  "   . .        . .  527 

Edkins,  Mr.  J.  M  

Elder,  Alexander 

"  Elizabeth  Visits  America,"  From 
The  Marchioness  of  Valmond    . . 

"  Engineering  Wonders  of  the 
World,"  From     . .        . .  573, 

Gould,  Mr.  Nat 
Greenland.  Map  of  . . 
Guthrie,  Lord 









Heinemaun,  Mr.  Wm.  ..  571, 
Howell,  Messrs. 

Hurst  &  Blackett's  New  Sevenpenny 

Jokai,  M. 

Jones  &  Evans'  Bookshop,  Messrs. . 

Keay,  J.P.,  Mr.  H.  W.  .. 

Kelly,  the  late  Mr.  H. 

Knights  of  the  Round  Table,  The  . 

Leach,  Mr.  B.  ... 
Leighton,  Mrs.  M.  C. 
Long,  Mr.  John 

Maclehose,  Mr.  J. 
Maggs,  Mr.  B.  D. 
Magnay,  Bart.,  Sir  Wm. 
Mikkelsen,  Captain  E. 
"  Mollie  Deverill  " 
Montgomerv.  Miss  L-  M. 
Murrav,  Mr.  A.  H.  H. 


957  1  Murrav,  Mr.  John  .. 


Oppenheim,  Mr.  E.  P. 



Pearce,  Mr.  E.       ..       ..       . .  92] 

579  Pearse,  Mr.  H  28 

92  3  I  Publishers'  Representatives  at  the 

N.U.T.  Conference         ..       . .  61! 


Smart,  Mr.  Warnford       ..  ..3 




jTaft,  Facsimile  of  Letter  from  Mr. 

j    Wm.         . .       . .       . .        . .  92 

Thome,  Mr.  Guv    . .       . .        . .  4c 

Truscott,  the  Right  Hon.  Eord 
Mayor,  Sir  G.      . .        . .        .  .  43I 

Truslove,  Mr.  J.     ..       ..       . .  95 f 

Warner,  Mrs.  Anne 

Waugh,  .Mr.  A.       . .        .  .     572  16I 

Whittaker,  Mr.  W.  T   92I 

Winterburn,  the  late  Mr.  Geo.    . .  64I 


Books  of  the  Future  and  the  Past  . .  329 
Booksellers  and  the  Eord  Mayor, 

The  . .        /.        ..  ..217 

Booksellers'  Congress,  The  917,  945 
British.Constitution  for  Twopence . .  517 

Coercion,  No  Case  for  . .  . .  765 
Cornmis-Eibraires  a  Eoudres,  Voyage 

Corporatif  des  . .  . .  33,  70 
Commonwealth  Bookseller,  A  . .  277 
Congress  of  Publishers  ..  ..114 
Contemporary  Review,  The  . .  185 

Copyright  Eaw,  New  American  ..  437 

Education  in  History        .  .  .  .  69 

Education  in  Rifle  Shooting  . .  69 

Educational   Books  and  the  Net 

System      . .       . .       . .  . .  857 

Hooper  and  Jackson  Fighting  Each 
Other   893 

Invasion  by  the 
sellers,  The 

Associated  Book- 


La  Grande  Revue 
Libraries  and  Book  Collecting 
Literature  in  the  Nineteenth  Cen- 
tury, English 

Mosher,   T.   B.,   American  Book 
Pirate       . .    113,  195,  401,  4ir, 

Notes  and  Queries 

Paper  Famines 




Publisher  on  the  Cheap  Copyright 
Novel  in  Cloth,  A         ..  ..63; 

Romance  of  a  Million  Years  Ago 
and  the  Latest  Novel,  A         •  •  47. 

..  6< 


School  Books,  Better 
525  Sevenpenny  Novel  hi  Cloth,  The  .  . 
Shakespeare,  Rutland  est  le  Verit- 
able auteur  des  Pieces  de 
5  9  \  Spectator,  The,  Speaks 

437  I  Turning 'Over  Old  Leaves 


Advertisements    in  Addison's 

Spectator    . .        . .        . .        . .  553 

America^  Careless,  Is  Rich  . .        . .  898 

American  Notes        123,  153,  283,  450 
American  Tariff  Bill  and  the  Book 

Trade,  The,  616  ;  Changes  in  the  769 
Announcements       . .        . .  Weekly 

83.  347,  412,  451,  526,  865 
Answers  to  Correspondents         . .  284 
Antiquarian  Booksellers,  Inter- 
national Association  of 

72,  343.  407,  523 
Associated  Booksellers  of  the  United 
Kingdom      218,  549,  572,  819,  825 

894,  919,  95i.  965.  969 
Associated  Booksellers — Mr.  Edwin 

Pearce,  Hon.  Secretary  ..  ..921 
Auction  Sales,  &c.  85,  88,  94,  149, 

255,  339,  450,  484,  529,  572,  611, 

709,  769,  797 
Austen  was  Writing,  When,  Jane. .  645 
Australia  Bombards  U.S.  Battleship 

Fleet|with  Post  Cards  . .  . .  43 
Authors'  Club         . .        . .        . .  481 

Bibliographical    Congress,  Inter- 
national    . .        . .        . .        . .  770 

Bibliophile  and  the  Bookseller,  The  57S 
Black  and   White  in  French  and 
English      ..        ..       ..        ..  331 

Blackmore,  The  late  Mr.  R.  D. 
Blasting    the    Careers    of  Naval 


Blind,  Cheaper  Books  for  the 
Bodleian*Books  to  be  Treated  Like 

Old  Port 
Book  is  a  Book,  A 
Book  Production  1908,  French  and 

Book  Trade  Cases  : — 

Blackie  v.  Mawson 







British  Museum  Prints  ..  925,  966 
Rex  v.  R.  E.  King 

44,  89,  95,  123,  197,  218,  22i,  256 
Unpublished  Magazines  . .  . .  924 
Book  Trade  Notes  : — 
American  ..  ..  641,  711,  771 
Continental  93,  340,  484,  576,  925 
Edinburgh  36,117,188,252,331, 

480,  55r,  705 
Glasgow    7,  93,  149,  219,  279, 

405,  483,  572,  861 

Ireland  120,  334 

Provincial    449,  482,  524,  552, 
577,  614,  644,  715,  77i,  799. 

825,  869,  897,  922,  967 
189,  335,  4S1,  613,  89 

Bookbinding,  Commercial 
Hooks  Wanted  and  For  Sale 



Books  Which  Grow  Fresher  and 

Greater  to  Us      . .        .".        . .  609 
Books  Which  will  Interest  all  Scots- 
men      ....       . .       ...       . .  11 

Bookseller,  J. P.,  A  S25 

Bookseller  Killed  by  Taxi-Cab    . .  194 
Bookseller's  Adventures,  Suffolk  . .  45 
Booksellers  and  the  Empire         . .  699 
Booksellers'  Catalogues  41,  91,  153, 
190,  191,  225,  343,  407,  446,  572, 

641,  713,  771,  865 
Booksellers'  Congress  in  London  and 

Publishers'  Reception     ..        . .  21S 
Booksellers'   Provident  Institution 
41,  193,  217,  278,  280,  405,  439, 

445,  447,  4S0,  605,  S24 
Bore  Constrictor,  A  Patent . .        •  •  43 
British  Museum's  Loss — Retirement 
of  Sir  E.  M.  Thompson  . .  926 

Canada,  Literature  in  ..  ..151 
Cassell  in  America,  Messrs.. .  .  •  335 
Cassell's  Picture  Exhibition,  Messrs.  823 
Cassell's  Publishing  Manager  . .  405 
Cassell  &  Co.'s  Satisfactory  Position  449 
Centenary-  of  the  Autocrat  of  the 

Breakfast  Table  71 1 

Church  Militant,  The  . .  . .  87 
Collver,  Retirement  of  Mr.  Joseph 


Concert,  Messrs.  Washbourne's    . . 
Concert,  Nelson's  Bohemian 
Cook,  Captain,  Memorial  to 
I  Copyright  Case.  The  Arnasis 
I  Copyright  Comedy,  A 
Copyright  Congress 
1  Copyright  in  the  United  States    . . 
Copyright,  International 
Copyright,      International  and 

Copyright  Law   

I  Copyright  Law,  New  American 
I  Copyright,  Question  of 
1  Country  Home,  The. . 
Cricket  in  the  Trade  : — 
Burns  &  Oates  v.  Ely  Place 
Caxton  Publishing  Co.  v.  Blooms- 

Caxton  Publishing  Co.  v.  Shenley 
Esavian  v.  Philotesie 
Heincmanu  v.  Burns  &  Oates    . . 
Longman  v.  Hamlet 
Philotesie  v.  Educational  Supply 
v.  Mudie        ..  795, 
;•.  Raphael  House 

„       v.  Relfe  Bros  

St.  Thomas.  Fulham  v.  Burns  & 
,  I  Oates  















Supplement  to  The  Publishers'  Circular] 
sand  Booksellers'  Kkcord.  July  24,  1909.J 

The    Publishers'  Circular 

GENERAL    ARTICLES,    Sec— continued. 

J)ar\\  'm  Centenary,  The      . .        . .  949 
JJaylight  Savins;  Bill  Adopted  by 
1      The  Caxton  Publishing  Co.,  797  ; 

I  Messrs.  Methuen  and  the  P.C.  .  .  709 
I  Dickens,  England's  Gratitude  to  . .  88 
« (Dinners  : — 
O  Antiquarian  Booksellers  39,  72 

j  ^  Arnold  &  Son,  E.  J  37 

Authors'  Club      ..      ■  ..  .-445 

1      Cassell's  Staff   483 

j  >g"  ,,  Travellers  . .  . .  39 
IH Chapman  &  Hall..  ..  83 

j/^Edinburgh  Assistant  Booksellers' 
I^T    Association  . .  551 

•  BpForward  &  Sons  . .        . .        . .  475 

I  SpPhilip  and  Tacey..  ..254 

Pitman  &  Sons,  Sir  I.    .  .        . .  121 

-S  R.T.S.  Cricket  Club       . .        . .  92 

!  «   Readers'.  The      . .        . .        . .  254 

j*  Unwin,  T-.  Fisher..        ..        ..  123 

fm    Walker  8:  Co.,  John      ..  ..39 

[igYe  Olde  Friends  ..        .  .        ..  225 

1  .Double  Your  Existence,  How  to  ..  969 
«)rDruids,  Case  of  Interest  to..        ..  224 

•  -  Durham  Booksellers'  Centenary  . .  37 

ii  Education  and  the  Principal  Aim  of 

Woman  81 

.  Education — Brasenose  College  and  860 
I  ;l  Education  in  China..        ..  ..87 

^Education  on  the  Nile    92 

Jr Educational  Book  Exhibits  at  St. 

K  Paul's  School   87 

[/  Educational  Book  Question,  The  .  .  896 
j  Emigrant  to  Millionaire  .  .  . .  643 
I  Englishman  in  Exile,  The,  A  Poem  869 
f  Envelopes.  Thin  but  Opaque  ..  523 
,  Errors  in  a  List  of  Errata . .  . .  969 
j  Esperanto.  155  ;  Congress..  ..  122 
fl  Export  and  Import  of  Books  ..  707 
L'  Export  Number,  Our         . .        . .  705 

j1  Farrar  and  the  Tailor,  Canon  .  .  39 
'  Fashionable  Life  and  Intellectual 

■  Life  968 

'  Fire — Oxford  University  Warehouse 
[»  Burnt  Out,  705  ;  at  the  S.P.C.K.  824 
I  .Fitzgerald  as  a  Tetter  Writer        . .  523 
(  Football  in  the  Trade,  Simpkin  v. 
f  Hamilton   .  .        .  .        .  .        .  .  643 

ly  Forrester,  Mr.  R.,  of  Glasgow  ..  148 
f  French  Novel,  A  Sign  of  Decay  in 

ImL  tlie  '  •  •  • 

',  French    Publisher  and  Bookseller 
IE  Honotired  . .      ...        . .        . .  191 

'  Frobisher,  A  Book  Belonging  to  Sir 

it  Martin   527 

Funk  and  Wagnall's  "  At  Home  " . .  526 

•  Gazette.  Official  Information,  &c. 

347,  771 

1   Gcrmanv  and  the  Berne  Convention  118 

Germs  in  Old  Books . .        ..        ..  523 

Gibson  Girl,  The  Original  of  the  .  .  121 
Greenland  Mapped  at  East . .  79 

Hannan's  Take  View  Gold  Mining 

Co   . .      _  . .  825 

Hawthorne's    Vivid  Imagination, 
Nathaniel  ..        ..        ..        •  •  553 

Hints  for  Clerks      . .        . .        . .  85 

Hope  for  Parents    . .        . .  89 

Hotels,  "  Kingsley,"  "  Thackeray," 
and  "  Esmond  "  . .        . .        . .  862 

Howell's  Book  Store,  Liverpool    . .  863 

Indian  Novels  in  Demand  . .  . .  449 
Infamous  Books  in  Society,  Those. .  226 

Johnson,  Anecdote  of  Dr.  . .  39 
Jones  and  Evans,  Messrs.  . .        . .  923 

Kipling's  School  Slang  Philologically 
Considered. .        . .        . .  90 

Kipling's  Works,  Piratical  Editions 
of    . .        . .        . .        . .        . .  699 

Klondike  Bookseller,  A     . .  43 

Eaw  Stationers  at  the  Banquet  of 
the  Associated  Bookseljers       . .  920 

Eent,  Books  for      . .        . .  81 

Tetters  to  the  Editor,  14,  46,  94, 
125,  227,  256,  283,  346,  411,  451, 
485,  52b,  554,  580,  617,  646,  715, 
77i,. 799,  823,  826,  869,  871,  899,  969 

Libraries  Compared,  English  and 
American  . .        . .        . .  88 

Literary  Blunder,  a  Record . .         ..  553 

Literary  Treasures  Passing  to 
America     . .        . .        . .        . .  "  8 

Little  Niggers  and  Anglo-Saxon 
Kings        . .        . .        . .  91 

London  General  Porters'  Benevolent 
Association  . .        . .        . .  252 

Long,  Mr.  John,  and  Nat  Gould  ..  639 

Longman,  Mr.  H.  H,  Appointed  a 
Baronet     . .        . .        . .        . .  964 

Lucy,  Mr.  H.  W.,  Knighted  .  .  964 

Macaulay's  Wonderful  Devotion 

Maclehose,  Mr.  James 
Magazines  and  Reviews,  150.  if 

195,  224,  225,  280,  331,  333,  4c 

419,  449,  484,  488,  527,  557,  5; 

57S,  579,  641,  797,  798,  825,  82 
867,  898,  c 

Milton  and  Elzevir 
Mosher.  The  Methods  of  Mr. 
Motherwell  and  the  Little  Ministi 
Mountains  of  the  Moon,  The 
Murray,  Mr.  A.  H.  H. 


1 1 
.  861 

•  926 


•  149 

Music  Copyright 
Musical  Copyright 

National    Book    Trade  Provident 
Society,  124,  255,  282,  339,  553, 
578,  609,  703,  705,  767,  819, 
Nature  Study  in  Schools 
New  Editions,  Sec,  160,  231,  533, 

Newsagents',  Booksellers'  and  Sta- 
tioners' National  Union 
Nicoll  on  the  Press,  Dr.  Robertson .  . 
Notes  and   Announcements  We 
"  Novel  Competition,"  Another 
Novel  Publishers,  Important  Reso- 
lution by  . . 

Obituarv  : — 

Abel,  "Mr.  W.  E  

Birdsall,  Mr.  R  

Brown,  Mr.  R.  J. 

Clark,  Mr.  T.  Sealev   

Collier,  Mr.  P.  F. 

Cowell,  Mr.  P  

Davidson,  Mr.  John       . .  609, 
Duncan,  Mr.  T .  M. 
Easton,  Mr.  Wm.  . .  , 

Friswell,  Miss  Laura  Hain 
Hoev,  Mrs.  Cashel  ... 

Howe,  Mr.  T  

Joanes,  Mr.  W  

Joliffe,  Mr.  A.  W. 
Kelly,  Mr.  Henry 
LawTence,  Mr.  A.  W. 

Lewis,  Mr.  J  

Low,  Miss  Charlotte 

Low,  Mr.  R  '  ','  .> 

Modjeska,  Mme. 

Nister,  Mr.  E  

Solome,  Mr.  D.  S. 
Swain,  Mr.  J. 
Tindall,  Mr.  H.  P. 

Whittingham,  Mr.  C.  J  

Winterburn,  Mr.  Geo. 
"  Odd  Volume"  Helps,  The 

P.C.  Indispensable  to  Booksellers, 

Pageant  at  Bath,  The 

Paper  from  Sawdust 

Paper  Prophecv  about  Newfound- 
land, A 

Papermaking  Plants,  New 

Pepvs'  Diary . . 


Poem,  When  Leisure  Comes         ; . 

Poem — When  Shakespeare  Wrote 
his  Plavs 

President'of  the  XTnited  States,  The 

Press  Conference,  Imperial 

Printers'  Pension,  Almshouse  and 
Orphan  Asylum  Corporation  191, 














Prints  Wanted  and  For  Sale  Weekly 
Publishers'   Association,  The,  409, 

481,  519,  549,  571,  572,  949,  965 
Publishers'    Association  Reception 

at  the  White  City  965 

Publishers'  Circle,  The  .  .  57°,  703 
Publishers'  Exhibition  at  the  N.U.T. 

Conference  . .        . .        . .  611 

Publishers'  Representatives 

475,  55°,  605,  895 

Real  Enemv  of  the 

Author,  f  he- 
Rob  Roy  as  a  Pain  Killer 
Royal  Literary  Fund 

Second-  Rate 

••  795 
••  553 

33E  795 

Sailors'  Friend,  The  ..        ..  13 

Sankev,  One  on  Dr.  ..  ..150 
School"  Books  and  Politics  . .  . .  89 
School  Teacher,  Great  Work  of  the . .  85 
Scotland  Blackwood,  Sir  Walter  . .  43 
Sevenpenny  Novel,  Authors  and  the  967 
Sevenpenny    Novel,     The  Daily 

Chronicle  on  the  . .        . .        . .  861 

Shakespeare    and    Dickens,  The 

Genius  of  .  .  .  .  •  •  . .  87 
Shakespeare  and  Modern  Fiction  . .  607 
Sikh  Officer  Who  Served  the  King,  A  707 
Small  Type  Penal,  Use  of  ..  ..121 

Smart  Bookselling  575 

Song  of  the  Sea  Folk,  A  . .  ■  •  479 
Status  of  Booksellers,  The  . .  . .  920 
Straight,  Sir  Douglas         . .        . .  193 

Success  through  the  P.C  897 

Summarv  of  Books  Published  in 

unday  Paper,  The. 


Table  Talk  of  a  Book  Collector    . .  966 
Taft  and  Mr.  David  Bryce,  Mr.    . .  924 
Telephone  Support,  A  New.  .         ..  225 

Thackerav's  Best  Loved  Friend    ..  575 
Trade  Notes  and  Changes,  8,  47,  81, 
93,  125,  148,  150,  195,  227,  255, 
347,  411,  447,  4S3,  529,  552,  579, 

606:'  826,    862,'  969 
Trevena,  Mr.  John  .  .         ....  867 

"  Tusser  "  a  T.  TotaUer  ?  Was    . .  226 

"  Uncle    Remus "    was  Invented, 

How  .*,;?*;  ..  123 

Warner,  Mrs.  Anne  645 

Warning  .  .  123,  227,  255,  284,  575 
Wear  and  Tear  of  Public  Library 

Books  .  .  . .  ■ .  . .  924 
Welsh  National  Librarv,  Books  for 

the  . .  "9 

••  What  the  Butler  Saw  "  .  .  . .  610 
Woman's  Long  Service  .  .  . .  447 
Women  Fretting  their  Hearts  Out, 

Highlv  Trained  85 


RBCof  the  Royal  Navy,  The  . . 
"Acrostic  Signatures  of  Francis 
k   Bacon,  Some 

Ejects  of  the  Apostles,  The..  155, 
"Admirable  Crichton,  The  . . 
Ekdoption  of  Rhodope,  The 
^Adventures  in  Contentment 
^Adventures  in  London 
Adventures  of  Louis  Blake,  The    . . 
Bifter  the  Confession,   and  Other 
f  Verses 

Aglavaine  and  Selysette 

Agricultural  Almanac  and  Diary  . . 

Agricultural  Cyclopaedia.  Morton's.  . 

Agriculture  and  Rural  Economy, 
'■'  The  Standard  Cyclopaedia  of 
ft  Modern  .  .  .  .  16,  127,  379, 
;,Algebra,  Elementary 
^Algebra,  School  ..  ..  95, 
SAlmayer's  Folly 

American  Catalogue  of  Books, 

^jAinerican  Publishers,  A  Directory  of 

America  at  College 

Antony  the  Wild  Tribes  of  the 
I  Afghan  Frontier  .  . 

479  Analysis  of  the  Evolution  of  Musical 

818  Anglo- German  Song  Book 

198  Animal  World,  The  Transformations 

865      of  the   

929  Annals  of  the  Liverpool  University 
971      Institute  of  Archaeology. . 
873  Anne  of  Green  Gables 
22')  Anne  Seymour  Darner 
Annunciation,  The  .. 

96  Arabian  Nights,  The 
126  Araminta      ..        ..        ..  418, 

126  Arbitrator,  The   

96  Architectural  History  of  the 
798      Christian  Church,  The 

Arms  and  Armour,  British  and 

876  Army  Drum,  The  

155  Army  Service  Corps  Guide 
284  Arrows  from  the  Dark 

613  Art  of  Health,  The  

Art  of  Sermon  Illustration,  The  44s, 
770  Art  Prices  Current 

8  Artemis  to  Actaeon,  and  Other 
93  Verses 

Artemision,  Idylls  and  Songs 
258  As  Thev  Are 









At  Home      . .        . .        . .        . .  929 

Athletic  Handbooks           .  .        . .  703 

Alius  of  British  Empire  and  Japan.  .  715 
Atlases    of    the    British  Islands, 

Philip's  Handy  Administrative  . .  557 
Auction  Bridge,  and  How  to  Play 

It  ".  725 

Auriel  Selwode        .  .        . .        . .  19 

Austen,  Jane,  Works  of    .  .        . .  255 

Autobiography  of  Sir  H.  M.  Stanley  949 

Awakening  of  Turkey,  The         . .  972 

Background  of  the  Gospels,  The  .  .  156 

Backwoodsmen,  The  . .  . .  900 
Baconian    Heresy,    Mr.  Nicholas 

Wake- Spear  on  the        .  .        •  •  555 

Baedeker  Guides     . .        .  .     483,  641 

Bahaism  :  the  Universal  Religion.  .  713 
Baker,   Confectioner  and  Caterer, 

The  Modern    488 

Balance   of   Nature   and  Modern 

Conditions  of  Cultivation         . .  532 

Balkania       . .        . .        . .        . .  929 

Ballads  of  Brave  Women  .  .        . .  725 

Balthasar      . .        . .        . .        .  .  229 

Baronet's  Wife,  The          . .  49 

Battles  and  Sieges,  A  Book  of      . .  619 

Beautiful  Bermuda  S99 

Beautiful  Flowers 

229,  487,  .797,  928,  949 
Beautiful  Gardens,  How  to  Make 

and  Maintain  Them  . .  •  •  552 
Bellini,  Vincenzo  .  .  • .  49 
Betelguese  .  .  . '.  ■  •  . .  617 
Between  Trent  and  Ancholme  . .  583 
Bible,  The  "  He  "  .  .  "  . .  • .  283 
Bible  Lessons  for  Schools  . .  . .  15S 
Biographv   of   a    Silver   Fox.  or 

Domino  Revnard  of  Goldur  Town  874 

Bird  Life      ."  -   •  •  875 

Bishop  in  the  Rough.  A  .  .  . .  454 
Black  and  White  Academy  Pictures  613 
Blessed  Damozel,  The       ..        ..  15 

Bodv  and  Soul   878 

Bond  of  Sympathy,  The  . .  . .  585 
Book  Auction  Records  . .  409,  706 
Book  of  the  Cottage  Garden,  The  . .  583 
Book  of  the  Old  Edinburgh  Club  . .  197 
Book  of  Pravers  for  Bovs,  A  ..  159 
Book  of  Witches.  The  . .  . .  159 
Book  Prices  Current  . .  552,  897 
Born  Genius,  A  . .  . .  583 
Borrow,  George  :  the  Man  and'His  j 

Work   13 


The    Publishers'  Circular 

f Supplement  tolHK  Publishers  Circular 
|_ani>  Booksellers' 

RECORD  July  24,  1909 

REVIEWS   AND    NOTICES    OF    BOOKS— continued. 

Botany,  A  First  Book  of  .  . 
Botany  of  Warwickshire,  The 
Boxing  at  a  Glance 
Boy  Scout  Life 
Boy  Scout's  Signal  Card   . . 
Brassey's  Naval  Annual  for  1909 

641,  770 

Brightwen,  Elizabeth  :  the  Life  and 
'  Thoughts  of  a  Naturalist 
British  Empire,  The 
British  Empire  and  Japan,  The    . . 
British  Mosses        . .        . .  198, 
British  Mountaineering 
British  National  Finance 
British  Officer  in  the  Balkans,  A  . . 
British  Tar  in  Fact  and  Fiction, 

The   193, 

Brittany  to  Whitehall 
Browning,  Selections  from 

Bruce,  The  

Buckjumper,  The    . . 
Buller,  Sir  Redvers 
Burden  of  1909,  The 
Burial  of  Sir  John  Moore,  and  Other 

Poems,  The 
Buried  City  of  Kenfig,  The 
Business,  Practical  Hints  for  Man 

and  Master 
Business  Success 

Butler,  Josephine  E.  :    an  Auto- 
biographical Memoir 







Cage,  The  

Calvert's  Valley,  In 
Calvin  in  His  Letters 
Cambridge  Countv  Geographies 


Cambridge  Modern  History 
Cannes  and  Its  Surroundings 
Canon  in  Residence,  The 
Canterbury  Cathedral 
Capital  and  Investment 
Captain  Singleton's  Early  Adven- 

Captain's  Daughter,  The 

Care  of  Natural  Monuments,  The  . . 

Carmelite  Classics 

Carthen  :  a  Tragedy  in  Three  Acts. . 

Cassell's  Academy  Pictures  615, 

Cassell's  Shilling  Editions 

Cassock  and  Comedy 

Castle  of  Dreams,  A 

Cathechism  on  Field  Training 

Catholic    Who's    Who   and  Year 

Causeries  du  Lundi 
Celestina  ;    or,  The  Tragi  comedy 

of  Calisto  and  Melebea 
Certain  Fundamentals,  On 
Chambers  of  Commerce  Year  Book, 

The  ..  ... 

Chance  of  a  Lifetime 
Characters  of  Paradise  Lost 
Characters  of  Shakespeare's  Plays. . 
Charlatans,  The 

Charm  of  Paris,  The  :    an  Antho- 
logy . .        . . 
Chats  on  English  Earthenware    . . 
Chemistry,  Elements  of  Organic   . . 
Chemistry,  Junior 
Chemistry,  New  Matriculation 
Children  Act  Explained,  The 
Children  of  Mammon 
Children  of  the  Gutter,  The 
Children's  Book  of  Plays,  Our 
Children's  Care  Committees 
Christ  and  the  Crowd 
Christ  Our  Example 
Christ,  The  Church,  and  Man 

Christian  Evidence  Lectures 
Christian  Use  of  the  Psalter,  The  . . 
Church  of  Christ,  The 
Church  Pageant,  The  Book  of  the 


Church     Teaching     for  Church 


Churches  and  Usury,  The 
Civil  Service  Year  Book 
Classics,  Reprints  of  English 
Classiques  Francaises,  Les 
Claudian  as  an  Historical  Authority 
Cleansing  of  a  City,  The 

Clergy  List,  The  

Client  Princes  of  tin-  Roman  Empire 

Under  the  Republic 
Closer  Union 

Cloud  Upon  the  Sanctuarv,  The  . . 

















Coal  Mining,  Practical       ..  ..158 

Coillard  of  the  Zambesi      . .        . .  725 

Colloquia  Latina      . .        .  .        .  .  828 

Commentary  on  the  Holy  Bible  .  .  971 
Commonsense  Papers        ..        ..  127 

Commonwealth  of  Australia,  The 

706,  775 

Companies  (Consolidation)  Act,  1908 


81,  124 


Complete  Fisherman,  The 
Composition  in  Portraiture 
Conditions  of  Life  in  the  Sea 
Conjuring,  The  Art  of  Modern 
Conquering  the  Arctic  Ice 
Consider  the  Butterflies,  How  They 
Grow        . .       . .        . .        . .  454 

Contemporary  Ireland       . .        . .  158 

Cookery  Book,  The  Two  Hundred 
and  Fifty  Recipe..        ..  ..92 

Co-partnership  at  Guise,  Twenty- 
eight  Years  of     ..        ..       ..  557 

Copj-right,  International    . .        . .  282 

Corn  Laws,  The      ..        ..        ..  157 

Corpus  Verses,  A  Book  of  . .  828 

Counsels  and  Precepts       . .        . .  490 

Cricket,  A.  C.  Maclaren  on  . .        . .  929 

Crime  on  Canvas,  A         . .        . .  231 

Cross  in  the  Old  Testament,  The  . .  159 

Crowd,  The  

Curious  Case  of  Lady  Purbeck,  A 

Daft  Days,  The   

Daily  Light  from  the  Cross 
Dan  to  Beersheba 
Dancing  Bear,  A 
Daphne  in  Fitzroy  Street 
Dartmoor  House  that  Jack  Built, 


Daughter  of  the  Storm,  A  923, 

Dawn,  The,  and  Other  Poems 

Devil  and  the  Crusader,  The 

Devil's  Ace,  The  

Dexter  Entanglement,  The  619, 

Diana  of  the  Swamp 

Dickens  Dictionary,  A 

Dictionary  and  Chronicle  for  China, 
Japan,  Corea,  &c. 

Dictionary  of  Philosophical  Terms. . 

Dictionarv  of  the  Bible  149, 

Did  She  bo  Right  ? 

Directory  of  Great  Britain  and  Ire- 
land, Thorn's 

Directory  of  Paper  Makers 

Disappearing  Eye,  The 

Docteur  Bousseau,  Le 

Dom  Garcia  de  Navarre  or  le  rrince 
Jalond       . .    '    . . 

Double  Bonds 

Doubtful  Experiment,  A  Very 
Dream  of  Gerontius,  The 
Dromina       . .        . .        . .  582, 

Dublin  Castle  and  the  Irish  People .  . 
Dudley  Book  of  Cookery  and  House- 
hold Recipes 
Dutch,  Elements  of 

Early  Christianity 

East  Africa,  Drumkev's  Year  Book 


Easter  in  the  Heart 

Economic  Interpretations  of  Historv 


Edinburgh  Periodical  Press,  The  . . 
Edinburgh  School  Atlas,  The 
Egyptian  Arabic  Primer 
El  Greco  :  an  Account  of  his  Life 

and  Works 
Electra  of  Sophocles,  The 
Electric  Practice,  Modern 
Electrical  Terms  and  Phrases 
Electricitv,  The  How  Does  it  Work, 


Electricitv,  Technical 

Elfin  Tales  

Elisabeth  Davenay 
Elizabeth  Visits  America 
Emerson,  The  Pocket 
Encyclopaedia  Britannica 
End  and  the  Beginning,  The 
Engineering  Wonders  of  the  World 
553.  573.  643, 
English  Catalogue  of  Books,  1908. . 
English  Church  Teaching 
English  Figure  Skating 
English  in  China,  The 
English  Literature  in  the  Nineteenth 

Century     . .       . •  • 
















1.1  1 


English  Woman,  The         . .        . .  928 

Epistles  of  Paul  to  the  Ephesians, 
Philippians,   Colossians,  and  to 
Philemon   ..        ..        ..        ..  971 

Esperanto  for  the  English  . .        . .  158 

Esperanto  Manual,  The     . .  95 
Essays  in  Freedom  . .        . .        . .  875 

Estimations  in  Criticism    ..  ..158 

Ethics  of  the  Christian  Life,  The  . .  49 
European  Travellers  in  India       . .  490 
Evergreen  Novels    . .        . .        . .  709 

Every  Man  for  Himself      . .        . .  127 

Every  Woman  Her  Own  Dressmaker  531 
Everyday  Japan     . .        . .        . .  487 

Everyman's  History  of  the  English 
Church      . .        . .        . .        . .  972 

Everyman's  Library  ..     189,  483 

Evolutionary  Socialism      . .        . .  971 

Exiled  Workers       . .        . .        . .  974 

Factory  and  Truck,  Acts  The       . .  899 
Fair  Refuge,  A       . .        . .        . .  583 

Fair  Woman  at  Fontainebleau  . .  584 
Fairbaim's  Book  of  Crests  of  the 

Families  of  Great  Britain  and 

Ireland      . .        . .        . .        . .  484 

Fairv  Tales  of  Master  Perroult,  The  828 

Faith  488 

Faith  Healing         . .        . .        . .  487 

Faith,  Its  Nature  and  Work  ..  617 
Faith  of  His  Fathers,  The..  122,  258 
Familiar  Swiss  Flowers  . .  ■  •  5  79 
Father  Zuletta's  Letters  on  Christian 

Doctrine    ..        ..        ..        ..  419 

Felix  Stone   . .   488 

Fellowship     . .        . .        . .        . .  487 

Fellowship  Hymn  Book,  The       . .  971 
"  Field  "  Record  of  Field  Trials,  The  971 
Fighting  Ships,  All  the  World's  715,  949 
Fights  Forgotten     . .        . .        . .  333 

Finders  of  the  Way. .        . .        . .  197 

Finding  of  Mercia,  The      . .        . .  S78 

Finsbury  Library,  The      . .        . .  610 

First  and  Last  Appearance,  My    . .  19 
First  and  Last  Things        . .        . .  15 

First    George    in    Hanover  and 

England     . .        . .        . .  48 

First  Things  of  Jesus,  The  ..  ..583 

Fleet  Street  and  Other  Poems  . .  973 
Flowers  and  Grass  Calendars  for 

Children     . .        . .        . .        . .  377 

PI  ying  Months,  The. .        . .        . .  725 

Folk  Songs  from  Somerset..        ..  530 

Food  Inspector's  Handbook,  The..  231 
Fool  of  Quality,  The  ;  or  the  History 

of  Henry,  Earl  of  Morland  . .  531 
For  Church  and  Chieftain  . .  . .  584 
For  Love  of  Our  Lord  ..  . .  159 
Forbidden  Boundary,  The  . .  . .  17 
Foreign  Classics,  The  Great . .  . .  973 
Foundation  of  the  Origin  of  Species, 

The   949 

Four  Methods  of  Teaching  English 

to  Maswina         . .        . .        . .  877 

France :    a   Popular   History  for 

Young  People      . .        . .        . .  769 

France  of  the  French         . .        . .  230 

Franco-British    Exhibition  Illus- 
trated Review      ..       ..  ..122 

Francois  le  Champi..        ..  ..155 

Free  Church  Year  Book,  The       . .  972 
Fresh  Leaves  and  Green  Leaves    ..  557 
Friend  of  the  People,  The  . .        . .  284 

From  an  Easy  Chair . .        ..  ..127 

From  Island  to  Empire      . .        . .  47 

Fruitful  Ministry,  A         . .        . .  258 

Future  Leadership  of  the  Church, 

The   619 

Gai  Juli  Caesaris      . .        . .        . .  S28 

Galicia,  The  Switzerland  of  Spain. .  584 
Game  Animals  of  Africa,  The       . .  49 
Garden  Annual,  The         ..        ..  124 

Garden  of  Love  and  Other  Poems, 

The   ..725 

Gardener's  Year,  The  Young       ..  15 
Gems  of  Foreign  Fiction  in  English  190 
General    Knowledge    of  Common 
Things       . .        . .        . .        . .  96 

Genesis  and  Evolution  of  the  In- 
dividual Soul,  Scientifically 
Treated,  The       . .        . .        . .  929 

Geographical  Discovery     . .        . .  488 

Geography,  Handbook  of,  Descrip- 
tive and  Mathematical  ..  ..96 

Geometry.  Concurrent  Practical  and 
Theoretical  ..       ..  ..557 

Germ  Life  488 

German,  The  Viking         ..        ..  S78 

German-French  and  French-German 

Dictionary  . .        . .        . .  226 

Gervase        . .        . .        . •        . .  877 

Gift  of  the  Sea,  The  156 

Girls'  School  Year  Book,  The  . .  928 
Gladstone,  Life  of,  The  . .  92 
Glastonbury,  The  Historic  Guide  to 

the  English  Jerusalem,  . .  897,  925 
Glimpses  of  Indian  Life  . .  48 
Godless  Socialism,  A  . .  . .  532 
God's    Message    through  Modern 

Doubt   47 

God's  Orchard,  In  873 

Golden  Precipice,  The  ..  ..127 
Gospel  According  to  St.  John,  The  619 
Gospel  in  the  Church,  The. .        . .  379 

Gospel  of  St.  Mark  158 

Gower  Street  to  Portugal,  From  . .  583 
Grafton  Chimes        . .        . .        . .  377 

Grammar  Schools,  The  English    ..  126 
Grape  Culture  Up-to-Date..        ..  191 

Great  Victorian  Age,  The  . .        . .  197 

Greater  Love,  The  . .        . .        . .  454 

Greatness  and  Decline  of  Rome  158,  488 
Greek  and  Eastern  Churches,  The. .  15 

Greek  Fathers,  The  15 

Greek  Historians,  The  Ancient     . .  197 
Green  Room  Book,  The      . .     191,  409 
Grieben's  Guides     . .        . .        . .  898 

Grip  of  Fear,  The    . .        . .        . .  490 

Guide  for  Officers  and  N.C.O.'s  of 

the  Territorial  Forces     . .        . .  800 

Guide  to  Heraldry  . .        . .        . .  226 

Guide  to  Promotion  for  Officers  in 

Subject  "  A  "   157 

Gulliver's  Travels    . .        . .        . .  557 

Haeckel :  His  Life  and  Work  ..  557 
Hailevburv  College,  Past  and  Present 


Half  Hours  with  the  Minor  Prophets 

and  Lamentations  ..  ..  531 
Haliburton,  Lord,  A  Memoir  of  His 

Public  Service      ..        ..        ..  41S 

Hampden,  Essay  on  John  ..  ..721 

Handbook    for    Drivers    of  the 

Mounted  Services . .        . .        . .  488 

Handbook  of  Cyprus  ..        ..  898 

Handbook  to  Truth,  A      . .        . .  490 

Handbook  to  the  Technical  and  Art 

Schools  and  Colleges  of  the  UK.  531 
Happy  Elopement.  The     . .        . .  336 

Happy  Half  Century,  A     ..        ..  157 

Happv  School  Da  vs. .        ..  ..723 

Hard  Bit  of  Road',  A         ..        . .  157 

Harry  Gordon         . .        . .        . .  875 

Harvests  of  the  East         ..        •  •  532 
Hazell's  Annual      . .        . .        - .  13 

Health.  Morals  and  Longevity      . .  725 
Heart  of  a  Gipsy,  The       . .        . .  228 

Heart  of  Monica      . .       . .       . .  487 

Hearthrug  Comedies  . .        . .  377 

Heat  and  Other  Forces      . .        . .  488 

Hebrew  English  Dictionary  to  the 

Old  Testament  127 

Helen  Polska's  Lover  . .  . .  4S7 
Henry  in  Search  of  a  Wife  . .  . .  S78 
Heraldry.  Complete  Guide  to  •  •  531 
Heroes  of  the  Hebrew  Monarchy, 

The   4  §9 

Hertford,  Handlist  to  Inscriptions  in 

the  Hundred  of  Edwinstree  ..  151 
Hints  on  Etiquette  and  Dress  for 

Officers  of  the  Territorial  Forces  157 
Hints  on  House  Furnishing. .  ..  400 
Hints  to  Young  Authors  . .  . .  450 
Historical  Geographv,  A  Sketch  ..I  >7K 

History  of  Art,  A  619 

History  of  Contemporary  Civilisa- 
tion". 454 

History  of  England.  Fletcher's  . .  771 
History  of  the  Johnstones,  1191- 

1909'  . .        . .        •  •     _  •  •  949 

Homes  and  Haunts  of  Henry  Kirke 

White   9 

Hope  that  is  in  the.  The  . .  . .  454 
Horatius  ami  Other  Stories. .  ..  828 
Household  Cookery  . .  .t  ■  •  873 
Houses  of  Glass      . .        . .        . .  554 

Hoverers,  The   16 

How  Came  the  Light  to  Britain  ?. .  258 
How  to  Appreciate  Prints  . .  ■  •  574 
How  to  Compose  Business  Letters. .  529 

How  to  Get  Married  557 

How  to  Instruct  in  Aiming  and 

Firing      ..        ..         ..        ••  157 

Human  Woman.  The        ..        ..  19 

Hungarian  Grammar         ..  ..928 

Sii/>/''c»'t'»/  to  The  Pihi.ifhers'  Circular-! 

AND  BOOKSELLERS'  KtCORD.  J Illy  24.  1  09J 

The    Publishers*  Circular 

REVIEWS    AND    NOTICES    OF    BOOKS— continued. 

Hurst   &   Blackett's  Sevenpenny 
Library     . .       . .        . .     770,  797 

Hymn  Tunes,  A  Selection  of  100  . .  284 
Hymns  and  Songs  for  Empire  Day  Soo 

Ideas  of  a  Plain  Countrv  Woman, 
The  ..        ..     "  ..  .-555 

Ido  :  Practical  Grammar  and  Exer- 
P  cises  . .        . .        . .        . .  2  30 

Ifs  and  Ans  ..        ..        ..  -.159 

Ikona  Camp  . .        . .        . .     ...  583 

Immortal  Hour,  The         . .        . .  16 

In  a  Good  Cause    . .        . .        . .  898 

In  the  Beginning    . .        . .        . .  128 

In  the  Dead  of  Night       . .        . .  585 

In  the  Long  Run    . .        . .        . .  585 

In  the  Shadow  of  the  Peaks  .  .  876 
Incarnate  Purpose,  The  . .  49 
India,  North  . .        . .        . .  17 

.Indian  Criminal,  The        ..        ..  4S9 

Indian  Dust  . .        . .        . .        . .  927 

Indoor  Games,  Evervbodv's  Book 

I  of    . .        ..        .."       ..  ..158 

.Inez,  the  King's  Page       ..        ..  725 

Insurance  Against  Unemployment . .  877 
Insurrections  . .        . .        . .  928 

Intellectual  Life,  The        . .        . .  968 

Interlude  of  Calisto  and  Melebea, 

Wt  An   ..230 

International  Commercial  Lexicon . .  557 
Invisible  Glory,  The         ..        ..  17 

-Irene  of  the  Ringlets  ..  ..  557 
It  Was  Not  to  Be  487 

•Italy,  from  1495  to  1790  . .        . .  530 

Jack  South   . .        . .        . .        . .  723 

Jack's  Serial  Publications  . .  45 
Jan  of  the  Windmill         ..        ..  487 

Jan  Vermeer  of  Delft  and  Carel 

Fabritius    . .        . .        . .  ..45 

Janet's  Repentance  . .        . .  583 

Jew  and  Human  Sacrifice,  The  ..  713 
Jimbo  :  a  Fantasy  . .        . .  489 

Job  and  His  New  Theology  . .  927 
Jockey's  Revenge,  The      . .        . .  877 

John  Cave  878 

Joint  Stock  Companies,  Formation, 

Management  and  Winding-up  of . .  16 
Journal  of  John  Mayne,  The         . .  489 
Joyce  Pleasantry     . .        . .  47 

Judges  of  Jesus,  The        . .        . .  582 

Julian  Revelstone  :  a  Romance  . .  452 
Junius  Unveiled      . .        . .        . .  829 

Juvenus  duin  Sumus        . .        . .  873 

Life's  Wreckage 
Light  for  Lesser  Days 
Light  on  the  Advent 
Lioness  of  Mayfair,  The 
Literary  Tours  in  the  Highlands  and 

Islands  of  Scotland 
Literary  Year  Book,  The  ..  it, 
Literature,  A  Treasure  of  English . . 

Cambridge  History  of 

School     Historv  of 




Little  Angels 

Little  Dinners  with  the  Sphinx 
Little  Dorothy 

Little  Flowers  of  St.  Francis 

Assisi  . .  . .  ■'•*-  ",-  •-■ 
Little  France 

Little  Sermons  to  the  Children 
Little  Summer  at  Assisi,  A  . . 
Little  Town  in  the  Valley,  The 
Living   Chalice,    The,    and  Other 

London  Side  Lights 
London  to  York  :  the  Great  North 


London's  Forest :  Its  History,  Tra- 
ditions and  Romance 

Lone  Sheiling,  The 

Love  and  Parentage 

Love-Brokers,  The 

Love  Familv,  The 

Love  that  Kills,  The 

Loveliness  of  Christ,  The 

Loves,  Old  and  New 

Lunatic  at  Large,  The 

Lure  of  Eve,  The   . . 

Lyra  Evangelistici  . . 

Lyric     Masterpieces  by 

Lyrics,  A  Few 

Lyrics  of  a  Briton  in  Gallia 


Kalendar  of  Shepherds, 


•Key  of  Life 

King  and  Isabel,  The 

King's  Revenue,  The 


■  ■  49 
876,  8q8 

••  532 
..  877 
..  17 

La  Caverne  ..        ..        ..        .  .  47^ 

Lace  Making  and  Collecting        . .  800 
Ladies'  Court  Book,  The  ..  ..252 

Ladies  in  Haste,  The        ..  ..127 

Land  Values  Taxation      . .        . .  878 

Landholding  in  England    ..        . .  157 

Lands  Beyond  the  Channel         . .  96 
Land's  End  to  the  Lizard,  From  . .  876 
Language,    Introduction    to  the 
.  Natural  History  of        . .        . .  126 

Lapsus  Cerebelli      . .        . .        . .  532 

Latin  Delectus,  The  New  . .        . .  489 

Latin  Prose  Composition  . .        . .  95 

Latin  Reading  Book,  A  ..  158 

Laurel-Crowned  Letter  Series,  The . .  771 
Law  Affecting  Dogs  and  the  Owners, 
j£  The  ..        ..        ..  ..877 

Lawns  . .        . .         . .        . .  347 

Lawns  and  Greens,  Their  Formation 
and  Management  ..  ..617 

Lawrences  of  the  Punjab,  The      ..  15 
Le  Medecin  de  Campagne  ..  156 

Leaders  of  Socialism         ..  ..159 

Leaves  in  the  Wind         ..  ..227 

Lectures  et  Conversations  . »  488 

Legend  of  Montrose,  The  . .        . .  873 

Legend  of  the  Flowers,  The        . .  377 
Letters  from  the  Peninsula         . .  861 
Letters  of  Boswell  to  W.  J .  Temple . .  13 
Letters  of  John  Keats        . .        . .  157 

Letters  of  John  Ruskin,  The      ..  581 
Letts'  Printers'  Diary       ..  ..127 

Library  Economics  . .        . .        . .  928 

Licensed  Victuallers'  Year  Book  . .  490 

Life  After  Death  489 

Life  and  Letters  of  Lord  Macaulay . .  968 
t<ife  in  the  Word    . .        . .        . .  490 

fife's  Lessons  and  Other  Poems  ..  156 

Macmillan's  Sevenpenny  Series  . . 
Madras  Manual  of  Geography 


Magic  Bowl,  The  

Magic  of  .Sport,  The 
Maid's  Forgiveness :  a  Play,  The 
Making  of  Molly,  The 
Man  and  Maid 
Man  and  the  Bible 
Man  of  the  Mask,  The 
Man  I'reparing  for  Other  Worlds 
Man  Who  Understood  Woma, 


Mansfield  Park 
Mantle  of  Ishmael,  The 
Manual  of  the  Order  and  Adminis- 
tration of  a  Baptist  Church 
Manual  for  Free  Church  Ministers, 


Map  of  South  America,  A  . . 

Maps,  Bacon's  Excelsior 
Marcus  Aurelius 
Masque  of  Coraus,  The 
Masterpiece  in  Colours 




















418,  557 

Materia    Mnemonics  :  Aids  to 

Materia  Medica    . .        . .        .  .  452 

Matriculation  English  Course      . .  974 
Me  and  My  True  Love     . .        . .  927 

Meaning -of  Money,  The    ..  ..418 

Medical  Annual       . .        . .        . .  533 

Medici  at  Florence,  The    . .        . .  229 

Meditations  on  the  Office  and  Work 

of  the  Holy  Spirit         ..  ..198 

Meggj',  a  Day  Dream       . .        . .  1 

Memoirs  of  a  Cavalier      ..  ..155 

Memory  Harbour    . .        . .        . .  878 

Men  of  the  Covenant       . .  43 
Menace  of  Socialism,  The  . .        . .  725 

Merchant  of  Venice,  The  . .  96 
Merry  Moments  with  Scholars    . .  488 
Mersteins,  The        . .        . .        . .  973 

Message  of  Psvchic  Science  to  the 

World,  The"   377 

Messages  from  the  Epistle  to  the 

Hebrews    . .        . .        . .        . .  829 

Military  Law  Examiner,  The      . .  157 
Military  Law  Made  Easy  ..        . .  157 

Military  Needs  and  Policy  ..  585 

Mind  and  Work,     ..        ..        . .  530 

Mineral  Kingdom,  The 

557,  775,  879 
Minister's  Diary  for  1909,  The    . .  48 
Mirabeau,  Life  of    . .        . .  ..128 

Miracle  and  Infidelity       . .        . .  491 

Mirrors  of  Illusion  .. 
Miss  Pillsbury's  Fortune   .  .        . . 
Mistress  Art,  The 
Modern  Constitutions 

Modern  Golf   

Modern  Mother,  The 
Mohammedanism  and  Christianity 
Mollie  Devcrill 

Money  and  Profit-Sharing 
Monica  of  Esseburn 
Monograms  and  Cyphers 
Moon  of  Valleys 

Moore — Writer  of  "  The  Burial  of 
Sir  John  Moore,"  discovered    .  . 
Moral  Education  in  Eighteen  Coun- 

Moran  of  Kildally 
More  Bunkum 

Morgan,  R.  C,  His  Life  and  Times 


Morris,  William 
Mowbray's  Annual 
Mozarabic  Liturgy,  Ihe 
Mr.  Gilful's  Love  Story 
Mummer,  The  Magnificent 
Music,  Cassel's  Popular 
Music  for  Teachers,  One  Thousand 

Questions  in 
Music,  Novello's         .  .     610,  861, 
My  Father's  Business 
Mystery  of  Pain,  The 
Mystery  of  Seven,  The 
Mystery   Island  :  A   Tale   of  the 


National  Gallery,  The 

158,  229,  487, 
National  Songs  and  Some  Ballads, 
Nation's  Income,  The 
Native  Life  in  East  Africa 
Nature  Study 
Nautical  Almanack 
Naval  Warfare 
'Neath  Austral  Skies 
Nelson's  Hardy,  His  Life,  Letters 

and  Friends 
New  Education  in  China.  The 
New  Light  on  the  Renaissance    . . 
New  Nation,  The 
New  Testament,  The,  Its  Author- 
ship, Date,  and  Worth 
New   Testament,    The  Twentieth 

New   Things   and    Old   in  Saint 
Thomas  Aquinas 

New  Word,  The  

Newnes'  Sixpenny  Copyright  Novels 

Newspaper  List,  Handy 
Nice  Pair,  A 

Nietzsche,    Complete    Works  of 


Ninon  de  l'Enclos,  the  Real 
No  Refuge  but  in  Truth 
Noblesse  Oblige 
Nora  and  the  Shepherd 

North  and  South  

Notes  by  the  Way  ..    82  5, 

Notes  from  Sotheby's 
Notes  on  Visual  Training  and  Judg- 
ing Distance 


Outdoor  Carpentry  .  .         .  .  775 

Oxford  Tutor,  An   . .        . .        .  .  491 

Pain,  Its  Place  in  Creation  . .  581 
Palgrave's  Golden  Treasury  . .  553 
Pall  Mall  Pictures  for  1909  . .  610 
Pan  Worship  and  Other  Poems  . .  48 
Panama  Canal  and   Its  .Makers, 

The   409 

Papers  for  Thinking  Welshmen  ..  725 
Parson  in  the.  Australian  Bush,  A  . .  95 
Parson  of  Burgate,  The  . .  . .  877 
Passing  English  of  the  Victorian  Era  453 




Object  Drawing  Handbooks,  The 
S.  &  S.  Practical  . .        ■  ■  92 

Octaval  Instead  of  a  Decimal 
Svstem,  An         . .        . .        •  •  775 

Office  Desk  Book  281 

O'Kissme  San  :  A  Doll  from 
Japan       . .        . .        . .        . .  S29 

Old  Cottages  of  Snowdonia,  The 


Old  Home,  The   829 

Old  London  . .        . .        . .        . .  584 

Old  Testament  in  Greek,  The     . .  971 
Olessia  . .        . .        . .        . .  285 

On  Books  and  Character  . .        . .  1 5  7 

Only  an  Orphan     ..        ..        ..  377 

Only  April    . .        . .        . .        . .  452 

Origin  of  the  Sense  of  Beauty,  The  419 
Orkney  and  Shetland,  Miscellany  259 
Ornaments  of  the  Ministers,  The  17 
Ornaments,  Rubric,  The   . .        . .  583 

Our  Daily  Bread     ..        ..        ..  158 

Our  Debt  to  Antiquity     ..  ..711 

Our  Faith  15 

Our  Mutual  Friend 

Passing  of  the  Great  Fleet,  The 
1  Patcola,  a  Tale  of  a  Dead  City  .  . 
Patents,  Decisions  Regarding  Work- 
615      ing  German         . .        . .        . .  155 

723  Patriarchate  of  Jerusalem,  The   . .  453 
532  Patricia  Baring       ...        . .  15 

Peace  and  Happiness        . .        . .  489 

928  Peace  and  the  Churches    .  .        . .  197 

48  Pearse,  Mr.  Harvey         . .        . .  281 

159  Pearson's  Seaside  Guide    ..        •  •  553 
713  Peggy  the  Daughter         ..  ..258 

583  Penny  Stories  for  all  the  People  532 
900  Penrose's  Pictorial  Annual  . .  48 

254  Pensees  et  Reflexions  de  la  Bruyere 

et  Autres  Auteurs  Francais     . .  379 
532  People's  Library      . .        . .    220,  553 

949  Persia  and  Arabia,  Behind  the  Veil 

159      in  150,  258 

617  Persian  Self- Taught  ..        ..  928 

491  Persona;  of  Ezra  Pound    ..  ..928 

Personal  Religion  in  Egypt  before 
725  Christianity 

Peru,  Its  Story,  People,  and  Re 

771      Hgion  .."   

Peter  Homunculus 
949  Peter  Vandy 

156  Petticoat  Pilgrims  on  Trek 
972  Pewter  Marks  and  Old  Pewter  Ware  195 
725  Philosophies  Ancient  and  Modern  127 

95  Photo  Miniature  Series,  The       . .  95 
126  Photography  for  the  Press  .  .  S29 

17  Piano  Playing,  Relaxation  Studies 
972      in  the  Muscular  discriminations 
required  for  Touch,  Agility,  and 
12 }      Expression  in        ..        ..        ..  873 

13  1  Piano  Solos  and  How  to  Play  them  532 
4 85  Pictorial  Log  of  the  Battle  Fleet 
972      Cruise  Around  the  World,  A   . .  949 
Pictured  Puzzles  and  Word  Play  . .  48 
4S7  Picturesque  Donegal-       ..        ..  377 

Piece  of  New  Cloth,  A     . .        . .  876 

4  82  Pilpul  Zeman  Zemanim  Zemane- 

hem         ..        ..       ..  158 

487  Pitman,  Life  of  Sir  Isaac  . .  48 

157  Plates  for  School  Use,  Coloured, 
Brown's     ..'        ..        ..  ..227 

336  Plato  5S3 

453  Plays,  the  Silver  Box.  Joy,  Strife  ..  531 
876  Poc'cet  Prescribsr,  The      . .        . .  900 

Pocohontas   . .        . .        . .        . .  723 

Poe,  Complete  Poetical  Works  of  619 
Poems  by  Eva       ..        ..        . .  87  G 

Poems,  New — Marjoram    .  .        . .  927 

Poems  of  A.  C.  Benson,  The      ..  153 
Poems  of  Mackenzie  Bell  . .       94,  379 
Poems,  Representative  English    ..  158 
Poems — W.  J.  Cameron    ..        ..  829 

Policy  of  Licensing  Justices,  The  S77 
Polly  of  the  Circus  . .        . .  530 

Pools  of  Silence,  The        . .        . .  974 

Poor  Law  Commission,  Report  of 

the  282 

Poor  Man's  House,  A  . .  . .  17 
Popular  Stories  ..  ..  .-532 
Porcelain,  Oriental,  Continental  and 

British   228 

Poultry  for  Prizes  and  Profit  . .  229 
Power  of  Peace,  The  . .  . .  231 
Powers  of  Mischief,  The  . .  . .  929 
Pownall,  Thomas,  M.P.,  F.R.S.  .  .  258 
Pre-Tractarian  Oxford  . .  . .  454 
Primary  Curriculum,  The  . .  . .  453 
Primitive  Christianity  . .  ■ .  974 
Primer  of  General  History,  A  . .  4S9 
Prince's  Pranks,  The  . .  . .  489 
Principles  and  Methods  of  Univer-6 



sity  Reform 
Printer's  Pie 
Priscilla  and  Charybdis 
Priscilla  of  the  Good  Intent 
Prisoner  of  His  Word.  A 
Private  Coles — Philosopher 
Problem  of  Parliament,  The 
Prophecies  of  the  Centuries  Concern- 
ing the  Church,  Great 

489  Psychic  Philosophy 




The    Publishers'  Circular 

rSuppletnent  to  The  Pv  ushers'  Circular 
Land  Be  okseli'  Record,  July  24,  1909 

REVIEWS    AND    NOTICES    OF    BOOKS— continued. 

Phi  ng  to  the  Front       . .  47 

Quaint  Subjects  of  the  King       . .  800 
Queen  Kate  ..        ..        ..        . .  531 

Questions  Answered  by  Christ      . .  158 

Rad  and  His  Friends  . .  . .  16 
Radio  Activity  and  Geology  .  .  874 
Rambles  in  Bookland       . .        . .  '530 

Raveltoft  899 

Readings  and  Recitations,  Select  . .  875 
Record  of  the  University  Boat  Race, 

A  '      •  .         .  .  551 

Red-Hot  Crown.  The  .  .  . .  971 
Red    King's    Dream,    and  Other 

Poems       . .        . .        . .        . .  583 

Redeeming  Vision    ..        ..  ..231 

Religion  of  Ancient  Palestine,  The. .  127 
Religion  of  the  Threshold,  The     . .  284 
Reminiscences  of  a  Famous  Oars- 
.  man  . .        . .        ....  253 

Reminiscences  of  My  I.ife  '. .        . .  230 

Renaissance  Fibra^         . .        . .  707 

Render  Unto  Coesar  . .        . .  584 

Rest  and  Be  Restful,  How  to  . .  928 
Rhetoric  of  Aristotle,  The  . .  418 

Rise  and  Progress  of  the  South 

American  Republics       ..  ..119 

Road  of  No  Return,  The  . .  530 

Roads  to  Riches     ..        ..        ..  418 

Roller  Skating        ..        ..     119,  158 

Roman  Breviary,  The       . .        . .  027 

Roman  Fife  and  Manners  Under  the 

Early  Empire      . .        . .        . .  973  J 

Roman  Singer,  A    . .        .  .        . .  877 

Romance  of  Smuggling,  The       . .  725 
Romanism  Examined,  Modern      . .  973 
Rosary    of    Sonnets,    and  Other 
Verses,  A  . .        . .        . .    ■     . .  899 

Round  World,  The  ..  ..126 

Royal  Academy  Winter  Exhibition? 
Catalogue  of        . .        . .  45 

Royal  Daughters  of  England,  The. .  189 
Royal  Fovers  and  Mistresses        .  .  876 

Royal  Ward,  A   97 1 

Royalist  Raid;  and  Other  Poems,  A  19 
Rubaivat  of  Omar  Khavvam 

15,  47,  229 

Rugby,  Modern       ..        ..  ..127 

Rural  Rides  .  .        . .     -  . .        . .  155 

Russian  Bastille,  The        . .        . .  873 

Sabbioneta  :  a  Drama  in  Three  Acts  377 
Sacred  Poems  . .  •  . .  . .  530 
Sad  Fortunes  of  the  Reverend  Amos 

Barton       . .        . .        . .        . .  583 

Saint  Gilbert  ..        ..        ..  128 

St.  Nicotine  .  .        . .        . .        . .  453 

Sarah  Valliant's  Problem  .  .        ..  197 

Scenes  of  Clerical  Fife      .  .        . .  583 

School  of  Madrid,  The      .  .        .  .  927 

Schoolmasters'  Year  Book  and  Direc 

.  ■  try 

Science,  An  Elementary  Cour. 
Practical    .  .        . .        . .'       . .' 

Science  in  Modern  Fife  .  .  16, 
Scientific  Feeding  of  Animals,  The. . 

Scientific  Queen  Rearing  

Scotch  and  Irish  Terriers 
Scots  Army,  1661-1688,  The 
Scottish  Painting,  Past  and  Present 
Scribblers'  Club,  The 
Secret  Terror,  The 
Seed  of  the  Righteous,  The 
Selected  Speeches 
Semitic  Magic 

Serf,  Fe   

Serle's  Secret 

Sermons  of  Henry  Smith,  The 
Sermons  of  Thomas  Adams,  The  .  • 
Service  Code  for  Naval  and  Military 
Officers      . .        . .        . .        . .  126 

Service  Days,  My    . .        . .        . .  284 





,s  2  8 


Seven  Stages  of  Golf,  and  Other 
Golf    Stories    in    Picture  and 
Verse         . .        . .        . .        . .  800 

Sewage  Disposal,  Modern  Methods 
of    . .        . .        . .      •  . .        . .  490 

Shadow  of  Mayfair,  The   .  .        . .  875 

Shakespeare  . .        . .        . .        . .  229 

Shakespeare  Discoveries,  Miss  Corelli 

and   529 

Shakespeare  for  Home  Reading    . .  454 
Shakespeare,  In  re  . .        ..  ..531 

Shakespeare,  Pocket  Fexicon  and 
Concordance        .  .        ...       . .  86? 

Shakespeare  Studied  in  Three  Plays  258 
Shakespeare,  Tales  from    .  .        .  .  723 

Shakespeare,  Three  Plays  of       . .  488 
Shelley  . .        . .        . .        . .  555 

Shelley  :  a  Poem     . .        . .        . .  197 

Shilling    Novels,    Messrs.  Stanley 

Shuttlecock  for  Critics,  A  19 
Sidelights  on  Christian  Doctrine  ..  723 
Siepmann's  French  Series  for  Rapid 

-  Reading     .  .   877 

Simple  Heart,  A  583 

Sin  of  Alison  Dering,  The  . .        . .  419 

Sin  of  the  Duchess,  The   . .        .  .  377 

Sinbad  the  Sailor     ..        ..  ..197 

Sing  Ye  to  the  Ford        . .        . .  927 

Sir  Gregory's  Silence         . .        . .  899 

Sir  Sleep- Awake  and  His  Brothers. .  47 
Sixpenny  Novels,  Cassell's  . .  949 

Sixpenny  Pieces      . .        . .        . .  928 

Skate  on  Rollers,  How  to  . .        . .  453 

Sketches  and  Stories  of  the  Royal 
Irish  Constabulary         . .        .  .  725 

Slave  Girl  of  Agra, 'The    ..        ..  878 

Small  Holdings  in  England         . .  526 
Snowbound   . .        . .        . .        .  .  487 

Social  Fife  at  Rome  in  the  Age  of 
Cicero        . .        .  .        . .        . .  489 

Social  Fife  in  England,  A  Short 
History  of  . .        ....        . .  16 

Socialism  and  National  Minimum  ..  875 
Socialist,  The  . .        . .        . .  40 

Some  African  Highways    . .        . .  47 

Somes  House  . .        . .        . .  878 

Son  of  Desolation,  A        .  .        .  .  876 

Song  of  the  Stewarts,  The  ..  583 

Songs  of  a  Parish  Priest  .  .        . .  970 

Songs  of  a  Sunlit  Fand     .  .        .  .  375 

Songs  of  England  Awaking         .  .  876 
Songs  of  Fove  and  Praise  for  Home 
Season       . .        . .    '<    . .        . .  377 

Songs  of  Solitude    . .        . .        . .  801 

South  American  Sketches  .  .        . .  583 

Spanish  Series         ..        : .        ••  557 
Sparrows       . .        . .        . .        ■  •  230 

Sparrows  :  the  Story  of  an  Unpro- 
tected Girl   817 

Speaking  in  Public  . .        . .        . .  619 

Spencer,  Herbert     .  .        . .        . .  377 

Spirit  in  the  Word,  The   .  .        .  .  159 

Spiritual  Calendar,  A        . .        . .  377 

Spitfire,  The   928 

Springs  of  Helicon,  The    . .        . .  584 

.Square  Mile,  The    . .        . .        . .  230 

Stage,    A   Short   History   of  the 

English  49° 

Status  of  Women  Under  the  English 

Faw,  The  619 

.Stevenson,  Pentland  Edition  of    .  .  37 

Stolen  Sweets   159 

Stories  from  Balzac  . .        . .  488 

Stories  from  Chateaubriand  . .  488 
Stories  from  Kcating's  History  of 

Ireland  583 

Stories  from  the  Greek  Legends  . .  877 
Story  of  Felicity,  The  . .  . .  878 
Story  of  German  Song,  The  .  .  377 
Story  of  Glastonbury  and  the  Grail  : 

or,  The  Fight  of  Avalon,  The    . .  877 
Story  of  Hanksgarth  Farm,  The  .  .  532 



Storv  of  Pisa,  The 
Story  of  Robin,  The 
Story  of  the  Jewish  People,  The  .  . 
Story  of  the  Submarine,  The 
Storv  Readers 

Stothard,  Fife  of  

Struggle  for  Imperial  Unity,  The  .  . 
Stuarts  in  Their  Connection  with 

Art  and  Fetters,  The  Royal 
Studies  in  French  Education 
Studies  in  the  Ford's  Prayer 
Suffragette,  The :    a  Plav  in 

Sunburnt  South,  The 
Sunday  School  Fesson  Notes 
Supreme  Rulers,  The 
Sweet  Isabel  of  Narragoon  .. 

Sword  Exercise  for  Holy  Warfare  . 

Tale  Writing  for  Money    . . 
Tales  from  Exeter  Cathedral 
Tales  of  a  Grandfather 
Tales  of  F'nrest 
Talks  About  Old  Fondon  .  . 

Tangye,  Sir  Richard 
Teaching  of  Jesus,  The 
Teaching  of  Modem  Subjects 

England,  Beginnings  of  . . 
Telegraphs  and  Telephones  Work. 

How  • 
Temple,  Essay  on  Sir  Win. 


Territorial  Year  Book,  The 
Testament  of  Judas,  The 

Tests  of  Fife,  The  

Their  Yesterday 

Theory  of  Music  for  Students  and 

Teachers,  The 
Thirty-five  Years  in  the  Punjab    . . 
This  is  Mv  Story 
Thou  Shalt  Not      .  ^ 
Thoughts  and  Pastimes 

Three-foot  Stool,  A  

Through  Sorrow's  Gate 
Thunder  of  the  Hoofs.  The 
Times,  The,  and  its  Management  .  . 
Tom,  Dick  and  Harry 
Tommy  and  a  Tower         . .        .  * 

Touch,  Phrasing  and  Interpretation 
Trade  and  Industry  of  Australia  . . 
Trail  of  the  Jesuit,  The 
Travel  and  Exploration 
Trees  and  Shrubs  of  the  British  Isles 
224,  251,  481, 
Tricks  of  Self-Defence 
Trickster,  The 

Tried  Favourites  Cookery  Book    . . 
Troubles  of  Colonel  Marwood 
True  Travels,  Adventures  a'vfObser- 
vations  of  Captain  John  Smith. 

The   , 

Tudor  Period,  Sketch  of  the 
Twenty-five    Years    Soldiering  in 
South  Africa 

1  =>(> 




72  5 







Varying  Year,  The  . .        . .       . .  47 

Veil,  The  973'' 

Verses — Feigh         . .        . .        . .  928 

Vigo  Cabinet  Series.  The    . .     878,  899 
Villes  d'Art  Celebres :    Oxford  et 
Cambridge,  Fes    . .        . .        . .  706 

Visitation  of  England  and  Wales  . .  379 
Vocations  of  Our  Sons       . .        . .  258 

Voice  and  its  Control         . .        . .  15 

Voices  of  Nature     . .        . .  48 

Voices  in  the  Wind  .  .        . .        .  .  453 

Votes  for  Women,  A  Plav  in  Three 
Acts  ..        ..        ..  ..878 

Voyages  and  Travels  of  the  16th  and 
17th  Centuries     ..        ..        ..  337 

Vulgate,  The  ..        ..        ..  198 

Twilight  Music 
Twilight  Tales 
Two  Goodwins, 


Ulster  Nature  Notes 

Under  Petraia  :   With  Some  Saun- 

Under  the  Pink  Chestnuts 

Unfair  Play  

University  Tutorial  Series 
Useful  Knowledge  Series 

Vain  Talcs  from  Vanity  Fair 
Vanderdeckcn  and  Other  Pieces   . . 






Walking  for  Pleasure,  Exercise  and 
Sport,  learner's  Text  Book  on  . . 

Wallace  Collection,  The 

Wander  Years,  The.. 

War  and  Other  Short  Poems 

War  of  the  Succession  in  Spain, 
Essav  on  the 

Wastage  of  Child  Fife 

Waters  of  .Egyra,  The 

Walkins  Manual  of  Exposure  and 
Development,  The 

Wav  of  the  Transgressor,  The 

Well  of  Saint  Clare,  The    . . 

What  and  Why 

When  the  Tide  Turns 

When  Women  Reign 

Where  to  Fook 

Whistler,  Fife  of  James  McNeill 
Whitaker's  Almanack 
Whitaker's  Peerage.. 
Whittier,  The  Pennv 
Who  is  to  be  the  Master  of  the  World  1 57 
Why  I  Should  Join  the  Territorial 

Widow — to  Sav  Nothing  of  the  Man, 

Wife  of  a  Fafayette,  The 
Wife  of  a  Sweetheart 
Wild  Beasts  of  the  World 

229,  487,  797,  928, 
Wild  Flowers  in  their  Seasons 
Wilhelmina  :    the  Adventures  of  a 

Dutch  Doll 
Willing's  Press  Guide 
Wine  and  Health 
Wine  of  the  Puritans.  The. . 
Winter  in  South  Africa.  A  . . 
Wisdom  of  Solomon . .        . .  25S, 
Witch  of  Pendle.  The 
With  Christ  to  Gethsemanc 
With  Rifle  in  Five  Continents 
Woman  and  the  Car,  The 
Woman  in  the  Car.  The 
Women  of  All  Nations 
Wooden  Horse,  The. . 
Working  Girls  and  How  to  Help 

Them        . .        ..       • .  ' 
Workshop     Receipts    for  Manu- 
facturers and  Scientific  Amateurs 
World  Music,  and  Other  Poems    . . 
World's  Great  Pictures.  The 
World,  the  Flesh,  and  the  Casino. 

The   ,  fg 

Wreathed  Dagger,  The 











339  ] 

452  I 



+  54 


Yachting  and  Boating  Annual,  The 

Yachting  on  the  Pacific 

Year  Book  of  the  Scientific  and 

Feamed  Societies  of  Great  Britain 

and  Ireland 

Yellow  God.  The  

Yellow  Rose.  The 

Your  Confirmation 

Your  Fortune  in  Your  Name 

Youth  and  Fife       . . 


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(Open  January  to  March,  1909.) 

The  McCULLOCH  COLLECTION  of  Modern  Art. 





VIRTUE  &  CO.,  7,  City  Garden  Row,  City  Road,  London. 

The    Publishers'  Circular 

lanuary  2,  1909 


ADVERTISER  (28)  desires  Situation  in  New 
and  Secondhand  Booksellers'  ;  first-class  ex- 
perience ;  accustomed  to  buying,  cataloguing,  window 
dressing. — Box  272  Publishers'  Circular  Office. 

ING,  &c. — Young  Man  (22)  requires  situation 
as  Assistant,  8  years'  first-class  experience. — Holt, 
Bank  House,  Albion  Court,  Wakefield.   

FOREIGNER  (Second-hand  Bookseller) 
wants  Home  or  Evening  Employment  for 
German  or  French  Correspondence,  Translations, 
Cataloguing,  Bibliographical  work,  &c. ;  good 
experience. — Apply  to  Box  269,  Publishers'  Circular 

FANCY. — Thoroughly  capable  man  desires 
situation  as  Manager  or  First  Assistant.  Fifteen 
years'  experience  Practical  Printer  Buyer,  and 
Estimater. — W.  H.  Tutt,  it,  Drury  Lane,  Lincoln. 

engagement  in  similar  capacity,  or  as  Corres- 
pondence Clerk ;  thorough  knowledge  of  book  pro- 
duction, MS.  and  proof  correction  ;  moderate  salary 
asked. — Apply  Box  260,  Publishers'  Circular  Office. 

Yoong  man  (20),  desires  Sit.  with  good  house,  as 
Improver.  Knowledge  of  Printing,  sizes,  .Sic. 
Abstainer,  good  refs. — -Belton,  Stationer,  Gains- 


^FANCY  GOODS.— ADVERTISER  (32)  requires 
permanent  situation  in  either  Wholesale,  Retail, 
or  Export  Department.  London  apprenticeship  ; 
Continental  experience  Highest  references.— 
Address  G.W.B.,  Publishers'  Circular  Office. 

Latest  Publications  of  GOWANS  &  GRAY,  Ltd. 


In  two  volumes,  each  containing  60  photographs, 
6d.  net  per  vol.  The  two  vols  in  one,  cloth  1/6 
net;  leather  2/- net. 




Tht  »>l  ptrlrct  Allium  evrr  ,;MM,cd. 



Size  14*  Inches  square.  °  ^ 

3>    -  °  S 

O    §  2  H 

o  -  z  . 

(/>    .2  a  V5  at 

=  Q  "  s  t 

j  / 

























S  1 

Reduced  facsimile  of  page 
Showing  how  openings  for  Cards  are  Cift  c 

May  be  hod  o!  all  Wholesale  Bouse*  or  from 




ASSISTANT  wanted  in  Publishers'  Office. 
Age  about  17-18.  Would  be  required  to  do 
some  outdoor  work.  One  used  to  typewriting  pre- 
ferred. — Address  Box  271,  Publishers'  Circular  Office 

ASSISTANT  wanted,  to  take  charge  of 
Continental  Export  Book  Department. 
Experience  necessary,  and  must  be  able  to  correspond 
in  French  and  German. — Apply  by  letter,  giving  full 
particulars  and  stating  salary  required,  to  "  A.B," 
Publishers'  Circular  Office. 

BOOKSELLING.— Wanted  at  once,  Assistant 
in  high-class  firm  in  Paris.  Thorough  know- 
ledge of  the  trade.  Photograph.  —  Galignani 
Library,  224,  Rue  de  Rivoli,  Paris. 

WANTED,  Clerk,  quick  and  accurate  ;  used 
to  large  Booking  Business,  Bookselling  and 
Stationery.  Salary,  reference,  portrait. — Thatcher, 
College  Green,  Bristol. 

WANTED  immediately.  —  Smart  Junior 
Assistant,  18  to  20,  for  city.  Well  up  in 
Magazine  and  Periodical  Trade. — Apply,  stating 
salary  required  to  Box  No.  270,  Publishers'  Circular 
Office.  . 


«  How   to    make  Knots,  is.  net.  78 

/  pages,  100  illustrations.    All  about 

ft  ^vttF'  Knots,  Splices,  Blocks,  etc. 

Morse  Model  and  Cards.  1s.  net.  Card 
Model  to  learn  Morse  Signalling  and 
Set  of  Cards  with  Signs. 
Semaphore  Cards.  3d.  net.  Pack  of 
Cards  giving  correct  position  for 
signalling  with  "  Wig  Wags." 
Signal  Reminder.    9d.  net.    How  to 

leam  all  methods  of  Signalling. 
Signal   Handkerchief.  6d.  net.  Learn 
to  Signal  by  having  this  in  your  outfit. 
Complete  List  sent  post  free. 
J.  BROWN  &  SON,  52,  Darnley  St.,  GLASGOW. 

Most  curious   Book  about  Japan ! 

Published  by 
MAX  NOSSLER  &  CIE,  in  Yokohama. 

Revised  and  Enlarged  Edition  of 


By  Y.  E.  DE  BECKER. 

One  Volume  of  about  450  pages,  containing  a 
large  number  of  unique  and  beautifully  coloured 
Illustrations.  Artistically  bound  in  cloth,  embossed 
in  gold  and  colours. 

The  text  printed  on  superior  paper,  size  7  by  9. 

Price  *1    1    10  =  30  Mark. 

All  enquiries  to  be  addressed  to — 



By  W.  A.  BETTS,  M.D. 
SECOND    EDITION.  Price  3s. 

Cairo:  f.  DIEMER  (FINCK  &  BAYLAENDER  Succr.) 
Sole  Agent  for  Gt,  Britain :  Mr.  BERNARD  QUARITCH,  Loydon 










Per  Ream, 

38  lb. 





THE   Council  hereby  invite   TENDERS  for 
the  SUPPLY  of 
LIME,  PLASTER,  etc., 

BOOTS,       £>  ft--., 


Forms  of  Tender  and  further  particulars  may 
be  obtained  at  the  Borough  Engineer's  Office, 
Town  Hall,  West  Ham,  E.  (where  the  Standard 
Samples  may  also  be  seen),  upon  the  payment 
of  One  Pound  for  each  Form  of  Tender,  which  will 
be  returned  upon  the  receipt  of  a  bona-fide  J 

For  the  SUPPLY  jaf 


Forms  of  Tender  and  further  particulars 
may  be  obtained  at  the  Office  of  the  Electrical 
Engineer  and  Manager,  84,  Romford  Road 
Stratford,  E. 

For  the  SUPPLY  of 
NEW  BOOKS,  and  for 

For  the  Public  Libraries  and  Technical  Institute. 

Forms  of  Tender  and  further  particulars  may 
be  obtained  at  the  Central  Public  Library, 
Water  Lane,  Stratford  ;  or  the  Public  Library, 
Barking  Road,-  Canning  Town,  E. 

For  the  SUPPLY  of 

FISH,      ;<•'•  r 




TEA  and  COFFEE, 

LINEN  and  COTTON  GOODS,  etc., 

*^    For  use  in  the  Council's  Hospitals. 

Forms  of  Tender  and  further  particulars  may 
be  obtained  of  the  Medical  Superintendent,  at 
the  Hospital,  Samson  Street,  Plaistow. 

NOTE. — No  Tender  will  be  considered  unless 
the  same  is  delivered  at  the  Office  of  the  Town  ' 
Clerk.  Town  Hall,  West  Ham,  E.,  in  the  envelope  , 
supplied,  by  registered  post,  not   later  than 
12  o'clock  noon  on  Thursday.  Januar\\2ist,  iyocj.  J 
THE     TOWN     HALL.     WEST     HAM.  ON 
THURSDAY.  JANUARY  2 1ST,  at  2  P.M.,  AND  ' 

The  Council  do  not  bind  themselves  to  accept  j 
the   lowest   or  any   Tender.    The   Contractor  ; 
will  be  required  to  enter  into  a  bond  with  sureties 
for  the  due  performance  of  the  Contract,  and  no 
Goods,  Materials,  etc.,  will  be  ordered  under  any 
contract  until  such  bond  has  been  duly  executed. 

The  Contractor  .whose  Tender  is  accepted, 
and  with  whom  a  contract  is  entered  into,  will 
be  required  to  pay  to  the  whole  of  his  workmen 
such  rate  of  wages,  and  observe  such  hours  of  1 
labour,  as  are  recognised  by  the  Workmen's 
Trade  Unions,  and  in  force  at  the  time  of  signing  | 
the  contract.    In  the  event  of  any  breach  of  < 
such  agreement  the  Council  will  enforce  the 
penalty  clause  in  its  entirety, 
fe  Bv  order  of  the  Council, 


Town  Clerk. 

Town  Hall, 

i  3  West  Ham,  E. 

1st  January,  1999. 

January  2,  1909 

r  he    Publishers'  Circular 





Publishers'  Circular  &  Booksellers'  Record 



Advertisers  are  requested  to  book  space  at  once. 
"C  py  "  for  Advertisements  and  Books  for  Notice  should  be 
sent  in  as  soon  as  possible,  and  at  latest  by  TUESDAY, 

JANUARY  12th. 

Terms,  &c,  are  as  usual. 

Address:    19,  ADAM  STREET,  ADELPHI,  LONDON,  W.C. 




FOR   1908  is 


Cloth.        About  300  pp.         Royal  8vo.         6/-  net. 

Orders  should  be  sent  in  at  once  to 




We  are  open  to  receive  a  limited  number  of  advertisements  in  the  1908  issue, 
and  as  a  portion  of  the  available  space  has  already  been  let,  early  application 
isnecessary.    Page  £3  3  O  net;  Half-page,  35/-  net;  Quarter-page,  20  -  net 

Size  of  page,  b\xQ\  ins. 

Address:  19,  ADAM  STREET,  ADELPHI,  LONDON,  W.C 


The    Publishers*  Circular 

January  2,  1909 



A  New  Illustrated  Edition  in  Seventeen  Volumes. 

Arranged  and  Edited  by  GEORGE  SAINTSBURY. 

The  arrangement  is  chronological  as  far  as  possible.  The  Text  is  as 
Thackeray  finally  left  it,  the  most  interesting  variations  from  the  earlier  forms 
bMtig  supplied  in  footnotes  or  in  appendices.    Copyright  matter  is  included. 

There  are  nearly  2,000  illustrations  gathered  from  various  sources,  some  very 
little  known. 

The  Oxford  Thackeray,  printed  on  good  ordinary  paper,  ranges  in  all  respects 
with  the  "  Fireside"  crown  8vo  edition  of  Dickens'  Works,  and  the  price  in  cloth 
is  2S.  net  for  each  volume.  There  is  also  a  foolscap  8vo  Edition  printed  on  India 
paper,  which  matches  the  "Oxford  India  Paper  Dickens,"  the  price  being  2s.  6d. 
net  for  each  volume,  bound  in  cloth.  In  both  cases  the  books  can  be  obtained  in 
a  variety  of  leather  bindings. 

Prospectuses  of    THE    CHEAPEST    ILLUSTRATED    THACKERAY  yet 
issued  post  free  on  application,  and  of  all  Booksellers. 
Athentaum. — "  This  edition  with  all  its  advantages  is  certain  of  success,  and 
it  is  wonderfully  cheap  when  compared  with  earlier  issues." 


A  book  of  English,  Scotch  and  Irish  verse  for  the  age  of  six  to  sixteen, 
chosen  and  arranged  by  three  of  that  age.  Fcap.  8vo,  cloth,  3s.  6d.  net  ; 
on  Oxford  India  paper,  4s.  6d.  net. 

Daily  Telegraph — "  Should  be  much  in  request  as  a  gift-book." 

Church  Times — "  One  of  the  most  refreshing  anthologies  ever  collected. ' 



Lamb's  Complete  Works.       Prose  and  Verse 

Edited  by  T.  HUTCHINSON,  Editor  of  the  Oxford  Wordsworth  and 
Shelley,  &c. 

Vol.  I.,  Miscellaneous  Prose,  Elia,  Last  Essays  of  Elia.  Vol.  II.,  Tales  for 
Children,  Poetry  for  Children,  Poems,  Dramatic  Works.  Crown  8vo,  from  2s. 
per  volume.  In  one  volume,  on  Oxford  India  paper,  extra  fcap.  8vo,  1,768  pages, 
cloth,  5s.  net ;  or  in  leather  bindings,  from  6s.  6d.  net. 

In  two  volumes,  on  Oxford  India  paper,  extra  fcap.  8vo,  cloth,  js.  net  per  volume ; 
or  in  leather  bindings,  from  4s.  net  per  volume. 

LONDON  :  HENRY  FROWDE,  Oxford  University  Press,  Amen  Corner,  E.C. 


The   Sermons  of    Henry  Smith,   the  Silver- 

Tongued  Preacher.    A  selection  edited  by  John  Brown,  D.D. 
(Cambridge  Devotional  Series). 

Cloth,  is.  6d.  net  ;  cloth  extra,  2s.  net  ;  lambskin,  2s.  6d.  net. 

The  author  was  a  celebrated  preacher  in  Elizabethan 
London,  and  Marsden,  in  his  "  History  of  the  Puritans," 
describes  his  sermons  as  "  noble  examples  of  English  prose 
and  pulpit  eloquence." 

Other  volumes  of  the  Cambridge  Devotional  Series  are: 
"Saint  Francis  and  His  Friends,''  "  Pascal's  Thoughts,"  "The 
Imitation  of  Christ,"  Samuel  Wilberforce's  "  Agathos,"  and  the 
Psalms  so  printed  that  both  the  Authorised  and  the  Revised 
Versions  may  be  read  from  the  one  text. 

Balzac.    Le  MeMecin  de  Campagne.  Edited 

with  Notes  and  Introduction  by  de  V.  Payen-Payne.    Fcap.  8vo,  3s. 

London,  Fetter  Lane:  Cambridge  University 


A  new  series  of  English  texts,  with  brief  noles. 
Extra  fcap  8vo,  cloth,  price  is.  4d.  each. 

Defoe. — Memoirs  of  a  Cavalier.    Edited,  with 

Iniroduction  and  Notes,  by  Elizabeth  O'Neill. 

Captain  John  Smith. — True  Travels,  Adven  = 

tures,  and  Observations  in  Europe,  Asia,  Africa,  and  America  ; 
and  the  General  History  of  Virginia,  New  England  and  the 
Summer  Isles,  Books  I- 1 1 1 .  Edited,  with  Introduction  and  Notes, 
by  E.  A.  Benians,  M.A. 

Haz'.itt. — Characters  of  Shakespeare's  Plays. 

Edited,  with  Introduction  and  Notes,  bv  J.  H.  Lobban,  M.A. 

Cobbett. — Rural  Rides.    Selected  and  Edited  by 

J.  H.  Lobban,  M.A. 
Further  Volumes  are  in  preparation  and  will  be  announced  shortly 

Press  Warehouse.     C.  F.  CLAY,  Manager. 




A  History  of  Painting  in  Italy,  Umbria,  Florence  and  Siena,  from  the  2nd  to  the  16th  Century.  By  J.  A.  Crowe  and  G.  B.  Cavalcaseli.k.  With 
Editorial  Notes  by  Langton  Douglas,  Author  of  "  Fra  Angelic. V  "A  History  of  Siena,"  &c.    Six  Volumes.    With  upwards  of  200  Illustrations. 

Square  Demy  8vo.,  21s.  net  each  Vol. 


Vo  .  IV — Florentine  Painters  of  the  Quattrocento.  ' 

Vol.   V — Later  Sienese  and  Umbrians. 

Vol.  VI— Florentine  Painters  of  the  Cinoa'ecento. 



Vol.  Ill— The  Sienese,  Umbrian  and  North  Italian  Schools. 
Vol.    I— Early  Christian  Art.  -  , 

Vol.   II— Giotto  and  the  Giottesch  es.  j  - 

This  Edition  of  "  Crowe  and  Cavalcaselle  "  contains  the  latest  additions  and  emendations  of  the  Authors,  who  left  behind  them  at  their  death 
a  carefully  revised  manuscript  and  many  new  Notes.  The  work  has  been  edited  by  Mr.  Langton  Douglas,  one  of  the  first  authorities  on  Italian  Art' 
Not  only  do  his  Notes  contain  the  lesults  of  his  own  researches,  but  also  the  opinions  and  the  discoveries  of  the  most  competent  critics  of  all  tht 
leading'  schools  of  art  criticism. 


The  Great  Arctic  Explorer  and  Discoverer  of 
the  Fate  of  Franklin.    Demy  8vo. 


Containing  hitherto  Unpublished  Letters,  Jeux 
D  Esprit,  etc.,  of  George  Canning,  the  Honble. 
Charles  Bagot,  the  Rev.  J.  Sneyd,  the  Marquess 
Wellesley,  Lord  Binning,  William  Wellesley  Pole, 
Lord  Lyttelton,  George  and  Charles  Ellis, 
Bootle    Wilbraham,     John     Hookham  Frere, 

Si  rat  ford  Canning,  and  many  others. 

Edited  by  Captain  Josceline  Bagot. 
With  Portraits.    2  Vol  .     Demy  8vo.    jos.  net. 

His  Life,  Letters  and  Friends. 

By  A.  M.  Broadlev. 
| oint  Author  of  '  Napoleon  and  the  Invasion  ot 
England,"  and  "  Dumouriez  and  the  Defence  of 
England  against  Napoleon,"  etc. 
And  Re  v.  R.  G.  BARTKLOT, 
Vicar  of  St.  George's,  Fordington,  Dorchester. 
Many  Illustrations  and  Portraits.     10s.  6d.  not. 


Compiled  and  Edited  by  Roger  Pocock. 
On  behalf  of  the   Council    of  the    Legion  of 
With  Illustrations.    Cloth,  2s.  6d.  net  ; 
Leather,  5s.  net. 


Bv  Harold  Baker. 
With    an    Introduction    by  the  Right  Honble. 
R.  B.  Haldane,  K.C.,  M.P. 
Crown  8vo.    5s.  net. 


Translated  from  the  French  of  Edmond  Pottier, 
.  (  the  Musee  du  Louvre,  Paris. 
By  Bettina  Kaiinwkiler. 
With  a  Preface  by  .1  \m  Ellen  Harrison, 
of  Newnham  College,  Cambridge. 
With  Coloured  and  oilier  Illustrations. 
Demy  8vo.    7s.  6d.  net. 

A  Cheaper  Edition. 


By  E.  H.  Parker, 
Author  of  "  China  and  Religion,"  etc. 
Crown  8vo.    2s.  6d.  net. 



By  Robert  Aitken. 


By  W.  J.  Locke, 
Author  of  "The  Beloved  Vagabond. 


By  the  Earl  of  Iddf.sleigh, 
Author  ol  "  Dowland  Castle." 


January  2,  1909 


Publishers'  Circular 



Com-nunications  relating  to  the  Literary  Department.  Books 
for  Review,  cvc.  must  be  addressed  to  the  Editor  of 
Street.  Adelphi.  Strand.  London.  W.C. 

The  Editor  will  be  glad  to  teceive  Notes  of  Changes,  and  of 
other  matters  interesting  to  the  Trade  generally. 

Correspondents  are  requested  to  write  on  one  side  of  the 
paper  oaly.  and  give  their  real  names  and  addresses,  no: 
necessarily  as  signatures  to  their  letters,  but  as  a  guarantee 
of  good  faith.  Unless  this  rule  be  adhered  to,  no  notice 
will  be  taken  of  such  communications. 

Telephone: — Gerrard  1196. 

THE   PUBLISHERS"  CIRCULAR  can  be  had  by 

rending  Postal  Order  or  Cheaue  made  out  to  THE 
dress. 19.  Adam  Street.  Adelphi,  Strand,  London,  W.C 

For   One  Year,  post  free   to  any  part   of  Great 

Britain  and  Ireland   10s.  6d 

To  countries  in  the  Postal  Union,  including  postage  ...  1  3s.  6d  • 


Applications  respecting  Advertisements  should  be  addressed^ 
to  the  Advertisement  Manager,  THE  PUBLISHERS 
CIRCULAR,  19,  Adam  Street.  Adelphi,  Strand,  London. 


bach's  News  Exchange.  Mainz. 

FRANCE— Saarbach's    News   Exchange,   56.  Rue  de 

la  Victoire.  Paris 



Titrning  Over  Old  Leaves  5 

Notes  and  Announcements  . .        . .        . .  5 

Articles — The  Publishers'  Circular  Annual 
Summary  of  the  Numbers  and  Classes  of 
Books  Published  in  1908  ;  Our  Book  Trade 
Notes  from  Glasgow ;  Mr.  Benjamin  Leach ; 
"The  Life  of  James  McNeill  Whistler"; 
The  Homes  and  Haunts  of  Henry  Kirke 
White;  Milton  and  Elzevier;  George  Borrow; 
Hazell's  Annual  for  1909 ;  For  the  Friend 
of  British  Sailors;  Lecture  by  a  Well-known 
Bookseller;   Britain's  Position  in  Aero- 
nautics, &c.  . .        . .        . .        . .  7_I4 

Letters  to  the  Editor 
Notices  of  Books 

Books  of  the  Week 




Publishers'  Circular 

Turning  Over 


Although  it  is  against  our  interests  to 
advocate  any  reduction  in  the  production 
of  books,  we  can  come  to  no  other  con- 
clusion when  thinking  of  the  present 
position  of  the  book  trade  than  this : 
Too  many  books  spoil  the  book  market. 
It  is  an  ancient  conclusion  and  an  un- 
profitable one.  Every  publisher  admits 
its  truth,  but  no  publisher  will  admit  it  is 
true  concerning  his  own  productions. 

The  fact  is,  although  nominally  one, 
every  publisher,  and  every  publishing 
concern,  consists  of  two  unequal  parts — 
there  is  the  fascinating  literary  side  and 
the  humdrum  business  side — and  it  is  this 
dual  character  which  is  mainly  responsible 
for  the  over-production  of  books.  The 
literary  or  producing  side  is  always,  or 
nearly  always,  too  strong  for  the  business 
or  disposing  side  ;  it  is  little  use  for  the 
latter  to  cry,  "  Stop !  give  us  breathing 
time,  come  and  look  at  the  stock  rooms, 

hear  what  our  town  and  country  travellers 
say."  No,  hope  springs  eternal  in  the 
better  part  of  the  publisher's  heart  and 
drowns  the  still  small  voice  of  the,  by 
experience,  wiser  part.  If  the  matter  is 
considered  from  the  point  of  view  of  the 
greatest  good  for  the  greatest  number, 
perhaps  it  is  a  good  thing  that  the 
publisher's  hopes  for  success  in  publishing 
new  books  are  so  little  daunted  by  dis- 
appointment in  the  sale  of  old  ones  ;  but 
we  refer  to  the  book  trade  side  of  the 
question.  In  truth,  the  fascination 
of  publishing  is  endless.  To  be  the  first 
to  see  a  new  author,  to  advise  and 
suggest,  to  help  materially  in  the  pro- 
duction of  what  may  presently  be  a 
welcomed  addition  to  the  world's  litera- 
ture, to  be  continually  bowling  at  the 
wicket  of  success  :  what  wonder  that  the 
"  no  balls,"  "  wides,"  the  unkind  cuts  of 
the  critics,  the  catches  missed  and  the 
drives  mto  oblivion  are  forgotten  when 
the  roar  of  applause  conies  at  last. 
And  provided  it  comes  often  enough  to 
cover  his  losses,  success,  though  it  leaves 
little  profit,  leaves  the  publisher  happy 
in  the  pursuit  of  fortune  in  perhaps  the 
most  fascinating  of  professions. 

Probably  every  publisher  has  deter- 
mined, like  everybody  else,  to  turn  over  a 
new  leaf  in  this  New  Year — many  new 
ones  in  fact — to  contemplate  anything 
else  would  conjure  up  visions  of  the 
extinction  of  new  literature — but  we 
venture  to  suggest,  with  not  the  slightest 
semblance  Of  dictation,  that  to  turn  over 
old  leaves  might  be  profitable — to  glance 
back  at  the  serried  ranks  of  "  New  Book  " 
columns  in  the  P.C. — or,  better,  to  wait  a 
week  or  two  for  our  annual  volume  of  the 
English  Catalogue  of  Books  made  up 
from  those  lists  and  other  sources. 

Although  we  say  so,  these  annual 
volumes  are  an  admirable  assistance  to  a 
publisher.  By  turning  over  their  pages 
he  can  very  easily  ascertain  what  books 
have  been  published  on  any  subject,  who 
wrote  them,  who  published  them,  their 
size,  price,  and  date  of  publication.  It 
is  certain  that  publishers  cannot  re- 
member or  even  know  all  the  books  that 
have  been  published  on  a  certain  subject ; 
and,  when  a  new  book  on  that  subject  is 
offered,  to  be  able  to  ascertain  in  a  few 
minutes  exactly  what  books  already 
exist  may  save  heavy  loss — in  any  case 
it  puts  the  publisher  in  the  strong  position 
of  making  the  author  justify  the  exist- 
ence of  his  work  and  its  chances  of 
success  against  rivals  already  established  ; 
it  is  also  an  invaluable  guide  in  deciding 
questions  of  size  and  price. 

The  best  way,  perhaps,  to  use  the 
English  Catalogue  for  this  purpose  would 
be,  when  sending  a  manuscript  to  a 
reader,  to  send  also  a  list  of  works  on  the 
subject  in  order  that  he  may  examine 
at  any  rate  those  which  appeared  likely 

to  be  formidable  rivals — the  reader 
would  deserve,  and  doubtless  get,  an 
increased  fee,  but  it  would  be  a  cheap 
insurance  against  the  most  common 
cause  of  loss  to  publishers  :  the  attempt 
to  plant  a  new  book  successfully  in  a  field 
already  full. 

What  is  the  most  solid  argument  a 
publisher's  traveller  has  to  contend  with 
when  offering  a  new  work  to  a  book- 
seller ?  Obviously  it  is  another  book  on 
the  same  subject  which  he  has  already  in 

We  hope  it  will  not  be  imagined  that 
our  suggestion  as  to  this  particular  use 
of  the  English  Catalogue  is  made  in  order 
to  advertise  it  and  induce  publishers  to 
buy  it— it  is  already  bought  by  prac- 
tically everyone  publishing  many  books. 
It  is  made  in  the  belief  that  it  offers 
a  practical  way  of  lessening  what  every- 
one admits  to  be  the  crushing  burden  of 
the  book  trade— the  production  of  books 
which  are  not  wanted. 

Notes  and  Announcements 

The  awful  calamity  which  has  fallen 
upon  the  Italians  has  thrown  a  deep 
shadow  on  the  whole  world.  The  close 
and  friendly  relations  between  Italy  and 
Great  Britain  make  our  sympathy  all  the 
deeper,  and  it  is  very  gratifying  to  find 
our  war-ships  among  the  first  to  bring 
such  relief  as  may  be  possible. 

Publishers  looking  for  a  perfect  paper 
on  which  to  print  a  book  worthy  of  it, 
might  look  at  that  used  by  Mr.  Heine- 
mann  in  his  "  Life  of  James  McNeill 
Whistler."  It  will  give  them  an  oppor- 
tunity, too,  to  admire  some  of  the  best 
printing  that  even  Messrs.  Ballantyne, 
Hanson  &  Co.  have  ever  done.  And 
last,  but  not  least,  the  chance  glancing 
at  a  page  or  two  will  lure  them  on  to 
reading  one  of  the  most  interesting 
biographies  ever  published.  The  good 
stories  are  innumerable. 

A  Frenchman  in  Chelsea  taught  art 
and  sold  tapestry.  Whistler  bought  a 
number  of  things  from  him.  "  But  vill 
he  pay,  zis  Vistlaire,  vill  he  pay  ?  "  the 
man  asked  ;  and,  at  last  one  evening  he 
went  to  Eindsey  Row.  A  cab  was  at&the 
door.  The  maid  said  Whistler  was  not 
in,  but  the  man  heard  his  voice  and 

pushed   past,    and   said    afterwards :  

"  Upstairs,  I  find  him,  before  a  little 
picture  painting,  and  behind  him  ze 
bruzzers  Greaves  holding  candles.  And 
Vistlaire  he  say  :  '  You  are  ze  very  man 
I  vant ;  hold  a  candle  !  '  And  I  hold  a 
candle.  And  Vistlaire  he  paint  and  he 
paint,  and  zen  he  take  ze  picture,  and  he 
go  downstairs,  and  he  get  in  ze  cab,  and 
he  drive  off,  and  we  hold  ze  candle,  and  I 
see  him  no  more.  Mon  Dieu,  '  il  est 
terrible,  ce  Vistlaire  !  " 

But  he  was  paid  the  next  day. 

The  Nineteenth  Century  and  After  for 
January  contains  "  Is  Invasion  Possible  " 
by    Major-General    Frank    S.  Russeil 
C.M.G.,  and  "Our  Military  Weakness," 
by  Colonel  the  Earl  of  Erroll,  K.T. 



Publishers'  Circular 

January  2,  1909 

His  many  friends  and  the  countless 
admirers  of  his  writings  will  regret  to  hear 
that  Mr.  W.  Clark  Russell  has  been  seriously 
ill  for  two  months — and  is  so  still — from  a 
combination  of  neuritis,  gout  and  arthritis. 
The  great  novelist  of  the  sea  has  weathered 
so  many  storms — his  life  for  thirty  years 
has  been  one  long  courageous  fight 
against  ill-health — that  we  trust  his 
resolute  spirit  will  conquer  again. 

Harper's  Magazine  for  January  is  an 
extremely  interesting  number.  It  con- 
tains an  account  from  her  own  pen  of 
"  The  First  Ascent  of  Mount  Huscaran," 
by  Miss  Annie  S.  Peck.  If  Mount  Hus- 
caran is  not  the  highest  mountain  in  the 
world  it  is  next  door  to  it.  Alpine  climbers 
will  appreciate  the  difficulties  when  two 
of  the  best  Swiss  guides  Miss  Peck  could 
get  were  almost  daunted  ;  ha  fact,  one 
retired.  It  is  a  modest  record  of  magni- 
ficent pluck.  The  same  number  has  an 
equally  modest  account  of  the  Charge  of 
the  Light  Brigade  by  one  who  charged 
with  it. 

A  new  book  by  M.  Camille  Flam- 
marion,  the  delightful  writer  and  dis- 
tinguished French  scientist,  will  be 
published  on  January  4th  by  Mr.  T. 
Fisher  Unwin.  It  is  entitled,  "  Mysterious 
Psychic  Forces."  and  its  purpose  is  to 
show  what  truth  there  is  in  the  pheno- 
mena of  table  turnings,  table  movings 
and  table  tappings,  hi  the  communica- 
tions received  therefrom,  in  levitations 
that  contradict  the  laws  of  gravity,  hi 
the  moving  of  objects  without  contact,  hi 
unexplained  noises,  or  the  stories  told  of 
haimted  houses. 

Mr.  Unwin  will  publish  on  January 
4th  a  novel  entitled,  "  The  Ways  of 
Men,"  by  Mr.  Herbert  Flowerdew,  author 
of  "  The  Third  Kiss  "  and  "  A  Celibate's 
Wife."  "  The  Ways  of  Men  "  is  the  story 
of  a  girl's  hazardous  adventure  hi  mar- 
riage and  of  a  man  who  was  asked  to 
choose  between  love  and  fidelity  on  the 
one  hand,  and  on  the  other  wealth  and  an 
important  social  position. 

Miss  Florence  Warden's  new  novel, 
"  The  Baronet's  Wife,"  will  be  published 
on  January  4th  by  Mr.  Unwin. 

"  We  sold  more  six-shilling  novels  on 
Christmas  Eve  than  on  any  two  days  of 
the  year,"  Mr.  Frank  Denny,  of  the  well- 
known  Strand  bookselling  firm,  told  an 
Express  representative.  "  Literally  whole 
rows  of  them  went.  They  were  bought  in 
threes  and  fours,  though  preference  was, 
of  course,  shown  to  the  established 
authors.  From  this  year's  experience, 
I  should  say  that  the  fashion  of  giving 
books  as  presents  is  growing." 

Messrs.  Swan  Sonnenscluin  i\:  Co. 
will  publish  in  January  a  volume  of 
articles  by  l  he  late  Harry  Quilter,  en- 
titled "  Opinions  of  Men,  Women  and 
Tilings."  This  will  contain  reprints  of 
some  magazine  articles  which  were  much 
commented  on  at  the  time  they  were 
published,  and  also  several  unpublished 
articles  as  outspoken  as  anything  written 
by  Mr.  Quilter. 

Cassell's  Saturday  Journal  for  January 
9th  will  contain  the  opening  instalment 
of  a  new  serial  by  Henry  Farmer,  the 
well  known  and  popular  writer.  This 
story,  the  editor  informs  his  readers,  will 
"  be  one  of  the  strongest  ever  published 
in  the  paper,  and  is  likely  to  attract  con- 
siderable attention."  The  trade  are 
advised  to  note  this  issue  and  prepare 
for  an  increased  demand.  A  handsome 
coloured  poster  will  be  supplied  by  the 
publishers  on  application. 

The  popularity  of  the  Story-Teller 
remains  undiminished,  in  spite  of  the 
heavy  competition  it  has  met,  and 
retailers  should  not  fail  to  order  the 
February  number. 

His  Majesty  the  King  has  graciously 
accepted  a  specially  bound  copy  of  the 
New  Rules  of  Golf  as  authorised  by  the 
Royal  and  Ancient  Golf  Club,  of  which 
His  Majesty  is  Patron,  sent  him  by  the 
authorised  publishers,  Messrs.  W.  C. 
Henderson  &  Son,  University  Press,  St. 
Andrews.  The  New  Rules  are  published 
in  several  editions  and  in  several  styles 
of  bindings  for  pocket  and  Club  use,  and 
came  into  force  on  January  1st. 

It  is  interesting  to  note,  hi  connection 
with  the  recent  award  of  the  Nobel  Prize 
for  literature,  that  "  Rudolf  Eucken's 
Philosophy  of  Life,"  by  Prof.  W.  R. 
Boyce  Gibson  (A.  &  C.  Black)  is  already 
in  a  second  edition.  Prof,  and  Mrs. 
Gibson  have  almost  ready  for  publication 
in  the  spring,  Eucken's  "  The  Meaning 
and  Value  of  Life." 

The  "  Illustrative  Election,"  organ- 
ised by  the  Proportional  Representation 
Society,  aroused  considerable  interest. 
A  full  account  of  the  election  appears  hi 
No.  9  of  Representation  and,  in  view 
of  the  Committee  of  Inquiry  promised 
by  Mr.  Asquith,  we  are  glad  to  direct  the 
attention  of  our  readers  to  it. 

The  English  Department  of  the  Yale 
University  has  made  the  subject  of  their 
Jolm  Hubbard  Curtis  #100  prize  conti  st 
"  Critical  Essays  on  the  Novels  of  Wil- 
liam de  Mordan." 

Messrs.  Sealy,  Bryers  &  Walker  will 
issue  this  month  two  important  books. 
"  The  Predominant  Partner — His  Rights 
and  His  Duties,"  by  J.  Shaw  Mulhollaud, 
B.L.,  Inner  Temple,  is  a  brilliant  essay 
on  the  present  social,  political  and 
economic  condition  of  Ireland.  Dealing 
with  Govermental  methods  in  Ireland, 
this  book  will  be  a  revelation  to  English- 
men, for  whilst  showing  hi  what  respects 
the  Predominant  Partnership  has  been 
detrimental  to  Ireland,  lie  admits  its 
desirability.  "  Midland  Septs  and  The 
Pale,"  by  F.  R.  M.  Hitchcock,  give  to  the 
Midland  of  Ireland  a  history  of  its 
ancient  families.  Mr.  Hitchcock  is 
already  known  as  the  author  of  "  Types 
of  Celtic  Life  and  Art,"  a  critical  con- 
sideration of  the  Celtic  social  systems, 
1  and  many  other  important  volumes.  In 
the  present  he  treats  fully  of  the  relations 
of  the  various  families  with  the  inhabi- 
tants of  the  Pale. 

Measrs.  Constable  are  about  to  publish 
the  first  volume  of  a  series  of  Con- 
cordances, which  will  be  of  the  greatest 

;  interest  to  students  of  English  literature. 
The  work  appears  under  the  auspices  of 
The  Concordance  Society,  which  was 
organised  at  Yale  University  hi  1906. 

,  The  author  chosen  for  this  first  volume 

!  is  Thomas  Grav. 

Messrs.  Constable  will  publish  imme- 
diately an  abridged  and  less  expensive 
edition^ of  "The  Life  of  Sir  Charles 
Bright,"  the  distinguished  pioneer  of 
ocean  telegraphy,  whose  name  will  always 
be  associated  with  the  laying  of  the  first 
trans  -  Atlantic  cable.  In  its  original 
form  the  work  was  recognised  as  a  solid 
contribution  to  biography.  This  edition 
has  been  revised  by  Mr.  Charles  Bright 
F.R.S.E.  ' 

Mr.  R.  W.  Seton-Watson,  who  signs 
himself  "  Scotus  Viator,"  has  a  new 
volume  coming  from  Messrs.  Constable, 
entitled,  "  Racial  Problems  in  Hungary." 
It  is  a  discussion,  based  on  personal 
observation,  of  the  racial  problems  of 

Mr.  Martinus  Nijhoff,  Bookseller,  of 
The  Hague,  publishes  in  English  two 
interesting  works  by  J.  J.  M.  De  Groot 
Professor  in  the  University  of  Ley  den 
on  Chinese  Religion,  Philosophv,  Folk- 
lore and  Politics.  One  is  entitled 
"  Sectarianism  and  Religious  Persecution 
in  China.  A  page  in  the  history  of 
religions."  It  is  an  attempt,  and  claims 
to  be  the  first,  to  trace  the  reasons  for  the 
intolerance  of  the  Chinese  versus  the 
Christians  hi  China.  The  other  work  is 
"  The  Religious  System  of  China.  Its 
ancient  forms,  evolutions,  history  and 
present  aspect ;  manners,  customs  and 
social  institutions  connected  therewith." 
This  work  is  an  attempt  to  depict  the 
Chinese  religion  as  it  is  reallv  practised 
by  the  nation,  and  to  sketch  on  a  broad 
scale  its  influence  on  domestic  and  social 
life.  It  is  the  fruit  of  an  intimate  contact 
with  the  Chinese  race  for  several  years. 
Since  first  setting  foot  on  the  wide"  field 
of  sinological  studies,  the  author  has 
adopted  a  course  of  systematically  com- 
mitting to  paper  whatever  customs, 
usages  and  religious  observances  pre- 
sented themselves  to  his  view  either  in 
the  Middle  Kingdom  or  the  transmarine 
colonies  where  Chinese  emigrants  have 
settled  ;  no  opportunity  of  acquiring  an 
insight  into  the  different  phases  of  social 
and  religious  life  of  the  Chinese  has  been 
i  allowed  to  escape  him. 

The  leader  of  the  Anglo-American 
Polar  Expedition,  Captain'  Ejnar  Mik- 
kelsen,  whose  book,  "  Conquering  the 
Arctic  Ice,"  will  be  published  by  Mr. 
Heinemann  on  January  12th,  is  at  present 
in  Copenhagen,  where  he  lectured  last 
week  before  the  Geographical  Society  of 
Denmark,  amongst  his  audience  being 
the  King  and  Queen  of  Denmark  and 
other  members  of  the  Roval  Familv. 
Previous  to  tliis  he  has  lectured  on  his 
Arctic  travels  at  Brussels.  Antwerp. 
Liege,  Amsterdam,  Rotterdam,  Leiden 
and  the  Hague. 

January  2,  1909 

The    Publishers'  Circular 


"  The  Publishers'  Circular"  Annual  Summary  of  the 
Numbers  and  Classes  of  Books  Published  in  1908 

Like  most  businesses,  publishing  has  suffered  a  slight  depression  during  the  past  year, 
although  it  is  still  well  above  any  year  previous  to  1907.  The  total  number  of  New  Books 
recorded  as  published  in  1908  is  9,821,  a  decrease  of  93  as  compared  with  1907.  This  decrease 
is  inconsiderable,  but  on  analysing  the  figures  it  will  be  seen  that  there  also  has  been  a  fall 
in  the  average  class  of  book  published.  Thus  in  New  Books  (as  opposed  to  New  Editions) 
there  has  been  a  decrease  of  189  during  the  year,  while  there  has  been  an  increase  of  96  in 
New  Editions.  That  is  to  say,  a  considerably  greater  proportion  of  cheap  reprints  have 
appeared.  This  has  been  the  case  especially  in  Fiction,  Religion  and  Philosophy,  and  Political 
and  Social  Economy  ;  and  an  example  is  afforded  by  the  Fiction  published  during  July, 
when  177  books  were  issued,  of  which  88  or  practically  50  per  cent,  were  New  Editions.  Taking 
the  year's  output  class  by  class  there  are  the  following  decreases  :  Religion,  28  ;  Educa- 
tional, 60;  Political  and  Social,  92;  History,  13;  Year  Books,  24;  Medicine,  32;  and 
Belles  Lettres,  79  ;  while  there  are  increases  in  the  following  classes  :  Fiction,  5  ;  Law,  17  ; 
Arts  and  Sciences,  55  ;  Voyages,  49  ;  Poetry,  42  ;  and  Miscellaneous,  67.  The  information 
to  hand  seems  to  indicate  an  increased  output  during  the  coming  year,  the  figures  for  December, 
1908,  showing  an  increase  of  26  per  cent,  over  the  previous  year,  and  no  doubt  the  total  for 
the  year  1909  will  run  into  five  figures. 



r.  Religion,  Philosophy,  1 

&c  f 

2.  Educational,  Classical  i 

and  Philological  . .  [ 

3.  Fiction,         Juvenile  1 

Works,  &c.  . .  ) 

4.  Law,    Jurisprudence,  ) 

&c.  . .       . .       . .  J 

5.  Political    and    Social  ^ 

Economy,  Trade,  ! 
and  Commerce    . .  ' 

6.  Arts  (Fine  and  Useful)  ^ 

Sciences,  &c.       . .  [ 

7.  Voyages,  Travels,  &c.  \ 

8.  Historv,     Biography,  1 
&c.  '. .       ..      •  ..) 

9.  Poetry  and 


10.  Year     Books     and  | 

Serials  in  Volumes  .  I 

11.  Medicine,  Surgery,) 

&c  ; 

12.  Belles  Lettres,  Essays,  1 

&c  \ 

13.  Miscellaneous  (includ- 

ing  Pamphlets,  not  [ 
Sermons)   . .        . .  ) 

a  53 
b  13 

«  45 
b  4 

b  58 

a  14 
b  7 

a  52 
b  11 

a  82 
b  20 

a  27 
b  7 

a  53 
b  10 

a  30 
b  13 

a  64 
b  — 

a  17 

b  2 

a  12 
b  11 

a  31 
b  — 










































52  44 
9  7 


17  17 



























_■  ^  C3 
't*  H  <U  D 

y  t  V 

















-1 1 64 





1045  644 





a  New  Books;  b  New  Ecliti  n;. 

The  Analytical  Table  is  divided  into  13  Classes  ;  also  New  Books  and  New  Editions. 



New  Boo';s       New  Editions 


New  Books 


New  Editions 

Religion,  Philosophy,  &c.         . .  ' 
Educational,  Classical  and  Philological  . . 
Fiction,  Juvenile  Works,  &c. 
Law,  Jurisprudence,  &c. 
Political  and  Social  Economy,  Trade,  &c. 
Arts  and  Sciences 
Voyages,  Travels,  Geographv 
History,  Biography,  &c.      "     .  .        . ' 
Poetry  and  Drama 
Year  Books  and  Serials  in  Volumes 
Medicine,  Surgery,  &c. 
Belles  Lettres,  Essays,  &c. 
Miscellaneous  (including  Pamphlets  not 













79  . 










Our  Book  Trade  Notes 
from  Glasgow 

By  "  Mungo  " 

The  rush  of  Christmas  trade  is  over  for 
another  year,  and  the  bookseller  has 
now  time  to  look  round  his  stock  and 
consider  whether  or  not  his  autumn 
buying  has  been  justified,  and  if  full 
advantage  has  been  taken  of  the  oppor- 
tunity the  season  offers  to  clear  :his 
shelves  of  miscellaneous  books.  $ 

When  the  public  confine  their  buying 
to  one  short  week  there  is  a  tendency  to 
fall  back  on  two  or  three  books  which 
have  been  declared  favourites  ;  this  is 
especially  obvious  in  the  case  of  fiction, 
where  the  field  of  choice  is  so  wide  and 
varied.  And  in  Glasgow,  from  among 
several  good  novels,  Mary  Johnston's 
"  Lewis  Rand  "  takes  the  first  place, 
while  "  Stewart  of  Lovedale,"  by/^Dr. 
Wells,  shares  with  Dr.  Robertson  Nicol's 
"  Ian  Maclaren  "  a  similar  position  in 

"  A  Midsummer  Night's  Dream," 
with.  Mr.  Rackham's  illustrations,  has 
been  the  most  popular  of  the  larger 
colour  books  ;  in  fact,  some  customers 
complain  of  its  being  too  popular,  one 
remarking  that  he  had  received  six 
copies,  each  given  by  a  relative.  There 
is  something  reminiscent  here  of  the 
refrain  to  one  of  the  songs  sung  by  the 
Admiral  in  "  Pinafore." 

The  book,  the  sales  of  which  will 
head  all  others  in  Glasgow,  is  the  attrac- 
tive edition  of  Ramsay's  "  Reminiscences 
of  Scottish  Life  and  Character,"  issued 
by  Mr.  Foulis  with  H.  W.  Kerr's  illustra- 
tions in  colour.  A  large  sale  was  expected 
for  this  volume,  but  I  think  the  demand 
must  have  astonished  even  its  optimistic 

The  feature  of  this  season,  however,  is 
the  increasing  popularity  of  those  book- 
lets that  are  taking  the  place  of  Christmas 
cards,  and  here  again  Mr.  Foulis  gets 
honourable  mention,  for  he  combines 
taste  in  selection  with  taste  in  produc- 
tion, and  the  enormous  sale  which  these 
little  books  sent  out  by  him  have  had 
proves  that  he  has  hit  the  public  fancy. 
The  smaller  shilling  booklets,  as  published 
by  Messrs.  Harrap,  Messrs.  Seigle,  Hill  and 
Messrs.  Nimmo  in  velvet  calf  or  in  what 
a  bibliophile  friend  of  mine  unkindly 
referred  to  as  "  pussy-cat  covers,"  are 
also  making  a  place  for  themselves  as 
substitutes  for  cards. 

Notwithstanding  the  mikind  remark 
of  my  friend  (who,  by  the  way,  is  also  a 
poet,  using  that  term  in  its  wider 
sense)  these  booklets  are  infinitely  more 
satisfactory  remembrancers  to  send  to 
one's  friends  at  Christmas  time  than  the 
once-popular  card.  They  are  not  for 
adults  in  literature,  but  have  a  missionary 
influence,  and  an  essay  of  Emerson's,  a 
few  "  chips  "  from  Marcus  Aurelius,  or  a 
selection  from  a  popular  poet,  may  lead 
the  reader  to  become  better  acquainted 
with  the  author's  work. 

On  the  whole,  the  Christmas  trade  in 
Glasgow  has  been  satisfactory  ;  after  a 
long  spell  of  comparative  depression 
business  came  away  early  in  the  month, 
and  although  the  difficulty  in  selling  the 
larger  books  still  remains,  the  returns 
cannot  be  found  fault  with,   and  the 



The    Publishers'  Circular 

January  2,  1909 

increasing  number  of  net  books  tides  over 
a  period  of  slack  trade  in  a  way  that  did 
not  obtain  some  ten  years  ago.  It  is 
xuifortnnate  that  the  facility  with  which 
landlords  can  add  fifty  pounds  to  the 
rent  cannot  be  dealt  with  as  successfully 
as  was  the  discount  system. 

The  Passing  of  English 
Literary  Treasures  to 

WE  have  often  pointed  out  the  fact  that 
there  is  an  insatiable  demand  among 
wealthy  Americans  for  the  rare  treasures 
of  English  literature.  There  is  no  doubt 
that  the  purchaser  of  Lord  Amherst's 
splendid  collection  of  Caxtons  was  Mr. 
J.  Pierpont  Morgan,  so  those  sixteen 
items  including  the  earliest  book 
printed  in  English  have  gone  to 
the  American  shore.  The  world 
now  knows  that 

John  P.  Morgan  he 
Buys  every  rare  book  that  he  can 

He  has  bought  all  of  Horace  Wal- 
pole's  letters,  as  well  as  many  manu- 
scripts of  Byron,  Shelley,  Samuel 
Johnson,  Dickens,  Thackeray,  Lamb, 
Mary  Stuart,  Lord  Cornwallis,  Swift, 
Napoleon,  Walter  Scott  and  many 
others.  His  library  contains  an  unsur- 
passed collection  of  fine  bindings, 
including  ancient  books  in  ivory,  gold 
and  enamel  set  with  gems.  The 
Caxtons,  Aldines  and  Gutenbergs,  the 
Elzevirs  and  Wynkyn  de  Wordes  ; 
the  collections  of  first  editions, 
including  the  best  obtainable  copies 
of  all  that  bibliophiles  most  approve  ; 
the  volumes  with  rich  historical 
associations,  the  missals  and  Prayer 
Books,  the  early  Bibles,  the  rare 
prints,  the  extra-illuminated  books, 
the  Chaldean  and  Babylonian  tablets 
make  up  the  realisation  of  a  collec- 
tor's dream 

"It  is  too  much  to  expect," 
the  New  York  Times  says,  "  that 
this  treasure  house  will  be  thrown 
open  to  public  examination.  But 
a  complete  catalogue  of  its  collec- 
tions, with  plates,  prepared  by  an 
expert  bibliophile,  would  be  of  the 
greatest  public  value  and  interest." 

A  Directory  of  A  merican 
"Publishers  "  (?) 

WE  have  received  from  the  office  of  the 
New  York  Publishers'  Weekly  what  it 
calls  "  A  Directory  of  Publishers  " — i.e., 
those  issuing  books  in  the  United  States 
from  January  1st,  1905,  to  December 
31st,  1907.  There  must  be  3,750  names 
in  this  Directory,  and  a  very  brief 
examination  of  the  list  shows  that  the 
use  of  the  word  "  publisher  "  is  somewhat 

For  instance,  because  a  college  or 
university  issues  a  magazine  it  is  inserted 
in  this  list  of  publishers  as  a  publisher. 
Then  Mr.  Wellborn,  Librarian  of  the 
Georgia  State  Library,  published  some 
small  volume,  and  so  figures  in  the  list 
as  a  publisher.  It  is  a  case  of  ex  uno 
disce  omnes  with  a  vengeance — e.g., 
Vacuum  Oil  Co.,  Tennessee  Valley  Perti 

lizer  Co.  It  is  certain  that  these  and  a 
great  number  of  others  in  this  list  are 
not  exactly  publishers  in  the  sense  that 
we  use  the  word  in  this  countrv. 

Mr.  Benjamin  Leach 

The  many  friends  and  admirers  of 
Mr.  B.  Leach,  who  for  many  years 
represented  Messrs.  Ward,  Lock  &  Co., 
Ltd.,  both  on  the  road  and  as  depart- 
mental manager,  will  be  interested  to 
learn  that  he  is  severing  his  long  con- 
nection with  this  house  to  take  up  an 
important  position  with  Messrs.  Cass<  11 
&  Co.,  Ltd.  From  the  general  knowledge 
of  liis  activity  and  untiring  energy  there 
is  no  reason  to  doubt  success  will  follow 
him  hi  his  new  sphere. 

A  Year  of  Books 

THE  many  people  who  never  quite  know 
how  to  use  books  of  reference  should  be 
interested  to  learn  of  the  announcement 
by  Sir  Isaac  Pitman  &  Sons.  Ltd.,  of  the 
immediate  publication  of  a  s(  cond  revised 
and  enlarged  edition  of  "  Where  to  Look," 
an  easy  guide  to  books  of  reference.  The 
success  of  the  first  edition  is  taken  as 
amply  demonstrating  the  necessity  for 
such  a  work,  and  in  consequence  of  the 
quick  demand  for  a  second  edition  the 
publishers  have  taken  the  opportunity 
of  thoroughly  revising  and  enlarging  it. 

Trade  Note 

Mr.  Robert  Ingaeton  Drake,  of  21, 
Trinity  Place,  Windsor,  and  of  Eton. 
Bookseller  to  Eton  College,  who  died  on 
November  5U1,  aged  79,  left  estate  valued 
at  £57,991  gross,  with  net  personalty 

"  The  Life  of 
James  McNeill  Whistler"* 

If  the  beastly  words  "  Presentation 
Copy  "  had  not  been  stamped  into  the 
title  page  of  this  beautiful  book  we  should 
have  nothing  but  praise  for  it.  Here  is 
another  excellent  good  testimonial  to  a 
publisher.  After  giving  a  long  list  of 
people  to  whom  they  are  grateful  the 
authors  of  this  fascinating  biography  of 
Whistler  say  : — 

"  One  special  word  of  thanks, 
however,  we  must  add.  To  no  one 
do  we  owe  more  than  to  our  publisher, 
Mr.  William  Heinemann,  who  has 
drawn  upon  his  own  friendship  with 
Whistler  to  enrich  us,  who  has  aided 
us  with  his  counsel,  worked  with 
us  through  difficulties,  and  faced 
the  not  light  task  of  reading  our 
book  in  manuscript  and  proof, 
giving  us  the  advantage  of  his 
criticism  and  advice." 

These  testimonials  to  publishers 
are  highly  satisfactory,  and  we  like 
keeping  a  record  of  them.  Cicero 
says  —  we  take  it  on  trust  from 
some  book  we  were  reading  recently 
— that  all  men  by  a  certain  hidden 
faculty  approve  or  condemn  works 
of  art  or  letters.  What  Whistler's 
exact  position  will  be  in  fifty  years 
time  who  can  say  ?  but  it  is  quite 
certain  that  the  interest  of  this 
biography  is  greatly  due  to  the 
whole-hearted  manner  in  which  his 
biographers  speak  up  for  him.  Not 
Constable  or  even  Turner  had 
Whistler's  genius  for  English  land- 
scape, and  as  for  Rembrandt,  why 
Whistler  "  surpassed  Rembrandt  in 
Iris  own  (Dutch)  subjects."  It  is 
this  point  of  view,  Whistler  first 
and  the  rest  nowhere,  which  makes 
this  biography  so  interesting.  You 
must  like  what  Whistler  liked  if  he 
was  to  like  you.  Whistler  used  to 
make  buck-wheat  cakes.  He  never 
spoke  again  to  one  man  who 
ventured  to  dislike  them.  Whistler 
was  doubtless  a  great  artist  ;  he  was 
the  little  David  who  went  out  to 
slay  the  British  School  of  Art  Piiilis- 
tines  with  Ruskin  the  Goliath  at 
their  head,  and  the  tale  of  how 
he  slew  them  makes  excellent  reading  ; 
and  he  slew  them,  of  that  the  readtr  is 
not  left  hi  doubt  for  a  moment,  and  the 
proof — often  mentioned — is  that  aj"  Noc- 
turne," "knocked  off"  hi  a  day,  which 
he  sold  for  twenty  guineas  you  could  not 
now  buy  for  two  thousand.  For  a  long 
time  the  British  public  did  not  take  the 
American  artist  seriously — it  appears  to 
have  been  difficult  for  his  best  friends  to 
do  so — they  do  not  seem  quite  to  know 
whether  his  continual  contempt  and  dis- 
dain  for  tilings  English  was  real  or 
affected :  probably  it  was  a  mixture. 
It  seems  to  us  that  there  is  a  great  deal 
to  be  said  for  Whistler's  view  that  to  be  a 
competent  critic  of  painting  a  man  must 
be  able  to  paint ;  and  that  in  bringing  his 
action  against  Ruskin  he  was  fighting 
for  the  freedom  of  art — as  others  have 

••■The  Lite  of  James  McNeill  Whistler."  By  B.  R. 
nnd t.  Fennel]  In  two  volumes,  IUust>ated,  London: 
Will-am  Heinemann  :  Philadelphia  :  J.  B.  Lippincolt 
Company  Dec.  i<»$. 

January  2,  1909 

The    Publishers1  Circular 



Ready  Jan.  75. 

<Uhe  First  Novel 
of   the    S  eason 


KISS.    By  Richard  Marsh  : : 

Cr.  8vo,  Cloth  Gilt,  with 
Coloured  Frontispiece 
and  Coloured  Wrapper,  6s. 

The  heroine  has  reason  to  place  herself  under 
suspicion  of  being  the  murderess  of  her  uncle, 
and  her  conduct  in  various  trying  situations  pro- 
vides some  of  the  most  delightful  reading  in  the 

The  storv  teems  with  interest.  There  is  humour 
in  plenty;  dialogue  of  brilliant  quality;  and  a 
continuous  succession  of  incident  that  does  not 
permit  a  moment  of  faltering  interest  from  start 
to  finish. 

Handsomely  bound  in  Cloth  Gilt,  6s.  net. 



Three  New  Gardening  {Boo/fas 


SWEET  PEAS,  and  How  to  Grow  Them. 

By  H.  H.  Thomas,  Editor  of  The  Gardener.  With  many 
Illustrations.     Taper,  is.  net  ;  Cloth,  is.  6d.  net. 

[Ready  Jan.  X 


By  S.  Arnott  and  P.  P.  Brotherston.  With  many 
Illustrations.     Paper,  _>s.  net;  Cloth,  2S.  6d.  net. 

[Ready  Jan.  8 

LITTLE  GARDENS,  and  How  to  make  the' most 

of  them.  By  H.  H.  Thomas,  Editor  of  The  Gardener.  With 
many  Illustration's;    Paper,  is.  net;  Cloth,  is.  6d.  net. 

[Now  Ready 

CASSELL    &    CO.,    LTD.,    La   Belle   Sauvage,  E.G. 

fought  for  the  freedom  of  letters.  To 
bring  out  "  harmonies  in  colours  "  may 
be  said  to  have  been  Whistler's  aim  in 
art — he  said  so  of  the  famous  "  Battersea 
Bridge  by  Moonlight,"  in  the  Ruskin 
trial,  the  "  Nocturne  in  Blue  and  Silver," 
No.  i.  It  is  for  this  reason  that  in  the 
great  profusion  of  black-and-white  re- 
productions in  these  fine  volumes,  those 
which  attract  most  and  appear  to  best 
represent  the  artist  are  his  portraits. 
Colour  was  not  to  be  thought  of,  and 
probably  many  of  these  reproductions  are 
given  mainly  as  identifying  records.  But 
the  portraits  are  often  wonderful,  es- 
pecially in  the  photogravures,  the  chief 
loss  being  in  the  effect  of  colour  on  the 
lips,  as  in  the  delicious  portrait  of  Miss 
Cicely  Alexander,  of  Mrs.  Huth,  Mrs. 
Ley  land,  &c,  in  which  the  lips  are  a  dark 
level  smudge  instead  of  transparent 
colour  as  in  the  original.  This  defect, 
due  to  the  mechanical  process,  is  more 
apparent  by  comparison  with  the  superb 
portrait  of  Lady  Archibald  Campbell, 
our  preference  in  the  whole  collection,  as 
is  the  portrait  of  Sarasate  among  the 
men  ;  these  two  being  originally  "  arrange- 
ments in  black  "  naturally  lend  them- 
selves better  to  black-and-white  repro- 
duction. A  characteristic  of  all  these 
reproductions  is  that  they  improve  under 
enlargement  and  seem  to  come  nearer 
to  the  original. 

To  Mr.  Heinemann,  of  course,  the 
production  of  this  work  has  been  a  real 
labour  of  love — from  every  point  of  view 
it  is  a  testimony  to  that  ;  ;  and  we  can 

assure  our  friends  the  booksellers  that  the 
first  edition-  of  this  book  is  going  to  be 
sought  after.  The  writers,  Joseph  Pen- 
nell  and  Elizabeth  Pennell,  have  suc- 
ceeded admirably  in  reproducing  the 
man  and  in  making  us  interested  hi  him 
and  his  life,  in  spite  of  his  porcupinish 
attitude  to  almost  everything  English  ; 
as  they  point  out  it  was  the  opposition  of 
the  England  of  his  day  to  him  which  made 
him — and  it  is  an  old  English  char- 
acteristic to  begin  by  laughing  at  a  man 
and  end  by  making  a  god  of  him.  To 
write  a  biography  of  Whistler,  the  master 
of  the  art  of  making  enemies,  so  soon  afte  r 
his  death,  must  have  "  given  to  think," 
as  the  French  say,  before  it  was  entered 
upon.  From  the  impartial  outsider's 
point  of  view  it  has  been  done  with 
great  good  taste  and  judgment ;  some 
who  are  not  in  a  position  to  be  im- 
partial will  naturally  not  agree  with 
this  view. 

Whistler  was  a  born  fighter,  and  those 
who  got  his  blows  are  not  likely  to  forget 
them — especially  when  repeated  in  this 
handsome  style.  Though  dead  he  yet 
hits — harder  than  ever.  And  yet  it  is 
impossible  to  read  this  book  without 
feeling  that  Whistler  was  what  his  fellow 
cadet  at  West  Point  Military  Academy, 
now  General  Loomis  L.  Langdon,  found 
him,  viz.  :  "a  most  genial  and  con- 
siderate friend,  an  honest  and  fascinating 
gentleman,  who  seemed  always  to  move 
in  a  sunny  atmosphere  that  brightened 
the  lives  of  his  friends  and  was  to  them 
like'  an  inspiration." 

The  Homes  and  Haunts  of 
Henry  Kirke  White 

Mr.  H.  B.  SaxTon,  of  King  Street,  Not- 
tingham, has  published*  at  5s.  net  an 
edition — limited  to  500  copies — of  a  very 
interesting  and  well  illustrated  work, 
entitled,  "The  Homes  and  Haunts  of 
Henry  Kirke  White,  with  some  Account  of 
the  Family  of  White  of  Nottingham  and 
Norfolk."  by  John  T.  Godfrey  and  James 
Ward.  The  volume  was  suggested  by 
the  Centenary  Banquet  to  the  Memory  of 
the  Poet  held  at  Nottingham  in  Novem- 
ber, 1906.  The  book  is  better  than  its 
title,  because,  in  addition  to  very  full 
and  well  arranged  details  respect  ing  the 
homes  and  haunts  of  the  poet,  there  is 
an  extremely  interesting  memoir  of 
White  constructed  chiefly  from  his  own 
letters,  with  regard  to  which  Sir  N. 
Harris  Nocolas  observes  : — "  So  fre- 
quently are  the  allusions  to  himself  hi 
those  letters  as  well  as  in  his  poems, 
that  he  may  be  almost  considered  as 
an  Autobiographer. "  What  is  actually 
new  in  the  book  is  mainly  connected 
with  the  history  of  the  White  family 
and  illustrations  of  places  he  lived 
at  or  which  were  well  known  to  him. 
We  are  sure  the  industry  and  devotion 
of  the  compilers  will  be  rewarded  by  the 
thanks  of  all  who  treasure  the  literary 
remains  and  sweet  memory  of  the  young 
poet  who  gave  such  promise  of  being  a 
great  one.    "  We  have  taken  this  pains, 

*  L,  'nd  >n  :  Simpkin,  Mar-hall,  H  nnilton,  Kent  &  Co. 


The    Publishers'  Circular 

January  2,  1909 



1  0/6  net 

Crown  4 to,  handsome  cloth 
binding",  yilt  edgvs,  price  10/6  net 

Lacis:  "Practical  Instructions 
in  Filet  Erode1  or  Darning  on  Net 


Fully  Illustrated  with  patterns  and  working  drawing's. 
No  such  comprehensive  work  has  until  now  been  written  on  this  most 
fascinating-  old  form  of  lace,  and  it  will  undoubtedly  supply  a  long- 
felt  *vant 

After  five  or  six  centuries  of  neglect  on  the  part  of  English  women, 
there  is  a  decided  revival  and  a  growing  appreciation  of  the  artistic 
merits  of  this  work.  In  France  it  has  been  the  favourite  occupation 
of  cultivated  women  since  the  days  of  Catherine  de  Medici,  and  even 
prior  to  that  time 

The  chief  reason  for  its  neglect  here  has  undoubtedly  been  the  im- 
possibility of  finding  anyone  to  teach  it  as  it  should  be  taught,  and 
the  lack  of  necessary  materials.  These  practical  lessons  and  diagrams, 
showing  very  clearly  all  the  details  ot  the  work,  will  enable  any  one 
to  learn  it  quickly  and  easily.  It  is  a  work  that  does  not  demand  too 
much  application,  it  can  be  easily  taken  up  and 

laiddown  again, or becarried  about  withoutany   


12/6  net 

Demy  8vo,  cloth 
gilt,  price  12/6  net 


Crown  8vo,  paper  boards, 
price  1/- 

A  ArC7V  Book  for  Children 
by  Mrs.  Frewen  Lord 

Tales  from 
Exeter  Cathedral 

Told  to  Children  by  Mrs.  FREWEN  LORD 
Author  01  "Tales  from  Westminster  Abbey," 
Paul's  Cathedral,"  and  "  Canterbury  Cathedral 


These  charming-  stories  will  be  uniform  with  Mrs. 
Lord's  other  well-known  little  books,  "Tales  from 
Westminster  Abbey  "  (as  they  were  told  to  her  by 
the  late  Dean  Stanley)  "Tales  from  St.  Paul's 
Cathedral,"  &  "Tales  from  Canterbury  Cathedral'' 

The  Mongols  in 

l^lXSStCl        fiy  JEREMIAH  CURTIN 

Author  of  "  The  Mongols,"  and  Translator  of  the 
Works  of  SienKiewicz,  etc.  With  photogravure 
frontispiece  and  map. 

The  new  volume,  "The  Mongols  in  Russia,"  is  a  con- 
tinuation of  Mr.  Curtin's  valuable  book  of  last  year, 
"  The  Mongols,"  that  was  so  enthusiastically  praised 
by  President  Roosevelt.  It  takes  up  the  story  of  the 
domination  of  this  race  in  Russia,  after  their  expulsion 
from  China  by  the  founders  of  the  Ming-  Dynasty 
He  describes  their  invasion  of  Russia,  the  ineffectual 
defence  they  met  with,  and  their  final  subjection  of  the 
Russians  until  the  break-up  of  the  Horde 
at  Sarai,  in  1505 

In  the  "Publishers' 
Circular  "  of  December 
19  we  informed  the  trade 

that        SPECIAL  PROMPT 

attention  would  be  given 
to  Christmas  Orders.  We 
beg  to  thank  the  Book- 
sellers who  have  so  kindly 
responded  by  post  or  tele- 
graph, and  heartily  wish 

A  Prosperous 
New  Year. 

1/-  net 

Demy  8v 

The  Suffragette 

A  Play  in  One  Act 

By  Rev.  J.  P.  D ALTON 

Suitable  for  Entertainments,  Bazaars, 
etc.,  the  performance  taking  about 
50  minutes.       Written  for  5  characters 

£10  lOs.  net 
£15  15s.  net 

A  few  Special  Copies  have  been  provided  for  at  £52  10s.  net,  all  of  which  have  been  subscribed  for 

British  Hunting 

It  is  proposed  to  make  this  a  comprehensive  history  of  hunting-,  and  one  of  the  most  elaborate  publications  ev  er  devoted 
to  any  single  branch  of  sport.  The  work  will  be  divided  into  three  sections — the  first  of  which  will  deal  with  the  historj 
of  hunting  generally — and  will  cover  all  the  ground  of  which  there  is  any  record  whatever  with  regard  to  hunts,  hunting 
men,  and  hunting  countries.  The  second  section  is  to  be  a  treatise  on  the  history  of  the  Hunts  of  Great  Britain  and 
Ireland  and  on  the  men  who  have  founded  and  have  maintained  them.  The  third  and  last  section  will  constitute  one  of 
the  principal  features  of  the  work,  containing  the  biographies  of  the  leading  Masters  and  Hunting  Men  in 
Great   Britain   and  Ireland 

Each  article  in  ihe  book  will  be  handsomely  illustrated  by  means  of  engravings  of  the  principal  packs  of  hounds.  These, 
with  portraits  of  the  Masters  and  Members  of  the  various  Hunts,  will  bring  the  number  of  illustrations  to  about  1,400, 
including  about  fifty  full-page  portraits  of  men  well  known  in  hunting  circles,  reproduced  by  means  of  the  finest 
photogravure  process  from  excellent  photographs.  The  articles  will  include  accounts  of  the  chase  of  the  Fox  and  Otter, 
Drag  Hunting,  Beagling,  Harriers,  Hounds  and  their  Breeding,  and  Hunters  and  their  Breeding;  descriptions  61 
remarkable  runs  in  the  history  of  hunting,  and  a  dissertation  on  hunting  equipment 

In  addition  to  all  these  features  it  will  contain  an  International  section,  including  a  description  of  hunting  and  hunting 
establishments  in  all  parts  of  the  world.    In  short,  no  effort  will  be  spared  to  make  this  book  the  standard  work  of 

reference  upon  all  matters  connected  with  the  chase 

Booksellers  with  a  hunting  connection  should  make  early  application  for  prospectuses 

Imperial  quarto  (15  x  llY 
handsomely  hound  in  cloth 

Compiled  and  Edited 

by  "  THE  SPORTSMAN  " 

London:    SAMPSON    LOW,    MARSTON    &   CO.,    LTD.,    100,    Southwank  Street,  S.E. 

January  2,  1909 

The    Publishers'  Circular 

not  for  the  present  age,  but  a  future  ; 
many  things  which  were  known  to  our 
grandsires  are  lost  to  us,  and  our  grand- 
children will  search  in  vain  for  many 
facts  which  to  us  are  most  familiar." 
If  only  Ben  Jonson  or  someone  had  done 
the  same  for  the  life  and  homes  and 
haiuits  of  Shakespeare.  This  reference 
to  a  future  age  reminds  one  of  White's 
lines,  in  which  he  forestalled  Macaulay  : 

Britain  a  Thousand  Years  Hence. 

"  Where  now  is  Britain  ?     Where  her 
laurelled  names, 
Her  palaces  and  halls  ?    Dashed  to  the 


O'er  her  marts, 
Her  crowded  ports,  broods  Silence  ;  and 
the  cry 

Of  the  distant  curlew,  and  the  pensive 

Of  distant  billows,  breaks  alone  the  void. 
Even  as  the  savage  sits  upon  the  stone 
That  marks  where  stood  her  capitols, 

and  hears 
The  bittern  booming  in  the  weeds,  he 


From   the   dismaying   solitude.  Her 

Sing  in  a  language  that  hath  perished  ; 
And  their  wild  harps,  suspended  o'er 

their  graves, 
Sing  to  the  desert  winds  a  dying  strain." 

This  little  book  cannot  fail  to  call 
attention  to  a  singularly  interesting  per- 

"Discovery"  of  the  Author 
of  "The  Burial  of  Sir 
John  Moore  " 

From  the  well-known  bookseller,  Mr.  T. 
Thatcher,  College  Green,  Bristol,  we  have 
received  "  The  Writer  of  '  The  Burial  of 
Sir  John  Moore,'  '  Discovered,'  "  by  R. 
C.  Newick  ( is. ).  "  The  history  of  literary 
imposture  starts,  perhaps,  from  Terence," 
says  Mr.  Newick,  who,  in  this  amusing 
little  skit  makes  a  very  good  bid  to  be 
himself  included  in  the  history  of 
impostors.  He  pretends  to  have  dis- 
covered that  it  was  a  Corporal  Joseph 
Wolfe,  who  fought  under  Moore  and 
assisted  in  burying  him,  who  wrote  the 
imperishable  poem. 

He  says  Charles  Wolfe  was  no  poet, 
and  gives  the  following  as  a  specimen  of 
his  verse  to  prove  it : 

*'  England,  what  !  ho  !   as  thus  the  spectre 

All  Lisbon's  turrets  to  their  bases  shook  : 
He  spoke,  then  plunged  into  the  river's 

And  Tagus  wrapped  him  in  his  billowy 

Mr.  Newick  cries  Wolfe  too  often,  for 
in  the  next  paragraph  he  claims  that  his 
Joseph  Wolfe  also  wrote  the  poem  : 
"  If  I  had  thought  thou  could'st  have  died." 

Referring  to  the  metre  of  the 
"  Burial,"  he  quotes  The  Athenceum  as 
saying  : 

"  If  the  metrical  movement  of  Wolfe's 
poem  had  only  been  as  much  his  own  as 
the  sentiments,  thoughts  and  emotions, 
we  must,  perhaps,  have  placed  it  at  the 
head  of  all  English  elegies.    Yet  in  an 

elegy  the  metrical  music  must  be  orighial 
if  the  poem  is  to  claim  transcendent 
excellence."  He  adds  that  The  Athenceum 
then  states  that  Wolfe  copied  his  metre 
from  Tom  Moore's 

"  Oh  !   make  her  a  grave  where  the  sunny 
beams  rest 
When  they  promise  a  glorious  to-morrow. 
They'll  shine  o'er  her  sleep  like  a  smile 
from  the  West, 
Prom  her  own  loved  Island  of  Sorrow." 

Mr.  Newick  proceeds  : — "  But  there  is 
a  much  older  example  of  the  same  metre 
quoted  in  Hutchinson's  Fugitive  Poetry, 
(Chandos  Classics),  and  dated  1630  "  : 

Burial  of  a  Pilgrim  Father  in  America. 

"  We  anxiously  hollowed  the  frozen  ground, 
And  heaped  up  the  lonely  furrow  ; 
For  the  Indian  lurked  in  the  woods  around, 
And  we  feared  his  whistling  arrow. 

When  the  surf  on  the  seabeaeh  heavily 

When    the    breeze    in    the  wilderness 
muttered  ; 
We  deemed  it  the  coming  of  hostile  feet, 
Or  the  watchword  cautiously  uttered." 

The  third  verse  is  not  so  good,  but  for 
an  early  seventeenth  century  poem  these 
alone  are  worth  the  modest  shilling 
asked  for  the  book.  The  last  fifty  pages 
pretend  to  be  extracts  from  the  Memoirs 
of  Sergeant  Paul  Swanston,  published  by 
B.  D.  Cousins,  18,  Duke  Street,  Lincoln's 
Inn,  in  monthly  parts,  60  or  70  years 
ago.  Here,  agam,  these  extracts  are 
worth  the  money,  and  make  one  wish 
that  the  imaginary  memoirs  really  existed, 
so  admirably  done  are  descriptions  of 
incidents  in  Moore's  retreat  when,  like  a 
wounded  tiger,  he  kept  the  French  at  bay. 

It  is  an  excellent  bit  of  literary 
fooling,  well  worth  reading  from  begin- 
ning to  end. 

"  Books  which  will  Interest 
all  Scotsmen  " 

The  Edinburgh  Evening  Dispatch  says  : — 
"  A  book  which  should  prove  interesting 
to  all  the  world,  but  most  of  all  to  Scots- 
men, is  announced  by  Mr.  T.  N.  Foulis, 
and  is  from  the  pen  of  Mr.  W.  S.  Crockett, 
not  the  Mr.  Crockett  who  has  written  an 
appalling  series  of  stories  and  is  still 
going  strong,  but  another  minister,  of 
Tweedside,  who  joins  a  love  for  the  saving 
of  souls  to  a  love  of  literature.  The  book 
is  to  contain  an  account  of  the  originals 
of  the  characters  of  the  Waverley  Novels, 
and  the  making  of  it  is  a  task  which  should 
entail  no  small  research,  and  perhaps  a 
considerable  element  of  speculation. 
Another  volume  from  the  same  publisher, 
with  an  equally  Scottish  flavour,  is  an 
edition  with  coloured  illustrations  of  Dean 
Ramsay's  immortal  '  Reminiscences.'  The 
artist  is  Mr.  Henry  W.  Kerr. ' ' 

A  great  many  others  besides  Scotsmen 
will  be  delighted  with  Mr.  Foulis's 
admirable  edition  of  the  famous  "  Re- 
miniscences " — which  upset  the  erroneous 
idea  that  Scotsmen  cannot  see  a  joke. 
The  sixteen  separately  mounted  illus- 
trations are  really  fine  reproductions  in 
colour  of  paintings  by  Mr.  H.  W.  Kerr, 
A.R.S.A.  A  good  Index  and  attractive 
binding  make  us  again  thank  Mr.  Foulis 
for  this  very  desirable  edition  of  an  old 

Milton  and  Elzevier 

There  is  an  interesting  new  note  about 
Milton  in  M.  M.  Kleerkooper's  letter  hi 
The  Athenceum  of  December  19th.  It 
gives  a  copy  of  a  letter  from  Sir  Joseph 
Williamson  (Charles  II. 's  principal  Minis- 
ter of  State)  to  Roger  Meredith  (Secretary 
to  the  English  Embassy  at  The  Hague), 
which  begins  thus  : — 

"  His  Majesty  is  informed  of  a  perni- 
cious book  of  that  late  villain  Milton's 
now  about  to  be  printed  at  Leyden.  I  am 
commanded  to  signify  to  you  that  you 
immediately  apply  yourself  to  find  out, 
by  the  best  means  you  may,  if  there  be 
any  such  who  is  the  prhiter,  and  by 
what  order  he  is  set  on  work."  Suspicion 
is  thrown  in  the  letter  on  Skinner,  a 
young  scholar  of  Cambridge. 

There  can  be  no  doubt  Skinner  had 
sent  some  manuscript  to  the  celebrated 
prhiter  and  publisher,  Daniel  Elzevier, 
for  Mr.  Kleerkooper  has  discovered  a  letter 
from  Daniel  Elzevier  to  ' '  Mr.  Skinner, 
marchand,  at  his  house  in  Cruchet 
Frijers  at  London,"  the  father  of  Milton's 
young  friend.  In  this  letter,  written 
evidently  in  consequence  of  the  search 
set  on  foot  by  Charles,  he  says  he  is 
returning  Milton's  manuscripts  of  his 
works  "  on  Theology  and  his  Epistles," 
and  begs  him  to  assure  the  English 
Minister  that  "  of  the  works  of  Milton 
which  have  been  in  my  hands  never  an 
iota  has  been  printed,  and  that  I  have 
sent  them  back  as  I  received  them." 

But  the  work  the  King  wished  to 
seize,  either  in  the  MS.  or  in  the  impres- 
sion, was  Milton's  State  Letters,  published 
surreptitiously  about  tliis  time  without 
indication  of  printer  or  place.  Daniel 
Elzevier 's  denial  of  any  connection  with 
the  publication  is  explicit  enough,  but  it 
does  not  satisfy  Mr.  Kleerkooper,  who 
says : — 

"  Whether  Elzevier  did  not  have  a 
hand  in  the  production  of  the  clandestine 
edition  we  may  at  least  be  permitted  to 
doubt.  At  any  rate,  he  took  good  care 
not  to  return  the  manuscripts  before  the 
book  had  gone  forth." 

If  the  "  famous  Amsterdam  publisher  " 
lied,  it  was  to  save  his  English  friend  ; 
but  there  is  no  evidence  to  prove  that  he 
did,  or  that  he  had  the  incriminating 
manuscript  of  the  "  villain  Milton." 

The  New  Literary  Year 

A  capital  handbook  is  "  The  Liter ary 
Year  Book,"  the  thirteenth  annual  issue 
of  which  has  just  been  published  by 
Messrs.  George  Routledge  &  Sons.  In 
the  autumn  a  French  publisher,  who  was 
over  here  for  the  Franco-British  Exhibi- 
tion, called  on  us  to  get  some  information, 
and  under  promise  to  return  it  in  a  day 
or  two,  he  walked  off  with  our  copy  of  the 
1908  Literary  Year  Book.  We  should  not 
like  to  say  how  many  times  since  we  have 
searched  in  vain  for  the  work,  until 
remembering  our  French  visitor.  We 
find  it  indispensable,  and  it  is  a  mine  of 
most  valuable  information  for  all  con- 
nected with  the  writing  and  publishing 
of  books.  Each  year  sees  the  addition  of 
some  new  feature. 


January  2,  1909 

Messrs  BELL'S  BOOKS 

Just  Published.    Demy  8vo,  with  48  Illustrations.    7s.  6d.  net. 

IN  VIKING  LAND:  Norway,  its  People, 

its  Fjords,  and  its  Fjelds.    By  W.  S.  Monroe. 

A  compendium  of  information  on  the  history,  people, 
religion,  commerce,  life,  scenery,  literature,  music,  and  art 
of  Norway,  with  suggestions  for  travellers  and  a  short 


Crown  8vo.     With  many  Illustrations  and  a  Plan.     6s.  net. 


GALLERIES.  By  David  C.  Prever.  A  History  of  the 
Dutch  School  of  Painting'.  Illuminated  and  Demonstrated 
by  critical  descriptions  of  the  great  paintings  in  the  many 
galleries  of  the  Netherlands. 


Small  crown  8vo.    as.  6d.  net  each. 
New  Volume. 

JAN  OF  THE  WINDMILL.    By  Mrs.  Ewing. 

With  8  Coloured  Plates  and  Decorated  Title-page,  Covers, 
and  End  Papers,  by  M.  V.  Wheelhouse. 

[Ready  end  0/  January. 

Small  8vo.    With  many  Illustrations.    7s.  6d.  net. 


Benson.  With  numerous  Illustrations  from  Photographs  of 
well-known  Skaters  by  Mrs.  Aubrey  le  Blond. 

Ready  Immediately.    Crown  8vo.  is. 

RUGBY     FOOTBALL.     By    Harry  Vassall, 

Treasurer  of  the  Rugby  Football  Union,  late  Captain  of  the 
Oxford  University  Football  Club.  New  Edition  (1909), 
revised  by  C.  J.  B.  Marriott,  Secretary  of  the  Rugby 
Union.    With  numerous  Illustrations.    (All  England  Series.) 

Ready  Immediately.    Small  4to.     12s.  net. 


Newly  Edited  from  the  MSS.  by  Lucy  Toulmin  Smith- 
Vol.  IV.,  containing  Parts  VII,  and  VIII.,  with  3  Maps. 

This  Edition  will  be  completed  in  Five  Volumes,  of 
which  Vol.  I.  (containing  Parts  I.  —  III.),  price  18s.  net; 
Vol.  II.  (Parts  IV.  and  V.),  price  12s.  net  ;  and  Vol.  III.  (the 
"Itinerary  in  Wales"),  price  ios.  6d.  net,  are  already 
published.  Vol.  V.,  completing  the  Edition,  is  in  active 

Vol.  III.    Just  Published.    8vo.     ios.  6d.  net. 


AND  JOHN  FLETCHER.  Variorum  Edition.  Edited 
by  A.  H.  Bullen.  To  be  completed  in  12  vols.  (Vol.  IV. 
in  the  Press.) 

Ready  Immediately.    Demy  8vo.    Illustrated,     ios.  6d.  net, 


REGIME  (16G8-1698).  By  C.  W.  Colby,  Professor 
of  History  in  the  McGill  University,  Montreal. 

"Ready  Immediately.    Crown  8vo.     Illustrated.     7s.  6d.  net. 


1898).    By  R.  S.  Holland. 

Ready  immediately.    Crown  Svo.    6s.  net. 

TEUTONIC  NATIONS  (1494-1514).  By  Leopold 
von  Ranke.  A  Revised  Translation  by  G.  R.  Dennis,  B.A., 
with  an  Introduction  by  Edward  Armstrong,  M.A., 
Lecturer  in  Modern  History,  Queen's  College,  Oxford. 


Ready  Immediately.    Crown  8vo.     Illustrated.  6s. 

A   HOLIDAY  TOUCH,  and  other  Tales 

of  Undaunted  Americans.  By  Charles  Batteli 
Loomis,  Author  of  "  Cheerful  Americans,"  etc. 

London:  GEORGE  BELL  &  SONS, 

Portugal  Street,  W.C. 

Your  attention  is  directed  to  these  important 
new  Books,  to  be  published  immediately. 



By  Florence  Warden,  author  of  "  The 
Dazzling  Miss  Davison."  6s. 


By  Herbert  Flowerdew,  author  of  "  The 
Third  Kiss."  6s. 


By  M.  McDonnell  Bodkin,  K.C.,  author  of 
"  The  Quests  of  Paul  Beck."  6s. 


By  James  Dalziel,  author  of  "  In  the  First 
Watch."  6s. 


(The  Greatest  Historical  Library  in  the  World.) 
New  Editions,  attractively  bound  in  a  Handsome 
Red  C'loih  cover.    Price,  5s.  each. 


By  Sir  John  Bourinot,  C.  M.G.,  with  a  New 
Map  and  Revisions,  and  a  Supplementary 
Chapter  by  Edward  Porritt. 


With  a  New  Chapter  on  Recent  Events.  By 
Stanley  Lanf -Poole,  M.A. 


With  a  New  Chapter  containing  their  History 
from  1896  to  190S.  By  William  Miller,  M.A. 
Each  volume  profusely  Illustrated  and  with  Maps. 


A  New  Series  of  Standard  Copyright  Novels  by 
famous  Authors.     Attractively  bound  in  cloth. 
3s.  6d.  each. 


R.  W.  CHAMBERS.  The  Haunts  of  Men 

HALLIWELL  SUTCLIFFE.  Through  Sorrow's  Gates 

GEORGE  MOORE.  Sister  Teresa 

(Revised  Edition) 

RICHARD  MARSH.  The  Beetle 

Other  Volumes  in  preparation.  Write  for 

a  supply   of  the   Adelphi  Library  Prospectu-. 


An  account  of  the  Author's  investigations  in 
Psychical  Research,  together  with  those  of  other 
European  savants.  By  CAMILLE  Flammarion. 
With  2 1  Illustrations.  8s.  6d.  net. 


By  Canon  and  Mrs.  Barnett.  5s.  not. 


By  E.  A.  Reynolds  Ball,  B.A.  With  34  Illustra- 
tions.   2  vols.  5s.  net  each. 

GENOA:  The  City  of  Columbus 

By  V.  W.  Johnson.  With  17  Illustrations. 

Write  for  a  supply  of  the  new  edition  of  Mr.  Fisher  Vns<in's  complete 


T.   FISHER   UNWIN,  1,  Adelphi  Terrace,  London. 

January  2,  1909 


Publishers'  Circular 


"George  Borrow,  the  Man 
and  his  Work  " 

(Cassell  &  Co.,  Ltd.) 

"  George  Borrow,  The  Man  and  his 
Work,"   by   R.   A.   J.    Walling,  with 
portrait  and  facsimiles  of  Borrow's  MS. 
Mr.  Walling,  who  dates  his  Preface  from 
Plymouth,  tells  us  that  "  An  inquiry  into 
the  Cornish  origin  of  the  Borrow  family, 
into  the  circumstances  of  Borrow's  visit 
to  the  home  of  his  forebears,  and  of  his 
tour  in  Cornwall,  was  responsible  for  the 
inception  of  the  present  book."    We  are 
glad  that  anything  led  to  the  inception 
of  the  work,  for  it  is  ati  admirable  bit  of 
biography — interesting  from  the  first  page 
to  the  last.    "  The  Bible  in  Spain,"  the 
work   which  made   Borrow   famous,  is 
described  by  himself  in  a  letter  to  Richard 
Ford  as  "a  rum,  very  rum,  mixture  of 
gipsyism,  Judaism,  and  Missionary  ad- 
venture," and  he  adds  "  I  have  no  doubt 
it  will  be  greedily  read."    Borrow  himself 
was  a  rum.  very  rum  mixture — a  born 
pugilist,  a  lover  of  horses  and  all  animals, 
a  gipsy  by  predilection,  a  Missionary  by 
accident,  a  wanderer,  linguist,  delightful 
writer,  a  good  hater,  a  good  lover :  a 
wild  son  of  Nature  reflecting  all  her  moods 
ha  his  disposition — "  wild  and  fierce  when 
Nature  was  wild  and  fierce,  gentle  and 
sunny  amid  fair  meads  in  fine  weather." 
When  living  at  Oulton  he  tells  us  that  he 
spent  most  of  his  time  riding  his  favourite 
Arab  horse,  Sidi  Habismilk  "  over  heaths 
and  through  the  green  lanes,"  or  staying 
at  home  and  fishing  for  big  pike.  That 
much  of  Borrow's  success  was  due  to  the 
encouragement  of  his  publisher,  John 
Murray,   "  Glorious  John  "  as  he  calls 
him,  is  certain.    In  spite  of  occasional 
difficulties  he  held  Mr.  Murray  in  unfailing 
honour,  and  was  proud  to  have  his  work 
sealed   with    the    cachet   of  Albemarle 
Street.    The    charm   of   Mr.  Walling's 
book  is  that  it  gives  such  an  insight  into 
the  character  of  an  extraordinary  and, 
in   many   ways,  fascinating,  man.  His 
thirty  years  of  married  life  is  one  of  the 
romances  of  literature.  At  his  wife's  death 
his  grief  was  terrible.    "  He  had  lost  her 
who  had  been  in  literal  fact  his  better 
half,  who  had  inspired  his  courage  and 
fought  his  '  Horrors  '  for  him,  had  organ- 
ised his  business,  and  been  his  wife  and 
friend,  counsellor  mid  physician,  aman- 
uensis and  private  secretary." 

HazelPs  Annual  for  1909 

"  Hazell's  Annual  "  for  1909,  just 
issued,  will  prove  of  very  great  service 
to  every  one  who  desires  to  keep  in  touch 
with  current  events.  "  Hazell's  Annual  " 
with  a  complete  reference  index,  of  27 
pages  in  small  type  (alas!),  enables  the 
reader  to  turn  up  in  a  moment  the  latest 
information  on  almost  every  topic  of 
current  interest.  In  this  volume  he  will 
find  such  articles  as  Housing  and  Town 
Planning,  Parliamentary  Session,  Slump 
in  Trade,  Religious  Review  of  the  Year, 
The  Unemployed  Problem,  The  Conquest 
of  the  Air,  and  many  other  important 
topics.  The  Editor  is  Mr.  William 
Palmer,  who  is  to  be  congratulated  upon 
his  new  volume.  "  Hazell's  Annual  "  is 
published  by  Hazell,  Watson  &  Viney, 
Ltd.,  52,  Long  Acre.  W.C. 

For  the  Friend  of  British 

Miss  Agnes  E.  Weston,  founder  and 
manager  of  the  Royal  .Sailors'  Rest, 
Portsmouth,  has  received  the  following 
gracious  letter  from  His  Majesty  the 
King  :— 

"  Sandringham, 

"  December  23rd,  1908. 
"  Dear  Madam, — I  write  by  com- 
mand of  the  King  to  send  you  His 
Majesty's  best  thanks  for  your  letter, 
and  for  the  report  and  copy  of  your 
book  which  accompanied  it. 

"  The  King  further  commands  me  to 
say  that  nobody  is  better  aware  of,  or 
more  thoroughly  appreciates,  the  great 
work  you  have  done  for  the  British 
sailors,  and  for  their  wives  and  children 
also,  than  His  Majesty  is,  and  he  thanks 
you  sincerely  for  the  same. 

"  I  am,  by  the  King's  command, 
sending  you  a  signed  photograph  of 
His  Majesty,  which  he  wishes  you  to 

accept  as  a  small  token  of  his  gratitude 
to  you  for  your  noble  services.  I  am 
to  add  at  the  same  time  His  Majesty's 
fervent  hope  that  you  may  yet  be  long 
spared  to  your  country  to  carry  out  the 
great  work  to  which  you  have  given  so 
many  years  of  your  life. — I  remain, 
dear  madam,  yours  faithfully, 

"  D.  M.  Probyn  (General), 

"  Keeper  of  His  Majesty's 
Privy  Purse." 

Lecture  by  a  Well -known 

IT  will  interest  the  booksellers  of  the 
North  of  England  to  know  that  the 
Geographical  Society  of  Manchester  has 
asked  Mr,  Harold  E.  Young,  of  Messrs. 
Henry  Young  &  Sons,  of  Liverpool,  to 
lecture  for  its  members  on  January  12th 
next.  The  subject  of  the  lecture  will  be 
"  A  Wayfarer  in  Rural  Japan."  Mr. 
Yoimg  walked  through  Japan  just  after 
the  great  war.  The  lecture  will  be 
illustrated  with  original  lantern  slides, 

and  will  show  an  aspect  of  Japanese  life 
which  has  probably  not  been  noticed 
before  in  England.  The  Geographical 
Society  has  also  requested  Mr.  Young  to 
lecture  again  at  a  later  date  in  the  year  on 
"  Rambles  and  Scrambles  on  the  Pacific- 
Slope,  and  in  the  Yellow-Stone  Regions 
of  the  Far  West."  The  fees  which  Mr. 
Young  will  receive  will  be  handed  over 
to  a  charity.  As  Mr.  Young  is  the 
President  of  the  Northern  Branch  of  the 
Associated  Booksellers  of  Great  Britain 
and  Ireland  this  year  we  feel  sure  many 
of  our  friends  in  the  North  will  be  glad 
to  hear  the  lecture  ;  and  those  in  the 
South  also  if  Mr.  Young  will  favour  us 
some  day. 

Britain's  Position  in 

Writing  in  Travel  and  Exploration,  the 
new  illustrated  monthly  magazine  devoted 
to  travel  in  all  its  aspects,  Mr.  H.  Massac 
Buist  seeks  to  answer  the  question  why 
Britain,  except  in  books  of  adventure  for 
boys,  has  lagged  in  aeroplane  achieve- 
ments. So  far,  he  points  out,  nobody  has 
made  in  this  country  a  free  dynamic 
flight  with  a  voluntary  conclusion.  The 
reason  for  this,  he  contends,  is  not  that 
we  lack  the  enterprise,  but  the  conditions 
are  vastly  more  difficult  in  this  country 
than  they  are  on  the  Continent.  Where 
the  brothers  Wright  conducted  their 
experiments  for  months  together  they 
could  rely  on  a  steady  thirty-mile-an-hour 
wind  from  off  the  sea.  That  enormously 
simplified  the  problem  of  maintaining 
equilibrium.  If  you  went  across  to 
France  to  see  Mr.  Wilbur  Wright  practise, 
despite  fruitful  years  of  experience  and 
the  perfecting  of  his  apparatus,  you  found 
him  greatly  dependent  on  the  changing 
weather,  an  added  complication  being  the 
problem  of  the  motor.  We  must  not  be 
over  impatient  in  this  country.  Progress 
is  being  made  extraordinarily  quickly,  as 
achievements  here  within  the  next  twelve 
months  will  duly  inform  the  public. 

Boswell's  Description  of  the 
Form  in  which  he  was 
to  Produce  the  "  Life 
of  Johnson  "  * 

Writing  from  his  house  in  Queen  Ann 
Street,  W. ,  to  his  friend  Temple  on 
February  8th,  1790,  Boswell  says  : — 

"  It  is  better  that  I  am  still  here,  fo, 
I  am  within  a  short  walk  of  Mr.  Maloner 
who  revises  my  '  Life  of  Johnson  '  with 
me.  We  have  not  yet  gone  over  quite 
half  of  it,  but  it  is  at  last  fairly  in  the 

"  I  intended  to  have  printed  it  upon 
what  is  called  an  English  letter,  which 
would  have  made  it  look  better  ;  but, 
upon  calculation,  it  would  have  made 
two  quarto  volumes,  and  two  quarto 
volumes  for  one  Life  would  have  been 
exorbitant,  though  in  truth  it  is  a  view 
of  much  of  the  literature  and  many  of 

*  From  the  edition  of  "  Letters  or  James  Boswell  to 
W.  J.  Temple,"  just  published  by  Sidg-wick  &  Jackson, 
3,  Adam  Street,  Adelphi.  London.  Everyone  who  loves 
Boswell's  "Johnson"  ought  to  read  it. —  Ed  P.C, 

The    Publishers'  Circular 


anuary  2,  1909 



100  Maps  with  162  Inset  Maps  engraved  on  Copper,  with  a  complete 
Alphabetical  Index  of  about  270,000  names. 

Adapted  for  the  use  of  the  English-speaking  Public  by 

B.    V.    DARBISHIRE,    (VI. A.  (Oxford) 

Ninth  Revised  Edition.    First  English  Edition. 

Handsomely  bound  in  Half  Morocco,  Cloth  sides,  Gilt  Top, 

£2  6s.  net. 

All  References,  Explanations  of  Signs,  Abbreviations,  etc.,  are 
now  given  on  the  back  of  each  Map  in  English,  whereby,  for  the  first 
time,  this  famous  Atlas  is  made  fully  adapted  to  the  use  of  all 
English  speaking  people. 

Liberal  Trade  Terms.  Detailed  Prospectus  and  Show  Card  will 
be  sent  on  application. 

Published  by  JUSTUS   PERTHES,  Gotha. 

London  Agency:  ASH  ER  &  Co.,  13,  Bedford  St.,  Covent  Garden, 



The  Land  of  Opportunity 

Thousands  of  sturdy  British  emigrants  go 
to  the  Dominion  annually  and  settle  there. 
To-day  there  is  a  large  population  in  Canada 
interested  in  British  books  and  periodicals 
and  affording  a  splendid  market  for  British 

The  only  feasible  way  to  preserve  the 
interest  of  these  people,  in  face  of  the  com- 
petition of  American  publishers,  is  to  have 
Canadian  booksellers  and  newsagents  show 
British  books  and  periodicals  on  their  counters 
and  in  their  windows  constantly  and  press  the 
sale  of  them. 

The  best  method  of  urging  Canadian 
booksellers  and  newsagents  to  stock  and  sell 
British  publications  is  to  make  use  of  the 
trade  organ  to  which  they  subscribe  regularly. 

Information  as  to  the  Canadian  Market  will  be  gladly  supplied  by 



Bookseller  s  Stationer  of  Canada 

(Official  Organ  of  the  Booksellers  and  Stationers  Association) 

oS:  88,  Fleet  St.,  EX.,  London. 

the  literary  men  of  Great  Britain  for 
more  than  half  a  century. 

"  I  have  therefore  taken  a  smaller 
type,  called  Pica,  and  even  upon  that 
I_am  afraid  its  bulk  will  be  very  large. 


"  It  is  curious  to  observe  how  a  printer 
calculates.  He  arranges  a  number  of 
pages  and  the  words  in  them  at  different 
parts  of  the  '  copy  '  (as  the  MS.  is  called), 
and  so  finds  the  number  of  words.  Mine 
here  are  four  hundred  and  one  thousand 
and  six  hundred  (401,600).  Does  not  this 
frighten  you  ?  By  printing  a  page  the 
number  of  words  it  holds  is  discovered, 
and  by  dividing  the  sum  total  of  words 
by  that  number  we  get  the  number  of 
pages.  Mine  will  be,  we  reckon,  eight 

"  I  think  it  will  be  without  exception 
the  most  entertaining  book  you  ever 

The  President  of  the 
United  States 

The  Outlook  Company  has  the  honour  to 
announce  that  Theodore  Roosevelt,  Pre- 
sident of  the  United  States,  will  on 
March  5  th,  1909,  become  a  member  of 
the  editorial  staff  of  The  Outlook,  which 
will  thereafter  be  the  exclusive  channel 
for  his  writings  on  political,  social  and 
industrial  topics. 

New  York  City. 
Nov.  7th,  1908. 

Our  Copyright 
Arrangement  with  the 
United  States 

Mr.  T.  T.  Hodgson,  in  the  interests  of 
the  printing  trade  of  this  country,  has 
again  written  to  The  Times  suggesting 
that,  as  the  Americans  give  us  copyright 
only  on  condition  that  the  work  is  set  up 
and  printed  hi  the  United  States,  we 
should  insert  hi  our  own  copyright  law  a 
provision  by  which  to  get  copyright  here 
original  works  in  English  must  be  set  up 
and  printed  here. 

This  is  all  right  from  the  printer's 
point  of  view,  but  its  probable  effect 
would  be  the  abrogation  by  the  Americans 
of  the  half-hearted  kind  of  copyright  our 
authors  now  enjoy,  because  it  would 
mean  that  no  American  could  get  copy- 
right here  unless  his  work  was  set  up  and 
printed  here.  There  is  a  strong  move- 
ment in  America  in  favour  of  the  abolition 
of  the  manufacturing  clause,  and  we  feel 
convinced  that  in  the  interests  of  all 
holders  of  copyright  in  this  country — i.e., 
authors  ami  publishers,  it  would  be  un- 
wise to  adopt  retaliatory  measures  to- 
wards the  United  States.  It  is  probable 
that  America  will  before  long  join  the 
other  cliief  nations  in  supporting  the 
Berne  Convention. 

Specimen  Copies. — We  shall  b< 

send  tree  of  charge  a  few  specimen  copies  of  The 
Publishers'  Circular  to  any  who  will  apply  for  same 
|   and   distribute   them  to  the  best  advantage.     Send  a 
;   postcard  to   Manager,  PUBLISHERS'  Circular  Office 
iq.  Adam  Street,  Adelphi,  London,  TV.C 

Letters  to  the  Editor 

[We  do  not  hold  ourselves  responsible  for  the 
opinions  expressed  by  our  Correspondents.'] 


Dear  Sir, — With  reference  to  Mr.  Arnould 
Galopin's  letter  of  December  15th,  I  can 
only  repeat  that  he  is  not  the  author 
of  "  The  King  Who  Never  Reigned," 
and  his  own  statements  substantiate  my 

In  order  to  demonstrate  that  he  is  not 
suffering  from  any  attempt  on  my  part 
to  conceal  his  association  with  the  book 
in  question,  I  append  copies  of  the  title- 
pages  of  the  French  work  and  the 
English  one  : — 

French  Title-page. 

Memoirs  Sur  Louis  XVH. 
(Memoirs  D'Eckard — Souvenirs  De 
Preface  de  M.   Jules  Lemaitre. 
Introduction  et  Notes 

Maurice  Yitrac  et  Arnould  Galopiu. 

English  Title-page. 

The  King  Who  Never  Reigned.  Being 
Memoirs  upon  Louis  XVII.  By  Eckard 
and  Naundoifi,  with  a  Preface  by  Jules 
Lemaitre.  together  with  Intrcxluctiou 
and  Notes  by  Maurice  Yitrac  and  Arnould 
Galopin.  to  which  is  added  Joseph  Tur- 
quan's  "  New  Light  Upon  the  Fate  of 
Louis  XYII." 

January  2,  1909 

The    Publishers'  Circular 


It  can  thus  be  seen  that  so  far  from 
M.  Galopin  being,  as  he  declares,  the  author 
of  the  work,  he  has  merely  supplied  an 
introduction  and  notes  in  conjunction 
with  M.  Maurice  Yitrac.  In  his  adver- 
tisement in  the  Christmas  Publishers' 
Circular  he  makes  no  mention  of 
Eckard  and  Naundorff,  and  he  also  sup- 
presses the  name  of  his  collaborator, 
although  it  appears  first  on  the  title-page 
of  the  book. 

When  I  decided  to  bring  out  a  com- 
plete work  on  the  mystery  of  Louis  XVII. 
I  arranged  to  reprint  the  famous  Memoirs 
of  Eckard  and  Naundorff,  but  hi  view  of 
the  fact  that  they  were  published  many 
years  ago  I  considered  it  would  improve 
the  value  of  the  work  if  I  included  M. 
Joseph  Turquan's  "  New  Light  on  the 
Fate  of  Louis  XVII.,"  as  it  was  the  latest 
important  work  on  the  subject,  and  I  was 
fortimate  in  securing  the  British  rights. 
As  the  volume  contained  three  separate  I 
books,  with  different  titles,  I  gave  it — for 
business  reasons — the  general  title,  "  The 
King  Who  Never  Reigned,"  and  I  added 
a  sub-title,  which  fully  explained  the 
nature  of  the  contents. 

In  his  advertisement  in  The  Pub- 
lishers' Circular  M.  Galopin  used  my 
general  title  only,  and  disregarded  the 
sub-title,  an  action  which  requires  some 
explanation.  It  was  quite  unnecessary 
for  me  to  consult  him  on  the  question  of 
the  title,  as  all  my  dealings  were  with  the 
French  publisher,  to  whom  I  paid  a  sum 
for  the  right  to  reprint,  in  whatever 
manner  I  chose,  his  edition  of  the  Memoirs 
of  Eckard  and  Naundorff,  with  any 
copyright  notes  or  matter. — Yours  faith- 

Eveleigh  Nash. 

,    "  BOOKvS    OF    THE    CHURCH  " 

Dear  Sir, — I  have  published  to-day  the 
second  volume  of  the  "  Books  of  the 
Chinch  "  series,  by  Dr.  Clement  B. 
Gunn.  This  volume,  which  follows  the 
"  Book  of  Stobo  Church,"  is  entitled 
"  The  Book  of  Peebles  Church,"  and 
deals  with  the  mediaeval  period  depicting 
life  hi  a  country  town  during  the  Romish 
phase  of  the  Church  of  Scotland  from  the 
beginning  to  its  close. 

The  book  is  well  illustrated,  and  has 
as  frontispiece  the  rare  charter  in  the 
vernacular  of  1434,  engraved  from  the 
original  hi  possession  of  Sir  T.  D.  Gibson- 
Carmiehael.  The  edition  is  limited  to 
200  copies  at  10s.  6d.  each. 

I  trust  you  will  notice  the  publication, 
as  you  kindly  did  the  first  volume,  in  The 
Publishers'  Circular.  Thanking  you 
in  anticipation. — I  am,  yours  faithfully, 

John  A.  Anderson. 


[If  any  of  our  friends  want  literature  re- 
lating to  the  Scottish  and  English  Border 
Country  they  should  note  that  Mr.  Ander- 
son makes  a  special  feature  of  it. — Ed.] 

The  Churchman,  which,  under  the 
editorship  of  Dr.  Griffith  Thomas,  Prin- 
cipal of  Wycliffe  Hall,  Oxford,  was 
enlarged  three  years  ago,  has  been  further 
enlarged  and  now  contains  80  pages. 

Notices  of  Books 

Prom  Messrs.  Allman  &  Son. — "  The  Voice 
and  Its  Control,"  by  Churchill  Sibley. 
This  little  book  is  intended  primarily  for 
the  singer  and  public  speaker,  but  those 
who  have  noticed  how  comparatively  rare 
is  a  melodious  voice  may  be  forgiven  for 
expressing  the  hope  that  the  general 
public  will  not  entirely  ignore  it.  Let  the 
clergy  especially  note  the  remarks  upon 
page  84.  In  less  than  a  hundred  pages  the 
author  gives  the  A  B  C  of  the  physiology 
of  the  vocal  organs,  breathing,  tone, 
resonance,  registers,  enunciation  and  the 
general  care  of  the  voice.  A  thoroughly 
practical  and  sensible  little  handbook. 

From  Messrs.  Blackie  &  Son,  Ltd.— "Christ - 
abel,"  by  Mrs.  Albert  G.  Latham,  is  a 
story  of  the  freaks  and  fancies  of  three 
little  folk.  Their  adventures,  charmingly 
illustrated  by  Paul  Hardy,  will  give 
pleasure  to  many  young  children,  besides 
those  for  whom  the  tale  was  written. 

From  The  Cambridge  University  Press. — 

"  The  Sermons  of  Henry  Smith,"  a 
selection  edited  by  Dr.  John  Brown. 
Henry  Smith  was  a  Puritan  divine  of  the 
time  of  Queen  Elizabeth.  He  was  com- 
monly known  as  the  "  silver-tongued 
preacher,"  and  Fuller  tells  us  that  his 
church  was  always  crowded  with  auditors, 
whose  "  ears  did  so  attend  to  his  lips, 
their  hearts  to  their  ears,  that  he  held  the 
rudder  of  their  affections  in  his  hands,  so 
that  he  could  steer  them  whither  be  was 
pleased."  Nor  did  his  reputation  quickly 
fade  ;  for  within  forty  years  of  his  death 
no  less  than  seventeen  editions  of  bis 
sermons  were  published.  The  Cambridge 
Press  have  done  well  to  re-issue  a  selection 
from  them,  in  a  bandy  little  pocket  volume, 
for  both  in  matter  and  manner  these 
discourses  contain  much  that  is  by  no 
means  out  of  date. 

From  The  Catholic  Truth  Society. — "  The 

Greek  Fathers,"  by  Adrian  Fortescue, 
consists  of  carefully  written  biographies 
of  those  seven  great  leaders  of  the  Eastern 
Church  between  300  and  800  a.d.  whose 
writings  have  come  down  to  us.  Mr.  Fortes- 
cue  has  gone  back  to  the  original  authorities 
for  his  facts  and  his  work  is  a  model  of 
condensation  and  completeness.  It  is 
published  under  the  official  imprimatur  of 
the  Roman  Church,  and  is  written,  there- 
fore, from  the  Roman  point  of  view. 
Allowing  for  this,  the  work  is  commendably 
free  from  unfairness  and  narrowness,  and 
may  not  improbably  become  a  standard 
handbook  on  its  subject. 

From  the  Same. — "  Our  Faith,"  by  Cecil 
Lylburn.  This  little  book  explains  in 
clear,  straightforward  language  the  Catholic 
doctrines  of  the  Church,  Infallibility,  Man 
and Transubstantiation,  Confession,  Eternal 
Punishment,  the  Communion  of  Saints, 
&c.  Nobody  who  studies  this  explanation 
with  care  can  fail  to  understand  the  reasons 
given  for  teaching  and  believing  these 
doctrines  of  the  Church  of  Rome.  The 
references  to  Scripture  are  very  telling. 

From  Messrs.  T.  &  T.  Clark.—"  The  Greek 
and  Eastern  Churches,"  by  the  Rev. 
W.  F.  Adeny,  D.D.  Dr.  Adeuey  is  well- 
known  as  the  Principal  of  Lancashire 
College,  Manchester,  and  a  theologian  of 
distinction.  His  present  work  is  an 
important  contribution  to  Church  History. 
The  book  is  divided  into  two  parts,  in  the 
first  of  which  is  traced  the  history  of  the 
main  body  of  the  Church  throughout  the 
Eastern  provinces  of  Christendom,  until 
by  losing  one  limb  after  another  it  became 
more  and  more  limited  in  area,  though 
still  claiming  to  be  the  one  orthodox 
Church.    In  the  second  part  is  sketched 

the  history  of  each  of  the  separated 
Churches,  Russian,  Syrian,  Coptic,  &c, 
as  well  as  of  the  modern  Greek  Church. 
Dr.  Adeney  writes  with  thoroughness, 
learning,  and  impartiality,  not  failing 
to  do  justice  to  the  merits  as  well  as 
pointing  out  the  defects  of  the  various 
bodies  of  Christians,  "  who  in  their  own 
day  mutually  anathematised  each  other." 
At  the  head  of  each  chapter  is  placed  a  list 
of  original  authorities,  and  there  is  a 
sufficient  though  not  copious  index. 

From  Messrs.  A.  Constable  &  Co.,  Ltd. — 

"The  Arabian  Nights"  with  about  130 
illustrations  by  W.  Heath  Robinson,  Helen 
Stratton,  and  others.  Nothing  need  be 
said  about  the  "  Arabian  Nights,"  the 
tales  are  too  well-known,  but  the  illustra- 
tions in  this  edition  are  decidedly  clever 
and  greatly  add  to  the  value  of  the  book. 
There  is  a  pretty  illuminated  frontispiece 
and  title-page,  and  the  book  is  bound  i 
cloth  with  coloured  design. 

From  the  Same. — "  First  and  Last  Things," 
by  H.  G.  Wells.  The  impression  of 
thinking  aloud  is  very  strong  in  this 
"  Confession  of  Faith  and  Rule  of  Life." 
Mr.  Wells  wants  to  tell  us  what  he  thinks 
on  many  subjects — on  Religion,  on  War, 
on  Love — and  he  accomplishes  his  end  by- 
describing  the  processes  of  thought  which 
lead  him  to  certain  conclusions.  The 
charm  of  the  book  lies  in  its  simple,  almost 
naive  diction,  and  its  strength  is  derived 
from  its  obvious  honesty  and  sincerity. 
It  exposes  many  fallacies,  and  stands  as  an 
example  of  clear  thinking  and  right  feeling. 

From  the  Same. — "  Patricia  Baring,"  by 
Winifred  James.  Patricia  begins  to  keep 
a  diary  at  the  age  of  nine,  and  for  the  first 
few  months  it  is  full  of  the  mingled  humour 
and  pathos  that  is  so  characteristic  of  highly 
intelligent  and  self-analytical  children. 
Patricia  is  honest,  unconventional,  full  of 
life,  and  passionately  sincere  and  generous  ; 
consequently,  she  comes  into  conflict  with 
people  and  conventions,  and  as  she  is 
sensitive  and  highly-strung  she  is  made 
to  suffer  keenly.  Ten  or  a  dozen  years 
of  her  life  are  passed  in  review  before 
the  reader's  gaze,  and  her  feelings  and 
aspirations  are  described  with  no  little 
vigour  and  depth  of  understanding.  As 
a  revelation  of  the  nature  of  a  young  child 
blossoming  into  girlhood  and  womanhood 
the  book  has  unusual  merit. 

From  The  De  La  More  Press  we  have  received 
three  more  of  their  neat  booklets  in  a  con- 
venient case:  "The  Dream  of  Gerontics." 
by  Cardinal  Newman  ;  "  The  Blessed  Damo- 
zel,"  by  D.  G.  Rossetti  ;  and  Coleridge's 
"  Christabel,"  they  make  a  charming  trinity 
in  unity.  The  same  firm  also  send  a  pocket 
reprint  of  the  Rubaiyat  of  Omar  Khayyam 
(FitzGerald's  first  translation)  in  paper 
covers,  with  outline  illustrations  hi  red 
and  green  by  Miss  Blanche  McManus. 

From  the  Same  comes  also  a  small 
volume  in  vellum  wrapper:  "The 
Young  Gardener's  Year,"  by  Miss  Dollie 
Radford.  It  contains  a  short  poem  for 
each  month  of  the  year,  giving  in  pleasant 
verse  simple  information  as  to  the  flowers 
in  season  and  the  cultural  duties  of  the 
month,  with  illustrations  by  L.  E.  Wright. 
It  would  make  a  pretty  little  gift  book  for 
a  garden-loving  child. 

From  Messrs.  J.  M.  Dent  &  Co — "The 
Lawrences  of  the  Punjab,"  by  Frederick 
P.  Gibbon,  author  of  "  The  Record  of  the 
Sikhs"  "The  Gurkha  Scouts,"  &c.  We 
have  every  praise  for  this  balanced  and 
well-written  account  of  the  persons  and 
work  of  the  Lawrences.  It  is  needless  to 
recapitulate  what  is  so  well-known,  but 
we  are  convinced  that  this  book  will  be 
widely  read,  especially  as  it  is  included  in 
the  excellent  "  Temple  "  Biographies.  We 


The    PubHshers'  Circular 

January  2,  1909 




With  10  portraits.      8vo,  10s.  6d.  net. 
[Inland  postage  fd.) 
Contents — A  J.  Haifcuir— Three  Notable  Editors  :  Delane, 
Hutton,   Knowles  —  Henrv  Sidguick —  Robert,   Earl  of 
Lytton — Father  I.  Ryder— Sir  M.  E.  Grant  Durt — LeoXIII. 
— Carciinal  Wiseman— John  Henry  Newman — Newman 
and  Manning. 

the  Story  of  the  Life  and  Death 
of  Jeanne  tl  Arc. 

With  Illustrations.  8vo,  12s.  6d.  net. 
(Inland  postage  $d.) 


By    J.    F.  BADDEI.EY. 
With  7  Maps  arid  Plans  and  15  other  Illustra- 
tions.   Roya  8vo, 
(Inland  postage  6d.) 

LADY    HOLLAND  (1791-1811) 

Edited  by  the  EARL  of  ILCHESTER. 
With  6  Portraits.       2  vols.,  8vo,  21s.  net. 
(In lan d postage  6d. ) 


A  Memoir 

With  8  Illustrations.    8vo,  (5s.  net. 
(Inland  postage  $d.) 

the  Life  of  Count  Albrecht  von 

Translated  by 'Mrs.   C.  E.  Barrett-Lennard 
and  M.  W.  Hoper.    2  vols.  8vo,  21s.  net. 
(Inland  postage  6d.) 

STALKS  ABROAD:  being  some 
Record  of  the  Sport  obtained 
during  a  Two  years'  Tour  round 
the  World. 

With  numerous  illustrations  by  the  Author, 
and  from  Photographs.     8vo,  12s.  6d.  net. 
(Inland  postage  gd.) 


D.D.,  Bishop  of  Calcutta. 
Second  Edition.    8vo,  10s.  6d.  net. 

(Inland  postage  jd.) 


Classified  and  Arranged  so  as  lo  Facilitate  the 
Expression  of  Ideas  and  assist  in  Literarv 
Composition.  By  PETER  MARK  ROGER', 
M.D.,  F.R.S.  Rei'omposed  throughout,  En- 
larged and  Improved  partly  from  the  Author's 
Notes,  and  with  a  full  Index,  bv  the  Author's 
Son,  JOHN  LEWIS  ROGER.'  Crown  8vo, 
9s.  net.    (Inland  postage  jd.) 


Original  Edition,  2  vols.  8vo,  42s.  net. 

(Inland  postage  $d.) 
Abridged  Edition,  in  1  vol.,  8vo,  10s.  6d.  net. 
(Inland  postage  jd.) 

LONGMANS,    GREEN,    &  CO., 
39  Paternoster  Row,  London,  E.C. 

make  the  suggestion  that  it  would  prove 
a  capital  and  interesting  holiday  task  in 
our  public  schools. 

From  Mr.  T.  N.  Foulis.— "  Rab  and  His 

Friends,"  by  John  Brown,  M.D.  A  new 
edition  of  an  ever-popular  work,  remark- 
able not  only  for  the  exquisite  illustrations, 
which  are  from  water-colour  drawings  by  j 
Miss  Preston  Macgoun,  but  from  the  fact 
that  the  story  of  Rab's  earlier  days,  taken 
from  the  essay  "  Our  Dogs "  in  Horce 
Subsecivte,  is  included  in  the  book.  None 
will  regret  to  see  this  earlier  narrative, 
which  forms  a  natural  introduction  to  the 
latef  one,  set  beside  it.  The  type  and 
general  get-up  of  the  little  volume  call  for 
a  word  of  praise. 

From  the  Same. — "  The  Immortal  Hour  :  j 
a  Drama  in  Two  Acts,"  by  Fiona  Macleod.  , 
A  drama  in  blank  verse  founded  upon  the  | 
ancient  Celtic  legend  of  Medir  and  Etain —  1 
a  Gaelic  Orpheus  and  Eurydice.    In  Etain, 
the  author  would  convey  "  a  symbol  of 
the  wayward  but  home-wandering  soul, 
and  in  Medir  a  symbol  of  the  Spirit."  The 
blank  verse  is  of  good  quality,  and  some 
of  the  Chants  interspersed  rise  to  a  high 
level  of  wild  melody. 

From   Messrs.  W.lliam  Green  &  Sons. — 

"  Encyclopaedia  of  Agriculture,"  Vol.  3.  j 
The  third  and  last  volume  of  this  most 
comprehensive  Encyclopaedia  embraces 
articles  from  Kainit  to  Zalkova.  We  have 
on  previous  occasions  spoken  of  this  work 
in  high  terms  of  praise,  and  the  concluding 
volume  is  in  no  sense  inferior  to  its  pre-  j 
decessors  ;  the  mimerous  illustrations  are  j 
very  well  reproduced,  and  will  be  found  of 
the  greatest  service.  Among  the  most 
important  articles  we  note  the  following  : — ■ 
"  Parasites,"  by  Professor  Penberthy  ; 
"  Pigs,"  hy  Professor  Maiden  ;  "  Sanita- 
tion," by  Richard  Henderson  ;  "  Landlord 
and  Tenant,"  by  Max  A.  Robertson  ; 
"  Physiology  of  Animals,"  by  Dr.  Noel 

From  Messrs.   Greening   &    Co.,    Ltd. — 

"  Patcola  :  A  Tale  of  a  Dead  City,"  by  j 
Ena  Fitzgerald.  Miss  Fitzgerald  has 
chosen  a  difficult  theme  for  her  first  novel. 
The  city  of  Vijayanagar  was  founded  in  J 
the  first  half  of  the  fourteenth  century, 
when  the  Mohammedans  were  attempting 
to.  conquer  India.  Of  all  its  monarchs 
Krishna  Deva  Raya  was  perhaps  the  most 
remarkable,  and  the  author  has  been  wise 
in  fixing  upon  the  days  of  his  rule  as  the 
time  of  her  story.  The  tale  was  told  to  a 
young  Englishman  three  hundred  years 
ago  by  an  ancient  hermit  in  India.  It  has 
plenty  of  Eastern  colour  and  glamour, 
and  the  incident  is  abundant. 

From  the  Same. — "  The  Hoverers,"  by 
Lucas  Cleeve.  The  Hoverers  are  the  idle 
ones,  those  who  have  little  or  no  aim  in 
life  and  are  disappointed  with  their  past. 
Lucas  Cleeve's  book  is  full  of  them,  and 
two  at  least  are  anxious  "  to  get  out  of  it." 
The  story  is  well  told,  and  the  character  ; 
drawing  is  excellent. 

From  TheGresham  Publishing  Co. — "  Science  : 
in  Modern  Life,"  prepared  under  the  editor- 
ship of  Professor  J.  R.  Ainsworth  Davis, 
M.A.  The  work  sums  up  in  an  accurate  and 
readable  fashion  the  present  state  of  know- 
ledge in  Astronomy,  Geology,  Chemistry, 
Physics,  Botany,  Zoology,  Biology,  Physio- 
logy, Medicine  and  Surgery,  Anthropology, 
and  Ethnology.  Briefly,  the  object  of 
"  Science  in  Modern  Life  "  is  to  give  a 
connected  account  of  present-day  science, 
with  special  reference  to  its  influence  on 
modern  life.  Illuminating  articles  are 
included  on — The  Nature  and  Cause  of  Sun 
Spots  ;  Origin  of  the  Solar  System  ;  Origin 
of  Mountains  ;  The  Ice  Age  ;  The  Nature  j 
of  Volcanoes  and  Earthquakes  ;  The 
Nature  of  Matter  ;  The  Rdntgen  Rays  and 
Radiography  ;  The  Properties  of  Radium  ; 

Electrons  and  Their  Work  ;  The  Physics 
of  Soap  Bubbles  ;  The  Spectroscope  and 
Spectra  ;  Dispersal  of  Seeds  and  Fruits  ; 
The  Eggs  of  Deep  Sea  Fish  ;  Serum  Treat- 
ment of  Diseases  ;  Progress  of  Sanitary 
Science  ;  The  Importance  of  Heredity  ; 
The  Theory  of  Natural  Selection  ;  The 
Finsen  Light  and  X-rays  ;  The  Cradle  of 
the  Human  Race  ;  The  Races  of  Mankind  ; 
The  Submarine  ;  Plant  Associations  ; 
Strange  Extinct  Animals  ;  Evolution  of 
the  Animal  Kingdom  ;  The  Progress  of 
Scientific  Agriculture  ;  The  Village  Com- 
munity ;  The  Life  History  of  the  Eel ;  The 
Stone,  Bronze,  and  Iron  Ages  ;  Aeroplanes 
and  Dirigible  Balloons.  The  work  will  be 
completed  in  six  well  bound  volumes, 
measuring  1  o  by  7  inches.  The  first  volume 
is  now  ready,  and  contains  two  large  fold- 
ing maps,  nineteen  full-page  plates  and 
thirty -nine  other  illustrations  and  diagrams. 
It  is  produced  in  the  usual  excellent  style 
of  The  Gresham  Publishing  Co.,  and  pro- 
mises to  be  a  most  useful  and  interesting 

From  Mr.  William  Heinemann. — "  Dan  to 

Beersheba,"  by  Archibald  Colquhoun. 
A  book  of  travel  and  exploration,  and  there 
are  many  such,  is  somewhat  a  dangerous 
experiment  :  for  nothing  is  more  calculated 
to  tire  a  reader  than  ill-told  adventures  ; 
but  in  Mr.  Colquhoun's  book  the  reader 
will  find  nothing  to  bore  him,  for  the 
author,  partly  due  to  lis  journalistic  past, 
and  partly  to  his  energetic  mind,  knows 
how  to  sustain  interest  throughout.  He 
takes  as  his  motto  Sterne's  remark  : 
"  I  pity  the  man  who  can  travel  from 
Dan  to  Beersheba  and  cry  '  'tis  all  barren  '  ; 
and  so  it  is,  and  so  is  all  the  world  to  him 
who  Will  not  cultivate  the  fruits  it  offers." 
Certainly  Sterne  would  have  found  no 
reason  to  pity  Mr.  Colquhoun  ;  and  after 
reading  his  book  one  feels  a  little  less 
ignorant,  and  a  little  more  travelled. 

From  Messrs.  Hodder  &  Stoughton.  A 

Short  Historv  of  Social  Life  in  England," 
by  M.  B.  Synge,  F.R.Hist.S.  It  is  with 
good  heart  that  we  draw  attention  to  this 
work,  for  we  know  that  there  are  few- 
things  better  for  the  modern  man  than  a 
knowledge  of  his  ancestors  and  the  circum- 
stances of  their  lives.  It  is  so  easy  to 
forget  the  debt  we  owe  to  the  past,  so 
hard  to  remember  our  duty  to  the  future  ; 
and  we  think  that  this  book,  dealing  as  it 
does  with  the  more  material  side  of  life, 
will  do  something  to  awaken  the  national 
conscience.  It  is  a  great  thing  to  remember 
that  the  personages  of  our  history,  the 
makers  of  the  character  of  the  Empire, 
were  after  all  but  men — and  in  some  cases 
women.  The  position  of  women  in  the 
Fifteenth  Century  is  interesting.  We  read 
that  "  The  Trades  Gilds  also  admitted 
women  as  sisters,  with  equal  rights  with 
the  men  ;  they  could  wear  the  livery,  take 
apprentices,  and  sit  at  the  election  feasts : 
they  belonged  to  the  Drapers'  Company, 
The  Brewers'  Company,  The  Fishmongers, 
Weavers,  Grocers,  and  Stationers.  Neither 
do  they  seem  to  have  abused  this  right 
in  the  Middle  Ages.  For  any  fraud  they 
took  their  place  with  the  men  in  the  stocks  ; 
for  any  insubordination  they  were  appar- 
ently still  beaten  by  their  husbands."  We 
commend  the  position  of  these  women  to 
the  earnest  consideration  of  the  militant 
suffrage-sisters  of  to-day  with  the  remark 
that  they  will  be  well-advised  to  get 
husbands — if  they  can — and  take  their 
beatings  like  their  nobler  and  more 
womanly  ancestresses.  In  some  ways 
we  compare  unfavourably  with  the  past. 

From  Messrs.  Jordan  &  Sons,  Ltd. — The 

29th  Edition  of  the  "  Handbook  on  The 
Formation,  Management  and  Winding- 
Up  of  Joint  Stock  Companies,"  by  F. 
Gore-Browne,  M.A.K.C.,  and  William 
Jordan,  is,  the  publishers  inform  us,  not  a 

January  2,  1  ;o-)        The    Publishers'   Circular  17 

reprint,  but  a  carefully  revised  new  edition, 
added  to  and  in  some  places  rewritten 
to  bring  it  into  conformity  with  the  latest 
enactments.  This  handbook  is  too  well- 
known  to  need  recommendation,  but  an 
interesting  addition  is  the  table  on  pp. 
627  and  628,  giving  the  dates  of  the  various 
editions  and  reprints.  It  is  worth  noting 
that  the  28th  edition  was  published 
oigiually  in  January,  1908,  but  has  had 
to  be  reprinted  on  no  fewer  than  four 
occasions,  and  now  before  that  year  is  out 
an  entirely  new  edition  is  needed.  This 
is  an  eloquent  tribute  to  the  value  of  the 

Prom  Messrs.  Kegan  Paul,  Trench,  Trubner 
&  Co.,  Ltd. — "  Anne  Seymour  Damer," 
by  Percy  Noble.  Anne  Seymour  Conway, 
or  as  she  is  better  known,  Anne  Seymour 
Damer,  has  more  than  ordinary  claims 
to  live  in  history  ;  during  her  long  and 
eventful  life  (1748-1828)  she  was  the 
centre  of  a  circle  in  which  rank,  wealth, 
fashion,  and  science  were  all  gathered 
together.  She  was  not  only  the  friend  of 
literary  and  artistic  people,  but  was  a 
sculptor  of  no  mean  repute,  and  the 
record  of  her  life,  as  set  forth  by  Mr.  Noble, 
is  extremely  pleasant  and  agreeable.  In 
whatever  she  undertook,  she  had  an 
amount  of  daring  and  spirit  quite  un- 
common in  ordinary  women.  The  book 
contains  numerous  and  well-chosen  illustra- 

From  the  Same. — "  Money  and  Profit- 
Sharing  or,  The  Double  Standard  Money 
System."  A-  well-considered  treatise  of 
economic  science  that  will  prove  of  value, 
not  only  to  the  student  but  to  the  ordinary 

.  man  who  would  go  a  little  beneath  the 
surface  of  those  matters  of  which  we  all 
talk  so  glibly. 

Prom  Messrs.  P.  S.  King  &.  Son.— "  The 

"  King's  Revenue,"  by  W.  M.  J.  Williams. 
This  book  contains  most  of  the  facts 
pertaining  to  the  taxes  of  the  United 
Kingdom  and  the  revenue  which  they 
yield.  All  the  chief  avenues  of  the 
Public  Revenue  have  been  treated 
separately  under  the  various  heads  of 
Customs,  Excise,  and  other  Inland 
Revenue,  while  a  reference  will  be  found 
to  minor  taxes  also.  Each  chapter  has 
been  divided  into  three  sections,  viz., 
history  ;  the  rate  at  which  a  tax  is  now 
imposed  ;  and  some  statistics  of  the  yield 
of  revenue  during  recent  years. 

Prom  Mr.  John  Lane. — "  A  Poor  Man's 
House."  by  Stephen  Reynolds.  The 
"  poor  man  "  was  a  fisherman  in  a  South- 
Devon  town,  and  the  author  from  time 
to  time  spent  a  week  or  a  month  or  two 
in  his  house.  Tony  had  a  wife  and  a 
number  of  delightful  children.  They 
presented  Mr.  Reynolds  with  a  good  deal 
of  material  for  close  observation  and 
study,  and  the  thoughts  and  reflections 
they  suggested  to  his-  mind  are  recorded 
here  with  some  literary  distinction  and 
power.  The  story  that  runs  through  the 
book  is  not  cast  in  the  form  of  a  novel  ; 
these  pages,  indeed,  were  originally  written 
as  a  journal  and  as  letters  to  a  friend. ' 

Prom  Messrs.   Longmans,  Green  &  Co. — 

"  English  Church  Teaching,"  by  the 
Bishop  of  Durham,  the  Bishop  of  Sodor 
and  Man,  and  Canon  R.  B.  Girdlestone,  is 
a  standard  manual  of  orthodox  evangelical 
belief.  It  has  already  reached  its  twentieth 
thousand,  and  a  further  edition  is  now- 
issued  in  the  form  of  a  well-printed  volume 
of  264  pages  at  the  very  low  price  of  is. 

From  the  Same. — "  Naval  Warfare  ;  its 
Historical  Development  from  the  Age  of 
the  Great  Geographical  Discoveries  to 
the  Present  Time,"  by  Vice- Admiral 
Baron  Curt  von  Maltzahn,  translated  ! 
from    the    German   by   John   C.  Miller. 

The  chief  interest  in  this  little  work 
lies  in  the  fact  that  it  embodies  the 
views  of  a  distinguished  German  naval 
officer,  who  has  served  in  every  part 
of  the  world,  on  the  great  subject  described 
in  its  title.  It  shows  how  closely  Mahans' 
works  have  been  read,  marked,  learned, 
and  inwardly  digested  by  '  our  greatest 
European  naval  rivals.  Sonic  of  the 
conclusions  seem  fairly  obvious.  "  Just 
as  Napoleon's  army  in  Egypt  was  cut  off 
from  the  world  by  Nelson's  victory  at 
Aboukir  Bay,  so  would  the  Japanese 
army  in  Manchuria  have  become  prisoners 
in  the  grip  of  a  Russian  maritime 
supremacy  if  Rozhdestvensky's  fleet  had 
triumphed."  If — yes,  but  even  the 
Russians  did  not  expect  that  "  If  "  to 
come  off. 

Prom  Messrs.  S.  Low  &  Co.—"  The  Story 
of  the  Submarine,"  by  Lieut.-Colonel  and 
Brevet-Colonel  Cyril  Field,  R. M.L.I.  The 
majority  of  people  if  asked  when  sub- 
marine warfare  originated  would  probably 
say  within  the  last  few  years  ;  it  is  therefore 
somewhat  surprising  to  learn  from  this 
most  interesting  book  that  the  use  of  some 
device  for  under-water  work  can  be  traced 
back  as  far  as  B.C.  415.   Many  weird,  and 
in  most  cases  utterly  useless,  contrivances 
have  been  invented,  so  many  in  fact  that 
it  is  hopeless  to  try  and  enumerate  them 
here.    The  number  of  lives  that  have  been 
sacrificed  is  also  very  great,  and  often  the 
inventor  found  a  grave  in  his  own  inven- 
tion.   According  to  Appendix  I.  about 
225  submarines  were  invented  from  the 
earliest  time  to  a.d.   1900,  but  only  81 
were  actually  constructed,  and  of  these 
but  a  few  were  of  any  use  whatever. 
Every    shape,     including     fish,  barrel, 
porpoise,  cigar,  lemon,  and  ovoid,  has  been 
tried,  every  size  from  a  few  feet  to  160  or 
more,  and  every  possible  and  impossible 
method    of    propulsion.    An  interesting 
statement  of  the  number  of  submarines 
in  the  possession  of  the  various  Powers  is 
given  in  Appendix  II.    Britain,  it  appears, 
has  about  50;  Prance,  56,  with  12  sub- 
mersibles  ;  Germany,  6  ;  U.S.A.,  17  ;  Russia, 
36;    Japan   about    15.    In    addition  to 
submarines  proper,  the  author  deals  with 
semi-submarines,  submersibles,  submarine 
working  boats,  divers  and  diving  apparatus, 
torpedoes,  &c,  and  his  book  (produced 
by  permission  of  the  Lords  Commissioners 
of  the  Admiralty)  is  at  once  interesting  and 
instructive.    There  are  nearly  100  illustra- 
tions by  the  author,  and  a  curious  coloured 
frontispiece  from  a    13th   century  MS., 
showing  Alexander  the  Great  under  water 
in  a  glass  barrel  and  in  imminent  danger 
of  being  overwhelmed  by  an  enormous 

Prom  Messrs.  Macmillan   &  Co.,  Ltd. — 

"  The  Forbidden  Boundary,"  by  B.  L. 
Putnam  Weale.  Eastern  tales  of  more 
than  usual  merit.  Mr.  Putnam  Weale 
handles  his  material  with  a  masterly 
hand,  and  his  style  has  grip  and  force. 
"  The  Fever  Bed  "  and  "  Drugs  and  the 
Man  ' '  remind  us  a  little  of  de  Maupassant. 

Prom  Messrs.  A.  R.  Mowbray  &  Co.,  Ltd.— 

"  North  India,"  by  Rev.  C.  P.  Andrews, 
M.A.  This  tasteful  volume  is  a  very 
welcome  addition  to  the  admirable  hand- 
books of  English  Church  Expansion  series. 
The  author  has  chosen  the  plan  of  select- 
ing as  far  as  possible  the  lives  of  typical 
men,  both  Indian  and  English,  in  order 
to  tell  his  story,  and  an  entrancing  series 
of  episodes  it  is.  His  opinions  are  expressed 
with  frankness  and  without  reservation, 
and  the  material  is  most  skilfully  handled 
throughout,  with  a  view  to  making  the 
story  as  human  and  as  true  as  possible. 

Prom  the  Same. — "  The  Ornaments  of  the 
Ministers,"  by  Rev.  Percy  Dearmer,  M.A.  ; 
"  The  Architectural  History  of  the  Christian 

Church,"  by  Arthur  George  Hill,  M.A., 
P.S.A.  Messrs.  Mowbray  have  learned 
the  art  of  producing  attractive  and  choice 
volumes  at  a  moderate  price  ;  moreover, 
the  literary  quality  of  the  works  they  pro- 
duce is  always  sound.  These  two  handy 
books  belong  to  the  Arts  of  the  Church 
series.  Each  volume  has  been  written 
by  a  man  of  expert  knowledge  and  wide 
scholarship,  which,  however,  never  clogs 
the  style  or  makes  it  heavy  with  dry  and 
unnecessary  information.  The  illustra- 
tions are  plentiful  and  of  first-rate  quality, 
and  each  volume  has  a  complete  index. 

From  the  Same. — The  following  choice 
volumes  are  included  in  the  English 
Churchman's  Library  :  "  Our  Working 
Girls  and  How  to  Help  Them,"  by  Flora 
Lucy  Freeman,  is  thoroughly  practical 
from  beginning  to  end.  Miss  Freeman 
has  had  many  years'  experience  in  connec- 
tion with  girls'  clubs,  and  the  advice  she 
has  to  offer  is  sound  and  straightforward. 
There  are  separate  chapters  on  the  starting 
of  a  club,  religious  teaching,  discipline  and 
order,  moral  teaching,  &c.  "  The  Chris- 
tian Use  of  the  Psalter,"  by  Rev.  A.  R. 
Whitham,  M.A.  This  book  is  intended 
for  the  plain  man  who  goes  to  church 
and  loves  the  Prayer  Book,  but  finds  the 
Psalms  sometimes  puzzling.  What  has 
been  attempted  in  these  lectures  is  not 
to  explain  them  in  detail,  but  to  suggest 
the  broad  lines  of  interpretation  which 
seem  always  to  have  been  in  the  minds 
of  the  Church  in  her  use  of  the  Psalter. 
"  Letters  to  a  Godson  :  Second  .Series," 
by  M.  Cyril  Bickersteth,  M.A.,  has  become 
something  of  a  classic,  and  we  welcome 
a  new  edition  of  this  book  as  well  as  of 
Vernon  Staley's  "  The  Practical  Religion." 

From  the  Same. — "  The  Invisible  Glory  "  : 
Selected  Sermons  preached  by  the  late 
Bishop  Wilkinson,  Primus  of  the  Scottish 
Episcopal  Church.  Though  these  sermons 
were  only  published  in  May  last,  a  new 
impression  is  already  called  for  (5s.).  As 
a  memento  of  one  who  by  common  consent 
was  of  those  who  came  nearest  of  all  men 
of  our  time  to  the  Divine  pattern,  the 
book  needs  no  recommendation  from  us. 

From  Mr.  Eveleign  Nash. — "  The  Man  Who 

Understood  Women,"  by  Leonard  Merrick. 
Mr.  Merrick  has  a  light  touch  and  a 
fantastical  humour  that  he  uses  to  excellent 
purpose.  This  volume  of  short  stories 
is  a  collection  of  trifles,  of  vignettes,  show- 
ing an  unusual  art.  Though  the  tales 
cover  a  wide  variety  of  subject,  the 
treatment  is  much  the  same  in  each — 
swift  drawing  of  character,  quick  develop- 
ment, and  piquant  incident. 

From  the  Same. — "  The  Wife  of  Lafayette," 
by  M.  MacDermot  Crawford.  No  woman 
of  the  Revolution  possessed  a  more 
interesting  personality  than  Adrienne  de 
Noailles,  and  yet,  strange  to  say,  her  person- 
ality is  nowadays  little  more  than  a  name. 
She  was  one  of  the  few  whose  unsullied 
reputation  received  new  lustre  from  the 
misfortunes  of  the  Revolution,  and  no 
one  could  be  less  typical  of  the  grande 
dame  of  the  end  of  the  eighteenth  century 
than  Mme.  de  Lafayette.  She  had  none 
of  the  vices  and  weaknesses  of  the  period, 
but  she  had  all  its  virtues ;  she  was  a 
model  of  heroism,  an  unflinchingly  loyal 
wife,  and  a  woman  of  large  and  noble 
character.  Mrs.  Crawford  has  taken  great 
pains  with  her  biography,  and  it  is  a 
fascinating  piece  of  work.  The  life  of 
Adrienne  de  Noailles  is  set  forth  in  detail, 
with  the  times,  fitful  and  exciting,  in  which 
she  lived  ;  the  result  is  a  picture  of  singular 
nobility  and  attraction.  The  handsome 
volume  is  provided  with  a  number  of 
excellent  illustrations. 


The    Publishers'  Circular 

January  2,  1909 

tlx  Booksellers' 


Her  Majesty  Queen 

Provident  Institution 



A YOUNG  MAN  or  WOMAN  of  twenty-five  can  invest  the  sum  of 
Twenty  Guineas  (or  its  equivalent  by  instalments),  and  obtain 
the  right  to  participate  in  the  advantages  enumerated  below,  which 
are  secured  by  an  invested  capital  of  £30,000. 

FIRST. — Freedom  from  want  in  time  of  Adversity  as  long  as 

need  exists. 
SECOND.— Permanent  Relief  in  Old  Age. 

THIRD. — Medical  Advice  bv  eminent  Physicians  and  Surgeons. 

FOURTH.— A  Cottage  in  the  Country  (Abbotts  Langley,  Hert- 
fordshire) for  aged  Members,  with  garden  produce,  coal,  and 
medical  attendance  free,  in  addition  to  an  annuity. 

FIFTH. — A  furnished  house  in  the  same  Retreat  at  Abbotts 
Langley  for  the  use  of  Members  and  their  families  for  holidays 
or  during  convalescence. 

SIXTH. — A  contribution  towards  Funeral  expenses  when  it  is 

SEVENTH.— All  these  are  available  not  for  Members  only,  but 
also  for  their  wives  or  widows  and  young  children.  At  the 
present  time  there  are  about  sixty  persons  participating  in  these 
benefits,  two-thirds  of  whom  are  Widows  of  Booksellers' 

EIGHTH. — The  payment  of  the  subscriptions  confers  an  absolute 

right  to  these  benefits  in  all  cases  of  need. 
During  the  year  1906  grants  amounting  to  £1,275  were  paid  to 
sixty  recipients,  giving  an  average  of  more  than  £21  each. 

For  further  information  and  for  details  of  the  various  rates  of  pay- 
ment, ranging  from  3s.  6d.  per  quarter,  at  the  age  of  18,  to  the  lump 
sum  of  £6b  at  the  age  of  50,  apply  to  the  Secretary, 

Mr.  GEORGE  LARNER,   28,  Paternoster  Row,  E.C. 



Lord  Rosebery,  in  a  letter  to  the  Editor  of  "Public  Opinion," 
dated  November  28,  1908,  from  Dalmeny  House,  Edinburgh,  says: — 
"  I  can  truly  say  that  '  Public  Opinion'  is  a  weekly  joy  to  me.  It  gives 
me  just  what  I  want  to  read." 

Mr.  Benjamin  Kidd,  Author  of  "Social  Evolution"  and  "Prin- 
ciples of  Western  Civilization,"  writing  from  The  Warders,  Tonbridge, 
November,  1908,  says: — "I  take  'Public  Opinion'  every  week,  and 
find  it  one  of  the  principal  means  of  continuing  my  education  that  the 
world  provides." 

Public  Opinion 

A  Weekly  Review  of  Current  Thought  6  Activity 

Edited    by   Percy   L.  ParKer. 

The  purpose  of  "  Public  Opinion "  is  to  provide  information 
by  means  of  a  weekly  review  of  current  thought  and  activity  as  they 
are  expressed  in  the  world's  newspapers,  magazines,  and  books,  and 
to  put  on  record  the  ideas  and  activities  which  make  for  religious, 
political,  and  social  progress. 

"  Public  Opinion"  can  be  obtained  from  any  newsagent  or  book- 
stall, or  will  be  sent  post  free  for  one  year  to  any  address  in  the 
United  Kingdom  for  10s.  iod. ;  and  to  any  place  abroad  for  13s.  per 
annum.  Orders  should  be  addressed  to  "  Public  Opinion,"  31  &  32, 
Temple  House,  Tallis  St.,  London,  E.C. 

Specimens  free  on  application. 


International  Association 
of  Antiquarian  Booksellers 


Mr.  B.  D.  MAGCS 

THE  Association  was"  formed  with  the 
object  of  safeguarding  the  interests  of 
all  dealers  in  scarce  and  other  books, 
the  chief  object  being  the  prevention  of  fraud- 
ulent practices  by  providing  a  Central 
Bureau  for  the  collection  of  confidential  inform- 
ation. The  Association  collects  accounts  in 
all  parts  of  the  world  for  a  small  commission. 
The  annual  subscription  is  five  shillings.  The 
Committee  includes  most  of  the  more  promi- 
nent members  of  the  trade  in  this  and  other 
countries,  and  the  membership  is  increasing 
monthly.  The  papers  issued  bv  the  Associa- 
tion, and  all  information  required,  mav  be 
obtained  by  addressing  the  Honorary  Secretary, 
Mr.  Frank  Karslake,  35,  Pond  Street,  Hamp- 
stead,  London,  N.W. 


CONTENTS  of  No.  for  JAN.  2,  1909. 

NOTES  : — Sir  John  Pollard,  the  Speaker — The  Longmans — "  England's 
Parnassus  " — Genealogical  Circulating  Library — Orkney  Hogmanay  ' 
Song — Latin  Epitaphs — Befana  :  Epiphany — All  Hallows  E'en  :  Tokens  \ 
— Bristol  and  the  Slave  Trade — Cock  Ale — "  Cocoanutti  "  Language — j 
Dickens,  Pickwick,  and  Bristol — The  Muffin  Martyr — Sneezing  Super-I 

QUERIES: — George  Milton,  Scrivener — Dickens's  Bastille   Prisoner — I 
Dickens's  "Knife-Box" — Aerial  Navigation — Fire  Engines — Surnames] 
ending  hi  -nell — Yorkshire  Hunting  Incident — Heraldry — Lord  Mel- 
bourne and  Baldock — Sir  H.  Walker  :    Boyne  Man-of-War — Sulham-  1 
stead    Rectory — Dunstable — Authors    of    Quotations    Wanted — The  | 
Never  Never  Land — "  Village  Blacksmith  "  Parodied — Cuthbert  Shields 
— Travelling   under  Hadrian — Bride   and    Bridegroom   at   Church. — 
"  Master  Pipe  Maker  " — Capt.  Rutherford  at  Trafalgar — "  Brokenselde  "  j 
— Ships  renamed  after  the  Restoration — Gower,  a  Kentish  Hamlet. 

REPLIES  : — Mediterranean — "  Psychological  Moment  " — William  Blaek- 
boroughe,   Milton's   Relative — Queen   Elizabeth's   Day — "  Old  King 
Cole  " — Authors    of    Quotations    Wanted — The    "  Promptoriuin  "— J 
Italian  Genealogy — Tolsey  at  Gloucester — "Billy  Butler  the  Hunting' 
Parson  " — Caroline  as  a  Masculine  Name — "  Cardinal  "  of  St.  Paul's — j 
Mitred  Abbots  and  Priors — Le  Blon  Mezzos  in  Four  Colours -Bishop 
Sampson  of  Lichfield — Bell  Customs  at  Sibson — Joanna  Southcott's j 
Celestial    Passports — Pall    Mall — Samuel    Foote,    Comedian — Rattle-j 
snake  Colonel — Military  Bank-Note  :   Fort  Montague — Parcel  Post  in 
1790 — Henry  Halliwell — "  Lights  in  Lyrics" — Manor  House  c.  1300 — j 
Truss-Fail — Harris,  Silver-Buckle  Maker — Fleet  Prison. 

NOTES  ON  BOOKS  :— "  The  Oxford  Thackeray  "—Swift's  Prose  Works.] 

Booksellers'  Catalogues. 

Published  Weekly  by  J.  C.  FRANCIS  and  J.  E.  FRANCIS, 
Bream's  Buildings,  Chancery  Lane,  E.C. 

January  2,  1909 


Publishers'  Circular 

From  Mr.  Grant  Richards. — "  The  Children 
of  the  Gutter,"  bv  Arthur  Applin,  author 
of  "The  Butcher  of  Bruton  Street."  It 
is  a  little  difficult  to  be  interested  in  the 
hero  of  this  story,  or  to  accept  his  course 
of  action  as  reasonable  ;  he  is  an  artist 
and  sees  a  fifteen-year-old  gutter  girl 
dancing  in  the  gutter  ;  he  takes  her  to  his 
lodgings,  and  after  helping  her  in  various 
ways  into  falling  in  love  with  him,  he  goes 
to  prison,  and  leaves  her  to  develop  into 
a  glorious  red-haired  dancer,  the  beauty  of 
London  and  rage  of  the  town.  He 
chooses  a  girl  with  money,  and  we  are 
left  to  imagine  that  the  wild  child  of 
Nature  breaks  her  heart,  to  a  certain 
extent,  and  then  leaves  for  the  music  halls 
of  Paris.  So  she  probably  dances  at  last 
into  much  worse  degradation  than  that 
from  which  the  hero  rescued  her.  The 
book  is  well  written  and  interesting, 
Maggie,  the  heroine,  being  admirably 
drawn  ;  to  make  the  reader  regret  that  her 
love  is  wrecked,  and  the  natural  gold  of 
her  fiery  nature  hidden  under  music-hall 
brass,  is  proof  of  the  author's  skill. 

From  the  Same. — "  When  the  Tide  Turns," 
by  Filson  Young.  This  story  of  the 
development  of  an  artist,  Rupert  Savage, 
is  undoubtedly  good,  and  in  many  of  its 
incidents  true  to  life  ;  it  is  a  pity,  therefore, 
that  its  ending,  even  if  artistically  possible, 
should  be  such  as  to  outrage  the  feelings 
of  those  who  feel  that  even  an  artist  may 
sometimes  respect  his  neighbour's  wife. 
The  author  has  deliberately  avoided  an 
artistic  ending,  because  he  preferred  to 
exalt  what  his  hero  describes  as  "  sinful 
happiness,"  and  in  doing  so  is  both  untrue 
to  his  art  and  spoils  an  otherwise  good 

From  Messrs.  Sands  &  Co, — "  Auriel 
Selwode,"  by  Emily  Bowles.  A  long, 
leisurely  and  very  able  story  of  rural 
England  in  the  early  eighteenth  century. 
A  good  deal  of  interest  centres  in  the 
haunted  old  rectory  in  which  Auriel  lives 
with  her  bachelor  uncle.  Miss  Bowles 
has  filled  her  tale  with  well-contrasted 
characters,  who  have  real  and  distinct 
individualities  ;  there  is  plenty  of  exciting 
incident,  and  a  happy,  quiet  ending. 

From  Messrs.  Sisley's  Ltd. — "  The  Wine  of 
the  Puritans,"  by  Van  Wyck  Brooks.  A 
Study  of  Present-Day  America.  There 
seems  to  be  some  dislike  still  in  our  country 
to  some  things  American  ;  perhaps,  because 
to  quote  the  present  book,  "  American 
history  is  so  unlovable."  But,  despite 
their  unromantic  past  and  their  apparently 
soul-crushing  methods,  Americans  in 
America  are  really  charming  people. 
Anyone  who  reads  this  study  will  be 
struck  with  its  cultured  style  and  its  very 
good  sense.  Some  of  our  criticisms  of 
Americans,  as  we  see  them,  seem  to  be 
true  ;  we  notice  that  it  is  remarked  that 
"  there  is  less  happiness  in  America 
than  in  any  other  country  in  the  civilised 
world.  And  it  is  because  we  associate 
happiness  with  spending  money."  Well, 
Americans  may  not  be  internally  happy, 
but  they  have  a  gift  of  cheering  up  the 
miserable,  and,  as  we  know  from  experi- 
ence, they  are  bountifully  kind  to  the 
stranger  within  their  gates,  All  the  good 
fish  stories  come  from  America. 

From  Messrs.  Smith,  Elder  &  Co.—"  The 
Man  of  the  Mask,"  by  Arthur  Stapylton 
Barnes,  M.A.  Monsignor  Barnes  has  - 
written  the  story  of  "  The  Man  in  the 
Iron  Mask  "  from  a  standpoint  completely 
novel.  Mr.  Andrew  Lang  was  content 
to  leave  the  mystery  unsolved.  Monsignor 
Barnes,  starting  where  Mr.  Lang  left  off, 
has  made  independent  research  among 
the  historical  records,  and  propounds  as  his 
solution  a  personality  hitherto  ignored 
in  this  regard.    The  son  of  an  English 

King,  a  member  of  the  Society  of  Jesus, 
an  Agent  of  the  French  Government,  and 
a  "  tipster  "  on  Newmarket  Heath,  the 
new  man  fits,  it  is  claimed,  into  all  the 
conditions  of  time  and  migration.  A  good 
deal  of  new  matter  is  introduced  into  the 
work,  and  the  author  has  made  out  an 
excellent  case. 

From  the  Same. — ' '  My  First  and  Last 
Appearance,"  and  other  original  recita- 
tions, by  Edward  F.  Turner.  We  are 
glad  to  welcome  these  selections  from 
"  T  Leaves "  "  Tantler's  Sister,  and 
other  untruthful  stories,"  and  "  More 
T  Leaves."  They  contain  many  a  hearty 
laugh,  and  should  prove  a  boon  to  the 
talented  amateur  in  his  domestic  circle. 

From  the  Same. — "The  Human  Woman," 
by  Lady  Grove.  Lady  Grove  has  here 
reprinted  a  number  of  essays,  contributed 
by  her  to  the  Nineteenth  Century,  Fort- 
nightly, and  other  reviews,  on  the  burning 
question  of  Women's  Suffrage.  She  wields 
a  vigorous  and  incisive  pen,  and  her 
slashing  polemic  will  entertain  even  where 
it  fails  to  convince.  _ 

From  Mr.1^  Elliot  Stock.—"  A  Royalist 
Raid,  and  other  Poems,"  by  Mr.  Walter 
Clifford  Meller.  A  series  of  short  and 
stirring  poems  on  the  leading  personages 
and  events  of  the  Stuart  period.  Mr. 
Meller  has  strong  Jacobite  sympathies, 
and  his  well  written  ballads  will  awaken 
an  echo  in  many  hearts  to  whom  lost 

causes  are  dear.  "  The  Shadow  of  the 

Angel,"  by  Mr.  Ernest  W.  Shurtleff. 
This  is  the  first  London  edition  of  a  little 
volume  of  heroic  couplets  of  which  five 
editions  have  already  been  published  in 
America.  Its  theme  is  the  consoling 
influence  of  angelic  messengers  in  the 
Bible  and  in  human  life.  Some  photo- 
graphic reproductions  of  famous  paintings 
help  to  make  a  very  attractive  little  gift 

From    Mr.  Arthur    H.    Stockwell.  —  "  A 

Shuttlecock   for   Critics,   being  the  Up- 
roarings    in    Prose    of    a  Dilettante's 
Pegasus,"   by  James  J.  Eaton,  with  a 
frontispiece  by  Edgar  H.  Hawley.  This 
is  a  pleasant  handy  little  pocket  volume 
of  gossipy  essays  :  Of  Books  and  Reading  ; 
Two    Favourite    Authors    (Sir  Thomas 
Browne  and   Robert  Louis  Stevenson)  ; 
Ways    of    Travel  ;    Philosophers ;  Para- 
pluitics  ;    Ars   Vivendi,    &c.    Mr.  Eaton 
makes  friends  of  his  readers  in  his  first 
essay — at  least  of  those  who  are  lovers  of 
books ;  he  holds  that  there  is  no  other 
pleasure  in  life  in  any  way  comparable  to 
the  delight  of  reading.    Many  have  shared 
his  regret  that  life  is  not  long  enough  for 
reading  all  that  one  would  wish  to  read. 
Of  R.  L.  Stevenson's  style  he  says  :  "It 
is  the  perfect  product  of  his  instinctive 
appreciation  of  the  melody  of  language 
joined  to  his  complete  comprehension  of 
the  balance  and  construction  of  the  period 
in  prose.     Though  its  acquirement  was 
the  result  of  many  years'  work  in  his 
youth  it  is  never  laboured — a  flawless 
and  most  musical  flow  of  language,  in 
which  every  word  bears  its  utmost  signifi- 
cance, and  where  none  could  be  displaced 
or  omitted,  distinguishes  even  the  most 
trivial  of  his  writings.    He  aimed  at  per- 
fection in  style  ;  he  attained  it  more  nearly 
than  any  English  writer  before  or  since." 

From  Mr.  T.  Fisher  Unwin. — "  Through 
Sorrow's  Gate,"  by  Mr.  Halliwell  Sut- 
cliffe.  Mr.  Unwiu  has  chosen  this  well- 
known  and  successful  story  for  re-issue, 
as  the  first  of  his  "  Adelphi "  library, 
a  new  series  of  "  novels  which  have  gained 
the  rank  of  standard  books."  The  paper, 
typography,  and  binding  are  all  thoroughly 
good,  and  the  price  very  moderate. 

Books  of  the  Week 


Author's  Name,  Title  of  Work,  and 
Subject,  in  one  Alphabet. 

Note:  'NET'  after  a  price  means  that  the  book  is 
published  on  the  NET  SYSTEM,  i.e..  it  must  not  be 
sold  at  a  discount. 

Words  in  italics  refer  to  the  name  under  which  the  work  is 
fully  described  in  the  alphabetical  list. 

The  Editor  will  be  glad  to  have  lull  particulars  of  new 
books  which  may  have  been  omitted  Jrom  this  list,  to 
insert  in  it  and  also  in  our  Annual  Volume  of  the 
English  Catalogue  of  Hooks,  roy.  Svo.  price  6s.  net 

•**  In  addition  to  the  names  of  book  sizes,  such  as  cr.  8l>o 
royal  8vo,  &c,  the  sizes  are  also  given  where  possible 
in  inches  :  i  inch=2%  centimetres.  If  not  otherwise 
described,  cloth  binding  is  understood. 

A.  L-  Carton  Work,  Judd  (J.  H.)  3s.  net.  .Dec.  08 

Acts  of  the  Apostles,  Harnack  (A.)  6s  Dec.  08 

Angelico  (Fra) — Masterpieces,  1387-1455.  i8mo. 

is.  net,  swd.  6d.  net   Gowans  &  G.,  Dec.  08 

Atlas,  Stieler's,  46s.  net  Dec.  08 

Ball  (E.  Reynolds-)  Beeby  (W.  T.)  Levantine- 
Riviera,  2s.  6d.  net   Dec.  oS 

Beeby  (W.  T.)  and  Ball  (E.  Reynolds-)— The 
Levantine  Riviera  :  a  Practical  Guide  to  All 
the  Winter  Resorts  from  Genoa  to  Pisa.  Illus. 
i2mo.  6f  x  4J,  pp.  220,  2s.  6d.  net 

Office,  Dec.  08 

Benham  (Canon)— Old  London  Churches.  Illus. 
by  Arthur  Garrett.  Intro,  by  the  Bishop  of 
London.    4to.  11A  x  9,  pp.  206,  vellum,  42s. 

net   Hodder  &  S.,  Dec.  08 

Birdland,  Behind  the  Veil  in,  Pike  (O.  G.)  10s.  6d. 

net   Dec.  08 

Booth  (Josiah) — A  Selection  of  One  Hundred 
Tunes.  With  appropriate  Hymns.  Imp.  i6mo. 
7*X5i,  pp.  128,  2s.  6d.  net,  lthr.  3s.  6d.  net 

Simpkin,  Dec.  oS 
Bouquet  of  Wisdom  (A).    32U10.,  pp.  126,  lthr.   Simpkin,  Dec.  08 

Campbell  (Hester  E.  S.  M.)— Wayside  Incidents 
and  Holy  Land  Memories.  8vo.,  pp.  228,  swd. 
is.  net   Partridge,  Dec.  oS 

Cancer,  Pathology  of,  White  (C.  P.)  3s.  6d.  net 

Dec.  08 

Carton  Work,  "A.  L.",  Judd  (J.  H.)  3s.  net 

Dec.  oS 

Chimera  (The)— Adapted  from  Nathaniel  Haw- 
thorne. Post  8vo.,  pp.  40,  3d.  ;  swd.  2d. 
(CMmbers's  Narrative  Readers,  Set  D.) 

Chambers,  Dec.  08 
Church  Congress  held  at  Manchester  on  October 
6th  to  9th,  1908  :  Official  Report.  8vo.  10s.  6d. 

net   Bemrose,  Dec.  08 

Church  Directory;  NisbeCs,  1909,  3s.,  2s.  net 

Dec.  08 

Church  Hist.,  Eng.,  Analysed,  Stitt  (S.  S.)  2s. 

net  Dec.  08 

Church  Pulpit  Year  Book  (The),  1909.  Cr.  8vo., 

pp.  288,  bds.  2s.  net  Nisbet,  Dec.  08 

Churches,  Old  London,  Benham   (Canon)  42s. 

net  Dec.  08 

Com  pi  eat    Benedict    (The)  ;     or,    Marriage  in 

Brinland.    By  Law-Lacey.    Cr.  8vo.  7J  x  5, 

pp.  136,  2s.  6d.  net   E.  .Stock,  Dec.  08 

Cracknell  (A.  G.)  Workman  (W.  P.)  Geometry, 

Pt.  3,  is.  6d  Dec.  08 

Dental  Appointment  Bk.,  Western,  1909,  2s.  6d., 

3s.  6d.  net   Dec.  08 

Dynamics,  Notes  on.    2nd  edit.,  3s. 

Wymax,  Dec.  oS 
Electrical  Pocket  Bk.,  Practical  Engineer,  1909, 

is.,  is.  6d.  net   Dec.  08 

Electrician's  Pocket  Bk.,  Practical,lic,o<),  is.  net 

Dec.  08 


WANTED,  Books  or  Pamphlets  on  Angling, 
Pishing,  Fishes,  Fish  Culture,  in  all  languages. 
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above.  Failure  to  reply  to  any  offer  signifies  that 
Mr.  Fearing  already  possesses  the  items  offered. 
Cash  by  return  on  receipt  of  orders. — Mr.  Daniel 
B.  Fearing,  Newport,  R.I.,  U.S.A.  (Reference 
permitted  to  Editor,  Publishers'  Circular.) 

To  Publishers  of  TECHNICAL  BOOKS 

Publishers  of  Works  of  a  Technical  or  Commercial  character 
should  try  an  advertisement  in 


Printed  in  English.        Established  24  Years. 
Circulates  in  all  the  chiei  commercial  centres  of  the  World. 



The    Publishers'  Circular 

January  2,  1909 

Electro-Chemical  Centres,  Pring  (J.  N.)  is.  6d.  net 

Dec.  08 

Engel  (Carl) — Musical  Instruments.    8vo.,  2S.  3d. 

WYMAN,  Dec.  08 

Farmer's  Diary,  Peat's,  1909,  3s.,  is  Dec.  08 

Fletcher  (J.  D.) — The  Weights  and  Measures  Acts, 
1878  to  1904.   8vo.  8JX5i,  pp.  142,  5s.  net 

Sherratt  &  H.,  Dec.  08 
Fraser  (G.  Mr.) — The  Lone  Shieling ;    or,  the 
Authorship  of  the  "  Canadian  Boat-Song  "  : 
with  other  literary  and  Historical  Sketches. 
8vo.,  pp.  242,  4s.  net 

(  Aberdeen)  W.  Smith  &  Sons,  Dec.  08 
Fruit  (".rowers'  Year  Book  (The),  1909.   Cr.  8vo. 

swd.  is.  net   Cable  Pub.  Co.,  Dec.  08 

Gardening  Year  Book  and  Garden  Oracle,  1909. 

Cr.  8vo.  bds.  is.  net  .  .  Collixgridge,  Dec.  08 
Geometry,    Workman    (W.    P.)    and  Cracknell 

(A.  G.),  Pt.  3,  is.  6d  Dec.  08 

George  Evans,  Priest.  &c,  O'Dowd  (B.)  6s. 

Dec.  08 

Gore  (Charles) — The  Primary  Charge.  Delivered 
at  his  Visitation  to  the  Clergy  and  Church- 
wardens of  the  Diocese  of  Birmingham.  8vo. 
swd.  6d.  net   . . .  .Midland  Educ.  Co.,  Dec.  08 

Gorgon's  Head  (The) — By  Nathaniel  Hawthorne. 
Post  8vo.,  pp.  36,  3d.  ;  swd.  2d.  {Chambers's 
Narrative  Readers,  Set  E.)    Chambers,  Dec.  08 

Grenada — Report  for  1907,  3  id.  Wymax,  Dec.  08 

Harnack  (Adolf) — New  Testament  Studies  III.  : 
The  Acts  of  the  Apostles.  Cr.  8vo.  y\  x  5, 
pp.  348,  6s.  (Crown  Theological  Lib.) 

Williams  &  N.,  Dec.  08 

Hawthorne  (Nathaniel) — Gorgon's  Head  ;  Chi- 
mera ;  Three  Golden  Apples  (Chambers's  Nar- 
rative Readers)  ea.  3d.  ;  swd.  2d. 

Chambers,  Dec.  08 

Heraldry  for  Amateurs,  Melbourne  (J.  S.)  3s.  6d. 
net . .  ;  Dec.  08 

Hvmn  Tunes,  Booth  (J.)  2s.  6d.,  3s.  6d.  net 

Dec.  08 

Infectious  Diseases,  Marsden  (R.  W.)  5s.  net 

Dec.  08 

Judd  (Joseph  H.)— The  "  A.  Carton  Work. 
Oblong  4to.  3s.  net 

(Simpkin)  E.  J.  Arnold,  Dec.  08 
Judicial  Statistics  (Civil),  1907,  2s.  2d. 

Wyman,  Dec.  08 
Kelly's  Handbook  to  the  Titled,  Landed  and 
Official  Classes  for  1909.    Cr.  8vo.  16s. 

Kelly's  Directories,  Dec.  oS 
Lamb  (William) — Practical  Guide  to  the  Diseases 
of  the  Throat,  Nose  and  Ear.  2nd  edit.  Cr.  8vo. 
7}  X  5,  pp.  338,  7s.  6d.  net  Bailliere,  Dec.  08 
Langdon  (Roger)  Life.    Told  by  Himself.  With 
additions  by  his  daughter  Ellen.     Cr.  8vo. 
8  x  5l,  pp.  104,  2S.  6d.  net  E.  Stock,  Dec.  08 
Law-Lacey — Compleat  Benedict.  2s.  6d.  net 

Dec.  08 

Levantine  Riviera,  Beeby  (W.  T.)  and  Ball 
(E.  Reynolds-)  2S.  6d.  net   Dec.  08 

London  Churches,  Old,  Benham  (Canon)  42s. 
net  Dec.  08 

London  County  Council — Annual  Report  of  the 
Proceedings  of  the  Council  for  the  Year  ending 
March  31st,  1908.  Folio,  pp.  321,  swd.  is. 

P.  S.  King.  Dec.  08 

Lone  Shieling,  &c,  Fraser  (G.  M.)  4s.  net  Dec.  08 

Longfellow  (Henry  W.) — Tales  of  a  Wayside  Inn. 
121110.,  pp.  240,  is.  net,  lthr.  2s.  net  [New 
Universal  Lib.)  Routledge,  Dec.  08 

Marsden  (R.  W.) — A  Practical  Text-Book  on 
Infectious  Diseases.  Cr.  8vo.  7JX5,  pp.  304, 
5s.  net   Sherratt  &  H.,  Dec.  08 

Milbourne  (J.  S.) — Heraldry  for  Amateurs  :  .1 
Handbook  for  Beginners.  Illus.  Cr.  8vo. 
7i  X  4j,  pp.  238,  3s.  6d.  net 

L.  17.  Gill,  Dec.  08 

Musical  Instruments,  Engel  (C.)  2s.  3d.  ..Dec.  08 

New  Test.  Studies  :  Acts,  Harnack  '(A.)  6s."  Dec.  08 

Nisbet's  Church  Directory  and  Almanack,  [909 
Cr.  8vo.  3s.  net,  bds.  2s.  net  .  .Nisbet,  Dec.  08 

Nisbet's  Full  Desk  Calendar  for  1909.    8vo  1 
net  Nisbet,  Dec.  o  8 

Noah's  Ark,  Story  of,  Smith  (E.  B.)  6s.  net 

Dec.  08 

Nursing  Mirror  Pocket-Book  and  Calendar  (The), 
1909.    1 81110.  swd.  6d.  net 

Scientific  Press,  Dec.  08 

O'Dowd  (Bryan) — George  Evans,  Priest  and 
Millionaire  :  An  Autobiographv.  Cr.  Svo. 
7*X4i  PP-  318,  6s  M.  H.  Gill,  Dec.  08 

Pall  Mall  Magazine  (The).  Vol.  42,  July-Decem- 
ber, 1908.  Ryl.  Svo.  6s.  net  .  .Office,  Dec-.  08 

Paradise  Lost,"  Characters  of,  Woods  (M.  A.) 
2s.  net   Dec.  08 

Parcels  Post  Register,  Simplex,  2s.  6d.   .  .Dec.  08 

Peat's  Farmer's  Diary  and  Account  Book,  1909. 
4to.  bds.   3s.,   8vo.    is.    ..Simpkin,   Dec.  08 

Pike  (Oliver  G.) — Behind  the  Veil  in  Birdland  : 
some  Nature  Secrets  revealed  by  Pen  and 
Camera.  Folio  14J  x  10,  pp.-  106  and  plates,    R.T.S.,  Dec.  08 

Pitman's  Where  To  Look.  An  Easy  Guide  to 
Books  of  Reference.  2nd  edit.  Cr.  8vo.  4!  x  7}, 
pp.    174,    is.   net   Pitman,    Dec.  08 

Practical  Electrician's  Pocket-Book  and  Diary, 
1909.      i6mo.    is.   net ...  .Simpkin.    Dec.  08 

"  Practical   Engineer  "   Electrical  Pocket-Book 
and  Diary,  1909.  nmo.  is.  net,  lthr.  is.  6d.  net 
Office,  Dec.  08 

Primary   Charge,    Birmingham,   Gore   (C.)  6d. 

net   Dec.  08 

Pring  (J.  N.) — Some  Electro-Chemical  Centres  : 

A  Report.  8vo.  9^x5!,  pp.  138,  is.  6d.  net 

Sherratt  &  H.,  Dec.  08 
Reference  Books,  Where  to  Look,  Pitman's,  is. 

net  Dec.  oS 

Royal  Blue  Book  :  Court  and  Parliamentary 
Guide.   Jan.,  1909.   Ryl.  i6mo.,  5s.  net 

Kelly's  Directories,  Dec.  oS 

Ruff's  Guide  to  the  Turf.  Winter  Edit.,  1908. 
Cr.  Svo.  J  lthr.  7s.  6d  Office,  Dec.  08 

Science  Year  Book  (The)  1909 — Svo.  5s.  net 

King,  Sell  &  O.,  Dec.  08 

Sharp  William  1  (  '  Fiona  Macleod  ") — Songs  and 
Poems,  Old  and  New.  Cr.  Svo.  7}  X  4i. 
pp.  246,  4s.  6d.  net   E.  Stock,  Dec.  08 

Simplex  Parcels  Post  Register  (The).  Ryl.  8vo. 
2s.  6d  Simpkin,  Dec.  08 

Smith  (E.  Bovdl— The  Story  of  Noah's  Ark. 
Oblong  4to.,"  bds.,  advanced  to  6s.  net 

Constable,  Dec.  oS 

Songs  and  Poems,  Sliarp  (W.)  4s.  6d.  net.  .Dec.  08 

Stieler's  Atlas  of  Modern  Geography.  100  Maps 
with  162  Inset  Maps  engraved  on  Copper,  with  a 
complete  alphabetical  index  of  about  240,000 
names.  Adapted  for  the  use  of  the  English- 
speaking  public  by  B.  Darbishire.  Ninth  Fir^t 
English)  edit.,  folio,  A  mor.  46s.  net 

(J.  Perthes,  Gotha)  ASHER,  Dec.  08 

Stitt  (S.  Stewart;— English  Church  History 
Analysed,  and  edit.  Cr.  8vo.,  pp.  116,  swd. 
2s.  net  (Helps  bv  the  Way,  Series  No.  3) 

W.  Heffer.  Dec.  08 

Tales  of  a  Wayside  Inn,  Longfellow  (H.  W.) 
is.,  2S.  net   Dec.  08 

Three  Golden  Apples  (The) — Adapted  from  N. 
Hawthorne.  Post  Svo.,  pp.  40,  3d.  ;  swd.  2d. 
(Chambers's  Narrative  Readers,  Set  D.) 

Chambers,  Dec.  08 
Throat,  &c,  Diseases  of,  Lamb  (W.)  7s.  6d. 

net  Dec.  oS 

Titled.  &c,  Classes,  Kellv's  Handb.,  1909.  16s. 

Dec.  08 

Tunes,  One  Hundred,  Booth  (J:)  2s.  6d.,  3s.  6d.  net 

Dec.  08 

Turf,  Ruff's  Guide,  Winter,  1908,  7s.  6d..  .Dec.  oS 
Wayside  Incidents,  Campbell  (H.  E.  S.  M.)  is.  net 

Dec.  08 

Weights  and  Measures  Acts,  Fletcher  (J.  D.) 

5s.  net  Dec.  oS 

Western  Dental  Appointment  Book  (The)  for 

1909.    4to.  9IX7,  2s.  6d.  net,  interleaved  with 

blotting  paper,  3s.  6d.  net    Keener,  Dec.  oS 

Where  to  Look,  Pitman's,  is.  net  Dec.  08 

White  (Charles  P.) — Lectures  on  the  Pathology  of 

Cancer.    Ryl.  Svo.  10}  x6,  pp.  94,  3s.  6d.  net 
Sherratt  S:  H..  Dec.  08 
Woods  (M.  A.) — The  Characters  of  Paradise  Lost. 

Cr.  8vo.  7A  X  5,  PP-  150.  2S.  net 

J.  Ouseley,  Dec.  08 
Workman  (W.  P.)  and  Cracknell  (A.  G. 

metry,  Theoretical  and  Practical.     Part  III. 

Cr.  8vo.,  pp.  76,  is.  6d.  (University  Tutorial 

Ser.)   Clive,  Dec.  oS 


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Abbott,  C,  159,  Lichfield  Road,  Aston 

Todd's  Parliamtv.  Government.  England. 

1887.  Vol.  1 
 Practice    and    Privileges,  Two 

Houses  Parliament 
Parliamentary  Government  in  Colonies. 

Todd's,  or  other 
Adams  &  Rees,  64,  Bartholdnnew  Close, 


Dasent's  Hist,  of  St.  James  and  White- 

Byron's  Poetical  Works.    In  2  or  more 

vols.  Early  edit.,  good  large  type 
Work.  Vol.  13.  Jan. -July,  1897 
Addison  (Thei  Book  Co.,    i,  Broad  Streetj 

Thornbury's  Legendary  Ballads.  1876 
Masoch's  Venus  in  Furs 
Wright's  Life  of  Gillray.  1873 


R.  G.,  S,  Red  Lion  Passage 

Allsup,  D.  W.,  i)-,.  Fishergate,  Preston 
Motley's    United   Netherlands.  Vols. 
3  and  4 

Beckford's  Thoughts  0:1  Hunting.  1810, 

or  imperfect 
Syntax's  Second  Tour.  Eng.  Title.  Any 
American  Code  Co.,  83,  Nassau  street. 

New  Yoric 
Old  Telegraphic  and  Cable  Codes  of  all 

kinds.  In  quoting,  name  ed.  and  date 
Anderson,  J.,  &  Son,  1  S3,  High  Street, 


Currie  (James,  M.D.,  F.R.S.),  Memoirs  Pearson's  (Karl)  Natural  Eugenics 
of.  Edited  by  his  Son.  2  vols.  1831     |  Ohnet's  The  Rival  Actress 



Picart's  Religious  Ceremonies.  English 

edit.  Vols.  1-6  and  7.  1734 
Lloyd's  Encyclo.  Cases  only 

Approach    The    Book  Stores,  Railway 

Approach,  London  Bridge,  S.E. 
Encyclopaedia  Britannica.  25  or  36  vols. 

Army  &  Navy  Co-operative  Society,  Ltd. 

(13  Dept.),  105, 
Westminster.  S.W. 

Victoria    Street.  Mind. 


S  W 

Ashton,  R.,  Free  Library.  Blackburn 

Franklin's  (J.)  Journey  to  the  Polar  Sea 
1819-22.  2  vols.  State  edition 

De  Foe's  A  System  of  Magic 

Smith's  (Rev.  S.)  Wit  and  Wisdom,  isl 
or  2nd  edition 

Bailey  Bros.,  02.  Newington  Butts,  SJBj 
Brain.   Vol.  8  or  No.  32 
Statistical  Journal.  Vols.  iS.  25  to  36 

1897.  Jan. 
14,  Charles  Street. 


Smith's  (J.  Lockhart)  Wigtownshire 
Agriculturists  and  Breeders.  Stranraer. 

Anderson,  J.  A.,  Booksell  r,  Peebles 
Hutchison's  Annals  of  Gretna  Green 
Burns'  Chronicle.  1906  and  1907 

Burke's  Extinct  Peerage.    18S3,  or  later  Renlon's  (W 
Grace's  Landscape  Painting  in  Oils 

Ruby  and  Pearl.   Clean  copy  

How  to  Deal  with  Your  Banker  man  fit  Hall) 

Tom  and    Jerrv.   or   Life   in  London.  Fischer's  (Kuno) 

(Hotten)  Svo.  1890 

Oil  and  Water  Colours. 

Cr.  Svo.  (Douglas) 
Bishopspool.  Svo.  (Chap- 

Modern  Philosophy. 

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January  2,  1909 

The    Publishers'  Circular 

2 1 


(  continued) 

Baker,  E.  A.,  Public  Library,  Kltham 
Bullen's  Lyrics 
Linton's  Rare  Poems 
Jebb's  Theophrastus 
Ballinger,  J.,  Public  Library,  Cardiff 
Bailev's  (J.  B.)  Diary  of  a  Resurrectionist. 

Barber,  C.  H.,  24,  St.  Ann  Street, 

Sjalbry's  Mbrte  d' Arthur.  3  vols. 

Plutarch's  Lives.   (Langhorne).  6  vols. 

Gallighan's  Fishing  in  Derbyshire 

Barker,  A.,  14,  Queen  Square,  Wolver- 

Jesus  of  Nazareth.      Illus.   by  Hole. 

21s.  edit. 
The  Young  Pilgrim.  Pub.  Nelson 
Smvth's  Morality  of  the  Old  Test. 
Barker,  E.,  Beliair,  Madron,  Heamoor, 

R.S.O.,  Cornwall 
James'  (G.  P.  R.)  Novels.    Vols.  19,  20 

and  21.  8vo.  edition 
Loddige's  Botanical  Cabinet.  Vols.  10  to 
I  13 

Andrews'  Heathery.  Vols.  5  and  6 
Barnard,  P.  M.,  10,  Dudley  Road,  Tun- 
bridge  Wells 
Clarigny's  Election  of  Lincoln.  1861 
Ellis'  Abraham  Lincoln.  1891 
Skelton's  Poetical  Works.   2  vols.  1843 
Barton,   W.,  9,   Eastern   Road,  Wood 
Green,  N. 

Haggard's  Louis  XIV.  in  Court  and 

Gardiner's  History  of  Dunwich 
Stevenson's  Birds  of  Norfolk 
Bateman  &  Kiddie,  37,  Havelock  Road, 

Wisden's  Cricketer's  Almanack.  1S9N, 

i  Fairchild  Family.  3  vols. 

Dixon's  Geologv  of  Sussex 

Beazley,  H.  K.,  19,  Churton  Street,  S.W. 
;  Hayward's  (W.  Stephen)  Novels.  1  vol. 
I  Coates'  Young  Princess  Fairy  Book 

South  Sea  Bubble,  by  the  Earl  and  the 

i  Griffis'  Mikado's  Empire.   2  vols, 
i  De  Amicis'  Holland.  2  vols. 

Ward's  Greek  Coins.  (Murray) 
•  Singer's  Literary  Remains.  3  vols. 
*.  Lang's  John  Knox  and  the  Reformation 
'  Fea's  King  Monmouth 

 Flight  of  the  King 

;  Tyrwhitt's  Christian  Art  and  Symbo- 

Hope's  (Laurence)  Poems 
I  Dowson's  Poems 
Alderson's  Pink  and  Scarlet 
Earjeon's  Miriam  Rozella 
Glaister's  Markhams  of  Ollerton.  (M. 

Russell's  Judas  of  To-day.  (Everett) 
Rousseau's  Confessions.  2  vols. 
Beetham,    G.,    165,    Snargate  Street, 

Modern  London.  Views  by  Pugh.  1805 

La  Belle  Assemble 

Kent  Views.  Especially  Dover 

Bickers   &  Son,  Ltd.,  Leicester  Square, 


Redhouse's  Compendium  of  Eng. -Turkish 

and  Turkish-Eng.  Pocket  ed. 
Granny's  Story  Box 
Ocklcy's  History  of  the  Saracens 
Wickham's  Horace.   8vo.  Vol.  2 

Black  well,   B.   H.,  50  and  51,  Broad 

Street,  Oxford 
Boethius'    Consolation   of  Philosophy. 


Valpy's  Latin  Delectus.  8vo.  184 — 
Hall  and  Foster's  Stories  and  Studies 
from  English  History 

!  Blay,  Miss  E.,  31,  Cornwall  Grove 

j,  Annual  Army  Lists.  1806-1861.  Any 
East  India  Register.  1828-1860.  Any 
^Medical  Register.   1861  and  1862 

Blinko  &  Sons,  Booksellers,  Ramsgate 
Hampshire  Pedigrees 
Haye's  A  Kent  Squire 
iSongs  of  the  Dramatists  (English  Poets) 
Bonnar,  J.,  1,  Rowan  Street,  Paisley 
Memoirs  of  Cardinal  Dubois 
Smithers'    (L-)    Memoirs    of  Cardinal 
Dubois.  Vol.  1  onlv 

Boots    (Book    Dept.),    160    and  161, 

Western  Road,  Brighton 
Rynd's  Riggleses  and  Others 
Russell  and  Lewis'  Jew  in  London 
Pearson's  Eng.  History.  In  14th  Century 
Boots    (Book    Depth    6,  Market  Hill, 

Peter  Pan.    Rackham's  Illus.  Edition 

de  luxe 

Boots     (Book     Dept.),     High  Street, 

Round's  Feudal  England 
Intercepted  Letters  (Napoleonic) 
The  Broad  Arrow  :  Australian  Romance 
Woman  at  Home.  Jan..  1908 
Dunvarlich,  or  Round  About  the  Bush 
Nesbit's  Human  Machine 
Porter's  Freckles 

Boyle,  H.,  45,  Denbigh  Street,  S.W. 
History  of  Society  of  Cogers 
Hickman  on  Naval  Courts-Martial 
Bridger,  J.  A.  D.,  112A  and  112B,  Market 

Jew  Street,  Penzance 
Blackie's  Hay  and  Cattle  Measurer 
Couch's  Fishes.  Vol.  4.  Parts  would  do 
Buck's  Small  Engravings  of  St.  Michael's 


Brigham,  J.  C,  39,  Woodland  Terrace, 

Smith  and  Allied  Families 

Holtzapffel's  (C.)  Turning.    5  vols. 

Brockhaus,  F.  A.,  48,  Old  Bailey,  E.C, 

Bell's  Comparative  Anatomy  and  Phy- 

Lancet.  3430,  3431 

Statesman's  Year  Book.  1908 

Gibson  Calendar.  1909 

Wyman's  (W.  H.)  Bibliography  of  the! 
Bacon-Shakespeare  Controversy 

Candy-Making.  Pub. 

Vicarage  Road, 
Eliza)  Domestic  Life  in 

Brown,  F.  J.,  51,  Kent  Road,  Swindon 

Stevenson's  Roman  Coins 

Parish  of  Winklield  (Berks)  Collections. 

by  Waterson 
Gadsby's  Memoirs  of  Hymn-writers 
Brown',  W.,  5,  Castle  Street,  Edinburgh 
Memoirs  of  Ker  of  Kersland 
Coke's  (Lady  Mary)  Letters  and  Jour- 
nals. 4  vols. 
Brum  well,    C.   E.,    10,   Broad  Street, 

The    Art  of 

Brunger,  W. 

Stratford,  I' 
Rogers'  (Mary 

Bryce,  W.,  54  and  54A,  Lothian  Strei  1 

Yonge's  English-Greek  Lexicon 
Herschel's  Outlines  of  Astronomy 
McEwan's    Pyogenic   Diseases   of  the 


Gatke's  Heligoland  as  an  Ornithological 

Whitlock's  Migration  of  Birds 
Keeler's  North  American  Land  Birds 
Ridgway's  Nomenclature  of  Colours 

Bull  &  Auvache,  34  and  35,  Hart  Street, 

Bloomsbury,  W.C. 
Gresham's  (Sir  Thos.)  Life.  1845 

Do.       Do.         by  Burgon.  2  vols. 


Gresham  Professors,  by  Ward 

Bullen,  276,  Roman  Road,  Bow,  E. 
The  Story  Teller.  1772  or —  H 
Grolier      Burton's      Arabian  Nights. 
Soiled  set  or  any  odd  volumes  of 

Butler,    J.    F.,    ij,    Homefield  Road, 

Wimbledon.  Surrey 
Ireland,  Ancient  Laws  of.   Vols.  5  and  6 
Annals  of  Ulster  (Rolls  series).     Vol.  4 
Stokes'  Lives  of  Saints  Book  of  Lismore 
Cameron,    R.,    1,    St.    David  Street, 

White's  (Gilbert)  Naturalist's  Calendar. 

1795.    Imperfect,  or  pp.  59-60 
Chalmers'    British    Essayists.  1803. 

Vol.  19 


Wanted  for    Cash,     in  books, 
loose,  or  in  scrap  books. 


302,  Rotton  Park  Road, 


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out exception  investigation  shows  that  such  books 
are  still  in  print. — "  Verbum  sat  sapienti. " 

Carter,  F.  C,  13,  Campsbourne  Road, 

Hornscy,  N. 
Philipps'  Collection  of  Voyages.   Set  or 


Civil  Engineers  Proceedings.   Vols.  1-3 
Old  Baptist.  Baptism,  Pamphlets 
Carver,  T.,  8,  High  Town,  Hereford 
Life  of  Peter  Mackenzie 
Books  on  Wigmore  Castle,  Hereford- 

Cassell's  Nation's  Pictures.  Last  9  parts 
Challenger,    W.,    195,   Glossop  Road, 

Journal  of  Civil  Engineers.    1881 — on 
Vachell's  The  Hill 
Corelli's  Cameos 

Chambers,  H.  J.,  Bookseller,  Stevenage 
Breachwood  Green  Mirror  (any  vol.  or 

Sunday  at  Home.  1860-70 
Chennell,  F.  E.,  Public  Library,  High 
Road,  Willesden  Green,  N.W. 

Engraving  and  Engravers 

&  A.,  7,  Great  Marlborough 

Bowes  &  Bowes  (formerly  Macmillan : 
&  Bowes),  r,  Trinity  Street,  Cambridge 

Mathematical  Gazette.  Any  numbers 

Lilley's  Chapters  in  European  History  ! 

Botticelli.   (Newnes).  3s.  6d. 

Mackenzie's  Introduction  to  Social 
Philosi  >!>h  v 

Fisher's  (Kuno)  Descartes  and  His 

Dunbar's  Poems.  Camb.  Univ.  Press 
Gwilt's  Encyclopaedia  of  Architecture. 


Gentleman's  Mathematical  Companion. 

Set  or  run 
Monkhouse's  Life  of  Reynolds 
I^avignac's  Musical  Dramas  of  Wagner 
Alderson's  Pink  or  Scarlet 
Eraser's  Passages  of  the  Bible 
Doughty's  Arabia  Deserta.  2  vols. 
Sword  and  Blossom :  Poems  from  the 


Official  Account  of  the  Russo-Japanese 

War.  2  vols.,  or  vol.  1 
William  Blake.  Portfolio  Monographs 
Haverfield's   Romanisation  of  Roman 


Schwarz'  Gesammelte  Math.  Abhandl. 
2  vols. 

Clebsch's  Theorie  der  Binaren  Alg. 

Marcellus'  La  Politique  de  la  Restaura- 

tion.  1S53 
Proctor's  Easy  Lessons  in  Diff.  Calculus 
Brough,  W.,  &  Sons,  313,  Broad  Street, 

Buckler's  Essex  Churches 
Brown,  A.,   &  Sons,  Ltd.,  Booksellers, 


Abraham's  (Rev.  W.  H,  of  Hull)  Studies 
of  a  Socialist  Parson 

Buckland,  C.  H.,  139.  Knightsbridgc,  S.W, 
Diary  of  Robert  Machyn.  (Camden 

Nicholas'  (Sir  A.)  Chronicle  of  London. 


Chase's  (Bishop)  The  Lord's  Prayer  in 

the  Early  Christian  Church 
Wesley's   (John)   Matrimonial  Engage- 
ment with  Mrs.  Grace  Murray 
Story  Without  an  End.     (E."  V.  B.). 

Coloured  Plates 
Any  Works  on  Skating 
Revels  at  Court  (Cunningham).  Old 

Shakespeare  Society 
Secret  Historv,  Court  of  Berlin.   2  vols. 

8vo.  Cloth" 
Bullivant,    P.    F.,    83,    Station  Street, 

Le  Blond  Oval  Prints 
The  Parting  Look  (Baxter) 
Baxter's  Cabinet  of  Paintings 
Burleigh,  J.  C,  7,  Priory  Road,  Hastings 
Butcher's  Aristotle's  Theory  of  Poetry 

and  Fine  Art.   1st  edit.  (Macmillan) 
Haigh's  Tragic  Drama  of  the  Greeks. 

1st  edit.  (Clarendon  Press) 
Hardie's  Lectures  on  Classical  Subjects. 

1st  edit.  (Macmillan) 
Burnside,  Ltd.,  Booksellers,  Blackheath, 


Cre  Fydds'  Family  Fare.  1874 
Burras,  A.,  12,  Standish  Road,  Hammer- 

Punch's  Pocket  Book.  1852 
Cruickshank's  Comic  Almanack.    1847  ; 

or  last  14  pages 
Campkin,  F.  W.,  Ye  Olde  Booke  Shoppe, 


Osborne's  Horse  Trainer's  Handbook 
Recent  Edit. 

Colvin's  Eai 
Anything  o 
Churchill,  J. 

Street,  W. 
Darwin's   Movements   and   Habits  of 

Climbing  Plants.    6s.  (Murray) 
Civil  Service   Supply    Association,  Ltd. 

136,  Queen  Victoria  Street,  E.C. 
Baring  Gould's  Silver  Store 
Cleaver,  H.,  9,  New  Bond  Street, 


Ditchfield's  Memorials  of  Buckingham- 

Willcock's  From  Kabul  to  Kumasi 

Trollope's  The  Warden.  8vo.  Illus. 

Cobbold,  G.,  Newton  Road,  Ipswich 

Gould's  (B.)  Deserts  of  Central  France 

Combridge,  C,  4,  New  Street,  Bir- 

Belt  Driving.  Model  Engineer 

Sheridan's  Dicty.    Jones'  edition 

Dent's  Old  and  New  Birmingham 

 Armourer's  Daughter 

Harnack's  Sources  of  the  Apostolic 
Canons.   Pub.  Black 

London's  Faith  of  Men 

Riddle's  Austen  Friars 

 Joy  after  Sorrow 

 Rich  Husband 

Cook's  .Studies  in  Ruskin  (Allen) 

Verne's  Caesar  Cascabel 

 Claudius  Bambarnac 

 Godfrey  Marten 

Barr's  Prisoner  of  Conscience 

Giberne's  Modern  Pluck 

Boothbv's  Bride  of  the  Sea 

Veldt  Official 

Combridge,  S.,  56,  Church  Road,  Hove 

Dumas'  Olympe  de  Cleves 

 Dame  de  Monsoreau 

 Forty  Five  (Dent's  edit.) 

Conlon,  J.,  4,  Vernon  Street,  Cookridge 
Street,  Leeds 

Alpine  Books 

Black's  20s.  Colour  Books 

Sporting  Books.  Any 

Conrad,  H.,  26,, Paternoster       tre  1  ,C. 

Strong's  History  of  Language 
1  Studio.  Set  with  Extra  No. 
!  Evans'  Syracusan  Medaillan 

 Anthropology  on  the  Classics 

I  Johnson's  (Walter)  Folck  Memory 
j  Beardsley's  Lysistrata 

Mason's  Pop.  Poets.  Vol.  28 

Herkomer's  Etching  and  Engraving 

Beardsley's  Second  Book  of  50  Drawings 

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Cooper,  A.,  234,  King  Street,  Hammer- 
smith, W. 
Adam's  Land  and  Fresh  Water  Shells 
Phillips'  Geology  of  Oxford,  &c. 
Gibbon's  Life  of  Dr.  Isaac  Watts 
Copland,  J.  P.,  &  Son,  Godliman  House, 

Godliman  Street,  E.C. 
Driver's  (Canon)  Notes  on  Samuel 
Trevaldayease's  (Rev.  B.  W.)  A  Short 
Account  of  the  Church  and  Parish  of 
St.  Martin,  by  Love 
Bibliothaca.  Converbiensis 
Boethius'  De  Consolatione  Philosophic, 
the  Boke  of  Comfort.     Trans,  into 
English   Tongue   by    John  Walton, 
Canon  of  Osne}'.      Printed  in  the 
Monastery  of  Taverstock 
City  Temple  Pulpit.  Vol.  2 
Leckie's  Sermons.  Preached  at  Ibrox 
Bree's   Pictorial   Illustrations   of  New 

 Guide   and    Description    to  the 

Panorama  of  New  Zealand 

Domestic  Scenes  in  New  Zealand 

Earle's  Residence.  Do. 

Scot's    Chawbokiana    Notes    on    the  I 

Swanson's  N.Z.  and  its  Colonisation 

Cornish    Bros.,   Ltd.,   37,  New  Street, 
Binning  ham 

Sexton's  Fuel  and  Refractory  Material 

Bemrose's    Bow,    Chelsea   and  Derby 

Beddoes'  Races  of  Great  Britain 

Symonds'  Blank  Verse 

Williams'  Five  Fair  Sisters 

Drift  from  Longshore  (Hutchinson) 

Spenser's  Faery  Queen.     5  vols.  (Con- 

Cornish,  J.,  &  Sons,  37,  Lord  Street, 
'  Ramrod's  Family  Connections 

Cox,  E.  H.,  Solicitor,  Stourbridge 
Handley  Cross.    Parts  14,  16 
Plain  or  Ringlets.  Do.  11,  12,  13 
Romford  Hounds.  Do.  11  to  end 
Maxwell's  Irish  Rebellion.  Parts  14,  15 
Ask  Mamma.  Part  13 
Sponge's  Tour.   Parts  1-11 
Sketches  by  Boz.   Any  parts 

Cox,    H.    T.,    27,    Ranelagh  Avenue, 

Barnes,  S.W. 
Blair's  Rhetoric 
Campbell's  Rhetoric 
Delsarte's  Expression 
Mcllvaine's  Elocution 
Raymond's  Orator's  Manual 

Good  copies 

Crowe,  Bookseller,  Bank  Street,  Wrex- 

Fountain's  (Paul)  Great  Deserts,  &c,  of 
N.  America 

 Great  Mountains  and  Forests 

of  S.  America 
Owen's  (John)  Works.   24  vols.  1862 
Archreologia  Cambrensis.  1876-1892 
Cambrian  Quarterly  Magazine.  Vol.  1 
Wales  and  Welsh.  Anything 

Curtis,  T.  A.,  Oxford  Warehouse,  Amen 

Corner,  E.C. 
Mulcaster's  Elementarie.  1582 

Darter  Bros.  &  Co.,  Publishers,  Adderley 

Street,  Cape  Town 
South  Africa  :    Old  Maps  and  Prints 
Relating  to 
Do.  Bowler's  Views 

Davis,  F.  J.,  14.  Grange  Road  West, 

Just  the  Very  Thing  for  Newspaper 

Collingwood's  Voyage  of  the  Aurora 
 Commonplace  Girl 

Dawson,  Wm,  &  Sons,  Ltd.  (Low's 
Export  Dept.),  St.  Dunstan's  House, 
Fetter  Lane,  Fleet  Street,  E.C. 

Vol.  6  of  Edinburgh  Ed.  Stevenson 

Daymond,  H.,  122,  Great  Western  Road, 

Bayswater.  W. 
Baxter  Prints  or  Books  with  Bookplates. 

Any  old  ones 
Cruikshank's  (George)  Caricatures 

Day's  Library,  Ltd.,  96,  Mount  Street, 

Grosvenor  Square,  W. 
Desart's  Little  Chatelme.  2  vols. 

Dawson,  W.,  &  Sons,  Ltd.,  (Continental 

Brand)),  St.  Dunstan's  House,  Fetter 

Lane,  Fleet  Street,  E.C. 
Baker  on  One  New  and  Two  Previously 

Known  Fleas.  1899 
Baker's  Fleas  and  Diseases.  1905 
Blathwayt  Aphaniptera.  International 

Jl.  Micro,  and  Nat.  Science.    Vol.  5.  j 


Barton's  Fleas  at  Ventnor.  Entomolo- 
gist. 1866 

Bodon's  Pulex  Feeding  on  Lepidopterous 

Cobbold's  International  Parasites  of 
Domesticated  Animals.  1874 

Cobbold's  Parasites.  1S79 

Greene's  (J.)  The  Insect  Hunter's  Com- 

Halliday  on  the  Affinities  of  the 
Aphaniptera  Among  Insects.  Pro- 1 
ceedings  Natural  History  Review'.  1856 

Jordan's  Rothschild  :  A  Revision  of  the 
Sarcopydyllidac.     1906.  Thompson 
Yair's  Laboratory  Reports.     Vol.  7,  j 
part  1 

Morrei's  Ringworm  in  Light  Recent  Re- 

Smith's  Explanation  Terms  used  Ento- 

Journals  of  a  Residence  in  Circassia 
during  the  years  1837-1839,  by  James 
Stanilaus.    2  vols.  1840 
A  Year  Among  the  Circassians.   2  vols.  ] 

1840.   By  Longworth 
English  Translation  of  Geronne's  Cri- 
minal Law- 
Bell's  Devioscope 

Black  and  White,  1908.  Complete 

Hill's  Stradivarius.  Large  edition 

Chippendale's  The  Gentleman  and  Cabi- 
net Makers'  Director.  The  original 
edition.    Also  reprints 

New  Col.  Etched  Works  of  Brangwyn 

Thompson's  Wild  Animals  I  have  Known 

Hill's  Points  of  a  Racehorse 

Deighton,  Bell  &  Co.,  Booksellers, 

Genealogical  Memoranda  relating  to 
Richard  Wyatt  of  Hall  Place,  Shackle- 
ford,  with  an  account  of  the  Almshouses 
at  Godalming.  Compiled  by  Basil  Jupp 

Denny,  A.  &  F.,  147,  Strand,  W.C. 

Works  by  A.  K.  H.  B. 

La  Fontaine's  Fables.  English.  Demy 
8vo.  Illus. 

Moore's  (Geo.)  Modern  Painting 

Engel's  (Carl)  Intro,  to  the  Study  of 
National  Music 

Diatessaron  of  Tatian.  Dr.  Hemphill 

Dickinson,  R.  D.,  &  Co.,  89,  Farringdon 
Street,  E.C. 
iNeave's  Lecture  on  Palev  (Blackwood) 

I  1873 

Braid's  Influence  of  Mind  on  Body 
Philosophv  of  Evangelicism  (Bell  and 

Thomson's  Greek  Tenses.  1895 
Hurlbut     and     Doherty    on  Sunday 

School  Lessons.  1898 
Tyerman's    Wesley's    Designated  Suc- 

Trapp's  Commentary.  Ezra  to  Psalms. 

Discount  (Thei  Book  Co.,  Church  Street, 

J  Coates'  Herd  Book.  Odd  vols,  or  run 
Dix,  E.   R.  M'C,  17,  Kildare  Street, 

Journals  of  the  Association  for  the  Pre- 
servation of  the  Memorials  of  the 
Dead.  Ireland 
Any  prior  to  1898.   Especially  for  188S 
Doidge  &     Co.,     170.     Union  Street', 

James'  Naval  History 
Devon  and  Cornwall.  Illus.  1829 
Tangled  Tale.  Carroll  (?) 
Douglas  &    Foulis,    9,    Castle  Mint, 

Scottish  Arboricultural  Society  Trans- 
actions. Vols.  1-5 
Downie,  T.  F.,  zi,  Warwick  l.anr,  E.C 
Dykes'  From  Jerusalem  to  Antioch 
Drayton,  S.,  &  Sons,  201,  High  Street, 

Dvmond's    History   of   St.  Leonard's 

Hale- White's  Materia  Medica 
Gallienue's  (I,e)  Quest  of  Golden  Girl 

Du  Cane,  Mr.  D.,  12,  Hvde  Park  Place, 

Wheatley's  London,    ^  vols. 
Duckworth,   Thos.,   Victoria  Institute. 

Marryat's  An  Angel  of  Pity 

 :  Iris  the  Avenger  * 

 Passing  Madness 

Dulau  &  Co.,  37,  Soho  Square.  W. 
MacGi  Hi vrav's  Narrative  of  the  Vovage  of 
H.M.S.  Rattlesnake.  2  vols.  8v6.  1852 
Dunn,  J.,  15,  Bristo  Place,  Edinburgh 
Calvin's  Romans.    Edit,  by  Beveridge. 

Cal.  Trans.  Soc. 

 Institutes.   Vol.  1.  Do. 

Duthie,    W.    R.,    56,    Eldon  Street, 

Glasgow,  W. 
Francis's  History  English  Railway 
Priestley's  History  Canals,  &c. 
Glasgow  Directories.  Any  before  1834 
Dutton,   T.,   17.   Keyes   Road,  Cricklc- 

wood,  N.W. 
Race  Lists  or  other  Papers,  before  1827, 
giving  jockeys  riding  at  Newmarket 
or  elsewhere 

Durant,  Radford  &  Co.,  Ltd.,  5.  Billiter 

Avenue,  E.C. 
Nathan's  Common  Law  of  South  Africa. 

1  each  Vols.  1  and  2 

Eclectic  (The)  Book  Co.,  16,  stonegatc 

Browning's  Works.  15  vols.  1888.  Vol.  4 
Phillip's  Geologv  of  Yorks.  2  vols. 
Art  of  the  Old  English  Potter.  r885 
Examples  of  Early  English  Pottery 
Chester  Waters.    Pamphlet  relating  to 

Gundreda.  1884 
Smith  of  Doncaster 

Edwards,  F.,  83,  High  Street,  Marvlebone, 

Finish  to  Life  in  London.  1830 
Huggins'  Records  of  the  King's  Own 

Borderers.  1873 
Beaumont  and  Fletcher's  Works.  Vol.  6. 

Lp.  i8rr 
The  Mystery  Revealed.  8vo.  1759 
Shaw's  (W.)  Storv  of  my  Mission.  8vo. 

Cambridge  Shakespeare.    L  p.    Vols.  11 
and  12 

Howorth's  Mongols.  Vol.  1 
Angas'  The  Kafirs.  Folio.  1847 
Moor's  Hindu  Pantheon.  1810 
Morte  d' Arthur.  Illus.  Beardsley.  Vol.  1, 

or  part  1 
Astronomica.  Vol.  8 
Masson's  Life  of  Milton.  Vol.  6 
Strickland's  Queens  of  Scotland.  Vol.  8. 

Red  cloth 
Gordon's  Pineturn 

Rossetti's  Collected  Works.  2  vols.  1887, 

or  vol.  2 
The  Connoisseur.   Jan.  1905 
Philosophical  Magazine.    Vol.  for  1907, 

or  October  number  only 
Letters  from  Portugal  and  Spain.  8vo. 

Barlow's  Daughters  of  Minerva 
Massey's  (Gerald)  My  Lyrical  Life.  2 

Symonds'  Italian  Literature.     2  vols. 

8vo.   1st  edit. 
Midshipman  Easy.     Vol.  3.     1st  edit. 

1836.  Uncut 
Mann's  Miscellanies  in  Prose  and  Verse. 

2  vols.   8vo.  London.  1802 
Memoirs  of  Verney  Family.  Vol.  1 3 
Life  in  Paris.  1872.  Title  only 
Sevigne's  Letters.  Vol.6.  London.  1811 
Jeffreson's  Book  about  Doctors.   2  vols. 

1870,  or  vol.  2  only 
Zoological  Society  Proceedings.  1830-31 
Muntz's  History  "of  Tapestry 
Scrutator.    The  Heronry.    1st  edit.  3 

vols.  1864 
Smith's  Life  of  a  Fox.  1843 
 Diarv  of  a  Huntsman.    1838,  or 

imperfect  copy 
Martin  Chuzzlewit.   2  vols.   8vo.  Green 

cloth.  1874 
Brett's  Arms  and  Armour 
Proceedings  of  Colonial  Institute.  Vols. 

2  and  4 
Ellis,  29,  New  Bond  Street,  W. 
Hart  Davies'  India  in  18S3  (?) 
Mackay's  Twentv-one  Days  in  India 
Whytfbrd's  Holy  Rule  of  St.  Augustine 
Farrer  &  Sons,  39,  Broad  Street,  Reading 
Second-hand    copy    of    the  Loudon 

Directory  for  1908 

Fagg,    W.,    34,   Church    Road.  Crvstal 

Palace,  S.E. 
Mrs.  Behn's  Plays.    Vol.  3.  1871 
Thus  Spake  Zarethasa 
Dickens'  Works.    Libv.  ed.    Odd  vols. 
Featherstone,    A.   J.,   84,   Hill  Street, 

Metcalf's  Visitation  of  Suffolk 
Phillimore's   How   to   Write   Hist,  of 

The  Lays  of  Ind 
James  I.  (Goupil  Series) 
Evelyn's  Sylva 

Flavell,  W.  P.,  65,  Muriel  Road,  Norwich 
The  Preacher's  Dictionary.  1900 
Authors  and  their  Works.    With  dates 
Robinson's  Homiletic  Commentary  on 

Ford,  J.  H.,   &  Co.,  4-  Landor  Road, 

Clapham,  S.W". 
Any  Books,  Catalogues,  or  Pamphlets 

on  Baxter's  Colour  Prints 
Bookplates.    Ex-libris  or  books  relating 


Le  Blond  Oval  Prints 
Fowler,  E.  S.,  Bookseller,  Eastbourne 
Bosnia.  By  A.  Laws  and  Ashboth 
Sussex  Archaeological  Soc.   Vol.  5 
Weald  of  Kent.  Furley's.  3  vols. 
Foyle,    W.  &  G.,    135",   Charing  Cross 

Road.  W.C. 
Ralf's  Desimdacial 

Ramsbotham's  Obstretic  Medicine  and 

Rankine's  Machinery  and  Millwork 
Rannie's  Students'  History4of  Scotland 
Franklin,  W.  E.,  Bookseller,  Newcastle- 

Collins'  (W.  J.)  Man  versus  Microbe 
Xenophon's   Grammar   School  Classic 

Lloyd  and  Hadcock's  Artillery  (Griffen) 
Forbes'  Our  Roman  Highways  (F.  E. 

Log  of  H.M.S.  Terrible 
Thompson's  Polyphase  Flectric  Currents 


Galignani  (The;  Library,  224,  Rue  de 

Rivoli,  Paris  H  gi 

Johnson's  Lives  of  Highwaymen.  1734 
Bagot's  Sport  and  Travel  in  India.  1897 
Hamilton's  Record  of  Sport  in  South 

India.  1882 
Pearcc's  Rambles  in  Lion  Land.  1898 
Smith's  (M.)  Sport  and  Adventure  in 

Indian  Jungle.  1904 
Prowse's  History  of  Newfoundland. 

Galloway  &  Porter,  Booksellers.  Cam- 

Gould's  Freemasonry.    3  vols. 
Jebb  and  Jackson's  Translations  (Bell) 
Schorlemmer's  Rise  of  Organic  Chem- 

Gerish,    W.    B.,    Bookseller,  Bishop's 

Hotten's  List  of  Emigrants.  1600-1700 
Hertfordshire  Poll  Books 

Gibson,  R.,  &  Sons,  is  Queen  Street, 

Romney,  by  Haley.  1809 

Do.     by  John  Romney 

Gilbert  &    Field,    Ltd.,    67.  M 

Street,  E.C. 
The  One  Who  Looked  On 
False  Coin  and  True- 
Morris's  History  of  British  Birds.  6  vols. 

Gilbert,  H.  M.,  &  Son,  [9,  The  Square. 

Graphic.  Vols.  19  and  37 
Whiblev's  In  Cap  and  Gown 
Classical  Preachers.    2  vols. 
Gilbert,  H.  M.,  &  Son,  24,  Above  Bad 

Illust.  London  News.    Vol.  31.  Cloth 
Broughton's  Six  Years  in  Algiers 
Kratit-Ebing's  Psychopathia  Sexualis 
Burne'S  Shropshire  Folk  Lore 
Peacock's  Novels.    Set.    Dent's  edition 
Seeman's  Flora  Viticnsis.    Pts.  9.  10 
Gill,  M.  H..  &  Son,  Ltd.,  : 


Edershcim's  Prophecy  and  History 
Cavan's  With  Vacht.  Cycle  and  Camera 

in  Mediterranean 
Gill,  F.,  15,    The  Boulevard,  Wesl 

super- Mare 
Skinner's  Fifty  Years  in  Ceylon 
Weisman's  Evolution 

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Ginder's  Library,  45,  St.  George's  Street, 

Benson's  (E.  F.),  Six  Common  Things 
Glaisher,  H.  J.,  57,  Wigmore  Street,  VV. 
Ingram's  Life  of  Poe  (Minerva) 
Wyllie's  Disorders  of  Speech 
Younger's  Magnetic  Fam.  Physician 
Glover,  J.  G.,  8,  Terminus  Buildings, 

Every  Man  His  Own  Mechanic 
Pictorial  History  of  England.    Vol.  2. 

Leaf  501,  or  imperfect  vol.  containing 


Goad's  Old  Book  Stores,  Bath 
Trans.  L.  M.  S.    Vols.  5-8 
Report  of  Select  Committee  on  Abori- 

Gottschalk,  P.,  Berlin  W.64,  Unter  den 

Linden  13 
Jewish  Chronicle.  Complete 
Annals  and  Magaz.  of  Natural  Hist. 


Proceedings  of  the  Lond.  Zoolog.  Society-. 
1 850-5 8 

Graham,  H.  M.,  29,  Silver  Street, 

Stockton-on-Tees.  Any  Books,  Prints, 
or  Tokens  relating  to 

Baxter  Prints  and  Le  Blond  Ovals 

Baxter  Print  :  Carrier  Pigeon 

Grant,  J.,  31,  George  IV.  Bridge,  Edin- 

Chalmers'  English  Poets.  Vol.  7.  1810 
Fergusson's  Tree  and  Serpent  Worship 


Rapid  &  Express  Ready 

Reckoners.     For  Money> 
Discounts,  Percentages,  Interests  and 
Weights.    6d.  and  Is.  Od.  each. 

Grant  (The)  Educational  Co.,  Ltd.,  91, 

Union  Street,  Glasgow 
Lawson's  Frenzied  Finance 
Grattan,  H.  H.  G.,  17,  The  Borough, 

London  Bridge,  S.E. 
Cushions  and  Corners 
Marx's  Capital.    1896  or  1903 
Close  of  the  Marxian  System,  by  Bowerk 
Kemp's  Nine  Years  on  Gold  Coast 
Green  way    &   Bullivant,   57,  Alcester 

Road,  Moseley,  Birmingham 
Baxter  Colour  Prints  and  Books  con- 
taining same 
Baxter's  Cabinet  of  Paintings 
Le  Blond  Colour  Prints 
Gregory,  G.,  5,  Argyle  Street,  Bath 
Gent.'s  Magazine.    1865.    Vol.  2 
Blake's  Astronomical  Myths 
Punch.   Vols.  1908 

Groom,  F.,  &  Co.,  Ltd.,  15,  Charing 
Cross,  S.W. 

The  Laws  and  Customs  of  the  Constitu- 
tion. Part  1  :  Parliament.  By  Sir 
William  B.  Anson 

Halewood,  Bookseller,  Preston 

Jones'  (Owen)  Grammar  of  Ornament 

Hamblen,  Bookseller,  Leamington 
Pistis  Sophia.      Trans.  Maitland  and 

Widow  Barnaby.  Illus.  Leech 

Hand,  T.  W.,  Public  Library,  Leeds 
Kirby's  Handbook  to  the  Order  Lepi 

doptera.      Vol.  .5    (Lloyd's  Natural 


Hanna  &  Neale.,  18,  Nassau  Street,  Dublin 
Galbraith's  School  and  College  Virgil 
Hartwig's  Tropical  World 
Magee  on  the  Atonement 


Harding,  G.,  64,  Great  Russell  Street, 

Evans'  Welsh-English  Dictionary 
Gest,   Geste  or  Geast.      Any  by,   or  j 

relating  to 
Nicholl's  Forest  of  Dean.  1858 
Owen's  Palaeontology 
Sopwith's  Award  of  Forest  Dean,  &c. 


Surrey  Domesday  Book.    Literal  trans. 

Wadsworth's  250  years  of  the  Wads- 
worth  Family 

Bentley's  Matter  and  Motion  Cannot 
Think.  1692.  4to. 

Four  Letters  from  Newton  to  Doctor 
Bentley.  1756 

Burnet's  Bentley's  Confutation  of 
Atheism.  1737 

Davenant's  Political  and  Commercial 
Works.     Complete  or  odd  vols. 

Harraden,  S.,  &  Co.,  11,  Rose  Street, 

Newgate  Street,  E.C. 
Bentley's  Complete  Phrase  Code 

Harrison,  W.  E.,  The  Ancient  House, 

The  Influence  of  Alcohol  and  Alcoholic 
Beverages  on  Digestion  and  Secretion, 
by  Chittenden 

Clouston's  Hygiene  of  the  Mind 

Sullivan's  Alcoholism 

Harrison  &  Sons,  45,  Pall  Mall,  S.W. 
Grove's  Dictionary  of  Music 
Gasquet's  Abbeys  of  England.  L-p- 
Massey's  (G.)  Poems 
Britannia  Illustrata.  Kips  Plates.  Vols. 
2,  3.  4 

Humphrey    Duke    of    Gloucester,  by 

Chapman's  Wild  Spain 
Dresser's  Philosophy  of  the  Spirit 
Ebers'  The  Emperor.   Trans,  by  C.  Bell 
Keller's  (H.)  Optimism.  Original  English 


Allen's  Through  Green  Glasses 

 Voyage  of  the  Ark 

 From  the  Green  Bag 

Harwood,  J.,  Printer,  Derwent  Build- 
ings, Tenant  Street,  Derby 
Arnold's  Light  of  Asia.  Secondhand 
Cowley  (Abraham).    Works  of.    Vol.  2. 
Printed  by  Tonson,  1710.  Adorn'd 
with  Cuts 

Haslam,    J.  &    Co.,    Ltd.,    15,  Broad 

Street  Place,  E.C. 
Morley's  Voltaire 
Barnard's  Water  Colour  Painting 
Mill's  Examination  of  Hamilton 
Somerville's  Experiences  of  an  Irish  R.M. 
Aubertin's  Camoens 
Burton's  Camoens 
Besant's  Westminster 
Pliny's  Natural  History.    Old  edition 
Knatchbull  Hugessen's  Stories  for  My 

Sullivan's  The  Flame  Flower 

Haxton,  D.,  29,  Palatinate,  New  Kent 

Road,  S.E. 
O'Shaughnessy's  Songs  of  a  Worker. 

1st  edition 
Madam    D'Arbley's    Diary.  1842-6 

Cloth.  Any 
Doran's  (Dr.)  Annals  of  the  Stage.  3 

vols.    Cloth  or  any 

Hayes,  J.,  Church  Street,  Ennis 
Full  History  of  Cuban  War 
History  of  Cong 
 Lough  Corrib 

Head,     P..     44,     Clarence  Gardens, 

Osnaburgh  Street,  N.W. 
Dante   (Signorelli).        Arundel  Soc. 
Monument  to  C.  M.  Grande  Delia  Scala. 

Arundel  Soc. 
Delphic  Sibyl,  after  Angelo.  Arundel 


Hector,  E.,    103,   John  Bright  Street, 

Moore's  Confessions  of  a  Young  Man 

1st  edition 
The  Savoy.    3  vols. 
James'  Two  Magics,  and  any  1st  edits. 

Heffer,    W.,  &   Sons,   4,   Petty  Cury. 

Evans'  Animal  .Symbolism 
Chester    Archfeological     Socy.  Nos. 
2,  3,  4,  Old  Series  ;  Vol.  6,  pt.  2,  New 

Perry's  Elements  of  Political  Econ.  1866 
Airy's  Mathematical  Tracts.  4th  edit. 
Arabian  Nights.  Lady  Burton's  edition 
Fielding's  Works.  Vols.  3,  6,  10.  1783 
Hartshorne's  Old  English  Glasses 
Torcy's  Memoires.  2  vols.  Translated 
Science  Progress.   Nos.  1,  2,  3,  7,  8,  10, 

13  to  20,  27 
Babbage's    Examples    in  Functional 

Smith's  Theory  of  Equations 
Salmon's  Higher  Plane  Curves 
Todhunter's  Conflict  of  Studies 
Poor's  Solar  System 
White's  Scrap  Book  Mathematical  Notes 
Bruce's  Travels  through  Africa.  1812 
Darwin's  Origin  of  Species.  1859 
Burns'  Poems.   Half  bound 
Lubbock's  Hundred  Best  Books 

Hennig,    C,    59,    Ravenswood  Road, 

Redland,  Bristol 
Prior's  Poems.  Folio.  1718.  Alsoimpfct. 
Valpy's  Ovid.   Vols.  1-2.   Large  edition 
Tale  of  Two  Cities.    Any  parts  or  im- 

Oliver  Twist.  1st  edit.  Vol.  3,  or  impfct. 

Henshaw    &    Co.,    15,    Oueen  Street, 

Cheapside,  E.C. 
The  Windmill  as  a  Prime  Mover.  (Chap- 
man &  Hall) 
Parliamentary  Reports  (1875)  re  Santo 

Domingo  Loan 
Nature.    May  3rd,  August  1st,  1907  ; 

June  4th,  1908 

Higham,   C,  &  Son,  27A,  Farringdon 

Street,  E.C. 
Present  Testimony.  Vol.  15.  N.s.  Vol.  3 
Elements  of  Phrenology 
Horst's  Paradise  Chr.  Soul.  Vol.  2.  1848 

Hill,  B.  R.,  20,  St.  Mary's  Place,  New- 

Craig's  The  Making  of  Carlisle 

Lankester's  (Ray)  Extinct  Animals 
(Constable).  1905 

Trevelyan's  England  Under  the  Stuarts 

Hill,   H.   R.,  &  Son,  61,  New  Oxford 

Street,  W.C. 
The   Spirit   of   the   British  Essayists. 

1  or  4  vols. 
Baynes's  Shakespeare  Studies 
Kelly's  (Fitzrnaurice-)  Life  of  Cervantes 
Ulvsses,  or  De  Rougemont  of  Trov  bv 
.    A.  H.  M. 

Hockliffe,  F.,  Bookseller,  Bedford 
Richards'  Life  of  Mrs.  Skeene 
Franco-Prussian  War.     Vol.  r.  Cloth 
or  parts  (Cassell) 

Hodges,  Figgis,  &  Co.,  Ltd.,  104,  Grafton 

Street,  Dublin 
Foster's  Noble  and  Gentle  Families 
Marbot's  Memoirs  (English) 
Baedeker's  Switzerland.  1907 
Prothero's  Pioneers  of  Agriculture 

Holland  Bros.,  21,  John  Bright  Street. 

Ellis's  Psychology  of  Sex.     Vol.  1  or 

any  vols. 

Les  Cent  Nouvelle  Nouvelles.  In  English 
Dalziel's    Illus.    Arab.    Nights  (Ward 
Lock).  1863 

Hills  &  Co.,  19,  Fawcett  Street,  Sun- 
Lang's  Young  Clanroy 
HollingS,  F.,  7,  Great  Turnstile,  W.C. 
Besant's  Ancient  Wisdom 
Waite's  Devil  Worship  in  France 
Surtees'  Hawbuck  Grange.  1847 
British  Chess  Magazine.    Vol.  3,  4,  5,  7 
Holmes  Bros.,  4,'Manette  Street,  Soho, 

McCullem's  Tennyson's  Idylls  of  the 

Unwin's  Development  and  Trans- 
mission of  Power 

Holmes'  Ancient  Britain 

Baylee's  Histy.  of  Sabbath 

M.  A.  Antonius  to  Himself.  Ed.  by 

Smythe's  Our  Inheritance  in  Gt.  Pyra- 
mid. 1890 

Kant's  Philosophy  (Adamson).  1879 

Hengstenberg's  Lord's  Day 

Holmes,  W.  &  R.,  Dunlop  Street  (A. 
Dept.),  Glasgow 

Owen's  (Robt.)  Autobiog.    2  vols.  1857 

 New  Moral  World.  1836 

Peter  Pindar 

Holmes,  W.  &  R.  (S.H.  Dept.),  Dunlop 

Street,  Glasgow 
Boyd's  None  But  Christ 
Scot's  (D.)  History  of  Scotland.   17 — 
Stuart  of  Dunleith 

Hooper,  H.  J.,  15,  Sefton  Park  Road, 

Old  Bristol  Portraits  and  Views 
Coaching  and  Other  Sporting  Prints 
Fine  Line  Engravings  and  Baxter  Prints 

Hunt,  W.,  14,  Orford  Hill,  Norwich 
Histories  of  Norwich.    Before  1800 
Old  Engravings  and  Plans  of  Norwich 
Marion  and  Her  Pupils 

Huntting,  H.  R.  (The)  Co.,  Inc.,  317, 

Main  Street,  Springfield,  Mass; 
Good    Library    Editions    of  English 

Authors,  described  fully.    Quote  price 

delivered  New  York 
The  Red  Book  of  Monteiths.  Published 

by  Dr.  Wm.  Frazer,  Edinburgh.  1880 
Castlereagh's  Memoirs.  Londonderry. 


Burchard's  Diarium.  Thuasne.  1883-4 
Chamberlain's  Speeches  on  Home  Rule, 

&c.  1881-90 
Cornwallis'  Correspondence  (Ross).  1859 

Hutchinson  &  Co.,  h,  Paternoster  Row, 

Greenwood's  Wild  Sports  of  the  World 
Fraser's  Magazine.   June,  1841 

Iredale,  A.,  &  Son,  Torquay 
Genealogist.    1 907-1 908 
Culross'  Greatness  of  Little  Things 
Harrow     School,     by     Howson  and 

Townshend  Warner.  1898 
Sandys'  Christmas  Carols.  184 — 

Jacobs,  J.,  149,  Edgware  Road,  W. 
Wisdom  While  You  Wait 
Harrison's    (Clifford)    Notes    on  the 

92,  Dale  Street,  Liver- 
Pub,  at 

Jaggard  &  Co 


Doherty's  Key  to  Mechanics 

Frey's  Hebrew  Bible.  Vol.  1 
Riley's  (T.  C.)  Poems.  Any 

Jaggard    &  Co.,  13,  Moorfields,  Liver- 

Stanford's  Ordnance  Map  :  Liverpool, 

North.  1850 
Farrar's    Victorian    Hist.  Lancashire. 

Vol.  3 

Mej-er's  Cotton  Code.  39th  edition 

James,  T.,  &  Co.,  34,  Bernard  Street, 

Durfey's   Pills   to   Purge  Melancholy. 

Vol.  2.  (Pearson) 
Campbell's  Phallic  Worship 

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(  continued) 

Janverin,  A.,  28,  Bellcvue  Road,  South- 

Brannon's  Picture  of  Southampton 
Johnson,  A.  H.,  110,  Hill  Road,  Cam- 

Journal  of  the  Society  of  Comparative 

legislation.  Vol.  1,  No.  2.  1st  series 
Johnston,   G.    P.,    37,    George  Street, 

Cowper's  Letters.  Nice  edition 
Drummond's  Perthshire  in  Bygone  Days 
St.  Fond's  Travels.   1799.   2  vols.  8vo. 
Jordan,  E.,  Bookseller,  Bridge  Street, 

Marshall's    Football  :     Rugby  Union. 


Kelly  (The)  Law-Book  Co.,  Ltd.,  Carey 
Street,  Chancery  Fane,  W.C. 

Jour.  Soc.  Comp.  Leg.  A  set  or  any 

Kelly   &  Sons,  Water  Street,  Arundel 

Street,  Strand,  W.C. 
Thomson's  Seasons.  1811.  8{-  x  5J 
Walton's  Angler.  Major.  1824 
.Flop's  Fables.  Illus.  Tenniel.  8vo. 
Kidd,  W.,    &  Sons,  Whitehall  Street, 


Guthrie's  (J.  Cargill)  Vale  of  Strath- 
more  Scenes  and  legends 
Neish's  History  of  Newport,  Fifeshire 
Statistical  Account  of  Forfarshire.  1790. 

King,  H.  S.,  &  CO.,  65,  Cornhill,  E.C. 
Streeter's  Pearls  and  Pearling 
Lake,  R.  J.,  c.o.  Gilbert  &  Rivington, 

Duke  Street,  Stamford  Street,  S.F. 
Waverlev  Novels  :  Fair  Maid  of  Perth, 

Count 'Robert  of  Paris.  A.  &  C.  Black 

pocket  edition.  Feather.  1901 
Last,  G.  H.,  38,  Saxon  Road,  Bromlev, 


Dalziel's  Bible  Gallery.  1880 
Parables  of  Our  Ford.  1864 
Smiles'  Fives  of  Engineers.  Vols.  2  and  3. 

Lemallier,  G.,  25,  Rue  de  Chateaudun, 

A  Picture  of  St.  Petersburg.  1819 
Cour  sur  la  Russie.  Avec  pi.  col. 
Spiers'  French-English  Dictionary 
Levine,  R.,  19,  Prince  of  Wales  Road, 

Morris'  Birds.  1st  edit.  Part  75 
Feckv's  Democracy  and  Fiber! v.  Vol.  2. 


Miscellanea   Genealogica.       1st  series. 

Vol.  2.  1876 
Librarian,  Trinity  College,  Glenalmoud 


Alpine  Journal.  Vol.  XI. 

Pamphlets  on  Norwegian  Travel.  Any 

Lightfoot,    H.   E.,   60,   Chichele  Road, 

Cricklewood,  N.W. 
Baxter  Colour  Prints.    Also  books  con- 
taining same 
Eve's  (G.  W.)  Heraldry  as  Art 
Fox  Davies*  Book  of  Public  Arms 
Lister,  E.,  121,  Yorkshire  Street,  Oldham 
Weatherby's  Racing  Calendar.  1895- 

General  Stud  Book.  Vol.  20  and  after 
Liverpool  Booksellers'  Co.,  Ltd.,  70,  Ford 

Street,  Fiverpool 
Three  in  Norway,  by  Two  of  Them 
Jerome's  (J.  K.)  Stageland 

Loescher  &  Co.  (W.  Regenberg),  Rome 
Wright's  Empire  of  the  Hittites.  2nd 

Sfcudder's  Nomenclator  Zoolog.  Com- 
plete, or  Vol.  2  separately 

Grisar's  Analecta  Romana 

Botanical  Gazette.  Vols.  1-24  and 

Login,  B.,  &  Son,  1328,  Third  Avenue, 

New  York 
Esquirol's  Maladies  Men  tale 
Adams'  Fife  of  Hippocrates 
Hirsch's  Geographical  Pathology 
Walshe's  Diseases  of  Heart  and  Fungs 
Brain.  Any  parts  from  No.  7  to  36 
Long,  H.  G.,  14.  Marmion  Road,  Southsea 

Records  2. Mil  Regiment 

Shelley's  Poetical  Works 

Bengal  Sporting  Mag.    1838,  1845 — 

Long,  W.  C,  39,  London  .Street,  Reading 
Chamberlain's  Handbook  of  Colloquial 

Wallace's  Travels  on  the  Amazon 

Longmans,  Green  &  Co.,  39,  Paternoster 

Row,  E.C. 
Trollope's  The  Eustace  Diamonds 
David's    (Rhys)   The   Buddhist  Story 

Hood's  Own 

Lowe  Bros.,  45,  Newhall  Street,  Bir- 

Cheney's  Racing  Calendars.    1739,  1750 
Heber's  Racing  Calendars.  1751 
Milman's  Essays 
Stokes'  Fife  of  Petrie 

Lupton   Bros.,   38  and  40,  Manchester 

Road,  Burnley 
Wright's  Dialect  Diet.   6  vols. 
Browning  (Robt.).    17  vols.   Edition  de 


Deacon's  Court  Guide  of  Lancashire 
The  Practical  Grocer.    4  vols. 
Moore's  (Geo.)  Modern  Art 

McAlpine,  J.  V.,  1,  Lower  Pembroke 

Street,  Dublin 
Tudor's  Views  of  Dublin 
Portrait  Oliver  Plunket,  D.D.  Folio 

Do.    Judge  Overbury 

McDougal  Bros.,  4,  Moss  Street,  Paisley 
Erckman-Chatrian's  Polish  Tew.  (Ward, 

Lock  &  Co.) 
Daudet's  Jack 
Carey's  Clovernote 

Mackay,  H.,  239,  Anlaby  Road,  Hull 
British  Medical  Journal.     Bound  vols. 

1895  to  date 
Fancet.    1902  to  date 
Cope's  Smoke  Room  Booklets.  Any 

Mackay,  Bookseller,  Stirling 

One  Hundred  Best  Pictures,  Great 
Masters.    (Heinemann).    Odd  parts 

Old  Hand-made  Paper,  or  Old  Books 
with  Blank  Paper 

Marshall's  Achievements  of  the  Robert- 
sons of  Struan 

Martin's  (Martin)  Travels  in  the  Hebrides 

Mackenzie's  History  of  the  Clan  Mac- 

Mackenzie,  J.,  &  Son,  43,  Fothian  Street, 

Cheyne  and  Burghard's  A  Manual  of 

Surgical  Treatment 

Macleod,   N.,   25,   George  IV.  Bridge, 

De  Morgan's  Essay  on  Probability 
Aldibronty  Foskyforny  Ansticus 
Williams'  Joy  of  Service 
The  Evergreen.    Pub.  by  Prof.  Patrick 

Geddes  ;  Edinburgh 
Winter's  (J.  S.)  Blameless  Woman 
Courthope's  Liberal  Movement  in  English 

Sea  Kings  of  Norway 
Kelmscott  Press  Books 
Bound   sets    of   Dickens,    Scott,  and 

Scottish  Histories.  Early  dates 
The  Black  Book  of  Taymouth 
Douglas's  (R.)  Scot.  Peerage.    Vol.  2 
Macleod's  (Norman)  Highland  Parish 

Magrath  &  Co.,  65,  Manningham  Lane, 

Pickard-Cambridge's  Spiders  of  Dorset 
Times'  Suppl.  Vols,   to  Encyclopaedia 

Cleland's  Poems.  1697 

Martin,     A.,    62,    Thornhill  Square, 

Caledonian  Road,  N. 
Douglas'  Ostrich  Farming 
Kinchi  on  the  Psalms  (Deighton  Bell) 
Weaver's  Canadian  History  for  Girls 

and  Boys 

Ballard's  (Rev.  F.)  Reasonable  Ortho- 

Grimshaw's  (Robert)  Focomotive  Cate- 

Cushing's  Fegislative  Assemblies 
Peel's  Decisions.  1884  to  1890  " 
Creek  Inscriptions  nf  Autun 
Mee's  (Mrs.)  Knitting,  Crochet  Work, 

Lace,  &'C.  4.  copies 
Leonore  Stubb.  2  copies 

Mathews,  E.,  Vigo  Street.  W. 
Moore's  (G.)  Impressions  and  Opinions 
Peirrot  of  the  Minute 
Evelyn's  Sylva.  4to. 

Maggs  Bros.,  109,  Strand,  W.C 
Grey's  Polynesian  Mythology.  1855 
Boys'  Hist,  of  Sandwich 
Grocers'  Company.   Ravenhill's  History 
Do.       Do.        Anything  relating  to 
Levant  or  Turkey  Company  Do. 
East  India  Company  Do. 
Hora?  with  ornamentation 
Butler's  (S~J  Way  of  All  Flesh.   1st  edit. 
Rodwell's  Records  of  the  Past.  1875 
Pye's  Provincial  Copper  Coins.  No.  1241 
FitzGerald's  Omar  Khayyam.    1st  edit. 
Vestiges  of  Creation.   10th  edit.  1853 
Wordsworth's  Peter  Bell.    1st  edit. 
Hudson's  (Henry)  in  Holland 

 Works  on 

Johnson's  (C.)  The  Masquerade.  1719 
Wilkinson's  Vice  Reclaimed.  1703 
Dorman's  Sir  Roger  de  Coverley.  1740 
P(hillips')  Fatal  Inconstancy.  1701 
Rival  Brothers.  1704 
Cooke's  (Thos.)  Mournful  Nuptials.  1739 
Popple's  Fady's  Revenge.  1734 
Kelly's  Married  Philosopher.  1732 
Reten's  Seed-Time  and  Harvest 
Archer's  Masks  and  Faces 
Fewis'  Bravo  of  Venice 
Webb's  (Daniel)  Beauties  of  Painting. 

 Beauties  of  Poetry.  1744 

Brown's    (John)    Rise  of  Poetry  and 
Music.  1763 

 Rise  and  Progress  of  Poetrv. 


Harris'  (J.)  Works.  Oxford.  1841 
Richardson's     (Jonathan)    Theory  of 

Painting.  1718 
Famotte's   (Ch.)   Poetry  and  Painting. 

Dublin.  1742 
Knox's  (V.)  Essays  Moral  and  Literary 
Beattie's  Essays.  1776 
Essay.  New  species  of  Writing  founded 

by  Fielding 
Scott  (John)  Critical  Essays.  1785 
Gilden's  Complete  Art  of  Poetry.  1718 

 Fa ws  of  Poetry.  172 1 

Pemberton's     (H.)     Observations  on 

Poetry.  1738 
Welsted's  Translation  of  Fonginus  on 

the  Sublime.  1712 
Kaine's  Elements  of  Criticism.  Original 


Guarini's    (Baptista)    II    Pastor  Fido. 

Thackeray's  Newcomes.  Original  parts 
Proceedings  Second  International  Con- 
gress School  Hygiene 
Watson's  Ode  Coronation  Edward  VII. 
1st  edit. 

Butler's  Hudibras.  1st  edit.  3  vols. 
Drayton's  Battle  of  Agincourt.  1627 
Davies'  (Sir  J.)  Nosce  Teipsum.  r599 
Brewster's  (H.)  The  Prisoner.    1st  edit. 
Sala's  (G.  A.)  Ye  Belle  Alliance  Do. 

 Target  Shooting  Do. 

 India  and  Prince  of  Wales  Do. 

 Mrs.  General  Maeklestraps.  Do. 

  Not  a  Friend  in  the  World  Do. 

 Brighton  as  I  have  Known  It  Do. 

Collins'  (W.)  Armadale  Do. 
 Considerations  Copyright  Ques- 
tions. 1st  edit. 

 Dead  Secret.  Do. 

 Man  and  Wife  Do. 

 Two  Destinies.  Do. 

 Woman  in  White.  Do. 

Ashurst's  Book  Plate 
Crane's   (W.)  Mrs.    Mundi    at  Home. 
1st  edit. 

Browning's  (Mrs.)  Sonnets.  1847 
Dickens'  Pickwick.  Original  parts 
Thackeray's  Second  Funeral.  Original 

Shaw's  (G.  B.)  Getting  Married 
Maimer's  (Du)  English  Society.  1st  edit. 
Adamnam's  Life  of  St.  Columba 
Crowley's  Dental  Bibliography 
Roger's  (Samuel)  Table  Talk.    Ed.  by 

Dyce.  i860 
Freemantle's    Three   Months   in  Con- 
federate Army 
Moseley's  Teeth  Natural  Hist.  1862 
Rackham.    Books  Illus.  by.  Lp. 
Addison's     Damascus    and  ralmvra. 
2  vols. 

Fwald's  (A.  C.)  Stories  State  Papers. 
2  vols. 

Menzies'  Political  Women.  2  vols.  1873 
Burghley's  (Win.  Cecil,  Lord)  Life  of. 
1732.  Lp. 

MaggS  Bros.,  109,  Strand,  W.C. 
Comendador  Mendoza 
Pepita  Kiminery 
Miller's  Studies  in  Philosophy 
Patin's  Travels  through  Germany,  &c. 

Lee's  Spanish  American  War 
Boutell's  Book  of  Designs 
Markham's  Journey  to  Ancient  Capital, 
&c,  1856 
History  of  Peru,  if 

Parsons'  Marine  Insurance  and  General 

.  Average 

Stoke's  Diseases  of  the  Chest.  1837 
Nash's  Mansions  of  England.  Coloured 
Wickham's   Rough  Notes  of  Journey 

from  Trinidad  to  Para.  1871 
Thelwall's  (John)  Poetical  Recreations. 


Lewis's  The  Monk.     3  vols.     1st  edit. 


Moore's  Essays  Scientific  and  Philoso- 

Walton's  Angler.   2nd  edit.  1665 
Carlisle's     Description     of  Endowed 

Grammar  Schools.  2  vols.  1818 
Smith's  Hist,  of  Education  for  English 

Bar.  i860 
North's  Discourse  on  .Study  of  Law. 


Waterhouse's  Fortescutus  Illustratus. 

Dugdale's    Hist.,    &c,    of  Four  Inns 

of  Court.  1780 
Warner's  Jewish  Spectre 
Webster's  List  of  Epidemics.     2  vols. 


Bascome  on  Epidemics.  1851 
Kebbel's  Speeches  Lord  Beaconsfield 
Froude's  Study  of  Lord  Beaconsfield 
Maurice,  A.,  &  Co.,  23,  Bedford  Street, 

Strand.  W.C. 
Chetwynds  of  Ingestre 
Trollope.   Cabinet  editon.   20  vols 
Gulliver.     Vol.    2,  1st  edition.  Sep 


Mawson,  Swan   &  Morgan,  Ltd.,  Grey- 
Street  ,  Newcastle-on-Tyne 
Sowerby's  Botany 
Cowen's  Speeches 
Young  Mistley 

Balzac's  Contes  Drolitiques.    Illus.  Dor6 

Maxwell,  J.,  &  Son,  Booksellers.  Dum- 

Book  of  Carlaverock  Memoirs  of  the 
Maxwells,  Earls  of  Nithsdale,  Lords 
Maxwell  and  Herries.  2  vols.  Edin- 
burgh. 1873 

Meehan,  B.  &  J.  F.,  32.  Gay  Street.  Bath 
Hunt's  (Leigh)  A  Jar  of  Honey- 
Wilde's  House  of  the  Pomegranates, 


Country  Life.  Feb.  3rd,  10th  :  April  14th, 

24th  ;  May  12th  ;  June  9th,  16th, 

30th.  1906 
Surtees'  Novels.    1st  edit.  Imperfect. 
Gaskell's  (Mrs.)  Novels.     1st  editions. 

North  and  South.  Mary  Barton.  Ruth, 

Cranford.  and  Lizzie  Leigh 
Davenport's  (Bromley)  Collected  Poems 
Stewart  or  .Stuart  Bookplates.  Any 
Melville  &  Mullen  Proprietary,  Ltd.,  12. 

Ludgate  Square.  E.C. 
Coleridge's  An  English  Squire 
Wells'  Certain  Personal  Matters 
De  Selincourt's  High  Adventure 
Index  to  Expositor.  2nd  series 

Mercer,    L.,    7,    Station    Road  West. 

Washington.  Old  Engravings.  Folio 
Thanet.    Old  Engravings.  Views.  Folio 
Thanet.   Old  Books 
Meuel,   C,    &   Co.,    1 -ir.  Shaftesbury 

Avenue.  W.C. 
Miller's  Fniversal  Passion.  1737 
German  Books.    Ancient  and  Modern 

Midland     The1    Educational    Co.,  Ltd., 

Corporation  Street.  Birmingham 
Mind.   Any  parts  or  volumes 
Wiltshire  on  Old  Prints 
Selecta  c  Prescriptis 
Hughes'    (W.    R.)    Week's   Travel  in 

Dickens'  Land 

Miles,  T.,  &  Co.,  95,  Upper  Street.  N. 
Nedder's  (David)  Poems :  Legendary, 

Lyrical  and  Descriptive.  1S42 
Sidev's  Mistura  Curiosa.  and  other  works 
Sack'ville's  (Thos.)  Works.     Edit,  by 

S.  West.   1S59.  2  vols. 

To  prevent  delay  in  insertion,  Advert'oements  must  be  addressed  to  THE  MANAGER,  "THE 


January  2,  1909 

The    Publishers'  Circular 



Millard,   Miss,  Bookseller,  Teddington, 

Macdonald's  Prints  and  Engravings 
Baxter's  Print  of  Harrow 
Cowdry's  Description  of  Earl  Pembroke's 

House.    1 75 1 
Geneva.    Any  interesting  items 
Taylor's  Original  Poems,   ist  edit.  1804 

 Colchester  Castle 

Miller,    T.    M.,    96,    Adderley  Street, 

Cape  Town 
Monopotapa.    Published  Unwin 
Burchell's  Travels  in  South  Africa.  Vol. 
2  only 

 Travels  in  South  Africa.  Com- 
plete. 2  vols. 

Daniels'  African  Scenery.  1804 

Baines'  Victoria  Falls.  With  lithoed  or 
fully  coloured  illustrations 

Lucas's  Kafir  War.  1862 

Chase's  Natal  Papers 

Limner's  Pen  and  Ink  Sketches  in 

Bowler  (F.  W.),  Any  Works  illustrated  by 
or  Plates  by 

Mills,  T.  B.,  2,  Palace  Street,  Bucking- 
ham Gate,  S.W. 

Crossland's  Landmarks  of  a  Literarv 

Wright's  Homes  of  Other  Days 
Annual  Register.  1829 
Minster    (The)    Book   Shop,  Steephill, 

Denton  on  the  Gospels.        3rd  edit. 

Vol.  3  only 
Gould's   (Baring)   Village  Sermons  on 

the  Creed 
Moberly's  Parochial  Sermons 
—  Plain    Sermons  (Rivingtons). 


Shakespeare's  Plavs.  Ed.  Manlev  Wood. 

Vol.  1.  1806 
The  Cities  of  Europe  and  Theatre  of 

War.    Vol.  2.  Leipzig 

BOOKS  WANTED.— Booksellers  and  Private  Individuals  will  find  it  to 
their  advantage  to  communicate  with  me  before  disposing-  elsewhere  of  any  First  Editions, 
in  good  condition,  of  the  works  of  Dickens,  Thackeray,  Lever,  Ainsworth,  Marryat,  George 
Meredith,  Arnold,  Kingsley,  Shelley,  Keats,  Lamb,  Browning,  Jesse,  Pardoe,  Freer,  R.  Jefferies, 
R.  L.  Stevenson,  also  Books  illustrated  by  G.  or  R.  Cruikshank,  T.  Rowlandson,  J.  Leech,  R.  Doyle, 
W.  Blake,  T.  Sibson,  R.  Seymour,  "  Phiz,"  H.  K.  Browne,  &c.  ;  also  any  odd  parts  or  uncut  vols,  of 
the  above. 

All  Communications  answered.    Catalogues  solicited. 
WALTER  T.  SPENCER,  27  New  Oxford  Street,  London,  W.C. 




Renshaw  Street, 


Books  or  Loose,  or  in  Scrap  Books. 

Booksellers  and  private  individuals 
having  any  for  Sale,  will  find  it  to 
their  advantage  to  offer  them  to  me. 


Misch    &   Thron,    126,    Rue  Royale, 

Haggard's  Rural  England 
Sanderson's  British  Empire.  6  vols. 
Clark's  Essentials  of  Econ.  Theory 
Annual  Statement  of  Trade.  1903-6 
Mitchell,    F.,    21,    Railway  Approach, 

London  Bridge  Station,  S.E. 
Reckford's  Thoughts  on  Hunting 
Lamb's  Works.    12  vols.    Ed.  de  luxe 


Morrell,  W.  T.,  &  Co.,  17,  Dean  Street, 
Soho,  W. 

I  Strickland's  Queen  of  Scotland.  1850-s 
1858.  Vols.  2,  4,  5,  6,  and  8 
D'Arblay's  Diary.  1842.  "Vols.  6  and  7 
Eliot  (G.)  Cabinet   Edition.      24  vols. 
Any    except    Felix    Holt,  Daniel 
Deronda,  Jubal 
I  Winkle's    Cathedrals.       England  and 
Wales.   1836-1843.  Vol.  3 
Oliphant's  Makers  of  Florence.  8vo. 

1  Makers  of  Modern  Rome.  8vo. 

 Royal  Edinburgh.  8vo. 

 Jerusalem.  8vo. 

Mort,  D.,  52,  Market  Hall,  Birmingham 
Fox's    (Caroline)    Journals.       2  vols. 
.     Good  copy  I 
Gibbings'    Hours    with    the  Mystics. 

1  vol.  in  2.  Cheap 
The  Annual  Monitor.  1827  to  1832 
Mudie's  Select  Library,  Ltd.,  30-34,  New 
Oxford  Street,  W.C. 
r  Statham's    Architecture    for  General 

Rackham's  Rip  Van  Winkle,  ist  ' edit. 
J  15s. 
Boulger  s  China.   3  vols. 
British  Medical  Journal.     Aug.  22nd, 

1908.    5  copies 
Wallace's    Farm    Industries    of  Cape 

Mudie's  Select  Library,  Ltd.,  241,  Bromp- 

ton  Road,  S.W. 
Living  Races  of  Mankind.   Last  4  parts 

of  18  part  edition 
The  Frost  King,  or  The  Power  of  Love. 

Costello's  Rose  Garden  of  Persia 
Mudie's  Select  Library,  Ltd.,  48,  Queen 

Victoria  Street,  E.C. 
Peacock's  (T.  L  )  Novels.    Thin  paper 

edit.  1  vol. 
Thomas  Bewick  and  his  Friends 
Erckmann-Chatrian's  The  Conscript 
Muller,    W.,    16,    Grape   Street,  New 

Oxford  Street,  W.C. 
Texts  and  Studies.   (Camb.  Press)  Set, 

or  any 
Samuel's  Liberalism. 
Dickinson's    (G.  L-) 

Murphy,  W.  M.,  79, 

Goupil  Series.  Any 
Borrow's  Lavengro.  1851 
Visitation  of  St. Paul's.  (Camden  Society.) 


Murray,    K.  M.,  88,  Lauriston  Place, 

Kirchiner's  (Dr.)  Economy  of  the  Eyes 
Holtzapffel  on  Turning.  Vol.  5 
Blackcr's  Fly  Making  on 
Dr.  O'Meara's  or  Las  Case's  Napole 
Murrays,  Ltd.,  23  and  25,  Loseby  Lane. 


O'Shaughnessv's  Songs  of  a  Worker. 
1 881 

White's  Selborne.  ist  edition 

Hubbard's  Indian  Wars 

Myers  &  Co.,  59,  High  Ilolborn,  W.C. 


Machem's  Three  Impostors 

 Great  God  Pan 

 House  on  Borderland 

Newbury,  J.,  96,  Fulham  Road,  South 

Kensington,  S.W. 
Bentley's   Rita.      An  Autobio^raphv. 

Pub.  in  1858 
Nisbet,  J.,  &  Co.,  Ltd.,  22,  Berners  Street, 


Life  of  Rev.  I.  Sortaiu 

History  of  Countess  of  Huntingdon's 

Bowe's  Gatherings.  Vol.  1 
Norton,  W.  &  B.,  16,  Clarence  Street, 

The  Nun  of  Kenmare  (Keusit) 
Norwich  School  of  Painting  (Seeley) 
Rogers'  Poems.    Turner's  engravings 
Oriental  Institute,  Woking,  Surrey 
Asiatic  Quarterly  Review.    Jan.,  Julv, 

1886;  Jan.,  Apr.,  July,  Oct.,  1887"; 

Oct.  1888  ;  July,  1889 
Orr,  J.,  74,  George  Street,  Edinburgh 
Fraser's  (Sir  W.)  The  Melvilles 
Eton  Lists  of  Old  Etonians 
Cabinet  Des  Fees 

The  Plate  Glass  Book,  by  A  Glass  House 

Clerk.  1784 
Palmer,    Howe    &    Co.,   73,  Princess 

Street,  Manchester 
Rackham's  Rip  Van  Winkle.  L-P- 

 Peter  Pan.  L-P- 

 Ingoldsby  Legends.  L-P- 

Alice  in  Wonderland.  L.p 

Dulac's  Stories  from  the  Arabian  Nights 

Burton's  Arabian  Nights.   10  vols. 

Supplemental  Nights.    6  vols. 

Dickens'  Edwin  Drood.  Original  edition 
Palmer,  S.,  Richmond  House,  Shepper- 

ton,  S.W. 
The  Times.  1803-5.  Or  loan  of 
Parsons,  E.,  &  Sons,  45,  Brompton  Road 


Pt.  10 

White's  Memoirs  of  Nelson. 

Gardner's  History  of  Dunwich 

Mobilier    Roval  Francais. 

3rd  edit. 

Peffers,  D.  H.,  Belhaven,  Dunbar 
Topographical  Views  of  Devonshire  and 

Speed's  Theatre  of  Great  Britain.  1610 
Good  Mezzotint  and  Engraved  Portraits 

Peters,  J.,  5,  Cornwall  Street,  Warrington 
Roberts'  Hester's  Venture 
Grant's  Born  in  Exile 
Hill's  .Sentence  of  the  Court 

Philip,  G.,  &  Son,  Ltd.,  32,  Fleet  Street, 

Maltby's  Queen  but  no  Queen 

Pickering,  B.  A.,  12,  Market  Arcade, 

Newport,  Mon. 
Argosy.   July  to  Dec,  1900.   Vol.  72 
Hodge  on  Corinthians 
The  Shield  and  the  .Spear.  Vols. 
Thomas'  Life  of  J.  B.  Gough.  1878 
Rivington's  Building  Construction.  Vols. 

1  and  2 

Pickering  &  Chatto,  66,  Haymarket,  St. 
James',  S.W. 

Lytton's  Paul  Clifford.  Vol.  3.  Bds.  1830 

Chronicles  of  Crime.  Vol.  2.  1887 

Chippendale.    Reprints  will  do 

Hepplewhite.  Do. 

Sheraton.  Do. 

Trials  for  Adultery.  7  vols.  With  or 
without  plates 

The  Groom's  Oracle.  Coloured  frontis- 

Rosarian's  Year  Book.  All  except  1897 
River's  Rose  Amateur's  Guide.  Any 

editions,  except  1846,  1857,  and  1872 
Hill's  Wiltshire  Folk  Songs  and  Carols. 


Letters  of  Laura  to  Evelina 
Gay's  Poems.    i2mo.    Dublin.  1729 
Do.         or  Fables.     Any  editions. 

Printed  in  Dublin,  Cork,  Belfast,  or 

other  Irish  towns 
Gatty's  Parables  from  Nature.  1867 
Morris'  (?)  Survey  of  the  Coast  of  Wales. 

Published  about  1750 
Churchill's  Celebrity.     1898.     ist  issue. 


Harris'  Covent  Garden  Lists.  Any  vols, 
before  1780 

Pink,  J.  W.,  Bookseller,  Cheltenham 
Debrett's  Peerage.  1907 
Reference  Catalogue.  1906 
English  Catalogue.  1905-6-7 

Port- Royal  (The)  Co.,  Girgaon,  Bombay 
Clark's  Summer  Scenes  in  Kashmir 
Midler's  (Max)  History  of  Ancient  Sans- 
krit Literature 
Old  Works  on  Flagellation,  in  English 

Porter,  A.,  Bookseller,  Spalding 
Cassell's  Popular  Educator.  Late  edit. 
Harmsworth's  Children's  Encyclo.  Pts. 

Provincial  Repository.    2  vols. 
Views  of  Spalding  Market  Place,  &c. 

Powell,  G.  H.,  6,  King's  Bench  Walk, 

Temple,  E.C. 
History  of  Joanna,   Queen  of  Sicily. 

2  vols.   8vo.  1824 
Books  with  West  Dean  Book  Plate 
Early  Bestiaries  {i.e.,  before  1600) 

Poynder,  G.  A.,  96,  Broad  Street, 

Badminton  Mag.  1901,  Nov.  1902, 
March.  1903,  June.  1904,  Aug. 
1906,  March  and  April 

Boulenger's  (B.  Mus.  Cam.)  Batrachia 

Principality  (The)  Educational  Depot  Co., 

Ltd.,  V.M.C.A.  Buildings,  Cardiff 
Foster's  Decision  of  Character 

Publishers'  (The)  Circular,  Ltd.,  19,  Adam 

Street,  Adelphi,  W.C. 
English  Catalogue  of  Books.  1907 
Publishers'  Circular.    Jan.  18th,  1908. 
Several  copies 

Rawlings,  H.,  20,  Pittville  Street, 

Montalembert's  Monks  of  the  West. 
Vol.  6.  8vo. 

Book  of  County  Arms.    Pub.  Edinb. 

Landscape  Annual.  1835,  '38,  '39 

Rawson,  J.,  6,  Ryedale  Terrace,  Dum- 

Cunningham's  (Allan)  Paul  Jones.  3 
vols.    Edinburgh.  1826 

Trotter's  (Robert,  M.D.)  Lowran  Castle  ; 
or,  the  Wild  Boar  of  Curridor.  Dum- 
fries (J.  Swan) 

Rayson,  R.,  90,  High  Road,  Chiswick,  W. 

Colver's  Pumps  and  Pumping  Machinerv. 

Fleming's  Piddle  Fanciers'  Guide.  1892 
Jacob's  Wheel  Carriages.  1773 
Brentford,  Ealing,  Chiswick.     2  vols. 

Mackenzie's  Memoirs  of  an  Umbrella. 

Printing,  Engraving,  Paper-making.  All 

Whisky.    Anything  on  o.p. 

Hiatt's  History  of  Illustrated  Placard. 


Malot's  Fair  Exchange 
Post  Office  and  Post.    Any  o.p. 
Forty  Years  an  Advertising  Agent 
Maynard's  Epping  Forest 
Weldon's  Epping  Forest 
Scott  Elliott's  Story  of  Atlantis 
Redway,  F.,  37A,  Trinity  Road,  Wim- 
bledon, S.W. 
James    (Hy.).       ist   English  editions. 

Clean  copies 
Borrow's   (Geo.)  Turkish  Jester.  ist 

edition.  '84 
Gissing  (Geo.),    ist  editions  and  A.L-S- 
Bruson  (A.  C).    Early  ist  editions  and 

privately  printed 
Pairfax  Family.  All  on 

Rees,  H.,  Ltd.,  119,  Pall  Mall,  S.W. 

Swinhoe's  A  Revised  Catalogue  of  the 
Birds  of  China  and  its  Islands. 
London.  1871 

Burden  Camels,  by  Major  Gordon  Len- 

Instructions  to  Cavalry  (Von  Schmidt) 

Notes  from  a  Diary,  by  Sir  M.  E. 
Grant-Duff.    Series  1878-80 

Hale's  Tactical  Studies  of  the  Battles  of 
Colomby  and  Neuilly 

Imperial  Strategy,  by  Times  Corres- 

Kayat's  Eastern  Travellers'  Interpreter 
A  Second  Franco- German  War 

Rees,  J.  R.,  Esq.,  Merefield,  Salisbury 
Wynn  and  Powell's  Caradoc's  History 

Carlisle's  Dictionary  of  Wales 
Losinga's  Sermons  and  Letters 

Reeves,  D.,  5,  Wellington  Street,  Strand, 

The  Bindings  of  To-morrow 
Babbitt's  Light  and  Colour.  21s. 
Jones'  A  Cup  of  Cold  Water 

Richardson,  C,  10,  Exchange  Arcade, 

Emerson's  Marsh  Leaves 
Pemberton's  Dickens'  London 

Richmond  (Surrey)  Public  Library 

Books,  Pictures,  Maps,  &c,  relating  to 
Richmond  ;  also  Books,  &c,  printed 
in  Richmond 

Roberts,  H.,  4,  Cheapside,  Lancaster 
Flora  of  Warwickshire 

Robertson,  J.  S.,  206,  Battlefield  Road, 

English  Catalogue.  Vols. 
Aunt  Judy's  Magazine.  1866-74 
Barbour's  Bruce 

History  of  Knights  of  Malta  (Porter) 
2  vols. 

Ross's  Fur^Hunters  of  Far  Wesi 

When  writing  to  Advertisers  will  you  please  MENTION  THE  "P.C." 


The    Publishers'  Circular 

January  2,  1909 


(  continued) 

Routledge,  G.,  &  Sons,  Ltd.,  68.  Carter 

Lane,  E.C. 
Trollope's  Ftainley  Parsonage.   1861.  6 

 Small  House  at  Allington.  2 

vols.  1864.  18  plates 
Sabin,  F.  T.,  118,  Shaftesbury  Avenue, 


Engravings  of  5 1st  and  105th  Foot 

Do.  King's  Own  Yorks.  In- 


Do.  The  Muck  Rake 

St.  Jude's  Depot,  Birmingham 

Wanted  Urgently :  —  Arundels  by 
Angelico,  Bellini,  Botticelli,  Giorgione, 
Giotto,  Gozzoli,  Lippi,  Memling,  Mon- 
tagna,  Nelli,  Perugino,  Pinturicchio, 
Raphael,  Van  Eyck,  Willielm 

Sammels  &  Taylor,  7,  New  Broad  Street, 

Hazell's  Annual.  1908 
Greenlev's  Model  Locomotive 
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Eecky's  Map  of  Life.  8vo. 

Carlton  House  Magazine 

French  Revolution.  Contemporary  ac- 
counts and  memoirs,  in  English  only| 

Froude's  Short  Studies.  8vo.  Any  vols. 

Seed,  W.  H.,  50,  Church  Street,  Sheffield 

Mahaffy's  Greek  World  Under  Roman 

Petronius  (Bonn's  Library) 
Burnside's  Poems 

Shaw,  A.  C.  (Reference  Dept.),  Birming- 
ham Free  Libraries 
Ambros'  Geschichte  der  Musik.   Band  5 
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Statham's  My  Thoughts  on  Music,  &c. 
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1856-7.  28  pp. 
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1  os.  6d. 

- — ■  Fragments  of  an  Autobio- 
graphy. 6s. 

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Old  London  Maps 

Simmel  &  Co.,  Rossstrasse  18,  Leipzig 
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Flinders  Petrie's  Methods  and  Aims  in 

Hall's  The  Oldest  Civilisation  of  Greece 
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Libri  apocryphi  Vol.  Test.  Ed.  Lagarde 
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Co.,  Ltd.,  31,  Paternoster  Row,  E.C. 
Greek  Coins  and  their  Parent  Cities,  by 

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Matriculation  Chemistry 
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Street,  Oxford 
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only,  or  offer  for  mine 

Smith,  J.,  &  Son,  10,  Renfield  Street' 

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Scotland.  Illus.  by  Win.  Forbes- Leith. 
2nd  edit.  Edinburgh,  William  Pater- 
son.  1884 

Noyes'    The   Flowers   of    Old  Japan. 

1st  edits. 

 Poems.  Do. 

The  Flower  of  the  Years.  Do. 

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Scott.  2  vols. 

Hood.  2  vols. 

Burns.  2  vols. 

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Butler's  For  Good  Consideration 
Stanley's  Rugby  Chapel  Sermons 
One  Hundred  Best  Pictures.    Pub.  by 


Nichol's  Political  and  Historical  Tables 

Life  of  Jane  Welsh  Carlyle 

Life  of  Princess  Alice 

From  a  Study  Window 

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is.  6d.  Cr.  8vo.  Blue  grained  cloth. 
Bev.  boards 

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House  Under  the  Sea 
Mystery  of  the  Clasped  Hands 
Annabel's  Rivals 
Lady  Sefton's  Pride 
Convict  99 

The  Broken  Seal.  All  must  be  cloth  edits. 
Daily  Mirror  Reflections.  No.  1.  is. 

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Frederick.  Orig.  edit.  Vols.  5,  6 

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'  otheran,  H.,  &  Co.,  37,  Piccadilly,  W. 
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Travels  with  a  Donkey.  Do. 

Jomini's  Life  of  Napoleon 
Grimble's  Deer  Forests  of  .Scotland 
Highland  Sport 
Shooting  and  Salmon  Fisliing 
Deer  Stalking 

Burton's  Kasidah 
Holland's  Foreign  Reminiscences 
Wellesley's    (Marquis)  Correspondence 

during  Mission  to  Spain 
Maurice's    Lives    of   English  Popular 

Leaders  of  the  Mid.  Ages.  Vol.  1 
Dore's  Dante  (in  French) 
Country  Life.  June  8th,  1907 
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Pigsticking  in  Abyssinia 
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Sussex  (Victoria  Histories)  Vol.  2 
Overton's  Hist,  of  the  Church  of  England 
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Hodge  and  his  Masters 
Greene  Feme  Farm 

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ist  edition 
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Imperfect  may  do 
Mudie's  Man  in  his  Relations  to  Society. 

  Do.  Intellectual  Facul- 
ties. 1838 

  Do.        Phvsical  Structure. 


  Do.        Moral  Being.  1839 

Dovle's  (A.  Conan)  Adventures  of  Sher- 
lock Holmes,  ist  cd. 

 Micah  Clarke,    ist  cd. 

 Captain  of  the  Pole- 
star,    ist  edition 

 The  Sign  of  Four,  ist 


 The  Firm  of  Girdle- 
stone,  ist  edition 

 The    Great  Shadow. 

ist  edition 

 The  Refugees,   ist  ed. 

The      Memoirs  of 

Dalling  and  Lytton's  Life  of  Palmerston 
Owen  Jones'  1,001  Initial  Letters 
Narcissus  Luttrell's  Diary 
Lyne's  Zanzibar 

Browning's  Ring  and  the  Book,  ist  edit. 

(Mrs.)  Any  ist  edit,  (not 

Aurora  Leigh) 
Stapleton's  Life  of  Canning 
Salisbury's  Essays  on  Foreign  Politics 
Festing's  (Miss)  Frere  and  his  Friends 
Frere's  (J.  H.)  Works 
Letters  of  Dorothea  Princess  Lieven. 

Edit.  Robinson 
Correspondence  of  Princess  Lieven  to 

Earl  Grey 

Collection  of  Correspondence  relative  to 
•Spain    and    Portugal    presented  to 
Parliament  in  1810 
Hamerton's  Painter's  Camp,  ist  edit. 
Mirkond's  Hist,  of  the  Assassins 
Hudson's  Crvstal  Age 
Gait's  Life  of  Sir  B,  West.  1820 
Mercer's  Waterloo  Campaign.   2  vols. 
Svmons'  (A.)  Studies  in  Two  Literatures 
Appendix  and  Index  to  Wellington's 
Supplt.  Despatches,  being  Vols.  13-15 
Swift's  Tale  of  a  Tub.  181 1 
Thomson's  Seasons.  1 81 1 
Besant's  Armorel  of  Lyonesse.   ist  edit. 
Dilke's  Furniture.   I. p. 
Life  of  Prince  Charles  Edward.  4  vols. 
Palladio's  Architecture.  5  pts. 
Gentleman's  Mag.  Vol.  204  to  date 
Booth's    Manchester    and  Liverpool 

Railway  Opening 
Collins'  (Wilkie)  The  Moonstone,  ist  edit. 
Conder's  Landscape  Gardening  in  Japan 
Bode's  Rembrandt.  Vol.  8 
Forster's  Pedigree  of  the  Fox  Family 
Scott  Elliot's  Lost  Atlantis 
Contes  de  San  Genois 
Ainsworth's  Guy  Fawkes  (ait  copy)  ist 

Ivid.   Trans,  by  Howard.   2  vols.  8vo. 

Bacon's  Works.    Vols.  14,  15,  and  16, 

Todd's  Pari.  Government  in  the  Colonies. 
2nd  edit. 

Hardy's  Return  of  the  Native,   ist  edit. 

Must  be  clean 
 Hand  of  Ethelberta.     ist  edit. 

Must  be  clean 
Sponge's  Sporting  Tour,  ist  edit.  Clean 
Poynter's  National  Gallery.  Vol.  3 
Scott's   Waverley   Novels.      48  vols. 

Green  cloth.  Vol.  37  only 
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Kennel  Club  Stud  Book.   Vols.  2  and  5. 


Ward's  (Wilfred)  Problems  and  Persons 
Shad  well's  Industrial  Efficiency 
Clarke's  Illus.  to  Gil  Bias 
Bumpus's  Cathedrals  of  N.  Italy 

Stedman,  R.  B.,  33,  High  Street.  Godal- 

Holden's  Foliorum   Silvula.      Part  3. 
Several  copies 

Sherlock  Holmes,    ist  edition 
Steven,  C.  27,  King  Street,  Cheapside, 

Monthly  Mag.,  European  Mag.,  and 
other  old  Mags.  Runs  or  odd.  Please 
state  if  with  or  without  plates 

Stevens  &  Son, '4s"~'st."  John '.Street, 

Ellis's  Correspondence.  1686-88 

Harris's  (W.)  Lives  Cromwell  and 
Charles  II. 

Forster's  Life  of  Cromwell 

Stock,  E.  (Export  Dept),  62,  Paternoster 
Row,  E.C. 

Genealogical  Mag.  June  and  Nov.,  1900 

Rhythm  of  Bernard  de  Morlaix  (Neale) 

Our  Own  Country 

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Thomsen's  Books  which  Influenced  Our 

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Keats.  Chiswick  Press  edit. 

Streicher,  C.  A.,  Linwood  Croft,  Yorks. 

Mclnder's  British  Seas 

Gardening  by  Experts 

Gibbon's  Decline.    Good  editon 

Student's  Law-Book  Exchange,  8,  Pcm- 

berton  Square,  Boston 
Colony  Laws  of  U.S. 
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Generation  of  Judges  by  their  Reporter 
Sutton,  A.,  43,  Bridge  Street,  Manchester 
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Tait,  W.,  3,  Wellington  Park  Avenue, 

Belfast,  Ireland 
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Kenealy's  Book  of  God,  and  others 

Taraporevala,  Sons  &  Co.,  Bombay, 

Books  on  Phallic  Worship 
Oriental  Books 

Old  and  Rare  Books  on  India,  Persia.  \c. 

Taylor,  A.,  83,  Abingdon  Road,  Ken- 
sington, W. 

Fleming's  Family  Prayers  for  Four 

How  the  Garden  Grew 

Scott's  Sex  and  Art 

Temple,  J.  W.,  109  a,  Earl's  Court  RoadG 

Kensington.  S.W. 
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Ludlow's  Heart  of  a  Continent 
Marshall's  (W.  G.)  Through  America 

Thacker  &  Co.,  Ltd.,  Box  190,  G.P.oJ 

Duffs  Ma'hrattas 
Burgess'  Buddhist  Cave  Temples 

Thacker,  W.,  &  Co.,     Creed  Lane,  H.C. 

Gulistan-i-kaz.  Trans.    C.  H.  Whinlield 

Sach's  Physiology  of  Plants 

Higgin's  Apology  for  Islam 

I'avrer's  Thanatophidia 

Bowes'  Economics  of  Construction 

Lamb's  Practical  Hints  on  Writing  for 

the  Press 
Flammarion's  Urania 
Cobbctt's  Domestic  Economy 
Macnaghten's    Common  Thoughts 

(Murray  or  Unit) 

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Thin,  J.,  54,  South  Bridge,  Edinburgh 
Family  Classical  Library.  52  vols. 
'    Do.       Do.  Vols.  29,  33,  36-38,  42-45 
iBoswell-Krskine  Correspondence.  De 

La  Rue.  1879 
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i  ing 

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•  ledge) 

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Life  John  Ashworth 
•foe  Witless 

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 Rival  Guides 

Land  and  the  Book 

Anything  about  Castle  Donington 

Thomson    &    Co.,    Booksellers,  Pleak- 

I  nowe,  Condorrat,  Glasgow 

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anonvmously.  1763 
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|*Vnv  Telegraphic  Codes 

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and  Holiness 

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Marriage  in   High  Life  by  author  of 

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Torch   (The)   Press  Book  Shop,  Cedar 

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Books  about  Western  America 

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Municipal  and  Police  Government  in 

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and  Laying  down  Grass  jgpljj 
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or    second-hand.        Several  copies 

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N.  Sjj 

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Agatha.  1869 

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28  vols. 

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edit.    Vol.  2 

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Street,  Covent  Garden,  W.C. 
782  Ancient  Fathers  on  the  Office  and 

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,,   Horner's  Coptic  Gospels 
776  Horner's  Forecasting  of  the  Weathe 
767  McCarthy's     (D.     F.)     Love  the 

Greatest  Enchantment.  1861 
747  Lord  Raleigh's  Sound  (latest  edit.) 
755  Science  (New  York)  1907.  July  5th 

and  19th 

736  Philosophical  Mag.   1899.   Pp.  420- 

430,  or  compl.  vol. 
740  Thayers'   and  Houston's   Aral  a  rial 


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746  Wolf's  Exam,  of  Urine 

732  Stoke's  (W.)  Cornish  Glossary 

735  Indian  Antiquary  (compl.) 

716  Walsh's  (C.  M.)" Fundamental  Pro- 
blems hi  Monetary  Science.  1903 

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of  Hindostan 
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and  La  Commune  (in  English) 
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Zunz,  C,  Ltd.,  124,  Fenchurch  Street 


Parker's   (A.   H.)   The  Safeguard  12- 
figure  Code 


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tntoni,  Fr.,  M.D.,  Riddaregatan  8, 

lmeiiar.      Libellus  ad  evitandum  et 
expellendum  morbum  gallicum.  Im- 
pressum  Yenetiis  1502.  Unicum 
enson,  E.,  c.o.  May  1^  Williams,  News- 
agents, Piccadilly,  W. 
ignity  of  a  Peer.  4  vols.  1826  1 
ndex  Notes  and  Queries.    1st  and  2nd 
series.  3  of  each 

estminster  Review.  Odd  vols.  24  to  — 
ournal  Statistical  Society.  r866,  1878  to 
1906.  (9  parts  to  complete,  unbound.) 
lurnal  Institute  of  Bankers.  Set 
roceedings  Civil  Engineers.  Vols.  30-158 
Do.       Mechanical  Engineers.  1880-9 
urnside,   F.  &   G.,   Ltd.,  Booksellers, 
Blackheath,  SE. 
file  1  national    Library.      20  volumes. 
J  Morocco  and  Bookcase,  fumed  oak 
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latkins'  Code.  Last  edit,  (new) 
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Drth  American  Review.  Dec.  1906  to 
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Jeffery,  J.,  115 a,  City  Road,  E.C. 
Atlantic  Monthly.    Dec.  1906  to  Sept., 

1908.    3s.  6d. 
Illuminating  Engineer.     Jan.  to  July, 

1908.  2S. 

British  Homoeopathic  Journal.  Jan. 

1907  to  July,  1908.  5s. 

Above  are  stamped  Library  Copies. 
National  Review.     Jan.  1907  to  July, 

1908.    gs.  6d. 
Fortnightly  Review.   Jan.  190*7  to  July, 

1908.  9s.  6d. 
Nineteenth  Century.  Jan.  1907  to  July, 

1908.  9s.  6d. 
Monthly  Review.    Jan.  1903  to  June, 

1907  (No.  42  missing).  15s. 
Scribner's  Magazine.     March,  1907  to 

July,  1908.  4s. 
Edinburgh  Review.    Jan.  11)07  to  July, 

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Quarterley  Review.    Jan.  1907  to  July, 

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Blackwood's  Magazine.     Jan.  1907  to 

July,  1908.    gs.  6d. 
Century  Magazine.    Jan.  1907  to  July, 

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Cornhill  Magazine.  Jan.  1907  to  July, 
1908.  4.-:. 

Contemporary  Review.  Jan.  1907  to 
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The  Engineer.  1856  to  1889  (some  want- 
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Journal,  Proceedings,  and  Supplemen- 
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Harmsworth's  Encyclopaedia.  In  parts. 
8s.  6d. 

Cassell's  Encyclopaedic  Dictionary.  In 
parts,  ios. 

The  Best  of  all  good  Company.  A  day 
with  Dickens,  Scott,  Lytton,  Disraeli, 
Thackeray,  Jerrold,  by  B.  Jerrold. 
Portraits  and  fac-similes  of  hand- 
writing. 8vo.  cloth  gilt.  4s.  1872 

Journal  of  Chemical  Society.  1872  to 
1877,  1880-1883.  20s. 

Chemical  News.   1869  to  1876.  15s. 

Proceedings  Royal  Society  of  Loudon. 
1872  to  1876.  5s. 

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Punch.  1904-5-6.  3  years  complete. 
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Pater's    (Walter)    Emerald    U  thwart. 

Privately  printed.   1905.   Unbound  in 

sheets.  Offer 
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The  Annual  Register  (Original).  1798  to 
1893  inclusive.  London  :  Dodsley. 
1791.  136  vols,  in  8vo.,  with  Index 
for  1798  to  1819.  .State  offers 

Lieber  Code  Co.,  2  and  3,  Cheapside,  E.C 
ABC  Code.   4th  edit.   Ai  and  all  other 

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Strand  Mag.  Complete  Set.   36  vols. 

Windsor  Mag.        Do.  28  vols. 

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Newton  Abbot 
Caxton's  Business  Encyclo.  and  Legal 

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1883.  Offers 
Williams,  D.  T.,  Gwyn  Street,  Alltwen, 

Pontardawe,  Glam. 
Moore's  (T.)  Memoirs  of  .Sheridan.  12s. 
Wilson's  Memoir  of  Wellington.   2  vols. 

6s.  6d. 

Review  of  Reviews.  Vol.  1.  Hf.  bd.  js 
Earle's  (Mrs.)  More  Pot-Pourri.    3s.  6d 

When  writing  to  Advertisers  will  you  please  MENTION  THE  "P.O. 


January  2,  1909 


I       OF  ' 


Keep  in  Touch  with  the  Trade 

By  Advertising  in  "The  Publishers'  Circular" 

"The  Publishers*  Circular"  is  read  by  booksellers,  librarians,  and 
all  connected  with  boohs  and  literature  at  home  and  abroad.  It  possesses 
certain  features  which  mahe  it  indispensable,  and  there  is  hardly  a 
bookseller  in  the  country  who  does  not  read  and  study  every  number. 

The  up=to=date  Trade  information  ;  the  List  of  Books  Wanted :  and 
the  detailed  particulars  of  New  Publications  are  some  of  the  weekly 
features  which  ensure  its  being  bought  and  read  by  booksellers, 
librarians,  and  large  bookbuyers  generally. 

"  The  Publishers'  Circular "  is  therefore  an  excellent  medium  for 
Publishers'  Announcements.  An  advertisement  in  its  pages  is  the  most 
effective  and  economical  means  of  reaching  the  men  whose  business 
it  is  to  buy  books,  and  who  respond  to  book  advertising  more  than 
any  other  class. 

Booksellers  having  rare  or  second-hand  books  for  disposal  should 
try  the  effect  of  an  advertisement  in  "The  Publishers'  Circular."  We 
are  every  day  receiving  fresh  testimony  as  to  the  efficacy  of  our 
advertising  columns  in  this  respect. 

All  CvmmunicaliuiM  should  De  ..ddressed  10  "The  Editor  "—Advertisements  and  Business  Letters  to  the  Manager— at  the  Oifices.  10.  Adam  Street.  Adclphi.  Strand,  London  W'.C 
Printed  by  The  Press  PEINTeRs,  Ltd., 09-70,  Lou?  Acre.  W.C.,  for  The  Publishers'  CIRCULvk.  Ltd..  &  published  at  the  Office.  19,  Adam  Street  AdelpM.  Strand.  W.C.—Satuma,  Jan  2,  tor* 

Publisher?  Circular  and  Booksellers'  Record,  January  g,  igoq. 

•'The  pages  of  the  'Publishers'  Circular'  are  read  by  all  the  chief  Bookbuyers  In  the  kingdom." — British  Weekly. 



estb.  1837.  AND  BOOKSELLERS'  RECORD 

No.  2219.    Vol.  90. 

SATURDAY,  JANUARY  9,  1909. 




Annual  Subscription,  post-free  :— Home,  10/6;  Colonial,  Foreign,  and  American,  13/6. 
An  Edition  upon  Thin  Paper  is  Printed  for  the  Colonies  and  Abroad 

The  First  New  Novels  of  1909 

JAft  fi,  1  iTfcf  I  M  1  ffel\If*  has  mucn  Pleasure  in  announcing  that,  during  the  months  of  January  and 
*VIr.  OvPniH  3_y  \J  l\  V*  February,  he  will  publish  the  following  brilliant  array  of  New  Novels. 
These   novels  have  been  selected  with  the  greatest  care  from  the  hundreds  of  MSS.  submitted  to  him. 

They  should  appeal  to  the  tastes  of  all  readers. 


THE  WHIPS  OF  TIME  (Ready)  - 
HARRY  OF  ATHOL  (Ready) 
FLOWER  OF  THE  WORLD  (Ready)  - 
IDOLS  OF  FLESH  (Ready) 


FATALITY  (Ready)  - 

Arabella  Kenealy 
R.  H.  Forster 
Florence  Warden 
L.  T.  Meade 
Mrs.  Henry  Tippett 
Paul  Creswick 
W.  Teignmouth 

Olivia  Ramsey 
Henry  Byatt 
G.  G.  Chatterton 
Annie  E.  Holdsworth 
M.  E.  Francis 



THE  WORLD,  THE  FLESH  and  the 


Dorothea  Gerard 
Jessie  Ainsworth 

C.  T.  Podmore 
William  Henry  Lang 
Arthur  Campbell 

-Gertrude  Warden 

Hubert  Wales 
Harold  Bindloss 
Headon  Hill 
James  Blyth 
Violet  Tweedale 
John  Cave 


THE    SALES    OF    NAT    GOULDS    NOVELS    EXCEED    6,000,000    (SIX    MILLION)  COPIES 

Nat  Gould's  Latest  Novel 


Picture  boards,  2/-  ;  cloth  gilt,  2/6 



If  so,  you  want  the  Books  the  Live  man  is  asking  for. 

Here  they  are,  price  "I/-  net  each,  crown  8vo,  320  pages,  sewed,  covers  in  colours: 

RUBINA  (Just  out   James  Blyth 

THE   CONFESSIONS  OF  CLEODORA  (Immediately)  Carlton  Dawe 

ANNA  LOMBARD   Victoria  Cross 

MR.  AND  MRS.  YILLIERS    Hubert  Wales 

AMAZEMENT    James  Blyth 



THE  SECRET  HISTORY  of  the  COURT  OF  BERLIN  H.  W.  Fishcer 

N.B.— In  this  series  none  but  the  most  saleable  books  will  be  included. 



  Nat  Gould        I        TRAITOR  AND  TRUE 

J.  Bloundelle-Burton 

London:   JOHN    LONG,  12,  13  &  14,  Norris  Street,  Haymarket 


The    Publishers'  Circular 

January  Q,  1909 


ASSISTANT  wanted,  especially  for  News- 
paper department,  but  with  some  knowledge 
of  books  and  stationery.  Apply  by  letter. — Stort, 
Bookseller,  Famham.   v 

BOUND  BOOKS. —  Leading  house  in  the 
Leather-Bound  Book  trade  require  the  services 
of  a  Country  Traveller.  —  Write  in  confidence  to" 
"Levant,"  c-o  F.  E.  Potter's  Advertising  Agency, 
56,  Ludgate  Hill,  E.C.  -  . 

Smart  and  energetic  man,  with  some  know- 
ledge of  technical  literature  and  experience  of  town 
travelling. — Apply  with  full  particulars  as  to  age, 
experience  and  salary  required,  Box  277 ,  Publishers' 
Circular  Office. 

CANVASSER  Wanted  for  important  Art  Pub- 
lication likely  to  appeal  to  all  connoisseurs 
and  collectors. — Apply  "A.  B.,"  Box  275,  Publishers' 
Circular  Office. 

REQUIRED,  Junior  Clerk  (Male,  18-20).^ 
Must  be  good  Shorthand  Writer  and  Typist, 
and  be  sharp  and  reliable  at  office  routine  work. — 
Apply  by  letter  in  own  handwriting,  stating  salary 
required,  and  enclosing  specimen  of  typing,  to 
B.  T.  Batsford,  Publisher  and  Bookseller,  94, 
High  Holborn,  W.C.  

SMART  JUNIOR  CLERK,  about  20,  of  g-ood 
address,  required  at  once,  one  with  knowledge 
of  subscribing  preferred.  State  age,  experience  and 
salary  to  Box  274,  Publishers'  Circular  Office. 

WANTED,  lor  Paris,  a  thoroug-hly  com- 
petent Assistant  in  Bookselling  business. — 
Write,  giving  full  particulars,  to  "Liber,"  c/o  Pub- 
ishers'  Circular  Office. 

WANTED,  for  larg-e  Bookselling  Firm,  prac- 
tical MANAGER  to  direct  Export,  Import 
and  Second-hand  branches ;  only  experienced  and 
capable  men  need  apply. — Apply  Box  No.  273, 
Publishers'  (  Ocular  Office. 

WANTED  an  intelligent,  well-educated 
young  fellow,  21-23,  as  Manager's  Assistant 
in  high-class  firm  of  Publishers.  Some  experience  in 
the  trade  indispensable. — Write,  statinp  age,  qualifi- 
cations and  salary  required,  to  Box  4,453,  Willings, 
125,  Strand,  W.C. 


man   (21)  seeks  engagement  as  Junior.  3 
'years'  experience. — W.A.,  16,  Raleigh  Villas.Exmouth 

Junior  seeks  situation.  6  years'  good  experi- 
ence both  London  and  country. — Address,  "C,"  c/o 
Lamley  Co.,  South  Kensington. 

FOREIGNER  (Second-hand  Bookseller) 
wants  Home  or  Evening  Employment  for 
German  or  French  Correspondence,  Translations, 
Cataloguing,  Bibliographical  work,  &c. ;  good 
experience. — Apply  to  Box  269,  Publishers'  circular 

engagement  in  similar  capacity,  or  as  Corres- 
pondence Clerk ;  thorough  knowledge  of  book  pro- 
duction, MS.  and  proof  correction  ;  moderate  salary 
asked. — Apply  Box  260,  Publishers'  Circular  Office.  : 

GOODS,  &c. — Assistant  desires  position  in  or 
near  London.  Experienced  window  dresser,  capable 
of  taking  entire  charge. — Apply  Box  No.  278,  Pub- 
lishers' L  ircular  Office. 

STATIONER'S  ASSISTANT  (28)  desires 
situation  as  First  Assistant  or  Manager,  ex- 
cellent all  round  experience  in  Commercial  and  Fancy 
Stationery,  Printing,  Fancy  Goods,  Books,  &c.  Ex- 
cellent references  and  recommendations. — Box  276, 
Publishers'  Circular  Office. 

Latest  Publications  of  GOWANS  &  GRAY,  Ltd. 


In  two  volumes,  each  containing  60  photographs, 
6d.  net  per  vol.    The  two  vols  in  one,  cloth  1/6 
net ;  leather  2/-  net. 

In  parchment  cover  6d.  net. 




5,  Bream's  Buildings,  Chancery  Lane,  London,  E.C 


Publishers  of  the  most  complete  and  comprehensive  Subscription  Catalogue  of  American  and  Canadian  Neifspapus 

and  Periodicals  ez'er  issued — post  free  on  application 
Single  Copy  of  any  American  Book,  Periodical,  or  Newspaper  obtained  to  Order  in  one  Month 
and  o'her  American  weeklies  on  sale  regularly. 
Special  Agents  for  "THE  COSMOPOLITAN  MAGAZINE,"  "  AINSLEE'S  MAGA- 
ZINE,"  "EVERYBODY'S    MAGAZINE,"    "OUTING,"  &c,  &c. 


Vols.  I.  and  II.  now  ready,  £i  5s  od.  each. 
Files  ok  "  New  York  World,"  "  Collier's  Weekly.'  "  Argonaut,"  "  Pouxi  RY," 
"  Novelty  News,"  " American-  Field'  "  Rider  and  Driver.  '  &c,  &c. 

By  J.  N.  Farrar,  M.D.,  D.D. 
Iron  Trade  review," 


1            1 1 1  m  w 






THE   Council  hereby  invite   TENDERS  for 
the  SUPPLY  of 
tlME,  PLASTER,  etc., 




Forms  of  Tender  and  further  particulars  may 
be  obtained  at  the  Borough  Engineer's  Office, 
Town  Hall,  West  Ham,  E.  (where  the  Standard 
Samples  may  also  be  seen),  upon  the  payment 
of  One  Pound  for  each  Form  of  Tender,  which  will 
be  returned  upon  the  receipt  of  a  bona-fide 

For  the  SUPPLY  of 


Forms  of  Tender  and  further  particulars 
may  be  obtained  at  the  Office  of  the  Electrical 
Engineer  and  Manager,  S4,  Romford  Road. 
Stratford,  E. 

For  the  SUPPLY  of 
NEW  BOOKS,  and  for 

For  the  Public  Libraries  and  Technical  Institute. 

Forms  of  Tender  and  further  particulars  may 
be  obtained  at   the  Central   Public  Library, 
Water  Lane,  Stratford  ;  or  the  Public  Library, 
Barking  Road,  Canning  Town,  E. 
For  the  SUPPLY  of 





TEA  and  COFFEE, 

LINEN  and  COTTON  GOODS,  etc.. 

For  use  in  the  Council's  Hospitals. 

Forms  of  Tender  and  further  particulars  may 
be  obtained  of  the  Medical  Superintendent,  at 
the  Hospital,  Samson  Street.  Plaistow. 

NOTE. — No  Tender  will  be  considered  unless 
the  same  is  delivered  at  the  Office  of  the  Town 
Clerk,  Town  Hall,  West  Ham,  E.,  in  the  envelope 
supplied,  by  registered  post,  not  later  than 
12  o'clock  noon  on  Thursday,  January  21st.  1909. 

THURSDAY,  JANUARY  21ST,  at  2  P.M.,  AND 

The  Council  do  not  bind  themselves  to  accept 
the  lowest  or  any  Tender.  The  Contractor 
will  be  required  to  enter  into  a  bond  with  sureties 
for  the  due  performance  of  the  Contract,  and  no 
(ioods,  Materials,  etc.,  will  be  ordered  under  any 
contract  until  such  bond  has  been  duly  executed. 

The  Contractor  whose  Tender  is  accepted, 
and  with  whom  a  contract  is  entered  into,  will 
be  required  to  pay  to  the  whole  of  his  workmen 
Such  rate  of  wages,  and  observe  such  hours  of 
labour,  as  are  recognised  by  the  Workmen's 
Trade  Unions,  and  in" force  at  the  time  of  signing 
the  contract.  In  the  event  of  any  breach  of 
such  agreement  the  Council  will  enforce  the 
penalty  clause  in  its  entirety. 

Bv  order  of  the  Council. 
'  ^  FRED.  E.  HILLEARY, 
g»  B  Town  Clerk. 

Town"  Hall, 

U  EWest  Ham,  E. 

1st  January,  1909. 

January  9,  1909 

The    Publishers'  Circular 





FOR   1908   is   NOW   IN    PREPARATION  for 


Cloth.        About  300  pp.         Royal  8vo.         6/-  net. 

Orders  should  be  sent  in  at  once  to 




We  are  open  to  receive  a  limited  number  of  advertisements  in  the  1908  issue, 
and  as  a  portion  of  the  available  space  has  already  been  let,  early  application 
is  necessary.    Page  £3  3  O  net ;  Half-page,  35/-  net;  Quarter-page,  20/-  net 

Size  of  page,  5 j  x  9^  ins. 

Address:  19,  ADAM  STREET,  ADELPHI,  LONDON,  W.C. 




Publishers'  Circular  &  Booksellers'  Record 




Advertisers  are  requested  to  send  in  their  "Copy"  for 
Advertisements  and  Books  for  Notice  at  oice  and  at  lat°st 
by  TUESDAY.  JANUARY  12th.         Terms.  &e„  are  as  usual. 

Address:    19,  ADAM  STREET,  ADELPHI,  LONDON,  W.C. 


The    Publishers'  Circular 


ary  9,  1909 


RHODES  OF  THE  KNIGHTS.  By  Baron  de  Belabre.  Demy4to, 
buckram  gilt,  with  a  Frontispiece  in  Chromo-Collotype  and  188  Maps, 
Inscriptions,  Shields,  and  Photographs  in  the  Text,  31s.  6d.  net. 


Royal  8vo,  2  vols.,  21s.  net. 


in  the  language  of  the  Revised  Version  of  the  English  Bible,  printed  in 
their  poetical  form,  with  headings  and  brief  annotation.  Edited  by 
F.  H.  Woods  and  F.  E.  Powell.  4  vols.  Vol.  I.,  Amos,  Hosea, 
Isaiah  (1-39),  and  Micah.    Crown  8vo,  2s.  6d.  net. 

THE  GOSPEL  ACCORDING  TO  ST.  MARK.  With  Introduc- 
tion and  Notes  by  Rev.  A.  S.  Walpole.     With  Illustrations.     is.  6d. 

SKETCHES  OF  RULERS  OF  INDIA.    Vol.  I. — The  Mutiny  Era 

and  After.  Vol.  II. —The  Company s  Governors.  Vol.  III.— The 
Governors-General  and  Dupleix.  Vol.  IV.—  The  Princes  of  India 
and  Albuquerque.    By  G.  D.  Oswell.    Crown  8vo,  2s.  net  each. 


Vincent  A.  Smith.  With  7  Maps  and  10  other  Illustrations. 
Crown  8vo,  2s.  6d. 


Edited,  with  Introductions  by  A.  T.  Qtiller-Cocch. 

Paper,  each  3d.  ;  cloth,  each  4d. 
Twenty-nine  Volumes  now  ready.        New  Volumes  : 

BLAKE.    Poems.    32  P»g<  i 
COLERIDGE.    Poems.    4s  pa?es 

GOLDSMITH     Traveller  and  Deserted  Village.  32pa?es 
MARVELL.    Poems.  pages. 
NAPIER     Peninsular  War.    48  pages. 
SHELLEY.    POEMS.    32  Poems. 

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THE  CAMBRIDGE  MODERN  HISTORY.     Planned  by  the  late  Lord  Acton.    Edited  by 
A.  W.  Ward,  Litt.D.,  G.  W.  Prothero,  Litt.D.,  and  Stanley  Leathes,  M.A. 

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Louis  XIV. ;  VII.  The  United  States  ;  VIII.  The  French  Revolution  ;  IX.  Napoleon  ;  and  X.  The  Restoration.  The 
text  of  the  work  will  be  completed  in  twelve  volumes,  and  there  will  be  two  supplementary  volumes,  making  four- 
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By  Dr.  W.  Hasbach,  Professor  of  Political  Science  in  the  University  of  Kiel,  Trans- 
lated from  the  German  into  English  by  Ruth  Kenyon.  With  a  Preface  by  Sidney 
Webb,  LL.B.    Demy  8vo.,  cloth,  7s.  6d.  net. 


liy  B.  KlRKMAN  GRAY,  Author  of  "  A  History  of  English  Philanthropy."  Demy  Svo. 
cloth,  7s.  6d.  net. 

CONTENTS  : — Philanthropists  and  Politicians  -  Social  Forces  —Amateur  or  Professional  — 
The  City  or  the  Growth  of  Civic  Consciousness —Philanthropists  in  Office — The  Poor 
Law — Chanty  Organisation  Society — Types  of  State  Inteivention — Annexation  — 
Co-operation — Supervision  (Reformatories) — Inebriate  Homes  — Cruelty  to  Children — 
Hospitals — Tuberculosis— Public  Health— Widows  and  Orphans— Old  People  and 
Children — Index. 


A  National  Question  By  Percy  Aldex.  M  P.  With  a  Preface  by  SlB  JOHN  Gokst 
SECOND  EDITION.    Crown  Svo.,  cloth,  2s  net. 


By  Professor  A.  Axdreades,  of  the  University  of  Athens.  Translated  from  the  French 
into  English  by  Mrs  H.  O.  MEREDITH,  with  an  Introduction  by  Prof.  H.  S  FOXWELL. 
Demy  Svo.,  cloth,  10s.  6d.  net. 


An  Account  of  the  Revenue  and  Taxes  raised  In  the  United  Kingdom,  with  a  short 
history  of  each  tax  and  branch  of  the  Revenue.    Bv  W.  M  J.  Williams,  Author  of 

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Account  of  the  Voyage  Corporatif  des 

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Publishers'  Circular 

Account  of  the 
Voyage  Corporatif  des 
Co  mm  is- Libra,  res 
Francais  a  Londres 
12,  13  &  14  Juillet.  1908 

All  the  booksellers  and  publishers  who 
took  part  in  the  reception  of  our  French 
confreres  last  summer,  and  our  readers 
generally,  will  read  with  interest  the 
following  extracts  from  a  charming 
illustrated  brochure  published  by  the 
French  Association,  describing  the  visit. 

Lorsque,  il  y  a  pres  d'un  an,  plusieurs 
d'entre  nous  parlerent  d'une  excursion 
possible  a  Londres,  mil  ne  pouvait  prevoir 
le  succes  qui  a  couronne  nos  efforts. 

Nous  etions  en  effet  160  voyageurs 
environ,  en  grand e  majorite  commis- 
libraixes  et  leurs  families,  venus  surtout 

de  Paris,  mais  aussi  de  Bayonne,  Cler- 
mont-Ferrand, Geneve,  Lille,  Melun, 
Nevers.  Nogent-le-Rotrou,  Pithiviers, 
Toulon,  etc.  Nous  representions,  en  im 
mot,  toutes  les  provinces  francaises, 
voire  meme  un  peu  la  Suisse. 

vSi  nous  conservons  un  inoubliable 
souvenir  de  l'excursion,  malgre  la  pluie 
et  les  petits  ennuis  inevitables,  disons  de 
suite  qu'il  faut  en  reporter  tout  rhomieur 
a  nos  aimables  collegues  anglais.  Leur 
inlassable  complaisance  a  ete  pour  nous 
muniment  precieuse,  faeilitant  la  tache 
laborieuse  et  parfois  ingrate  des  membres 
du  Comite,  qui  ont  eu  a  surmonter  de 
nombreuses  difficultes  pour  la  bonne 
organisation  du  voyage,  avant  et  pendant 

Maintenant.  reportons-nous  au  1 1 
juillet,  1908,  et  deerivons,  autant  que 
notre  memoire  le  permettra,  les  evene- 
ments  du  voyage. 

Nous  sommes  done  reunis  le  samedi 
soir  11,  vers  9  heures,  gare  du  Nord  ; 
plusieurs  de  nos  amis,  que  nous  remer- 
cions  sincerement,  M.  Bayle,  du 
journal  "  La  Librairie,"  M.  Labarthe,  de 
Geneve,  M.  de  Pachtere,  M.  Sevin,  etc., 
retenus  a  Paris,  sont  venus  nous  aider  a 
monter  dans  le  train,  ou  plutot  dans  les 
trains,  car  il  y  a  grande  affluence  pour 
Londres.  et  notre  depart  ne  rappelle  que 
de  tres  loin  les  embarquements  militaires 
regies  et  methodiques  auxquels  nous  | 
etions  habitues  au  regiment. 

Mais  qu'importe  !  les  trains  roulent,  et 
nous  nous  retrouvons  a  Calais  pour  le 
trajet  maritime,  effectue  pour  les  uns  sur 
le  Dover,  pour  les  autres  sur  le  Nord, 
deux  magnifiques  steamers.  La  mer  est 
superbe,  sans  une  vague  ;  nous  avons  a 
peine  le  temps  de  visiter  les  machines,  les 
cabines,  les  salons,  les  fumoirs,  sans 
oublier  le  buffet  et,  deja,  le  jour  parait, 
puis  bientot  les  falaises  de  Douvres  sont 
en  vue.  Nous  croisons  plusieurs  vapeurs, 
quelques  bateaux  de  peche,  et  nous  met- 
tons  le  pied  sur  la  terre  anglaise.  Nous 
prenons  place  dans  les  wagons  reserves 
pour  nous  et  1'  Association  des  Institu- 
teurs,  et  en  route  pour  Londres  ! 

Nous  longeons  la  mer  un  certain 
temps  et  traversons  ensuite  de  riches 
campagnes,  coupees  par-ei  par-la  de 
charmants  cottages  oii,  eertes,  il  doit 
faire  bon  vivre.  Bientot  les  gares  se 
succedent  plus  rapprochees,  les  rues, 
formees  de  petites  maisons  semblables, 
commencent  a  se  montrer,  puis  les 
fabriques  et  les  usines,  puis  enfin  la 
Tamise.  Nos  billets  sont  verifies  a  Vic- 
toria Station  et,  quelques  minutes  apres, 
nous  debarquons  a  Charing-Cross. 

Mais  quelles  sont,  sur  le  quai,  ces 
figures  amies  qui  semblent  nous  chercher 
au  milieu  de  la  foule  ?  Ce  sont  nos  col- 
legues anglais  :  Mr.  Chaundry,  d'Oxford  ; 

Mr.  Beet,  Mr.  Hobbs,  Mr.  Crockett  et  Mr. 
Watson,  de  la  section  de  Londres  de  la 
National  Book  Trade  Provident  Society, 
ainsi  qu'un  de  nos  societaires,  M.  De- 
laire,  de  la  Librairie  Nilsson,  qui  sont 
venus  nous  souhaiter  la  bienvenue  malgre 
The  are  niatinale. 

(Then  follow  descriptions  of  the  sights 
of  London,  which  were  seen  by  means  of 
"  les  omnibus  ou  autobus  et  le  Tub." 
If  our  French  friends  "  asked  a  police- 
man "  where  to  get  "  a  Tub — "  even  he 
must  have  been  nonplussed.) 

Stationers'  Hall 

Nous  avons  tous  ete  agreablement 
surpris  par  la  magnifique  reception  qui 
nous  fut  faite  au  Stationers'  Hall,  la 
vielle  et  historique  maison  de  la  Cor- 
poration du  Livre,  et  certes,  aucun  de 
ceux  qui  assisterent  a  cette  soiree  ne 

Disons  d'abord  que,  sur  l'initiative  de 
M.  Cooper,  secretaire  de  la  Book  Trade 
Provident  Society,  un  comite  special 
s'etait  forme  pour  nous  recevoir,  sous  la 
presidence  de  Mr.  Denny,  President  de  la 
Book  Trade  Provident  Society,  assiste  de 
MM.  Barwick,  Minoggio,  Hodges,  Shaylor, 
Crockett,  Cooper. 

Des  notre  arrivee,  l'un  de  nos  aimables 
hotes,  Mr.  Barwick,  qui  parle  francais 
aussi  couramment  que  nous,  nous  intro- 
duit  dans  les  salles  de  l'ancienne  demeure, 
ou  nous  sommes  recus  par  Mr.  Denny  et 
les  membres  du  Comite  de  reception,  puis 
par  Mr.  Rivington,  secretaire  de  la 
Stationers'  Company. 

La  grande  salle,  ou  des  sieges  sont 
disposes,  renferme  les  vieux  souvenirs  de 
la  Corporation,  les  actes  officiels,  les 
chartes.  Les  splendides  pieces  d'argen- 
terie  sont  exposees  pom  nous,  et  si  tot 
installes,  Mr.  William  Heinemann  nous 
souliaite  en  francais  la  bienvenue  par  un 
discours  fort  aimable  que  nous  repro- 
duisous  ci-dessous.  Mr.  Heinemann  est 
l'un  des  grands  editeurs  anglais,  et  nous 
apprecions  beaucoup  le  tres  grand  hon- 
neur  qu'il  a  bien  voulu  nous  faire. 

(Here  follows  Mr.  Heinemann'*  speech. ) 

De  vigoureux  applaudissements  sa- 
luent  la  conclusion  de  Mr.  Heinemann, 
et  Mr.  Rivington,  le  secretaire  de  la 
Stationers'  Company,  prend  la  parole  pour 
nous  dire  qu'il  est  heureux  de  nous  offrir, 
au  nom  de  la  Corporation,  l'hospitalite, 
et  pom  nous  conter  l'liistoire  de  la 
vieille  Societe  et  de  l'antique  demeure 
historique  ou  nous  sommes. 

11  est  applaudi  frenetiquement,  et  la 
parole  est  maintenant  a  M.  Rouche,  le 
president  de  1' Association,  qui  prononce 
le  discours  suivant. 

(Then    follows    the    speech    of  M. 




Publishers'  Circular 

January  9,  1909 

La  fin  du  discours  est  accueillie  par  des 
hurrahs  enrages,  qui  cessent  seulement 
lorsque  M.  Wilhelm,  President  du  Comite 
francais,  prononce  en  anglais  1' allocution 

(Here  follows  the  charming  little 
speech,  in  English,  of  M.  Wilhelm.) 

Nos  amis  anglais  sont  charmes  de 
l'aimable  attention  du  President  du 
Comite  francais  de  parler  leur  langue,  et 
lui  expriment  leur  sentiment  par  leurs 

Mr.  Barwick,  qui  a  ete  l'ame  de  la 
reunion,  repond  en  francais  qu'il  ne  faut 
pas  se  considerer  comme  Francais  ou 
Anglais,  mais  comme  des  freres  d'uue 
grande  famille,  et  il  termine  en  disant 
qu'une  guerre  entre  les  deux  nations 
serait  mi  crime ;  il  est  applaudi  aussi 
chaleureusement,  et  il  nous  invite  a 
passer  dans  une  salle  voisine,  ou  un 
magnifique  buffet  est  dresse. 

Des  rafraichissements,  des  cigares, 
etc.,  sont  servis  pendant  que  les  conver- 
sations s'etablissent ;  certains  parmi  nous 
parlent  anglais,  tout  specialement  Mme. 
Wilhelm  dont  la  parfaite  connaissance  de 
l'anglais  nous  fut  si  precieuse  ;  de  meme 
plusieurs  de  nos  hotes  parlent  francais  ; 
tout  s'arrange  done  pour  le  mieux. 

Nous  revenons  ensuite  dans  la  grande 
salle,  et  le  concert  commence  par  la 
"  Marseillaise,"  suivie  du  "  God  save  the 
Khig."  Mr.  P.  Hodges  s'etait  charge  du 
programme,  fort  bien  choisi,  et  nous 
avons  le  plaisir  d'entendre  nos  collegues 
anglais  Mr.  Leach,  Mr.  Swinford,  Mr. 
Hennings,  etc.,  dans  diverses  chansons 
anglaises  ainsi  que  M.  Bonneau,  le  sec- 
retaire de  l'Amicale,  dans  "  Le  Lac," 
les  uns  et  les  autres  fort  applaudis  par 

N'oublions  pas  de  mentionuer  aussi 
1 'aim able  telegramme  suivant  qui  nous 
est  adresse  en  francais  au  Stationers'  Hall 
par  Mr.  Pearce,  secretaire  de  1*  Associated 
Booksellers'  Society  (Libraires  associes) : 

"  Je  regrette  infiniment  qu'il  ne  me 
soit  pas  possible  d'etre  avec  vous.  Tous 
mes  souhaits  pour  une  visite  agreable. 
Vive  l'entente  cordiale  !  qu'elle  devienne 
encore  plus  assuree  pour  le  bonheur  de 
nos  cheres  patries  !  " 

Nous  remercions  tout  particulierement 
Mr.  Pearce  et  les  membres  de  V Associated 
Booksellers'  Society. 

Mais  le  temps  passe  vite,  et  bientot 
apres  avoir  ehante  les  hynmes  nationaux, 
nous  devons  nous  quitter  pour  rentrer  a 
l'hotel,  mais  avec  l'espoir  de  nous  revoir. 

Le  mardi,  des  le  matin,  plusieurs 
groupes  se  fonneut  pour  visiter  les  uns 
les  grands  musees  ou  la  mervcillcuse  col- 
lection Wallace,  les  autrcs  le  Jardin 
Zoologique  et  les  quartiers  avoisinants, 
pendant  que  d'autres  se  dirigent  vers  le 
Port  et  les  Docks,  ou  vont  tout  simple- 
ment  faire  des  achats  en  ville. 

Le  President  de  l'Association  et  les 
membres  du  Comite  profitent  de  leur 
liberte  relative  pour  rendre  les  visites 
qu'ils  ont  recues  et  aller  remercier  les 
libraires  et  les  personnes  qui  ont  ete  en 
relations  directes  avec  nous  et  ont  con- 
tribue  a  la  bonne  reussite  de  notre 

Partout  nous  sommes  accueillis  fort 
aimablement  et  nous  nous  hatons  pour 
nous  trouver  a  l'heure  au  rendez-vous 
fixe  pour  la  visite  de  la  maison  Cassell 
&  Co. 

Visit  to  Messrs.  Cassell  &  Co. 

After  a  long  and  interesting  account 
of  the  visit  to  Messrs.  Cassell's,  M.  J. 
Rameau,  who  describes  it,  says  : 

En  allant  a  Londres,  l'Association  des 
Commis- Libraires  Francais  n'avait  pas 
pour  but  unique  de  faire  un  voyage 
d'agrement.  Fidele  a  son  programme, 
elle  voulait  mettre  a  profit  ce  voyage  pour 
donner  a  ses  adherents  une  lecon  de 
choses  par  une  idee  de  la  production,  de 
l'edition  anglaise  et,  en  meme  temps, 
etablir  des  relations  amicales  avec  ses 
collegues  d'Outre-Manche. 

Cette  lecon  de  choses,  sollicitee  par 
Mr.  Lee,  directeur  de  la  succursale 
Cassell,  de  Paris,  nous  fut  obtenue  par 
l'entremise  du  tres  amiable  Directeur  des 
services  du  Cercle  de  la  Librairie.  M. 

Lors  de  son  voyage  a  Londres,  en  juin 
dernier,  ce  dernier  fit  part  de  notre  desir 
a  Mr.  Edward  Bell,  President  du  Cercle 
des  Editeurs  anglais.  Celui-ci,  avec  une 
grande  bienveillance,  voulut  bien  prendre 
en  main  notre  cause  et  nous  obtint  par 
Mr.  Golding,  l'un  des  sous-directeurs, 
l'autorisation  de  la  visite  si  interessante 
de  la  Maison  Cassell  &  Co.,  l'une  des  plus 
importantes,  sinon  la  plus  importante 
maison  d'edition  a  Londres,  dont  nous 
connaissons  tous  la  filiale  de  Paris.  Nous 
renouvelons  ici,  a  chaemi  de  ces  Mes- 
sieurs, l'assurance  de  notre  vive  gratitude 
pour  la  belle  lecon  qu'ils  nous  ont 

Nous  avons,  en  France,  des  maisons 
d'edition  considerables,  mais  aucune,  ne 
possede  semblable  organisation  et  ne 
reunit  tous  les  services  de  fabrication 
mecanique  que  nous  venons  de  voir, 
depuis  la  fonte  du  caractere  jusqu'a  la 
mise  en  vente  du  livre. 

Avant  de  partir,  par  une  delicate 
attention.  Mr.  Bovit  fait  distribuer  a 
chacun  de  nous  le  numero  de  The  World's 
It'i')/,'  qui  rend  compte  de  1' Exposition 
franco-britaunique,  et  e'est  avec  nos  vifs 
remerciements  que  nous  quittons  la 
Maison  Cassell  &  Co.  En  la  quittant, 
nous  emportons  la  forte  impression  d'une 
puissance,  d'une  action,  d'une  direction 
auxquelles  nous  rendons  honimage  et  qui 
se  font  sentir  dans  le  monde  entier  par 

des  succursales  etablies  a  Paris,  New 
York,  Melbourne  et  Toronto. 

(Then  follows  a  long  account  of  a  visit 
to  the  Exhibition.) 

Good  Wishes  from  Edinburgh 

Voici  maintenant  le  dernier  diner  pris 
en  commun  ;  il  faut  songer  a  partir. 
Avant  de  quitter  Londres  nous  avons  soin 
de  ne  pas  oublier  nos  amis  d'Ecosse  et 
nous  adressons  a  Mr.  D.  Haldane. 
secretaire  de  1' Edinburgh  Assistant  Book- 
sellers' Association  un  telegramme  de 
cordiale  sympathie.  M.  Minoggio,  de  la 
maison  Hachette,  a  l'amabilite  de  venir  a 
l'hotel  nous  faire  ses  adieux,  et  non  sans 
regrets,  il  faut  nous  dinger  vers  la  gare. 

Nous  y  trouvons  tous  nos  amis  venus 
nous  serrer  la  main  encore  une  fois,  et 
\  nous  dire  au  revoir,  et  au  revoir  e'est  bien 
ce  qu'il  convient  de  dire,  car  des  liens 
d'amitie  et  de  sympathie  sont  maintenant 
:  etablis  entre  les  collegues  francais  et  les 
collegues  anglais,  et  ces  liens  dureront 
toujours,  comme  le  souvenir  de  l'aimable 
reception  qui  nous  a  ete  faite. 

Aussi  merci  a  vous,  amis  Barwick. 
Beet,  Chaundy,  Cooper,  Crockett,  Hobbs, 
Rymer,  Watson,  sans  oublier  l'aimable 
Mr.  Murphy  et  nos  collegues  francais. 
MM.  Kruger  et  Delaire,  merci  du  fond  du 
cccur  a  tous  nos  camarades  anglais  et  a 
M.  Denny,  le  president  du  Comite.  merci 
a  vous  tous  qui  avez  fait  le  possible  et 
1  'impossible  pour  nous  etre  agreables. 
Soyez  contents,  vous  avez  parfaitement 

Mais  les  trams  partent :  un  dernier 
"  Good  bye,"  et  bientot,  nous  sommes 
loin.  Nous  arrivons  a  Douvres,  en  pleine 
nuit,  la  mer  est  un  peu  agitee  :  cependant 
la  traversee  s'effectue  sans  incidents,  par 
un  superbe  clair  de  lune.  A  Calais,  nous 
prenons  vite  place  dans  les  trains  de 
Paris  et  a  l'arrivee,  nous  nous  quittons  a 
la  hate,  afin  de  profiter  des  quelques 
heures  fibres  pour  dormir  mi  peu  avant  de 

Plusieurs  semaines  se  sont  eeoulees 
depuis  notre  retour  et  cependant  nous 
songeons  toujours  a  la  clialeureuse  re- 
ception qui  nous  fut  faite  dans  cette 
immense  ville.  Nous  conservons  le 
souvenir  des  amities  ebauchees.  le  regret 
de  n'avoir  pu  qu'entrevoir  cette  vie 
affairee  si  intense,  ces  musees  et  ces 
monuments  si  interessants  et  surtout 
1  espoir  de  voir  un  jour  en  France  nos 
amis  anglais. 

According  to  The  Bookman  Mr.  W.  L. 
Courtney  has  written  a  new  play — one 
that  deals  with  Brittany  and  Breton 
legends — which  is  at  present  hi  the 
hands  of  Miss  Evelyn  Millard.  Three  or 
four  of  the  plays  in  his  "  Dramas  and 
Diversions  "  have  been  put  upon  the 

January  9,  1909        The    Publishers'  Circular 


Notes  and  Announcements 

Messrs.  Longmans.  Green  &  Co.  are 
preparing  for  publication,  during  the 
coining  spring,  five  volumes  in  a  new  one 
shilling  net  series  of  Anglican  Chinch 
Handbooks,  edited  by  the  Rev.  W.  H. 
Griffith  Thomas,  D.D.  The  object  of  the 
series  is  to  present  to  Church  people,  in  a 
cheap  and  readable  form,  a  trustworthy 
account  of  the  History,  Faith,  Worship, 
and  Work  of  the  Church  of  Christ  in 
general,  and  the  Church  of  England  in 
particular.  The  titles  of  forthcoming 
volumes  are :  "  Christianity  and  the 
Supernatural  "  ;  "  Social  Work  "  ;  "  Pas- 
toral Work  "  ;  "  The  Joy  of  Bible 
Study  "  ;  and  "  Old  Testament  Theo- 

Her  Majesty  the  Queen  of  Spain,  as 
well  as  His  Majesty  the  King  of  Portugal, 
ordered  copies  of  Queen  Alexandra's 
Christmas  Gift  Book  direct  from  Mr. 
Thatcher,  College  Green,  Bristol ;  the 
copies  were  specially  bound  by  Mr.  H. 
Frowde.  Oxford  Press.  His  Majesty 
King  Edward  VTX  accepted  a  copy  of 
the  photograph  of  Mr.  Thatcher's  shop 
window  specially  dressed  with  Queen 
Alexandra's  Christmas  Gift  Book. 

The  earliest  of  the  serious  books  to 
be  issued  in  1909  is  that  on  the  present 
condition  and  progress  of  "The  South 
African  Natives,"  which  Mr.  Murray 
publishes  at  once.  It  has  been  prepared 
by  the  Native  Races  Committee,  and 
contains  a  special  chapter  on  the  adminis- 
tration of  natives  by  Sir  Godfrey  Lagden, 
whose  inestimable  services  durhig  the 
War  are  not  likely  to  be  forgotten.  The 
book  makes  a  thoughtful  study  of  the 
questions  of  labour,  land,  education,  and 
taxation,  so  far  as  they  affect  the  South 
African  natives.  Its  publication  is  singu- 
larly opportune,  synchronising  as  it  does 
with  the  Congress  on  native  affairs  to 
be  held  during  January  in  Cape  Town. 

The  forthcoming  number  of  The 
Quarterly  Review,  to  be  published  on 
January  14th,  will  contain  articles  on 
several  subjects  of  immediate  public 
interest — the  Territorial  Force.  the 
question  of  a  Minimum  Wage,  Motor- 
car Legislation,  Female  Suffrage  (by 
Professor  Dicey),  the  Care  of  the  Feeble- 
minded (by  Dr.  Savage),  and  the 
Turkish  Revolution  (by  Dr.  Dillon). 
History  and  Biography  are  represented 
by  articles  on  Sir  Henry  Wotton  (Mr. 
Pearsall  Smith's  "Life"),  the  influence 
of  Religion  on  Politics  hi  Ancient  Egypt 
(by  Mr.  Weigall,  a  distinguished  member 
of  the  "  Service  des  Antiquites  in  Egypt), 
the  Foundation  of  the  Third  Republic 
(based  on  the  work  of  M.  Hanotaux, 
by  Sir  Ernest  Satow),  Herodotus  (Dr. 
Macan's  edition,  by  Mr.  Grundy),  and 
Irish  History  as  treated  by  Mrs.  Green 
and  others  (by  Mr.  R.  Dunlop).  Among 
literary  subjects,  the  Poet  Laureate 
contributes  an  article  comparing  Dante 
and  Milton  ;  Mr.  Escott  discusses  Antony 
Trollope,  whose  lasting  popularity  is 
attested  by  numerous  recent  reprints, 
and  Mr.  Henry  Newbolt  criticises  Mr. 
Hardy's  historical  drama  "  The  Dynasts," 
under  the  title  "  A  New  Departure  in 
English  Poetry."    This  being  the  cen- 

[  tenary  year  of  the  birth  of  Charles  Darwin 
and  of  The  Quarterly  Review,  a  special 
centenary  number,  containing,  among 
other  things,  a  history  of  The  Quarterly 
Review     and    articles    on  Darwinism 

j  from  various  points  of  view,  will,  it  is 

I  hoped,  be  published  in  April. 

Messrs.  Henry  Young  &  Sons,  an- 
'  nounce  that  they  will  shortly  publish 
I  another  work  by  the  octogenarian 
j  Liverpool  author,  William  Lowes  Rushton , 
j  entitled  ' '  Shakespeare  and  the  '  Arte 
',  of  English  Poesie,'  "  inwhich  Mr.  Rushton 
j  proves  by  many  examples  Shakespeare's 

indebtedness  to  that  famous  Elizabethan 


The  two  pictures  by  the  late  James 
McNeill  Whistler  wliich  are  being  ex- 
hibited at  the^Royal  Academy  in  the 
collection  of  *the  late  Mr.  George 
McCulloch,  are  reproduced  in  the  "Life"  of 
the  artist  by  Mr.  and  Mrs.  Pennell,  lately 
published  by  Mr.  Heinemann.  The  two 
pictures  in  question  are  the  very  fine 
portrait  of  Whistler  by  himself,  which 
forms  the  frontispiece  to  the  second 
volume,  and  the  upright  Valparaiso 
Nocturn,  which  is  one  of  some  90  illus- 
trations in  the  first  volume. 

A  book  with  a  second-hand  middle- 
aged  bookseller  for  its  hero,  or  say 
principal  character,  is  a  bit  of  a  novelty, 
but  this  is  what  Mr.  Teignmouth  Shore's 
new  story  "  A  Soul's  Awakening,"  just 
published  by  Mr.  John  Long,  is.  And 
it  is  a  capital  book,  too,  one  which  we  can 
heartily  recommend  to  our  readers,  the 
booksellers.  Arthur  Murchant,  of  the 
j  little  dark  bookshop  in  Turnmill  Lane, 
j  Holborn,  is  a  fine  character,  well-drawn, 
and  the  picture  of  the  dawn  of  a  great 
happiness  coming  into  Ins  humdrum  life 
and  its  simset  in  sorrow  is  a  bit  of  good 
and  true  work. 

"  As  yet  South  America  is  scarcely 
producing  her  own  literature,  though  she 
is  a  great  reader  of  fiction  and  other 

;  lighter  books.  It  will  be  interesting  to 
see  which  of  the  old  countries  will  ulti- 
mately supply  most  books  to  South 
American  readers.  One  would  say  Spain, 
for  the  language  of  South  America  is 
Spanish,  but  then  Spain  is  not  exactly 
producing  the  books  wliich  South  America 
wants.     Next  one  would  say  France, 

!  because  French  fiction  is  perhaps  nearest 
the  taste  of  the  light-hearted  South 
American  reader.  There,  again,  how- 
ever, our  English  tongue  comes  in  to  help 
us,  for  next  to  Spanish,  it  is  best  known 
in  South  America." — The  Book  Monthly. 

Antiquaries  and  others  interested  in 
j  old  Leases,  Releases,  Mortgages,  Wills, 
I  Probates,    Titles,    Conveyances,  Agree- 
!  ments,   Contracts,   Feoffments,  Defeaz- 
ances,  et  hoc  genus  omne,  should  note  that 
J  Mr.  James  Coleman,  of  Tottenham  Ter- 
race, White  Hart  Lane,  Tottenham,  has 
I  a  lot  of  such   documents  relating  to 
j  Middlesex  for  sale.    He  is  doing  good 
service  hi  paging  his  lists  continuously 
;  "in  order  to  form  a  volume  of  reference 
J  for  the  genealogist  and  topographer." 

Mr.  William  J.  Locke's  new  novel, 
"  Septimus  "  will  bet  published  next 
week  by  Mr.  Murray.  The  central 
character,  after  whom  the  novel  is  named, 
is  a  harmless  and  irresponsible  inventor. 
Readers  of  Mr.  Locke's  earlier  books 
will  be  prepared  for  some  excellent 

"  Sweet  Peas  and  How  to  Grow 
Them  "  is  the  title  of  a  well-illustrated 
volume  written  by  Mr.  H.  H.  Thomas, 
editor  of  The  Gardener,  which  Messrs. 
Cassell  publish.  It  gives  practical  advice 
on  all  phases  of  the  subject,  and  tells  how 
to  grow  sweet  peas  for  home  and  garden, 
as  well  as  for  exhibition,  how  to  raise 
new  varieties,  and  has  a  special  chapter 
entitled  "  The  Beginner's  Guide  to  Sweet 
Pea  Growing."  Whether  in  the  garden 
or  for  table  decoration,  the  sweet  pea  is 
one  of  the  joys  of  life. 

On  January  15th  Messrs.  Cassell  will 
publish  a  popular  shilling  edition  of 
Maurice  Hewlett's  novel,  "The  Spanish 

"  Gardening  hi  the  North  "  (Cassell) 
is  the  title  of  a  volume  by  Mr.  S. 
Arnott  and  Mr.  R.  P.  Brotherston,  which 
deals  in  a  thorough  and  workmanlike 
manner  with  the  subject. 

Among  the  best  of  the  book  reviews 
given  by  the  illustrated  papers  are  those 
in  The  Illustrated  Sporting  and  Dramatic 
News,  which  has  been  established  over 
thirty-five  years,  and  is  every  week  more 
attractive  than  ever.  If  a  prize  were 
offered  for  getting  the  best  results  out 
of  printing  half-tone  process  blocks,  the 
staff  of  the  S.  &  D.  would  come  out  very 
close  to  the  bald  spot. 

Messrs.  Gowans  &  Gray,  Ltd.,  of 
London  and  Glasgow,  have  recently 
published  at  6d.  net,  a  wonderful  httle 
edition  of  "  Las  Cien  M^jores  Poesias 
(Liricas)  de  la  lengua  Cistellana  "  (the 
Hundred  Best  Poems  (Lyrics)  in  the 
vSpanish  Language).  It  is  a  beautifully 
prhited  httle  volume  of  350  pages,  and 
ranges  over  the  whole  history  of  vSpanish 
poetry,  exclusive  of  the  work  of  living 

On  January  nth,  hi  the  "Great 
Cities  of  the  World  "  series,  Mr.  T.  Fisher 
Unwin  will  publish  a  book  by  Mr.  E.  A. 
Reynolds- Ball,  entitled  "  Paris  in  its 
Splendour."  It  is  an  attempt  to  give  a 
general  impression  of  Paris  past  and 
present,  and  of  the  more  striking  features 
of  the  social  life  of  the  city  to-day.  It 
presents  in  a  readable  and  attractive 
form  a  large  amount  of  information  about 
the  history,  the  people  and  the  buildings 
of  Paris,  and  has  many  illustrations. 

"  The  Industrial  and  Commercial 
Influence  of  the  English  Patent  System  " 
is  dealt  with  by  Mr.  A.  F.  Ravenshear  hi  a 
volume  wliich  Mr.  T.  Fisher  Unwin  will 
publish  on  January  nth.  The  subject 
of  patents,  and  especially  their  effect 
upon  British  industries,  has  for  some  time 
been  prominently  before  the  public. 


The    Publishers'  Circular 

January  9,  1909 



Love  and  a  Woman 


A  story  of  an  artist  and  a  girl.     Contains  a  very  clever  presentation  of  the  Lyceum 

Club  and  its  Members. 


The  Adventures  of  Louis  Blake 


A  deeply  interesting'  story  of  an  Adve  nturer  in  the  South  Seas. 


Camp  Fines  on  Desert  and  Lava 

BY  WILLIAM  T.  HORNADAY.   120  Illustrations.   16s.  net. 

A  narrative  of  unique  experience  in  the  trackless  deserts  of  Arizona. 


The  Selborne  Society  has  revived  the 
old  title  of  its  magazine,  which  will 
henceforth  be  called  The  Selborne 
Magazine  {and  Nature  Notes),  and  will 
be  published  by  Messrs.  George  Philip 
&  Son,  Ltd.,  of  32,  Fleet  Street,  E.C. 
All  communications  with  regard  to  the 
Society  should  be  addressed  to  the 
Honorary  General  Secretary  of  the 
Selborne  Society,  20.  Hanover  Square, 
London,  as  heretofore. 

In  view  of  the  production  by  Miss 
Julia  Neilson  and  Mr.  Fred  Terry  of 
Mr.  William  Devereux's  play,  "  Henry 
of  Navarre,"  at  the  New  Theatre,  on 
January  7th,  Messrs.  Greening  inform 
us  that  they  are  publishing  a  novel  by 
Miss  May  Wynne,  entitled  "  Henry  of 
Navarre,"  which  deals  with  the  story 
of  Mr.  Devereux's  play.  Messrs.  Greening 
are  also  issuing  a  cheap  edition  of  Miss 
Wynne's  story,  "  A  Maid  of  Brittany." 

Mr.  M.  P.  Shiel's  new  novel  "  The 
Isle  of  Lies,"  which  Mr.  Werner  Laurie 
is  about  to  publish,  tells  how  an  enthu- 
siastic professor  daringly  possesses  him- 
self of  a  "  Stele  "  thousands  of  years  old, 
the  prized  possession  of  an  Egyptian 
convent,  and  being  unable  to  decipher  all 
that  is  engraved  upon  it,  conceives  the 
idea  of  bringing  up  a  son  in  such  fashion 
that  he  shall  have  god-like  capacities  and 
be  able  to  make  out  the  inscription. 
Consequently  he  marries  a  carefully 
selected  woman,  and  when  a  son  is  born 
he  takes  him  away  to  a  remote  island, 
and  there  by  a  most  elaborate  series  of 
deceptions  brings  him  up  in  the  belief 
that  there  are  no  limits  to  the  power  of 
man.  On  his  nineteenth  birthday  the  young 
man,  gifted  with  extraordinary  powers 
and  extraordinary  ignorance,  and  having 
never  seen  anyone  but  his  father,  whom 
he  believes  omnipotent,  escapes  into  the 
world,  and  makes  a  rare  sensation. 

Mr.  Werner  Laurie  is  also  shortly 
publishing  Mr.  Ranger  Gull's  new  novel 
"A  Gentleman  from  Portland,"  which 
concerns  a  millionaire  philanthropist  and 
a  beautiful  girl. 

"  Fishes  from  Islands  of  the  Philippine 
Archipelago "  is  the  title  of  part  of 
Volume  XXVII.  of  the  Bulletin  of 
the  United  States  Bureau  of  Fisheries. 
It  is  by  Dr.  David  S.  Jordan  and  R.  Earl 
Richardson.  Twelve  of  the  fish  described 
are  said  to  be  new  to  science. 

Miss  Florence  Warden's  latest  novel 
is  entitled  "  The  Case  of  Sir  Geoffrey," 
and  it  is  now  being  published  by  Mr. 
John  Long.  It  is  described  as  a  tale  of 
mystery,  and  the  plot  is  constructed  on 
most  original  lines,  which  will  perplex  and 
baffle  the  most  astute  reader  of  stories 
of  crime. 

Messrs.  Passmore  &  Alabaster,  4, 
Paternoster  Buildings,  London,  send 
their  two  popular  Almanacks  for  1909. 
Spurgeon's  Book  Almanack,  which  has 
been  issued  for  more  than  fifty  years, 
contains  bright  articles  by  C.  H.  Spurgeon 
and  others,  while  the  texts  have  been 
selected  by  the  Rev.  Thos.  Spurgeon 
during  his  illness.  Jolm  Ploughman's 
Sheet  Almanack  always  finds  a  welcome, 
with  its  racy  proverbs  and  words  of 
kindness  for  man  and  beast.  The  pub- 
lishers also  send  a  copy  of  C.  H.  Spur- 
geon's last  published  Weekly  Sermon, 
and  although  they  will  publish  shortly  the 
fifty-fourth  yearly  volume  of  the  great 
preacher's  discourses,  they  still  have 
enough  manuscripts  to  issue  a  fresh 
sermon  for  nine  or  ten  years  to  come. 
They  will  gladly  send  to  any  reader  a 
specimen  copy  free  on  receipt  of  full 

A  very  useful  classified  list  of  surplus 
books  at  very  cheap  prices  is  issued  by 
Day's  Library,  Ltd.,  96,  Mount  Street, 
Park  Lane.  It  includes  works  in  every 
branch  of  literature,  some  of  which  are 
out  of  print  and  scarce. 

Messrs.  Morgan  &  Scott,  Ltd..  find 
that  much  interest  is  being  taken  hi  their 
finely  illustrated  work  by  Miss  Geraldine 
Guiuess*:  "  Peru  :  Its  .Story,  People,  and 
Religion."  Prominent  men  of  all  shades 
of  opinion  have  written  in  enthusiastic 
terms  about  it. 

The  Price  of  The  Times 
and  its  Management 

For  some  time  past  there  have  been 
persistent  rumours  that  the  price  of 
The  Times  is  to  be  reduced  to  a  penny. 
As  this  is  a  matter  which  affects  a  great 
many  of  our  subscribers  at  home  and 
abroad  who  buy  The  Times  for  customers, 
we  think  that  they  will  be  glad  to  know- 
there  is  no  truth  whatever  in  the  rumour. 
No  change  in  price  is  contemplated. 

The  quality  of  paper  and  type  have 
both  been  recently  greatly  unproved,  and 
further  improvements  involving  large 
expenditure  are  in  course  of  execution. 

Another  equally  baseless  rumour  is  to 
the  effect  that  Mr.  C.  Moberly  Bell  is 
resigning  his  position  as  chief  manager  of 
The  Times,  or  that  he  contemplates  such 
a  step.  The  only  things  at  all  likely  to 
sever  Mr.  Bell's  long  connection  with 
The  Times  would  be  his  death  or  such  an 
illness  as  would  make  work  impossible — 
and  from  such  causes  for  resignation 
may  he,  in  the  one  case  for  many  years, 
and  in  the  other  for  ever,  be  exempt. 

Edinburgh  Book  Notes 

By  "  Edina  " 

Christmas,  with  all  its  looked-for  possi- 
bilities, has  come  and  gone.  We  leave  it 
behind  with  a  sigh,  for  it  has  no  longer 
the  delights  for  us  of  the  good  old  times. 
Then  it  was  possible  to  sell  a  few  nicely 
bound  sets  of  Dickens,  Thackeray,  Scott, 
George  Eliot,  and  the  other  favourite 
authors  ;  but  we  must  now  be  content 
if  we  have  turned  over  a  sufficient  quan- 
tity of  what  a  book  lover  the  other  day 
called  "  Dainty  Nothingnesses. " 

This  has  been  the  distinct  feature  of 
the  Christmas  trade  in  Edinburgh  for 
19O8.  Now,  I  do  not  mean  to  say  that 
we  ought  to  boycott  the  tabloid  literature 
which  has  become  a  craze,  especially  with 
ladies  ;  but  could  only  a  Gulliver  be  found 
whose  satire  would  bite  into  the  heart 
of  this  mannikinizing  age,  there  would 
be  hope  that  the  Lilliputian  ideas  of 
serving  out  the  brains  of  our  greatest 
literary  giants  would  have  an  end  and  a 
truly  noble  quest  for  the  Holy  Grail  of 
literary  endeavour  be  inspired. 

I  am  sure  that  all  members  of  the 
trade  whose  instincts  are  for  the  highest 
and  the  best  of  literature,  alike  in  physical 
and  decorative  qualities,  feel  that  we  can- 
not proceed  much  longer  along  these 
paths  which  have  been  the  fashionable 
promenade  of  the  would-be  bookish 
public  without  meeting  disaster. 

As  I  look  over  the  shelves  of  an 
ordinary  bookshop  I  see  plainly  who  has 
had  to  pay  for  all  the  cheap  reprints  of 
standard  writers  which  came  as  a  deluge 
with  the  introduction  of  the  cylinder 
press.  The  bookseller  has  paid  high  for 
tliis  public  boon  :  but  is  he  to  go  on 
paying  toll  for  an  ungrateful  public  ? 
The  problem  is  before  us.  and  on  the 
manner  we  meet  its  solution  depends  the 
future  well-being  of  the  retailer. 

We  have  to  reckon  with  the  things 
which  are.  but  we  must  also  guess 
shrewdly  the  things  which  are  yet  to  be. 
At  present  we  have  a  large  cult  which 
has,  as  its  first  rule,  that  its  members 


January  9,  1909 

The    Publishers'  Circular 


should  be  conversant  with  a  thousand 
and  one  authors  of  repute,  and  these 
members  have  to  sustain  their  reputation 
as  lovers  of  literature — good  literature — 
by  swallowing  all  the  pilule  nostrums 
which  bear  the  name  of  the  favourites  of 
culture — so-called.  Then,  to  appease 
their  appetite,  they  gobble  up  all  the 
printed  trash  which  issues  under  the 
name  of  fiction.  As  for  history,  it  must 
now  be  dressed  up  in  all  the  tawdryness  of 
secret  intrigue  and  social  scandal.  It 
then  forms  a  favourite  entree.  This 
must  be  followed  with  spicy  tartlets  and 
icings  of  dainty  hue  to  gloat  our  effemi- 
nate taste.  But  what  has  become  of  the 
roast  beef  and  the  haggis-fed  sons  of  the 
pen  ? 

They  have  not  ceased  to  exist.  There 
is  a  Carlyle  trudging  his  way  to  the 
centre  of  literary  greatness  who  is  not 
above  making  his  breakfast  on  a  bowlful 
of  oatmeal  porridge.  Look  out  for  him  ! 

I  looked  out  from  my  study  window 
and  thought  I  recognised  the  man  in  the 
figure  of  Lauchlan  Maclean  Watt,  as  he 
hurried  up  the  street ;  but  he  has  not 
yet  been  sickened  by  the  flesh  pots  of 
Egyptian  days.  He  shoots  straight,  he 
aims  high  ;  but  he  does  not  follow  up 
the  game.  He  must  needs  go  into  the 
desert  awhile.  Then  shall  we  see  him 
come  forth  in  his  strength,  clad  in  rough 
homespun  it  may  be,  but  muscular,  full 
of  action,  knowing  men  and  things  as 
they  really  are. 

"  Auld  Scotland  wants  nae  skinkhig 
ware  that  jaugs  in  luggies."  We  want 
something  tangible,  something  robust, 
something  toothsome,  something  "  kyte- 
riving  " — and  we  mean  to  have  it,  too. 
Behold  the  hour,  and  you  will  see  the 
man  !  There  is  a  Knox  for  every  refor- 
mation, there  is  a  Burns  for  every  heart 
sensation,  there  is  a  Scott  for  every 
re-creation,  there  is  a  Burton  for  our 
confirmation,  a  Stevenson  to  ring  sweet 
tones  of  jubilation. 

Few  readers  of  Stevenson  appear  to 
be  aware  that  the  secret  of  his  style 
(which  was  hailed  as  quite  original)  is 
common  also  to  that  contemporary  of 
Sir  Walter  Scott,  who  was  overshadowed 
by  the  greater  light — John  Gait.  It  was 
as  great  a  surprise  to  me  (as  it  was  to  an 
audience  of  American  ladies,  to  whom 
I  had  to  give  an  impromptu  lecture  on 
the  "  Beauties  of  Stevenson  ")  to  make 
this  discovery.  I  began  to  point  out  his 
intense  appreciation  of  contrast,  when 
I  recalled  a  similar  trait  in  the  earlier 
writer  ;  and,  referring  to  the  works  of 
Gait,  at  once  descried  that  Stevenson  had 
made  a  closer  acquaintance  with  him 
than  had  been  known  to  me. 

This  leads  me  to  observe  that  there 
being  nothing  new  under  the  sun,  we 
may  be  expecting  too  much  originality 
from  the  man  who  is  really  the  leader 
of  a  new  literary  era.  Originality  depends 
on  the  food  and  the  manner  of  its  diges- 
tion. This  is  really  the  secret  which 
underlies  literary  degeneracy— we  are 
suffering  from  Dyspepsia  Literarise. 

Among  the  contributors  to  Mr.  Eve- 
leigh  Nash's  new  Monthly  Magazine  will 
be  Rudyard  Kipling,  Conan  Doyle, 
Anthony  Hope,  Rider  Haggard,  Robert 
Hichens,  H.  A.  Vachell,  and  Halliwell 

Durham  Booksellers' 

MESSRS.  Andrews  &  Co.,  University 
publishers  and  booksellers,  Durham, 
celebrated  their  one  hundredth  anniver- 
sary on  Tuesday,  December  29th,  by 
entertaining  their  staff  to  dinner. 

This  old  established  firm  was  founded 
in  1808  by  George  Andrews  the  elder, 
and  remained  in  his  hands  for  many 
years.  At  his  death  the  business  was 
carried  on  by  his  son  and  daughter, 
George  and  Frances  Andrews.  Miss 
Frances  Andrews  afterwards  married 
Mr.  John  Henry  Le  Keux,  the  famous 
steel  engraver,  who  then  removed  (his 
engraving  business  from  London  to 
Durham,  and  became  a  partner  for 
upwards  of  thirty  years  in  the  firm  of 
Andrews  &  Co.  Mr.  Le  Keux  was  a 
personal  friend  of  Ruskin,  and  illustrated 
several  of  his  works,  notably  "  Modern 
Painters  "  and  "  Stones  of  Venice."  He 
also  taught  the  art  of  engraving  to  the 

Proprietor  of  Andrews  &  Co,  Durham 

late  Mr.  George  Allen,  Ruskin's  publisher, 
and,  indeed,  a  few  years  before  he  died 
presented  Mr.  Allen  with  all  his  engraving 
tools.  He  was  a  great  worker,  and  in 
his  life-time  produced  many  famous 
plates,  among  winch  were  the  well-known 
series,  "  The  Oxford  Almanack,"  Architec- 
tural works  by  Parker  &  Billing,  thirty- 
one  plates  for  a  large  work  on  Trondhjem 
Cathedral  for  the  Norwegian  Govern- 
ment, and  many  others.  He  was  one  of 
the  last  of  the  old  school  of  steel  engravers, 
and  with  him  has  almost  died  out  this 
beautiful  art,  killed  by  the  present  day 
demand  for  the  cheaper  and  quicker 
methods  of  modern  photography — a 
circumstance  much  to  be  regretted.  A 
few  months  before  liis  death  hi  February, 
1896,  the  business  was  purchased  by 
Mr.  Warnford  Smart,  who  was  at  that 
time  manager.  Since  then  it  has  grown 
considerably,  necessitating  the  removal 
to  larger  and  more  convenient  premises, 
and  even  still  further  extensions  until 
at  the  present  day  it  may  truly  be 
considered  one  of  the  finest  businesses 
in  the  North  of  England. 

Messrs.  Andrews  &  Co.  are  the- 
officially  appointed  publishers  and  book- 
sellers of  the  University  Calendar  and 
Examination  Papers.  They  are  also  the 
publishers  for  the  Surtees  Society,  and 
have  at  various  times  issued  other 
notable  works,  among  which  is  Billing's 
"►Antiquities  of  Durham  "  already 
referred  to. 

Staff  Dinner, 
Messrs.  E.  J.  Arnold  &  Son, 

The  firm's  twenty-third  annual  dinner 
to  the  Heads  of  Departments  and 
Travellers  of  this  well-known  school 
supply  house  and  publishing  firm  was 
held  at  the  Leeds  and  County  Liberal 
Club  on  New  Year's  night.  In  the 
absence  of  the  Chairman  of  the  Company, 
Mr.  E.  J.  Arnold,  who  was  slightly  in- 
disposed, the  chair  and  vice-chair  were 
taken  respectively  by  the  other  two 
Directors — Mr.  George  Arnold  and  Mr. 
H.  Wood.  Seventy-three  persons  sat 
down  to  a  first-rate  repast,  and  after  the 
loyal  toast  of  "  His  Majesty  the  King  " 
had  been  duly  honoured,  "  The  Company" 
was  proposed  by  Mr.  Tranter  in  an 
I  excellent  speech,  full  of  quiet  points  of 
j  humour,  and  responded  to  by  the  two 
J  Directors.  A  most  enjoyable  "  Smoker  " 
I  followed,  with  Mr.  J.  Robinson  as  Chair- 
man, all  the  items  of  songs  and  recitations 
being  provided  by  the  staff.  It  is  im- 
possible to  mention  all  who  contributed 
to  a  long  and  excellent  programme,  but 
the  introductory  pianoforte  duet  by 
Messrs.  Womack  and  Tinsdale  deserves 
special  mention.  The  humorous  singing 
of  "  The  Mesmerist,"  followed  by  "  Potts" 
as  an  encore,  of  Mr.  J.  H.  Gilmore 
(who  has  been  in  one  department  of 
the  firm  for  32  years  and  is  now 
manager  of  it)  literally  brought  down 
the  house.  This  "  old  hand  "  was 
followed  by  several  of  the  "  juniors,"  who 
entered  the  firm  as  boys  when  they  left 
school,  and  have  now  reached  positions 
of  importance.  Amongst  these  may  be 
mentioned — Bass  songs  by  Messrs.  W. 
Hornby  and  J.  Tinsdale,  and  comic  songs 
by  Mr.  E.  Charlton.  "  The  Midship- 
mite  "  was  excellently  given  by  Mr.  C. 
Wellings,  an  "  old  hand,"  who  has  been 
with  the  firm  above  24  years,  and  Mr.  T. 
Stones,  another  "  old  stager,"  sang  "  The 
Irish  Emigrant "  with  much  feeling. 
Many  others,  who  are  now  on  the  staff, 
but  have  not  spent  all  their  business 
career  with  the  firm,  contributed  items, 
which  gave  much  pleasure  to  those 

Robert  Louis  Stevenson 

1,500  Sets  of  Ten-Guinea  Edition- 
Sold  by  Messrs.  Casseu,. 
In  our  issue  of  December  19th,  we 
mentioned  that  there  were  less  than 
70  sets  of  the  £10  10s.  edition  of  the 
Pentland  "  Stevenson  "  left,  out  of  an 
edition  of  fifteen  hundred  sets.  By 
December  31st,  Messrs.  Cassell  had  sold 
every  set,  and  the  price  to  the  public- 
is  now  12  guineas.  This  is  not  so  bad 
for  that  much  abused  party  A.D.  1908. 



fhe    Publishers'  Circular 

January  9,  1909 



ElL|S  O 



NeW  Volumes.   January  to  June/09 

Nelson's  1/-  Library 

Blue  Cloth,  Gilt  Top,  Is.  net. 

IDYLLS   OF  THE    SEA  (Jan.  6),  F.  Bullen  I  MAKING    OF   MODERN    EGYPT  (April  7),  Colvin 

SELECTED    ESSAYS  (Feb.  3),  Augustine  Birrell  FROM   THE   CAPE   TO   CAIRO  (May  5),  E.  S.  Grogan 

LIFE   OF    LORD    RUSSELL    OF    KILLOWEN  (March  3)  |  LIFE   OF   ALEXANDER    HAMILTON   (June   2),  Oliver 

Nelsons  7d.  Library 

Red  Cloth,  7d.  net. 

KIPPS   (Jan.  6),  H.  G.  Wells 

Full  of  humour,  pathos,  and  a  wise  philosophy,  no  more  original  and 
delightful  book  than  ••  Kipps"  has  been  published  in  our  time. 

MOONFLEET  (Jan.  20),  J.  Meade  Falkner 

This  is  a  story  of  the  Dorset  coast  in  the  eighteenth  century ;  of  a  smug- 
gling village  and  an  oppressive  squire ;  of  a  vault  in  the  churchyard,  and 
caves  in  the  cliff ;  of  sudden  death  and  hairbreadth  escapes. 

SPRINGTIME   (Feb.  3),  H.  C.  Bailey 

The  threads  of  romance  are  closely  woven,  and  the  interest  never  flags. 
There  is  plenty  of  good  fighting  and  love-making  and  high  adventure. 

FRENCH    NAN   (Feb.  17),  A.  and   E.  Castle 

"  The  tea-cup  times  of  hoop  and  hood"  have  never  been  more  successfully 
rendered  in  fiction.  The  book  is  a  comedy  of  high  society  and  fine  manners. 

THE    FOOD   OF   THE   GODS   (March  3),  H.  G.  Wells 

It  is  the  tale  of  a  discovery  of  a  food  which  develops  the  body  to  a  vast 
size.  There  is  also  a  breathless  romance,  and  no  reader  can  lay  down  the 
book  till  the  last  page  is  turned. 

RAFFLES   (March  17),  E.  W.  Hornung 

Raffles  is  a  gentleman  by  birth  and  education,  a  county  cricketer  by  pre- 
ference, and  an  amateur  cracksman  by  necessity.  The  story  of  his 
adventures  is  highly  ingenious  and  diverting. 

CYNTHIA'S   WAY  (April  7),  Mrs.  A.  Sidgwick 

The  heroine  in  this  tate  is  an  English  girl  of  great  wealth,  who  to  amuse 
herself  goes  to  Germany  and  masquerades  as  a  poor  governess. 

CLARISSA    FURIOSA  (April  21),  W.  E.  Morris 

A  delightful  story  of  politics  and  society,  and  of  an  ill-assorted  marriage 
which  turned  out  well  in  the  long  run. 

LOVE   AND   MR.    LEWISHAM  (May  5),  H.  G.  Wells 

A  story  of  the  trials,  social  and  educational,  of  a  pupil  teacher,  both  in  the 
country  and  at  college  in  London.  We  follow  Mr.  Lewisham  with  a  breath- 
less but  affectionate  interest. 


Mrs.  H.  de  la  Pasture 

In  this  book  we  have  the  story  of  a  young  girl,  half  French,  half  Welsh, 
who  is  left  sole  mistress  of  a  great  house  in  Grosvenor  Square. 

Nelsons  6d.  Classics 

Cloth,  6d.  net. 

GREAT   EXPECTATIONS  (Jan.  6),  Charles  Dickens  I  LES   MISERABLES— I.   (April   21),  Hugo 

GUY  MANNERING   (Feb.  17),  Sir  Walter  Scott  >  LES    MISERABLES    II.   (May  19),  Hugo 

MODERN    PMNTERS  (Selections)   (March   17),  Ri  skin  I  THE    MONASTERY   (June  16),  Sir  Walter  Scott  

Complete  Isists  of  tf>e  above  Jsibraries,  and  advertising  matter  post  free  on  application  to 



January  9,  1909  The 

Publishers'  Circular 


card,  but  what  else  could  one  be  led  to 
expect  from  John  Walker  &  Co.  but 
originality  and  taste  ?  It  is  worth 
mentioning  too  that  the  menu  was  printed 
in  English,  an  innovation  which  was  much 
appreciated.  In  short,  we  must  con- 
gratulate all  concerned  on  another  very 
successful  and  enjoyable  f miction,  and 
we  feel  sure  that  the  expressions  of 
respect  and  good  feeling  heard  on 
Saturday  night  will  be  re-echoed  by 
everybody  who  has  any  business  con- 
nection with  the  firm. 

Second  Annual  Dinner  of 

the  International 
Association  of  Antiquarian 

As  already  announced,  the  second  annual 
dinner  of  the  Association  will  take  place 
at  the  Criterion  on  January  13th.  The 
President  (Mr.  B.  D.  Maggs)  will  take  the 
chair,  and  among  the  guests  will  be  Dr. 
G.  K.  Fortescue  (Keeper  of  the  Printed 
Books,  British  Museum),  Mr.  Barwick 
(Reading  Room,  British  Museum),  and 
Mr.  Herbert  Bailey  (Editor  of  The 
Cennoissem).  The  Chairman  will  pro- 
pose the  toasts  of  "  The  King  "  and 
"  The  Oueen  and  Royal  Family  "  (with 
musical  honours),  and  "  Our  Guests." 
Mr.  Myers  will  propose  the  toast  of  "  The 
Ladies,"  and  Mr.  Tregaskis  will  reply  on 
their  behalf.  Mr.  Wesley  will  propose 
the  toast  of  "  The  Trade  Journals." 
Miss  Kathleen  Kelly  (Mrs.  Henry  Stevens) 
will  give  a  sketch  under  the  title  of 
"  Songs  at  the  Piano,"  and  there  will  be 
songs,  humorous  and  other,  by  Mr.  E- 
Pontis  Bines,  Mr.  Best,  and  Mr.  Harry 
King.  The  evening  will,  in  fact,  be  fully 
occupied  from  start  to  finish.  Tickets 
(6s.  each)  may  be  obtained  from  Mr. 
Karslake,  35,  Pond  Street,  Hampstead.  j 
Ladies  are  specially  invited  to  join,  as  j 
last  year.  Evening  dress  is  to  be  optional.  J 
It  is  hoped  that  many  country  members  1 
will  follow  the  example  of  Mr.  William 
Downing,  of  Birmingham,  who  is  coming 
up,  for  the  second  year  in  succession, 
specially  to  attend  the  dinner. 

in  the  days  that  yet  remain  to  him.  Mr. 
Farlow  Wilson  suitably  responded.  He 
rejoiced  to  know  that  the  fortunes  of  the 
Yard  were  now  in  the  hands  of  young 
men,  who  were  bent  on  restoring  the 
firm  to  its  former  prosperity,  and  he  had 
no  doubt  they  would  succeed. 

The  toast  of  "  The  House  of  Cassell  " 
was  proposed  by  Mr.  Walter  Smith,  the 
Chief  Editor,  and  responded  to  by  Sir 
Clarence  Smith,  Chairman  of  the  Direc- 
tors. In  replying  to  the  toast  of  his 
health,  proposed  by  Mr.  Thomas  Young, 
manager  of  the  Advertisement  Depart- 
ment, Mr.  Spurgeon  said  that  the  year 
closed  hopefully  for  the  business.  Al- 
though 1908  had  been  a  very  trying  year, 
the  outlook  was  full  of  promise.  He 
congratulated  the  travellers  on  the  ex- 
cellent work  they  had  done  during  the 
year  and  he  had  no  doubt  they  would  be 
still  more  successful  in  1909. 

An  Amusing  Anecdote  of 
Dr.  Johnson 

A  WEST  of  England  subscriber  kindly 
sends  us  the  following  anecdote,  which 
he  says  is  told  as  related  by  Peter  Pindar 
(Dr.  Walcot)  in  a  number  of  The  Bath 
Chronicle  published  in  1796.  Se  non  e 
vero,  e  ben  Irovato. 

"  When  Johnson  lodged  at  Kettle 
Hall  in  the  University  of  Oxford  at  a 
Mr.  Thompson's,  a  cabinet-maker,  the 
maid  by  an  unfortunate  mistake  brought 
him  one  day  a  chemise  of  Mrs.  Thomp- 
son's to  put  on  instead  of  his  shirt. 
Contemplating  on  nothing  but  ramblers, 
idlers  and  colossal  dictionaries,  he  shoved 
his  arms  and  head  through  into  the 
lady's  linen  before  he  discovered  his 

"  '  Who  has*  cut  off  the  sleeves  of  my 
shirt  ?  Who  has  cut  off  the  sleeves  of 
my  shirt  ?  '  exclaimed  the  enraged  and 
hampered  moralist  with  stentorian  voci- 
feration, dancing  and  tugging  and  foam- 
ing for  freedom. 

"The  roar  brought  up  poor,  trembling 
Mrs.  Thompson,  who,  with  most  con- 
summate delicacy,  shutting  her  two 
chaste  eyes,  slipped  her  hand  into  the 
room  and  delivered  her  giant  guest  from 
his  enchanted  castle." 

John  Walker  &  Co.'s  Annual 
Dinner  at  the  Hotel  Cecil 

"  The  New  Year  would  not  seem  to 
have  properly  started,  nor  the  Christmas 
season  to  have  properly  finished,  without 
John  Walker  &  Co.'s  Annual  Dinner." 
This  remark,  made  by  one  of  the  visitors 
in  his  speech  on  Saturday  last,  seems  to 
fittingly  indicate  the  characteristics  of 
this  eagerly  anticipated  function.  Once 
more  it  is  our  pleasure  to  chronicle  the 
complete  success  of  this  well-known  firm 
hi  its  social,  as  in  its  commercial,  under- 
takings. Under  the  presidency  of  Mr. 
John  Walker  (than  whom  no  more 
popular  or  genial  Chairman  could  be 
imagined),  some  eighty  gentlemen  en- 
joyed a  banquet  served  in  the  Hotel 
Cecil's  best  manner.  After  the  usual 
loyal  toasts  had  been  duly  honoured,  the 
Chairman  read  many  congratulatory 
telegrams  from  various  absent  friends, 
including  a  "Marconi  wireless"  from 
Mr.  Whitlock  (one  of  the  Directors),  who 
was  en  route  for  the  United  States.  The 
speeches  were  of  the  usual  hearty  spon- 
taneous and  eloquent  character  to  which 
visitors  to  these  banquets  have  been  long 
accustomed.  The  toast  of  "  The  Firm  " 
was  proposed  by  Dr.  Macdonald  Brown, 
and  responded  to  by  Mr.  Walker,  who 
showed  in  his  speech  no  trace  of  pessimism 
— for  the  slump  in  trade  as  indicated  by 
the  Government  returns  seems  to  have 
forgotten  to  pay  an  unwelcome  visit  to 
Warwick  Lane.  "  Indeed,"  said  Mr. 
Walker,  "  we  have  little  to  repine  over, 
and  much  to  be  thankful  for."  Mr.  Jolm 
Walker,  Junr.,  gave  "The  Travellers," 
and  caused  much  laughter  and  applause 
at  the  deft  way  in  which  he  described  the 
characteristics  of  each.  Mr.  Dixon  re- 
sponded in  a  speech  of  great  ability  and 
humour,  and  was  ably  seconded  by  Mr. 
Hess.  Mr.  Barringer  then  proposed 
"  The  Staff,"  and  after  his  usual  jocular 
introduction,  sincerely  thanked  them  for 
their  continued  loyalty  and  devotion,  and 
in  coupling  this  toast  with  the  name  of 
Mr.  Rowe,  he  alluded  to  the  fine  new 
factory  recently  erected  in  Camberwell, 
and  of  which  Mr.  Rowe  is  the  Manager. 
The  response  to  this  was  of  a  sincere  and 
genuine  nature,  and  brought  into  great 
prominence  the  admirable  feeling  in 
existence  amongst  all  sections  in  Far- 
ringdon  House.  In  the  regretted  absence 
of  Mr.  Dow,  the  Chairman  called  upon 
Mr.  Barringer  to  propose  "  The  Visitors," 
which  he  did  in  his  usual  cheery  style. 
The  last  toast,  that  of  "The  Chairman," 
was  proposed  by  Mr.  J.  W.  Johnston,  who 
spoke  of  his  long  business  connection  with 
the  firm,  and  mentioned  that  on  his  late 
trip  to  the  States,  where  he  went  at  the 
invitation  of  the  American  Stationers' 
Society  as  a  delegate  from  the  London 
Stationers'  Society,  he  heard  the  name 
of  Mr.  John  Walker  on  every  side,  and  the 
fact  of  his  friendship  with  Mr.  Walker 
was  an  "  open  sesame  "  to  all  desirable 
quarters.  Mr.  Walker's  response  was 
received  with  great  enthusiasm.  The 
proceedings  were  further  enlivened  with 
music,  songs  and  recitations,  contributed 
by  Messrs.  Carr  Evans,  Quitter,  Burrows, 
Storey,  Sinclair,  Mantell,  and  others, 
whose  efforts  were  much  appreciated. 
We  must  not  omit  a  word  of  praise  to  the 
very  elegant  and  highly  original  menu 

Cassell  &  Co.'s  Annual 
I  raveller's  Luncheon 

The  Annual  Travellers'  Luncheon  of 
Messrs.  Cassell  was  held  on  December 
31st  at  De  Keyser's  Hotel,  under  the 
chairmanship  of  Mr.  Arthur  Spurgeon, 
the  General  Manager.  The  Chairman,  in 
proposing  the  health  of  "  The  Father  of 
the  Yard,"  said  that  Mr.  Farlow  Wilson's 
official  connection  with  the  firm  ter- 
minated with  the  close  of  the  year  after  a 
service  extending  over  more  than  half  a 
century.  During  the  greater  portion  of 
that  period  he  had  been  manager  of  the 
printing  department  and  had  rendered 
true  and  faithful  service.  He  retired  into 
private  life  with  the  hearty  goodwill  of 
all  his  colleagues.  A  special  resolution, 
engrossed  on  vellum,  was  recently  passed 
by  the  Board  of  Directors  expressing 
their  appreciation  of  the  valuable  service 
Mr.  Wilson  had  rendered  to  the  firm 
during  his  long  connection  with  it.  They 
all  wished  him  much  health  and  happhiess 

Canon  Farrar  and  the 

Years  afterwards,  on  the  invitation  of  a 
friend,  I  visited  Westminster  Abbey  with 
a  party  from  a  working-man's  club  in 
Solio,  when  we  were  shown  round  by 
Canon  Farrar.  After  the  Canon  had 
talked  to  us  about  Major  Andre,  whose 
monument  is  in  the  south  aisle,  a  little 
tailor,  who  was  one  of  the  party,  whis- 
pered to  me,  "  The  worthy  Dean  is 
very  interesting,  but  not  very  correct 
in  his  'istory."  Later  we  had  tea  in  the 
hall  of  Westminster  School,  and  my 
friend  said  a  few  nice  words  of  thanks  to 
Canon  Farrar.  Up  jumped  the  little 
tailor  and  said,  "  I  'ad  'oped  to  'ave  'ad 
the  pleasure  of  proposing  the  'ealth  of 
the  worthy  Dean  myself  ;  in  fact,  when 
Colonel    began  I  felt  quite  non- 

chalant !  " — From  "  Some  Memories  of 
My  Spare  Time,  1856-1885,"  by  General 
the  Right  Hon.  Sir  Henry  Brackenbury, 
G.C.B.,  hi  Blackwood's  Magazine. 

B  2 


The    Publishers'  Circular 

January  9,  1909 


Just  Published 


A  Monograph  of  the  Arts   and  Crafts  of   the   Kandyan   Sinhalese   in  the 
Eighteenth  Century,  together  with  an  Account  of  the  Structure 
of  Society,  and  of  the  Position  of  the  Craftsmen. 


D.Sc,  F.L.S.,  F.G.S.,  M.R.A.S. 

Fellow    of    University    College,  London. 

Royal  4to,  about  320  pp.,  with  52  plates  in  colours  and  collotype,  and  140  illustrations  in  the  text,  boards,  £3  3s.  net  ; 
or,  on  hand-made  paper,  the  plates  on  Japanese  vellum,  £5  5s.  net. 

The  Edition  is  limited  to  400  copies  in  the  ordinary  state  and  25  copies  of  the  special  issue. 

dans  les  Pays^Bas  du  XVe  au  XIXe  Siecles. 

Notice  historique  principalement  d'apres  les  donnees  de  la  Collection  Typographique  de  Joh.  Enschede  en  Zonen   a  Haarlem. 

Par  C.  ENSCHEDE.  Imperial  4to.,  pp.  xxxiv  and  404,  with  519  illustrations.    Cloth.  £.5. 

For  many  years  Charles  Enschede,  of  the  house  of  Joh.  Enschede  en  Zonen,  of  Haarlem,  where  he  personally  directs  the  type-foundry, 
has  given  himself  up  to  researches  in  his  rich  archives.  Although  he  knew  of  the  existence  of  many  curious  varieties  in  his  collection  of  old 
matrices,  he  was  surprised  to  discover  a  mass  of  material  which  was  valuable  as  a  history  of  the  arts  of  founding  and  printing  in  the  Low 
Countries.  He  conceived  the  idea  of  pnblishing  the  results  of  his  work,  adding  to  them  the  necessary  commentaries  and  offering  them  in 
a  well-arranged  volume  to  the  book-collector  and  the  historian.  The  execution  of  this  project  met  with  great  difficulties.  One  can  easily 
understand  the  great  expense  necessary  for  the  type-founding  and  the  preliminary  work  for  printing  372  different  examples,  of  which  the  matrices 
date  as  follows:  6  of  the  15th  Century,  9  of  the  16th,  52  of  the  17th  and  305  of  the  i8th.  The  study  of  each  example  brought  a  crowd  of  questions 
which  were  easier  to  ask  than  to  answer.  It  was  thus  that  the  work  of  which  the  original  aim  was  limited  to  the  typographical  collection  of  the 
house  of  Joh.  Enschede  en  Zonen,  acquired  a  more  general  character  and  became  more,  as  the  title  indicates,  a  historical  notice  of  the  type  foundries 
and  their  work  in  the  Low  Countries  from  the  15th  to  the  19th  centuries. 

"Talks  about  Old  London  " 

Memories  of  Charles  Dickens 

What  an  immense  circulation  the  Evening 
News  must  have  ;  and  it  deserves  it,  for 
no  paper  gives  the  public  a  better 
account  of  everything  of  any  public 
interest ;  it  is  a  great  power  in  London 
and  the  South  of  England.  Just  over 
two  years  ago  the  Evening  News  hit  upon 
the  happy  idea  of  giving  every  evening, 
under  the  heading  of  ' '  Talks  about 
London,"  the  reminiscences  of  some 
living  veteran  who  can  tell  us  of  life  as  it 
was  in  London  half  a  century  or  so  ago. 
People  in  every  walk  of  London  life  are 
giving  their  experiences,  and  we  hope 
they  will  continue  to  do  so.  Nowhere 
else  is  to  be  found  such  information, 
and  we  should  tliink  there  would  be  a 
sale  for  one  or  two  volumes  made  up 
from  these  "  Talks,"  which  will  be  in- 
valuable material  for  some  future 

In  the  1 08th  article  of  the  Series,  that 
for  January  2nd,  "  J.  FT  W.,"  a  regular 
playgoer  for  over  half  a  century,  chats 
about  notable  people  he  has  met  in  the 
literary  and  theatrical  world. 

Remembered  Dr.  Johnson 

"  My  grandmother,  who  lived  to  be 
ninety-six,  formed  an  interesting  link 
with  the  past.  She  knew  Dr.  Jolrnson  and 
his  famous  friend  Mrs.  Titrate. 

"  I  remember  her  describing  the  great 
lexicographer  as  '  a  most  disagreeable 
man,'  while  her  opinion  of  Mrs.  Thrale 

was  summed  up  in  the  words  '  a  most 
charming  woman  with  a  very  bad 

Week-ends    ax    Gad's    Hill  Place 

"  I  was  educated  at  King's  College 
School,  where  Charles  Dickens,  the  eldest 
son  of  the  great  novelist,  was  one  of  my 

"  Occasionally  I  spent  a  week-end  at 
Gad's  Hill  Place,  where  Dickens  at  the 
time  was  engaged  in  writing,  I  believe, 
'  Martin  Chuzzlewit. ' 

"  Dickens  made  an  extraordinary  im- 
pression on  my  boyish  mind.  He  seemed 
to  possess  a  weird  power  over  everyone  he 
met ;  there  was  something  oddly  elec- 
trical about  Mm.  One  felt  instinctively 
that  one  was  in  the  presence  of  no 
ordinary  man.  To  me  he  was  extremely 
generous  hi  the  matter  of  half-sovereigns. 

"  A  most  estimable  young  man  was 
Sydney  Dickens,  another  son  of  the 
novelist.  He  was  a  lieutenant  hi  the 
Navy,  and  was  drowned  hi  the  Red  Sea. 

"  He  and  I  spent  a  Christmas  Eve  at 
the  Polygraphic  Hall,  where  Wilbaja 
Frickell,  the  greatest  conjurer  of  the  day, 
was  appearing,  The  Hall  subsequently 
became  Toole's  Theatre,  and  stood  on  the 
site  now  occupied  by  Charing  Cross 

The  Great  Globe 

"  In  the  days  of  which  I  speak  there 
was  an  extraordmary  place  of  entertain- 
ment in  Leicester  Square.  It  was  called 
'  The  GreatjGlobe.' 

"  It  occupied  the  whole  of  the  space 
now  an  enclosed  garden.  '  The  Great 
Globe  '  was  hollow,  and,  standing  on  a 
platform,  the  visitor  beheld  panoramic 
views  of  different  parts  of  the  world. 
The  present  statue  of  Shakespeare  is  on 
the  identical  spot  where  the  platform 

"  A  map-seller  named  Wylde  was  the 
proprietor  of  -  The  Great  Globe.'  How 
he  managed  to  obtain  permission  to  put 
up  such  a  monstrous  thing  in  the  middle 
of  Leicester  Square  was  a  mystery, 
'  except  that  he  was  a  Member  of  Par- 

"  Great  have  been  the  changes  in 
theatreland  within  my  recollection  When 
I  was  young  there  were  not  more  than 
half  a  dozen  theatres  in  the  West  End. 
Now  there  must  be  about  twenty-five. 

"  And  as  theatreland  has  changed,  so 
have  the  tastes  and  habits  of  the  play- 
i  goers.  The  '  gods  '  no  longer  sit  in  their 
shirt  sleeves  or  bring  with  them  bottled 
ale.  or  shy  oranges  at  each  other.  Their 
sedateness  is  wonderful  to  behold. 

"  The  serious  playgoer  of  to-day  is 
more  intellectual  than  liis  predecessors  ; 
but  an  element  of  superficiality  pervades 
the  ranks  of  the  younger  people.  They 
want  only  theatrical  '  kickshaws.'  " 

It  is  always  the  young  who  are — 
I  young.  

Specimen  Copies. — Wc  shall  be  pleased  :o 
j  send  tree  of  charge  a  few  specimen  copies  of  THE 
Publishers'  CIRCULAR  to  any  who  will  apply  for  same 
and  distribute  them  to  the  best  advantage.  Send  a 
postcard  to  Manager,  Publishers'  Circular  Office 
>9,  Adam  Street.  Adelph  .  London,  W  C. 

January  9,  1909 

The    Publishers'  Circular 


The  Booksellers' 
Provident  Institution 

The  monthly  meeting  of  the  Board  of 
Directors  of  the  above  was  held  at  56, 
Old  Bailey,  E.C.,  on  Thursday,  December 
17th.  The  Directors  present  included  : — 
C.  J.  Longman,  Esq.  (in  the  chair), 
Messrs.  C.  A.  Ashley  (Wells  Gardner, 
Darton  &  Co.,  Ltd.),  W.  Bartram  (Long- 
mans, Green  &  Co.),  J.  R.  Blade  (Simp- 
kin,  Marshall  &  Co.,  Ltd.),  J.  Clark,  J. 
Cooper  (W.  &  R.  Chambers,  Ltd.),  J. 
Foster  (Macmillan  &  Co.,  Ltd.),  C.  H. 
Hollingsworth  (Macmillan  &  Co.,  Ltd.),  j 
W.  A.  Kelk  (Longmans,  Green  &  Co.).  F. 
H.  Lamb  (Willing  &  Co.,  Ltd.),  C.  T. 
Langford  (Macmillan  &  Co.,  Ltd.),  A.  W. 
Nott,  F.  J.  Rymer  (Sampson  Low,  Mar- 
ston  &  Co.,  Ltd.),  E.  Shallis  (Macmillan 
&  Co.,  Ltd.),  J.  E.  Stroulger  (Riving-  ; 
ton's),  C.  W.  Whitaker  (J.  Whitaker  &  ! 
Sons,  Ltd.),  and  the  Secretary  (Mr. 
George  Larner). 

The  Secretary  announced  the  receipt, 
since  the  last  meeting  of  the  Board,  of 
donations  to  the  funds  of  the  Institution 
as  follow  : — Messrs.  Longmans,  Green  & 
Co.,  £30;  Messrs.  Simpkin,  Marshall  & 
Co.,  Ltd.,  £21  ;  J.  C.  Francis,  Esq., 
£10  10s.  ;  Messrs.  Macmillan  &  Co.,  Ltd., 
£10  10s.  ;  Messrs.  Wm.  Clowes  &  Son, 
£S  5s.  ;  A.  M.  S.  Methuen,  Esq.,  £5  ;  T. 
G.  Bain,  Esq.,  £2  2s.  ;  Messrs.  W.  &  R. 
Chambers,  Ltd.,  £2  2s.  ;  C.  F.  Clay,  Esq., 
£2  2s.  ;  Messrs.  Crosby,  Lockwood  &  Co., 
Ltd.,  £2  2s.  ;  Messrs.  Eyre  &  Spottis-  | 
woode,  £2  2S.  ;  Henry  Frowde,  Esq.. 
£2  2s.  ;  Henry  Klein au,  Esq.,  £2  2s.  ;  E. 
J.  Layton,  Esq.,  £2  2s.  ;  H.  K.  Lewis, 
Esq.,  £2  2s.  ;  Mrs.  G.  Lock,  £2  2s.  ; 
Messrs.  Nicholls.  White  &  Co.,  £2  2s.  ; 
Bernard  Ouaritch,  Esq.,  £2  2s.  ;  Messrs. 
Seeley  &  Co.,  £2  2s.  ;  Messrs.  Sotheby, 
Wilkinson  &  Hodge,  £2  2s.  ;  Messrs. 
Stevens  &  Haynes,  £2  2s.  ;  Messrs.  Sweet 
&  Maxwell,  £2  2s.  ;  L.  Upcott  Gill,  Esq., 
£1  is.  ;  Messrs.  G.  G.  Harrap  &  Co., 
£1  is.  ;  Henry  Roberts,  Esq.,  £1  is.  ; 
James  Bowden,  Esq.,  £1  is.  ;  and 
Messrs.  Curtis  &  Beamish,  Ltd.,  10s.  6d. 
Subscriptions  to  the  amount  of  £  1 7 1  7s.  4d. 
had  also  been  received  since  the  last 
meeting  of  the  Board.  A  stun  of  £130 
was  voted  towards  the  relief  of  66  mem- 
bers and  widows  of  members. 

It  was  reported  that  the  preparations 
for  the  Annual  General  Meeting,  to  be 
held  at  Stationers'  Hall,  on  Tuesday, 
March  16th,  1909,  at  which  the  Lord 
Mayor  would  speak,  were  well  in  hand. 
The  funds  of  the  Institution  continue  to 
be  in  a  most  satisfactory  condition,  there 
being  an  increase  therein  of  over  £1,000 
compared  with  the  corresponding  period 
of  1907. 

Mr.  H.  W.  Spratt  was  elected  a  mem- 
ber of  the  Institution,  and  a  further 
application  for  membership  was  received. 

The  Secretary  reported  he  had  re- 
ceived the  following  special  amounts  to 
be  divided  as  Christmas  gifts  amongst 
the  recipients  of  relief  from  the  Institu- 
tion : — Wm.  Ellerby  Green,  Esq.,  £7; 
Richard  Bentley,  Esq.,  £3  12s.  6d.  ; 
C.  J.  Longman,  Esq..  £3  10s.  ;  and 
Henry  Hill  Hodgson,  Esq.,  £3  10s.  The 
Board  gave  these  gentlemen  a  vote  of 
thanks  for  their  kindness. 

The  Board  learnt  with  regret  that 
Mr.  J.  W.  Harden  (Messrs.  Rivington's) 

had  resigned  his  position  on  the  Board, 
and  trusted  that  he  might  be  induced  to 
reconsider  his  decision. 

A  hearty  vote  of  thanks  was  accorded 
the  Chairman  of  the  Board  (C.  J.  Long- 
man, Esq.)  for  his  valued  services  during 
the  past  year,  a  continuance  of  his  un- 
tiring devotion  to  the  interests  of  the 

Since  the  meeting  of  the  Board  the 
following  donations  have  been  received  : — 
Messrs.  Wells  Gardner,  Darton  &  Co., 
Ltd.,  £2  2s.  ;  and  Messrs.  Kelly's  Direc- 
tories. £1  is. 

Booksellers'  Catalogues 

Among  the  duties  to  be  discharged  by 
booksellers  or  their  assistants,  none 
perhaps  are  more  important  or  require 
more  skill,  intelligence  and  experience 
than  those  attending  the  compilation  of 
a  catalogue.  In  this  connection  one  is 
surprised  that  no  bibliographer  sets 
about  to  draft  a  few  simple  rules  for  their 
guidance.  Yet  the  subject  is  not  un- 
worthy of  notice.  Indeed,  experience 
proves  that  a  carefully  written  catalogue 
will  bring  in  more  orders  more  quickly 
than  one  in  which  the  bookbuyer  has 
difficulty  hi  ascertaining  whether  it  con- 
tains the  volume  he  is  hunting  for.  It 
may  be  said  that  we  have  catalogue  rules 
in  plenty  ;  but  these  have  been  written 
more  for  the  librarian  and  the  specialist 
than  for  the  bookseller. 

Once  upon  a  time  it  was  thought  that 
there  was  notliing  easier  than  to  make  a 
catalogue.  All  you  had  to  do  was  to 
transfer  the  titles  of  books  to  paper,  add 
the  prices  and  dispatch  the  whole  to  the 
printer.  But  those  who  are  acquainted 
with  the  subject  realise  that  Sheridan's 
joke  about  "  easy  writing  bemg  damned 
hard  reading,"  is  specially  applicable  to 
work  of  that  land. 

The  booksellers'  cataloguer  must  de- 
termine first  of  all  whether  the  volume 
he  is  about  to  catalogue  should  be 
entered  under  the  subject  of  which  it 
treats  or  under  its  author.  This  is  one 
of  the  most  difficult  questions  which  it 
is  his  duty  to  answer,  and  upon  his 
decision  rests  the  usefulness  of  the  cata 
logue.  In  this  respect  a  careful,  in- 
telligent, and  widely-read  assistant  will 
be  of  the  utmost  service  to  his  employer. 
He  should  avoid  such  general  subject 
headings  as  Theology,  History,  Philology, 
Literary  Biography,  &c.  I  have  before 
me  a  bookseller's  catalogue,  divided  into 
subjects,  one  of  which  is  General  Litera- 
ture occupying  7 1  pages  !  There  is  a 
limit  to  human  endurance  even  in  the 
task  of  perusing  a  catalogue  of  second- 
hand books.  Imagine  for  a  moment  the 
trouble  and  waste  of  time  involved  in 
ascertaining  what  this  catalogue  contains 
on,  say,  Scottish  Ballads  or  Wit  and 
Humour.  Yet,  although  it  has  a  subject-  ] 
heading  Bibliography,  I  find  Growall's  j 
"  Three  Centuries  of  English  Book  Trade 
Bibliography,"  Madan's  "  Books  in  Manu-  i 
script."  andMacray's  "Annals  of  the  Bod- 
leian Library  ' '  under  General  ^Literature  !  j 

This  is  an  easy  method  of  making  a  ! 
catalogue,  but  it  does  not  commend  itself  | 
to  the  bookbuyer.    More  definite  subject- 
headings  are  required.     The  assistant 
whose  duty  it  is  to  prepare  the  catalogue 
should  find  out  the^exact  subject  of 

which  the  book  treats,  and  decide 
whether  or  not  it  is  of  more  importance 
than  the  author.  Nothing  but  a  wide 
acquaintance  with  literature  and  a  careful 
study  of  the  best  bibliographies  will 
enable  him  to  do  this.  Where  there  is 
any  doubt  a  cross  reference  may  save  his 
clients  considerable  trouble. 

Cross  references  are  not  used  so  fre- 
quently as  they  ought  to  be.  A  book 
which  might  be  entered  under  the  subject 
or  under  the  author  should  be  put  under 
the  former  with  a  cross-reference  from 
1  the  latter.  Or,  in  the  case  of  an  author, 
some  of  whose  books  should  be  entered 
under  the  subject  of  which  they  treat 
and  others  under  his  surname,  a  cross 
reference  will  be  very  useful.  Take,  for 
example,  P.  G.  Hamerton  ;  some  of  his 
books  would  be  entered  under  Art,  and  a 
few  under  Hamerton,  P.  G.  Clearly,  then, 
if  a  bookseller  desires  his  clients  to  know 
what  books  he  has  by  that  author,  he 
must  insert  after  his  name  in  the  Art 
section  the  entry  See  also  Hamerton, 
P.  G.,  and  after  his  surname  See  also  Art. 

When  the  cataloguer  has  decided 
what  form  the  entry  is  to  take,  he  will 
naturally  turn  his  attention  to  the 
author's  surname.  In  many  cases  it  will 
be  easily  disposed  of,  but  occasionally 
he  will  experience  some  difficulty,  and  a 
few  hints  may  not  be  out  of  place.  As 
regards  the  treatment  of  compound 
names,  librarians  do  not  seem  to  be  in 
agreement.  Mr.  J.  Henry  Quinn  says— 
"  In  the  case  of  English  compound 
names  the  best  course  to  adopt  is  to  give 
the  entries  under  the  last  name  in  all 
cases  "  (Manual  of  Library  Cataloguing, 
page  46),  while  Mr.  James  Duff  Brown, 
in  his  "  Manual  of  Practical  Biblio- 
j  graphy,"  page  102,  writes — "  All  com- 
j  pound  names  to  be  entered  mider  the 
first  word  with  references  from  the  second 
or  other  words."  In  dealing  with  com- 
pound names  stereotyped  uniformity 
is  not  always  to  be  recommended,  but 
one  or  other  of  the  foregoing  rules  should 
be  adopted  and  rigidly  adhered  to.  Or, 
better  still,  the  Booksellers'  Association 
might  take  the  matter  in  hand  and  fix  a 
rule.  More  uniformity  may  be  observed 
in  treating  surnames  with  a  prefix.  All 
English  surnames  beginning  with  a 
prefix  (D\  De,  Le,  Mac,  O',  Van,  &c.) 
must  be  entered  under  such  prefix. 

There  is  a  difference  of  opinion  re- 
garding the  treatment  of  prefixes  to 
foreign  surnames,  but  whatever  rule  is 
adopted  should  be  conscientiously 

In  some  catalogues  the  books  are 
over-described,  while  in  others  they  are 
under-described.  5f||.  It  ■  must  |» be  remem- 
bered that  a  catalogue  of  second-hand 
books  is  not  and  ought  not  to  be  a 
bibliography.  The  labour  properly  ex- 
pended on  the  latter  would  be  useless  on 
the  former.  A  bookseller  should  describe 
his  stock  briefly,  clearly  and  accurately, 
having  in  view  that  other  matters  in- 
valuable to  the  literary  student  and  the 
bibliophile  are  quite  out  of  place  in  his 
catalogue.  The  object  of  the  catalogue 
is  to  sell  the  books  and  to  sell  them  by 
fair  and  intelligent  representations.  Any 
special  description  is  best  given  in  a 
separate  note  set  in  smaller  type.  In 
this  note  it  may  be  mentioned  whether 
there  is  a  bookplate. 


The    Publishers'  Circular 

January  9,  L9°9 

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(Open  January  to  March,  1909.) 

THE    .  . 

Mcculloch  collection  of  modern  art 

The  Most  Important  and  Best  Exhibition  of  Modern  Pictures 
ever  held  in  London. 





VIRTUE  &  CO.,  7,  City  Garden  Row,  City  Road,  London. 


CONTENTS  of  No.  for  JAN.  9,  1909, 

NOTES  : — John  Owen  the  Epigrammatist — Manor  of  Xeyte — Inscriptions 
in  Jerusalem — Baltimore  and  "  Old  Mortality  "  Patersons — The  Brill, 
Somers  Town — A  Poem  attributed  to  Bonefons — Curious  Heriots. 

QUERIES  : — "  The  Wooset  " — "  Christmas  pig  " — Lascar  Jargon — Nyrn 
and  "  Humour  " — "  Proxege  and  Senage  " — Mrs.  Oliphant's  "  Neigh- 
bours on  the  Green  " — Pierrepoint's  Refuge,  St.  James's  Street — 
"  Plato  Redivivus  " — Garlick  :  Onions  for  Purifying  Water — IsingLss 
used  in  Windows — Coningsby  :  Ferby — Edward  Barnard — George 
Prior,  Watchmaker — "  Clasket  " — Authors  Wanted — Richard  Thomp- 
son, Surgeon,  R.N. — Village  Names  Feminine — Cross  at  Higham-on- 
the-Hill — Dutton  Seaman,  City  Comptroller — Thomas  Haggerston 
Arnott — Britten — Chantrey  and  Oliver,  Miniaturists. 

REPLIES  : — Phillis  Wheatley  and  her  Poems — Speakers  of  the  House  of 
Commons — The  Tyburn — The  Curious  House,  Greenwich — Authors  of 
Quotations  Wanted — Hawkins  Family  and  Arms — Adrian  Scrope — 
"  Comether  " — New  Zealand  Fossil  Shells — Ernisius  :  a  Proper  Name — 
Philip  Stubbs — Edward  Young,  Author  of  "  Night  Thoughts  " — 
"  Waney  "  Timber — Bandy  Leg  Walk — Shoreditch  Family — The  Guard 
Aloft — "  Shibboleth  " — Charles  Crocker,  Poet — Scottish  -is  and  -es  in 
Proper  Names — Lord  Beaconsfield  and  the  Primrose — E.  P.  Holt, 
Painter  —  Gainsborough's  Wife  —  Isabella  Lickbarrow  —  "  Love-a-la 
Mode  " — Roman  Law. 

NOTES    ON    BOOKS  :— -Lady  Priestley's  "  Story  of  a  Lifetime  "  — 

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Demy  Svo.     Price  7/6  net. 
A.  TREHERNE  &  CO.,  Ltd.,  12,  York  Buildings,  Adelphi,  W.C. 

Most  curious   Book  about  Japan! 

Published  by 
MAX  NOSSLER  &  CIE,  in  Yokohama. 

Revised  and  Enlarged  Edition  of 


By  Y.  K.  DE  BECKER. 

One  Volume  of  about  450  pages,  containing  a 
large  number  of  unique  and  beautifully  coloured 
Illustrations.  Artistically  bound  in  cloth,  embossed 
in  gold  and  colours. 

The  text  printed  on  superior  paper,  size  7  by  9. 

Price  £1    1    10    SO  Mark. 

All  enquiries  to  be  addressed  to — 


The  noul  per/ecf  Aibitin  tvfr  (mGliVieri. 
Size  14i  Inches  square.  °  ^ 

2  I      3  f 

I  -3  a  1 

>    t  < 

! , 



'  / 










✓  \ 


/  ■ 


■  r'' 

■  'V;' 

/  N 

2  5 

?  1 

Reduced  facsimile  of  pftga 
Showing  how  opening*  for  Cards  are  cut  < 

Mny  be  had  of  all  Wholexilt  Bow  or  from 






on  Application. 



WANTED,  Books  or  Pamphlets  on  Angling, 
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B.  Fearing,  Newport,  R.I.,  U.S.A.  (Reference 
permitted  to  Editor,  Publishers'  (  ircular.) 


How   to    make  Knots,  is.  net.  78 

pages,  100  illustrations.    All  about 
ft  yjff'         Knots,  Splices,  Blocks,  etc. 
£^ifi£i*».     Morse  Model  and  Cards.  1s.  net.  Card 
■     -»  Model  to  learn  J rorse  Signalling  and 

Set  of  Cards  with  Signs.  ' 
Semaphore  Cards.  3d.  net.    Pack  of 
Cards  giving  correct   position  for 
signalling  with  "  Wig  Wags." 
Signal  Reminder.    9d.  net.    How  to 

learn  all  methods  of  Signalling. 
Signal   Handkerchief.  6d.  net.  Learn 
Mprjcz**        to  Signal  by  having  this  in  your  ou  tfit. 

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please  mention  the  "  P.C." 

January  9,  1909  TIlC 

Publishers'  Circular 


Booksellers  differ  to  some  extent  in 
regard  to  the  order  in  which  they  enu- 
merate the  features  of  their  books,  and  as 
regards  this  point  it  is  inadvisable  to 
lay  down  any  hard  and  fast  rule.  Of 
course,  the  number  of  the  item  or  lot 
will  come  first,  and  be  followed  either  by 
the  subject  or  the  surname  of  the  author 
with  his  Cliristian  name  or  the  initials 
of  it.  The  other  particulars  might  be 
given  thus  : — ( 1 )  Full  or  condensed  title 
of  the  book  ;  (2)  number  of  volumes  if 
more  than  one  ;  (3)  whether  maps,  illus- 
trations or  other  insets ;  (4)  style  of 
binding;  (5)  condition  of  the  book 
(unless  it  is  intimated  on  the  title-page 
that  all  books  are  in  "  good,  sound,  clean 
condition  ")  ;  (6)  the  size  ;  (7)  the  price  ; 

(8)  place  of  publication  (excluding  Lon- 
don,   which   is   generally   understood)  ; 

(9)  the  date. 

The  front  or  title-page  of  the  cata- 
logue ought  to  give  a  brief  description 
of  the  contents  of  the  publication. 
Some  bookbuyers  do  not  go  beyond  the 
title-page,  and  if  it  does  not  suggest  any- 
thing in  their  line  they  destroy  the  whole 
catalogue.  A  fair  amount  of  skill  and 
ingenuity  can  be  displayed  hi  the  com- 
position of  the  title-page.  Briefly,  it 
should  note  all  the  important  subjects 
and  authors  mentioned  in  the  catalogue, 
and  be  followed  with  particulars  of  the 
method  employed  in  its  compilation. 

Catalogue  readers  are  usually  busy 
men  who  have  acquired  the  habit  of 
skimming  over  pages  with  lightning 
rapidity,  and  the  booksellers  would  do 
well  to  have  some  uniform  method  of 
cataloguing  their  books. 

James  B.  Thomson. 


Australia  Bombards  U.S. 
Battleship  Fleet  with 
Post  Cards 

Australia's  enthusiasm  over  the  recent 
visit  of  the  United  States  battleship  fleet 
broke  forth  in  many  ways,  including 
elaborate  post  cards  commemorating  the 

Many  of  the  postcards  show  careful 
and  ingenious  designs,  in  which  the  inter- 
twined American  and  Australian  flags 
are  the  central  feature.  There  are  also 
coloured  representations  of  the  battle- 
sliips,  pictures  of  Uncle  Sam,  with  verses 
and  welcoming  mottoes.  Two  of  them 
bear  the  words  and  music  of  "  Hail 
Columbia  "  and  "  Yankee  Doodle."  and 
one  of  the  most  elaborate  has  the  follow- 
ing verse  : 

Welcome,  brave  kinsmen 
From  o'er  the  broad  ocean, 
Hearts  warm  with  friendship 

Extend  the  glad  hand. 
Speaking  the  tongue  of  your 
Own  mother  country, 
Brothers,  not  strangers, 

You'll  find  in  our  land. 

Others  have  legends  such  as  "  Good 
wishes  from  the  land  of  the  Golden 
Fleece  to  the  Stars  and  Stripes,"  "  Aus- 
tralia Greets  America,"  &c. 

Mention  the  "  P.C."— Our  readers  who  order  books, 
&c  ,  they  seementioned  oradvertised  in  Tiik  PUBLISHER'S 
Circular  wi  Idouta  great  service  if  they  will  mention 
the  fact  to  the  Publishers  and  Wholesale  Agents 

Sir  Walter  Scott  and 

Writing  from  Edinburgh  to  Mrs. 
Clephane,  in  1818,  Scott  says  : — 

"  Our  principal  amusement  here  is 
Blackwood's  Magazine,  which  is  very 
clever,  very  rash,  very  satirical,  and, 
what  is  rather  uncommon  nowadays 
when  such  superlatives  are  going  in — very 
aristocratical  and  Pittite.  The  con- 
ductors are  John  Wilson  and  John  Gibson 
Eockhart.  The  former,  well  known  by 
his  poems,  is  very  clever  but  somewhat 
whimsical.  Eockhart  is  a  very  clever 
fellow,  well  informed  in  ancient  and 
modern  lore,  has  very  good  maimers,  and 
is,  I  think,  likely  to  make  a  very  dis- 
tinguished figure  in  society.  They  have 
made  themselves  hated,  but  at  the  same 
time  feared,  by  the  Edinburgh  Whigs, 
who  are  so  much  accustomed  to  have  all 
the  satire  and  fun  their  own  way  that 
they  stare  a  little  at  finding  their  own 
batteries  occupied  and  turned  against 
them.  I  hate  personal  satire  myself — it 
is  a  clumsy  weapon  and  seldom  fails  to 
recoil  on  those  who  use  it.  But  yet  those 
who  have  set  the  example  in  such  a  kind 
of  warfare  are  not  entitled  to  consider 
themselves  as  ill-used  when  met  by 
sharpshooters  of  their  own  description." 
— From  ' '  Some  Betters  of  Sir  Walter 
Scott,"  in  Blackwood's  Magazine,  the 
writer  of  which  makes  it  clear  that  the 
real  Editor  of  the  magazine  was  always 
William  Blackwood. 

Dr.  W.  Robertson  Nicoll 
on  "  The  Press ' ' 

The  Rev.  W.  Robertson  Nicoll,  EE.D.' 
Editor  of  The  British  Weekly,  is  to  give 
an  address  on  "  The  Press,  Past  and 
Future,"  at  the  Conversazione  of  the 
Edinburgh  and  District  Branch  of  the 
Newsagents',  Booksellers'  and  Stationers' 
National  Union,  to  be  held  on  January 
22nd,  hi  the  Edinburgh  Cafe,  70,  Princes 
Street,  Edinburgh,  when  Mr.  J.  B. 
Fairgrieve,  President  of  the  Branch,  will 
preside.  We  intended  to  have  added 
somewhere  in  the  above  sentence  that 
Dr.  Nicoll  must  be  a  very  clever  man 
if  he  can  find  anything  new  to  say  on 
that  subject,  but  the  length  of  the  title 
of  the  Union  took  our  breath  away. 
Fortunately  the  doctor  is  a  very  clever 
man,  and  a  very  popidar  and  greatly 
respected  one  also,  which  is  of  more 
importance  still.  We  understand  that 
the  Bord  Provost  and  the  Hon.  Bord 
Guthrie  have  promised  to  be  present.  A 
good  musical  programme  has  been 
arranged,  and  among  the  speakers  will  be 
Mr.  William  Ward,  of  Eondon. 

A  Patent  Bore  Constrictor 

An  American  Syndicate  is  to  bring  out 
a  new  patent  wireless  bore  constrictor 
for  use  in  legislative  assemblies,  at  public 
meetings,  in  churches,  &c.  All  the 
audience  has  to  do  is  to  look  at  a  dial 
and  wish,  and  as  soon  as  the  wishes  that 
a  speaker  should  stop  exceed  in  number 
those  for  his  going  on,  he  automatically 
absquatulates.  It  is  expected  that  the 
average  duration  of  human  life  will  be 
considerably  increased. 

Men  of  the  Covenant.* 

A  Brief  for  the  Dogged  Fighters  for 
Freedom  in  Church  and  State 

It  is  always  pleasant  to  find  a  worthy 
book  has  passed  into  a  second  edition, 
and  Dr.  Alexander  Smellie's  "  Men  of  the 
Covenant,"  is  a  very  worthy  book.  It 
is  also  always  a  pleasant  thing  to  find  an 
author  writing  thus  of  his  publisher  : — 
"  I  am  so  deep  in  my  publisher's 
debt  that  I  can  discover  no  language 
that  will  properly  express  my  obliga- 
tion ;    it  was  he  who  conceived  this 
Edition  de  Buxe,  in  which  you  see  on 
Japanese  vellum  the  presentments  of 
men  and  women  who  wandered  in 
deserts,  and  hi  mountains,  and  hi  dens 
and  caves  of  the  earth." 
In  his  Preface  to  the  first  edition, 
dated  November,  1903,  Dr.  Smellie  says 
with  reference  to  his  championship  of  the 
cause  of  the  Covenanters  that  he  only 
wishes  he  had  the  "  great  language  and 
shining  gifts  "  of  Mr.  Bang,  Mr.  Mathic- 
son,  and  Mr.  Millar,  who  have  "  done  so 
much  to  glorify  those  who  upheld  the 
Royal  prerogative   and   the  Episcopal 
Rule."    But  if  those  "  dogged  fighters  for 
freedom  in  Church  and  State,"  whose 
biographies  are  given  more  or  less  fully 
in  these  handsome  volumes,  could  have 
any  say  hi  the  matter,  they  would  cry 
"  God  be  praised  "  that  the  historian  of 
their  lives  and  "  martyrdoms  "  are  not 
those  but  this.    Although  an  enthusiast 
for  the  Men  of  the  Covenant,  believing 
them  to  have  been  "  incontestably  right." 
Dr.  Smellie  hopes  he  has  never  been 
conspicuously  unfair  to  their  opponents. 
It  is  a  qualification  which  may  or  may 
not   be   accepted ;    of   course,    all  his 
martyrs  are  on  one  side,  and  if  their 
cause  had  triumphed  the  boot  which 
pinched  so  terribly  might  have  been  on 
the  other  foot. 

It  is  incontestable  that  the  Doctor 
has  written  a  most  interesting  work — 
where  possible  he  lets  his  men  and  women 
speak  for  themselves,  and  that,  as 
Boswell  discovered,  is  the  secret  of  a 
living  biography.  There  are  many  de- 
lightful touches,  not  a  little  quiet  humour, 
but  the  burden  of  the  story  is  of  tragical 
parting  and  bloody  death  met  daunt- 
lessly  and  welcomed  as  the  gateway  of 
the  glorious  life.  It  is  well  that  the 
history  of  such  men  and  women  should  be 
written  by  one  who,  like  them,  has  no 

The  excellent  illustrations  are  in  a 
style  hi  admirable  keeping  with  the 
nature  of  the  work — nothing  delicate  or 
cavalier.  Stern  black  and  white  un- 
compromising cuts — in  which  you  can 
trace  every  hair  hi  Mr.  Scott  Rankin's 
heads,  every  stone  in  Miss  Pike's  Kirks. 

A  Klondike  Bookseller 

Away  up  North  in  the  Yukon,  known  as 
"the  land  of  the  midnight  sun,"  in 
Dawson,  bookselling  is  represented  by 
J.  Zaccarelli.  who,  according  to  the 
Canadian  Bookseller  and  Stationer,  has 
for  three  years  successfully  conducted  a 
well-appointed  book,  news  and  stationery 
store  in  that  region. 

*  "  Men  of  the  Covenant,"  bv  Alexander  Smellie. 
M.A..  D.D.  With  Portraits  and  Illustrations  by 
A.  Scott  Rankin  and  E.  A  Pike  New  Edition. 
London  :  Andrew  Melrose,  1908 


The    Publisners'  Circular 

January  9,  1909 


Price  10s.  6d.  net 



36th  Year 


Royal  8vo,  cloth 

The  Volume  contains  the  Catalogues,  in  Alphabetical  order  and  with  THUMB  INDEX, 

of  the  principal  American  Publishers. 

It  forms  a   complete  and  easily   accessible   Reference   Catalogue  to   current  American 

It  is  invaluable  to  all  who  deal  in  American  Books, 

The  Volume  contains  about  5,500  pages  and  weighs  over  1 8  lbs. — therefore  we  must 
ask  purchasers  to  pay  carriage. 

PRICE  10s.  6d.  NET  CARRIAGE  EXTRA  WEIGHT  \U  lbs. 

"Publishers'  Circular"  Office,  19,  Adam  Street,  Adelphi 

Book  Frauds 

The  thanks  of  the  whole  trade  are  due  to 
"  The  Kingsgate  Press  "  for  its  prose- 
cution of  Frank  Parkinson,  a  clerk,  who 
obtained  books  by  fraud,  by  writing 
letters  in  the  names  of  "  The  Hon.  R. 
Gort  "  and  "  The  Rev.  J.  Drysmere  of 
the  connection,"  and  others.  Parkinson, 
it  appears,  has  for  some  time  been  in  the 
habit  of  using  various  addresses  (chiefly 
empty  houses)  in  different  parts  of 
London,  ordering  copies  of  new  books 
from  booksellers  and  not  paying  for  them, 
and  it  is  entirely  due  to  the  smartness  of 
the  chief  lady  assistant  at  "  The  Kings- 
gate  Press  ' '  that  his  operations  have  been 
suspended.  He  made  a  passionate  appeal 
for  mercy  when  charged  at  the  Clerkenwell 
Sessions,  and  pleaded  to  be  dealt  with 
under  the  First  Offenders'  Act.  When 
Parkinson  was  brought  up  for  sentence  on 
Wednesday  last  (says  The  Daily  Mail) 
Mr.  McCall,  K.C.,  went  into  the  witness 
box  to  support  a  plea  for  clemency. 

At  the  last  Sessions  Parkinson  pleaded 
that  he  had  found  it  difficult  to  get  work, 
and  what  he  had  done  had  been  done  to 
provide  the  bare  necessities  of  life  for  his 
wife  and  their  child.  "  I  have  already 
suffered,"  he  urged,  "  the  terrible  pain  of 
mental  torture  and  punishment.  I  be- 
seech you  to  give  me  a  chance  of  social 

Mr.  McCall  said  that  he  had  known 
Parkinson  for  fifteen  or  sixteen  years,  and 
had  had  the  highest  opinion  of  his  integrity 
and  honesty.  He  would  try  to  hud  him 

Mr.  Wallace,  K.C.,  the  Chairman, 
begged  Parkinson  to  make  the  best  use 
of  a  fresh  opportimity  he  would  have  by 
being  bound  over  under  the  Probation 
Act.  One  of  the  conditions  would  be 
that  he  was  not  to  enter  a  public-house 
for  six  months. 

R.  E.  King  &  Co. 

Richard  Edward  King  (of  84A,  Staple- 
ton  Road,  Tooting,  and  4,  Eagle  Street, 
Holborn),  appeared  under  remand  at 
Bow  Street  on  Tuesday,  January  5th,  and 
was  further  remanded  till  next  Tuesday, 
January  12th. 

Mr.  A.  W.  Holt,  of  S,  Vincent  Road, 
Croydon,  was  called  and  gave  evidence 
that  he  supplied  a  set  of  the  'Encyclo- 
paedia Britannica  to  King  on  November 
1 6th,  1908,  for  which  King  agreed  to  pay 
£15.  Mr.  H.  J.  Rimmell,  Bookseller,  of 
53,  Shaftesbury  Avenue,  was  called  and 
said  that  he  purchased  the  books  and  case 
on  November  26th,  1908,  from  the 
prisoner  under  the  name  of  M.  Lewis. 
84A,  Stapleton  Road,  Tooting.  Mr.  Holt 
received  no  payment. 

Mr.  Allison,  of  Bridgwater,  who  sup- 
plied a  set  of  Dickens'  works  to  King  in 
December,  1907,  had  never  received  any 
payment.  Mr.  Fairburn,  Chemist.  North- 
allerton, sent  on  .September  2nd.  1908, 
a  set  of  the  Encyclopaedia  Britannica,  for 
which  King  agreed  to  pay  £16.  He 
subsequently  took  out  a  summons  in  the 
County  Court,  but  could  get  no  satis- 

Mr.  Crompton.  of  Eastbourne,  was 
called  and  gave  evidence  that  he  supplied 
King  on  October  26th.  1908,  with  a  set  of 
The  International  Library,  for  which  he 
agreed  to  pay  £3.  Mr.  Crompton  identi- 
fied his  set  of  books  as  being  those  sold 
to  Messrs.  Neville  &  George,  of  South 
Kensington,  by  the  prisoner  under  the 
name  of  M.  Lewis,  for  £1  10s. 

Mr.  Batten,  of  Portsmouth,  was  called 
and  said  that  he  supplied  a  set  of  Dickens' 
works  on  October  16th  last,  which  he  at 
first  agreed  to  sell  to  King  for  £1  15s., 
but  finding  that  he  could  not  get  payment, 
subsequently  agreed  to  take  £1  2s.  Mr. 
J.  Westell,  of  106,  Charing  Cross  Road, 
stated  that  he  purchased  the  set  of 
Dickens  on  October  22nd  for  17s.  6d. 
from  the  prisoner  under  the  name  of 
M.  Lewis,  84A,  Stapleton  Road,  Tooting, 
London,  S.W. 

Mr.  Appleton,  of  Colchester,  gave 
evidence  that  he  supplied  King  with 
8  vols,  of  Harmsworth's  Educator  on 
November  5th.  for  which  he  had  received 
no  payment. 

Mr.  Rimmell  and  Mr.  Westell  stated 
that  the  Encyclopatlia  Britannica  at  the 
present  time  was  not  worth  more  than 
£7  or  £9  to  the  trade  for  subsequent 
disposal ;  and  that  the  Dickens  was  not 
worth  more  than  about  17s.  6d..  and  the 
International  Library,  £1  10s.  If  higher 
prices  than  these  were  given  it  would  be 
almost  impossible  to  dispose  of  them  at  a 
profit.  Neither  of  these  gentlemen  knew 
of  Messrs.  R.  E.  King  &  Co..  as  W  holesale 
Booksellers  at  4.  Eagle  Street.  Holborn. 

January  9,  1^09 

The    Publishers'  Circular 


The  late  Mrs.  Cashel  Hoey 

All  who  knew  that  charming  lady,  the 
late  Mrs.  Cashel  Hoey  (who  was  well 
known  to  many  publishers  and  editors), 
should  see  a  very  kindly  note  in  Truth 
of  December  30th,  1908,  about  that 
accomplished  lady.  Here  is  an  extract 
from  it  : — 

"  Her  culture  was  wide.  She  had 
studied,  read,  thought  much,  mixed  with 
first-rate  people,  seen  and  felt  vividly  the 
ups  and  downs  of  life,  and  came  through 
the  latter  the  stronger  in  heart  and  mind 
and  the  keener  in  her  peculiar  wit  for  the 
experience.  Always  unaffected  and  prac- 
tical, I  think  she  would  with  pleasure 
have  darned  stockings  for  the  universe. 
There  could  be  no  more  cheerful  worker 
with  her  pen,  or  with  her  needle." 

Jack's  Serial  Publications 

Part  V.  of  "The  National  Gallery,"  100 
plates  in  colour,  edited  by  Paul  S. 
Konody,  M.  W.  Brockwell.  and  F.  W. 
Lippmami,  just  published  (T.  C.  &  E.  C. 
Jack  :  London  and  Edinburgh),  contains 
reproductions  in  colour  of  the  following 
pictures  : — "The  Annunciation,"  by 
Carlo  Crivelli  ;  "  Christ's  Agony  in  the 
Garden,"  by  Giovanni  Bellini ;  "Portrait 
of  the  Doge  Leonardo  Loredano ' '  by 
Bellini ;  "A  Family  Group,"  by  Lorenzo 
Lotto ;  "  The  Holy  Family,"  Titian. 
There  are  full  biographical  notes  and 
descriptions  of  the  paintings.  ' '  Beautiful 
Flowers,"  Part  6,  contains  some  excellent 
coloured  plates  of  many  flowers,  with 
complete  descriptions  and  hints  upon  their 
cultivation.  Part  7  of  "  Wild  Beasts  of  the 
World  "  contains  coloured  plates  of  the 
Brown  Bear,  the  Sloth  Bear,  Californian 
Sea  Lions,  Walruses,  and  Common  Seals, 
with  full  and  interesting  descriptions. 

'*  The  Country  Home" 

The  January  issue  of  The  Country  Home 
(Constable  &  Co.,  Ltd.)  contains,  in 
addition  to  many  interesting  articles,  the 
following  : — A  Dorset  Manor  House,  by 
M.  Adeline  Cooke^;  The  Game  of  Foot- 
ball, by  Mary  S.  Campion  ;  Garden 
Walks  and  Edgings  ;  The  Wild  Duck. 
1  >y  Frances  Pitt ;  Part  2  of  Hints  on 
Chrysanthemum  Culture,  by  F.  W.  S. 
Blyth  ;  Part  5  of  H.  B.  M.  Buchanan's 
How  to  Work  a  Small  Holding  at  a 
Living  Profit ;  Lightning  Conductors, 
by  John  F.  Davie ;  Some  Pretender 
Glasses,  by  Egan  Mew.  The  Country 
Home  is  fully  illustrated  with  remarkably 
clear  reproductions  from  excellent  photo- 
graphs, and  the  first  volume,  May — 
October,  1908,  bound  in  neat  green  cloth 
would  make  an  excellent  volume  for 

Good  Book  Business  in 

WE  are  glad  to  see  from  the  New  York 
Publishers'  Weekly  that  last  year  was  a 
"  surprisingly  good  one  "  for  the  book 
trade,  and  this  year  promises  to  be  even 

R.A.  Winter  Exhibition 

Messrs.  Virtue  &  Co.  have  just  pub- 
lished a  catalogue  to  the  pictures  in  the 
Royal  Academy  Winter  Exhibition.  It 

'  is  a  quarto  volume,  well  printed  and 

!  produced,  and  contains  150  illustrations, 
in  addition  to  the  complete  list  of  pictures. 
The    high-class   production    of  The 

\  Art  Journal  is  the  pride  of  Messrs. 
Virtue,  and  this  illustrated  catalogue 
is  just  as  nicely  got  up.  A  special 
memoir  of  the  late  George  McCulloch 
adds  considerably  to  its  value.  To 
attempt  to  make  a  selection  of  the  best 
pictures  is  impossible  when  we  are 
confronted  with  such  an  array  of  talent 
as   Lord   Leighton.    Sir   J.    E.  Millais, 

I  J.  McNeill  Whistler,  J.  W.  Waterhouse, 
Hy.  Moore,  Sir  \Y.  Q.  Orchardson,  J. 
McWhirter,  &c. 

A  New  25=Guinea  Work 

on  Dutch  Art 

Messrs.  Scheltema  &  Holkema,  the 
well-known  publishers  and  booksellers 
of  Amsterdam,  are  publishing  a  fine 
work  with  photogravure  reproductions 
of  all  the  known  paintings  of 

"  Jan  Vermeer  of  Delft 


with  biographical  and  descriptive  text, 
by  Dr.  C.  Hofstede  de  Groot.  The 
,  forty-two  photogravures  are  very  fine, 
and  range  in  size  from  50  by  40  centi- 
metres down.  The  page  of  text  is 
exceedingly  handsome,  but  the  size  is 
enormous,  26  by  20  niches.  With 
reference  to  the  work  the  publishers 
say  : — 

The  Editor  of  Publishers'  Circular. 
Dear  Sir, — By  the  same  mail  we  have 
forwarded  to  your  address  the  pros- 
pectus of  our  publication,  entitled 
"  Jan  Vermeer  of  Delft  and  Carel 

We  commend  this  prospectus  and 
the  accompanying  photogravure  to 
your  kind  attention  and  consideration. 

You  will  observe  that  this  work  is 
indispensable    for    art    critics,  con- 

1  noisseurs,  painters,  amateurs,  and 
collectors  of  old  Dutch  art.  It  con- 
tains the  reproductions  of  all  the  known 
works  of  these  masters,  whose  art  calls 
forth  constantly  increasing  interest, 
and  the  reproductions  are  so  excellently 
executed  that  their  works  can  be 
studied  without  seeing  the  originals. 
The  methods  of  painting,  the  entire 
treatment  of  subjects,  how  the  models 
posed  for  the  portraits,  &c,  all  this 
can  be  learnt  from  these  photogravures. 
Tliis  is  of  the  greatest  importance  for 
people  who  study  the  works  of  old 
Dutch  painters,  as  there  is  not  the 
slightest  doubt  that  there  are  more 

I  paintings  by  these  masters  still  extant. 
We  hope  you  may  find  this  of  so 
much  importance  for  your  readers 
that  you  will  notice  the  work.  The 
portfolio  contains  till  yet  only  a  text 
in  Dutch  or  German  language,  but  we 
shall  at  once  print  an  English  text  as 
soon  as  we  meet  with  some  interest  on 
the  side  of  the  English  people.    It  is 

1      our  intention  to  continue  to  complete 

this  work.  As  soon  as  a  picture  of 
these  masters  is  discovered,  we  do  our 
utmost  to  have  it  reproduced  and 
publish  it  hi  photogravure.  Recently 
Dr.  Hofstede  de  Groot,  who  is  now  in 
America,  wrote  us  that  he  had  dis- 
covered another  unknown  picture  of 
Vermeer.  We  are  going  to  have  it 
reproduced,  and  will  publish  it  as  a 
continuation  on  the  work.  Never 
of  any  painter  has  been  published  such 
a  complete  work  containing  reproduc- 
tions of  all  his  work,  and  in  this  size 
and  quality. — Yours  faithfully. 

SCHELTEMA  &  Holkema, 


Suffolk  Bookseller's  Strange 

Harry  Edward  Harmer,  55,  respectably 
dressed,  described  as  a  bookseller  and 
stationer,  of  New  Market  Place,  Beccles, 
Suffolk,  was  charged  with  begging  in 
High  Holborn  on  Wednesday  evening, 
December  30th. 

After  Police- Constable  574  E  had 
described  how  he  saw  the  defendant 
accosting  two  gentlemen,  and  then  enter- 
ing a  shop  and  asking  for  twopence 
towards  the  cost  of  a  night's  lodging,  the 
defendant  essayed  to  make  a  statement 
but  broke  down  and  sobbed  bitterly. 

Mr.  Arthur  Martin,  the  mendicity 
officer,  said  the  prisoner  told  him  he  left 
Beccles  on  business  on  December  7th, 
having  arranged  that  his  wife  should  join 
him  in  London  two  days  later.  He  did 
not  meet  her — he  could  not  explain  the 
reason — and  since  then  he  had  been 
wandering  aimlessly  about  the  country, 
one  day  -finding  himself  at  Reading. 
During  the  last  few  nights  he  slept  on  the 
Embankment.  He  had  two  shops  at 

Inspector  Caire  added  that  when  the 
prisoner  was  brought  to  the  station  he 
appeared  to  have  lost  his  memory.  Next 
morning  he  told  a  story  similar  to  that 
related  by  the  mendicity  officer.  He 
added  that  he  forgot  all  about  the  busi- 
ness which  brought  him  to  London,  and 
also  the  appointment  with  his  wife. 

By  the  magistrate's  direction  the 
police  telephoned  to  Beccles  and  ascer- 
tained that  the  prisoner's  wife  was,  in 
consequence  of  the  message,  on  her  way 
to  London. 

Subsequently  a  friend  of  the  de- 
fendant's, an  accountant,  practising  at 
Co  vent  Garden,  saw  the  magistrate  hi  his 
private  room,  and  undertook  to  accom- 
pany the  defendant  back  to  his  home. 

On  this  understanding  Mr.  Harmer 
was  discharged. — Daily  Mail,  January  1st. 

Willing's  Press  Guide 

The  thirty-sixth  annual  issue  of  this 
indispensable  publication  is  now  ready, 
and  can  be  obtained  at  James  Willing. 
Junr.,  Ltd.,  125,  Strand,  W.C.  We  have 
constantly  to  refer  to  "  Wilhngs "  for 
information  about  newspapers,  maga- 
zines, &c,  and  have  not  yet  found  it  at 
fault.  The  one  shilling  required  to 
purchase  a  copy  is  saved  almost  imme- 



Publishers'  Circular 

January  9,  1909 




With  10  portraits.      8vo,  ios.  6d.  net. 
(Inland  postage  jd.) 
Contents— A  T  Balfour— Three  Notable  Editors :  Delane, 
Hulton,   Knowles  —  Henrv   SiagwiCk  —  Robert,   Earl  ot 
Lytton — Father  I.  Rvcltr— Sir  M.  E.  Grant  Duff—  JLeoXH'I. 
— Cardinal  Wiseman — John  Henry   Newman — Newman 
and  Manning. 

the  Story  of  the  Life  and  Death 
of  Jeanne  d'Arc. 

With  Illustrations.  8vo,  12s.  6d.  net. 
(Inland  postage  $d.) 


By    J.    F.  BADDELEY. 
With  7  Maps  and  Plans  and  15  other  Illustra- 
tions.   Royal  8vo,  2 is.  net. 
(Inland  postage  6d. ) 

LADY    HOLLAND  (1791-1811) 

Edited  by  the  EARL  of  ILCH ESTER. 
With  6  Portraits.       2  vols.,  8vo,  21s.  net. 
(Inland  pos/age  6d.) 


A  Memoir 

With  8  Illustrations.    8vo,  15s.  net. 
(Inland  postage  $d.) 

the  Life  of  Count   Albrecht  von 

Translated  by  Mrs.  C.  E.  Barrett-Leonard 
and  M.  W.  Hoper.    2  vols.  8vo,  21s.  net. 
(Inland  postage  6d.) 

STALKS  ABROAD:  being  some 
Record  of  the  Sport  obtained 
during  a  Two  years'  Tour  round 
the  World. 

With  numerous  illustrations  by  the  Author, 
and  from  Photographs.     8vo,  12s.  6d.  net. 

(Inland  postage  £d.) 


D.D.,  Bishop  of  Calcutta. 
Second  Edition.    8vo,  ios.  6d.  net. 
(Inland  postage  ~{d.) 


Classified  and  Arranged  so  as  to  Facilitate  the 
Expression  of  Ideas  and  assist  in  Literary 
Composition.  By  PETER  MARK  ROGER, 
M.D.,  F.R.S.  •  Recomposed  throughout,  En- 
larged and  Improved  partly  from  the  Author's 
Notes,  and  with  a  full  Index,  by  the  Aut;  or's 
Son,  JOHN  LEWIS  ROGER.  Crown  8vo, 
9s.  net.    (Inland  postage  jd.) 


Original  Edition,   2  vols.  8vo,  42s.  net. 

(Inland  postage  gd.) 
Abridged  Edition,  in  1  vol.,  8vo,  10s.  6d.  net. 

(I ti land  postage  <f.d.) 

LONGMANS,    GREEN,    &  CO., 
39  Paternoster  Row,  London,  E.C. 

Letters  to  the  Editor 

[We  do  not  hold  ourselves  responsible  for  the 
opinions  expressed  by  our  Correspondents.'] 


Dear  vSir, — We  have  noticed  that  for 
some  time  past  the  question  has  been 
raised  in  The  Publishers'  Circular  as 
to  the  supply  of  net  books  post  free. 
We  sincerely  hope  that  the  result  of  this 
agitation  will  be  the  means  of  stopping 
net  books  being  supplied  post  free.  We 
should  like  to  bring  to  your  notice  how 
this  question  affects  booksellers  in  the 
Colonies,  by  mentioning  to  you  a  case  in 
point  which  came  before  us  recently.  A 
customer  of  ours  objects  to  our  enhancing 
the  net  published  price  of  books.  You 
probably  know  that  it  is  the  rule  through- 
out almost  all  British  Colonies  to  advance 
the  price  by  about  20  per  cent.,  and 
this  is  not  at  all  excessive  when  the 
heavy  cost  of  freight  and  shipping 
charges  is  taken  into  consideration.  Our 
customer,  who,  by  the  way,  is  a  medical 
man,  told  us  that  there  is  a  certain  firm 
in  Edinburgh,  whose  name  we  shall 
not  mention,  who  has  been  for  some  time 
supplying  him  with  medical  books  at  the 
net  published  price,  post  free.  This  in 
our  opinion  is  a  direct  contravention  to 
the  Net  Book  Agreement,  so  that  the 
question  not  only  affects  booksellers  in 
England ,  but  hi  the  Colonies  as  well.  We 
sincerely  hope  that  this  matter  will  be 
seriously  taken  up  by  the  Publishers' 
Association,  and  that  an  agreement  will 
soon  be  arrived  at  which  will  prevent  this 
sort  of  thing  continuing  any  longer. 

We  remain,  Yours  faithfully, 

J.  C.  Juta  &  Co. 

Cape  Town. 

December  16th,  1908. 

[It  is  an  unfortunate  fact  that  both 
booksellers  and  publishers  are  divided 
on  this  question.  Our  view,  as  we  have 
said  from  the  very  first,  is  that  if  this 
sending  of  net  books  post  free  becomes 
general,  it  will  destroy  the  net  book 
system.  To  give  a  customer  4d.  hi 
postage  is  worse  than  givmg  him  3d. 
discount.  Unfortunately,  again,  there 
are  booksellers  and  publishers  who  do 
not  believe  in  the  net  book  system,  and 
would  rejoice  to  see  the  wretched  discount 
system  agahi  predominant,  fortunately 
they  are  not  at  present  more  than  a 
small  minority,  but  unless  the  spirit,  as 
well  as  the  letter  of  the  Net  Book  Agree- 
ment is  adhered  to  firmly  and  loyally, 
their  ranks  will  soon  grow. — Ed.  P.C.] 


Dear  Sir, — As  one  of  the  earliest  and 
staunchest  supporters  of  the  net  system, 
I  wish  to  draw  your  attention  to  a 
practice  of  some  retailers  which  tends  to 
bring  it  into  discredit  with  the  public, 
and  thereby  to  seriously  jeopardise  it. 
I  refer  to  the  practice  of  making  a  sup- 
plementary charge  "  for  collection." 

Being  retailer  as  well  as  publisher, 
I  quite  appreciate  the  fact  that  the 
margin  of  profit  on  a  net  book — especially 
a  low  priced  one — is  very  small,  but  still 
I  would  urge  that  in  the  interests  of  the 
system  it  is  imperative  to  do  nothing  to 
increase  the  antagonism  felt  by  a  not 
inconsiderable  portion  of  the  book-buying 
world  towards  it.  As  is  well  known, 
many  buyers  feel  a  permanent  resentment 
at  having  to  pay  a  "  marked  "  price  ;  it 
seems  to  them  they  are  actually  de- 
frauded if  they  do  not  get  some  reduction. 
This  is  a  standing  trait  of  the  buyer's 
psychology  ;  it  has  got  to  be  put  up 
with,  but  there  is  no  sense  in  borrowing 
trouble  by  clapping  on  supplementary 
charges. — Faithfully  yours, 

David  Nutt. 

57-59,  Long  Acre,  W.C. 

[It  was  a  little  remarkable  that  the  next 
letter  in  our  mail  after  Messrs.  Juta's, 
complaining  of  postage  being  allowed  to 
private  customers  on  net  books,  was  this 
one  from  Mr.  David  Nutt  complaining  of 
booksellers  making  an  extra  charge  for 
supplying  net  books  because  the  trade 
allowance  is  so  small ;  and  yet  other 
booksellers  can  collect  and  pay  postage  ! 
—Ed.  P.C.] 


Dear  Sir, — It  is  believed  that  library 
practice  is  now  sufficiently  developed  to 
warrant  the  issue  of  a  comprehensive 
work  of  reference  on  the  subject.  As 
publishers  have  refused  to  accept  the 
risk  of  so  large  a  nature  hi  such  a  limited 
field,  it  is  necessary  to  issue  the  work  by 
subscription.  The  volume  will  be  demy 
8vo.,  containing  approximately  700  pages, 
and  will  be  illustrated  wherever  it  is  con- 
sidered necessary.  Only  the  foremost 
authorities  will  be  engaged  to  write  on 
their  various  subjects,  so  that  the  book 
will  be  undoubtedly  the  most  authorita- 
tive and  up-to-date.  Obviously  the 
expenses  in  connection  with  a  work  of 
this  size,  and  of  so  comprehensive  a 
nature,  will  be  very  heavy,  and  it  has 
been  necessary  to  fix  the  price  at  30s. 
This  price  will  be  increased  should  the 
volume  be  offered  for  sale  after  publica- 
tion, to  non-subscribers,  to  40s.  If  the 
number  of  subscribers  is  not  large  enough 
to  warrant  the  publication,  the  work  will 
not  be  proceeded  with. — Yours  faithfully. 

(Signed)  Alex.  J.  Philip. 
Public  Library,  Gravesend. 


WE  regret  to  announce  the  death  of  Miss 
Charlotte  Low.  which  took  place  at  her 
residence  in  Queen's  Road.  Tun  bridge 
Wells,  on  December  31st.  The  deceased 
lady  was  the  last  Surviving  cliild  of  the 
late  Mr.  Sampson  Low.  Sen.,  and  though 
more  or  less  an  invalid  for  many  years, 
she  nearly  attained  the  age  of  78  years. 
The  deceased  took  a  great  interest  in  all 
charitable  objects  and  devoted  her  time 
and  energies  so  far  as  possible  for  the 
benefit  of  others,  and  was  much  loved  and 
esteemed  by  all  who  knew  her. 

January  9,  1909 

The    P-ublishers'  Circular 


Trade  Notes 

Following  the  announcement  a  few 
months  ago,  that  the  old-established 
bookbinding  business  of  Messrs.  Smith 
Brothers,  of  1-9,  Ivy  Lane,  B.C.,  had  been 
acquired  by  Messrs.  A.  Straker  &  Son, 
they  now  inform  us  that  it  has  been 
decided  to  incorporate  the  two  names 
and  the  style  of  the  firm  will  in  future 

A.  Straker  &  Son,  Smith  Bros.,  Ltd. 
To  prevent  confusion  with  firms  of 
similar  name  they  state  that  they  are 
wholesale  bookbinders  only,  and  in  no 
way  connected  with  the  printing  and 
stationery  trade. 

Mr.  A.  H.  Stockwell  of  6  and  7,  Creed 
Lane,  E.C.,  has  moved  to  new  premises 
at  29,  Ludgate  Hill,  E.C. 

Messrs.  Duckworth  &  Co.  have 
arranged  for  Mr.  W.  B.  Akerman  to 
represent  them  in  the  country  in  con- 
junction with  Messrs.  Chapman  &  Hall 

Notices  of  Books 

From  Messrs.  George  Allen  &  Sons. — "  The 

Love  Family,"  by  Mrs.  Spielmann,  with 
fifty  drawings  (twelve  in  colour)  by  Carton 
Moore-Park.  The  story  of  the  doings  of 
Mr.  and  Mrs.  Love  and  their  young  folk, 
wherein  we  view  Cupid's  machinations  at 
close  quarters  and  his  effect  upon  the 
future  of  Angela  and  Sir  Valentine.  The 
drawings  are  of  unequal  merit  ;  how 
delightful,  for  instance,  the  one  showing 
Cupid  engaged  in  drying  himself  after  his 
rose-water  tub,  and  how  unsatisfactory 
the  figure  of  Sir  Valentine  as  he  lies  listen- 
in.;  to  Angela  playing  upon  the  harp  ! 
The  letterpress  forms  a  pleasant  kind  of 
running  commentary  to  the  fifty  drawings, 
and  the  get-up  of  the  little  book  is  of 
suitable  daintiness. 
From  the  Same. — "  Cannes  and  Its  Sur- 
roundings," illustrated  and  described  by 
Amy  M.  Beuecke.  It  is  not  often  that  the 
practical  and  the  picturesque  are  so  success- 
fully combined  as  in  this  volume.  The 
illustrations  are  things  of  real  beauty,  the 
coloured  plates  showing  up  delightfully 
against  their  background  of  coarse  dark 
paper,  and  yet  the  book  is  a  mine  of 
useful  information  made  easy  of  access 
by  a  good  index  and  marginal  headings. 
Visitors  to  Cannes  will  find  it  a  vade 
mecum,  and  motorists  may  find  hints 
about  roads  and  distances,  &c. 

From  the  Same. — "  The  Varying  Year,"  by 
the  Right  Hon.  George  W.  E.  Russell. 
This  garrulous  and  scrappy  book  is  certainly 
not  what  we  expected  from  Mr.  George 
Russell.  It  seems  a  curiously  purposeless 
string  of  small  talk  ranging  over  a  wide 
field  (Oxford  life,  the  London  Season, 
Motoring,  Schoolboys,  Bishop  Wilberforce, 
Matthew  Arnold,  Cricket  Matches,  the 
Franco-British  Exhibition,  &c),  and 
divided  under  the  headings  of  the  months 
of  the  year.  Remarks  upon  the  weather 
are  a  leading  feature.  For  instance,  we 
are  told  that  the  effect  of  March  is  that 
"  the  biliary  ducts  have  righted  themselves 
and  the  air,  soft  as  butter,  soothes  our 
bronchial  tubes."  Mr.  Russell  proclaims 
himself  a  Londoner  of  Londoners,  and 
whilst  admitting  that  town  dwellers  eat 
too  much  and  take  too  little  exercise,  he 
believes  that  Dulness  is  the  avenging 
angel  of  Rural  life.    Well  ! 

From  Messrs.  George  Bell  &  Sons. — "  English 
Figure  Skating,"  by  E.  F.  Benson  ;  with 
illustrations.  "  There  are,  so  we  are  accus- 
tomed to  think,  but  two  edges  to  a  skate, 
and  since,  whether  proceeding  backwards 
or  forwards,  we  can  in  some  sort  of  fashion 
turn  from  any  one  edge  to  any  other, 
revolving  either  to  the  right  or  to  the 
left  (for  we  do  not  see  how  we  can  revolve 
in  any  third  way),  we  should  be  disposed 
to  say  that  the  possible  limit  of  turns  has 
been  reached.  The  design,  therefore,  of 
this  treatise  is  to  put  down  all  that  has 
been  ascertained  hitherto  about  the  possi- 
bilities attaching  to  the  skate  when  trodden 
on  and,  more  or  less,  controlled  by  a  sktaer 
who  performs  in  what  is  known  as  the 
English  style."  This  paragraph,  taken  from 
the  Introduction,  adequately  describes  this 
up-to-date  manual  on  ice  figure  skating, 
designed  for  the  beginner  and  also  to  help 
the  skater  even  when  he  is  well  on  the 
road  to  becoming  a  first-class  performer  by 
Mr.  E.  F.  Benson,  member  of  the  Skating 
Club  and  National  Skating  Association 
(First  Class),  and  illustrated  with  twenty 
prints  from  photographs  taken  by  Mrs. 
Aubrey  le  Blond.  We  cannot  help  think- 
ing that  many  who  have  become  enthu- 
siasts owing  to  the  booming  of  roller 
skating  and  the  great  number  of  rinks 
which  have  been  opened  during  the  last 
year  or  two  will  read  Mr.  Benson's  book 
with  interest  although  treating  of  a  some- 
what different  subject,  and  the  first  lengthy 
frost  will  find  them  eagerly  practising 
forward  and  back  edges  on  the  nearest 
stretch  of  ice.  An  index  would  be  a  very 
welcome  addition  to  this  capital  manual. 

From  Messrs.  Blackie  &  Son,  Ltd. — "  Sir 

Sleep-Awake  and  His  Brothers,"  by  Mr. 
G.  J.  Whitham.  This  is  an  adventure  tale 
of  the  time  of  the  Great  Crusade.  Sir 
Sleep-Awake  Dormer  and  his  brother, 
owners  of  great  estates  and  treasure 
quarrel  through  misunderstandings,  so  the 
one  departs  on  a  pilgrimage  to  the  Holy 
Land,  while  the  other  fights  the  Moors  in 
Spain.  The  story  of  how  they  are  sought 
for  through  all  sorts  of  dangers  and 
difficulties  till  they  finally  meet  and  are 
reconciled  is  told  with  a  briskness  and 
reality  which  will  delight  the  boyish 
reader.  There  are  a  few  good  illustrations 
by  N.  Tenison.  Such  books  are  a  useful 
handmaid  to  history. 

From  Messrs.  Chatto  &  Windus. — "  From 
Island  to  Empire,"  by  John  S.  C.  Bridge. 
With  Introduction  by  Admiral  Sir  Cyprian 
A.  G.  Bridge,  G.C.B.  A  short  history  of 
the  expansion  of  England  by  force  of  arms, 
beginning  with  the  Elizabethan  seamen 
and  the  struggle  with  Spain,  and  con- 
cluding with  an  account  of  the  Boer  War. 
The  style  is  admirable,  being  dignified, 
lucid  and  entertaining.  There  are  several 
maps  and  plans,  and  a  Table  of  tbe  British 
Empire  giving  the  names  of  all  English 
colonies  and  possessions  with  the  dates 
and  method  of  acquisition. 

From  the  Same. — "  Joyce  Pleasantry,"  by 
George  R.  Sims.  A  volume  of  short  stories 
dealing  with  the  life  of  the  middle  and 
lower  classes  in  the  direct  and  forcible  style 
with  which  the  name  of  Mr.  Sims  has  for 
so  long  been  associated.  The  author  has 
a  fecund  fancy,  and  his  method  is  vivid 
and  life-like.  His  work  has  introduced 
him  to  strange  scenes  and  stories,  and 
those  which  go  to  form  the  present  col- 
lection are  written  from  actual  intimacy 
with  the  phases  of  life  described. 

From  the  Same. — "  The  Little  Flowers  of  St. 
Francis  of  Assisi."  Translated  from  the 
Italian  by  T.  W.  Arnold,  M.A.,  with  a  Note 
by  Dr.  Guido  Biagi.  Both  printer,  binder 
and  publisher  have  dealt  generously  with 
this  beautiful  edition  of  a  great  classic. 
The  type  is  particularly  choice,  the  mar- 

gins wide,  and  the  illustrations  well  chosen 
and  excellently  reproduced.  The  cover 
design  in  red  and  gold  is  a  replica  of  a 
binding  embodying  the  arms  of  St.  Francis, 
by  Aldus  Manutius  of  Venice,  date  circa 
1500.  Dr.  Biagi's  sympathetic  note  is  both 
interesting  and  scholarly.    ,     (.  t  1  •  |g2j 

From  Messrs.  J.  '.M.JDent.&^o.— "  A  Little 
Summer  at  Assisi,"  by'  Clemence  North. 
The  output  of  what  may  be  called  Fran 
ciscan  literature  shows  no  signs  of  diminish- 
ing. The  present  slim  little  volume  is 
unambitious  in  its  form  and  tells  of  the 
effect  upon  the  characters  of  three  English 
maidens  of  a  summer  spent  in  the  Umbrian 
town  of  Saint  Francis.  They  go  to  La 
Verna,  to  the  Carceri,  to  San  Damiano — 
who  that  has  trodden  the  Saint's  path  can 
ever  forget  it  ! — and  though  it  is  all  very 
slight  and  rather  dicousu  it  is  to  the  disciple 
so  understandable,  evoking  the  very 
emotions  which  he  has  himself  felt  in 
similar  places.  We  are  even  prepared  for 
the  "  Brother  Train  "  in  which  they  travel 

From  Messrs.  Duckworth  &  Co. — "  Some 
African  Highways,"  by  Caroline  Kirkland. 
With  Introduction  by  Lieut. -General 
Baden-Powell.  Miss  Kirkland  has  all 
the  intuition  and  vivacity  of  a  woman, 
combined  with  the  adventurous  spirit  and 
strength  of  purpose  of  a  man.  She  started 
from  Naples  en  route  for  Mombasa  three 
years  ago,  and  travelled  through  Uganda 
and  the  Transvaal  in  company  with  her 
mother  and  an  Italian  maid.  Miss 
Kirkland,  who  is  an  American  lady, 
contributed  an  account  of  her  adventures 
and  observations  to  the  Chicago  Tribune, 
and  these  are  embodied  in  the  present 
volume.  The  book  is  bright  and  attractive 
with  its  yellow  cover,  admirable  pictures, 
and  pleasant,  gossipy  style. 

From  the  Same. — "  God's  Message  through 
Modern  Doubt,"  by  theRev.  E.  Aldom 
French,  is  the  work  of  one  who  has 
evidently  felt  to  the  full  all  the 
modern  difficulties  in  the  way  of  orthodox 
Christian  belief,  and  yet  has  retailed  his 
faith.  He  has  passed  through  his  Slough 
of  Despond  and  surmounted  his  Hill  of 
Difficulty,  and  can  hold  out  a  hand  to 
guide  others  to  the  Land  of  Beulah. 
Though  apparently  originally  composed 
as  sermons,  the  wide  literary  knowledge 
and  cogent  argumentation  of  the  book 
make  it,  perhaps,  even  better  suited  for 
personal  enlightenment  and  private  medita- 
tion ;  and  it  may  well  prove  helpful  to  the 
Christian  to  hold  fast  to  his  belief  in  the 
Bible,  in  miracles,  and  hi  immortality  in 
spite  of  the  higher  criticism,  in  spite  even 
of  such  deeper  problems  as  the  waste 
and  suffering  of  life. 

From  the  Same. — "  The  Second  Edition  of 
Edward  FitzGerald's  Rubaiyat  of  '  Omar 
Khayyam.'  "  Edited  by  Edward  Heron- 
Allen.  Mr.  Edward  Heron-Allen  has  for 
some  years  been  well  known  as  a  linguist 
of  considerable  attainments,  and  as  a  dis- 
tinguished student  of  Eastern  life  and 
literature.  Few  Englishmen  are  so  well 
fitted  as  he  to  undertake  the  task  of 
writing  lengthy  notes  on  FitzGerald's  won- 
derful translation  of  the  Persian  poet. 
Each  quatrain  is  printed  on  a  separate 
page,  and  is  succeeded  by  scholarly  notes 
revealing  vast  reading  and  much  cultured 
taste.  The  Introduction  embodies  a  par- 
ticularly interesting  letter  from  Professor 
Co  well. 

Messrs.  Gay  &  Hancock  have  issued  a  third 
edition  of  that  popular  book,  "  Pushing  to- 
the  Front,  or  Success  under  Difficulties," 
by  Orison  Swett  Marden.  Perhaps  no  book 
since  the  appearance  of  Smiles'  "  Self- 
Help  "  has  contained  more  wisdom  upon 
the  art  of  "  getting  on." 



Publishers'  Circular 

January  9,  1909 

Messrs.  Hodder  &  Stoughton  send  "  The 
Minister's  Diary  for  1900,"  a  handy 
pocket-book  for  the  nse  of  clergy  and 
ministers,  now  in  its  thirty-third  year  of 
publication,  containing  besides  a  diary 
pages  for  special  services,  visitations  and 
other  pastoral  engagements.  We  note  that 
while  the  Sunday  lessons  are  those  of  the 
Church  of  England,  the  list  of  religious 
societies  excludes  all  but  those  of  Noncon- 
formists. It  might  be  better  to  issue  the 
diary  in  two  forms — one  for  Church  clergy, 
the  other  for  Free  Church  ministers — and 
this  we  understand  Messrs.  Hodder  & 
Stoughton  intend  to  do  in  future  years. 

From  Messrs.  Jarrold  &  Sons. — "  The  Little 
Town  in  the  Valley,"  by  Constance 
Nevill.  A  pleasant  account,  illustrated 
from  photographs,  of  a  little  town  which 
we  confess  we  have  been  unable  to  identify. 
It  has  a  castle,  an  ancient  church,  an  old- 
world  street  of  stone-built  houses,  a  quiet 
river,  a  town  hall.  Soldiers  are  quartered 
near.  Perhaps  our  readers  will  be  cleverer 
than  we  are  and  discover  where  it  lies. 
Its  pages  breathe  a  simple  piety  which  is 
probably  the  frame  of  mind  generally 
induced  by  a  long  residence  in  just  such 
a  little  town. 

From  Mr.  John  Lane.—"  The  Well  of  Saint 
Clare,"  by  Anatole  France.  A  translation 
by  Alfred  Allinson.  Those  who  are  imable 
to  read  in  the  original  the  delightful  series 
of  stories  which  are  grouped  under  the 
name  of  the  Well  near  .Sienna,  where  the 
author  met  the  Reverend  Father  Doni, 
cannot  do  better  than  buy  this  excellent 
translation.  We  say  "  buy  "  advisedly,  for 
this  is  the  kind  of  book  one  returns  to 
again  and  again.  It  is  all  such  wonderfully 
good  reading  bearing  the  impress  of  the 
master  hand,  so  full  of  laughter  and  of 
tears,  of  pathos  and  of  deep  insight.  This 
series  of  translations  of  the  works  of 
Anatole  France,  which  is  being  issued  by 
Mr.  Lane,  is  marked  by  a  thoroughness  and 
finish  which  is  deserving  of  all  praise. 

From  Mr.  Eneas  Mackay  Stirling. — "  The 
Edinburgh  Periodical  Press,"  by  W.  J. 
Couper,  M.A.  Vol.  2.  Mr.  Couper's 
labour  of  love  is  now  completed  ;  his  two 
scholarly  volumes  stand  as  a  record  of  his 
patient  industry,  and  will  prove  service- 
able to  students  for  the  purposes  of  refer- 
ence. The  second  volume  consists  entirely 
of  a  bibliographical  account  of  the  news- 
papers, jotirnals  and  magazines  issued  in 
Edinburgh  from  171 1  to  1800.  The  work 
has  been  prepared  with  thoroughness,  and 
is,  we  believe,  quite  reliable. 

Messrs.  Macmillan  &  Co.  send  us  "  William 
Morris,"  by  Alfred  Noyes,  one  of  their 
"  English  Men  of  Letters  "  Series.  William 
Morris  was  a  many-sided  man  :  painter, 
printer,  manufacturer,  squire,  .Socialist,  but 
above  and  throughout  all,  a  poet.  It  is 
therefore  in  the  fitness  of  things  that  his 
life  should  be  written  by  Mr.  Noyes,  him- 
self a  poet  of  no  mean  powers  and  promise. 
This  eminently  readable  little  memoir  is  no 
mere  compendium  of  previous  records,  but 
a  first-hand  appreciation  of  one  artist  by 
another,  and  is  worthy  of  both. 

From  Messrs.  Marshall  Bros. — "  Glimpses  of 
Indian  Life,"  by  Miss  Henrietta  S.  Streat- 
ficld,  is  a  record  of  two  and  a  half  years' 
sojourn  among  the  Protestant  missions  of 
India.  Miss  Streatficld  modestly  disclaims 
any  literary  merit,  but  her  book  has  the 
interest  which  always  belongs  to  the 
faithful  and  simple  narrative  of  things 
actually  seen.  She  describes  with  pictures- 
queness  the  strange  life  and  scenery  of  the 
East,  and  her  enthusiastic  account  of  the 
great  evangelical  work  now  being  wrought 
among  the  women  of  India  cannot  hut 
help  to  awaken  among  her  readers  a  deeper 
interest  in  the  work  of  foreign  missions. 
There  are  some  excellent  illustrations  from 
photographs  taken  specially  for  the  book. 

From  the  Same. — "  Life  Radiant,"  by  Sophia 
M.  Nugent,  is  an  account  of  the  life  of  the 
Rev.  Francis  Paynter,  for  thirty-six  years 
Rector  of  Stoke,  near  Guildford.  Mr. 
Paynter  was  a  man  whose  whole  life  was, 
in  the  words  of  St.  Paul,  "  sanctified  and 
meet  for  the  Master's  use  and  prepared 
unto  every  good  work,"  and  Miss  Nugent's 
loving  and  faithful  record  of  it  may  well 
serve,  as  she  hopes,  to  inspire  the  reader 
to  follow  in  his  footsteps.  The  book  is 
handsomely  got  up  with  photographic 

From  Mr.  Elkin  Mathews. — "  Man  and 
Maid,"  by  Arthur  Gray.  It  would  be  easy 
to  laugh  at  this  strange  little  book,  with 
its  amazing  avalanche  of  capital  letters 
(Mr.  Gray  has  a  quite  unreasonable  belief 
in  their  impressiveness),  did  we  not  so 
heartily  agree  with  the  subject  matter — 
"  The  Cult  of  the  Child,"  so  our  author 
calls  it  ;  the  insistence  upon  the  sacred 
rights,  more  especially  of  the  unborn  child. 
So  much  study  is  devoted  to  the  favourable 
development  of  the  child  after  birth,  and  so 
little  to  the  equally  important  subject  of 
heredity  and  ante-natal  conditions.  Whilst 
designed  chiefly  for  men's  ears,  this  call 
for  serious  thought  upon  a  serious  subject 
should  appeal  equally  to  women.  When 
marriage  comes  to  be  based  upon  a  feeling 
of  the  deep  responsibility  of  parenthood, 
we  may  look  for  the  arrival  of  the  Super- 

From  the  Same. — "  Pan  Worship  and  Other 
Poems,"  by  Eleanor  Farjeon.  There  is  a 
good  deal  of  poetic  vagueness  about  Miss 
Farjeon's  work,  but  amid  more  ambitious, 
and  to  us  less  attractive,  pieces  we  light 
upon  such  a  gem  as  "  Dream  Ships,"  on 
page  37.  and  immediately  acknowledge 
that  here  is  the  true  note  of  poesy.  The 
book  is  worth  buying  for  this  alone,  but 
there  are  other  poems  of  a  like  grace  and 
beauty.  If  Miss  Farjeon  will  ruthlessly 
avoid  too  unstudied  a  form  of  utterance 
and  will  remember  that  what  comes 
easiest  to  her  pen  may  not  be  the  best  she 
can  give  us,  then  she  should  undoubtedly 
make  her  mark. 

From  Messrs.  A.  W.  Penrose  &  Co.,  Ltd. — 

"  Penrose's  Pictorial  Annual."  This  is 
Volume  XIV.,  1908-9,  of  "  The  Process 
Year  Book,"  edited  by  William  Gamble. 
This  work  will  be  found  very  useful  by  all 
who  are  interested  in  the  production  of 
illustration  by  any  of  the  many  mechanical 
processes.  There  are  over  fifty  contribu- 
tions, for  the  most  part  by  experts,  and 
more  than  three  hundred  and  fifty  speci- 
mens of  process  work  in  black  and  white, 
in  tint  and  in  colour.  Many  of  the  coloured 
illustrations  are  screamingly  vulgar  ;  for- 
tunately the  majority  are  at  least  in  good 
taste,  and  many  are  exquisite.  A  work 
like  this  has  to  be  representative  of  art 
as  it  finds  it.  The  cover  design  is  simply 

From  Sir  Isaac  Pitman  &  Sons,  Ltd. — "  The 

First  George  in  Hanover  and  England," 
by  Lewis  Melville.  2  vols.  It  is  with 
George  Lewis  the  man  rather  than  George 
I.  the  King  that  this  voluniiuous  and 
handsome  work  is  concerned,  and  a  great 
part  of  it  is  devoted  to  a  detailed  account 
of  those  fifty-four  years  of  his  life  that  were 
spent  at  Hanover — a  subject  not  before 
treated  at  length  by  any  English  writer. 
In  Mr.  Lewis  Melville's  opinion,  neither 
the  character  nor  the  conduct  of  George  I. 
have  received  justice  at  the  hands  of 
English  historians,  and  a  successful  attempt 
is  here  made  to  remove  the  several  mis- 
understandings generally  accepted  without 
question  in  this  country.  A  great  deal  of 
fresh  and  most  important  material  is  pre- 
sented to  the  English  reader  in  a  style  not 
only  readable  but  also  fascinating.  The 
1      character  of  the  King  is  analysed  with  no 

small  amount  of  psychological  insight  ; 
and  the  life  of  the  Court,  with  its  jealousies 
and  intrigues,  is  dealt  with  in  a  vivid  and 
life-like  manner.  Mr.  Melville  has,  indeed, 
written  a  work  of  much  more  than  passing 
interest,  for  the  volumes  will  take  a  per- 
manent place  in  the  history  of  Hanover 
and  England.  By  the  kindness  of  the 
Duke  of  Cumberland  and  Count  Alexander 
von  Kielmansegg  many  interesting  por- 
traits and  sketches  are  included. 

From  the  Same. — "  The  Life  of  Sir  Isaac 
Pitman,  by  Alfred  Baker.  This  is  one  of 
the  most  interesting  biographies  that  has 
come  under  our  notice  for  some  time. 
It  is  the  first  authoritative  memoir  of  the 
inventor  of  phonography,  and  Mr.  Baker 
has  had  full  access  to  family  papers.  Sir 
Isaac's  name  is,  of  course,  famous  in 
connection  with  his  system  of  shorthand. 
Originally  thought  out  early  in  the 
thirties,  it  was  embodied  in  1837  in  a  small 
book,  entitled  "Stenographic  Sound-Hand," 
in  1842  the  first  number  of  The  Phono- 
graphic Journal  appeared,  and  by  degrees 
the  system  was  perfected,  the  improve- 
ments and  additions  lasting  over  a  long 
period  of  years.  It  is  impossible  to  say 
how  deep  an  influence  upon  national 
life  in  nearly  every  department  shorthand 
has  exercised.  But  quite  apart  from  this 
subject,  which  Sir  Isaac  made  peculiarly 
his  own,  the  record  of  his  strenuous  life 
which  covers  practically  the  whole  Vic- 
torian era  (1813-1897)  is  of  great  interest. 
He  was  a  many-sided  man,  a  man  of  deep 
religious  feeling,  and  endowed  with  many 
noble  qualities,  and  Mr.  Baker  has  made 
good  use  of  the  excellent  material  placed 
in  his  hands. 

From  Messrs.  George  Routledge  &  Sons, 
Ltd. — ''  Pictured  Puzzles  and  Word  Play, 
a  companion  for  the  Twentieth  Century 
Standard  Puzzle  Book,"  edited  by  A.  Cyril 
Pearson,  M.A.  This  book,  profusely  illus- 
trated, is  full  of  anagrams,  puzzles,  palin- 
dromes, charades,  riddles,  and  other 
ridiculous  odds  and  ends.  Here  is  a 
specimen  : — 

"  Why  is  every  angler  ipso  facto  an 
Ananias?"  The  Editor  says,  "Al- 
though no  such  method  was  asked  for 
or  expected,  we  find  that  the  very 
letters  of  the  question  can  be  recast  into 
a  most  apposite  reply  !  Our  answer  by 
anagram  runs  thus  : — 

"  A  liar,  he  spins  gay  fancies  to  a 
woven  yarn." 

And  the  Editor  adds  "  Question  and 
Answer  are  spelt  with  the  same  letters." 

"  Why  is  every  anagram  maker  ipso 
facto  an  Ass  ?  " 

Although  no  such  method  was 
asked  for  or  expected,  we  find  that  the 
very  letters  of  the  question  can  be 
recast  into  a  most  apposite  reply  !  Our 
answer  proved  by  anagram  runs  thus  : — 

"  An  anagram  maker  ipso  facto 
wastes  own  time  with  others  " 
And  the  Editor  adds  "  Question  and 
Answer  are  spelt  with  the  same  letters." 
Mr.  Cyril  Pearson,  M.A.  must  not  be 
offended — unfortunately,  both  anagtams 
cut  both  ways  ! 

From  the  Same. — "  Voices  of  Nature," 
compiled  by  Mr.  E.  A.  Baker,  is  a  charming 
and  pocketable  anthology  of  prose  and 
verse  selections  in  praise  of  the  simple  life. 
It  invites  the  reader  to  "  come  and  make 
his  calm  retreat  among  green  leaves  and 
blossoms  sweet."  The  selections  range 
over  English  (and  American)  literature 
from  Wordsworth  to  the  present  day  ; 
they  are  chosen  to  represent  every  phase 
of  Nature,  and  to  suit  every  mood  of  the 
Nature-lover  :  it  is  a  book  to  make  a 
friend  of. 

January  9,  1909 

The    Publishers'  Circular 


Prom  Messrs.  Sidgwick  &  Jackson,  Ltd. — 

"  The  Kalendar  of  Shepherds  :  being 
Devices  for  the  Twelve  Months."  This  is 
one  of  those  books  calculated  to  delight 
the  fastidious.  "  Le  Compost  et  Kalen- 
drier  des  Bergiers  "  was  first  printed  in 
Paris  in  1493,  one  copy  of  this  edition 
being  still  preserved  in  the  British  Museum. 
In  the  book  now  before  us  each  month  is 
treated  thus : — on  the  first  page  is  its 
name  and  number  of  days,  followed  by  a 
couplet  from  Tusser's  "  Five  Hundred 
Pointes  of  Good  Husbandrie  "  (1599)  ;  on 
the  second  is  a  woodcut  faced  by  a  black 
letter  copy  of  a  rhyme  and  prose  passage 
comparing  each  month  with  the  twelve 
ages  of  man  (in  periods  of  six  years  each)  : 
these  are  translations  from  the  French 
original.  Breton's  "  Fantasticks  "  (1626) 
provides  the  letterpress  of  the  last  four 
pages.  The  peculiar  treasure  of  the  book 
lies  in  the  unique  series  of  woodcuts 
representing  man's  occupation  throughout 
the  year  and  giving  a  vivid  picture  of 
country  fife  in  the  Middle  Ages.  We  recom- 
mend collectors  to  secure  a  copy  of  this 
book,  to  which  Mr.  Diplock  contributes  an 
interesting  introduction,  for  we  believe  it 
will  rise  in  price  as  copies  get  scarcer. 

From  Messrs.  Sisley's. — "  Vincenzo  Bellini," 
by  William  A.  C.  Lloyd.  It  seems  strange 
that  in  these  days  of  Wagner  and  Brahms 
a  panegyric  upon  Bellini  should  be  pub- 

;  lished.  Mr.  Lloyd's  memoir  is  spoilt  by 
exaggeration  and  want  of  judgment.  Who, 

3  for  instance,  will  agree  that  "  it  would  be 
difficult  to  say  that  he  (Bellini)  does  not 
rank  with  the  greatest  names  in  the  art  of 
all  ages  and  all  countries  on  account  of 
two  of  his  works  ?  "  The  book  contains  a 
full  account  of  Bellini's  life  and  a  detailed 
analysis  of  his  works  ;  in  all  this  Mr.  Lloyd 
is  interesting  enough,  but  the  conclusions 
which  he  arrives  at  do  not  appear  to  us  to 
be  sound. 

From  Messrs.  Smith,  Elder  &  Co.— "Selected 
Speeches,"  by  Sir  Edward  Clarke,  K.C. 
Sir  Edward  Clarke  confesses  in  his  preface 
that  the  object  of  this  book's  publication 
is  that  he  may  be  remembered  by  a 
portrait  rather  than  by  an  epitaph.  This 
book  is  his  portrait.  He  has  put  all  of 
himself  into  these  speeches,  so  lucid,  so 
informed  by  high  ideals,  so  felicitous  in 
phrase.  There  are  thirty-two  speeches  in 
all  on  subjects  as  widely  different  as  the 
Liquor  Traffic  and  Parliamentary  Privi- 
lege. The  four  forensic  speeches  included 
are  of  special  interest. 

From  Mr.  Arthur  H.  Stockwell. — "  When 
Women  Reign,"  by  Mr.  Jesse  Wilson. 
Weary  of  pohtical  strife  and  national 
corruption,  Mr.  James  Cliffe  puts  himself 
"  into  a  long  comatose,"  and  wakes  in 
1930  to  find  a  changed  England.  Women 
have  won  the  franchise  and  are  using 
their  power  remorselessly.  How  the 
Women's  Parliament  becomes  more  and 
more  tyrannical,  how  the  men  revolt,  and 
how  after  their  brief  reign  women  return 
with  joy  to  their  natural  sphere,  may  be 
read  in  Mr.  Wilson's  brisk  and  amusing 

Mr.  Fisher  Unwin  has  issued  a  third  impres- 
sion of  Mr.  Whitechurch's  novel,  "  The 
Canon  in  Residence,"  which  first  appeared 
in  1904.  This  is  sufficient  evidence  that  the 
book  contains  something  more  than  the 
usual  run  of  novels. 

From  the  Same. — "  The  Baronet's  Wife," 
by  Florence  Warden.  We  have  every 
confidence  in  recommending  this  capital 
novel  to  all  who  like  an  exciting  account  of 
the  gradual  detection  of  mysterious 
crimes — a  healthy,  amusing,  well-written 

From  Messrs.  Rowland  Ward,  Ltd. — "The 
Game  Animals  of  Africa,"  by  R.  Lydekker. 
In  no  region  of  the  world  have  greater 
advances  been  made  of  late  years  in  our 
knowledge  of  big  game  animals  than  is  the 
case  with  those  of  Africa.  In  consequence 
of  this  rapid  advance,  even  naturalists 
find  it  difficult  to  keep  themselves  abreast 
of  the  present  state  of  knowledge  ;  while 
in  the  case  of  sportsmen  this  is  an  absolute 
impossibility.  Mr.  R.  Lydekker  has  there- 
fore written  and  Mr.  Rowland  Ward  has 
published,  this  volume  in  which  will  be 
found  descriptions  of  all  the  species  and 
races  of  African  game  quadrupeds  at 
present  recognised  by  zoologists.  The 
author  has  largely  availed  himself  of  first- 
hand descriptions  by  African  sportsmen, 
so  that  in  the  matter  of  habits,  &c,  the 
book  is  thoroughly  trustworthy.  The 
work  is  lavishly  illustrated,  and  while  it 
will  appeal  largely  to  the  scientific 
naturalist  it  will  be  quite  indispensable  to 
the  African  big  game  sportsman  ;  and, 
as  it  is  issued  in  small  crown  4to.  form, 
it  will  not  be  too  bulky  to  be  carried  on 
the  march. 

From  the  Same. — "  With  Rifle  in  Five 
Continents,"  by  Paul  Niedieck  ;  translated 
from  the  German  by  H.  B.  Stanwell, 
with  32  full-page  illustrations  from  photo- 
graphs and  174  illustrations  in  the  text. 
This  is  a  work  which  will  interest  all  lovers 
of  sport,  and  especially  those  who  love 
true  tales  of  adventure  in  the  great  wild 
hunting  grounds  of  the  world.  The 
author  says  :  "It  has  been  remarked  to 
me  by  one  who  ought  to  know  that  '  if 
you  describe  hunting  experiences  in  foreign 
countries,  and  want  to  be  believed,  you 
must  lie.'  I  have,  however,  refrained  ; 
and  have  related  only  facts."  We  think 
that  any  sportsman  reading  Mr.  Niedieck' s 
book  will  agree  with  us  that  it  bears  the 
stamp  of  truth  in  its  modest  record  of 
sport  among  the  most  dangerous  land 
animals  of  the  world.  The  author  is  a 
born  hunter — keen,  cool,  confident  and 
successful.    The  illustrations  are  excellent. 

From    Messrs.    Williams    &    Norgate. — 

"  The  Incarnate  Purpose,"  by  G.  H. 
Percival,  is  a  series  of  thoughtful  and 
carefully  reasoned  sermons  on  the 
Spiritual  Unity  of  Life.  Accepting  ex  animo 
the  modern  evolutionary  view  of  human 
existence,  the  writer  seeks  to  justify  on  a 
rational  basis  such  fundamental  tenets  of 
religion  as  the  Immortality  of  the  Soul, 
the  value  of  Prayer,  the  reality  of  Free  Will, 
and  the  spiritual  efficacy  of  Pain.  His 
book  should  be  read  by  all  those  thoughtful 
men  who  feel  the  need  of  reconciling  the 
incontrovertible  facts  of  science  with  the 
deeper  instincts  of  the  heart. 

From  the  Same. — "  The  Fthics  of  the 
Christian  Life,"  by  Dr.  Theodor  von 
Haering,  Professor  of  Dogmatics  and 
Fthics  in  Tubingen  University  ;  trans- 
lated by  the  Rev.  J.  S.  Hill,  B.D.  This 
is  Volume  25  of  Messrs.  Williams  &  Nor- 
gate's  valuable  "  Theological  Translations 
Library,"  through  which  Sabatin's  "  Reli- 
gions of  Authority,"  Pfleiderer's  "  Primitive 
Christianity,"  Harnack's  "  History  of  Dog- 
ma," and  many  other  important  theological 
works  have  been  introduced  to  the  English 
public.  Professor  Haering's  book  is  well 
worthy  of  a  place  in  this  distinguished 
company.  As  a  member  of  the  Evange- 
lical Church  of  Germany  he  writes  from 
a  strictly  Protestant  point  of  view  and 
with  the  needs  of  his  own  denomination 
before  him.  Nevertheless,  his  book  is  of 
wide  general  value  from  its  breadth  of 
outlook,  its  careful  analysis  of  the  funda- 
mental principles  of  ethics  and  the  sincere 
yet  reverent  spirit  with  which  it  seeks  to 
interpret  the  Christian  Gospel  in  the 
language  of  the  age.  i 

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described,  cloth  binding  is  understood. 

Acts — Poisons  and  Pharmacy,  i|d.  ;  Prevention 

of  Crime,  2d.  ;  Appellate  Jurisdiction,  Jd.  ;. 
Commons,  id.  ;  White  Phosphorus  Matches 
Prohibition,  |d-.  ;  Education  (Scotland),  4.6..  ; 
Crofters'  Common  Grazings  Regulation,  £d.  ; 
Lunacy  |d,  ;  Housing  of  the  Working  Classes 
(Ireland),  i|d.  ;  Constabulary  (Ireland),  id.  ; 
Coal  Miues  Regulation,  id.  ;  Local  Authorities 
(Admission  of  the  Press  to  Meetings),  £d.  ; 
Punishment  of  Incest,  id.  ;  Public  Meeting, 
|d.  ;  Criminal  Appeal  (Amendment),  £d.  ; 
East  India  Loans,  £d.  ;  Law  of  Distress 
Amendment,  id.  ;  Local  Registration  of  Title 
(Ireland)  Amendment,  Jd.  ;  Post  Office  Savings 
Bank  (Public  Trustee),  |d...  Wyman,  Jan.  09 
Adel,  Church  and  Parish,  Draper  (W.  H.)  15s.  net 

Dec.  08 

Africa,  E. — Protectorate  :  Report  (with  Returns 

of  Concessions),   2£d  Wyman,   Jan.  09 

Agricola — Great  Investment,  3s.  6d  Dec.  08 

Amphora.    Poems.    i2tno.  2s.  6d.  net 

Burns  &  O.,  Dec.  08 
Arithmetic,  &c,  Notes  of  Lessons,  Crook  (C.  W.) 

Vol.  1,  3s  Jan.  09 

Arithmetic,  Correlated,  Trought  (T.  W.).  Scheme 

II.,  Bk.  4.  Dec.  08 

Art,  Modern,  McCitlloch  Collection,  is.  net  Jan.  09 

Astra — From  the  Silence,  is.  net  Dec.  08 

Astronomical  Problems,  Graphic  Treat.,  Langley 

(E.  M.)  is.  net  Jan.  09 

Atlay  (J.  B.) — Lord  Haliburton  :  a  Memoir  of 

his    Public   Services.    Portrait.    Demy  8vo. 

pp.  304,  8s.  6d.  net  Smith,  E.,  Jan.  09 

Babylonia,  Religion  of,  Rogers  (R.  W.)  gs.  Dec.  08 
Ballantyne    (R.    M.)—  The   Coral   Island.  8vo. 

7iX5l,  pp.  334,  is.,    limp  8d.  (Chambers' 

Standard  Authors)  Chambers,  Dec.  08 

Baptist  Handbook  (The)  1909.     8vo.     3s.  net, 

bds.  2s.  6d.  net  Office,  Jan.  09 

Baronet's  Wife,  Warden  (F.)  6s  .  .  .  Jan.  09 

Battles,  Diet,  of,  Harbottle  (T.  B.)  3s."  6d.  net 

Jan.  09 

Beautiful  Star   (The).    By  W.  C.  M.  i2mo. 

is.  6d.  net  E.  Stock,  Dec.  08 

Beauty  and  the  Beast,  Webster  (Mrs.  A.),  id. 

Dec.  08 

Bechuanaland  Protectorate  :  Report,  id. 

Wyman,  Jan.  09 
Beethoven's    Unsterbliche   geliebte,    La  Mara, 

3s.  net  Jan.  09 

Behold,  I  show  you  a  Mystery.    By  "  Lex." 

Cr.  8vo.  4s.  6d.  net  E.  Stock,  Dec.  oS 

Bible,    Commentary    on,    Dnmmelow    (J.  R.) 

7s.  6d.  net   Jan.  09 

Bible  Teaching,  Nankiwell  (C.)  is.  net. .  .  .Dec.  08 
Birthday  Bk.,  Smart  Set,  2s.  6d.,  3s.  66...  .Dec.  08 
Book  Plates,  Guthrie  (J.)  10s.  6d.,  18s.  net  Jan.  09 
Boole    (Mary    E.) — The    Message    of  Psychic 

Science  to  the  World.  Cr.  8vo.  7f  X5,  pp.  284, 

3s.  6d.  net  C.  W.  Daniel,  Dec.  08 

Boyce   (Frances  M.) — Dick,  Tom  and  Harry  : 

a  tale  of  the  Sudan.  Cr.  8vo.  y\  X4I,  pp.  158, 

2s.  6d  Marshall  Bros.,  Dec.  oS 

Bright  (Charles)— The  Life  Story  of  Sir  Charles 

Tilston  Bright,   Civil  Engineer.      Rev.  and 

abridged  edit.   8vo.    8JX5J,  pp.  498,  12s.  6d. 

net   Constable,  Jan.  o  1 

Bright,  Charles  Tilston,  Sir,  Bright  (C.)  12s.  60. 

net   Jan.  c  9 

Bruton  (F.  A.)  Nat.  Hist,  of  Selborne,  White  (C . 

is  Jan.  09 

Caird    (Edward) — The    Critical    Philosophy    -  : 

Immanuel  Kant.    2  vols.    2nd  edit.,  pp.  62  . 

632.  Demy  8vo.  25s.  net .  .MacLehose,  Jan.o 9 
Carter  (Roger  N.) — The  Simplex  Guide  to  the 

Income  Tax,  its  Assessment  and  Repayment. 

Cr.  8vo.  2s.  6d.  net  Gee,  Jan.  cy 

Case  of  Sir  Geoffrey,  Warden  (F.)  6s  Jan.  o  > 

Cataloguing  Rules,  Library  Assoc.  and  A.L-A.. 
>   2S.,  2s.  6d.,  3s.  net  Dec.  08 


January  9,  1909 

Catholic  Directory  (The),  Ecclesiastical  Register 

and  Almanac,  1909.  Cr.  <Svo.  bds.  is.  6d.  net, 

with  Ordo  Recitandi,  2S.  net 

HntNS  &  O.,  Dec.  08 

Charger  and  Chaser,  Ouuld  (NY)  6d  Jan.  09 

Children  of  the  New  Forest,  Marryai  (Captain) 

is.,   8d  Dec.  08 

Christian  Doctrine,  Zulueta  (P.  M.  de)  Vol.  3, 

2s.  6d.  net   ,  Dec.  08 

City  Fine,  Rise  and  Progress,  Smith  (J.)  3s.  6d. 

net   Dec.  08 

Coal  Mining,  Elem.  Class  Bk.,  Cochin  (T.  H.) 

4s.  6d.  net   Jan.  09 

Cockin    (T.    H.j — Elementary    Class    Book  of 

Practical  Coal-Mining.   3rd  edit.,  rev.  Cr.  8vo. 

y\  X4I,  pp.  440,  4s.  6d.  net.  .  Fockwood  Jan.  09 
Colliery  Surveying,  O' Donahue  (T.  A.)  3s.  6d. 

Jan.  09 

Collins  (Katherine) — A  Modern  Reading  of  St. 
Francis  of  Assisi.     i2mo.  6fX4i,  pp.  120, 
2S.  net,  swd.  is.  net. .  .  .C.  W,  Daniel,  Dec.  08 
Company  I<aw,  Willson  (W.  R.)  is.  Jan.  09 
Cook  Bk.,  Healthy  Fife,  Daniel  (F.)  is.,  6d.  net 

Dec.  08 

Coral  Island,  Ballantyne  (R.  M.)  is.,  8d. .  .Dec.  08 
Co  wen    (C.    R.) — Tom    Brown's    School  Days 

(Hughes),  edit,  by  Alfonzo  Gardiner.  Ilhis. 

Imp.   i6mo.  5iX7j,  pp.  96,  4d.  paper,  5d. 

cloth  ("  A.  L."  Bright  Story  Reader,  No.  160) 

(Glasgow)  E.  J.  Arnold,  Dec.  08 
[Specially  annotated  to  meet  the  needs  of  pupils 
to  whom  the  details  of  Public  School  Fife  would 
be  unfamiliar.] 

Cromer    (Earl   of)  —The    Situation    in  Egypt. 

Address   delivered  to  the   Eighty  Club  on 

December    15th,    1908.    8vo.    pp.    32,  limp 

is.  net  Macmillan,  Jan.  09 

Crook  (C.  W.) — Notes  of  Wessons  on  Arithmetic, 

Mensuration  and  Practical  Geometry.    Vol,  1. 

Diagrams.     Cr.    8vo.  4JX7J,   pp.    176,  3s. 

(Pitman's  Notes  of  Lessons  Ser.) 

Pitman,  Jan.  09 
Cry  on  the  Mountains,  Poems,  Mackereth  (J.  A.) 

is.  net   Dec.  08 

Cyprus,  Exper.  of,  Stewart  (B.)  6s  Jan.  09 

Daniel    (Florence) — The    Healthy    Fife  Cook 

Book.    i2mo.    6JX4J,  pp.  96,  is.  net,  swd. 

6d.  net  C.  W.  Daniel,  Dec.  08 

Dawn  of  Fife,  Poems,  Jones  (M.  H.)  2s.  6d.  net 

1     Dec.  08 

Dacre  (Harry) — Portraiture  in  a  Garret.    Cr.  8vo. 

pp.  78,  swd.  is.  net. . .  .Nightingale,  Jan.  09 
Dean  (Mrs.  H.) — The  "  A.  F-"  Mass  Drawing  of 

Common  Objects.    Col.  Illus.    Cr.  4to.  7X9*, 

pp.  109,  3s.  6d.  net 

(Glasgow)  E.  J.  Arnold,  Jan.  09 
[The  diagrams  are  lithographed  in  colours,  and 
are  intended  to  represent  as  closely  as  possible, 
what  the  pupil's  finished  drawing  (in  chalk) 
should  be  like.] 

Dick,  Tom  and  Harry,  Boyce  (F.  M.)  2s.  6d. 

Dec.  08 

Draper  (W.  H.) — Adel :  Its  Norman  Church  and 
Parish,  being  an  account  of  the  Antiquities 
and  Topography  of  the  District.  Illus.  4to. 
15s.  net  (Feeds)  R.  Jackson,  Dec.  08 

Drawing,  A.  F-  Mass,  Dean  (Mrs.  H.)  3s.  6d.  net 

Jan.  09 

Drugs,  Instead  of,  Eiloart  (A.)  is.,  6d.  net  Dec.  08 
Dummelow  (J.  R.)  ed. — A  Commentary  on  the 
Holy  Bible.    By  various  Writers.  Complete 
in  1  vol.    8vo.  9  X5f,  pp.  1248,  7s.  6d.  net 

Macmillan,  Jan.  09 
Edinburgh   Almanac,   Oliver   &  Boyd's,  1909. 

6s.  6d  Dec.  08 

Egypt,  Situation  in,  Cromer  (Earl  of)  is.  net 

Jan.  09 

Eiloart  (Arnold)— Instead  of  Drugs.  t2mo. 
6|  X^},  pp.  64,  is.  net,  swd.  6d.  net 

C.  W.  Daniel,  Dec.  08 

English,  Junior,  Rahtz  (F.  J.)  is.  6d  Jan.  09 

Engravings  (Wood),  after  Millais.  Catalogue  of. 
i£d.    Wyman,  Jan.  09 

Farjeon  (E.) — Pa»- Worship,  and  other  Poems. 
Cr.  8vo.  bds.  2s.  6d.  net.  .E.  Mathews,  Dec.  08 

Flammarlon  (Camilla) — Mysterious  Physic  Forces. 
An  account  of  the  author's  investigations  in 
Physical  Research,  together  with  those  of  other 
European  savants.  8vo.  8iX5j,  PP-  492, 
8s.  6d.  net  Unwin,  Jan.  09 

Flowerdew  (Herbert)— The  Ways  of  Men.  Cr.  8vo. 
7iX5,  pp-  344.  6s  Unwin,  Jan.oc, 

Food  Inspector's  Handbk.,  V acker  (F.)  7s.  6d.  net 

Jan.  09 

Fotheringhams  (Josephine} — A  Tale  in  a  Red 
Morocco  Book.  Cr.  8vo.  7lX5,  pp.  248, 
3S.  6:1  Routledge,  Jan.  09 

Francis,  St.,  of  Assisi,  Mod.  Reading,  Collins  (K.) 
2S.,  is.  net   Dec.  08 

French,  What  you  want  to  say,  Hernan  (W.  J.) 
is.  net   Jan.  09 

Friend  of  the  People,  Rowsell  (M.  C.)  6s..  .Jan.  09 

From  the  Silence.  Bv  "Astra"  Cr.  8vo. 
swd.  is.  net  "'On"  Pub.  Co.,  Dec.  08 

Fruit  Farm,  Wobum  Exper.   9th  Report,  2s.  6d. 

Dec.  08 

Furniture,  Old  Eng.,  Wheeler  (G.  O.)  10s.  6d.  net 

Dec.  08 

Glasgow  Fniversity  Calendar  (The)  for  the  Year 
1908-9.    Cr.  8vo.  pp.  780,  3s.  net 

MacFehose,  Dec.  08 
Gleanings  on  the  Way,  Iyer  (C.  V.  S.)  2s.  6d.  net 

Dec.  08 

Goethe  (J.  w.)— Die  Wahlverwandt-Schaften. 
Mit  einleilung  von  Richard  M.  Meyer.  i2tno. 
6X3$,  PP-  392,  is.  net,  lthr.  2s.  net 

Gowans  &  G.,  Jan.  09 
Gordon  (Alfred) — Diseases  of  the  Nervous  System. 
For  the  General  Practitioner  and  Student. 
8vo.    9^X6,  pp.  500,  12s.  6d.  net 

H.  K.  Fewis,  Jan.  09 
Gould  (Nat) — Charger  and  Chaser.    Svo.  swd.  6d. 

Fong,  Jan.  09 

Great  Investment  (The).    By  Agricola.   Cr.  8vo. 

7iX4f,  pp.  192,  3s.  6d  W.  Scott,  Dec.  08 

Greater  God  or  None,  Rix  (H.)  2s.  net. .  .  .Dec.  08 
Guthrie  (James) — Some  Book  Plates  by  J.  G.  : 

being  a  selection  from  recent  designs  printed 

from  intaglio  plates  by  the  Artist.     5  X7j, 

10s.  6d.  net,  edit,  de  hixe,  18s.  net 

O.  Schulze,  Jan.  09 
Hematology,  Watkins  (R.  F-)  2s.  6d.  net  Dec.  08 
Haliburton,  Ford,  Mem.,  Atlay  (J.  B.)  8s.  6d.  net 

Jan.  09 

Harbottle  (Thomas  B.) — Dictionary  of  Battles. 
From  the  Earliest  Date  to  the  Present  Time. 
Cr.  Svo.  reduced  to  3s.  6d.  net 

Sonnenschein,  Jan.  09 
Hawthorne  (Nathaniel) — A  Wonder  Book  and 
Tanglewood  Tales.    8vo.  7JX5J,  pp.  416,  is., 
limp  8d.  net  (Chambers'1  Standard  Authors) 

Chambers,  Dec.  08 
Hawthorne    (Nathaniel)     Minotawf  ;    Pigmies ; 

Pomegranate  Seeds.    Each  2d.,  3d  Dec.  oS 

Health  and  Strength  Annual,  1009.     Cr.  8vo. 

swd.  6d.  net. ."  Health  &  Strength,"  Jan.  09 
Healthy  Fife  Cook  Bk.,  Daniel  (F.)  is.,  6d.  net 

Dec.  08 

Hernan  (W.  J.) — What  you  want  to  say,  and  how 
to  say  it  in  French.  i6mo.  swd.  is.  net 

Simpkin,  Jan.  09 
Hollins  (Dorothea)  Utopian  Papers,  3s.  6d.  net 

Jan.  09 

Holmes  (G.  J.)  Investor's  Blue  Bk.,  1909,  3s.  6d 

net  Jan.  09 

Hop-o' -My- Thumb,  Webster  (Mrs.  A.)  id.  Dec.  08 
How  to  become  a  Skater.    Ryl.   i6mo.  swd. 
6d.  net  (Spalding's  Athletic  Lib.) 

British  Sports  Pub.  Co.,  Dec.  08 
Hungary,  Racial  Problems  in,  16s.  net  .  .Jan.  09 
Imitation  of  Christ.  Kempis  (T.  a)  2s.  net  Dec.  08 
Income  Tax,  Carter  (R.  N.)  2s.  6d.  net   .  .Jan.  09 

India,  Swadeshi  Movement  2s.  net  Dec.  08 

Investor's  Blue  Book  (The)  for  1909.  Edit,  by 
G.  J.  Holmes.  Cr.  Svo.  3s.  6d.  net 

"  Investor's  Chronicle,"  Jan.  09 
Investors,    Handbk.    for,    Mathiesons' ,  1909. 

2S.  6d.  net   Dec.  08 

Iyer  (C.  V.  Swaminatha) — Gleanings  on  the  Way 
from  Earth  to  Heaven.  Being  a  bundle  of 
four  sheaves  gathered  together  in  those  fields 
of  Fight  that  lie  on  the  Four-fold  Path. 
Bhakti,  Yoga  (Patanjali),  Jnana  (Sankhya), 
Prapatti.  8vo.  pp.  56,  2s.  6d.  net 

Fuzac,  Dec.  08 

Jones  (M.  H.) — The  Dawn  of  Fife,  and  other 
Poems.  4to.  2s.  6d.  net. .  .  .K.  Paul,  Dec.  08 
Kant,  Critical  Philos.  of,  Caird  (E.)  25s.  net 

Jan.  09 

Kant,  Philos.  of,  Watson  (J.)  7s.  6d  Dec.  08 

Kempis  (Thomas  a) — Imitation  of  Christ.  Now 
for  the  first  time  set  forth  in  Rhythmic 
sentences,  according  to  the  original  intention 
of  the  author.  New  edit.  121110.  pp.  318, 
2s.   net  ,  E.    Stock,  Dec.  08 

Kingsley  (Charles) — Westward  ii"!  Edit,  by 
J.  B.  Marshall  and  Alfonzo  Gardiner.  Cr.  8vo. 
5  X  7i,  pp.  204,  is.  (A.L.  Masterpieces  of 
Standard  Literature)   E.  J.  Arnold,  Dec.  oS 

[Fife  of  Author,  Notes  and  Glossary.] 

La  Mara — Beethoven's  ITnsterbliche  Geliebte,  das 
Geheimniss  der  Graeiin  Brunswick  und  ilire 
Memoiren.    Illus.   Cr.  8vo.,  pp.  137,  3s.  net 

Breitkopf  ft  IF,  Jan.  09 

Langley  (Edward  M.) — The  Graphic  Treatment 
of  Some  Astronomical  Problems.  Svo.  swd. 
is.  net   Simpkin,  Jan.  09 

Faw,  linglish  Case,  Digest,  Manson  (E.)  6^s. 

Dec.  08 

Leonard  (George  H.) — Nobler  Cares.  Cr.  Svo., 
pp.  68,  bds.  is.  net  (Broad  Plain  House  Book- 
lets)  Simpkin,  Jan.  09 

I„ex. — Behold  I  Show  You  a  Mystery,  4s.  6ds  net 

Dec.  08 

Fincoln  Medal.  Roinc  (J.  E.)  25s.  net..  .  .Dec.  08 
Fiving  Chalice,  Poems,  Mitchell  (S.  L,-)  is.  net 

Dec.  oS 

Library  Association — Cataloguing  Rules  :  Author 
and  Title  Entries.  Compiled  by  Committees 
of  the  American  Fibrary  Association  and 
F-A.  English  edit.  4to.  pp.  ioo,  zs.  6d.  net, 
interleaved  3s.  net,  swd.  2s.  net 

Fibrary  Assoc.,  Dec.  08 
Fondon  Direct.,  Post  Office,  1909,  32s. ..  Dec.  08 
Fords,  House  of,  Reform  of,  McKechnie  (W.  S.) 

«tt2S.  6d.  net   Jan.  09 

Lumet  (Fouis) — Napoleon  ler  Empereur  des 
Francais.  4to.  12s.,  swd.  10s.  Nilsson,  Jan.  09 

M.  (W.  C.)  Beautiful  Star.  is.  6d.  net  Dec.  08 

McCullOCh  Collection  of  Modern  Art  (The). 
Pictures  at  the  Royal  Academy  :  Winter. 
1909.     Special  No.  of  "  The  Art  Journal." 

Ryl.  Svo.  swd.  is.  net   Virtue,  Jan.  09 

McKechnie  (William  S.) — The  Reform  of  the 
House  of  Fords,  with  a  Criticism  of  the  Report 
of  the  Select  Committee  of  December  2nd, 
1908.    Cr.  8vo.,  pp.  148,  2s.  6d.  net 

MacFehose,  Jan.  09 
Mackereth  (J.  A.)— The  Cry  on  the  Mountain,  and 
other  Poems.  Cr.  Svo.  swd.  is.  net 

Nutt,  Dec .  08 

Man  in  the  Moon,  Songs,  Tindall  (F.)  2s.  Dec.  oS 

Manson  (E.) — Digest  of  English  Case  Faw  from 
1898  to  1907,  forming  a  Supplement  to  Mew's 
Digest  of  English  Case  Faw.  2  vols.  Ryl.  Svo. 
63s  Sweet  &  M.,  Dec.  oS 

Marryat  (Capt.)—  The  Children  of  the  New 
Forest.  8vo.  j\  X  5h  PP-  398,  is.,  limp 
8d.  (Chambers's  Standard  Authors) 

Chambers,  Dec.  08 

Marshall  (J.  B.)  Westward  Ho!  Kingsley  (C) 
IS.     ..   Dec.  08 

Mathiesons'  Handbook  for  Investors  for  1909. 
121110.  bds.  2S.  6d.  net  E.  Wilson,  Dec.  08 

Meller  (W.  C.)— A  Royalist  Raid,  and  other 
Poems.  i2mo.  swd.  2s.  net  E.  Stock,  Dec.  08 

Melville  (F.  J.)— Fine  Engraved  Stamps  of  Great 
Britain.  Svo.  6d.  net  .  .  W.  H.  Peckitt,  Jan.  09 

Menu  Bk.,  Senn  (C.  H.)  6s.  net   Jan.  09 

Minotaur  (The),  by  Nathaniel  Hawthorne.  Post 
Svo.,  pp.  40,  3d.,  paper  2d.  (Chambers's 
Narrative  Readers',  Set  E.)    Chambers,  Dec.  08 

Mitchell  (Susan  F.)— The  Fiving  Chalice,  and 
other  Poems.    Rvl.  161110.  swd.  is.  net 

Maunskl.  Dec.  08 

Mozart  (T-  C.  Wolfgang  1— Mozart  as  an  Eight- 
year-old  Composer  :  Wolfgang's  Notebook, 
edited  for  the  first  time  in  its  Entirety  and 
with  Critical  Remarks  by  Dr.  George  Schiine- 
mann.   Oblong  Svo.    11  X  7h  PP-  53.  3S-  net 

Breitkopf  &  H.,  Jar.  a  . 

Musset  (Alfred  De)— Poesies,  1S28-1851.  5  vols. 
32mo.  lthr.,  ea.  2s  Ntlsson,  Jan.o) 

Nankiwell  (Constance)— Thoughts  on  Bible  Teach- 
ing. i2tno.  7X4!.  PP-  92,  is.  net 

E.  Stock,  Dec.  oS 

Napoleon,  Lumet  (F.)  12s. ,  10s  Jan.  09 

Natural  Hist,  of  Selborne,  White  (G.)  Selections, 
is  Jan.  09 

Nervous  Svstem,  Diseases  of,  Gordon  (A.)  12s.  6d. 
net   Jan.  09 

Nobler  Cares,  Leonard  (G.  H.)  is.  net   Jan.  09 

O'Connor  (Daniel  S.)  Peter  Pan  Keepsake,  is.  net 

Dec.  08 

0' Donahue  (T.  A.I — Colliery  Surveying.  A 
Primer  designed  for  the  use  of  Students  and 
Colliery  Manager  aspirants.  New  edit.  Cr.  Svo. 
7X4i,"pp.  268,  3s.  6d..  .Macmillan,  Jan.  09 

Oliver  &  Boyd's  Edinburgh  Almanac,  1909. 
121110.  6s.  6d.  net. .  .  .Oliver  &  Boyd,  Dec  0$ 

P.  (J.  O.)  Poems  and  Sonnets,  3s.  6d.  net.  .Dec.  oS 

Pan-Worship,  Poems.  Farjeon  (E.)  2S.  6d.  net 

Dec.  08 

Patience.  Poker,  &c.,  6d  Jan.  09 

Peterborough  Diocesan  Calendar.  Clergy  List  and 
Almanack  for  the  Counties  of  Feicestcr.  North- 
ampton and  Rutland,  1909.  Cr.  Svo.  swd. 
rs.  net   Simpkin.  Jan.  09 

Peter  Pan  Keepsake.  Edit,  by  Daniel  S.  O'Connor. 
4to.  swd.  is.  net  - . .  .Chatto,  Dec.  08 

Pigmies  (The),  adapted  from  Nathaniel  Haw- 
thorne. Post  Svo..  pp.  40,  3d.,  paper  2d. 
(Chambers' s  Narrative  Readers,  Set  C.) 

Chambers,  Dec.  o> 

Poems  and  Ballads  on  English  History.  Inter- 
mediate Book.  Cr.  Svo.  4IX7I.  PP-  68,  6d.. 
swd.    5d  Pitman,    Dec.  oS 

Poems  and  Sonnets  ;  bv  J.  O.  P.  Cr.  Svo.  3s.  6d. 
net   K.  Paul.  Dec.  o  S 

Poesies,  1S28-51,  Musset  (A.  de)  5  vols.,  ea.  2s. 

Jan.  09 

Poker  Patience  and  Progressive  Poker  Patience. 
Cr.  Svo.  swd.  6d.  .  .ADVANCE  Pen.  Co.,  Jan.  09 

Pomegranate  Seeds  (The),  by  Nathaniel  Haw- 
thorne. Post  Svo..  pp.  ,»S,  -,d..  paper  2d. 
(Chambers's  Narrative  Readers.  Set  E.) 

Chambers.  Dec.  oS 

Poor  I<aw  Relief  :  Paupers  Relieved  in  a  Year 
and  Periods  of  Relief,  iod.  . .  Wyman,  Jar,  09 


January  9,  1909 

The    Publishers'  Circular 


Portraiture  in  a  Garret,  Dacre  (H.)  is.  net  Jan.  09 
Post  Office  London  Directory  (The),  1909.  tto. 

32s  Kelly's  Directories,  Dec.  08 

Press  Guide,  Willings',  1909.  is  Jan.  09 

Psychic  Forces,   Mysterious,   hlammarion  (C.) 

8s.  6d.  net   Jan.  09 

Psychic   Science,   Message   of,   Boole    (M.  E.) 

3s.  6d.  net   Dec.  08 

Racial  Problems  in  Hungary.   By  Scotus  Viator. 

Illus.  8vo.  9  x  5  J,  pp.  568,  16s.  net 

Constable,  Jan.  09 
Rahtz  (F.  J.)— Junior  English.   Cr.  8vo.  7JX4J, 

pp.  172,  is.  6d  Methuen,  Jan.  09 

Religion  of  Babylonia,  &c,  Rogers  (R.  W.)  9s. 

Dec.  08 

Rifle  Ranges,   Instructions  for  the  Care  and 

Construction  (War  Office).  3d.  Wyman,  /am.  09 
Rix  (Herbert) — A  Greater  God  or  None,  and  other 

Sermons.  Cr.  8vo.  7^X4},  pp.  102,  2s.  net 

Priory  Press,  Dec.  08 
Rogers  (Robert  W.) — The  Religion  of  Babylonia 

and  Assyria,  especially  in  its  relations  to  Israel. 

Illus.  Ryl.  8vo.  pp.  249,  gs.  ..Luzac,  Dec.  08 
Roine  (J.  E.) — The  Lincoln  Centennial  Medal, 

presenting  the  Medal  of  Lincoln.   With  papers 

by  various  authors.  Cr.  8vo.  25s.  net 

Putnam,  Dec.  08 
Rowsell   (Mary  C.) — A  Friend  of  the  People. 

New  edit.   Cr.  8vo.  6s  Simpktn,  Jan.  09 

Royalist  Raid,  Poems,  Meller  (W.  C.)  2s.  net 

Dec.  08 

Saunders   (James)    Trentham   (W.  H.)  Sewage 

Disposal.  2S.  6d.  net   Jan.  09 

Schiinemaiin  (Geo.)  Mozart  (J.  C.  W.)  Notebook, 

3s.  net   Jan.  09 

Scottish  Historical  Review  (The).   Vol.  5.  Illus. 

Ryl.  Svo.  pp.  539,  12s.  6d.  net 

MacLehose,  Dec.  08 
Scotus  Viator — Racial  Problems  in  Hungary, 

16s.  net   J  an.  09 

Selborne,  Nat.  Hist,  of,  White  (G.)  Selections, 

is  Jan.  09 

Senn  (C.  Herman) — The  Menu  Book.    4th  edit. 

of  Practical  Gastronomy.     Cr.  Svo.  i\  x  5, 

pp.  320,  6s.  net   Simpkin,  Jan.  09 

Sewage  Disposal,  Trentham  (W.  H.)  and  Saunders 

(J.)  2s.  6d.  net   Jan.  09 

Siam,  Consular  Report.    3d.    .  .Wyman,  Jan.  09 

Skater,  How  to  Become  a.  6d.  net  Dec.  08 

Smart  Set  Birthday  Book  (The).  Cr.  8vo.  lthr. 

2s.  6d.,  gilt  3s.  6d..."  Smart  Set,"  Dec.  08 
Snow    Queen    (Andersen),    Webster    (Mrs.  A.) 

2jd.,  3J1I  Dec.  08 

Smith  (John) — Rise  and  Progress  of  the  City 
Line.    Cr.  Svo.  7JX5,  pp.  240,  3s.  6d.  net 

J.  Smith,  Dec.  08 

Stamps  of  Gt.  Brit.,  Line  Eng.,  Melville  (F.  J.) 
6d.  net   Jan:  09 

Stewart  (Basil) — My  Experiences  of  Cyprus. 
New  edit.    Cr.  Svo.  7JX5,  pp.  268,  6s. 

Routledge,  Jan.  09 

Sunderland,  Hist,  and  Antiq.  of  Durham,  Surtees 
(R.)  15s.  net   Dec.  08 

Surtees  (R.) — The  History  and  Antiquities  of  the 
County  Palatine  of  Durham  :  compiled  from 
original  records.  Sunderland  and  District 
section.  A  reprint  of  the  original  edit,  with 
the  notes  and  pedigrees  revised,  and  a  new 
and  complete  index  of  names  and  places. 
Demy  4to.,  15s.  net 

(Sunderland),  Hills  &  Co.,  Dec.  08 

Swadeshi  Movement  (The) — A  Symposium.  Views 
of  representative  Indians  and  Anglo-Indians, 
together  with  the  views  of  Lord  Minto,  Sir 
Arthur  Lawley,  Sir  Andrew  Fraser,  and  Sir 
T.  White.  8vo.  pp.  312,  2s.  net  Luzac,  Dec.  08 

Switzerland,  Consular  Report.  2^d. 

Wyman,  Jan.  09 

Tale  in  a  Red  Morocco  Book,  Fotheringhame  I J .) 
3s.  6d.'  Jan.  09 

Talking  Machine  Encyclopaedia.  8vo.  is.6d. 

Phono.  Trades  Print.  Co.,  Dec.  08 

Taxation  (Local)  Returns,  1905-6  :  Part  V. 
(Accounts  of  the  Councils  of  Boroughs — other 
than  Metropolitan).    2s.  4d. .  .Wyman,  Jan.  09 

Tindall  (F.) — The  Man  in  the  Moon,  and  other 
Songs  for  Children.  Music  by  G.  D.  Rawle. 
4to.  swd.  2s  Bayley  &  F.,  Dec.  08 

Tom  Brown's  School  Davs  (Hughes),  Cowen 
(C.  R.)  4d.,  5d  Dec.  08 

Trentham  (W.  H.)  and  Saunders  (James) — 
Modern  Methods  of  Sewage  Disposal.  Illus. 
Cr.  8vo.  2s.  6d.  net   Sanitary  Pub.  Co.,  Jan.  09 

Trought  (T.  W.) — Pitman's  Correlated  Arithmetic 
(Scheme  II.  Departmental  Suggestion).  Bk.  4, 
Answers,  Notes,  Oral  Work,  &c.  Diag.  Cr.  8vo. 
pp.  64,  is.  3d.  net  Pitman,  Dec.  08 

Utopian  Papers.  Being  addresses  to  "  The 
Utopians."  By  various  writers.  Edited  by 
Dorothea  Hollins.  Cr.  8vo.  7JX5,  pp.  220,   Masters,  Jan.  09 

Vacher  (Francis) — The  Food  Inspector's  Hand- 
book :  a  Practical  Guide  for  Medical 'Officers 
of  Health,  Meat  Inspectors,  &c.  5th  edit., 
rev.  and  enl.  Illus.  Cr.  8vo.,  pp.  250,  7s.  6d. 
net   Sanitary  Pub.  Co.,  Jan.  09 

Wahlverwaudt-Schaften,    <,oethe    (J.    W.)  is., 

2S.  net  Jan.  09 

Warden  (Florence) — The  Baronet's  Wife.  Cr.  5vo. 

7i><5,  PP-  348,  6s  Unwin,  Jan.o<) 

Warden  (Florence) — The  Case  of  Sir  Geoffrey. 

Cr.  Svo.  7}X5,  pp.  318,  6s  Long,  Jan.  09 

Watkins  (R.  L.) — Catechism  of  Haematol..^. 

Cr.  8vo.  2s.  6d.  net  Bailliere,  Dec.  08 

Watson    (John) — The   Philosophy   of  Kant  as 

Contained  in  Extracts  from  his  own  Writings. 

Selected  and  Translated.  New  edit.  Post  8vo. 

pp.  366,  7s.  6d  MacLehose,  Dec.  08 

Ways  of  Men,  Flowerdew  (H.)  6s  Jan.  09 

Webster  (Mrs.  A.) — Beauty  and  the  Beast  (Beau- 
mont). Illus.  Imp.  i6mo.  5^  X  7£,  pp.  16,  td. 

("  A.L."  Tinv  Readers)   E.  J.  Arnold,  Dei  08 
[Illus.  are  to  be  coloured  bv  the  children.] 
Webster  (Mrs.  A.) — Hop-o'-My-Thumb  (Perrault). 

Illus.  Imp.  i6mo.  5  J  X  7},  pp.  16,  id.  ("  A.L." 

Tiny  Readers)   E.  J.  Arnold,  Dec.  08 

[Illus.  are  to  be  coloured  by  the  children.]  1 
Webster  (W.  H.) — The  Snow  Queen  (Andersen). 

Edit,  by  Alfonzo  Gardiner.  Illus.  Imp.  i6ino. 

5i  X  7h  PP-  48,  2jd.  paper,  3$d.  cloth  ("  A.L." 

Bright  Storv  Readers  No.  26) 

E.  J.  Arnold,  Dec.  08 
[Specially  graded  to  suit  the  ages  of  the  pupils.] 
Westward  Ho  !  Kingsley  (C.)  (Marshall)  is. 

Dec.  08 

Wheeler  (G.  Owen) — Old  English  Furniture  : 
from  the  16th  to  the  19th  Centuries.  2nd  edit. 
With  additional  matter.  Cr.  Svo.  7JX5, 
pp.  758,  10s.  6d.  net  L-  U-  Gill,  Dec.  08 

White  (Gilbert)— Natural  History  of  Selborne  : 
Selections.  Edit,  by  F.  A.  Bruton.  i2tno. 
is   .Macmillan,  Jan.  09 

Willing'!  Press  Guide,  1909.   8vo.  bds.  is. 

Office,  Jan.  09 

Willson  (W.  R.) — Company  Law  ;  or,  The  Law 
of  Joint  Stock  Companies  as  Affected  by  the 
Acts  of  1900  and  1907.  8vo.  is.  6d.  net 

Gee,  Jan.  09 

Winchester  Diocesan  Kalendar,  Directory  and 
Almanack  for  Hampshire,  Surrey,  Isle  of 
Wight  and  Channel  Islands,  1909.  Cr.  8vo. 
swd.  is  Simpkin,  Jan.  09 

Woburn  Experimental  Fruit  Farm.  Ninth 
Report.  By  the  Duke  of  Bedford  and  S.  U 
Pickering.   8vo.  swd.  2s.  6d. 

Amalgamated  Press,  Dec.  08 

Wonder  Bk.,  inc.,  Hawthorne  (N.)  is.,  8d.  Dec.  08 

Zulueta  (F.  M.  de) — Letters  on  Christian  Doctrine. 
Vol.  3.  . .  Washbourne,  Dec.oS 


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Abbott,  C,  159,  Lichfield  Road,  Aston 

Dignity  of  a  Peer.    Vols.  2,  4,  or  5 

Walpole's  History  Twenty-five  Years. 
Vols.  3  or  4 

English  Parliamentary  Procedure.  Red- 
lich  or  other 

Abraham,  0.  G.,  11,  Pore  Street,  Taunton 

Bret  Harte's  Snowed  up  at  Eagles 

Kennard's  Glorious  Gallop 

 Girl  Brown  Habit 

Addison  (The)  Book  Co.,  89,  Broad  Street, 

Perfumed  Garden.  1886 

Roman  Empresses.  2  vols. 

Harnack's  Christian  Dogma.    7  vols. 

Allsup,  D.  W.,  63,  Fishergate,  Preston 

Kemp's  Yacht  Designing.  1876.  Letter- 

Ency.  Brit.   10th  edit.  Hf.  Mor. 
Studio.  Early  parts  or  Vols,  and  Extras 
American  Code  Co.,  83,  Nassau  Street, 

New  York 
Old  Telegraphic  and  Cable  Codes  of  all 

kinds.  In  quoting,  name  ed.  and  date 

Anderson,  J.,  &  Son,  183,  High  Street, 

Derwentwater  ;    or   the   Adherents  of 

King  James,  with  Appendix.  Sm.8vo. 

Edinburgh.  1825 
Herbert  Herries,  or  the  days  of  Queen 

Mary.  Sm.  8vo.  Edinburgh.  1827 
Andrews  &  Co.,  8,  Red  Lion  Passage, 


Hall's  Baronial  Halls.   Part  5 
Hasted's  Kent.   Folio.   Vol.  4 
Tumor's  Astra  Castra.  1865 
Approach  (The),  Book  Stores,  Railway 

Approach,  London  Bridge,  S.E. 
P.O.  London  Directory,  1908.  With  map 
P.O.  London  Directory  with  Suburbs  and 

map.  1908 
Ashton,  R.,  Free  Librarv,  Blackburn 
Stallage's  (H.  C.)  Practical  Polish  and 

Varnish  Maker 
James'  (G.  P.  R.)  Great  Commanders 
Chambers'  (R.  W.)  Ashes  of  Empire 
Austin,  R.,  Gloucester  Public  Library 
Bibliographica.   Part  3 
Arliss'  Pocket  Magazine.  Sept.,  1822 

Army  &  Navy  Co-operative  Society,  Ltd. 

(13  Dept.),  105,  Victoria  Street, 
Westminster,  S.W. 

Bowers'  Stuis  and  Worlds 

Engel's  Musical  Instruments 

Japan's  Fight.    Pts.  50,  53,  56-60,  and 

title  for  Vol.  1 
Hawker's  Life  (Kegan  Paul)  1886 

 Prose  Works  (Blackwood)  1893 

Esine  Stuart's  Clander's  Island 
Radcliffe's  Ars  Venatica 
Kings  of  the  Hunting  Field 
Adams'  Wliat  is  my  Tartan  ? 
Livingstone's  First  Expedition  to  Africa. 

5s.  (Murray) 
Cooper's  Bull  Dog  Kennel  Book 
Brabourne's  Letters 
Jane  Austen's  Life.  2  vols. 
Maeterlinck's  Death  of  Tiutageles 
Lang's  Life  of  Lockhart  (Nimmo) 
Ruthless  Rhymes 
Honour  and  Glory 

Little  Folks.  1875-1880  (state  condition) 
An  Author's  Love  (Macmillan) 

Atkinson,  J.  W.,  Croft  House,  Nelson 

Street,  Carlisle 
Old  Shorthand  Systems 
Horsemanship.  Newcastle 
Contemporary  Review.   Vols.  1— 12 
Baker,  E.  A.,  Public  Library,  Eltham 
Hindes  Groome.    Two  brothers 
Belt's  Naturalist  in  Nicaragua 
Godwin's  Life  of  Chaucer.  Vol.  r.  1804 
Banks,    J.    J.,     &    Son,  Promenade, 

Bond's  Gothic  Architecture 
Greeuwell's  <Dora)  Complete  Poems 
Barber,   C.   H.,   24,   St.   Ami  Street, 

Cartwright's  Life  of  J.  F.  Millet 
Watson's  Companions  of  Sorrowful  Way 
Jinx's  Baby 

Barker,  E.,  Bellair,  Madron,  Heainoor, 

R.S.O.,  Cornwall 
Maund  &  Henslow's  Botanist.  L.p. 

Vols.  4  and  5 
Sweet's  Geraniaceae.  Vols.  4  and  5 
  British  Flower  Gardens.  Odd 


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The    Publishers'  Circular 

January  9,  1909 


(  continued) 

Baker,  E.,  14  and  16,  John  Bright  Street, 

Orihem's  Intro,  a  la  Mecanique  Chemique 


Eotvos'  Village  Notary.   Trans.  Weack- 
'  stein.  1850 
Army  List.  1849-50 
Hessey's  Biographies  of  Kings  of  Judah 
Gissing's  Workers  in  the  Dawn 
Crawley's  Songs  of  the  Spirit.    1st  edit. 
Stewart's  (Eliz.  M.)  Any  of  her  works 
Way's  Euripides.    Vol.  2 
Conway's  Early  Flemish  Artists 
Forrester's  Poems  and  Ballads 
Kardec's  Heaven  and  Hell 
Stories  for  My  Children.  1869 
Gas  World.  1906-7 
Hartmann's  Life  of  Boehme 
Hale's  How  to  Tie  Salmon  Flies 
Poems  by  Peter  Bullock.  1834 
East's  Landscape  Painting  in  Oils 
Felken's  Machine  Wrought  Lace 
Latimer  Clark  on  Transit  Instrument 
Nbrris's  Ancient  Cornish  Drama.  1859 
Groome's  In  Gypsy  Tents 

 Two  Suffolk  Friends 

King's  The  Country  Doctor 

Key  of  Solomon  the  King 

Hervev's    Les    Societies    d' Amour  du 

XVIIIe  Siecle 
Matric.    Model    Answers    in  English 

History.  Papers,  Jan.  1895 — Jan.  1901 
Handasvde's  F"our  Gardens 
Ebbard  &  Vogt's  Bed  Rock  of  Health 
Clarke's  Geodesy 
Mead's  Pistis  Sophia 
Rose's  New  Guide  to  Iron  Trade 
Life  of  John  Venning 
Knill's  (R.)  Memoir  of  W.  Venning 
Turner's    Constitution    of  Wesleyan 

Methodism.  1841 
Shadcode's  Registrum  Orielense 
Reid's    Pliocene    Deposits    of  Great 

Britain.    Current  edition 
Roger's  Revolt  of  the  Women 
Genealogy  of  the  Dale  Family 
Holmes'  Practical  Metal  Turning 
Labour  Defended  against  the  Claims  of 

Capital.  1825 
Musicians  of  all  Times 
Le  Page's  French  School.    Pt.  3 
Lovelace's  (Lord)  Astarte 
Coote's  Statistical  Survey  of  King's  Co. 


Rodd's  (Rennell)  Rose  Leaf  and  Apple 
Leaf.  1882 

Reuleaux's  Kinematics  of  Machinery 

Marlitt's  Princess  of  the  Moor 

Merriman's  Young  Mistley 

  Prisoners  and  Captives 


  Phantom  Future 

The  Dark  Woman,  i860 

Bird's  Nick  of  the  Woods 

Roger's  Trans,  of  Aristophanes  Clouds 

Watkins'  Ship  Owner's  Code.  1904 

Diary  of  R.  Symonds  (Camden  Society) 

Jevons  on  Currency 

Clarke's  (D.  K.)  Railway  Machinery 

Print  of  Marie  Antoinette 

Works  of  Arminius  in  English  (Theo- 

Barker,  A.,  14,  Queen  Square,  Wolver- 

Jesus  of  Nazareth,  21s.  (Fine  Art  Soc.) 
Bowen's  Vergil 

Wilde's  Woman  of  No  Importance 

Barlow,  J.,  42,  Highbury,  Newcastle-on- 

Life  of  Charles  Kean .  Large  paper 
Rowlandson's  Qui  Hi.    18 16 

Barnard,    P.    M.,    85,    Bridge  Street, 

Alpine  Journal.   Vols.  1-9,  or  any 
Slingsby's  Norway 

Windham  and  Martel's  Glacieres of  Savoy 

Barnard,  P.  M.,  n>.  Dudley  Road,  Tun- 
bridge  Wells 

Architectural  Review.  Feb.  1904,  or 
Vol.  15 

Brown's   (James)   The   Forester.  6th 

.  edit.  Edit,  by  J.  Nisbet.  Pt.  8 
Green's  Short  Hislorv.    i  vol.  edit. 

Barnicott     &    Pearce,    Fore  Street, 

Fortescue's  Stag-hunting  on  Exmoor 
Somerset  Record  Society.   Vol.  5 
Life  of  George  Osbaldeston 
Barton,   W.,  9,   Eastern  Road,  Wood 

Green,  N. 
Machen  (Arthur)  Works  by 
Storv  of  Burnt  Njal  (G.  Richards) 
Yeat's  (W.  B.)  Tables  of  the  Law 
Bateman  &  Kiddie,  37,  Havelock  Road, 


Wisden's  Cricketers'  Almanack.  1889, 

Gatty's  Sundials 

Japan.  Anything  rare  or  curious 
Beazley,  H.,  19,  Churton  Street,  Victoria, 

Robertson's  Lessons  in  French  Language. 

2  vols.  1853 
Nicolay  and  Hay's  Abraham  Lincoln.  10 


Curtis's  Abraham  Lincoln.  (Lippincott) 
Jungman's  Holland.    (S.P.  Black) 
Davidson  and  Benham's  Life  of  Tail 
Muirhead's  Service  of  the  State 
Salisbury's  Physiography 
Richard's  Comprehensive  Geography  of 

the  Chinese  Empire 
Bell,    J.    &    H.,    Ltd.,   Carlton  Street, 

Notes    on    Cathedrals  (Sonnenschein). 

Vol.  r.  is.  net 
Mother  Goose.     Illus.  by  Kate  Green- 

Bennett,    F.,    The    Parade.  Sherborne, 

Trench's  Epistle  to  the  Seven  Churches 

Bland,  A.,  24,  Gayton  Road,  Hampstead 

Macdonald's  Hebrides 

Farmiloe's  One  Day 

Blinko  &  Sons,  Booksellers,  Ramsgate 

Berry's  Hampshire  Pedigrees 

Hayes'  Kent  Squire 

Boase,    F.,    21,    Boscobel    Road,  St 

Anderson's  Records  of  Marischall  Coll. 

and  Univ.,  Aberdeen.  Vol.  3.  1898 
Buck's  Simla  Past  and  Present.    1904  ; 
Clergy  List.   1896,  '97  and  '99 
Debrett's  House  of  Commons.  1887,  '88, 

'96,  '99,  1900 
Dod's  Parliamentary  Companion.  1832- 


Hart's  Annual  Army  List.   1899,  1900 
Lord  Provosts  of  Glasgow.  1902 
Marshall's  Genealogist's  Guide.  4th  edit. 


Stretton's  Sport  and  .Sportsmen.  1866 
Wro til's  Cremorne  Gardens.  1907 
Book    Agency,    23,    Hemdean  Road, 

Collet's  Relics  of  Literature.  1823.  Nice 

bound  copy 
Booklovers'  (Thei  Resort,  9,  Beaconsfield 

Terrace  Road,  Kensington,  W. 
Merriman's  Young  Mistley 
Etheridge's  Poems  and  Plays.   Edit,  by 

Wilson  Verity  (J.  Nimmo) 
Brown's  (Weir)  Kennas  Kingdom.  Pub. 


Bookshops,  9,   College  Crescent,  Swiss 

Cottage,  N.W. 
Carroll's  Sylvie  and  Bruno.     Part  1. 

2s.  6d.  (Macmillan) 
Oxberry's  Theatrical  Banquet 

Bowering  &  Co.,  xx,  George  Street, 

Chippendale  Period  of  English  Furniture 

Bowes  &  Bowes  (formerly  Macmillan  & 
Bowes),  i,  Trinity  Street,  Cambridge 

.Sacred  Books  of  the  East.  Vols.  13,  17 
and  20 

Harkness    and   -Morley's    Theory  of 

 Intro,  to  Anal.  Functions 

Keye's  Geometry  of  Position.  Vol.  1 
Salmon's  Higher  Plane  Curves 
Carll's  Calculus  of  Variations 
Frost's  Curve  Tracing 

Boyle,  H.,  45,  Denbigh  Street,  S.W. 
British  Navy  in  the  Present  Year  of 


Brassey's  British  Navy.  5  vols. 

Brigham,  J.  C,  39.  Woodland  Terrace, 

Fothergill's  (G.  A.) 

A  Sporting  Print. 


A  Bit  of  Old  York  ; 
The  original  sketch 


When  making  up  your  lists  of  "Books  Wanted" 
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leaving  out  one  or  more  books,  but  almost  with- 
out exception  investigation  shows  that  such  books 
are  still  in  print. — "  Verbum  sat  sapienti. " 

Bickers  &  Son,  Ltd.,  Leicester  Square, 

Lyrics  from  Elizabethan  Song  Books 

Liber  Eliensis.  1S48  (Anglia-Cliristiana 

Kaye's  (J.W.)  Administration  of  East 

India  Company 
Crook's  (W.)  Ethnographic  Handbook 

for  N.W.  Provinces 
Waddell's  (L.  A.)  Buddhism  in  Thibet 
Sidney's  (Sir  Philip)  Poems 
Bygone  Beauties  (Field  &  Tuer) 

Bird,  A.  F.,  22,  Bedford  Street,  Strand, 

Woodward's  Factor's  Guide  to  Super- 
ficial Measurement 

Any  book  on  Slavery  in  America  and 
the  West  Indies 

Key  to  Uncle  Tom's  Cabin 

Black,  A.  &  C,  4,  5  and  6,  Soho  Square, 

Ware's  Letters  to  Rome 

Blackburn,  F.,  5,  Bvram  Street,  Hudders- 

The  Lancet,  July  23rd,  1892,  or  vol. 

Connoisseur.  No.  63,  Nov.  1906 
Wright's  Provincial  Dictionarv  (Bohn, 

1857).  Vol.  1 
Blackwell,   B.   H.,   50  and   51,  Broad 

Street,  Oxford 
Lindsay's     Short      Historical  Latin 


Parliamentary  Papers  relating  to  the 
Affairs  of  Surat.    1806.  Folio 

Chatlerji  Krishna  Kanta's  Will.  Trans. 
Knight.   Cr.  8vo. 

Boots   (Book  Dept.),   6,   Market  Hill, 

Peter  Pan.  Rackham  Illustrations.  Edit. 

de  luxe 

Boots     (Book     Dept.),     High  Street, 

Fraser's  Golden  Bough 
Bromide  Enlargements.   4  copies 
Vanity  Fair.     12-vol.  edit.  1875  Cr 

8vo.  Red  cloth  (S.,  Elder) 

Boots  (Book  Dept.),  280,  High  Street, 

Conder's  Picturesque  Palestine  (Palestine 

Boots    (Book    Dept.),     Goose  Gate, 

Local  Government  Directory.  1908 

Bottom,  E.  T.,   Ltd.,  519,  Farringdon 
Road,  Central  Markets,  E.C. 

Complete  Set  of  Russian  Japanese  War 

Manual  for  Men  and  Boys  in  the  British 

Navy.   1904  (Wyruan) 
Idler.   1907.  Parts 
Strand.    1907.  Do. 
Studio.    1907.  Do. 
Windsor.  1907.  Do. 

Jacob's  Peerage.   3  vols.  About  1769 
Edmondson's  Baronetage.   About  1765. 

6  vols.  ;  also  please  report  any  odd 


Studio.   Special  Numbers  : — 
Royal  Scottish  Academy 
The  Brothers  Mavis. 
Gardens  of  England.  1907 

Complete   set  of    llarmsworth's  Self- 
Educator.  Parts.  Any  odd  parts 

Brockhaus,  F.  A.,  48.  Old  Bailey,  E.C. 
Dunbar's  (William)  Poems.  1834 
Dennis'  Cities  and  Cemeteries  of  F.truria 
Gibson  Calendar.  1909 
Meynell's  Works  of  Sargent 
Whipple's  Typhoid  Fever 
Childe's  Pali  Dictionary.  1875 
.Studio.  January  1907 

Brough,  W.,  &  Sons,  313,  Broad  Street, 

Millais'  Little  Songs  for  Me  to  Sing 
Macaulay's  Miscellaneous  Writings.  4 

vols.  Vol.  4 
Froude's  History  of  England.    12  vols. 
Sm.  8vo.   Vol.  10 

Brouwer,  J.  H.,  11,  Spenser  Road,  Heme 

Hill,  S.E. 
Green's  History.  Vol.  4.  Red  cloth 
In  a  Persian  Garden 
Thurn's  (E.  F.  im)  Indians  of  Guiana 

Brcwn,  A.,  &  Sons,  Ltd.,  6,  King  Edward 

Street,  Hull 
Muir's  Life  of  Mohammed 

Brown,  F.  J.,  51,  Kent  Road,  Swindon 
Pitt  Rivers'  Excavations  in  Cranborne 

Chase.  Vol.  2 
j  Stevenson's  Roman  Coins 
•  Gill's  Commentary.  6  vol.  edit. 

Brown,  H.,  79A,  Tottenham  Court  Road, 

Howett's  Natural  History.    1840  ? 
Lee's  Ariande  in  Mantena.  1st  edit. 

Brown,  W.,  5,  Castle  Street,  Edinburgh 
Scrope's  Deer  Stalking.  1st  edit. 
Hayward's  Essays.  2  vols.  1858.  Cloth 
Walpole's  (Spenser)  Hist,  of  England. 
I     Vols.  4  and  5 

Brown  &  Wilson,  7,  Mill  Street,  Bedford 
Pember's    (G.    H.)    The   Anti  Christ, 
Babylon,  and  the  Coming  of  the  King 
Gore's  Bampton  Lectures.  1891 

Browne  &  Browne,  103.  Grey  Street 

Statistical  Soc.  Jnl.  Vol.  28- 
Chambers'  Encyclo.  1900 
Stevenson's  Roman  Coins 

Bryce,  W.,  54,  Lothian  Street,  Edinburgh 
Modem  Society.  1903.  Bound  or  in  Nos. 

Buckland,    C.   H.,   139,  Knightsbridge. 

Bryan's  Dictionary  of  Painters.  2  vols. 
Baldwin's  African  Hunting.    1st  edit. 
Burney's  Ivvelina  (Early  edit.) 

Bull  &    Auvache,    34,    Hart  Street 

Bloomsbury,  W.C. 
Chardon's  (Dom  M.)  Histoire  des  Sacre- 

mens.  6  vols. 
Yon  Sybel's  French  Revolution.   2  vols. 

Bullen,  R.,  276,  Roman  Road,  Bow,  E. 
Copingcr's  Suffolk  Records.  Odd  vols. 
Jnl.  Brit.  Archa:ol.   Assoc.  1S65 
'Suffolk  Archied.  Proceedings  (any  pts.) 
Bullivant,    P.   F.,   83,   Station  Street. 

Le  Blond  Oval  Prints 
The  Parting  Look  (Baxter) 
Baxter's  Cabinet  of  I>aiutings 
Bult's  Library,  15,  New  Quebec  Street, 

Portman  Square,  W. 
Beard's  Monograph  on  the  Justice  of  the 

Peace  (American  University  Series) 
Scarlett's  Memoirs  of  Lord  Abiuger.  1  — 

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January  9,  1 909 

The    Publishers'  Circular 


( continued  ) 

Burnside,  Ltd.,  Booksellers,  Blackheath, 

Life  of  Huxley.  2  vols.  (Mac.) 

Butler,    J.    F.,    11,    Homefield  Road, 

Wimbledon,  Surrey 
Grattan's  Life,  by  his  Son.    Vol.  5 

Byro.i,  53,  Withington  Road,  Whalley 

Range,  Manchester 
Ruskin's  Fors  Clavigera.   Vols.  3  and  8. 

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THE  CLIQUE,  Ld.  (Sub.  Dept.),  30, 
Rivercourt  Road,  W. 

Campkin,  F.  W.,  Ye  Olde  Booke  Shoppe, 

Wiseman's  Theory  of  Evolution 
Carter,  F.  C,  13,  Campsbourne  Road, 

Hornsey,  N. 
B owen's  County  Atlas.      Large  folio. 

 Geography.  2  vols.  Folio.  1747 

 General  Atlas.   Coloured.  Folio. 


Cazenove,  C.  D.,  &  Son,  26,  Henrietta 

Street,  Covent  Garden,  W.C. 
Dickinson's  From  King  to  King 
Whitehead's  (Lucy)  Rustic  Maid 
Busch's  England  under  Tudors 
Challenger,    W.,    195,    Glossop  Road, 

Bohm-Bawerk's    Positive    Theorv  of 

Mills  and  Rowan's  Fuel.  1889 

Booth  and  Kershaw's  Smoke  Prevention 

and  Fuel  Economy 
Chambers,  H.  J.,  Bookseller,  Stevenage 
Leisure  Hour.  1865-75 
Boy's  Own.  Vols.  2  and  3  (yearly) 
Civil  Service  Supply  Association,  Ltd., 

I3(>,  Queen  Victoria  Street,  E.C. 
Japan's  Fight  for  Freedom.  Pt.  50 
Clarke  &  Satchel),  5,  Gallowtree  Gate, 

Watson's  Cure  of  Souls 
Kennedy's    (Sir    J.    Shaw)    Notes  on 

Waterloo.  1865 
Cleaver,  H.,  9,  New  Bond  Street  Place, 


Dixon's  British  Game  Birds 
Gregory's  The  Dead  Heart  of  Australia 
The  Veil  Uplifted 

Coates  &  Bairstow,  3,  5,  and  7,  Station 

Street,  Huddersfield 
Hopkirk's  History  of  Huddersfield 
CobbOld,  G.,  Newton  Road,  Ipswich 
Gould's  (Baring)  Deserts  of  Southern 


Collier,  J.,  15,  Bath  Street,  Leamington 

Atkinson's  Campaigning  in  India 

Bayne's  Port  Royal  Logic.    7th  edit. 

Steinmetz's  The  Jesuits.  Vol.  1 

Col  well,  F.  H.,  56,  Sidbury,  Worcester 

Mander's  Sweet  Making 

G.  M.  Robins.    Any  books  by 

Books  on  Worcester.  All 

Combridge,  A.  J.,  &  Co.,  31,  Newgate 

Street,  E.C. 
Forsyth's  Highlands  of  Central  India 
Combridge    &   Co.,  Ltd.,   18  and  20, 

Grafton  Street,  Dublin 
Lager lof's  Jerusalem 
Life  of  Lord  Norton 
Combridge,  S.,  56,  Church  Road,  Hove 
Traill's  .Social  England.    Illus.    Vols.  2 

and  3 

Zipperer's  Chocolate.  1902 
Newton's  London  in  the  Olden  Time. 
?  17— 

Commin,  H.  G.,  100,  Old  Christchurch 

Road,  Bournemouth 
National  Manuscripts  of  Scotland.  Pub. 


Marks'  (Mrs.)  Thorough.  Vol.  2 

Combridge,  C,  4  and  5,  New  Street, 

Beard's  Boy's  Handy  Book 
Meade's  Bad  Little  Hannah 
Hatton's  Cruel  London 
Adam's  Palace  on  the  Moor 
Hardy's  (Thos.)  Contemporary  Science 

Adventures  of  Tullia 

Andrews  (J.  R.)  Life  of  Oliver  Cromwell 
Du  Chaillu's  (P.  B.)  Wild  Life  under  the 

Hissev's  (J.  J.)  Ride  through  England 
Ainsworth's  (W.  H.)  Hilary   St.  Ives 

  John  Law 

Grant's  (J.)  Girl  He  Married 

 Jack  Manby 

 Love's  Labour  Won 

 Only  an  Ensign 

 Under  the  Red  Dragon 

 Violet  Jermyn 

Alexander's  Beaton's  Bargain 
Le  Queux's  (W.)  England's  Peril 
Matthew's  (F.)  At  the  Rising  of  the 

Mathers'  (H.)  Sam's  Sweetheart 
Pemberton's  Kronstadt 
Reid's  (M.)  Half  Blood 

  Lost  Mountain 

Wild  Hunters 

Russell's  (W.  C.)  Jack's  Courtship 

Commin,  J.  G.,  230,  High  Street,  Exeter 
The  Homilies 

Pyne's  Costume  of  England 

Conlon,  J.,  4,  Vernon  Street,  Cookridge 

Street,  Leeds 
Family  Story  Tellers.  Any.  Cloth 
Shelley's  PoetAVorks,  Oxford  edit. 
Spencer's      Do.  Do. 
Cowper's      Do.  ,  Do. 
Lang's  Fairy  Tales.  Any 
Stanley's  Congo.   2  vols. 
Hungerford's  Novels.  Cheap 
Braddon's  Do.  Do. 

Worboise's         Do.  Do. 
McCarthy's  Historv  of  Our  Own  Time. 

Vol.  3 

Warren's  How  to  Deal  with  vour  Banker 


26,    Paternoster  Square, 


I  E.C. 

I  Law  relating  to  Pol.  Com.  Convent. 
Moxon's  Pop.  Poets.  Vol.  28  (Ward,  L-) 

Continental  Export  Co.,  75,  Charing  Cross 

Road,  W.C. 
Studio  Summer.  1901.  Bookplates 
Wagner's  Mediaeval  Greek  Texts 
Alexander's  Islands  of  the  Pacific 
Erskine's    Cruise    among    the  Islands 

Western  Pacific 
Wenckstern  Bibliography.   Vol.  1 
Lewin's  Treatise  on  Law  of  Trusts 
Rideal's  Disinfection 
Landois's  Physiology 
Electrician.  1907 

Chambers'  Cycl.  of  Engl.  Lit.    4th  edit. 

Vol.  3.,  and  following. 
Adams'  Works.  1798 
Jewish  Encych  1st  edit. 
Lag  rlof's  Jerusalem 
Copland,  J.  P.,  &  Son,  Godliman  House, 

Godliman  Street,  E.C. 
ShieU's  Notes  on  the  Irish  Bar 

Cornish   Bros.,   Ltd.,   37,   New  Street, 

Student's  Manual  of  Greek  Tragedy 
Seelton's  Economics  Iron  and  Steel 
Peter  Penniless,  Gamekeeper.  1886 
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Willoughby  de  Broke's  Advice  to  Fox- 

Burton's  English  Porcelain 

Cotterill,   J.,   5,    Lord  Street,  Market 

Place,  Blackburn 
Any  Good  Works  on  Gardening.  Illus. 


Hulme's  British  Wild  Flowers 

Foster's  Life  of  Dickens.   3  vols.  Cheap 

Cropper  &  Jones,  Lane  End,  Buckley, 

near  Chester 
White's  All  Round  the  Wrekin 
Archaeologia.   Vol.  26 
Chester  Arch.  Sy.    Pts.  2,  3  and  4 

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Carlyle's  (Jane)  Letters 
Tulip.    Anything  relating  to 

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Street,  Leeds 
Benson's  (E  F.)  The  Rubicon 
 Six  Common  Things 

Curtis  &  Davison,  iia,  Church  Street, 
Kensington,  W. 

Thompson's  (W.  H.)  Brain  and  Person- 
ality.   1st  edit. 

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Tod's  Rajasthan 

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Dearn's  Kent 

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Street,  Cape  Town 

South  Africa  :    Old  Maps  and  Prints 
Relating  to 
Do.  Bowler's  Views 

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Froude's  England.    Vol.  12.    Cr.  8vo. 

Cripps'  Marks  on  Plate 
Wordsworth's  Theophilus  Anglicanus 
Paradise  of  the  Christian  Soul 
James  Orrock,  by  Byron  Webber 
St.  John's  Forests  of  the  Far  East 
Buccaniers  of  America.  Pub.  by  Sonnen- 

Books  on  the  South  Seas 
Business  Encj-clo.  Vol.  6  :  Gazetteer 
Mommsen's  Provinces  Roman  Empire. 

2  vols. 

Law's  Hampton  Court  Palace.  Vol.  3 
Books  on  London 

Dieffenbach's  Travels  in  New  Zealand. 
2  vols. 

Freshfield's  Rambles  in  Switzerland 
Keats'  Life  and  Letters.   2  vols. 
McGillivray's  Deeside 
Adams'  History  of  Japan.  Vol.  2 
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Life  of  Sir  R.  F.  Burton.  Vol.  1.  1893 

Davis,  F.  J.,  14,  Grange  Road  West, 

Dulcken's  Boys'  Handy  Book  of  Natural 


Grant's  Lady  Wedderburn's  Wish 
Rita's  Born  Coquette 

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Branch),  St.  Dunstan's  House,  Fetter 

Lane,  E.C. 
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Dawson,  W.,  &  Sons,  Ltd.  (Low's  Export 
Dept.),  St.  Dunstan's  House,  Fetter 
Lane,  Fleet  Street,  E.C. 

Landor's  Physiology 

Ivntomological  Record  and  Journal  of 
Variations.    Vols.  1  to  20 

The  Entomologist.    A  set 

Beardsley's  First  Book  of  Fifty  Draw- 

Second       Do.  Do 

Lydekker's  Tertiary  and  Praetertiary 
Vertebrata  Palaeontologia  Indica 

Memoirs,  Geological  Survey  of  East 
India.  Series  10.  Vols.  1-4.  1875-1886 

Falconer  and  Cantley's  Fauna 

Autiqua  Sivalensi  or  Foss.  Zool.  of  the 
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with  description.  (Murchison).  1846- 

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In  Malay  Forests 

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Cave's  Buried  Cities  of  Ceylon 
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Deighton,  Bell  &  Co.,  Cambridge 
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More  Beasts  for  Worse  Children 
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sion of  Trade.   1 885-1 886 

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Goupil's  English  Historical  Series.  Edit; 
de  Luxe.  Sewed 

Mary  .Stuart 

Queen  IClizabeth 

The  Electress  Sophia  of  Hanover 

James  I.  and  VI. 
Goupil's  Collection  Historique  Franeais. 
Edit,  de  Luxe.  Sewed 

La  Reine  Marie- Antoinette 

Cavaliers  de  Napoleon 

La  Dauphine  Marie-Antoinette 

Josephine,  Imperatrice  et  Reine 

Catherine  de  Medicis 

La  Reine  Marie  Leczinska 
Stevenson's  Birds  of  Norfolk.     3  vols. 


Riley's  (H.  J.)  Memorials  of  London  and 
London  Life 

Stevenson's  (R.  L  )  A  Footnote  to  His- 

Life  of  Dickens.    2  vols.  C.  D.  edition. 

Red  cloth 
Marshall's  Rugby  Football 
Mudge's  Athletic  Records 
Romane's  Mental  Involution  in  Man 

 Mental  Evolution  in  Animals 

Hartland's  (C.  S.)  Legend  of  Perseus. 

3  vols.  Grimm  Library.  (Nutt) 

Dickinson,  R.  D.,  &  Co.,  89,  Farringdon 

Street,  E.C. 
The  Imperial  Magazine.  Ed.  bv  Samuel 

Drew.  A  run 
Baynes'  Communicant's  Manual 
Bertrini's  Lourdes.  Cr.  8vo. 
Finney's  Sermons  from  the  Pulpit.  8vo. 
Home's  Soul's  Awakening 
Brown's  (Archibald  G.)  Sermons.  8vo. 
Begg's  Handbook  of  Popery 
Blakeney's  Popery  in  its  Social  Aspect 
Jamblicus  on  the  Mvsteries.  Tavlor 


Fuss'  Roman  Antiquities.  8vo. 
Colburn's  Marmaduke  Wyvil,  or  The 
Maid's  Revenge.   3  vols. 

Discount  Book  Co.,  Church  Street 

Doomsday  Book.    1783.    2  vols. 
Paris  Salon.  Any  vols. 
Hawbuck  Grange.    1st  edition 


Wanted  for    Cash,     in  books, 
loose,  or  in  scrap  books. 

H.  BOS-LY, 

302,  Rotton  Park  Road, 

Diver,  B.,    &  Son,  24,  Sidney  Street, 

Kitchin's  (John)  Court  Leet  and  Court 


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Hart  on  Diphtheria 

Dobell,    B.,    77,   Charing  Cross  Road. 

Browne's  Chaucer's  England.   Vol.  1 
Ameer  Ali's  Life  of  Mohammed.  1891 
Wise's  Bibliography  of  Tennyson 
Cella's    Expedition    from    Tripoli  to 

Western  Frontier  of  Egypt.  1822 
Tennyson's  Poems.   2  vols.   1842.  And 

five   succeeding   editions.      In  fine 

condition  only 
Sidney's  Arcadia.   Facsimile  of  1st  edit 

When  writing  to  Advertisers  will  you  please  MENTION  THE  "P.C." 


The    Publishers'  Circular 

lanuary  9,  1909 


( continued ) 

Doidge    &    Co.,    170,   Union  Street, 

Markham's  Countryman's  Contentment? 
Whitfeld's  Flymouth  in  Peace  and  War 

Douglas    &    Foulis,    9,    Castle  Street, 

Lyndsay's  Heraldic  MS.  1822 
Vestiarum  Scoticum.  1842 

Downing,    W.,    5,    Temple    Row,  Bir- 

Carpenter's  Days  with  Wall  Whitman 
Lapenberg's    Monumenta    Germanae  : 

Adam  of  Bremens 
Wordsworth's  Life.    3  vols.  (Paterson). 

Blue  cloth 

Drayton,  S.,  &  Sons,  201,  High  Street, 

Cotch's  Architecture  of  the  Renaissance 

in  England,  1; 360-1 625 
James'  (C.  T.  C.)  Always     Wrong  :  a 

 Memory  Earle  :  a  novel 

Duckworth,  T.,  Victoria  Institute,  Wor- 

Quarterly  Magazine.  Nos.  298,  300-328, 

330,  361,  362,  388  to  date 
Marryat's    Under    pilies    and  Roses. 

2  copies 
Meade's  pife  for  a  Pove 
Dunlop,   W.,   52,   George   IV.  Bridge, 

Derrick's  Wild  Irish 
Rogers'  Economic  Interpretation.  1  vol. 

Duthie,  W.  R.,  56,  Eldon  Street,  Glas- 
•  gow,  W. 

Williamson's  Clyde  Steamers 

Early  Railway  Medals 

McFeat's  Early  Glasgow  Directories 

Dutton,  T.,  17,  Keyes  Road,  Crickle- 
(jgjwood,  N.W. 

Race  pists  or  other  Papers,  before  1827, 
giving  jockeys  riding  atNewmarket 
or  elsewhere 

Eclectic  (The)  Book  Co.,  16,  Stonegate, 

Burke's  Dormant  and  Extinct  Peerage 

1866  or 
Morris'  Yorkshire  Folk  Talk 
Caves'  Picturesque  Buildings,  Vork 
Edwards,  F.,  83,  High  Street,  Maryle- 

bone,  W. 

Burchell's  South  Africa.    2  vols.  4*0. 

1822.  Or  vol.  2 
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Marlowe's  Works.  Ed.  Bullen.  Vol.  3 
St.  Simon's  Memoirs.  4  vols.   1857.  Or 

Vol.  1 

Genest's  English  Stage.  Vol.  1.  1832 
Mansfield  Park.   3  vols.   1st  edit.  1814. 

Or  Vol.  1 
Clowes'  British  Navy.  Vol.  3 
Thomson's  Storv  of  New  Zealand.  2  vols. 

Cloth.   1859."  Or  Vol.  1  only 
Beatson's  War  with  Tippoo  Sultan.  4to. 
Charnock's  Naval  Architecture.    3  vols. 

4to.  1 801.  Or  Vol.  3 
Tale  of  Two  Cities.  Parts  6,  7  and  8 
Hamilton  and  Nelson  Papers.    2  vols. 

1894.  Or  Vol.  1 
Dillon's  Voyage   to   the   South  Seas. 

2  vols.  1829.  Or  Vol.  1 
Kotzebue's  Voyage.  3  vols.  8vo.  1821 
Prescott's  Charles  V.  2  vols.  8vo.  1857 
pife  in  Paris.  Parts  18,  19,  20  and  21 
Smith's  Death  of  Major  Andre.  1808. 

Or  Portrait  only 
Masson's  Pife  of  Milton.  Vol.  6 
Thackeray's  Newcomcs.    Part  14 
Anthropologial  Inst.  Journal.  A  late  run 

(after  Vol.  14) 
Ethnological  Society.    1st  series.  Vols. 

1  and  2 

Willcox'  Dictionary  of  Military  Terms 
Atlas  to  Greene's  Russo-Turkish  War. 

Esquemeling's  Buccaneers  of  America. 

Wilson's  Essavs  on  Sanskrit  Literature. 

Vol.  2 

Bowen's  Napoleon's  Campaign  of  Jena. 

1875.  (In  French) 
McKillop's  Reminiscences  of  the  War  in 

New  Zealand 

Ellis,  29,  New  Bond  Street,  W. 
Baron's  Pocula  Castalia.      1650.  Or 

Discours   de   1' Institution   des  Jeunes 

Seigneurs.   161 2 
Macleod's   (Fiona)   From  the  Hills  of 

Dream.  1896 
Evelyn,  F.  W.,  9,  Howick  Place,  S.W. 
Mace's  (G.)  My  First  Crime 
Boulevard  Novels.  Pub.  Vizetelly 
Fairbairns,  A.,   &  Co.,  Ltd.,  3,  Robert 

Street,  Adclphi 
Strickland's  Mamial  of  Petrol  Motors 

and  Motor  Cars 
Farrer  &  Sons,  39,  Broad  Street, Reading 
Kelly's  Merchants',  Manufacturers',  and 

Shipping  Directory.  1907-8 
Featherstone,    A.   J.,   84,  Hill  Street, 

Ward's  (Mrs.  Humphry)  Geo.  Romney. 

2  vols.  4I0. 
Civil  Costumes  of  England 
Pimborch's  History  of  the  Inquisition 
Fehrenbach,    A.,    57,    Peopold  Street, 


Annesley's  (Mary)  Door  of  Destiny 
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Porter's  Travels  in  Russia.  Vol.  1.  1812 
Flavell,  W.P.,  65,  Muriel  Road,  Norwich 
Henry  and  Scott's  Commentary.  Old 

Test.  only.  R.T.S.  edit,  preferred 
Meyer's    (F.    B.)    The   Soul's  Ascent. 

1st  edition 
Ford,  J.  H.,    &  Co.,  4,  Pandor  Road, 

Clapham,  S.W. 
Baxter  and  Pe  Blond  Prints 
Books  and  Catalogues  on  above 
Bookplates.   Collection  or  loose  lots 
Forrester,  R.,  1 ,  Royal  Exchange  Square, 


Castles  and  Mansions  of  Ayrshire 
Argyle's  Highlands 
Allan's  (Robert)  Poems 
Fowler,  E.  S.,  Bookseller,  Cornfield  Road, 

Pily's  (John)  Plays.  Modern  edition 
Chartist  Movement.  Gammage 
Evans'  (A.)  Bosnia,  &c. 
Foyle,   W.    &  G.,   1  ^,  Charing  Cross 

Road,  W.C. 
Reach's  Podgings  to  Pet 
Records  of  poudon  and  W.  Country 

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Family    Bible    (Illustrated).  Virtue. 

Reference  pages  unfilled  in 
Gadney,  H.  G.,  2  and  3,  Turl  Street, 


Davenant's    Political   and  Commercial 
Works.    5  vols.    1771,  or 

Joinville's  Pife  of  St.  Pouis.    Trans,  by 
Mrs.  Wedgwood 

Paberthonniere's  Essais  de  Philosophie 

Nordau's  (Max)  Degeneration 

Thorpe's  (B.)  Ancient  I<aws  and  Insti- 
tutes.   2  vols. 

Vacaresco's  Bard  of  Dimbovitza.  1892 

Galignani  (The)  Library,  224,  Rue  de 
Rivoli,  Paris 

Kennel  Gazette.    Nos.  223,  238,  239, 
272  and  273.  One  of  each 

Galloway,  J.,"  20,  Bristo  Street,  Edin- 

Medical  Review.   Vols.  10  and  11 
Jackson's  Tales  of  Roslin 
Galloway   &  Porter,  Booksellers,  Cam- 

Keary's  Outlines  of  Primitive  Belief 
Pubke's  Historv  of  .Sculpture.    2  vols. 


Penton's  Early  Hebrew  Pife,  Study  in 

Gardner,  F.,  1,  Power  Clapton  Road 

Kelvin's  Popular  Lectures.  Vol.  ; 
Georg,  H.,  Bookseller,  Lyons 
Frost's  Secret  Societies  of  the  Ivuropean 

Revolution.  1876 
Sweet's  Handbook  of  Phonetics.  1877 
Studio.    Coi'i  >t  and  Millet 
George,  E.,   &  Sons,  isi.  Whitechapel 

Road.  E. 

Asiatic  Quarterly  Review.  October,  1903 
Iron  and  Steel  Inst.   1869  to  1872 

Gilbert    &    Field,    Ltd.,   67,  Moorgate 

Street,  E.C. 
Sidonia  the  Sorceress 
Meinhold's  (W.)  The  Amberwitch.  Trans. 

by  Lady  Duff  Gordon 
Montresor's  Worth  While 
Wilde's  (Oscar)  Aphorisms  and  Epigrams 
Disappearance  of  the  Duke.  Cloth 
Studio.    Complete  set,  including  Extra 

Hayes'  (F.  W.)  Kent  Squire 

 Gwynthe  of  Thornby 

 Shadow  of  a  Throne 

Gilbert,  H.  M.,  &  Son,  24,  Above  Bar 

Seeman's  Flora  Vitiensis. 
Tale  of  Two  Cities.  8vo 
Moser's  pife  of  Joachim 
Dore's  Dante.   2  vols.  Well  bound 

Parts  9  am  1  10 


Sanitarv  Institute 
Gilbert,  H.  M.,  & 

Herbert's  Poems. 

and  others 
Charles  Auchester. 


Son,  m.  Th.'  Square, 
nius.  Birket  Foster 
(Musical  Novel) 

Rusden's  Aureretanga.  (Ridgway).  1888  s  Lane's  Arabian  Nights.  Circa  1843 

Motley's  Netherlands.    Vols.  3  and 

8vo.,  cl. 
Green's  English  People 
1  and  2  < 

Glaisher,   H.  J.,   57,   Wigmore  Strut, 

Cavendish  Square,  W. 
Strand,  containing  Chap.   1  Sir  Nigel. 

Dec,  1905  (?) 
Boyce's  Nigh  Unto  the  End 

Glaisher,  W.,  Ltd.,  265,  High  Holborn, 

Pangdale's  Work  on  Mrs.  Pitzherbert 
Goad's  Old  Book  Stores,  Bath 
Trans.  P.  M.  S.  Vols.  5  to  8 
Report  Committee  on  Aborigines 
Meehan's  famous  House,  Bath 
Goose  &  Son,  iq.  Rampant  Horse  Street, 

Rye's  History  of  Norfolk.  Pub.  at  7s.  6d. 
Goodwin's  Foundation  of    the  Creeds. 

GottSChalk,  P.,  Berlin  W.  64 
Edinburgh  Roy.  Soc.  Proceedings.  V  ol.  r 
Nos.  1-16,  19-22,  25  to  end,  or  compl. 
Vol.  9 

Birmingham  Nat.  Hist,  and  Philos.  Soc. 

Proceedings.  Vols.  1  and 
Manchester  Lit.  and  Philos.  Soc.  Memoirs 

Vols.  4-19.  Proc.  Vol.  1 
Goulden  &  Curry,  61.  High  Street,  Tun- 
bridge  Weels 
Blaeken's  (F.)  Old  China.   Pub.  London 

Curio  Club 
Brooke's  (Emma  F.)  Superlluous  Woman 
Moon  of  Bath 

Goupil    &    Co.,    25,    Bedford  Street, 

Strand,  W.C. 
Holland's  .(Ford)  Memoirs  of  the  Whig 

Party.   London.    1852-54.    2  vols. 
Jackson's    (Sir    George)    Diaries  and 
Letters.  London.   1872-^73.  4  vols. 
Berry's  (Miss  Mary)  Journals  and  Corres- 
pondence. London.    1865.   3  vols. 
Brown's  Original  Memoirs  of  Seveden 
and  Danemont  from  1766  to  1818. 
London.  1895.  2  vols. 
Malmesbury's   Diaries  and  Correspon- 
dence. London.   1S84.   4  vols. 
Lieven's  (Princess  of)  Fetters  to  Her 
Brother.  Edit,  by  Robinson. 

Vivian's  (Lord  Rich.)  Memoir. 

Seaton's  (Lord)  Life.  London. 
Grant,  J.,  31,  George  IV 

Poekhart's  Life  of  Scott. 

burgh  edition.  1902 
D'Urfey's  Pills.   Vol.  2 
Chalmers'  British  Poets.  Vol.  7.  Or  run 
Grant,  R.,    &  Son,  107,   Princes  Street. 

The  Bucholz  Family.    Complete  edition 
The  Pyon  in  Mourning-  Chambers's 

Hall's    Sketches    of    Irish  Characters. 

Early  edition 
Grevel,   H.,    &  Co.,    ;     King  Street, 

Covent  Garden.  W.C. 
Burns'  Poetry.  Centenary  edit.  4  vols. 

Aratos'  Phainomena.    Trans,  by  Brown 

(in  Verse).  1885 
Pasteyrie's  Histoire  de  la  Peinturc  sur 

Verre.  Complete.  1857 
Buckton's  Monograph  of  British  Aphides. 

4  vols.  1S75-82.  (Ray  Society) 
Holt's  Why  Not  Eat  Insects  ?  1SS5 
Seccomby's  Comic  Sketches  from  Eng- 
lish Historv 



Bridge.  Edin- 

10  vols.  Edin- 

Gregory,  G.,  5,  Argyle  Street,  Bath 
Tyack's  Historic  Dress  of  the  Clergy 

 The  Cross  in  Ritual 

London  P.O.  Directory.  1908 

Graham,    H.    M.,    29,    Silver  Street, 

Stockton-on-Tees.    Any  Books,  Prints, 

or  Tokens  relating  to 
Baxter  Prints  and  Le  Blond  Ovals 
  Print  :  Carrier  Pigeon 

Green  way    &    Bullivant,    5?,  Alcester 

Road,  Moselcy,  Birmingham 
Baxter  Colour  Prints  and  Books  con- 
taining same 
Baxter's  Cabinet  of  Paintings 
Le  Blond  Colour  Prints 

Groom,  F.,    &  Co.,  Ltd.,  15,  Charing 

Cross,  S.W. 
The  Laws  and  Customs  of  the  Constitu- 
tion.    Part  1  :    Parliament.    By  Sir 
William  B.  Anson 

Hamblen,  Bookseller,  Leamington 
Pistis  Sophia.      Trans.  Maitland  and 

Bullen's  Anacreon.     P  p.  Illus. 
Widow  Barnaby.    Illus.  Leech 

Hanson,  M.,  26,  Market  Street,  Halifax 
Bunting's  Ancient  Music  of  Ireland 
Wood's    (Mrs.    H.)    Foggv    Night  at 
Offard.   1862.  Illus.  Bentley 

Harding,  G.,  64,  Great  Russell  Street, 

Institute  of  Bankers.  Vols.  3,  21  and  22 
Bankers'  Magazine.    Any  vols,  or  parts 
Parliamentary    Debates.      4U1  Series. 
Vols.  1-7,  32-38 

Harding,    H.    T.,    Gloucester  Street, 

Punch.   January  3rd,  1906 
Idler.  March  1897,  May  1898 
Pall  Mall  Budget.  February  9th,  1S93 

Harrison,   W.  E.,  The  Ancient  House, 

Mott's  Alcohol  and  Insanity 
Wakely's  Abstinence  and  Work 
Brunton's  Action  of  Medicine 
Harrison  &  Sons,  45,  Pall  Mall.  S.W. 
Newman's  Apologia.  1864 
Knight's  Crests.    4to.  r863 
Massey's  (Gerald)  Complete  Poems 
De  Morgan's  Probabilities 
Sinclair's  Metropolis 
Winchester's  Pearl  of  the  Sea 
Dahlke's  Buddhist  Essays 
Symonds'  Pife  of  Michael  Angelo.  2  vols. 

Half  calf 
The  Rudder.    Jan.,  1907 
Keller's   (Helen)    Optimism.  Original 

English  edition 
Hobson's  Problems  of  Unemployment 

Hart,  T.,  67.  Perry  Vale,  Forest  Hill.  S.F. 
Railway  Magazine.  Vols.  2  and  3.  1898 

Haslam,   J.,  &    Co.,    Ltd.,    15,  Broad 

Street  Place,  E.C. 
Clavell's  Reminiscences  of  an  Ill-spent 


Verrall's  Syrphydiae 
Turner's  Prosthetic  Dentistry 
Ashmont's  Kennel  Secrets 
Hutchinson's  Indoor  Sports  and  Pas- 

Mackenzie  on  the  Eye.  1835 
Griggs'  The  Mines  of  Chihuahua 

Haxton,  D.,  29,  Palatinate.  New  Kent 

Road,  S.E. 
Jlilton's  Works.    1835.    Brydgcs'  vols. 
Any  cloth 

Scott's  Life  and  Works  of  Swift,  [814, 
Any  vols. 

Fielding's  Works  in  10  vols.  Pub.  about 

1896.    Any  vols. 
Peg  Woffmgton.  1853 

Hayes,  J.,  Church  Street,  Funis 
Full  History  of  Cuban  Wat 
History  of  Cong 
 Lough  Corrib 

Hector,   E.,    103,   John    Fright  Street. 

Moore's  Confessions  of  a  Voting  Man. 
1st  edit. 

Dowson  (Ernest)  Any  1st  edits. 
James'  (Henry)  Two  Magics.  1st  edit. 
Temple  of  Gnidus,  Delia  Bathing,  and 
Beauty's  Dav 

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Trade  Lists  sent  (to  Booksellers)  on  receipt  of  Trade  Card. 


Heffer,  W.,  &  Sons,  4,  Petty  Cury,  Cam- 

Rolfs    Dicty.    Trade   and  Commerce. 

Polio.     1 76 1 
The  Giant  Killer,  by  A.L-O.E. 
Sadler's  Commty.  Epistles.    Old  edition 
Physiological  Laboratory  of  Univ.  Coll., 

London.     Collected  Papers.    Nos.  6 

and  10 

Stow's  Training  System.  1840 
Wilderspin's  System  of  Education.  1840 
Martineau's  Home  Education.  1848 
Georgian  Era,  with  Portraits.   4  vols. 
Vandervell  and  Witham's  Figure  Skating 
Journal  of  the  Chemical  Socy.  Old 
Series  ;  New  Series,  Vols.  1,  2,  5,  8,  9 
Mommsen's  Roman  Provinces.    2  vols. 
Heaviside's  Electrical  Papers 
Prescott's  Philip  II.    1st  edit.   Cloth  for 

—  Charles  V.   1st  edit.  Cloth  for 


Tournal  Socy.  Chemical  Industry.  Jan., 
1882  ;  and  Jan.,  March,  Mav,  July, 

London  Analyst.     Vol.  1 
Babbage's    Examples    in  Functional 

Smith's  Report  on  Theory  of  Equations 
Poor's  Solar  System 
White's  Scrap  Book  of  Mathematical 

Gentleman's  Diary.     1741,  1828 

Leybourne's  Repository.  Old  Series, 
1799-1804  ;  New  Series,  Vols.  7  to  10 

Ladies'  and  Gents'  Diary.  1855-56 

Gents'  Math.  Companion.  1798-1827 

Poincare's  Collected  Papers 

Gauss'  Complete  Works 

Laplace's  Mecanique  Celeste.  Trans. 
Bowditch.   4to.   Vol.  3 

Higgins'  Agricultural  Law 

Hobday's  Revision  of  Courtney's  Book 
on  Veterinary  Practice 

Matthews'  Elem.  Text  Book  on  Fer- 

The  Ancestor.    Vol.  3 

Baldwin's  Diet,  of  Philosophy.    3  vols. 

Bigg's  Christian  Platonists 

Brooks'  Cotton  Manufacturing 

Browne's  Vulgar  Errors.     4th  edit. 

Lubbock's  Hundred  Best  Books.  Burns 
only.    Half  morocco 

Cope's  Batrachians  of  N.  America 

Coxe's  Atlas  to  Marlborough's  Memoirs 

Davenport's  Experimental  Morphology. 
Part  2 

De  Morgan's  Alice  for  Short.  Clean  copy 
Du  Bose's  CEcumenical  Councils 
Evans'  Animal  Symbolism 
Faraday's  Researches  in  Chemistry  and 

Foster's  Backhouse  Pedigree 
Freeman's  Periods  European  History 
Fuchs'  Counterpoint 
Fyffe's  Modern  Europe.    Vols.  2,  3 
Von  Sybel's  French  Revolution.  4  vols. 
Henshaw    &   Co.,    15,    Queen  Street, 

Cheapside,  E.C. 
A  Surgical  Operating  Table  (Dollar) 
The    Windmill    as    a    Prime  Mover. 

(Chapman  &  Hall) 
Parliamentary  Reports  (1875)  re  Santo 

Domingo  Loan 
Nature.    May  3rd,  August  1st,  1907 ; 

June  4th,  1908 

Hewetson,  J.,  &  Son,  11,  High  Street, 

Hampstead,  N.W. 
Drummond  Novie's  Life  and  Adventures 

of  Prince  Charles  Edward  Stuart.  4 


Pickwick  Papers.  Household  edit.] 
St.  Paul's  Magazine 

Hill,   H.  R.,  &  Son,  61,  New  Oxford 

Street,  W.C. 
Balzac's  _,Novels  :    Seraphita.  121110. 

Green  cloth  (Macmillan).    New  Ycik 
Fairfax  Correspondence.   4  vols. 
Stephens's  French  Revolution.    Vol.  . 


Hirschfeld    Bros.,    Ltd.,    13,  Furnival 

Street,  E.C. 
British  Medical  Journal.    1857,  i860,  or 

Series  containing 
Edinburgh  Medical  Journal.  Vols.  10  to 


Journal  of  Hygiene.   Vols.  5  to  7 
Parsons'  Pathology  of  Eye.   4  vols. 
British  Journal   Dermatology.  Vols. 

Hitchman,  W.,  37,  Queen's  Road, 

Lecky's  Map  of  Life.  8vo. 

Smith's  (Gold win)  Specimens  of  Greek 

Tragedy.  1893 
Lea's  Sacerdotal  Celibacy 

Hockliffe,  F.,  Bookseller,  Bedford 
James'  Gentleman  of  the  Old  School 
Chums.    Vols.  1893,  1894,  1897,  1900, 
1 90 1,  1902.    Or  parts 

Hodges,  Figgis,  &  Co.,  Ltd.,  104,  Grafton 
•  jStreet,  Dublin 
Granny's  Wonderful  Chair 
London  Library  Catalogue.  1903 
MacDonnell's  Hereford  Cattle 
Ferguson's  Indian  Architecture 
O'Flannagan's    Lord    Chancellors  of 


Burke's  Do. 
O'Flannagan's  Muuster  Bars 
Smith's  Poisonous  Plants 
Charles'  Book  of  Enoch 

Holland  Bros.,  21,  John  Bright  Street, 

-Memoirs  of  Due  de  Roquelaure.   4  vols 
Fairbaim's  Crests.    2  vols.  4to. 
Memoirs  of  Casanova.     12  vols. 

Boilings,  F.,  7,  Great  Turnstile,  Holboru 

Scott's  Antiquary.  3  vols.  1st  edit.  Uncut 

 Rob  Roy.     Do.  Do. 

 Ivanhoe.      Do.  c-Do. 

 The  Abbott.  Do.  "  Do. 

 Kenilworth.  Do.  *  Do. 

 Woodstock.  Do.  Do. 

Hardy's  Desperate  Remedies.     3'  vols. 
1st  edit.  Uncut 

 A  Pair  of  Blue  Eyes.      3  vols. 

1st  edit.  Uncut 
Binding  copies  will  do  for  any  of  the 

Holmes  Bros.,  4,  Manette  Street,  W. 
Buddha.  Paper  cover.  Pub.  Humphreys 
Aubrey  Beardsley.    Symonds,  Unicorn 

Electrician  at  Home.  2  parts  (Ward  & 
'  Lock) 

Burdett's  Hospitals  and  Charities.  1902 

Vizetelly's  Wines  of  the  World 

The  Lord's  Supper  (T.  T.  Clark) 

Dillman's  Genesis 

Upton's  Gleanings  from  Desert 

 Newmarket  and  Arabia 

Craig's  Art  of  Theatre 
Stirling's  Darwinianism 
Army  From  Within,  by  Author  Absent- 
minded  War 

Holmes,  W.  &  R.  (S.-Ii.  Dept.),  Dunlop 
Street,  Glasgow 

Dr.  Hyde :  Three  Sorrows  of  Story- 
Telling  3 

Justin  versus  Trypho 

Gilbert  West  on  Resurrection 

Holmes,   W.   &   R  ,  3;  Dunlop  Street 

Junius  Letters.  [2  vols. 
Mazzini.    Vol..  4"" 
John  Gentleman,  Tramp 

Hooper,  H.  J.,  15,  Sefton  Park  Road, 

Old  Bristol  Portraits  and  V  iews 

Coaching  and  Other  Sporting  Prints 

Fine  Line  Engravings  and  Baxter  Prints 

Horley,  W.,  Luton,  Beds. 

Helen's  Babies.    Cheap  copy 

Cobbett's  Advice  to  Young  Men 

Dr.  Johnson's  Works.    6  vols.  Vol.  1. 

1825.  8vo. 
Houghton,  J.,  7,  Lord  Byron  Street, 


Smith's  Bible  Dictionary.      3  vols. 
Engineers'    Handbook,    by    Chas.  S. 

Practical  Millwrights'   and  Engineers' 

Ready  Reckoner,  by  Thos.  Dixon 
Howell's  (E.)  Book  Store,  83,  Church 

Street,  Liverpool 
Wood's  (Lawson)  Pre-Historic  Proverbs 
Hudson  &  Woolston,  116,  Neyv  Street, 

Scott's  Garibaldi  (Hurst  &  B.) 
Godfrey's  Poor  Human  Nature 
Thompson's  Magnetism  and  Electricity, 

Humphris,  H.  £..  77,  St.  Giles,  Norwich 
Clay's  Secrets  of  the  Sword.  1900-01 
The  Poster.    From  27  to  end,  or  odd 
Ingoldsby  Legends.    Illus.  by  Rackham 
Hunt,  W.,  14,  Orford  Hill,  Norwich 
The  Manger  of  the  Holy  Night  (Masters) 
Bravo  :    Poisoning  Case 
Cromer.    Any  Prints.    Good  prices_a 
Huntting,  H.  R.  (The)  Co.,  Inc.,  317, 

Main  Street,  Springfield,  Mass. 
Good    Library    Editions    of  English 

Authors,  described  fully.   Quote  price 

delivered  New  York 
The  Red  Book  of  Monteiths.  Published 

by  Dr.  Win.  Frazer,  Edinburgh.  1880 
Castlereagh's  Memoirs.  Londonderry. 


Burchard's  Diarium.  Thuasnc.  1883-4 
Chamberlain's  Speeches  on  Home  Rule, 

&c.  1881-90 
CornwaUis'  Correspondence  (Ross).  1859 
Hutchinson  &  Co.,  34,  Paternoster  Row 


The  Adventures  of  the  Broad  Arrow,  by 

Morley  Roberts 
Iredale,  A.,  &  Son,  Booksellers,  Torquay 
Maurice's  Doctrine  of  Sacrifice.  1883  or- 
Howson  and  Warner's  Harrow  School 
Boscorla  Free  :    Cornish  Tale.  1890 
Jacobs,  J.,  149,  Edgware  Road,  W. 
History  of  Philosophy,  by  Lewis 
Illustrations  to  Burton's  Arabian  Nights 
Ryley's  Itinerant.    Vol.  5.  Boards 
Jaggard  &  Co.,  92,  Dale  Street,  Liverpool 
Shakespeare's  Works.  Edit,  by  Malone. 

Dublin.  1794.  Vol.  16 
Lovelace's  Lucasta 
Will  of  Sir  Hugh  Clopton.  1 865 
Jaggard  &  Co.,  13,  Moorfields,  Liverpool 
L'pool.   Nth.   Survey  Map  (Stanford) 


Innian  Line  and  City  of  Boston  Loss. 

Chapman's  (J.)  Medical  Works.  1857- 

James,  T.,  &  Co.,  34,  Bernard  Street, 

Clergy  List.  1908 

Durley's  Pills.  Vol.  2.  (Pearson).  Or 

Man  in  the  Moon.   Pt.  27 

Janverin,  A.,  28,  Bellevue  Road, 

Southampton  :  Old  Prints  and  Guides  of 

Jeffery,  J.,  115A,  City  Road,  E.C. 

St.  John's  Wild  Sports 

History  and  Progress  of  Mining  in  the 
Caradon  and  Liskeard  District,  by- 
Webb  and  Geach 

Mines  and  Mining  in  Cornwall.  Any- 
thing on 

St.  John's  Life  in  the  Forests.  Vol.  1 
Unbeaten  Tracts  in  Japan.     Vol.  2 

Jenkins,  R.,  15,  Mill  Street,  Kidder- 

In  a  Walled  Garden 
Johnson,  A.  H.,  no,  Hill   Road,  Cam- 

Journal  of  the  Society  of  Comparative 

Legislation.  Vol.  1,  No.  2.  1st  series 
Johnstone,    D.,    75,    Hanover  Street, 

Merlin.    Part  4  (E.E.T.S.) 
Bartholomew's  .Scottish  Atlas 
Knox's  Works.  8vo.  Vol.  4  (B.  Club) 
Jones  &  Evans  Booksellers,  Ltd.,  77,  Queen 

Street,  Cheapside,  E.C. 
Shaw's  (G.  B.)  Unsocial  Socialist 
Pain's  (Barry)  Robin  Hood 
Grove's  Music.    Vol.  4.    Old  edition 
Jones,  L.  W.,  56.  High  Street,  Folkestone 
De  Windt's  Paris  to  Pekin  by  Land 
Herculanaeum  and  Pompeii.  Vol.  8  or  8 


Jones,  T.  E.,  36,  Burrell  Road,  Ipswich 
Bain's  (F.  W.)  Hope's  Garden.  1st  ed. 
Kani.  1st  edit. 

Jordan,  J.  E.,  27,  Braunstone  Gate, 

Daydawn  of  the  Past,  by  an  Old  Eto- 
nian. 1882 

Buchanan's  (John)  Physiological  Thera- 
peutics. 1873 

Ellingwood's  Therapeutics 

Joseph,  E.,  48A,  Charing  CrossjRoad, 

Encyclo.  Brit.  Vol.  2.  \  black  morocco 
Coulton's  From  St.  Francis  to  Dante 

Rapid  &  Express  Ready 

Reckoners.     For  Money, 
Discounts,  Percentages,  Interests  and 
Weights.    6d.  and  Is.  Od.  each. 

Junior  Army  &  Navy  Stores,  Ltd.  (Book 
Dept.),  York  House,  Waterloo  Place, 

Miles'  Poets  and  Poetry  of  the  Century. 

Barnes'  (Win.)  Poems.  Complete 
Don  Quixote  (Dore's  ist  edit.).  Part  con- 
taining pages  585  to  612 
Losses  in  Gold  Milling  (McDermott  & 

Juta,  J.  C,  &  Co.,  36,  Basinghall  Street 

Lugard's  A  Tropical  Dependency.  Pub. 

James  Nisbet  &  Co. 
Kelly  (The)  Law-Book  Co.,  Ltd.,  Carey 

Street,  Chancery  Lane,  W.C. 
Jour.  Comparative  Legislation.  Nos.  2 

and  7.  N.s. 
Kennard,    T.,   Bookseller,  Leamington 


Melville's  (Wkyte)  Works.  Set 

Dugdale's  Warwickshire.    Vol.  2 

Kidd,  W.,  &  Sons,  Booksellers,  Palace 

Buildings,  Whitehall  Street,  Dundee 
Septem  Contrafidem 
Strand  Mag.  for  Jan.,  1906 
Times  History  of  Boer  War 
King,    H.   G.,   Bookseller,  Commercial 

Street,  Halifax 
Boy's  Own  Paper.  Dec.  1907 
Lake,  R.  J.,  c.o.  Gilbert  &  Rivington, 

Duke  Street,  Stamford  Street,  S.E. 
Waverley  Novels  :  Fair  Maid  of  Perth, 

Count  Robert  of  Paris.  A.  &  C.  Black 

pocket   edition.      Leather.  1901 
Memoirs  of  Henry  Jenkins,   aged  169 


Last,  G.  H.,  38,  Saxon  Road,  Bromley. 

Maxwell's  Irish  Rebellion.  1845 
Ingoldsby  Legends.  3  vols.  1852  or  1S55 
Cruikshankiana.  1S35 


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you  please  MENTION  THE 

"  P.C." 


The    Publishers'  Circular 

January  9,  1909 


(  continued ) 

Levine,  R.,  19,  Prince  ol  Wales  Road, 

Stevenson's  Birds  of  Norfolk.     Vol.  3. 

Memoirs  of  Hurry  Family.    1873.    4 to. 
McLean's  25  Years  in  Hudson's  Bay 
Lewis,  H.  K.,  136,  Gower  Street,  W.C. 
Churchill's  Consumption  and  the  Hypo- 

Homer's  Iliad.    Trans,  by  Pope.  New 

edit.    1802.    Vols,  i  or  all  vols. 
Richardson's  Health  of  Nations.  1887 
Lewis,  W.,  22,  Duke  Street,  Cardiff 
Country  I„ife.    Dec.  5th,  1908 
Smart  Set.     Odd  numbers 
Librarian,  Trinity  Colle^',  Glenalmond, 


Alpine  Journal.  Vol.  XI. 

Pamphlets  on  Norwegian  Travel.  Anv 

Lightfoot,    H.   E.,   60,   Chichele  Road, 

Cricklewood,  N.W. 
Baxter  Colour  Prints.    Also  books  con- 
taining same 
Lister,  E.,  121,  Yorkshire  Street,  Oldham 
Stone's  Chronicles  of  Pashion    Vol.  2. 

Bennett's  Whaling  Voyage.  Vol.  1.  1840 
Lloyd  &  Townsend,  Booksellers,  Swansea 
Life  of  Handel 

Bygones  in  Devonshire  and  Cornwall 

Old  Swansea  Guides 

Login,  B.,  &  Son,  1328,  Third  Avenue, 

New  York 
Frost's  Fundus  Ocuali 
Index  Medietas.   Vols.  10-17 
Annals  of  Surgery.  Vols.  1-4 
Journal  of  Nervous  and  Mental  Diseases. 

Vols.  1-15 
Long,  H.  G.,  14,  Marmion  Road.Southsea 
Paget's  (Gen.  Sir  Ed.)  Memorials 
Pannell's  Reference  Book 
Jukes  (Rev.  Andrew).  Any 
Long,  W.  C,  39,  pondon  Street,  Reading 
I  Awoke.    2  copies 

Longmans,  Green  &  Co.,  39,  Paternoster 
Row,  E.C. 

Davids'  (Rhys)  The  Buddhist  Story  Book 
Lowe   Bros.,"  45,  Newhall  Street,  Bir- 

Bentley's  Miscellany  from  1837  to  1843 

Archaeological  Association.    Vol.  3 
Westwood's  Paleographia.  1843 
Lupton    Bros.,    38,    Manchester  Road, 

Wilson's  "(E.)  The  Egypt  of  the  Past 
Modern  Art,  by  George  Moore 
Carr's  Annals  of  Colne 
Mc Alpine,   J.   V.,    1,    Power  Pembroke 

Street,  Dublin 
Anv  Old  Views  or  Maps  of  Dublin 
Ma'lton's  View  Trinity  College.  Dublin 
Portrait  Dean  Swift.  Folio 
McCallum,   J.,  &    CO.,    200,  Buchanan 

Street,  Glasgow 
The    Religious    History    of  Scotland. 

Edit,  bv  Walker  (Nelson) 
Buchanan's  The  Ten  Years'  Conflict 
patina's  Fife  of  Dr.  Chalmers  (D.Douglas) 
Macdonald  &  Evans,  4,  Adam  Street, 

Adelphi,  W.C. 
pife  of  Gen.  Robert  E.  Pee 
Paws  and  Customs  of  the  Constitution 

(Part  1,  Parliament)  by  Sir  W.  Anson 
Mackay,  H.,  239.  Anlaby  Road,  Hull 
Howitt's  Home  and  Haunts  British  Poets 
Mackenzie,    J.,  &    Son,    43,  Lothian 

Street,  Edinburgh 
Edinburgh  Academic  Annual.  1840 
Macleod,  N.,  25,  George   iv.  Bridge, 

Love's  Music  of  the  Church  Hymnal  v 
Prof.  Chrene's  Looking  Back 
Dawson's  Quest  and  Vision 
Courthope's     Liberal     Movement  in 

English  Literature 
Baildon's  Dunbar 

Magrath  &  Co.,  65,  Manningham  Lane, 

Green's  Hist,  of  the   English  People. 
4  vols. 

Hammond's  Comparative  Politics 
Weir's    Historical    Basis    of  Modern 

Marston,    R.    B.,    E9,    Adam  Street, 

Adelphi,  W.C. 
Napier's  History  of  the  Peninsular  War. 

6  vols.  Lastcst  edit. 

Maggs  Bros.,  109,  Strand,  W.C. 
Anderson's  Constitutions  of  Freemasonry 

Impft.  1743 
Defoe's  Works.  Vols.  4  and  11  (Talboys) 

1 840 

Aiken's  New  Sporting  Scrap  Book.  50 

Engraving,  Lithography  and  Etching. 

All  works  on 
Fishing  and  Fishes.  Rare  and  out  of  the 

way  items  on 
Smollett's  Adventures  of  an  Atom.  1st 

edit.  1749 
Cockton's  Love  Match.   1st  edit.  Uncut 
Hunt's  Hero  and  Leander.  1819.  Do. 

 Christianism.     1832  Do. 

 Sir  Ralph  Esher.  3  vols.  1832.  Do. 

Dickens'  To  be  Read  at  Dusk.   1st  edit. 

 Great  Expectations.      3  vols. 

1st  edit.  Uncut 
Cruikshank's  Fairy  Library.   Set.  Orig. 


Conder's  Work  on  Palestine 
Moggridge's  Flora  of  Mentone 
Burton's  (Sir  R.)  Kasidah  of  Haga  Abdu 

Pl-Vezdi.  1880 
Montaigne,  by  Florio.  1603 
Dickens'  Ballad  of  Lord  Bateman.  1st 

edit .  Wrappers 
Mylius'  First  Book  of  Poetry.  1811 
Shakespeare.       First    Folio.  Oxford 

Facsimile  I 
Arnold's  (M.)  St.  Brandon.     1st  edit.  I 

Wrappers.  1867 
Shelley's  (P.  B.)  Letters,  with  Intro,  by 

R.  Browning.   Cloth.  1852 
Thackeray's  Newcomes.  1st  edit.  2  vols.  > 
Stevenson's  Father  Damien.     1st  edit. 

Orig.  wrappers  (Sydney)  1890 
Pater's  Imaginary  Portrait.     1st  edit. 

1894  1 
Perrault's  Contes  des  Fees.  Lyon.  1865 
Lang's  Blue,  Red,  Green,  Grey,  Yellow, 

Pink,  Violet,  Crimson,  Brown,  Olive, 

and  Orange  Fairy  Books.    1st  edits. 

Clean  in  orig  cloth 
Kelmscott  Chaucer.  Specimen  leaves 
.Shakespeare's  Pirst  Folio.  Imperfect 
Wagner's  Life  by  Glesenapp 
Violin.   Books  on 

Massav's  Secret  Drama  of  Shakespeare's 
Sonnets.   1888  | 

Perceval's  (H.  P.)  Original  Services  for 
the  State  Holy  Days.    1838  | 

Schaff's  Rise  and  Progress  of  Monasticism 

Irving's  Mahomet  and  his  Successors. 
2  vols. 

Muir's  History  of  Islam.   4  vols. 
Perry's  The   Frank   to  the   Death  of 

Hodgkin's  Italy  and  her  Invaders 
Guizot's  Hist,  of  Civilisation  in  France 
Freeman's  Chief  Period  of  European 

Sheppherd's  Fall  of  Rome  and  Rise  of 

the  New  Nationalities 
Procopius'  Works.  Text  or  Translation 

Maggs  Bros.,  109,  Strand,  W.C. 
Gaskell's  Mary  Barton.    2  vols.  Uncut 

 Moorland  Cottage.   1850.  Do. 

 Cranford.        1853.  Do. 

 Lizzie  Leigh.      1854.  Do. 

 Right  at  Last.    i860.  Do. 

 Lois  the  Witch.    1861.  Do. 

 Dark  Night's  Work.  Do. 

 Gray  Woman.  Do. 

 Cousin  Phillis.    1865.  Do. 

 Wives  and  Daughters.  Do. 

Vitensis'  Do.         Do.  Do. 

Marcellinus' Hist. Rome.  Do.  Do. 
Priscus.  Do.  Do. 

Jordanes.  Do.  Do. 

Appollinaris  Sidonius  Letters.  Do. 
Cassiodorus.  Trans.  Hodgkin 
pife  "1  Charlemagne.  Trans.  Turner 
Valesii's  Works.  Text  or  Translation 
Vita  Severini.  Do.  Do. 

Ennodius'  Pannigyrius  Theodorici.  Do. 
Calendar  of  Ravenna.  Text  or  Trans. 
Annals  of  Fulda.  Do.  Do. 

Annals  by  Eginhard.      Do.  Do. 
Capitularies  of  Charlemagne.  Do. 
Swinburne's  Undergraduate  Papers.  1858. 

 Queen  Mother,  &c.   1st  edit. 

Uncut,  i860 
 Dead  Love.  1st  edit.  Uncut. 


 Sienna.      1868.  Do. 

 Under  the  Microscope.  Do. 

 Le  Tombcau  de  Theophile. 


 Children  of  the  Chapel 

—  Joseph  and  Brethren.  1876 
Disraeli's  Alarcos.    1st  edit.  Uncut 

 Henrietta  Temple.  Do. 

 lxion  in  Heaven.    1847.  Do. 

 Venetia.  3  vols.  1837.  Do. 

 Vivian  Grey.  5  vols.  1827.  Do. 

 Young  Duke.  3  vols.  1 831.  Do. 

 Coningsby.   3  vols.   1S44.  Do. 

Watts'  (Susannah)  Original  Poems  and 

Translations.  1802 
Epistle  from  Oberea  to  Joseph  Banks. 

Ornish's  Farewell  Inscribed  to  the  Ladies 

of  London.  1776 
Shaw's  Zoology  of  New  Holland.  1794 
Horn  Books.  Any  Specimens 
Glanvil's  Saducisimus  Triumphatus 
Peppard's   Brighton   and   Hove  Direc- 

Boot's  Do.       Do.       Do.  1822 

Burns'  Do.       Do.       Do.  1833 

Cobby's         Do.       Do.  Do. 
Brighton  and  Sussex  Newspapers.  1750 
to  1850 

Sussex  Weekly  Advertiser.    1750,  &c. 
Awsiter's  Thoughts  on  Brightelmstone. 

Sussex  Smugglers  and  Smuggling.  1749 

Fleet's  Handbook  to  Brighton.  1847 

Borrer's  Birds  of  Sussex 

Bryan's  Dictionary  of  Painters  and 
Engravers.  5  vols. 

Phillips'  Paolo  and  Prancesca.   1st  edit. 

Hasted's  Hist,  of  Kent.  8vo.  Vol.  9 

Captain  Dampier's  Vindication  of  Voyage 
to  South  Seas.  1707 

Webbe's  Answer  to  Dampier's  Vindica- 

Poor  Robin's  Almanac.  1644 
Peckam's  County  Gentleman.  1622 
Grocers'  Guild  Merchant.  2  vols. 
York  Merchant  Adventurers.  Hist,  of 

Martin,  A.,  62,  Thornhill  Square,  Cale- 
donian Road,  N. 
Joe  Witless 

Royal  Path  of  Fife.   2  copies 
Christmas  Story  Book 

Martin,  E.,  24,  Mark  pane,  E.C. 

Art  Union  or  Art  Journal.  Any  volumes 

from  1837  to  1880.   Good  condition 
Mason,  S.  M.,  ?4,  West  Tower  Street, 


Richardson's  Armorial  Bearings  in  the 
Church  of  St.  Nicholas,  Newcastle-on- 
Tyne.   1820  ;  or  vol.  1  only 

Massey,  C.  A.,  136,  Upper  'Pulse  Hill. 

Bookplates  of  J.  Beckett,  Duke  of  Atholl. 

John  Franklin,  John 
Murray.  Or  any  good 
old  ones 

Do.        The  French  Families  of 
Levis,  De  Levis,  Ventadour,  Caylus, 
Courson,  Mirepoix.    Reports  by  post, 
no  callers 
Massey,  E.,  6,  Aston's  Quay.  Dublin 
Lamb's  Prose  Works.   Vols.  1.  3.  1835 
Webb's  Compendium  of  Irish  Biography 
Macaulay's  Works.  Vols.  1-4.  1866 
The  Bcresford  Correspondence 

Masthoff,   Dr.  J.  A.  B.,  Hazel  Hollow. 

Peaslake,  near  Guildford.  Surrey 
Fawcett's  (Mrs.  Millicent  Grant)"  Tales 

on  Political  Economy 
British  Manufacturing  Industries.  Only 
volume  dealing  with  Wool,  Flax,  &C. 
Published  by  Stanford 
Beck's  (S.  W.)  Draper's  Dictionary 
Mathews,  E.,  Vigo  Street.  \V 
Old  Humphrey's  Works.  Cheap 
Hacket's  Scrinia  Reserata.   Fo.  1693 
Nicholas  Ferrar's  Life,  by  Turner 
Maurice,  A.,  &  Co.,       Bedford  Street, 

Strand,  W.C. 
Morley's  Diderot.  1st  edit.  Cloth 

Miscell.  2nd  and  3rd  ser.  Cloth 

Mayle,  S.  C,  70,  High  Street,  Hamp- 

stead,  N.W. 
Housman's  Gods  and  their  Makers 
Naturalist's  Library.     Entomology  6  ; 

Ichthyology  3  ;  Ornithology  3,  6 
Melven  Bros.,  29,  Union  Street.  Inverness 
Pendered's  Railway  Locomotive 
Lydeker's  Royal  Natural  History.  Vol.  4 

only  (Warne) 
Mercer,    L.,    7,    Station    Road  West. 

Penn's  Treaty  with  Indians.    Old  impr 
Paul  Pry's  Visit  to  Margate.    Col.  copy 
Poutherburgh's  Coast  Scenery.  Do. 
Meuel,   C,    &   Co.,    i)7-  Shaftesburj 

Avenue,  W.C. 
Miller's  Universal  Passion.  1737 
German  Books.  Ancient  and  Modern 
Middleton,  M.  A.,  Dr.  Johnson  Pa 

Stainer's  The  Music  of  the  Bible 
Carl  Maria  von  Weber.  1865.  Vol.  2 
Beethoven's  Pife.   1841.  Vol.  1 
Midland     The     Educational    Co.,  Ltd., 

Corporation  Street,  Birmingham 
Bacon's  Works.  Edit,  by  Spedding.  14 


Studio.  Special  No.  Country  Gardens 
Millard,   Miss,   Bookseller.  Teddington. 

Pong's  Dialect  of  Isle  of  Wight 
Memorials  of  Baroness  Wentworth 
Davila's  Warres  of  France.  1647 
Battle  of  Quiberon.  under  Hawke.  Print 
Berdmorc  on  the  Teeth.  1768 
Gallatin's  Writings.     Edit.  Adams.  3 


Way's  PZuripides  in  Verse 
Spyri's  Gritle's  Children 
Wright's  Grammar  of  Irish  Language . 

Patten's  Economic  Basis  of  Production 
The  Times.  Any  years  before  1835 
Milligan,  J.,  Bookseller.  Welton  Mount, 

The  Nude  in  Art 

Madden's  United  Irishmen.  3rd  series 
Annals  of  the  Four  Masters.  Any  edit. 
Mills,  T.  B.,  2.  Palace  Street.  Buckingham 

Gate',  S.W. 
In  the  Shadow  of  the  Pagoda 
The  Bijoux.   1829  (Pickering) 
Conversational  Openings  and  Endings 
Minster    iThei    Book    Shop,  Steephill, 

Raine's  Fasti  Ebora;ensis 
History  of  Southwell  iNotts) 
The  Vulgate.  Cheap 
Mitchell,   F.,   21.    Railway  Approach, 

London  Bridge  Station.  S.E. 
Burton's  Arabian  Nights.  Orig.  edit. 
Bingham's  Antiquities.  Any  edit. 
Cameron's  Etchings  (latest)  Edit,  de  luxe 
Morgan  &   SCOtt,   Ltd.,    «>.  Paternoster 

Row.  E.C. 
Hearts  made  glad  and  Homes  made 


Story  of  the  China  Inland  Mission.  Vol.  2 
Morrell,  W.  T.,  &  Co.,  17,  Dean  Street, 
Soho.  W. 

7  vols.  1846.  Vol.  7 
i's32-33-  All  vols. 
9  and  13 

1849-54.     Vols.  3 

Madame  D'Arblay. 
Byron.     17  vols. 

except  1,  4,  7,  8, 
Green's  l'rincesses 

and  6  and  set 
Strickland's  Old 

Pater  de  luxe.  Set 
Meehan,  B.  &  J.  F.,  Gay  Street,  Hath 
Rubaiyat  of  Omar  Khayyam.  All  edits. 
Fetter's  (Geo.)  Commentary  on  Gospel  of 

St.  Mark.  Fol.  2  vols.  1661 
Wales.  Old  Works  on 
Cloister  and  the  Hearth.  Good  type 
Gaskell's  (Mrs.)  Novels.  1st  edits. 
Illustrated  London  Times.    June- Dec. 


Friends    and    N«  w 
Acquaintances.  2  vols,  i860 

 Seven  Bishops 

 Life  of.  1887 

 Tudor  l'rincesses.  1868 

Mort,  D.,  52,  Market  Hall.  Birmingham 
Bevan's  (Mrs.)  The  Quiet  in  the  I.and 
Vaughan's  Hours  with  the  Mystics 
Animal  Monitors.    i.v27-i.M2  and  1906 
Mowbray,  A.  R.  &  Co.,  Ltd.,  14, 

Castle  Street.  Oxford  Circus.  W. 
Devotions  for  Holy  Communion  from  the 

Writings  of  Pusey  with  preface  by  Jelf. 

2  copies 

Mudie's  Select  Library,  Ltd.,  18,  1 

Victoria  Street.  B.C. 

Hinton's  Art  of  Thinking 

Sidgwick's  Cynthia's  Way 

Moore's  (G.)  Impressions  and  Opinions 

Mudie's  Select  Library,  Ltd.,  241,  B romp- 
ton  Road.  S.W 

Cunningham's  History  of  the  Sikhs 
(early  edit.) 

Fitzgerald's  Life  of  Boswcll.    2  vols. 

Mann's  Cedar  Stars 

To  prevent  delay  in  insertion,  Advertisements  must  be  addressed  to  THE  MANAGER,  "THE  PUBLISHERS  CIRCULAR  ' 

January  9,  1909 

The    Publishers'  Circular 




Mudies'Select' Library,  Ltd.,  30-34,  New 

Oxford  Street,  W.C. 
Hornaday's  Two  Years  in  the  Jungle 
Parker's  People's  Family  Prayer 
Burne's  Punjaub  and  Delhi  in  1857 
Mullan,  W.,  &  Son,  4,  Donegall  Place, 


Encyclo.  Britannica.    36  vols.   Cloth  or 

Balzac's  Novels.  48  vols.  (Dent's  3s.  6d. 

Muller,  F.,  28,  West  Ella  Road,  Craven1 

Park,  N.W. 
London  Library  Catalogue.  1003 
Muller,    W.,    16,    Grape    Street,  New 

Oxford  Street,  W.C. 
Keightlev's  Account  of  life  of  Milton. 

Carnegie's  Round  the  World 
Murrays,  Ltd.,  23,  Loseby  Lane,  Leicester 
Bigg's  Christian  Platonists 
Historians'  History  of  the  World 
Gardiner's  Music  and  Friends.    2  or  3 

Murrell,    W.    S.,    36,    Stillness  Road, 

Forest  Hill,  S.E. 
Hibbert  Journal.    Any  back  Nos.  or  vols. 
Murphy,  W.  M.,  79.  Renshaw  Street, 


Weatherby's    Racing  Calendar,  Races 

Past.    1895-96,  also  1773-76,  1778-9, 

1781-4,  1786-90,  1794-97 
Berjeau's  The  Book  Worm.   5  vols. 
Myers  &  Co.,  59,  High  Holbom,  W.C. 
Nichol's  Literary  Anecdotes.    9  vols. 
Neale,  J.,  69,  Edgware  Road,  W. 
Parker's  People's  Bible 
Neville    &   George,    14,    The  Arcade, 

South  Kensington,  S.W. 
Southwell's  Poems.   An y  edit. 
Rose's  Westmoreland,  Cumberland,  and 

Archer's  (Wm.)  Masks  and  Faces 
Newbury,  W.,     Bookbinding  Works, 

Plashet  Lane,  Upton  Park,  E. 
Hodges'    (S.)    Among    the    Woblins  : 

Child's  Romance  (Remington).  6s. 
Marshall's  (Emma)  Dorothy's  Daughters 

(Seeley).  3s.  6d. 
Robinson's  (F.  W.)  Hands  of  Justice 


Sadler's  (S.  W.)  Pirate's  Creek  (S.P.C.K.). 
2S.  6d. 

Marryat's     (Florence)     Nelly  Brooke. 

3  vols,  or  1 
Verne  (Jules)  Dick  Sands 
Warner's  (Susan)  Daisy  Plains  (Nisbet). 

3s.  6d. 

Selous'  (F.  C.)  Hunter's  Wanderings  in 

Africa  (Bentley).   1881.  21s. 
Asbjornsen's  (P.  C.)  Round  the  Yule 

Log  (Low).  5s. 
Cross  and  Atkinson's  Rosalinda, and  other 

Tales  (W.  H.  Allen).   2s.  6d. 
Dumas's  Celebrated  Crimes.    Vol.  1  of 

Nichol's  edition.  1896 
Escott-Inman's  Pattv-pats  :  fairv  stories 


Winchester's  (M.  E.)  Pearl  of  the  Sea 

(Seeley).  5s. 
Willoughby's     (F.)     Fairy  Guardians 

(Macmillan).  5s. 
Wheeler's   (J.  T.)   Tales  from  Indian 

History  (Thacker).    1890.    3s.  6d. 
Nield,  W.,  29,  Bath  Street,  Bristol 
Hilton's  The  Scale  of  Perfection 
Lyte's  Dunster  and  its  Lords 
Valpy's  Family  Classical  Lib.    Vols.  26 

and  27 

Nisbet,  J.,    &   Co.,   Ltd.,   22,  Berners 

Street,  W. 
Life  of  the  Rev.  Basil  Woodd  (Nisbet) 
Euripides.  3  vols.  (Macmillan) 
Bennett  on  Second  Advent 
Norton,  W.   &  B.,  16,  Clarence  Street, 

Fosbrooke's  City  of  Gloucester.  Folio 
Markham's  History  of  Peru 

Nudd,  W.  A.,  Stacy  House,  Norwich 
.Sunday  Strand.   December,  1906 
Shaw's  Physiogomy  of  Mental  Disease 

and  Degeneracy  (Wright  &  Co.) 
Odell,  W.,  20,  Churchyard,  Hitchin 
Coleridge's  (Sarah)  Phantasmia 
Woods*  (R.  P.)  Strength  and  Elasticitv 

of  Structural  Members.      Pub.  by 

Ed.  Arnold 

MAGGS     BROS.,    109,  strand, 

WILL    BE    GLAD    TO    HAVE    THE    OFFER  OF 


RARE  and  VALUABLE  BOOKS  of  any  Description; 


English  Poetry  printed  before  1660,         Elizabethan  Literature. 

Old  Plays  prior  to  1700.  Mezzotint   Engravings   in  fine  state. 

Coloured  Engravings  of  Bartol.zzi  School. 

Oriental  Institute,  Woking,  Surrey- 
Asiatic  Quarterly  Review.    Jan.,  July, 

1886  ;   Jan.,  Apr.,  July,  Oct.,  1887  ; 

Oct.,  1888  ;  July,  1889 

Orr,  J.,  74,  George  Street,  Edinburgh 
Young's    The     Disturbing  Elements. 

Irwin's  War   Medals  and  Decorations 

Goodrich-Freer's  Inner  Jerusalem 
  Essays    Physical  Re- 

Palmer,    Howe    &   Co.,   73,  Princess 

Street,  Manchester 
Burton's  English  Porcelain 
Ai  Code 

Reminiscences  of  Henry  Angelo.   2  vols. 
£10  10s.    (Edition  de  luxe) 

Palmer,  S.,  Richmond  House,  Shepper- 

ton,  S.W. 
The  Times.  1803-5.  Or  loan  of 

Parker  &  Son,  27,  Broad  Street,  Oxford 
Harrington's  Consecration  of  Churches. 

Ball's  History  of  the  Heavens 

Times  History  of  the  War.    Vols.  1  to  5 

Pawson    &    Brailsford,    York  Street, 

Lidden's    (late    Canon    H.    P.,    of  St. 

Paul's)  A  Vol.  of  Letters  Describing 

his  Visit  to  the  Holy  Land 
Payer,  J.  A.,  8,  Dover  Road,  Folkestone 
Voltaire's  Fa  Pusella.    Trans.  Dryden, 

or  others 

Napier's    Peninsular    War.  Boone' 

edit.    i2tno.    1861.   Half-calf,  vol.  3' 

6  vols.,  or  sell 
Annals  of  the  Peninsular  Campaigns. 

Blackwood's    edit.       i2ino.  1829. 

V0I.2.   3  vols.,  or  sell.  Half-calf 
Payne,  P.,  Bryn  Hafod,  Colwyn,  N.  Wales 
View  of  Hinckley  Castle  (demolished  in 

Sixteenth  Century) 
Mrs.  Brown  at  the  Play 
Pearson,       &  Co.,  5,  Pall  Mall  Place, 


Collins'  (Wilkie)  Hide  and  Seek.  1st 

edit.   Original  cloth.  1854 
New  Testament.   Cambridge.  i6ir 
Arne's    (T.    A.)    Whittington's  Feast. 

1st  edit.  1776 
Gounod's  (C.)  Serenade  de  Marie  Tudor. 

1st  edit.   1897  ? 
Rossini's  Zelmira.   1st  edit.  1822 
Ainsworth's   (W.   H.)   The   Good  Old 

Time.    1st  edit.  1873 
Blake's  (W.)  Angels  and  Devils.  1st 


Bishop's  (Sir  H.  R.)  Lectures  on  Music. 
1st  edit. 

Boissy    d'Anglas'    Etudes  Litteraires. 

1st  edit.  1825 
Harte's  (Bret)  A  Secret  of  Telegraph 

Hill.    1st  edit. 
Brunetiere's  Ee  Progres  Religieux.  1st 

  La  Metaphysique  Positive 

1st  edit. 

Campbell's  (T.)  Pelham's  Widow.  1st 

Collins's  (W.)  The  Woman  in  White. 

A  drama.    1st  edit.  1871 
Daudet's  (A.)  Eh  bien,  II  faut  vous 

Pendre  :  Comedie.    1st  edit. 
Dumas'    (A.  pere)   Causerie  Culinaire. 
1st  edit. 

 Causerie.     Seconde  etude  sur 

Beranger.    1st  edit. 

 Henri  IV.    1st  edit. 

 (fils)  Documents  sur  l'Histoire 

de  Naples.  1st  edit. 
Ea    Harpe's   Philosophic    du  XVIHe 

siecle.  1805 
Pompadour,  Catalogue  of  her  Furniture, 

Jewels,  Books,  &c. 
Porta's  De  Humana  Physiognomonia. 

1st  edit.  1586 

Pearson,  J.,  &  Co.,  <s,  Pall  Mall  Place, 

Ruskin's  Circular  Respecting  Memorial 
Studies  of  St.  Mark's,  Venice. 
1st  edit.     Circa  r877 

 Eaws  of  Fesole  in  parts.  1877-8 

 Notes  on  Frederick  the  Great. 

1st  edit. 

Reade's  (C.)  Ee  Faubourg  de  St.  Germain. 
1st  edit. 

Richardson's     (S.)    History    of  Mrs. 

Beaumont.   1st  edit.  1804 
Rouget   de  Lisle's  Cinquante  Chants. 

Paris.  1825 
Rousseau's  (J.  B.)  Ee  Desespoir  Amour- 

eux.  1st  edit. 
 Ode    VI.    sur    les  Divinites 

Poetiques.  1st  edit. 
Strickland's  (A.)  Penda  the  Quadroon. 

1st  edit. 

Stowe's  (H.  B.)  Sentences  for  the  Closing 
Year,   rst  edit. 

Southey's  (R.)  Chapter  Extraordinary. 
1st  edit. 

Simon's  (Jules)  Critiques 

.Sand's  (G.)  La  Reverie  a  Paris.  1st  edit. 

Leslie's  (Bishop)  Les  Devotes  Consola- 
tions et  Divins  remedes  de  l'Esprit 
afflige.  i2mo.  Rouen.  1590,  or  any 
early  edit. 

Wright's  (L-)  Pilgrimage  to  Paradise 

Webster's  (W.)  Pilgrim's  Journey  to- 
wards Heaven  (1613) 

Bruen's  (R.)  Pilgrim's  Practice  (1621) 

Pilgrim's  Passe  to  the  New  Jerusalem 
by  M.  R.  (1659) 

Spiritual  Journey  towards  the  Land  of 
Peace  (T659) 

The  Saints'  Triumph,  or  the  Glorv  of  the 
Saints  with  Jesus  Christ.  By  J.  B.  1688 

Bibles  :  Any  Pre-Reformation  edits,  ol 
the  German  translation  of  the  Bible 

Biblia  Hebraica-Hagiographi.  Folio. 
Neapoli.  1486-87 

Psalterium  Hebraica.    4to.  1477 

Books  from  the  Libraries  of  the  Arch- 
bishops of  Canterbury  and  Bishops  of 

Keble  (J.)  Special  Copies  of  his  Works 
Lyte's  (H.  F.)  Spirit  of  the  Psalms.  r834 
Bunyan's  Scriptural  Poems,  &c.  Printed 

for  J.  Blare.  1700 
 The  Progress  of  the  Christian 

Pilgrim.  1705 
 Taith  y  Perein  Gan.  John 

Bunyan.     London,      1688  ; 

Shrewsbury,  1690 
 Cuairt    an    Oilthirick.  Dun 

Eudainn.  1812 
 Turus  a'Chriosduidh.  Glasgow. 


 Gluaiseachd     an  Oilithrigh. 

Dublin.  1837 
 Voyage   d'un   Chrestien  vers 

l'Eternite.    Amsterdam.  J. 

Boekholt.  1685 
 En   Christens    Resa    til  den 

Saliga    Ewigheten.  Gothe- 

borg.  1743 
 D  r  o  g  a  Pielgrzymuiacego 

Chrescianina      do  Wiecz- 

nosci  Biogoslawioney  Przez. 

Trans,  by  X.  Davida.  Behra. 


 Pilgrim's   Passage   in  Poesie, 

by  ager  Scholae  A.M.  4to. 


 Rest    for    a  Wearied 

Glasgow,  1 73 1 
 The  Riches  of  Christ  ;  or  the 

Glorious  Treasure  of  Heavenly  Joys. 

Edinburgh.  1737 
Pakington's  (Lady)  The  Practice  of  the 

Christian  Graces.  1638 
Doe's  (Chas.)  A  Collection  of  Experience. 

i2mo.  1700 
Goldsmith's  Vicar  of  Wakefield.   2  vols. 

6th  edit.     1774  ;  also  Philadelphia, 


I  Pearson,  J.,  &  Co.,  5,  Pall  Mall  place, 
]  S.W. 

Bunyan  Pieces.  Any  editions  before 
1  1700 

Railways.  Any  fine  early  pictorial 
engravings  or  Autograph  Letters 
relative  to 

Henry  VIII. 's  Assertion  of  the  Seven 
Sacraments  with  his  Epistle  to  the 
Pope.    4to.  1687 

Rousseau's  (Euvres.  2  vols.  1756 

Bindings  with  the  Arms  of  the  following 
Popes  : — Pius  III.,  Julius  II.,  Leo  X., 
Adrian  VI.,  Paul  III.,  Marcellus  II., 
Pius  IV.,  Urban  VII.,  Gregory  XIV., 
Clement  VIII.,  Leo.  XI.,  Gregorv 
XV.,  Clement  IX.,  Innocent  XII l", 
Clement  XII.,  Benedict  XIV.  Pius 
VIII.,  Leo.  XIII. 

Coton's  (R.  P.)  Sermons.  Paris.   161 7 

Peffers,  D.  H.,  Belhaveu,  Dunbar 

Otter  Hunting  Prints 

Old  Frigate  Prints 

Old  Lifeboat  Prints 

Philip,  G.,  &  Son,  Ltd.,  32,  Fleet  Street, 

Works  on  Ostrich  Farming.  Report 

Philip,  Son  &  Nephew,  45  to  51,  South 

Castle  Street,  Liverpool 
Northcote  &  Brovvnlow's  Catacombs 
Phillimore  &  Co.,  124,  Chancerv  Lane, 


Notices  of  the  Ellis 

Philpot,  71,  Burgate  Street,  Canterbury 
Stove    and    Greenhouse  Management. 

Practical  books  on 
Willis'  Conventual  Buildings 
Arch.  Cantiana.  Vols.  1  and  7,  or  any 
Pickering    &   Chatto,   66,  Haymarket, 

.St.  James',  S.W. 
Pelham's  Chronicles  of  Crime.  1887 

edit.    Vol.  2  only 
Chippendale  Furniture.    Reprint  will  do 
Paul  Clifford.    Vol.  3,  bds. 
Kelly's  French   Revolution.      Vol.  1, 

PP-  329-332 
Tom  Brown's  .School  Davs.     New  edit 


Caton's  Disticha  de  Moralis.  Amsterdam 

Talbot's  Epictetus.  1881 

Renouard's  Epicurus  Morals.  Carmina 

Ethica.  1795 
Rosarian's  Year  Book 
Wiltshire  Folk  Songs  and  Carols.  4to. 
Morris'  Plans  of  Harbours,  &c,  in  St. 

George's  Channel.  1748 
Vanbrugh's  Relapse.  1697 
Congreve's  Love  for  Love.  1695 

 Mourning  Bride.  1697 

And  other  Old  Plays.  Separate,  or  in  vols. 
Dryden's  Tempest.  1670 
Pink,  J.  W.,  Bookseller,  Cheltenham 
Sponge's  Sporting  Tour.    1st  edit.  Cloth 
Romford's  (Mr.  Facev)  Hounds.  1st  edit. 


Kelly's  Directory  of  Worcestershire 
Pitt,    H.    B.,    37,    Roundstone  Street, 

Boston's   (Rev.    T.)   Complete  Works. 


Scot's  Worthies  (Howie's) 

Preston's  (Dr.)  Sermons  on  Colossians 

Ponsonby,    E.,    116,    Grafton  Street, 

Bradley's  Ethical  Studies 
Poole,  J.,    &  Co.,  104,  Charing  Cross 

Road,  W.C. 
Fortnightly  Review.    April,  1899 
Contemporary  Review.  Do. 
Powell,  G.  H.,  6,  King's  Bench  Walk, 

Temple,  E.C. 
Collier's  View  of  Immorality  of  Stage. 


Hulme's    (F.    E.)    Mediaeval  Natural 

Historv.  Recent 
Powell's  (S.  H.)  Duelling  Stories  of  the 

1 6th  Century  (Bullen)  1904 

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Poynder,  r6.  A.,  96,  Broad  Street, 

Royal  Horticultural  Journal.  1850  to 

Dawson's  Gcodephaga  Britanniea  gS. 
History  of  Wargrave,  Berks.  1885 
Pratt,  G.  J.,  Midland  Railway  Institute, 

Sala's  (G.  A.)  A  Journey  Due  North  j 

 America  Revisited 

Preston,  H.  C,  10,  Market  Street, 

Burke's  Extinct  and  Dormant  Peerage. 
Working  copy 

Encyclopaedia  American  Biography 

Papworth's  Armorials 

Principality  (The)  Educational  Depot 
Co.,  Ltd.,  Y.M.C.A.  Buildings,  Cardiff 

Peloubet's  Notes  on  the  International 
Lessons.    Back  volumes 

Probsthain  &  Co.,  41,  Great  Russell 
Street,  British  Museum,  W.C. 

Wallis'  Persian  Ceramic  Art 

Watter's  Las  Tzu 

Gentleman's  Magazine.    Vol.  280 

Rawson,  J.,  Ryedale  Terrace,  Dumfries 

Old  Annan.  From  12th  Century  until 
1547  (Annan,  Cuthbertson).  1896 

Denniston's  (James)  Legends  of  Gallo- 
way. 8vo.  Edinburgh.  1825 

Rayson,  R.,  00,  High  Road,  Chiswick,  W. 

71st  and  74th  Highlanders  (now  1st  and 

g^2nd  Battalions  Highland  Light  In- 
fantry). Please  report  anything 

Publicity  :   An  Essay  on  Advertising 

Cary's  Inland  Navigation  ;    or,  Select 

(KHp'lans  of  Navigable  Canals 

Saville's  (Lord)  Ladv's  New  Year'^- 
Gift.  1706 

Spencer,  H.  A.,  322,  Holloway  Road,  N. 
Strickland's  Queens  of  Scotland.  Vols. 

1   JKjj  j  Ovid  s  Heroical  Epistles.  London.   1639      7  and  S.  Cloth. 

Roberts,  H.D.,  PublicTLibrary,  Brighton  Sherborn,  Q^.Peterboro'^  Road,  London 

Thornton's  (Sir  J.)  Memoirs _.ofi '.Seven  j  S.W. 

Campaigns  1   (Kg  Ovid's  Heroical  Epistles.  London.  163c, 

^O^WstaAalMaf.  Vols.  1  togs  .Sibley,  W.,  18,  Grafton  street,  Dublin  Speyer  &  Peters,  Berlin  N.W.  7 

Ululated  Son  News.     Title-pa£    S£  gft£*  Fo.k  Sf^*'  °<  # 

2nd  edit. 



X.F,.  Minim 
or  any 

1889  (Jan:  to  June) 
W.    H.,    4,  Nelson 


1st  15  vols. 

W.    J.,     3,     Silver  Street 



Traill's  Social  England.     Vol.  4 
Godfrey's  Home  Life  Under  Stuarts 
 Social  Life  Under  Stuarts 


Books  or  Loose,  or  in  Scrap  Books. 

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having  any  for  Sale,  will  find  it  to 
their  advantage  to  offer  them  to  me. 


Red  way,  F.,  37A,  Trinity  Road,  Wim- 
bledon, S.W. 

Independent  Theatre  Series  of  Plays. 
Pub.  by  Henry  &  Co.    1893.  Any 

Venus  Sine  Concubitu.    1750  (?) 

Wilde  v.  Whistler.   Wrappers.    2  copies 

Dryden's  Translation  Plutarch's  Lives. 
Clough's  Amendments 

Borrow's  (Geo.)  Works.  Complete 

Moore's  (Geo.)  Confessions  of  a  Young 

Rees,  H.,  Ltd.,  119,  Pall  Mall,  S.W. 
Houssaye's  Waterloo.    English  trans. 
Great  Masters  Series  (Heinemanu).  Pt.  2 
Celebrities  of  the  Army.    Any  parts 
Mystery  of  the  Clasped  Hands 
Lines  of  Communication  in  War,  by 

Life  of  Quintin  Hogg.  8vo. 
Kelantan  :  a  State  of  the  Malay  Penin- 
sula, by  W.  A.  Graham 

Rees,  J.  R.,  Esq.,  Merefield,  Salisbury 

Stubbs'  Benedict  of  Peterborough 

Palgrave's  Normandy  and  England 

Norgate's  Angevin  Kings 

Reilly,  P.,  133,  N.  13th  St.,  Philadelphia 

Pugin's  Architecture 

Relfe     Bros.,     Ltd.,     6,  Charterhouse 

Buildings,  Aldersgate,  E.C. 
Gibbon's    Roman    Empire.       Vol.  2 


Richardson,  C,  10,  Exchange  Arcade 

Pepys'  Diary.    Ed.  Whcallev.  Index 

vol.  and  Pepysiana 
Foster's  Life  of  Dickens.    1st  edition 
Richardson,     H.,    4,    Church  Sheet 

Greenwich,  S.E. 
Hunt's  Local  Government  Act.    7s.  6d. 

Richmond  (Surrey)  Public  Library 
Books,  Pictures,  Maps,  &c,  relating  to 

Richmond  ;  also  Books,  &c,  printed 
Qin  Richmond 

Robson  &    Co.,    23,    Coventry  Street, 

Piccadilly,  W. 
Gentleman's  Magazine  of  Fashion.  1828- 

Vanity  Fair.   Odd  parts 
Bentley's  Miscellany.       Odd  parts 
Rough,   F.,   Bookseller,   Book  Market, 

Green's  History.  Any  odd  Nos.,  in  Red 

is.  wrappers 
Slater's  Art  .Sales  of  the  Year 
Sabin,  F.  T.,  118,  Shaftesbury  Avenue,  W. 
Kinglake's  Crimea.    Vols.  7  and  8 
Frankland's  Shooting.  Imperfect 
Burton's  Pilgrim,  to  Mecca.    2  vols. 
Sammels  &  Taylor,  259,  Oxford  Street, 

Studio.  Jan.  and  Feb.,  1905  ;  also  Feb., 

1907,  to  Dec,  1908 
Peachain's  Complete  Gentleman.  1622 
Book  of  the  Play,  Dutton  Cook.  2  copies 
When  a  Man's  Single.   Barrie.   6s.  edit 
Sammels  &    Taylor,    7,    New  Broad 

Street,  E.C. 
Open  Air  Bk.  Pts.  7,  8,  9,  ir,  12 
Walford's  County  Families.  1908 
Medical  Register.  1908 
Sampson,  J.,  13,  Coney  Street,  York 
Burke's  Peerage.    About  1870  to  '78 
Andersen's  Fairy  1    "ts.   2  vols.  (Hein 

Day's  Stained  Glass  (c  '.pman  &  Ha 

Schulze,  0.,  &  Co.,  20,  Se.  th  Frederick 
Street,  Edinburgh 

Symonds'  Benvenuto  Cellini.  Any 
compl.  edit. 

Lagerlaf's  Gosta  Berling's  Saga  (En- 

Planche's  Cyclo.  of  Costume.    2  vols. 
Macrae's  Quaint  Sayings  of  Children. 

Glasgow.  1895 
Baden-Powell's  War  in  Practice 
Handasyde's  The  Four  Gardens 
Burlington  Club  Catalogue  Blue  &  White 

Do.  Do.  Coloured  Do 

The  Stewarts  of  Appin.  4to.  Edin.  1880 
Any  MSS.  relating  to  Bristol 
German  Book  Plates  (Bell).  1901 
Sedgwick,    A.,    57,    Vicarage  Road, 

Ley  ton,  Essex 
De  Quincey's  Opium  Eater.    1st  edit. 
French  Revolution  and  Napoleon.  Con- 
temporary Memoirs  in  English 
Weeds  and  Wild  Flowers.    Paris.  1826 
Ovid.    Metamorfoses.    Lyons.  1559 
Lugo's   Gramatica    en    la   lengua  old 

Nuevo  Reyno,  Madrid.  1619 
De  Quir's  New  Southern  Discoverie.  1617 
Ornaments    (Old    Books,    or   Sets  of 
Plates  of) 

Ornamental  Ironwork,  Jewellery,  Fur- 
niture, &c. 
Seed,  W.  H.,  50,  Church  Street,  Sheffield 
Church's  Typical  Analysis  of  Pig  Iron. 
Vol.  1 

Bell's  (Lowthian)  Chemical  Phenomena 

Iron  Smelting 
Hulmes'  Plant  Form 
Shaw,  A.  C.  (Reference  Dept.i,  Binning 

ham  Free  Libraries 
Gautier's  Histoire  du  Romantisme 
Dante's  Divine  Comedy.  Trans.  Norton. 

3  vols. 

Loisy's  Le  Quatricmc  Evangile 
Sherratt  &   Hughes,   34,   Cross  Streel 

Sutherland's  Wordsworth 
Harrison's  Studies  in  Theogony 
Journal  of  the  Chem.  Society,"  London. 

Vols.  1-20 
British  Medical  Journal.  1904-07 
Journal  of  Experim.  Medicine.  Sets 
Journal  of  Mental  Science.    Vols.  1-7 
Spottiswoode  &    Co.,  Ltd., 
Simpson,    p.   j,       ,  Lauriston  Place,  |Me^rjtom'ft0n 

Simms,  S.  W.,  Bookseller,  Bath 
Street,  J  Nest  of  Linnets 
Moon  of  Bath 
Histories  of  Bath 

Simpkin,   Marshall,   Hamilton,    Kent  & 

Co.,  Ltd.,  31,  Paternoster  Row,  E.C. 
Counsels    to    a     Newly-Wedded  Pair 
(Allenson)  (2). 



Young  Mistlev 

Early  Travellers  in  Scotland. Hume  Brown  !°rr's  Golden  Year  <C  K-S-) 

Start,  H.,  28,  Dudley  Street,  Wolver- 

Technical    Dictionary    in    Four  Lan- 
guages. Vols.  3  and  4.  Milano 
Warren's  Artistic  Anatomy 
Staffordshire  Items  and  Prints 
Women  of  the  Salon 

Burnside  and  Panton's  Determinants. 

13th  chap.    Paper  covers 
Slatter,  A.  J.,  5,  Broadhinton  Road, 

Clapham,  S.W. 
Dickens'  The  Drooping  Buds 
Graphic.   July  to  Dec,  1871 

McKenzie's  Religious  Sentiments  of  C.  I  ;vum™  ,ul  ™e  °fl°n 
Dickens  Boscobel.  Blount  or — 

«■  »i     „  „         ,        ,  ,   „  „       Gardiner's  Historv  England. 

Slatter  &  Rose,  16,  High  Street,  Oxford 

Oliphant's  Phoebe  Junior 

Stevenson's  Fr.  Dainien  (Wilford  Bell). 

Holmes'  Handbook  of  Marine  Engines 

and  Boilers 
Tredgold's  Treatise  on  Steam  Engine. 

3  vols.  4to. 
Thiers'  Consulate  and  Empire.  Trans 



Stedman,  R.  B.,  33,  High  street,  Godal- 

Holden's  Foliorum   Silvula.      Part  3. 

Several  copies 
Stock,  E.,  (Export  Dept.;,  62, Paternoster 

Row,  E.C. 
Whately's  Rise,  Progress  and  Corruption 
of  Christianity 

Hints    to    Young  Land k|  Worsae's  The  Danes  in  England 

Old  English  Furniture  (Applied  Arts) 

Smith,  J.,  &  Son,  19,  Renfield  Street, 

tatistical  Account  of  Tarbolton  and 

Singer  and  Strang's  Etching.  Etcher 

and  Engraver 
The  Casket  Letters 

Smith,  W.,  &  Son,  109,  London  Street 

Turner's  Anglo-Saxons 
Slack's  Marvels  of  Pond  Life 
Bond's  East  and  West  Looe 
Smith,  W.  H.,  &  Son  (Library  Dept. 

12,  Milford  Lane,  W.C. 
Williams'  Middle  Kingdom 
Smith,  W.  H.,  &  Son  (Book  Dept.),  186 

Strand,  W.C. 
Powell's    (Baden-)    Land    System  0 

India.    3  vols. 
Whitfield's  Bridge  Problems 
Chapman  and  Buck's  Wild  Spain.  L.p 
B.O.P.    Nov.,  '07 
Monthly  Packet.    Nov.,  1870 
Smith,    W.    H.,  &    Son,  Booksellers, 
1    Forth  Place,  Newcastle-on-T3me 
Dailv  Mirror  Reflections.    No.  1  (4) 
Smith,  W.  J.,  41,  North  Street,  Brighton 
Sussex  Archaeological  Coll.     Vols.  1-5. 

Collins'  Peerage  (Brvdges).    1812.  Vols 
1,  5,  8 

Spurgeon's  Treasury  of  David.  Vols 

5,  6,  7 

Craik's  Romance  of  Peerage.    Vol.  4 
Burke's  Landed  Gentry.  Vol.  2.  1853 
Hobbes'  Latin  Works.  Vols.  4,  5 
Sotheran,  H.,  &  Co.,  37,  Piccadilly,  W. 
Maxwell's  In  Malay  Forests 
Cane's  (Claude)  Summer  and  Fall  in  W. 

Pritchard's  Heart  of  Patagonia 
Cook's  To  the  Top  of  the  Continent 
Blowitz's  Memoirs 
Jomini's  Napoleon 

Magic  Mirror  of  Nostradamus   (T„.  & 

D'Arblay's    Diary.       .j    vols.  (Swan, 

Chippendale's  Furniture.  Reprint 
Ainsworth's  Freston  Tower 
Groome's  Gypsy  Folk  Tales 
History  of  the  Wells  Family 
Burke's  ICxtinct  Peerage 
Balzac's  Contes  Drolatiques 
Portrait  of  Admiral  Lestock 
Peacham's  Complete  Gentleman 
Poor  Robin's  Almanack 
I  Dana's  Recollections  of  the  Civil  War 

Chesterton's    All    Things    Considere.l.  I  Speed's  Recollections  of  Lincoln 

1st  edition 
Lillywhite's  Cricketer's  Annual. 

and  onward 
"onnington's  Virgil.     3  vols. 

Vol.  14 

Boutwell's  Sixty  Years  of  Public  Life 
McKinlev's  Lecture  on  A.  Lincoln 
Swett's  Do. 
Airv's  Charles  II.  (Goupil) 

Stoneham,  F.  &  E.,  Ltd.,  79,  Cheapside, 

Man  of  Galilee.    Pt.  25 
Mrs.  Mainwaring's  Journal 
Massey's  Ancient  Egypt 
Billiards  Mathematically  lixplained  by 

Thomson's  Books  which  Influenced  Our 

Tainhain.     190 1-2-3-4-5-6 
Expositor.     Vol.  5 

Allen's  (Grant)  Physiological  .Esthetics 
Lost  Ten  Tribes  (American) 
jtoneham,  F.  &  E.,  Ltd.,  23,  Ludgate 

Hill,  E.C. 
A  Day  of  My  Life  at  Eton 
otoneham,  F.  &    E ,   Ltd  ,    30S,  High 

Holborn,  W.C. 
Thompson's  (Francis)  Poems.  Selected 

(Methuen).   1st  edit.  New 
Streicher,  C.  A.,  Linwood  Croft,  York 
Kemp's  Engineers'  Book.  1908 
Student's  Law-Book  Exchange,  8,  Pem- 

berton  Square,  Boston 
Colony  Laws  of  U.S. 
Howell's  State  Trials.    Vols.  22  to  25 
Generation  of  Judges  by  their  Reporter 
Suckling  &  Co.,  13  Garrick  street,  W.C. 
Dickens'  Letters.    3  vols.     1st  edition 
Boys'  Story  Book.  1854 
Sutton,    A.,    4.5.    Bridge   Street,  Man- 

Randolph's  Cabin  and  the  Parlor 
I.andelle's  Ebony  Princess 
Hildreth's  White  Slave 
Taggart,  W.  H.,  9,  Battenberg  Street, 

Christian  Inscriptions  in  Irish.   Part  5 
Carleton's    Stories.     Irish  Peasantry. 

Vol.  2.  1844 
Lists  of  Irish  Books 
Talbot,  W.,  20A,  Horace  Road.  Forest 

Gate,  E. 
Teffrev  Taylor  on  Colchester 
Heygate's  Sir  Harry  Appleton 
Bunyon's  Law  of  Life  Insurance 
Taraporevala,  Sons    &   Co.,  Bombay, 

Books  on  Phallic  Worship 
Oriental  Books 

Old  and  Rare  Books  on  India.  Persia,  &e. 
Taylor,  A.,         Abingdon  Road,  Ken- 
sington. W. 
Stevenson's  (T.)  Lighthouse  Construction 

1  (Spon) 

Bookbindings.  Modern.  fStudio) 
Mul'.er's  Fertilisation.     2  vols.  (Mac- 

Thacker  &  Co.,  Ltd.,  Box  190,  G.P.o  . 

Duffs  Mahrattas 
Burgess'  Buddhist  Cave  Temples 

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January  9,  1909 

The    Publishers'  Circular 



Thacker,  W.,    &  Co.,  2,  Creed  Lane, 

Todhunter's  History  of  the  Mathematical 

Theories  of  Attraction  and  Figure  of 

Earth.   2  vols. 
Newton's  Principia,  by  Motte  and  Davies 

3  vols.  1803 
Jellett's    Elementary   Treatise  of  the 

Calculus  of  Variations 
Airv's  Mathematical  Tracts.    4th  edit. 


Todhunter's  History  of  the  Progress  of 

the  Calculus  of  Variations 
Whewell.   Account  of  his  Writings  and 

Correspondence,  by  Todhunter 
Poisson's  Treatise  of  Mechanics.  Trans. 

H.  H.  Harte.   2  vols.  1842 
Airy's  Tides  and  Waves.  1849 
Middleston's  Agricultural  Zoology 
Syloge  Fungorum,  by  Saccardo.  18  vols. 
Saccardo's    Systematic    Mycology,  in 


Sydow's  Monographia  Uredinarium 
Cooke's  (M.  C. ) ,  Fungoid  Pests  of  Culti- 
vated Plants 
Tulsome's  Selects  Fungorurn  Corpologi. 
Vols  1-3 

Wordlinger's  Sections  of  Fifty  Indian 

Fermentations  and  Their  Actions 

Greenish  Vegetable  Products 

Miller's  Fertilization  of  Flowers.  Trans. 

Roxburgh's  Coromandel  Plants 
Griffith's  Icones  Plantarum  Asisticum 
Short's  Ten  Years  Between  the  Flags 
Lockhart's  Mission  to  Chitral  1886 
Report  other  Works  on  this  subject 
Hamilton's  Hedaya 

Thin,   J.,   54  and    55,   South  Bridge, 

Rapson's  French  and  English  in  India. 


Waverley  Novels.   48  vols.   Illus.  1865 
or  1877 

Finden's  Illus.  to  Scott's  Poetry 

Thomas,  C.  E.,  The  Arcade,  Bognor 
Bramwell's  Hypnotism.  1st  edition 
Haweis'  The  Broad  Church.   2  copies 

Thomson    &   Co.,  Booksellers,  Pleak- 

nowe,  Condorrat,  Glasgow 
Swedenborg's     Latin     Works.  Pub 

anon}-mously.  1763 
Pulsford's  (John)  Morgenrothe 

Thomson,  J.,  51,  Rosefield  Place,  Porto- 

bello,  Fdinburgh 
Help's  Conquest  of  America.     Vol.  4. 


Hardy's  Sporting  Adventures  in  the  New 

World.   Vol.  2.  1855 
Thornton,  J.,  &  Son,  11,  Broad  Street, 


Yukon  Territory  Narrative  of  W.  H. 

Dall,  Leader  of  the  Expedition  1o 

Alaska,  by  G.  M.  Dawson  and  W. 

Ogilvie.       Intro,    by    P.  Mortimer 

Trimmer.   Ryl.  8vo. 
Beowulf  :     an    Heroic    Poem    of  the 

Eighth  Century,  trans  with  notes  by 


Pollard's  Protictor  Somerset 

Thomson,    H.   J.,    2,    Queen's  Road. 

Any  Telegraphic  Codes 
Thorpe,  J.,  53,  Ship  Street,  Brighton 
Country  Life.  1908,  or  July  to  December 
Racing" Illustrated.    Vol.  3,  with  Index 
p;dinburgh  Review:  Index  vols,  lor  141- 
Times  1  The)   Book  Club,   376  to  384, 

Oxford  Street,  W. 
Warburton's  Race  Horse 
Silk  and  Scarlet.  (Druid) 
Boutell's  Christian  Monuments.  1854. 


Celtic  Art.    Works  on 
Whytford's  Rule  of  St.  Augustine 
Sir  J.  Barrington.  2  vols.  1869.  (Rout- 

Little  Mary's  First  Going  to  Church 
Studio.   Vol.  22 

Eve's  Daughters.  Good  price  offered 

Ward's  (J.)  Greek  Coins.  25s.  (Murray) 

Memoirs  of  a  Highland  Lady 

Dilke  and  Wilkinson's  Imperial  Defence 

Beautiful  Britain 

Bouvet's  (de)  Gounod 

Handbook  of  Chiropody.  fWagner) 

Fuller's  (Thomas)  Life  and  Times.  2  vols. 

12s.  1885 
Encyclopaedia  Britannica.  Complete 
Tregaskis,  J.,  232,  High  Holborn,  W.C. 
Stow's  Survey  of  London.      2  vols. 


Borrow's  Zincali.   3  vols.   1st  edition 

Jesse's  Summer  Day  at  Hampton  Cotirt 

Elliott's  Clifton  Park  System  of  Farming 
and  Laying  Down  Grass  Lands 

Seidell's  Dominion  of  the  Sea.  1652 

Dodo.   2  vols.   1st  edition 

Truslove  &  Hanson,  Ltd.,  6b,  Sloane 
Street,  S.W. 

Cameron's  Daughter's  Heart 

Johnson's  (Pauline)  Poems,  containing 
M'Appelli  Valley 

Franco-German  War.  2  vols.  (Cassell) 

Armories  et  Decoration 

Smith's  Diarv  of  a  Huntsman.  1838. 

Tineon's  Contes  dc  Comminge 

Letters  from  a  Mourning  City 

Bird's  Chess  Openings  Practically  Con- 

Truslove  &  Hanson,  Ltd.,  153,  Oxford 

Street,  W. 
Kipling.  Vol.  22.  Edit,  de  Luxe 
Baldwin's  Dictionary  of  Psychology  and 

Philosophy.   Vol.  1 
Robinson  Crusoe.  2  vols.  (Nimmo).  1882 
Engel's  Musical  Instruments.  South 

Kensington  Handbooks 
O'Rell's  (Max)  Friend  Macdonald 
Tuck,  M.,  63,  Mattison  Road,  Harringay, 

London,  N. 
Caird's  (Lutz)  God's  Purpose  with  Man- 

Drummond's  Tracts  for  the  Church 
Lectures.  1847 

Twietmeyer,  A.,  Leipzig 
Punch.  Any  vols. 

Schiller's  Tell,  with  Notes  by  W.  Peter. 

Heidelberg  Winter.  London.  1839 
Love  Letters  of  a  Worldly  Woman 
Wordsworth's  (Poet)  Works.    Edit,  by 

Knight.    Vols.  9,  10  and  11.  Edinb. 


Goethe's  Faust.    All  editions  and  any 
Book  on  Goethe's  Faust 

Torch   (The)   Press  Book  Shop,  Cedar 

Rapids,  Iowa 
Books  about  Western  America 


Walker,  E.  C,  244,  West  143rd  Street, 

Manhattan,  New  York  City 
International  Co-operative  Bibliography 
Paul  Sedir's  Lcs  Plantes  Magazines.  Paris 
Edmund  Burke's  Speeches,  with  Junius 


Amer.,  Eng.,  Ger.  and  French  Chemical 

Periodicals,  at  low  prices 
Stirner's  Ego  and  His  Own  (Tucker) 
Walker,  H.,  37,  Briggate,  Leeds 
Fngland  Under  Victoria.    Pub.  Scott 
Fletcher's  Picturesque  Yorks.    Part  14 
Girl's  Own  Paper.  May  to  June,  1907 
Walker,  J.,  Leyland,  Sevenoaks 
Fielding's  Works.   1783.  Any  vols. 
Wright's  Court  Hand  Restored 
Connoisseur.  Nos.  1,  28,  51  and  52 
Waller,  Carringtou  Street,  Nottingham 
Milman's  History  of  Christianity.  Vols. 

2  and  3.  1867 
Sayce'  (A.  H.)  Introduction  to  Science  of 

Language.   Vol.  1 
Through  the  Fields  with  Linnaeus.  Vol.  1. 


Wallis,  R.,  86,  Milton  Road,  Cambridge 
Publishers'  Circular.     Jan.  18th,  1908. 

Complete,  fairly  clean.    6d.  free 
Washbourne,  R.  &  T.,  Ltd.,  1,  Paternoster 

Row,  E.C. 
Christianity    or    Agnosticism.  8vo. 

(Sands).    London.    Translated  from 

the  French 
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Lane,  Leeds 
Stevenson's  Works.     Set.  Edinburgh 


Civil  Engineers'  Proceedings.  Vol.  150 
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Wesley,  W.,   &  Son,  28,  Essex  Street, 

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2  vols. 

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Punch'.    1890  ;  Jan.  to  June,  1891  and 

Liechtenstein's  Holland  House.    Vol.  1. 

Lee's  Cartmel  Church  Glass 
Westell,  J.,  106,  Charing  Cross  Road, 

Knowling's  Witness  of  the  Epistles 
Dibden's  Typographical  Antiquities.  Vol. 

3.   1816.  Imperfect  copy  may  do 
Statutes  at  Large.  Elizabethan  Period 
Wheldon,  J.,   &  Co.,  }S.  Great  Queen 

Street,  W.C. 
Statistical  Society  Journal.  Vol.  7,  part 

1,  or  title  and  index  to  Vol.  6  only. 

Vols.  14-16 
Practical  Guide  to  Geneva,  &c.  (Kegan 

Paul),  is. 
White,  C.  H.,  12,  Clifford's  Inn,  E.C. 
Hume's  (Fergus)  A  Piccadilly  I'uzzle 
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Bowdler's  Family  Shakespeare.  Vol.  10 

1825.   (Longman  Hurst) 
Lvtton's  Dramatic  Works.  Knebworth 

edit.   Vol.  2 

Williams,  G.,  Cymric  Book  Stores, 

Rogers'  Poems.     1834.    An  untouched 

copy  in  original  binding 
Arch.  Cambrenis.  Any 
All  Welsh  Books  and  those  relating  to 


Williams    &    Norgate,    14,  Henrietta 

Street,  Covcut  Garden,  W.C. 
790  Horner's  Coptic  Gospels 
776  Horner's  Forecasting  of  the  Weather 
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Greatest  Enchantment  1861 
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and  19th 

736  Philosophical  Mag.  1899.  pp.  420- 
430,  or  compl.  vol. 

742  Ross's  Child  of  Ocean.  1889 

743  Oelsner's  Infl.  of  Dante  on  Mrxl 

746  Wolf's  Exam,  of  Urine 
732  Stoke's  (W.)  Cornish  Glossarv 
73.S  Indian  Antiquary  (compl.) 
716  Walsh's  (C.  M.)  Fundamental  Pro- 
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724  Jul.  of  Anthrop.  Inst.  Vol.  37,  pt.  1 
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Michelet's  Summary  of  Modern  History 
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Shaftesbury  Avenue,  W.C. 
Sterne's  Letters  to  Friends  and  Watch- 
coat.    1st  edit.  j  I  is± 
Ticknor's  Life  of  Prescott.  8vo. 


Advertisements  are  inserted  under  this  heading  at  3d.  PER  SEVEN  WORDS  prepaid. 

Antoni,  Fr.,  M.D.,  Riddaregatan  8, 

Almenar.  Libellus  ad  evitandum  et 
expellendum  morbum  gallicum.  Im- 
pressum  Venetiis  1502.  Unicum 

Banyard,  S.,  3,  Weymouth  Terrace, 
Western  Esplanade,  Southampton 

Breeches  Bible.  Date  1607.  Good  con- 
dition. What  offers  ? 

Bullen,  R.,  276,  Roman  Road,  Bow,  E. 

Brown's  Subject  Classification.  1906. 
New.  ios. 

Cockerell's  Book-binding  and  Care  of 
Books.  3s. 

Library  Association  Transactions.  Edin- 
burgh.   1880.  3s. 

library  Chronicle.  1884-S5.  2  vols,  in 
1.  5«-  6rf. 

Hulbert,  R.,  15,  Hill  Street,  Trowbridge 
The  Picart  Bible.  2  vols.  Folio.  Uncut. 
1728.    Containing  140  Full-page  En- 
gravings and  numerous  smaller  ones. 

Rees'  Cyclopedia.  45  vols.,  half  calf, 
including  6  vols,  of  Plates.    22s.  bd. 

14  Odd  Vols,  of  Building  News  (Plates). 
3s.  each 

2  Books  in  the  Chinese  Language.  Illus. 
Crest  and  Monogram  in  Album  con- 
taining 325  items 

Lieber  Code  Co.,  2  and  3,  Cheapside, 

ABC  Code.  4th  edit.  Ai  and  all  other 

Lemallier,  G.,  25,  Rue  de  Chateaudun, 

Anurique  :  Reise  in  das  innere  Nord- 
America  in  den  gahren  1832-34  von 
Maximilien  Prinz  zu  Wied.  Coblenz. 
Hoelscher  1839-41.  2  vols,  in  4to.  de 
texte  er  2  vol.  in  fol.  de  pi.  basane. 
81  Planches  coloriees,  vue  et  Por- 
traits d'Indiens.     Price  £25  net 

Stevens,  M.  W.,  0,  Burlington  Avenue, 
Kew,  W. 

Nature.  Vols.  1-78.  ^4  vols,  bound. 
What  offers  ? 

Wingfleld,  R.,  6,  Gordon  Road,  Wan- 
stead,  E. 

Journal  of  Royal  Microscopical  Society. 
Transactions  and  Proceedings.  Nos. 
14-76.  As  published.  Unopened.  16s. 

Wingfield,    R.,  6,  Gordon  Road,  Wan- 
stead,  E. 

Hardy's  Two  on  a  Tower.    2nd  edit.  3 

vols.    3s.  6d. 
Buckland,  Life  of  Frank.    1888.  2s. 
Dickens.    Authentic  Edition.    21  vols. 

New.    £2  15s.,  or  offer 
Wynne,  J.,  20,  Falcon  Road,  Baltersea 
D'Arblay's  Diary.  4  vols.  Cloth.  1876.  14s. 
.Sheridan's  School  for  Scandal.  Plates. 

Folio.   3s.  6d. 
Woodward's  History  of  Wales.  Cloth. 

7s.  6d. 

Morgan's  (Ladv)  Salvator  Rosa.  1855. 
2S.  6d. 

Harford's  Wilberforce.    1864.    ir  6d. 
Hutchinson's     Lapland.  Illustations. 
1870.    is.  bd. 

When  writing  to  Advertisers  will  you  please  MENTION  THE  "P.C." 


The    Publishers'  Circular 

January  9,  1909 



Keep  in  Touch  with  the  Trade 

By  Advertising  in  "The  Publishers'  Circular" 

"The  Publishers*  Circular"  is  read  by  booKsellers,  librarians,  and 
all  connected  with  boohs  and  literature  at  home  and  abroad.  It  possesses 
certain  features  which  make  it  indispensable,  and  there  is  hardly  a 
bookseller  in  the  country  who  does  not  read  and  study  every  number. 

The  up=to=date  Trade  information ;  the  List  of  Books  Wanted  :  and 
the  detailed  particulars  of  New  Publications  are  some  of  the  weekly 
features  which  ensure  its  being  bought  and  read  by  booksellers, 
librarians,  and  large  bookbuyers  generally. 

"  The  Publishers'  Circular "  is  therefore  an  excellent  medium  for 
Publishers'  Announcements.  An  advertisement  in  its  pages  is  the  most 
effective  and  economical  means  of  reaching  the  men  whose  business 
it  is  to  buy  books,  and  who  respond  to  book  advertising  more  than 
any  other  class. 

Booksellers  having  rare  or  second=hand  books  for  disposal  should 
try  the  effect  of  an  advertisement  in  "The  Publishers'  Circular."  We 
are  every  day  receiving  fresh  testimony  as  to  the  efficacy  of  our 
advertising  columns  in  this  respect. 

An  coiinuunicalions  should  be  addressed  lo  "The  Editor  "—Advertisements  and  Business  Letters  to  the  M.inmrr— at  the  Omces,  to.  Aaani  Mreet.  Adetphi,  Strand.  London,  W  i 
Printed  by  1  HE  Press  Printers,  Ltd., 09-70,  Long  A-is  W.C.,  for  The  PUBLISHER  I.  ikcll  vK.  Lrn.,  &  puolishcd  at  the  Orlice.  10.  Adam  Stieet,  Adclphi,  Miand.  VA  C— Satutnay.  Jan.  9,  i«a9 

^       tubiitlitis  Lircumr  gnu  boonselkn  Ketoru,  January  10,  luuq. 

^  if  "         pages  of  the  'Publishers'  Circular '  are  nead  by  all  the  chief  Bookbuyens  in  the  kingdom."— British  Weekly. 



estb.  1837.  AND  BOOKSELLERS'  RECORD 

No.  2 2 20.    Vol.  90. 

SATURDAY,  JANUARY  16,  1909. 







In  The  Lamb  Shakespeare  for  Young  People,  based  on  Mary  and  Charles  Lamb's  Tales  from  Shakespeare,  an  attempt  is  made  to  insert  skilfully 
within  the  setting  of  prose  those  scenes  and  passages  from  the  Play  with  which  the  young-  reader  should  quite  early  become  acquainted.  To  carry 
this  out  adequately  the  narrative  as  set  forth  by  ihe  Lambs  has  been  freely  adapted.  It  is  believed  that  this  form  of  presenting  the  chief  Plays  to  the 
young  will,  in  accordance  with  a  widely-expressed  wish  from  many  educational  experts,  commend  itself  to  teachers  and  others.  Each  volume  is  illus- 
trated by  artists  who  endeavour  to  reproduce  the  chief  scenes  of  the  action  as  they  would  be  visualised  by  the  young,  while  a  further  feature  is  made  of 
Songs  from  the  Plays  set  to  the  best  music,  arranged  for  school  use  by  T.  Maskell  Hardy.  Issued  in  the  following  stvles,  with  Special  Cover  Design, 
.  Imperial  i6mo,  about  7J  X5J  inches: — Cloth  gilt,  1/6  net;  leather,  2/6  net.       Special  School  Edition,  limp  linen, 


4.  THE  MERCHANT  OF  VENICE.    Illustrations  by  Miss  L.  E.Wright. 

5.  THE  WINTER'S  TALE.    Illustrations  by  Miss  Helen  Stratton. 

6.  TWELFTH  NIGHT.     Illustrations  by  Miss  L.  E.  Wright. 

7.  CYMBELINE.    Illustrations  by  Miss  Helen  Stratton. 

|   10.  MUCH  ADO  ABOUT  NOTHING.  Illustrations  by  Miss  L.  E.  Wright. 

uniform  with  the  above.    AN    EVENING   WITH    SHAKESPEARE    NOW  READY- 

Being  a  series  of  Ten  Tableaux— each  clearly  illustrated  in  half-tone  from  photographs— with  full  directions,  including  words  and  musical  score, 
for  the  staging  by  Young  People  of  Twelve  Songs  from  the  Plays,  also  clear  instructions,  with  diagrams,  for  the  appropriate  Dances,  and  a  final 
song,  with  music  by  the  Editor,  entitled  "  Homage  to  Shakespeare."    The  whole  edited  and  prepared  by  T.  Maskell  Hardy'. 

This  volume  is  uniform  with  above  in  size  and  format,  but  the  price  is : — In  limp  linen,  1/6  net ;  cloth  gilt,  2/-  net ;  leather,  3/6  net. 
The  purchase  of  copies  includes  the  licence  to  stage  all  or  part  of  the  Tableaux. 

THE  TEMPEST.  Illustrations  by  Miss  Helen  Stratton. 
AS  YOU  LIKE    IT.     Illustrations  by  Miss  L.  E.  Wright. 

A  MIDSUMMER  NIGHT'S   DREAM,    illustrations  by 
Miss  Helen  Stratton. 


ROMEO  AND  JULIET.  Illustrations  by  Miss  L.  E. Wright. 
MACBETH.    Illustrations  by  Miss  Helen  Stratton. 

The  King's  Classics  are  printed  on  antique  laid  paper,  i6mo  (6  x  4^  ins),  gilt  top,  and  each  volume  contains  a  photogravure  frontispiece. 
Quarter  bound,  antique  grey  boards  or  Red  cloth,  1/6  net.  Quarter  Vellum,  Grey  cloth  sides,  2/6  net. 

Special  three-quarter  Vellum,  Oxford  side-papers,  gilt  tops,  silk  marker,  5/-  net. 



1 1 . 





THE  LOVE  OF  BOOKS  (The  Philobiblon). 


by  Edward  Fitzgerald. 




I.  Alfred  to  the  Coming  of  the  Tudors. 

II.  From  the  Early  Tudors  to  the  Love- 
Lettersof  Henry  YIII.  and  Anne  Boleyn. 

8 — 10.  In  Modern  English  by  Prof.  Skeat. 

POLONIUS.    By  Edward  Fitzgerald. 

THE  FOUR  LAST  THINGS.  By  Sir  Thomas 



52.  KINGS'  LETTERS.    Yols.  III.  and  IY. 



In  Modern  English  by  Prof.  Skeat. 


20.  THE  NUN  S  RULE,  or  Ancren  Riwle. 

In  Modern  English. 



and  "  SCIPIO'S  DREAM." 



26.  27.  BROWNING  S  MEN  AND  WOMEN. 

28.  POE'S  POEMS. 






34.  SAPPHO:  One  Hundred  Lyrics.  Bv  Bliss 
35-  WINE,  WOMEN,  AND  SONG.  [Carman. 



54,  S5-  THE  ESSAYS  OF  ELIA. 




In  Modern  English  bv  Prof.  Skeat. 


47,  48.   In  Modern  English  by  Prof.  Skeat. 

THE  RULE  OF  ST.  BENEDICT.      ["  IDEA." 






6_>.  OF  THE  TUMBLER  OF  OUR  LADY,  and 

other  Miracles. 

London:    CHATTO    &   WINOUS,    111,  St.   Martin's  Lane,  W.C 


The    Publishers*  Circular 

January  16,  1909 


LADY  Assistant  wanted  at  once  for  Coast 
Town  in  Scotland.  Good  Window  Dresser. 
Must  have  thorough  experience  in  Fancy  Goods 
and  knowledge  of  Stationery  and  Books. — Full  par- 
ticulars, age,  salary,  &c,  to  200,  "News"  Office, 
Largs,  Ayrshire. 

Country  representation  to  aTraveller  at  present 
representing  another  house  throughout  England, 
Ireland  and  Scotland,  or  would  act  jointly  with  a 
firm  of  Publishers  desiring  a  country  representative. 
— Full  particulars  in  confidence  to  Box  279, 
Publishers'  Circular  Office. 

REQUIRED,  Junior  Clerk  (Male,  18-20).— 
Must  be  good  Shorthand  Writer  and  Typist, 
and  be  sharp  and  reliable  at  office  routine  work. — 
Apply  by  letter  in  own  handwriting,  stating  salary 
required,  and  enclosing  specimen  of  typing,  to 
B.  T.  Batsford,  Publisher  and  Bookseller,  94, 
High  Holborn,  W.C. 

WANTED  by  leading-  firm  of  London  Pub- 
lishers, Representative  to  reside  in  Scotland. 
State  experience  and  salary'  required. — Box  39,481, 
c/o  F.  E.  Potter's  Advertising  Agency,  56, 
Ludgate  Hill,  London. 

YOUTH  wanted  with  some  experience  of 
Author's  Accounts  and  Trade  Counter. 
State  age,  experience,  and  salary  required.  Pro- 
gressive post  for  suitable  lad. — Box  280,  Publishers' 
Circular  Office. 


Catalogue  of  "  Libraco"  Portable  Shelving  (costing  3g/-per 
case  7ft.  6in.  high  by  3ft.  wide  by  8in.  deep,  with  nine 
adjustable  shelves)  sent  free  on  application. 

LIBRACO"  Limited,  60,  Wilson  St.,  Finsbury  Sq., 
London,  E.C. 

To  Publishers  of  TECHNICAL  BOOKS 

Publishers  of  Works  of  a  Technic; 
should  try  an  advertisement  in 

r  Commercial  cha 


Printed  In  English. 
Circulates  In  all  the  chiet  c 

Established  24  Years, 
mercial  centres  of  the  World. 


Latest  Publications  of  60WANS  &  GRAV,  Ltd. 


In  two  volumes,  each  containing  60  photographs, 
6d.  net  per  vol.    The  two  vols  in  one,  cloth  1/6 
net ;  leather  2/-  net. 

In  parchment  cover  6d.  net. 



NEWS,  &c. — Young  Man  seeks  re-engagement 
as  Assistant  or  to  Manage  Branch.  20  years' 
experience ;  6  years  in  last  situation.  Can  take 
orders  for  printing.  Salary  moderate.  Excellent 
references. — Address,  T.,  20,'Woolcomber  St.,  Dover. 

BOOKS.STATIONERY— Advertiser,  disengaged, 
seeks  position  as  Assistant  in  above,  first-class 
experience,  highest  testimonials.  Age  25. — Apply, 
Eric  D.  Murray,  8,  Tufnell  House,  Pleasant  Place, 
Canonbury,  N. 

MR.  FRANK  ELLIS,  at  present  representing 
Messrs.  Peacock,  Mansfield  &  Co.,  in  London 
and  Subs.,  seeks  an  additional  commission. — Write, 
37,  Duppas  Hill  Lane,  Croydon. 

ONLY  Booksellers  and  Library. — Young  man 
desires  to  enter  a  Country  business  to  gain 
experience,  view  Partnership  or  Purchase. — 
Shrubsole,  36,  Canonbury  Square,  London,  N. 

engagement  in  similar  capacity,  or  as  Corres- 
pondence Clerk ;  thorough  knowledge  of  book  pro- 
duction, MS.  and  proof  correction  ;  moderate  salary 
asked. — Apply  Box  260,  Publishers'  Circular  Office. 

MATERIALS. — Competent  Assistant,  9  years' 
first-class  experience,  desires  engagement. — Address, 
A.,  59,  King  Edward  Road,  Maidstone. 

GOODS,  &c. — Assistant  desires  position  in  or 
near  London.  Experienced  window  dresser,  capable 
of  taking  entire  charge. — Apply  Box  No.  278,  Pub- 
lishers' Circular  Office. 

TO  PUBLISHERS. — Representation  East, 
South  and  West  of  England,  all  towns  South 
of  Birmingham.  A  well-known  Publishing  house 
offt-rs  part  services  of  their  Traveller,  part  expenses 
(share  loughly  £60  per  annum)  and  commission. — 
XYZ,  Box  281,  Publishers'  Circular  Office. 


w  Vie  w,i  per/eel  Mum  rM.,),ed. 

£     .-  BEST    BRITISH    MANUFACTURE  g 

i  I  IN   FIVE   DIFFERENT  BINDINGS.      z  tr 

o  -*  Size  14J  Inches  square.  °  § 

o    3  g  tm 

r-  \/ 






'  \ 


■  V* 




;-  V 









'•  / 

?  5 

Reduced  facsimile  or  page- 
Showing  how  openings  for  Cards  are  1 

»  Mrty  be  had  o(  all  n'holfsale  Aohsm  or  from 












Per  Ream, 

38  lb. 






THE   Council  hereby  invite   TENDERS  for 
the  SUPPLY  of 
LIME,  PLASTER,  etc., 




Forms  of  Tender  and  further  particulars  may 
be  obtained  at  the  Borough  Engineer's  Office. 
Town  Hall,  West  Ham,  E.  (where  the  Standard 
Samples  may  also  be  seen),  upon  the  payment 
of  One  Pound  for  each  Form  of  Tender,  which  will 
be  returned  upon  the  receipt  of  a  bona-fide 

For  the  SUPPLY  of 


Forms  of  Tender  and  further  particulars 
may  be  obtained  at  the  Office  of  the  Electrical 
Engineer  and  Manager,  84,  Romford  Road, 
Stratford,  E. 

For  the  SUPPLY  of 
NEW  BOOKS,  and  for 

For  the  Public  Libraries  and  Technical  Institute. 

Forms  of  Tender  and  further  particulars  may 
be  obtained  at  the  Central  Public  Library, 
Water  Lane,  Stratford  ;  or  the  Public  Library-, 
Barking  Road,  Canning  Town,  E. 

For  the  SUPPLY  of 




TEA  and  COFFEE, 

LINEN  and  COTTON  GOODS,  etc.. 

For  use  in  the  Council's  Hospitals. 

Forms  of  Tender  and  further  particulars  may- 
be obtained  of  the  Medical  .Superintendent,  at 
the  Hospital,  Samson  Street,  Plaistow. 

NOTE. — No  Tender  will  be  considered  unless 
the  same  is  delivered  at  the  Office  of  the  Town 
Clerk,  Town  Hall,  West  Ham,  E.,  in  the  envelope 
supplied,  by  registered  post,  not  later  than 
12  o'clock  noon  on  Thursday,  January  21st,  1909. 

THURSDAY,  JANUARY  2 1ST,  at  2  P.M.,  AND 

The  Council  do  not  bind  themselves  to  accept 
the  lowest  or  any  Tender.  The  Contractor 
will  lie  required  to  enter  into  a  bond  with  sureties 
for  the  due  performance  of  the  Contract,  and  no 
Goods,  Materials,  etc.,  will  be  ordered  under  any 
contract  until  such  bond  has  been  duly  executed. 

The  Contractor  whose  Tender  is  accepted, 
and  with  whom  a  contract  is  entered  into,  will 
be  required  to  pay  to  the  whole  of  his  workmen 
such  rate  of  wages,  and  observe  such  hours  of 
labour,  as  are  recognised  by  the  Workmen's 
Trade  Unions,  and  in  force  at  the  time  of  signing 
the  contract.  In  the  event  of  any  breach  of 
such  agreement  the  Council  will  enforce  the 
penalty  clause  in  its  entirety. 

Bv  order  of  the  Council, 


Town  Clerk. 

Town  Hall, 

West  Ham,  E. 
1st  January,  1909. 

January  16,  1909 

The    Publishers'  Circular 


H.M.I,  writes  :  "Your  English  Books  are  now  in  use  almost  throughout  my  district,  and  since  their  introduction  I  have 

noticed  a  marked  improvement  in  the  composition." 


s.  &  s. 


Specially  recommended  by  nearly  all  H.M.  Inspectors 

S.  &  S.  NEW  ENGLISH 

Absolutely  Unrivalled.    Co-ordinating  Composition,  Grammar  and  Spelling.     Exactly  meeting  the  New  Memorandum. 

Adopted  by  the  Edinburgh,  Glasgow,  Leith,  and  other  Scottish  School  Boards.  Teachers  should  write  for  the 
S.  &.  S.  Syllabus  of  Work  in  English. 


Adopted  by  the  London,  Edinburgh,  and  nearly  all  other  Education  Authorities  in  Great  Britain.  Up-to-date, 
thorough,  practical,  systematic.  Practical  work  throughout  the  course.  All  teachers  should  see  the 
S.  &  S7  Syllabus  of  Work  in  Arithmetic. 


By    R.    E.   GREEN,   Art  Master. 

Parts  I.  to  VI.,  each  Is.   net.    Numerous  Illustrations  in  Colour  and  Black  and  White. 

Note  what  H.M.I,  says  :  — "  The  value  to  teachers  of  such  a  complete  Manual  as  the  Six  Parts  make  will  be  very  great.  There  is  a 
clear,  definite,  graded  course  —  each  point  in  it  being  a  point  arising  naturally  and  definitely  out  of  what  has  preceded  it,  and  all  the  exercises 
suggested  being  on  what  children  like,  common,  homely,  'friendly  '  objects,  both  natural  and  artificial.  It  will  make  the  teacher's  task  of 
getting  the  children  to  see  at  once  the  points  which  they  must  seize  upon  when  drawing  an  object,  an  easy  one,  and  it  will  place  the  teacher 
himself  on  right  lines  of  thought  as  regards  Object  Drawing.  " 


By   T.    P.   SYKES,  M.A. 

Tonic  Sol-fa  and  Staff  Notation  combined.     Far  ahead  of  anything  previously  issued.     In  use  in  20,000  Schools. 
Recommended  specially  by  practically  all  H.M.  Inspectors.    Teachers  should  write  for  full  particulars. 


1.  AT  DUTY'S  CALL.  By  W.  Hislop.  Beautifully  illustrated.  An  entertaining  story  for  children  from  10  to  12 
-   years  of  age.     High-toned,  full  of  interest,  and  suitable  alike  for  both  boys  and  girls.     Cloth,  6d.  net. 

2.  TOOT-TOOT.    Story  of  a  little  boy  and  girl  who  were  carried  away  in  a  magic  motor-car.    For  children  from 

7  to  9  years.    Cloth,  6d.  net. 

3.  NORSE  STORIES.    Retold  by  Mrs.  Plant.    With  Coloured  Illustrations.    For  children  from  8  to  10  years. 

Cloth,  6d.  net. 


Vols.  I.,  II.,  III.,  each  Is.  9d.  net.  A  systematic  course,  beautifully  illustrated.  Purpose  and  physiological  effect  of 
•  each  exercise.    Adopted  throughout  the  Edinburgh  and  other  Scottish  School  Boards. 





S.  &  S.   RECORD  BOOKS 

Enquiries  for  Full  Catalogue  will  be  esteemed. 

SCHOFIELD    &    SIMS,    Limited,    H UDDERS  FIELD 


January  i6,  1909 




Vol.   I:  B.C.  55—  A.D.   1509.      With    173  Illustrations.      Crown  8vo,  4s. 
Vol.  II.  :  1509-1689.      With  96  Illustrations.      Crown  8vo,  4s.      Vol.  III.  :  1689-1901.      With  109  Illustrations.      Crown  8vo,  4s. 
Complete  in  One  Volume.      With  378  Illustrations.       Crown  8vo,  12s. 


With  66  Maps  and  22  Plans  of  Battles,  &c.    Fcap.  -Lto,  5s. 


B.C.  55 — a.d.  1901.    With  96  Woodcuts  and  Maps.    Fcap.  8vo,  2s. 6d. 



With  Tables,  Plans,  Maps,  Index,  &c.      Crown  8vo,  3s.  6d.      Or  in  Two  Parts.  2s.  each.      Part  I.  :  To  1603.      Part  II.  :  1603-1901. 


Late  Regius  Professor  of  Greek  in  the  University  of  Cambridge. 


Crown  8vo,  2s.  6d. 


Crown  8vo,  Is. 


By  M.  G.  and  J.  KENNEDY  and  H.  WILKINSON,  M.A.    Crown  8vo,  Is.  6d. 
A  KEY,  for  the  use  of  Masters  only,  2s.  9d.  post  free. 

BY    F.    RITCHIE,  M.A. 

FIRST  STEPS  IN  GREEK.    Crown  8vo,  2s. 


F.  Ritchie,  M.A.,  and  E.  H.  Moore,  M.A.    Crown  8vo,  3s.  6d. 
A  KEY,  for  the  use  of  Masters  only.    5s.  2$d.  net,  post  free. 

EASY  GREEK  GRAMMAR  PAPERS.    Fcap.  8vo,  Is.  6d. 
FIRST  STEPS  IN  LATIN.    Crown  8vo,  Is.  6d. 

A  KEY,  for  the  use  of  Masters  only.    3s.  8£d.  net,  post  free. 

SECOND  STEPS  IN  LATIN.    Crown  8vo,  2s. 

FABUL/E  FACILES.    A  first  Latin  reader.    Crown  8vo,  2s.  6d. 


"  Fabulse  Faciles."    Crown  8vo,  Is.  6d. 


A  KEY,  for  the  use  of  Masters  only.    3s.  8£d.  net,  post  free. 

EASY  CONTINUOUS  LATIN  PROSE.   Crown  8vo,  2s.  6d. 

FIRST  LATIN  VERSE  BOOK.    Crown  8vo,  2s. 


LATIN  GRAMMAR  PAPERS.    Fcap.  8vo,  Is. 


Illustrations,   Maps,  and    Plans.        Crown   8vo.        Book    II.,    Is.  ; 
Book  III.,  Is.  ;  Books  II.  and  III.,  Is.  6d. 
**  CjESAR:  DE  BELLO  GALLICO,  Books  II.  and  III.  are  set  for 

the  Cambridge  Local  Examinations  for  1908. 


DE  BELLO  GALLICO,  IV.  20-36;  and  V.  8-23.    Crown  Svo,  Is.  6d. 

A  FIRST  GREEK  WRITER.    Crown  8vo,  3s.  6d. 

A  KEY,  for  the  use  of  Masters  only.    5s.  2Jd.  net,  post  free. 


Exercises.    Crown  Svo,  5s. 

A  KEY,  for  the  use  of  Masters  only.    5s.  3d.  net,  post  free. 

SCENES  FROM  GREEK  PLAYS.     Rugby  Edition.  Abridged 

and  Adapted  for  the  use  of  Schools.    Fcap.  8vo,  Is.  6d.  each. 
Aristophanes — The  Clouds.    The  Frogs.    The  Knights.  Plutus. 
Euripides.     Iphigenia  in   Tauris.     The  Cyclops.      Ion.  Electra. 

Alcestis.    Bacchae.    Hecuba.  Medea. 


Arthir  Sidgwick,  M.A.,  and  F.  D.  Morice,  M.A.  With 
Exercises.     Crown  8vo,  5s. 

A  KEY,  for  the  use  of  Masters  only.    5s.  2Ad.  net,  post  fee. 

BY  G.  G.  BRADLEY,  D.D.,  formerly  Dean  of  Westminster. 
AIDS  TO  WRITING   LATIN  PROSE.    Containing  144  Exercises. 

With  an  Introduction  comprising  Preliminary  Hints,  Directions,  Ex- 
planatory matter,  &c.  Edited  and  arranged  by  T.  L.  Papillon,  M.A. 
Grown  8vo,  5s. 

A  Kb  Y,  for  the  use  of  Masters  only.    5s.  2Jd.  net,  post  free. 
BY  H.  G.  LIDDELL.  D.D.,  and  ROBERT  SCOTT,  D.D. 

GREEK=ENGLISH  LEXICON.    4to,  36s. 

GREEK-ENGLISH  LEXICON.    Abridged  from  the  above.  Revised 
throughout.     Square  121110,  7s.  6d. 

BY    T.    K.    ARNOLD,  M.A. 


COMPOSITION.  By  G.  Granville  Bradley,  L>.  D.,  formerly  Dean 
of  Westminster.  5s. 

A  KEY,  for  the  use  of  Masters  only.    5s.  2$d.  net,  post  free. 

STORIES  IN  ATTIC  GREEK.    With  Notes.    Crown  Svo,  3s.  6d. 

BY  H  R.  HEATLEY,  M.A.  and  H.  N.  KINGDOM.  M.A. 
GRADATIM.    An  Easy  Latin  Translation   Book  for  Beginners. 
With  Vocabulary.    Fcap.  Svo,  Is.  6d. 

A  KEY,  for  the  use  of  Masters  only.    5s.  2Ad.  net,  post  free, 

EXERCISIiS  ON  GRADATIM.    By  H.  R.   Heatley,  M.A.,  and 

the  Rev.  A.  SLOMAN,  M  A.    Fcap.  Svo,  Is.  6d. 
EXCERPTA  FACILIA.    A  Second  Latin  Translation  Book.  Con- 
taining a  Collection  of  Stories  from  various  Latin  Authors.     \\  itfa 
Notes  at  end,  and  a  Vocabulary.    Crown  Svo.  2s.  6d. 

A  KEY,  for  the  use  of  Masters  only.    5s.  3d.  net,  post  tree. 

LONGMANS,    GREEN    &    COMPANY,    39,    Paternoster    Row,  London, 


January  16,  1909 

The    Publishers'  Circular 



ARITHMETIC  Works  by  Chas.  Pendlebury. 
A  New  School  Arithmetic.     Fifth  Edition.     4s.  6d.  Or, 

in  Two  Parts,  2s.  6d.  each.     Examples,  separately,  3s.;  or, 

Part  I.,  is.  6d.  ;  Part  II.,  2s. 
A  Junior  Arithmetic,    is.  6d. ;  or,  with  Answers,  2s.  (The 

Answers  separately,  6d.  net.)      Examples,  separately,  is.  ;  or 

with  Answers,  is.  6d. 
New  Shilling  Arithmetic,    is.  ;  or  with  Answers,  is.  4d. 

Examples  in  Arithmetic.      With  some  Notes  on  Method. 
By  C.  O.  Tuckey,  M.A,,  Assistant  Master  at  Charterhouse.  3s. 


Elementary  Algebra.     By  W.  M.  Baker,  M.A.,  and  A.  A. 

Bourne,  M.A.  Fifth  Edition,  Revised.  With  or  without 
Answers,  4s  6d.  Also  in  Parts — Part  I.  To  Quadratic  Equa- 
tions, 2s.  6d.  ;  or,  with  Answers,  3s.  Part  II  With  or  without 
Answers,  2s.  6d.  FULL  KEY,  10s.  net;  or,  in  Two  Parts,  5s. 
net  each.  Examples,  separately,  3s.,  and  in  Parts. 
A  First  Algebra.  By  W.  M.  Baker,  M.A.,  and  A.  A.  Bourne, 
M.A.  is.  6d.  ;  or,  with  Answers,  2s.  The  Answers,  separately, 
6d.  net. 

Examples  in  Algebra.     By  C.  O.  Tuckey,  M.A.  Fifth 

Edition.    3s.    Appendix  of  Supplementary  Examples.    6d.  net. 


Elementary  Geometry.    By  W.  M.  Baker,  M.A.,  and  A.  A. 

Bourne,  M.A.  Complete.  Sixth  Edition,  Revised.  4s.  6d. 
COMPLETE  KEY,  6s.  net.  Also  in  Parts.  Complete  List 
on  application. 

A  First  Geometry.     By  W.  M.  Baker,  M.A.,  and  A.  A. 

Bourne,  M.A.    With  or  without  Answers,  is.  6d. 
Algebraic  Geometry.   A  New  Treatise  on  Analytical  Conic 

Sections.     By  W.  M.  Baker,  M.A.     Crown  8vo,  6s.  Also 

Part  I.  separately,  2s.  6d. 
Examples  in  Practical  Geometry  and  Mensuration.  By 

J.  W.  Marshall,  M.A.,  and  C.  O.  Tuckey,  M.A.     With  or 

without  Answers,    is.  6d. 
Practical  Solid  Geometry.     By  the  Rev.  P.  W.  Unwin, 

M.A. ,  Assistant  Master  at  Cheltenham  College.    Part  I.  ready 

immediately.    Part  II.  in  the  Press. 
Elementary  Mensuration.      By  W.  M.  Baker,  M.A.,  and 

A.  A.  Bourne,  M.A.    Crown  8vo,  is.  6d. 


A  New  Trigonometry  for  Schools.  By  W.  G.  Borchardt, 
M.A.,  and  Rev.  A.  D.  Perrott,  M.A.  4s.  6d.  ;  or,  in  Two  Parts, 
2s.  6d  each. 


Elementary  Botany.  By  Percy  Groom,  M.A.,  Cantab 
et  Oxon,  D.Sc.  Oxon,  Assistant  Professor  at  the  Imperial  College 
of  Science  and  Technology.  Eighth  Edition.  Revised  and  En- 
larged, with  275  Illustrations.    3s.  6d. 

General  Chemistry  for  Colleges.     By  Alexander  Smith, 

B.  Sc.  Edin.,  Ph.D.,  F.R.S.E.,  Professor  of  Chemistry  and 
Director  of  General  and  Physical  Chemistry  in  the  University  of 
Chicago.    Demy  8vo,  6s.  6d.  net. 

An  Introduction  to  Chemistry.  By  D.  S.  Macnair,  Ph.D., 
B.Sc.    Crown  8vo,  Third  Edition,  Revised.  2s. 

Elementary  Inorganic  Chemistry.  By  James  Walker, 
D.Sc,  Ph.D.,  F.R.S.,  Professor  of  Chemistry  in  the  University 
of  Edinburgh.    Third  Edition,  Revised.    3s.  6d. 


Bell's  French  Course.   By  R.  P.  Atherton,  M.A.,  Assistant 

Master  at  .Haileybury.  Complete  in  Two  Parts.  Illustrated, 
is.  6d.  each. 

Bell's  First  French  Reader.  By  R.  P.  Atherton,  M.A.  is. 

Bell's  Illustrated  French  Readers.  Tales  by  Erckmann 
Chatrian.  Edited  by  O.  H.  D.  Prior,  Assistant  Master  at 
Rugby.  First  Series,  Pott  8vo,  is.  now  ready.  Second^ Series 
in  the  press. 

Gasc's  Concise  Dictionary  of  the  French  and  English 

Languages.  Fourth  Edition.  Revised.  Medium  i6mo.  Treble 
columns,  xii  +  941  pp.,  3s.  6d.    Also  in  Two  Parts,  2s.  each. 

Bell's  First  German  Course.   By  L.  B.  T.  Chafkey,  M.A., 

Assistant  Master  at  Eton.    Illustrated.  2s. 

A  German  Historical  Reader.    By  J.  E.  Mallin,  B.A.  2s. 

A  Practical  German  Grammar.  By  Calvin  Thomas. 
4th  Edition.    Revised.    Crown  8vo.    4s.  6d. 

A  German  Reader  and  Theme- Book.  By  Calvin  Thomas, 
Professor  in  Columbia  University,  and  W.  A.  Hervey.  Crown 
8vo.    438  pp.    4s.  6d. 

A  Spanish  Primer.  By  the  Rev.  A.  C.  Clapin.  Crown 
8vo.  is. 


A  Latin  Reader  (Verse  and  Prose).  By  W.  King  Gillies, 
M.A.,  and  Hector  J.  Anderson,  M.A.    Crown  8vo,  2s. 

Bell's  Concise  Latin  Course.  Part  I.  By  E.  C.  Marchant, 
M. A.,  and  J.  G.  Spencer,  B.A.  2s.  Part  II.— By  E.  C.  Mar- 
chant,  M.A.,  and  S.  E.  Winbolt,  M.A.    2s.  6d. 

Bell's  Illustrated  Latin  Course  for  the  Year.  By  E.  C. 
Marchant,  M.A.,  and  J.  G.  Spencer,  B.A.  In  Three  Parts, 
is.  6d.  each. 

Latin  Unseens.  Selected  and  arranged  by  E.  C.  Marchant. 
M.A.  is. 

Climax  Prote :  A  First  Greek  Reader.  In  Two  Progressive 
Parts.  With  Hints  and  Vocabulary.  By  E,  C.  Marchant,  M.A. 
With  30  illustrations.    Crown  8vo,  is.  6d. 


Elementary  English  Grammar  through  Composition. 

By  John  D.  Rose,  M.A.,  Rector  of  the  Kirkcaldy  High^School. 
Crown  8vo,  is. 

Poetry  for  Upper  Classes.      Selected  and  arranged,  with 
Explanatory  Notes,  by  Edmund  Arthur  Helps.  352pp.   is.  6d. 
Bell's  English  Texts  for  Secondary  Schools.    Chosen  to 

suit  the  Four  Years'  Course  in  English  prescribed  by  the  Board 
of  Education.    Full  Prospectus  on  application. 
English  Readings.     A  new  Series  of  English  Texts  edited 
for  use  in  schools.    i6mo.    Full  List  on  application. 


A  Three  Years'  Course  in  Practical  Physics.    By  James 

Sinclair,  M.A.  Glas. ,  B.Sc.  Lond.,  Head  Science  Master  in 
Shawlands  Academy,  Glasgow.  In  3  Volumes.  With  numerous 
Diagrams,     is.  6d. 

A  First  Year's  Course  in  Practical  Physics. 
A  Second  Year's  Course  in  Practical  Physics. 
A  Third  Year's  Course  in  Practical  Physics. 

London:  GEORGE  BELL  &  SONS,  York  House,  Portugal  Street,  W.C. 

B  2 


January    16,  1909 


beg  to  announce  that  they  have  in 
preparation  a  series  of  Physical  Wall- 
Maps  in  Contour.  These  maps  have 
been  prepared  on  entirely  new  and 
ingenious  lines,  and  the  publishers  feel 
certain  that  this  method  of  presenting 
the  physical  features  of  a  country  will 
certainly  supersede  any  system  hitherto 
devised.  The  first  map  of  the  series, 
viz.,  South  America,  will  be  ready  early 
in  February,  and  the  publishers  will  be 
glad  to  answer  any  queries  in  regard 
to  them. 

General  Information   Questions    (With   Answers  and 

Index).    By  A.  B.  Cowan.    Crown  8vo,  200  pp.,  Is.  6d. 

"  This  seems  a  useful  idea — it  would  certainly  be  a  godsend  to  an  examiner  setting  a  '  general 
paper'  for  boys." — Times. 

A  New  Algebra.    As  far  as  the  Binomial  Theorem.  Including 

a  Chapter  on  Graphs.  By  G.  Collar,  B.A.,  B.Sc.  (Joint-Author  of  "  A  New 
Arithmetic")    Crown  8vo,  438  pp.,  4s.  6d. 

A  New  Geography  on  the  Comparative  Method.  With 

Coloured  Maps  and  Diagrams,  and  an  Outline  of  Commercial  Geography  and  Full 
Index.  By  J.  M.  D.  Meiklejohn,  M.A.  Twenty-Seventh  Edition  (Revised). 
Crown  8vo.    630  pp.,  4s.  6d. 

The  British  Empire.    The  Geography,  Resources,  Commerce, 

Landways,  and  Waterways  of  the  British  Dominions  beyond  the  Seas,  with  Full 
Index.  By  J.  M.  D.  Meiklejohn,  M.A.  Eighth  Edition*  (Revised).  Crown  8vo, 
360  pp.,  3s. 

A  New  History  of  England  and  Great  Britain.  With 

Maps  and  Tables.  By  J.  M.  D.  Meiklejohn,  M.A.  Twenty-Third  Edition. 
Crown  8vo,  740  pp.,  4s.  6d. 

The  English  Language :  Its  Grammar,  History,  and  Litera- 
ture. By  J.  M.  D.  Meiklejohn,  M.A.  Twenty-Eighth  Edition.  Enlarged,  with 
Exercises  and  Additional  Analysis.    Crown  <Svo,  470  pp.,  4s.  6d. 

The  Art  of  Writing  English.   A  Manual  for  Students.  With 

Chapters  on  Paraphrasing,  Essay  Writing1,  Precis  Writing1,  Punctuation,  and  other 
matters.  By  J.  M.  D.  Meiklejohn,  M.A.  Sixth  Edition.  Crown  8vo,  340  pp., 
2s,  6d. 

A  New  Arithmetic.     By  G.  A.  Christian,  B.A.  Lond.  and 

G.  Collar,  B.A.,  B.Sc.  Lond.    Fourteenth  Edition.    Crown  Svo,  562  pp.,  4s.  6d. 

A  Complete  List  of  this  Series  sent  post  free  to  any  address. 

London:    Meiklejohn  &  Holden, 

11,  Paternoster  Square,  E.C. 




Bacon,  G.  \Y\,  ^  Co.,  Ltd. 
Bell,  Geo.,  &  Sons. . 
Blackwood,  Wm.,  &  Sons.  . 
Cambridge  Univ.  Press 
Cassell  &  Co.,  Ltd. 
Chambers,  W.  &  R.,  Ltd. .  . 
Chatto  &  Windus 
"  Clique  "  .  . 
Fearing,  D.  B. 
"  Fishing  Gazette  " 
Gall  &  Inglis 

Geographical  Publishing  Co. 
Glaisher,  Wm.,  Ltd. 
Gowans  &  Gray,  Ltd. 
Groos,  Julius 
Interleaf  Album  Co. 
International  Association  of 

Johnston,  W.  &  A.  K.,  Ltd. 
Kingsgate  Press,  The 
Laurie,  T.  Werner 
Lock  wood,  C,  &  Son 
Long,  John 

Longmans,  Green  &  Co.    . . 
Low,  S.,  Marston  &  Co.,  I.M 
Macmillan  &  Co.,  Ltd. 
Marshall,  H.,  &  Son 
Meiklejohn  &  Holden,  Ltd. 
Milne,  John 
"Notes  and  Queries" 
Oxford  Univ.  Press 
Pitman,  Sir  Isaac,  &  Sons 
"  Public  Opinion  "  .  . 
Publishers'  Circular,  Ltd. 

Relfe  Bros.,  Ltd  


Royal  Statistical  Society  .  . 
Schofield  &  Sims,  Ltd. 
Simpkln,  Marshall,  Hamilton 
Spalding  &  Hodge,  Ltd.  .  . 

Spencer,  W.  T  

Stationers'  Company 
Stock,  Elliot 
Stockwell,  Arthur  H. 
University  Tutorial  Press.  . 
West  Ham  Borough  Council 








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.  Kent  &;  Co. 

74.  82 


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When  writing  to  Advertisers 
please  mention  that  you  saw 
the  Advertisement  in  the 
'Publishers'     Circular . 




The  "FISHING  GAZETTE'  contains  rvtrv  uvri— 

Original  Articles,  often  Illustrated,  on 
Angling  Subjects  —  Reports  from  the 
Principal  Rivers  of  (ireat  Britain  and 
Ireland  Correspondence  —  Notes  and 
News,  &c.  &c. 

Price  2d.  weekly. 


Office:  19,  Adam  Street,  Adelpl     London.  W.C. 

January  16,  1909 

The  Publish 

ers'  Circular 






(80     Pages    of    Literary  Matter) 

Edited  by 


Principal  of   Wyclifte   Hall,  Oxford. 


Price  6d.     Post  free,  6s.  per  annum 
Specimen  copy  of  "  The  Churchman,"  post  free  6d. 



By  Rev.  J.  Stlart  Holdf.n. 
CI.  g  It,  3s.  6d.  net. 

By  Rev.  Montgomery 
Hitchcock.  CI.  gilt,  2s.  net. 


Modern  Aids  for  Teaching  Geography 



Now  Ready:  Europe,  Asia,  Africa,  North 
America,  South  America.    In  Preparation : 
Australia  and  British  Isles. 

MESSRS.  G.  W.  BACON  &  CO.,  Ltd.,  are  now  issuing  a  New  Series 
of  their  well-known  Excelsior  Wall  Slaps.     The  New  Series  is 
coloured  Orographically  instead  of  Politically.    The  Heights  of 
Land  are  shown  by  different  shades  of  Green  and  Brown,  and  the  Depths 
of  Water  by  varying  shades  of  Blue.    The  same  Bold  Outlines  and 
Lettering  as  in  the  original  series  are  retained  throughout. 

The  Contours  have  been  prepared  with  the  greatest  care  from 
Governmental  and  other  Surveys,  and  these  Maps  will  certainly  rank 
as  one  of  the  most  popular,  useful,  and  satisfactory  aids  for  carrying 
out  modern  ideas  of  teaching  Geography. 

Size  about   5   feet   by  4  feet 

Price    1  6S. 

A  Section  of  the  Map  and  Full  Catalogues  of  other  Teaching 
Aids     for    Geography    will     be    sent    free    on  application 

London:  G.  W.  BACON  &  Co.,  Ltd.,  12T  Strand 


Price  2s. 
Price  2s.  6d. 
Price  2S.  6d. 


By  C.  L.  THOMSON,  F.R.Hist.S.,  formerly  Examiner  in  English  Literature 

and  Occasional  Inspector  to  the  Central  Welsh  Board. 
Part     I. — To  Wycliffe  and  Langland.       Second  Edition.       Price  2s. 
Part    II. — From  Langland  to  Lyndsay.      Second  Edition. 
Part  III. — From  Lyndsay  to  Bacon. 
Part  iv. — From  Beaumont  and  Fletcher  to  Dryden. 

Other  Parts  to  follow. 
The  aim  of  this  work  is  to  combine  a  simple  history  of  English  Literature 
with  typical  passages  from  that  literature,  long  enough  to  be  of  independent 
interest,  and  chosen  chiefly  for  their  intrinsic  beauty.  Much  attention  has 
been  paid  to  the  pictures,  which  are  in  many  cases  copies  of  drawings  in 
contemporary  manuscripts. 


A  series  of  volumes  giving  extracts  from  the  writings  of  Great  Authors, 
arranged  chronologically.    175  to  200  pages,    is.  4d.  each. 
The  following  are  now  ready  : — 
From  Wyatt  to  Webster.     From  Herrick  to  Dryden.     From  Defoe  to  Burns. 
From  Crabbe  to  Beddoes.  From  Carlyle  to  Stevenson 

MODERN    HISTORY.     Part  III.  of  "A  Primer  of 
General  History." 

By  A.J.  EVANS,  M.  A.    Cloth,  cr.  8vo,  illustrated,  2s.  6d.    [Ready  immediately. 


(Illustrated.)  I.  Fairy  Tales  and  Poems,  Is.  II.  Nature  Myths  and 
Poems,  is.  ill.  Stories  and  Poems  of  Sea  Adventure,  1s.  3d.  IV.  Heroic 
Tales  and  Poems,  Is.  6d.  V.  Tales  of  Empire,  Is.  6d.  VI.  World 
Stories,  Is.  6d. 

POEMS  FOR  JUNIOR  SCHOOLS.    A  new  Series 

of  Poetry  Books.  48  pages.  Paper  covers,  3d.,  limpcloth,  4d..  I.  Poems 
of  Spring.    II.  Poems  of  Summer.   III.  Poems  of  Autumn  and  Winter. 



Temple  House,  E.C,  and  125  Fleet  Street,  E.G. 


JANUARY  16,  1909. 

NOTES  : — Ben  Jonson's  "The  Case  is  Altered  " — A  Seventeenth  Centurv 
Woman  Surgeon — Unpublished  Songs  by  T.  L.  Peacock — Seaquake 
and  Earthquake  — "  Miramoline  " — Irish  Curses — Houses  of  Historic 
Interest — Saltfieetby — Irish  Customs  on  Christmas  Eve — 'The  Bride  of 
Lammermoor  ' — Gibbon:   Paragraphs  ending  with  "Of" — "Pictures.' 

QUERIES: — "St.  Anthony  of  Vienne — Blue  Coat  School  Costume — Vincent 
Al'sop  -Ruckolt  House — '  The  Young  Lawyer's  Recreation — Charter  of 
Henry  II. — St.  Mary's,  Shrewsbury — Jack  Cade's  Chimney — Wellington 
Trousers — Harriet  Wainewright — Mis.  Gordon — Sir  Robert  Fletcher — 
"  Grzymala  " — "  Knights  without  noses  " — Authors  of  Quotations 
Wanted — Archdeacon  Philip  Stubbs— Bullingdon  Club — Broken  Cross, 
Westminster — "  Fernandes  in  Dukes  Place" — American  Genealogies — 
"  Spanish  Strapps"  :  "  Morbus  Gallicus  " — Chamber-Horse  for  Exercise 
— Charles  FitzGeffrey — Rev.  Mr.  Power  of  Easthampstead — "  Greal 
L'npaid  " — "  Pudworm.'' 

REPLIES  : — The  Longmans — First  English  Bishop  to  Marry— Milton  : 
Portrait  as  a  Boy — "  He  which  drinketh  well  " — Man  in  the  Moon  in 
1590 — Names  terrible  to  Children — Sir  John  Sydenham — Omar  Khayyam 
Bibliography — "  Psychological  moment  "  — Cuthbert  Shields,  &c. 

Published  Weekly  by  J.  C.  Francis  and  J.  E.  Francis,  Bream's  Buildings,  Chancery  Lane,  li  C 

THE  TIDE  MILL  SECRET.    By  Percy  Young.    Handsomely  bound,  printed 
on  antique  paper,  with  Frontispiece.  320  pp.,  2s.  6d.  only.    [Just  Published. 
A  novel  of  exceptional  originality  and  power. 
WHEN  THE  WOMEN  REIGN.     1930.     (With  Frontispiece.)     By  Jesse 
Wilson.    2s.  net.   Attractively  bound,  and  printed  on  thick  paper. 

A  novel  of  live  interest  throughout.  [Now  Ready. 

OWEN  GLYNDWR:  and  other  Poems.  By  Chas.  H.  Pritchard.  Bound 
attractively  in  cloth,  with  bevelled  boards,  2s.  6d.  net.  A  capital  volume 
of  poetry. 

"Mr.  Pritchard's  ode  is  inspiriting  and  appeals  to  lovers  of  heroic  muse. 
There  is  much  good  work  in  his  volume." — Dundee  Advertiser. 

'TIS  WE  MUSICIANS  KNOW.  By  Jocelyn  Irene  Rainey.  A  splendid 
story,  well  and  attractively  produced.  With  Frontispiece  on  art  paper, 
2s.  net. 

"The  lives  of  the  four  principal  people  in  this  story  become  interwoven  in  a 
network  of  love,  tragedy,  and  music." — Literary  World. 

MOO    Autnors  should  forward  MSS.  of  any  description  (Novels,  Stories, 
III  DD ■      Poems,  Essays,  &c.)  direct  to  the  publisher,  Mr.  Arthur  H.  Stock- 
well,  who  will  immediately  advise,  free  of  charge,  as  to  publication 

London:  ARTHUR  H.  STOCKWELL,  29,  Ludgate  Hill,  E.G. 

Full  Lists  on  application. 

68  The    Publisners'   Circular  January  16,  i9o9 



Fditedby  \  J  Herbertson-,  Reader  in  Geography  in  the  University  of  Oxford.  J.C.Smith.    Part  I.,  paper,  3d. ;  cloth,  4d.    Part  II.,  paper,  6d. ;  cloth,  8d. 

PRACTICAL  GEOGRAPHY     Part  I     By  J    F   Uxste^  M  A  Ag££zl5&  ^efffSt^e 

TB&SSTSl  ^iS^^tS^S^e^^l^  £3£?£*!*  ™  ilU°  SUdl  —ions.  .  .  .  The  selec\io£ 

Parts  wm  be  issued  bound  togethenprice^s.  6d.  DEUTSCHES  REFORMLES~BUCH     Enthaltend  dreiszig  Erzafa- 

THE  KING'S  ENGLISH.    Abridged  for  School  use,  is.  6d.    Also  the  lungen  aus  der  deutschen  Geschichte,  mit  Fragen  fur  Sprechiibungen,  mit 

Unabridged  Edition  =,s  net  grammatischen  1  bung  Q  und  einem  deutschen  Worterverzeichnis.  Heraus- 

SELECT  ENGLISH  CLASSICS      Edited,  with  Introductions,  bv  gegclx-n  v?„  d    Ll    Savory,   Dozenten  an  der  Uniyersitat,  London. 

AT  Oim™  Cotw    Pmer  eaJh  *d  •   doth    dd   each     Twenty-nine  Goldsmiths'  College,  fruher  Oberlehrer  am  Marlborough  CoUege,  und  z.  /.. 

A   1.  QLILLER-LOUCH.    ±-aper,  eacn  3a. ,   ciom.  40..  eacn.     iwcmy  nine  Lektor  an  der  Universitat  Marburg.    With  15  full-page  and  numerous  other 

volumes  now  ready.  Illustrations     Price  -s  6d 

Preparatory  Schools  Review.—"  These  little  texts  are  a  most  valuabh  and  _                            e«#  „ 

welcome  addition -to  the  materials  available  for  the  teaching  of  English  literature  'HE  COVERLET   PAPER  .s  FROM  THE   "  SPECTATOR," 

inschools.  .  .  .  The  prose  selections  in  many  cases  break  new  ground  and  are  ;  Edited,  with  Introduction  and  Notes,  byO.M.  Myers.  With  a  Facsimile,  zs. 

exactly  what  is  most  wanted.    The  extracts  are  wisely  made."  SCHOOL    ALGEBRA.      By    W.    E.  PATERSON. 

THE  RENAISSANCE  AND  THE  REFORMATI  ~  N.    A  Text-  Part  I.   .   .    Without  Answers,  2s.  6d.    With  Answers.  3s. 

Book  of  European  History,  1494-1 610.     By  Emmelixe  M.  Tanxer,  History  Part   II..    .                 „             2s.  6d.              „            3s.  [Immediately 

Mistress  at  Sherborne  School  for  Girls.    With  Maps.    3s.  6d.  Parts  I.  &  II.                 ,,             4s.                  ,,            55.  [immediately 
Select  List  of  Educational  Works,  List  of  Books  set  for  various  Examimtions,  and  Complete  Catalogue  (144  pages)  post  free. 
London  :  HENRY  FROWDE,  Oxford  University  Press,  Amen  Corner,  E.C. 


THE  CAMBRIDGE  MODERN  HISTORY.     Planned  by  the  late  Lord  Acton.    Edited  by 
A.  W.  Ward,  Litt.D.,  G.  W.  Prothero,  Litt.D.,  and  Stanley  Leathes,  M.A. 

Volume  XL,   THE   GROWTH   OF  MODERN  NATIONALITIES,  is  now  ready.      Price  16  -  net 

In  order  of  publication  the  volume  is  the  tenth  volume  to  appear,  the  others  already  published  being  : — I.  The 
Renaissance  ;  II.  The  Reformation  ;  III.  The  Wars  of  Religion  ;  IV.  The  Thirty  Years'  War  ;  V.  The  Age  of 
Louis  XIV.;  VII.  The  United  States;  VIII.  The  French  Revolution  ;  IX.  Napoleon  ;  and  X.  The  Restoration.  The 
text  of  the  work  will  be  completed  in  twelve  volumes,  and  there  will  be  two  supplementary  volumes,  making  four- 
teen in  all  ;  one  containing  maps  and  the  other  genealogical  and  other  tables  and  a  general  index  to  the  whole  work. 

Any  volume  may  be  purchased  separately,  bound  in  Buckram,  at  16/-  net,  and  subscriptions  of  j£j  10/-  are  received  for  the  twelve 

volumes  of  text  in  that  binding'. 

London,  Fetter  Lane:  Cambridge  University  Press  Warehouse.     C.  F.  CLAY,  Manager. 


38,  SOHO  SQUARE,  LONDON,  W,    V  I  II  Bill  V  !■  B  I  V    V    339,  HIGH  STREET,  EDINBURGH 


Limp  Cloth,  8d. 

net  : 

also  in  cloth  boards,  1  -  each. 

Unabridged  Editions  of  Standard  Classics  eminently  suitable  for  use  in  schools,  and  printed  in 
specially  =  selected  type,  which  conforms  with  the  approved  sight  =  test. 


HEREWARD    THE    WAKE.        B3    Charles  Kingsley. 
408  pages. 

LANCES    OF    LYNWOOD.      By   Charlotti    M.  Yonge. 
272  pages. 

THE  PATHFINDER.    By  J.  Fenimore  Cooper.    392  pages. 

LITTLE  WOMEN.    By  Louisa  M.  Alcott.    320  pages. 

TOM   BROWN'S  SCHOOL  DAYS.    Bj  ["homas  Ih. 
360  pages. 

Marryat.    392  pages. 

THE  CORAL  ISLAND.    By  R.  M.  Hah  intyne. 

THE  TALISMAN.    By  Sir  Walter  Scott. 


Nathaniel  Hawthorne.    384  pages. 


"These  reprints  of  popular  and  favourite  books  will  find  a  warm  welcome  amongst  boys  and  girls.    They  are  very 
clearly  printed  and  neatly  bound." 

January  16,  1909 

The    Publishers'  Circular 



Communications  relatina  to  the  Literary  Department.  Books 
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Th*  Editor  will  be  glad  to  receive  Notes  of  Changes,  and  of 
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bach's  News  Exchange.  Mainz. 

FRANCE— Saarbach's    News   Exchange.   56.  Rue  de 

la  Victoire,  Paris 



"Better  School  Books"..         ..        ..  69 

Education  in  Rifle  Shooting    . .        . .  69 

Education  in  History      . .        . .  69 

The  Visit  of  the  French  Booksellers' 
Assistants  to  London    . .        . .        . .  70 

Notes  and  announcements       . .       . .  70 

The  International  Association- of  Anti- 
quarian Booksellers     . .        . .  72 

Articles.  —  Greenland  Mapped  at  Last ; 
"  Conquering  the  Arctic  Ice"  ;  Great 
Work  of  the  School  Teacher  ;  Chap- 
man &  Hall's  Annual  Staff  Dinner  ; 
English  and  American  Libraries  Com- 
pared ;  Education  in  China ;  The  Church 
Militant ;  The  Genius  of  Shakespeare  and 
Dickens  ;  The  Mountains  of  the  Moon ; 
Hope  for  Parents ;  Schoolbooks  and 
Politics  ;    Kipling's  School  Slang  Philo- 

logically  Considered,  &c.  . .        . .  79-90 

Continental  Book-Trade  Notes  . .  . .  93 

Letters  to  the  Editor     . .       . .  94 

Notices  of  Books    . .        . .        . .  •  •  95 

Books  of  the  Week         . .       . .  96 

Index  to  Advertisers  on  p.  66 


Publishers'  Circular 

"Better  School  Books" 

"The  Eye  as  an  Aid  to  Memory" 
For  many  years  past,  in  onr  Educational 
numbers — (they  are  called  so  because 
they  contain  the  announcements  of  the 
principal  educational  publishers  and  are 
sent  to  .the  principal  schoolmasters) — 
we  have  urged  upon  the  makers  of 
school  books  the  need  for  more  considera- 
tion for  young  eyes  and  young  brains. 

Without  for  a  moment  claiming  that 
The  Publishers'  Circular  has  been 
more  than  one  of  many  influences  which 
have  brought  about  an  improvement,  we 
may  at  least  claim  that  it  has  helped. 
If  you  hold  a  view  strongly  and  are 

in  a  position  to  put  it  plainly  before 
many  thousands  of  people  who  are 
interested  in  the  subject,  some  result 
must  follow — though  it  does  not  follow 
that  the  result  is  what  you  wish  always. 
But  on  this  particular  question  there 
surely  can  be  no  two  opinions :  the 
object  of  school  books  being  to  give 
information,  the  better  they  are  adapted 
to  the  purpose  the  sooner  will  the  object 
be  gained. 

To  give  children  books  in  small 
crowded  type  badly  arranged  is  like 
giving  soldiers  rifles  with  poor  and 
badly-adjusted  sights.  Holding  this 
view  so  strongly,  it  was  a  pleasure  to 
come  across  the  following  little  article 
in  The  Daily  Mail  the  other  day.  Its 
immense  circulation  makes  Lord  North- 
cliffe's  paper  one  of  the  greatest  educa- 
tional powers  of  the  day  : — 


"  The  striking  difference  between  the 
school  books  of  to-day  and  those  of  even 
a  few  years  ago  is  shown  at  an  exhibition 
of  the  latest  school  books  and  scientific 
instruments,  which  is  being  held  at  St. 
Paul's  School  in  connection  with  the 
annual  meeting  of  the  Incorporated 
Association  of  Assistant  Masters  in 
Secondary  Schools  on  January  8th. 

"  Greater  attention  is  now  paid  to 
the  arrangement  of  the  text,  with  a  view 
to  its  being  easily  '  visualised,'  so  that 
the  eye  assists  the  brain  in  the  task  of 

"  Not  only  is  the  letterpress  clearer  in 
the  modern  text  book,  but  the  margins 
are  wider  and  the  type  is  differentiated 
to  distinguish  between  subject  matter  of 
greater  and  less  importance. 

"  The  old  days  of  badly-printed 
grammars  filled  with  crabbed  text,  and 
of  lexicons  in  type  so  small  as  to  be  a 
serious  strain  upon  the  eyesight  of  the 
young,  are  past,  with  great  benefit  to  the 
convenience  both  of  master  and  pupil. 

"  Among  the  new  school  books  of 
interest  in  the  exhibition  is  the  com- 
mencement of  a  series  of  county  geo- 
graphies, which  deal  brightly  and  fully 
with  the  geology,  history,  manufactures, 
and  notabilities  of  the  counties  of  which 
they  treat. 

"  A  new  line  in  English  literature  is 
followed  in  a  well-annotated  edition  of 
some  of  the  less  well-known  works  of 
English  prose  writers,  such  as  Hazlitt's 
i  '  Characters  of  Shakespeare's  Plays  '  and 
Defoe's  '  Memoirs  of  a  Cavalier.'  " 

A  visit  to  the  exhibition  showed  that 
great  improvement  is  being  made  in 
many  ways  in  the  matter  of  school-book 
production,  and  encourages  the  hope 
that  books  which  are  badly  adjusted  for 
the  sight  and  understanding  of  the  young 
will  disappear  from  our  schools. 

Education  in  Rifle 

One;  of  the  most  important  and  satis- 
factory educational  movements  of  recent 
years  has  been  the  formation  of  rifle 
clubs  in  the  United  Kingdom  and  in  our 
Colonics  and  Dependencies.  There  are 
thousands  of  these  clubs  now,  and  hi 
many  of  our  best  colleges  and  schools, 
in  our  large  industrial  concerns,  in  the 
staffs  of  our  chief  newspapers,  the  rifle- 
club  is  now  to  be  found.  It  is,  of  course, 
quite  possible  to  overrate  anything,  even 
the  value  of  a  quarter  of  a  million  of 
trained  rifle  shots  ;  but  it  is  equally  easy 
to  underrate  their  value.  Recently,  in 
one  of  our  daily  papers,  a  writer  stated 
his  conviction  that  fifty  thousand  seasick 
Germans  could  land  on  our  shores  and 
take  England,  and  that  our  Territorial 
Armj'-  would  be  mere  sausage-meat  for 
them.  They  would  find  it  so  indigestible 
that  they  would  soon  wish  themselves 
back  on  the  sea.  They  know  a  safer  way 
than  that. 

Education  in  History 

From  a  German  School  Book  of  [950 

"  There  was  once  a  country  called 
Great  Britain.  There  were  forty  million 
people  in  Great  Britain — very  proud 
people,  because  they  had  the  biggest 
navy  in  the  world,  and  their  navy  had 
made  them  so  great  and  rich  and  powerful 
that  nobody  for  nearly  a  hundred  years 
had  thought  of  attacking  them.  They 
said  their  navy  must  be  double  as  strong 
as  any  other  navy  and  ten  per  cent, 
over — (the  Conservatives  created  the 
'  double  standard  '  and  the  Liberals 
added  the  ten  per  cent,  margin).  They 
said  they  had  the  ships,  and  the  men, 
and  the  money — and  '  Let  'em  all 
come  !  ' 

"  And  one  fine  morning  they  did 
come.  And  then  these  proud  Great 
Britons  discovered  that  though  they 
had  the  ships  and  the  men  and  the 
money  they  hadn't  got  any  food — not  in 
the  country.  They  had  nearly  all  their 
bread  stored  for  them  in  foreign  countries, 
thousands  of  miles  away,  instead  of 
having  it  stored  in  their  own  islands,  as 
they  easily  might  have  done. 

"  These  proud  Britons  had  never 
dreamed  of  being  hit  below  the  belt  ; 
they  said  it  was  not  fair  fighting  to 
destroy  their  foodships  and  run  away 
from  their  warships  ;  and  they  began  to 
get  very  hungry  and  angry.  And  they 
sent  to  their  Prime  Minister,  who  was 
playing  golf  on  Plymouth  Hoe,  to  ask 
where  their  food  fleet  was.  And  he  said  he 
could  not  see  it,  because  it  was  not  in 
sight ;  but  they  need  not  fear,  he  had 
wired  to  Canada  for  a  million  tons  of 
,  wheat   and    to    Australia    for  another 


The    Publishers'   Circulai       January  16,  i9o9 

million,  and,  with  luck,  they  would  get 
some  of  it  through  in  a  month  or  two. 
And  he  went  on  to  finish  his  game,  caught 
cold,  and  then  went  off  to  Biarritz,  and 
said  nothing  but  very  urgent  communica- 
tions were  to  be  sent  on  to  him.  But  he 
left  forty  million  empty  stomachs  behind. 

"  Then  Lord  Roberts,  at  the  head  of 
a  million  empty  soldiers,  marched  to  the 
Houses  of  Parliament,  and  he  said. 
'  Take  that  Bauble  away  !  Where  is  the 
key  of  the  Corn  Stores  ?  '  But  nobody 
could  find  it,  and  Mr.  Winsome  Churchill 
said  the  Prime  Minister  had  gone  off 
with  it.  So  they  broke  open  the  door  and 
found  nothing  but  Blue  Books  on  '  Food 
Supplies  for  War  Time.' 

"  Then  Lord  Roberts  got  a  telegram 
from  the  German  Emperor,  with  a  plan 
of  campaign,  saying,  '  Trust  me,  I  am 
your  true  friend.  Give  me  your  fleet,  and 
I  will  give  you  food.'  And  Lord  Roberts 
gave  him  the  fleet  ;  it  was  no  use,  it 
was  starving. 

"  And  that  is  why  we  are  all  now 
served  by  English  waiters  in  our  German 
hotels.  And  that  part  of  our  Empire  is 
now  called  Germanglia,  and  fifty  per 
cent,  of  our  best  corn  is  grown  there  for 
us  by  our  English  subjects,  who  also 
bake  our  bread  for  us  and  eat  our  black 
bread  and  horse  flesh. 

"  And  the  last  King  of  England  was 
called  '  Lackbread,'  for  it  was  in  his 
time  they  were  conquered  by  famine. 
But  it  was  the  Lackbrains,  his  ministers, 
who  caused  the  downfall  of  him  and  his 
proud  people.  They  said  it  would  '  upset 
the  corn  trade  '  in  peace  time  if  they 
stored  corn  for  war  time.  So  they  slept 
on,  letting  thirty-five  millions  out  of 
their  forty  millions  exist  on  a  few  weeks' 
supply  of  foreign  food,  with  nothing  to 
keep  them  alive  hi  war  time.  But  hanging 
them  did  no  good  :  it  was  too  late.  If 
they  had  taught  in  their  schools  that 
money  and  ships  and  men  are  no  good 
without  bread,  then  England  would  be 
England  still,  instead  of  being  in  Ger- 
many. This  shows  what  school  books 
can  do." 

The  Visit  of  the  French 
Assistants  to  London 

Last  week  we  gave,  in  French,  extracts 
from  the  account  which  our  French 
friends  have  published,  in  which  they 
refer  so  sincerely,  and  warmly,  and 
charmingly  to  the  kindness  with  which 
they  were  received  when  in  England. 
One  of  our  readers  has  suggested  that  we 
might  repeat  the  account  in  English,  but 
we  had  already  last  July  devoted  several 
columns  to  describing  the  visit  in  English. 
Surely  every  bookseller's  assistant  knows 
enough  French  to  read  a  simple  account 
such  as  that  referred  to  ;  if  they  do  not. 

then  it  is  their  misfortune — if  not  their 
fault — and  they  ought  to  begin  to  learn  at 
once,  especially  as  they  are  expected  to 
return  the  visit  of  our  French  friends, 
and  to  understand  something  of  the  lan- 
guage will  certainly  add  to  the  pleasure 
of  their  visit.  Let  us  add  the  following 
sentence  from  the  message  in  French  sent 
by  Mr.  Edwin  Pearce,  Hon.  Sec.  of  the 
Associated  Booksellers,  to  the  French 
Committee  : — 

"  Vive  l'Entente  Cordiale  !  qu'elle 
devienne  encore  plus  assuree  pour  le 
bonheur  de  nos  cheres  patries  !  " 

As  only  one  of  our  readers  has  asked  for 
a  translation,  and  as  he  knows  French, 
we  think  it  will  be  unnecessary  to  give  a 
translation,  but  will  with  pleasure  do  so 
even  if  only  half-a-dozen  of  our  readers 
are  unable  to  read  French,  and  say  so. 

Notes  and  Announcements 

"  Anne  of  Green  Gables  "  (published 
this  week  by  Sir  Isaac  Pitman  &  Sons, 
Ltd.)  will  soon  be  spreading  over  the 
kingdom  like  a  lovely  April  day — all 
sunshine  and  showers.  It  is  an  idyl  of 
Prince  Edward  Island  by  L.  M.  Mont- 
gomery. Anne  steps  out  of  her  book  and 
captivates  the  reader  just  as  she  does 
everyone  in  the  story.  Books  which 
' '  boom  ' '  in  America  do  not  always  do  so 
here,  but  this  one  will.  The  Prince 
Edward  Islanders  ought  to  be  proud  of 
"Anne  of  Green  Gables."  To  most  people, 
we  fear,  so  far  their  island  has  been 
little  more  than  a  name  and  a  charming 
Black  Prince  on  a  postage  stamp,  the 
King  as  a  boy  in  Highland  costume.  Now 
we  shall  know  it  as  a  land  of  violets  and 
apple  blossom,  of  charming  people  and 
of  irresistible  Amie — with  the  e,  she 
insisted  on  that.  The  humour  is  de- 
licious and  the  writing  admirable. 

Mr.  Heinemami  amiounces  for  publi- 
cation on  the  28th  a  new  volume  of 
"  Memoirs,"  by  Baron  de  Freuilly,  who 
lived  in  the  years  1768-1828.  The  book 
is  one  of  exceptional  interest,  as  th  • 
Baron  started  under  the  Royalist  regime 
and  survived  the  Terror,  to  be  made  a 
peer  of  France  at  the  Restitution.  The 
Baron  thus  lived  through  the  most 
interesting  period  of  any  history  in  the 
world,  and  as  a  man  of  good  education 
his  writing  has  all  the  charm  of  the 
brilliant  society  of  those  days.  There  is 
an  introduction  by  M.  Arthur  Chuquet, 
Membre  de  I'Institut. 

The  book  of  Mr.  Piuero's  play,  "  The 
Thunderbolt,"  which  was  produced  last 
year  at  the  St.  James's  Theatre  with 
great  success,  is  to  be  published  by  Mr. 
Heinemami  on  the  J  [St. 

Books  which  Messrs.  Macinillan  have 
ready,  or  just  ready,  are:  "  One  Immor- 
tality," a  novel,  by  Mr.  H.  Fielding  Hall — 
(  "There  are  three  loves,"  says  the  author, 
"  that  make  and  keep  the  world  :  the 
love  of  man  and  woman,  the  love  that 
draws  families  into  nations,  and  the  love 

that  holds  the  world  to  God.  This  book 
is  about  the  first  ") — ;  revised  edition,  in 
the  charming  Eversley  Series,  of  Professor 
Walter  Raleigh's  volume  on  Shake- 
speare ;  "  The  Religion  of  the  Conunon 
Man."  by  Sir  Henry  Wrixon  ;  a  little 
volume  by  the  Bishop  of  Southwark, 
entitled  "The  Fulness  of  Christ";  an 
important  work,  illustrated,  on  "  The 
Acropolis  at  Athens."  by  an  American 
scholar,  Dr.  M.  L.  D'Ooge  ;  and  a  work 
on  "  The  County  Lieutenancies  and  the 
Army,  1803- 18 14,"  which  is  written  by 
the  Hon.  J.  W.  Fortescue,  and  may  be 
described  as  an  "  overflow  "  from  his 
"  History  of  the  British  Army."  In  view 
of  the  light  thrown  on  the  subject  of  the 
recruiting  of  the  Army  during  the  Boer 
War,  the  publication  of  Mr.  Fortescue's 
new  work  has  been  specially  approved  by 
the  Secretary  of  State  for  War. 

Books  which  Messrs.  Longmans, 
Green  &  Co.  have  nearly  ready  are  : — 
I  "  The  Scottish  Staple  at  Yeere  :  a  Study 
I  in  the  Economic  History  of  Scotland," 
by  the  late  John  Davidson,  M.A.,  D.Phil. 
(Edin.),  and  Alexander  Gray,  M.A.,  with 
numerous  illustrations.  ''  Vectors  and 
Vector  Diagrams,  applied  to  the  Alternat- 
ing Current  Circuit  ;  with  Examples  on 
their  use  in  the  Theory  of  Transformers, 
and  of  Single  and  Polyphase  Motors,  &c." 
by  William  Cramp.  M.I.E.E.  and  Charles 
F.  Smith,  M.I.E.E.,  Assoc.M.Inst.C.E.. 
with  113  diagrams.  "Unemployment: 
a  Problem  of  Industry,"  by  W.  H. 
Beveridge.  "  Letters  to  an  Elector," 
by  J.  H.  Balfour  Browne.  K.C. 

Mr.  Eveleigh  Nash  is  publisliiug  a 
book  entitled  "  A  Favourite  of  Napo- 
leon," being  the  English  translation  of 
"  Memoires  of  Mademoiselle  George." 
Her  candid  criticisms  of  Napoleon,  Jose- 
phine, the  Emperor  Alexander  of  Russia. 
Madame  De  Stael,  and  others,  brin<^ 
fresh  light  upon  the  events  of  this  deeply- 
interesting  period  and  make  the  book 
one  of  the  most  remarkable  Napoleonic 
documents  of  recent  times.  Mr.  Nash 
also  publishes  the  following  novels : 
"The  Whispering  Man,"  by  H.  K 
Webster,  and  "  After  the  Pardon."  by 
Matilde  Serao. 

"  Fairbairn's  Book  of  Crests  "  will  be 
re-issued  immediately  by  Messrs.  Jack 
at  a  popular  price.  As  this  standard  work 
has  always  been  somewhat  costly  it  will 
be  good  news  to  many  engravers,  draughts- 
men and  designers  that  the  work  contain- 
ing all  the  latest  revisions  and  additions 
will  shortly  be  obtainable  at  a  very 
moderate  figure.  The  latest  edition 
which  is  to  be  re-issued  contains  no  tesn  t 
than  5 .000  engravings  and  30,000  entries. 

Mr.  Charles  Battall  Loomis  has  won  a 
high  reputation  in  the  I'm  ted  States  as  a 
humorist,  and  the  announcement  of  a  new 
volume  of  stories  from  his'  pen  is  of 
interest.  It  is  entitled  "  A  Holiday  Touch 
and  Other  Tales  of  Undaunted  Ameri- 
cans." and  is  full  of  that  odd  combination 
of  American  buoyancy  and  unobtrusive 
pathos  wliich  is  Mr.  Loomis's  greatest 
charm.  This  volume  will  be  published  by 
Messrs.  Bell  on  Tuesday. 

January  16,  1909       The    Publishers'  Circular 


Messrs.  George  Bell  &  Sons  announce 
for  immediate  publication  :  "  Canadian 
Types  of  the  Old  Regime,"  by  Professor 
C.  W.  Colby,  who  occupies  the  chair  of 
History  in  McGill  University,  Montreal, 
and  who  thoroughly  understands  the 
attitude  of  French  Canadians  towards 
their  own  past.  "  Builders  of  United 
Italy,"  by  R.  S.  Holland.  An  attempt  to 
provide  a  popular  introduction  to  the 
studv  of  one  of  the  most  fascinating 
periods  of  modern  European  history. 
Portraits  of  great  interest  are  included  in 
the  work. 

Messrs  Bell's  edition  of  Iceland's 
"Itinerary"  is  fast  approaching  com- 
pletion. The  fourth  volume,  containing 
Parts  VII.  and  VIII.  of  the  "  Itinerary," 
was  published  on  January  13th,  and  the 
fifth  and  last  volume  will,  it  is  hoped,  be 
ready  later  in  the  year. 

The  Romance  of  the  East  Series,  the 
first  volume  of  which  is  to  be  issued 
immediately  by  Mr.  John  Murray,  at 
the  modest  price  of  2s.  6d.,  is  sure  of  a 
warm  welcome  from  all  who  are  in- 
terested in  romance,  or  attracted  by 
the  call  and  glamour  of  the  East.  In 
this  series  the  great  storehouses  of 
Oriental  romance  will  be  opened  for  the 
first  time  to  the  public.  Tales  from  the 
Sanscrit,  from  the  Chinese,  from  every 
language  of  the  East  possessing  a  great 
literature  will  appear  in  due  course. 
From  these  vivid  narratives  of  old-world 
romance  it  will  be  possible  for  the  reader 
to  glean  much  information  of  vanished  j 
races  and  the  greatness  of  Empires  that 
have  passed  away.  Mr.  Claud  Field,  in 
"Tales  of  the  Caliphs,"  gives  us  the 
genuine  romance  of  history,  authentic  j 
anecdotes  of  Caliphs  of  Bagdad  and 
Cordova,  and  marvellous  adventures  of 
Haroun-al-Rasclnd, concerning  which  even 
"The  Arabian  Nights"  is  silent.  Sir 
Arthur  Wollaston,  in  "Tales  Within 
Tales,"  has  retold  in  simple  yet  pic- 
turesque English  the  delightful  animal 
stories  of  Pilpai.  Others  are  to  follow 
from  the  pens  of  Mr.  Stanley  Lane  Poole, 
Dr.  Bamett,  Mr.  Lionel  Giles,  &c. 

"  Popular  Electricity,"  by  W.  Hibbert, 
F.I.C.,  F.C.S.,  A.M.I.E.E.,  will  be  pub- 
lished by  Messrs.  Cassell  on  the  29th  inst. 
The  book,  which  is  fully  illustrated,  deals 
with  electricity  from  a  popular  point  of 

The  text  of  the  laws  of  Howel  the  Good 
is  about  to  be  published  by  the  Oxford 
University  Press  under  the  title  of 
' '  Welsh  Medieval  Law  :  a  1 3th  Century 
MS.  in  the  British  Museum"  ;  the  oldest 
and  best  of  its  class,  is  reproduced  with 
translation,  introduction,  appendix,  glos- 
sary, index  and  map,  by  Mr.  A.  W. 
Wade-Evans.  The  book  is  intended 
primarily  for  the  student  of  the  pohtical 
history  of  Wales,  but  it  will  probably 
interest  a  much  larger  public. 

Mr.  John  Milne  informs  us  that  his 
new  work  "  How  to  Skate  on  Rollers," 
by  Rinker  (is.  net,  cloth  is.  6d.),  owing 
to  the  large  number  of  subscription  orders, 
is  unavoidably  delayed,  but  delivery  will 
be  made  as  soon  as  possible. 

The  Oxford  University  Press  is  about 
to  publish  a  volume  entitled,  "  The 
Moral  System  of  Dante's  Inferno."  Mr. 
W.  H.  V.  Reade,  the  author,  thinks  that 
there  is  still  an  opening  for  students  to 
modify,  or  even  to  revolutionise,  some  of 
the  common  opinions  concerning  the 
"  Divine  Comedy." 

Messrs.  Seeley  &  Co.  will  shortly  pub- 
lish tliree  thnely  books  : — "A  British 
Officer  in  the  Balkans,"  by  Major  Percy 
Henderson  ;  "  Behind  the  Veil  in  Persia 
and  Turkish  Arabia,"  by  M.  E.  Hume 
Griffith  ;  and  "  Amongst  the  Wild  Tribes 
of  the  Afghan  Frontier,"  by  Dr.  T.  L. 

Messrs.  J.  Griffin  &  Co.,  London  and 
Portsmouth,  will  publish  immediately  a 
volume  of  articles,  entitled  "  Is  Invasion 
Impossible  ?  "  by  Lieutenant  A.  C.  Dewar, 
R.N.  This  will  comprise  reprints  of  a 
series  of  articles  that  recently  appeared 
in  The  Morning  Post  and  United  Service 
Magazine,  which  were  much  commented 
on  at  the  time  they  were  published  ;  an 
appendix  will  be  added,  and  the  book 
will  be  issued  at  is.  net  in  paper  wrappers. 

We  note  that  in  their  new  extra  large 
type  editions  of  "  Sacred  Songs  and  Solos," 
compiled  and  simg  by  Ira  D.  Sankey, 
Messrs.  Morgan  &  Scott  have  added  a 
Consolidated  Index,  facilitating  reference 
to  any  hymn  in  the  combined  volumes. 
This  firm  is  bringing  its  whole  output  hito 
line  with  the  spirited  forward  policy 
which  we  have  been  pleased  to  observe 
during  the  past  twelve  months,  a  trans- 
formation with  which  the  late  Mr.  R.  C. 
Morgan  was  closely  associated,  and  which 
met  with  his  unqualified  approval. 

The  new  and  forthcoming  publications 
of  McDougaU's  Educational  Company, 
Ltd.,  London  and  Edinburgh,  include  : — 
"  Girls'  Suggestive  Arithmetics — Books 
I.,  II.  and  III.,  and  Teachers'  Books  to 
correspond  "  ;  "  Suggestive  Lessons  in 
English — Books  I.  to  VI.,  and  Teachers' 
Books  to  correspond  "  ;  "  History  for 
Scottish  Schools — Book  I.,  Scotland,  as  a 
Separate  Nation,  Book  II.,  Scotland  as 
Part  of  the  Empire,  Book  III.,  Modern 
Times  "  ;  "  Tales  from  History — Books 
I.  and  II."  ;  School  Classics — (1)  Legend 
of  Montrose,  (2)  Gulliver's  Travels,  (3) 
Kingsley's  Heroes  ;  "  Suggestive  Graph 
Book  "  ;  "  History  Chart  Book  "  ;  ''  Bri- 
tish Physical  Education  for  Girls  "  ;  and 
in  their  Supplementary  Readers — Junior 
No.  8,  "  Little  Violet  "  ;  Intermediate 
No.  9,  "The  Story  of  Bertha  "  ;  Inter- 
mediate No.  10,  "  A  Visit  to  the  Circus." 

Booksellers  are  always  glad  to  hear 
of  religious  books  that  are  selling,  and  we 
are  able  to  name  tliree  of  this  season's 
publications  which  come  hi  this  category. 
These  are  :  "  The  Spirit  in  the  Word,"  by 
Rev.  David  M.  Mclntyre  ;  "  Peru  :  Its 
Story,  People,  and  Religion,"  by 
Geraldine  Guinness ;  and  "  Go-To-Bed 
Stories,"  by  Lettice  Bell.  These  books, 
apart  from  their  intrinsic  literary  merits, 
indicate  a  spirited  forward  policy  on  the 
part  of  the  publishers,  Messrs.  Morgan 
&  Scott,  Ltd 

Messrs.  Ward,  Lock  &  Co.  have  ready 
for  immediate  publication  a  new  edition, 
thoroughly  revised  and  brought  up  to 
date,  of  their  most  useful  shilling  work, 
"  All  About  Income  Tax,  House  Duty, 
and  Land  Tax  "  (ninth  edition),  being  a 

'  plain,  practical  guide  to  taxpayers  on 
assessments,  appeals,  reductions  and 
repayments,  with  examples  of  the 
official  forms  correctly  filled  ;  also  "  The 
Art  of  Modern  Conjuring,  Magic  and 
Illusions,"  a  practical  treatise  on  the 
conjuror's  art,  magic,  illusions,  thought- 
reading,  and  tricks,  especially  suitable 
for  performance  hi  the  dra whig-room, 

I  with  more  than  200  photograpliic  illus- 
trations ;  and  have  just  issued  "  The 
Long  Arm,"  one  of  those  strenuous 
romances  of  modern  life  that  have  won 
for  Mr.  E.  Phillips  Oppenheim  the  large 
vogue  which  each  new  volume  from  his 
pen  commands. 

Messrs.  Skeffington  will  publish  im- 
mediately a  new  volume  of  village 
sermons,  entitled  "  The  Country  Pulpit," 
by  the  Rev.  J.  A.  Craigie  ;  also  a  little 
book  of  ' '  Short  Addresses  for  Holy 
Week,"  by  the  Rev.  W.  V.  Mason. 
"  Passiontide  and  Easter  "  is  the  title  of 
a  volume  of  addresses  by  the  Rev. 
Vivian  R.  Lennard,  which  will  be  issued 

The  Rev.  Canon  C.  R.  Ball  has  written 
a  new  manual  entitled  "  Confirmation  : 
Before  and  After,"  which  Messrs. 
Skeffington  are  bringing  out  at  once. 

For  £275  Mr.  Wm.  Brown,  of  8,  Castle 
Street,  Edinburgh,  offers  a  remarkable 
collection  of  the  First  Editions  of  the 
works  of  Charles  Dickens,  with  all 
the  original  illustrations  by  "  Phiz  " 
Cruikshaiik.  and  others,  and  extra 
illustrated  by  the  insertion  of  more  than 
300  plates  by  Onwhyn,  "  Phiz,"  Pail- 
thorpe,  Sibson,  "  Sam  Weller."  "  Peter 
Palette."  &c.,  and  two  autograph  letters 
of  Charles  Dickens  ;  5  5  vols. ,  royal  8vo. 
to  121110.,  from  the  original  parts  and 
cloth,  hi  green*  Levant  morocco  extra, 
gilt  tops,  uncut,  by  Riviere  &  Son, 
£275,  1836-81.  The  series  includes  all 
the  important  works  of  the  novelist,  and 
most  of  his  more  out-of-the-way  volumes. 
"  It  should  be  observed  that,  apart  from 
the  time  involved,  it  would  cost  much 
more  than  the  price  quoted  above  to 
collect  the  volumes  in  uncut  state,  and 
bhid  them  so  sumptuously." 

A  book  intended  to  serve  as  a  text- 
book for  the  highest  forms  in  schools, 
particularly  for  those  preparing  for 
local  and  other  similar  examinations, 
and  also  as  an  introduction  for  those 
taking  this  period  hi  examinations  at  the 
University,  is  Mr.  J.  A.  R.  Marriott's 
' '  The  Remaking  of  Modern  Europe  : 
from  the  outbreak  of  the  French  Revolu- 
tion to  the  Treaty  of  Berlin,  1789-1878." 
It  contains  a  sketch  of  European  history 
from  the  outbreak  of  the  French  Revolu- 
tion to  the  Treaty  of  Berlin,  presenting  a 
vivid  picture  of  the  Revolutionary  period, 
of  the  rise  and  fall  of  Napoleon,  and  of  the 
larger  movements  of  European  pohtics 
shice  Waterloo.  It  forms  a  volume  of 
Messrs.  Methueu's  new  series,  entitled 
"  Six  Ages  of  European  History." 



THE  ISLE  Op  LIES  -  -  -  -  M.  P.  Shiel 
£  GENTLEMAN  FROM  PORTLAND  -  Ranger  Cull 
LOVE  JVNP  A  WOMAN  Charlotte  Mansfield 

Author  of  "  The  Girl  and  the  Cods  " 
THE  ADVENTURES  OF  LOUIS  BLjlKE  -      Louis  Becke 

WERNER   LAURIE,   Clifford's  Inn,  London. 

In  future  The  Magazine  of  Commerce 
will  be  published  from  No.  i,  Amen 
Corner.  The  trade,  therefore,  is  asked 
to  note  that  the  February  number  must 
be  obtained  from  that  address,  and  not 
as  before  from  St.  Clement's  Press. 
The  Magazine  of  Commerce,  it  may  be 
noted,  is  the  oldest  established  and  most 
successful  periodical  of  its  kind  in  this 
country.  Booksellers  and  stationers  who 
number  amongst  their  customers  business 
men  should  not  fail  to  bring  The  Magazine 
of  Commerce  under  their  notice.  Advertis- 
ing material,  &c,  may  be  obtained  from 
the  publishers 

The  first  novel  to  be  published  by 
Messrs.  Methuen  this  year  is  Mr.  H.  B. 
Marriott  Watson's  "  Flower  of  the 
Heart,"  a  story  of  the  countryside  and 
the  heart  of  the  city — in  other  words, 
the  Stock  Exchange. 

Messrs.  Methuen's  new  publications 
include  a  new  book  by  Mr.  R.  R.  Marett 
(Fellow  of  the  Royal  Anthropological 
vSociety),  entitled  "The  Threshold  of 
Religion  "  ;  and  a  new  and  revised  edition 
of  "  Readings  on  the  Paradiso  of  Dante," 
by  the  Hon.  William  Warren  Vernon. 

Mr.  Elliot  Stock  announces  for  im- 
mediate publication  the  following  new 
works  : — "  Thoughts  on  Bible  Teaching," 
by  Constance  Nankivell ;  "  Consider  the 
Butterflies,  How  they  Grow,"  by  Lucas 
P.  Stubbs ;  and  "  An  Oxford  Tutor," 
by  C.  E.  H.  Edwards,  being  the  Life  of 
the  Rev.  Thomas  Short,  B.D.,  under 
whose  auspices  Trinity  College,  Oxford, 
flourished  vigorously. 

Messrs.  Hutchinson  &  Co.  will  publish 
immediately  a  new  historical  work, 
entitled  "  King's  Favourite,"  being  the 
love  story  of  Robert  Carr,  Earl  of 
Somerset  and  Lady  Essex,  bv  Mr. 
Philip  Gibbs.  The  story  of  Robert  Carr 
has  never  been  fully  told  before,  yet  in 
the  State  papers  of  the  nation  there  are 
the  fullest  and  most  vivid  details  of  his 
career,  of  which  the  author  has  now  made 
full  use. 

A  new  novel  with  a  strong  hunting 
interest,  entitled  "The  Straw."  by 
R.  Ramsay,  author  of  "  The  Key  of  the 
Door,"  will  shortly  be  published  by 
Hutchinson  &  Co. 

1  Rita's  new  novel,  entitled  "  The 
House  called  Hurrish."  is.  published  by 
Messrs.  Hutchinson  &  Co. 

The  publisher  of  The  Chutchman 
(edited  by  the  Rev  Dr.  Griffith  Thomas) 
has  found  it  necessary  to  go  to  press  with 
a  second  edition  of  the  January  issue. 

The  International 
Association  of 
Antiquarian  Booksellers 

Second  Annual  Dinner 

The  President  of  the  Association  (Mr. 
B.  D.  Maggs)  presided  at  the  Second 
Annual  Dinner  of  the  above  Association, 
which  took  place  at  the  Criterion  Restaur- 
ant, Piccadilly,  on  Wednesday  evening 
last,  January  1 3th.  Among  those  present 
were — The  President  (Mr.  B.  D.  Maggs), 
Dr.  G.  K.  Fortescue  (Keeper  of  the 
Printed  Books,  British  Museum),  Mr. 
G.  F.  Barwick  (Superintendent  of  the 
Reading  Room,  British  Museum),  Mr. 
Herbert  Baily  (Editor  of  The  Connois- 
seur), Mr.  W.  Bailey  (Manager  of  The 
Bibliophile),  Mr.  C.  A.  Maggs,  Mr.  C.  U. 
Maggs,  Mr.  W.  C.  Hemmons  (Bristol), 
Mr.  C.  J.  Sawyer  and  party,  Mr.  Henry  F. 
Stevens  and  party,  including  Mr.  and 
Mrs.  Henry  Stevens,  Mr.  Rayson,  Mr. 
Jacobs,  Mr.  George  H.  Whitaker,  Mr. 
James  Tregaskis  and  party  (including 
Mr.  Wilson  of  Puttick  &  Simpson),  Mr. 
E.  F.  Wesley,  Mr.  Joseph  Edwards,  Mr. 
Albert  J.  Myers  and  party,  Mr.  H.  R. 
Hill,  Mr.  Downing  (Birmingham),  Mr. 
Solome,  Mr.  J.  Westell,  Mr.  P.  M.  Barnard, 
M.A.,  Mr.  Spencer,  Mr.  Preston,  Mrs. 
Lazarus,  Mr.  Holmes,  Mr.  Thomas  Chatto 
(Treasurer),  Mr.  Percy  Dobell,  Mr.  J. 
Tickell,  Mr.  W.  J.  Leighton,  Mr.  W.  Fagg, 
Mr.  Suckling,  Mr.  Francis  E.  Murray 
(Editor  of  The  Clique),  Mr.  G.  S.  Snowden, 
Mr.  W.  E.  H.  Harding  (Bath),  Dr.  H. 
Selfe  Bennett,  Mrs.  R.  B.  Marston,  Mr. 
E.  W.  Marston  and  party,  Mr.  Stockwell 
and  party,  Mr.  H.  D.  Vincent  of  Messrs. 
J.  &  E.  Bumpus,  Mr.  T.  Thorp,  Mr. 
Walter  V.  Danitll,  Mr.  C.  W.  George 
(Bristol),  Mr.  E.  Wudlieh,  Mr.  B.  R.  Hill 
(Newcastle),  Mr.  Karslake  and  party, 
The  Times,  The  Daily  Telegraph,  The 
Morning  Post,  The  Daily  Mail. 

The  total  number  present  was  108, 
being  about  a  dozen  more  than  last  year. 

/ID  c  nu . 

Hors  d'CEuvres 
Consomme  Queue  de  Boeuf  Crerne  Portugaise 
Supremes  de  Soles,  Delmonico 

Mousseline  de  Volaille,  Raphael 
Filet    de    Boeuf    braise,  sauce  Madere 
Haricots  verts  au  beurre   Pommes  nouvelles 
Faisan  en  casserole 
Pouding  Victoria 
Bombe  Maltaise 

proaramiiu  of  music  and  Coasts. 

Grace  by  Mr.  P.  M.  Barnard,  M.A. 
Toast         .  .        The  King     . .  Chairman 
God  save  the  King 
Miss  Nellie  Clements  and  Mr.  Sargent 
Toast,  The  Queen  and  Royal  Family,  Chairman 
God  save  the  Queen  and  Prince  of  Wales 
Miss  Clements  and  Mr.  Sargent 
Toast         ..        Our  Guests  ..Chairman 
Song         "  Chorus,  Gentlemen  "  Loin 
Mr.  Cecil  Best 
Reply  for  the  Guests 
Dr.  G.  K.  Fortescue  and  Mr.  G.  F.  Barwick 
Song  .  .   "  The  Trumpeter  "  A  irlie  Dix 

Mr.  E.  Pontis  Lines 
Toast     The  Association      Mr  Herbert  Baily 
Humorous  Song  .  .        .  .  Mr.  Henry  Sargent 
•  Reply  for  the  Association 
Mr.  Henry  F.  Stevens 
Songs  at  the  Piano 
Miss  Kathleen  Kelly  (Mrs.  Henry  Stevens) 
Toast         . .    The  Ladies  Mr.  Albert  Myers 
Song  ..     "Margarita"     ..  ..Lo/11 

Mr.  E.  Pontis  Lines 
Reply  for  the  Ladies       Mr.  J  ames  Tregaskis 
Humorous  Songs 

"  Bosh  \  "  "  The  Parrot "  . .  Mr.  Harry  King 
Toast  The  Trade  J  ournals  Mr.  E.  F.  Wesley 

[coupled  with   the  names  of 
Mr.  Marston,  Mr.  Murray  and  Mr.  Whitaker) 
Song  .  .     "  The  White  Coon  "     Watte  1 

Miss  Nellie  Clements 
At  the  Piano    . .   Miss  Nellie  Clements 

In  proposing  the  toast  of  "  The  King." 
the  Chairman  said  we  were  to  be  congra- 
tulated upon  having  reigning  over  us  a 
King  who  was  not  only  deeply  honoured 
and  respected  in  our  own  country,  but 
commanded  the  respect  and  admiration 
of  the  whole  world. 

After  the  toast  of  "  The  King  "  had 
been  duly  honoured,  the  Chairman  pro- 
posed the  health  of  Her  Most  Gracious 
Majesty  Queen  Alexandra,  the  Prince 
and  Princess  of  Wales  and  all  the  members 
of  the  Royal  Family. 

In  proposing  the  toast  of  "  Our 
Guests,"  the  Chairman  said  : 

"  It  is  with  great  pleasure  that  I  now 
rise  to  propose  the  toast  of  '  Our  Guests.' 
I  realise  as  I  look  round  this  brilliant 
company  that  we  are  surrounded  by 
friends  and  well-wishers,  and  certainly  it 
is  a  grand  opportunity  to  prove  to  our 
wives  and  families  that  bookselling  is  a 
terrible  business  and  the  bookseller  a 
most  hard-working  man,  especially  at  a 
public  dinner.    (Hear,  hear). 

"  It  is  difficult  among  so  man}'  guests 
to  particularise  a  few,  but  I  should  like 
on  behalf  of  the  London  members  of 
committee  to  thank  very  heartily  those 
of  our  confreres  who  have  travelled  from 
such  distant  places  as  Bristol.  Binning 
ham,  and  even  from  Newcastle,  to  take- 
part  in  our  anniversary  celebration. 

"  I  would  also  say  how  pleased  I  am  to 
welcome  representatives  of  our  leading 
newspapers.  We  only  meet  them  as  a 
rule  when  a  big  engagement  is  in  progress 
on  the  battlefield"  of  Wellington  Street 
and  it  is  only  right  that  they  should  have 
the  opportunity  of  seeing  us  under  more 
favourable  conditions,  with  the  war-paint 
washed  from  our  faces  and  the  surround- 
ings peaceful  and  fraternal. 

"  My  greatest  pleasure,  however,  this 
evening  is  to  voice  your  welcome  to  a 
gentleman  who  is  certainly  the  liighest 
dignitary  in  the  book  world  of  this 
country'  (Applause).  Dr.  Fortescue  is 
well  known  by  name  to  us  all  as  the 
Keeper  of  the  Printed  Books  of  the 


British  Museum,  and  the  author  of  those 
valuable  indices  that  have  helped  to 
make  the  contents  of  the  Museum  so 
accessible  to  the  general  reader  and 
student.  I  have  a  very  distinct  recollec- 
tion as  a  youth  of  my  first  visit  to  the 
Library,  and  the  feelings  of  awe  and 
reverence  that  filled  me  as  I  entered  the 
Reading  Room  and  looked  around  that 
vast  assemblage  of  the  literature  of  all 
ages  and  nations  are  with  me  still.  You 
•can  imagine,  then,  how  pleased  I  am  to 
have  seated  by  my  side  the  presiding 
genius  of  that  wonderful  place  and  to  be 
able  to  give  him  a  most  cordial  and 
hearty  welcome. 

"  Associated  with  Dr.  Fortescue  in  his 
work  is  another  gentleman  whom  we  are 
all  very  pleased  to  welcome.  Mr.  Barwick, 
the  Superintendent  of  the  Reading  Room, 
occupies  a  position  which  perhaps  brings 
liim  more  into  touch  with  the  general 
public,  and  while  expressing  our  pleasure 
at  his  presence,  I  am  glad  to  be  able  to 
take  the  opportunity  of  testifying  per- 
sonally to  the  unvarying  kindness  and 
courtesy  which  is  always  accorded  to 
visitors  and  readers.  I  am  not  alone  in  my 
experience,  for  similar  remarks  have  been 
made  to  me  from  many  quarters.  (Hear, 
hear,  and  applause). 

"  Before  sitting  down  I  should  like'to 
say  how  pleased  I  am  to  be  ablc.'  ;  to 
express  my  thanks  to  another  gentleman 
who  has  greatly  honoured  us  by  accepting 
our  invitation.  Mr.  Herbert  Baily — ■ 
(cheers) — the  able  editor  of  our  finest  art 
magazine,  the  Connoisseur,  is  well  known 
to  very  many  of  us,  and  esteemed  by  all. 
He  is  a  man  who  has  strong  sympathies 
for  things  antiquarian,  for  old  furniture, 
old  lace,  old  plate,  old  pictures,  old  prints, 
and  especially,  as  I  well  know,  for  old 
books.  Consequently,  his  presence  among 
antiquarian  booksellers  is  most  fitting, 
and  we  are  delighted  that  he  should  be 
in  our  company  this  evening.  (Cheers). 

"  Gentlemen,  Members  of  the  Inter- 
national Association  of  Antiquarian  Book- 
sellers, I  ask  you  to  join  me  in  drinking 
the  toast  of  '  Our  Guests,'  coupling  with 
it  the  names  of  Dr.  Fortescue  and  Mr. 

The  toast  being  duly  honoured, 
Dr.  G.  K.  Fortescue  rose  to  reply  : 

"  Mr.  Chairman,  Ladies  and  Gentle- 
men, who  have  been  so  exceptionally 
kind  and,  I  am  afraid,  so  exceedingly 
injudicious,  as  to  ask  me  to  reply  for  the 
guests.  I  can  only  say  there  is  no  guest 
who  is  so  grateful  as  I  am  for  the  excellent 
dinner  and  delightful  entertainment  pro- 
vided for  us.  (Hear,  hear). 

"  In  responding  to  this  toast,  I  may 
say  that  I  represent  an  institution  which 
I  suppose  is  more  deeply  indebted  to  the 
antiquarian  booksellers  of  London  than 
any  private  collection  or  anything  else 
in  the  world.  I  could  gladly  quote  a 
hundred  instances  in  which  the  book- 
sellers of  London  and  of  the  United 
Kingdom  have  shown  a  spirit  of  extra- 
ordinary generosity  and  patriotism  in 
dealing  with  the  Museum.  (Hear,  hear). 
I  could  tell  you  again  and  again  of  books 
which  the  Museum  could  never  have 
purchased  if  it  had  had  to  go  into  the 
open  market,  but  which  have  been  offered 
to  them  by  the  booksellers,  many  of 
whom  are  present  this  evening. 

"  I  saw  in  one  paper  to-day  that  the 
British  Museum  now  contained  about 
thirty-five  miles  of  bookshelves  and  two 
million  of  books.  That  was  a  tremendous 
under-statement.  The  number  of  books 
was  nearer  four  million  than  three  million, 
and  our  shelves  extend  to  forty-eight 
miles.  (Applause).  If  it  were  possible  to 
estimate  all  books  printed  since  1800, 
I  take  it  we  have  not  more  than  a  third 
of  them,  and  it  will  take  many  hundreds 
of  years  before  we  can  say  we  have  all 
the  books  that  are  printed.  We  have 
lately  been  devothig  ourselves  to  making 
the  collection  of  incunabula  as  complete 
as  possible.  After  exertions  extending 
over  many  years  we  have  acquired  about 
ten  thousand  incunabula.  The  greatest 
number  of  books  printed  before  1 500  was 
twenty  thousand ;  some  people,  very 
good  judges,  estimated  it  at  thirty 
thousand.  This  proves  how  very  far 
from  complete  we  are  at  present. 

"  The  Museum  itself  owes  more  to 
one  bookseller  than  to  any  other  bene- 
factor,   and    I    myself   am    under  the 

MR.  B.  D.  MA3GS 

Chairman  of  the  Second  Annuil  Dinner  of  the 
International  Association  of  Antiquarian  Book 
sellers,  at  the  Criterion,  Wednesday,  Jan.  13th. 

deepest   obligation    to  that  bookseller. 
This  was  George  Thomason,  of  the  '  Rose 
and  Crown '  in  St.  Paul's  Churchyard, 
who  died  in  1665.    In  164 1  he  made  up 
,  his  mind  he  would  collect  every  book, 
pamphlet  and  newspaper  that  came  out 
I  during  that  time.  Between  164 1  and  1663 
,  he  collected  twenty-four  thousand  volumes 
■  which,  through  the  generosity  of  George 
III.,    passed   to   the    British  Museum. 
1  These  are  often  called  the  King's  Pam- 
phlets ;  I  prefer  to  call  them  Thomason 
Pamphlets.     (Hear,  hear).    Milton  pre- 
sented Thomason  with  a  copy  of  each  of 
his  works,  putting  his  name  upon  the 
title-page  of  each."  (Applause). 

Mr.  G.  F.  Barwick,  in  a  few  words, 
expressed  his  gratitude  for  having  been 
invited  and  the  pleasure  it  gave  him  to 
be  present.  He  was  grateful  for  the  kind 

words  which  had  been  spoken  respecting 
his  position  as  Superintendent  of  the 
Reading  Room.  He  was  glad  to  help 
visitors  to  the  Museum  whenever  possible, 
but  it  was  not  to  the  booksellers  he  had 
a  chance  of  offering  any  help  ;  they  knew 
far  more  about  books  than  he  did.  All 
he  could  do  really,  he  said,  was  to  help 
an  American  who  came  to  the  Museum  in 
search  of  a  pedigree,  or  some  faddist 
from  the  country  who  could  not  under- 
stand the  catalogues,  or  perhaps  som> 
man  from  Yorkshire  who  had  only  ten 
minutes  in  London  and  wanted  a  book 
in  a  hurry.  (Applause). 

Mr.  J.  T.  Herbert  Baily  then  rose  to 
propose  the  toast  of  "The  Association." 
He  said  he  was  deeply  flattered  and 
honoured  by  being  called  upon  to  propose 
this  very  important  toast.  As  he  came 
into  the  room  this  evening  he  met  an 
old  friend,  and,  being  anxious  to  discover 
a  few  notes  on  which  to  base  his  speech, 
he  asked  his  friend  for  advice  ;  where- 
upon he  was  told  to  make  it  as  brief  a> 
possible.  (Laughter.)  He  had,  however, 
discovered  a  very  important  piece  of  in- 
formation since  he  had  come  into  the 
room.  This  was  Dr.  Fortescue's  remark 
which  must  have  given  great  satisfaction 
to  members  of  the  Association — that 
there  were  forty-eight  miles  of  book- 
shelves in  the  British  Museum.  But  he 
had  said,  what  about  the  new  building 
which  was  rapidly  being  completed  ? 
Well,  Dr.  Fortescue  had  informed  hin: 
that  then  there  would  be  another  forty- 
eight  miles  of  empty  shelves  to  be  filled 

He  referred  to  the  extraordinary- 
method  adopted  by  the  Secretary  in 
inducing  him  to  give  the  toast  of  "  The 
Association."  Some  time  ago  a  distant 
voice  on  the  telephone  had  remarked 
that,  as  he  knew  everybody  in  London 
perhaps  he  could  obtain  some  important 
statesman  to  come  on  January  13th 

He  replied  that  he  should  be  only  too 
delighted,  but  he  believed  they  were 
occupied  in  making  provision  for  Old  Age 
Pensions  and  the  abolition  of  all  taxe- 
upon  books,  and  would  therefore  be 
unable  to  come.  (Laughter.)  The  Sec- 
retary then  asked  if  he  knew  any  pro- 
minent Socialists,  but  at  a  moment'.5- 
notice  he  feared  it  was  impossible.  Mr. 
Bernard  Shaw  and  those  sort  of  people 
were  very  much  in  request  and  difficult 
to  get  to  a  trade  dinner.  He  understood 
that  a  good  many  of  the  antiquarian 
booksellers  were  Socialists,  and  that  they 
had  some  arrangement  for  dividing  their 
profits.  (Laughter.)  Finally  the  Secretary 
said — would  he  do  it  himself  ?  Well,  here 
he  was  ;  and  being  here  he  thought  or 
telling  them  a  story,  but  he  was  afraid 
they  would  find  it  very  depressing.  It 
referred  to  an  American  gentleman  who 
was  a  great  buyer  of  Caxton's  and  other 
priceless  early  prints.  This  gentleman 
had  made  a  journey  to  England,  where 
he  had  sojourned  for  a  time,  no  doubt 
intent  upon  seeming  bibliographical 
treasures.  When  he  returned  to  America, 
and  his  400-h.p.  motor-car  was  waiting 
for  him  at  the  docks,  he  asked  his  negrc 
chauffeur  for  news  of  his  home  during 
his  absence.  "  Well,  Mas'r  !  "  said  the 
negro,  "it  seems  an  age  since  you  went 
from  home.   Poor  Fido's  dead."  "  What, 


The    Publishers'  Circular 

January  16,  1909 


The  Children's  England.   By  Gkace  Rhys,  Holder  of 

the  Higher  Certificate  of  the  Froebel  Society.    With  4  Maps 

and  numerous  Illustrations,    is.  6d. 
This  book  is  simple  enough  to  be  read  by  an  intelligent  child  of  eight 
years,  while  there  is  matter  in  it  of  a  kind  to  interest  one  of  twelve  or 

"  The  book  is  one  of  the  most  interesting  that  we  have  seen,  and 
is  withal  packed  with  just  the  right  kind  of  information." — Teachers'  Times. 

"  Nothing  of  the  kind  which  has  been  published  of  late  excels  this 
book  in  thoroughness  coupled  with  simplicity.  No  child  could  read  it 
through  without  realising  England's  commercial  importance,  and  at  the 
same  time  be  imbued  with  sound  ideas  concerning  our  individual  respon- 
sibility as  citizens." — Irish  School  Weekly. 


Cassell's  Elementary  Algebra.     By  V.  M.  TURN- 
BULL,  M.A.,  Senior  Mathematical  Master  at  the  Perse  School, 
Cambridge.   Cloth,  2s.  6d. 
"  This  is  an  excellent  Elementary  Algebra  which  takes  one  as  far  as 
geometrical  progression,  with  a  short  section  on  indices  and  logarithms. 
Revision  examples  are  given  at  various  stages  ;  a  large  number  are  original 
.  .  .  easy,  simple  equations  are  introduced  early,  and  the  solution  of  the 
quadratic  equation  with  numerical  co-efficients  is  placed  before  the  solution 
of  simple  simultaneous  equations.    '  Graphs  '  are  well  treated,  and  the 
graph  illustrations  of  the  variation  of  functions,  with  special  reference  to 
the  roots  of  equations,  are  extremely  good.    The  book  should  prove  a 
valuable  addition  to  the  elementary  mathematical  school  books." 

■ — School  Guardian. 

[Ready  Shortly. 

Cassell's  Elementary  Geometry.   By  W.  A.  Knight, 

M.A.,  B.Sc.  Cloth,  2S.  6d. 
This  book  is  written  on  modern  lines.  It  commences  with  an  Intro- 
ductory Course  of  Experimental  Geometry,  which  contains  the  usual 
Constructions,  and  full  directions  are  given  to  enable  a  beginner  to  effect 
accurately  and  expeditiously  the  purpose  in  view.  This  part  of  the  work 
is  not  over-burdened  with  exercises,  and  a  student  who  has  worked  through 
those  given  ought  to  be  perfectly  familiar  with  the  various  methods  with 
which  the  section  deals. 

Catalogues  and  Prospectuses  will  be  sent 
post  free  on  application. 

Cassell  &  Co.,  Ltd.,  La  Belle  Sauvage,  London,  E.C. 


^PECIALLY  adapted  to  the  teaching  requirements  of  the 
present  day.  Contains  32  Maps  from  newly  engraved 
plates.  Showing  the  physical  features  and  political 
boundaries  of  each  country,  the  depths  of  the  sea,  and 
gives  sufficient  names  to  be  found  in  most  geographical 
lessons.  With  three  pages  of  descriptive  letterpress  and 
index  to  the  principal  places  of  the  world.  Size  of  Maps, 
9h  by  7  2  inches.    Bound  in  stiff  boards  with  cloth  backs. 

Teachers  on  the  outlooh  for  a  good  serviceable  School  Atlas  are 
recommended  to  mahe  a  point   of  examining  this  Atlas  before 
deciding  on   any  other. 


W.  6  A.  K,  JOHNSTON,  Ltd., 

Geographers,  Engravers,  Educational  &  General  Publishers, 





Profcssoi?  VICTOR. 

Professor  of  French  Language  and  Literature  in  Kings  College 



First  French  Book  for  Children.  3rd  Edition.  On  modern  lines,  with 
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Drill  on  the  Essentials  of  French  Accidence  and  Syntax.     New  (7th) 

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two  categories  (elementary  and  advanced),  with  the  most  useful  Derivations, 
preceded  by  a  Short  Note  on  Pronunciation,  and  followed  by  an 
Appendix  on  the  different  Prepositions  required  by  French  Verbs. 
Crown  8vo.    Price  1s.  6d. 

Junior  French  Reciter.  3rd  Edition.  Extracts  in  Prose  and  Poetry  from 
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Questions  on  Grammar  and  Outlines  of  Conversations  and  of  free  Written 
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Rapid  Exercises  on  French  Grammar.  4th  Edition.  {Riving ton's.)  The 
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Th£opH.  Gai  tii  k,  Jettatura.    211.!  Edition.    (Rivingtons.)    For  Advance 
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you  scoundrel  "  *  said  the  American, 
"my  favourite  dog  dead?"  "Yes, 
Mas'r  !  "  responded  the  chauffeur  ;  "  you 
see,  the  little  fellow  was  in  the  barn  when 
it  was  burnt  down."  "  What,  you 
scoundrel !  "  said  the  gentleman,  growing 
exasperated,  "  my  five-hundred  dollar 
barn,  where  I  keep  all  my  beautiful 
books,  burnt  down.  How  did  it  get 
burnt  down  ?  "  "  Well,  Mas'r,  sparks 
from  the  house  set  it  on  fire."  "  What, 
you  scoundrel !  House  on  fire.  How 
did  it  get  on  fire  ?  "  "  Well,  Mas'r, 
your  old  mother  wanted  candles  in  the 
room  when  she  died,  and  they  set  fire  to 
the  curtains."  "  What,  you  scoundrel ! 
My  mother  dead  ?  "  "  Well,"  said  this 
mournful  tale-bearer,  "  you  see,  when  she 
heard  that  your  wife  had  run  away  with 
the  gardener  she  fell  down  dead  suddenly 
from  heart  failure."  After  the  loud 
laughter  which  greeted  this  story  had 
subsided,  Mr.  Baily  said  that  they 
evidently  had  not  found  it  so  depressing 
after  all.  He  followed  with  some  good- 
humoured  banter  over  the  Association's 
change  of  nomenclature  in  the  second 
year  of  their  existence,  from  The  Second- 
hand Booksellers'  Association  to  The 
International  Association  of  Antiqua- 
rian Booksellers.  In  extenuation  of 
their  offence,  he  recalled  that  certain 
firms  in  Bond  Street  did  not  call  them- 
selves dealers  in  secondhand  pictures. 
They  call  them  "  old  masters,"  said  Mr. 
Baily  naively,  and  his  audience  roared 
with  laughter.  He  told  another  story, 
which  was  well  received,  of  a  young  col- 
lector who,  after  considerable  effort,  had 
managed  to  save  4d.  This  person  then 
went  to  a  secondhand  bookseller's  shop 
and  asked  for  a  copy  of  the  "  Last  of  the 
Mohicans,"  which  was  priced  at  is. 
After  a  lot  of  wrangling  he  secured  the 
book  for  4d. ;  then,  turning  round  to  the 
shopman,  he  exclaimed  triumphantly, 
"That's  id.  a  Mohican!"  (Laughter.) 
Subsequently  Mr.  Baily  pointed  out  that 
a  secondhand  bookseller  needed  to 
exercise  the  greatest  discrimination  in 
his  calling,  and  observed  that  only  after 
a  long  and  arduous  life  of  toil  could  he 
properly  understand  the  business  in 
which  he  was  engaged,  his  remarks  being 
warmly  endorsed  by  the  company.  He 
touched  upon  the  importance  of  the 
Association  in  uniting  them  all  together, 
and  concluded  with  a  peroration  regarding 
the  moral  and  intellectual  value  of  the 
books  sold  as  "  old,"  which  he  said  con- 
tained between  their  covers  the  greatest 
thoughts  of  the  human  race.  (Pro- 
longed applause.) 

Mr.  Henry  F.  Stevens  (Vice-President) 
in  replying  for  the  Association,  thanked 
Mr.  Baily  for  the  kind  and  eloquent 
manner  in  which  he  had  proposed  the 
toast  of  this  Association,  also  the  com- 
pany for  the  manner  in  which  they  had 
received  the  toast.  He  would  like  to  tell 
those  present  of  an  antiquarian  book- 
seller he  read  about  in  an  old  book  who 
was  requested  to  make  a  speech  or  lose 
his  head.  Contrary  to  expectation,  he 
chose  the  latter  alternative.  (Laughter.) 
Although  no  such  fate  awaited  him,  he 
was  somewhat  at  a  loss  to  know  how  to 
treat  the  subject,  because  so  much  had 
already  been  said  relating  to  this  Associa- 
tion ;  but  it  had  occurred  to  him,  if  he 
could  possibly  find  out  something  to  say 

about  booksellers  in  olden  times — pre- 
historic times — it  would  prove  interest- 
ing. (Hear,  hear. )  He  went  to  the 
British  Museum  ;  but  search  as  he  would 
among  the  forty-eight  miles  of  books,  he 
could  find  nothing  about  booksellers  of 
that  period,  so  he  came  away  wondering 
what  on  earth  he  should  speak  about. 
As  he  was  leaving  the  Museum,  he  asked 
the  porter  at  the  lodge,  "  Can  you  tell 
me  anything  about  the  booksellers  of 
Ancient  Rome  ?  "  The  porter  asked  him 
to  step  into  the  lodge,  and  said  he  thought 

I  he  could  find  something.  (Laughter.) 

'  ' '  Turning  to  a  huge  Encyclopaedia,  which 
nearly  filled  the  porter's  room,  we  found 
the  following  under  'Booksellers  in  Rome': 
'  Little  is  known  of  the  history  of  book- 
sellers in  Ancient  Rome,  but  something 
may  be  found  about  it  in  a  certain  book 
of  Livy.'  Unfortunately,  our  copy  of 
that  work  has  been  lost,  and  on  making 
inquiries,  we  find  everybody  else's  copy 
is  lost.  (Laughter.)  So  it  appeared  useless 

!  to  try  to  trace  that  source.  Everything 
comes  to  him  who  waits,  however,  and  a 
day  or  two  afterwards  I  happened  to  be 
looking  through  some  old  books,  when,  to 
my  surprise,  what  should  I  find  but  a 
copy  of  the  lost  book  of  Livy.  (Laughter.) 
I  found  it  was  printed  in  Rome  in  the 

'  year  a.d.  5  B.C.  (Laughter.)  On  turning 
this  over  to  see  if  I  could  find  anything 

;  about  booksellers,  I  came  across  a 
description   of  bookselling   which  con- 

{  vinced  me  that  our  society  of  the  present 

j  day  is  a  re-incarnation  of  the  society 
which  existed  at  Rome  nearly  2,000 
years  ago.  (Laughter.)  Wlien  I  tell  you 
the  officers  of  that  society  dwelt  in  the 
same  towns,  and  lived  in  the  same  streets, 
and  their  names  were  the  same,  making 
allowance  for  the  transition  of  the  Latin 
roots,  Latin  roots  became  merged  in  the 

'  Gaelic,  Teutonic,  &c,  you  will,  I  am  sure, 
be  convinced  that  there  is  no  room  for 
doubt.  I  will  instance  a  few  : — 

Praeses  super  ripam. — The  President 
(Mr.  Maggs)  dwelling  on  the  banks  of  the 
river — i.e.,  the  Strand.  I) 

Sobrius  M agus — the  sober  and  learned 
one.  Livy  was  evidently  so  struck  with 
the  virtues  of  this  extraordinary  man 
that  he  breaks  forth  into  verse  in  his 
honour  : — 

Sine  qua  non  et  librorum 

Pro  bono  publico  pons  asinorum 

Etiam  quantum  suff  Cockalorum. 

A  passage  I  found  extremely  difficult 
to  render  into  English  verse,  but  catching 
the  evident  spirit  of  the  Latin,  I  respect- 
fully submit  : — 

His  learning  it  was  deep 
And  his  sobriety  was  such 

He  never  drank  a  cocktail  for 

Fear  he'd  take  too  much.  (Laughter.) 
j  Who  can  doubt  the   ancestry  of  our 
esteemed  President  ? 

Cuslos    thesauri    in    foro  feni — the 
guardian  of  the  treasure — dwelling  in  the 
[  Market  of  Hay. 

Tomaeus  Confabularius — Thomas  the 
Chatterer.  Evidently  the  progenitor  of 
our  well-loved  Treasurer,  Thomas  Chatto, 
whose  words  of  wisdom  carry  such  weight 
when  in  our  monthly  conclaves  he 
addresses  us  on  the  solemn  matter  of  the 
reckoning  of  our  sestertice. 

Scriba — the  Secretary. 

Franciscus  Cams  Laci — the  free  and 

easy  one  of  the  Lake.  Evidently  the 
ancestor  of  our  worthy  Secretary,  Mr. 
Frank  Karslake,  who  evidently  believes 
in  keeping  the  Lake  business  in  the 
family,  for  I  see  with  him  the  Lady  of  the 
Lake,  also  the  Lakelets — all  residing  in 
Pond  Street  !  (Laughter.) 

Gualtherus  Laterna — Walter  the  Lan- 
tern. Evidently  of  the  family  of  our 
Walter  Leighton,  that  bright  shining 
lantern  of  learning  we  hope  shortly  to  see 
guiding  this  Association  from  the  Pre- 
sidential chair.  (Applause.) 

Benignus  Dolabellus — which  can 
only  translate  as  the  '  kindly  and  hand- 
some one,  with  the  dollars,'  evidently  an 
ancestor  of  our  one-and-only  Bertram 
Dobell.  (Laughter.) 

Georgio  Gregario  cum  globis — George 
the  Herder — evidently  of  books,  if  one 
recollects  the  immense  stock  now  in  the 
possession  of  our  worthy  Consul  at  Bath 
Cum  globis  would  suggest  maps  or  globes 
but  I  think  it  refers  rather  to  the  family 
fondness  for  bowls  and  skittles.  (Laugh- 

Gulielmus  Phimosis  ex  mediis  comi- 
tatibus — William  the  Downy-one,  from 
the  Midland  Settlements.  Evidently  the 
ancestor  of  our  genial  Consul  from 

Josephus  Jucundus — the  Jovial  Joseph 

Gulielmus  Favonius  et  Filii — William 
Westerly  Wind  &  Sons. 

Jacobus  Tenuis — James  Thin,  of  Edin- 

I  lie  caverni  leonorum — He  from  the  den 
of  lions.  The  undoubted  ancestor  of  our 
Walter  Daniel.  I  once  knew  a  Mr. 
Daniel  whose  wife's  name  was  Leonora 
Daniel,  another  instance  of  keeping  tfu 
lion-taming  business  in  the  family. 

Carolus  Serrarius — Charles  the  Saw 


Gulielmus  Fasciculorum — William  of 
the  Bundles  or  Faggots  — hence  Wm. 

Gulielmus  Fabulator  ex  comitate  Lan- 
castrice — The  tale  pitcher  '  who  coomes 
fra'  Lancasheere.' 

Cuslodes  principales  librorum  fr aires — 
The  brothers,  the  chief  custodians  or 
warders  of  books  —  evidently  'in  tin 
vernacular  the  'chief  or  'ead  wards.'  — 
(Laughter. ) 

Albus  omnis  meus  oculus  cum  specu- 
laria  nova — The  white  or  innocent  one  ; 
all  my  eye.  I  failed  to  identify  him  at 
first,  but  the  clue  comes  in  specularia 
nova.  I  thought  at  first  this  meant  '  with 
new  speculations,'  but  more  literally  I 
think  it  can  best  be  rendered  '  with  a 
new  window.'  Hence,  we  get  our  es- 
teemed colleague,  Albert  My-eye-ers. 
(Oh  !  Oh  !  and  laughter.) 

Ex  officio  Dux  tres  coloniarum — A 
member  of  the  committee  by  reason  of 
his  office,  the  leader  of  the  three  colonies. 
What  can  this  mean  ?  I  almost  despaired 
of  solving  it,  but  the  interpretation 
dawned  upon  me  suddenly,  and  I  flatter 
myself  I  have  made  one  of  the  most 
important  and  interesting  bibliographical 
and  historical  discoveries  of  the  age. 
(Laughter.)  Strange  and  incredible  as 
it  may  appear,  we  have  in  those  few 
mysterious  words  evidence  that  the 
"  knock  out  "  was  known  to  the  Ancients 


January  16,  1909 

"Will  outbid  all  rivals." — Bookman.  "Certainly  wonder- 
ful."— Athenceum.  "It  has  remained  for  Mr.  John  Long  to 
undersell  all  rivals  by  his  'Carlton  Classics.'  The  copy 
before  us — Thackeray's  '  English  Humorists ' — is  extremely 
well  printed  and  nicely  got  up,  and  must  certainly  be 
reckoned  as  the  last  word  in  cheap  editions." — Dailv  News. 



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to  follow. 

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self-instructing  students.    By  Duncan  Forbes,  LL.D.    Royal  8 vo,  18s. 
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Rev.  Anton  Tien,  Ph.D.   Fcap.  8vo.    7s.  6d. 
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BENGALI  MANUAL,  with  Grammar,    Exercises  illustrating  every 

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Asamese  Grammar.    By  Prof.  G.  F.  Nicholl.    Fcap.  8vo.   7s.  6d. 
HOW  TO  LEARN  HINDUSTANI.  A  Manual  for  all  Students  and 

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Crown  Svo.    6s.  net.    Key  to  the  Translation  Exercises,  3s.  6d. 
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THE  PERSIAN  MANUAL.    A  Concise  Grammar,  with  I 

a  Selection  , of  jUseful  Phrases,  Dialogues,  and  Subjects  for  Translation  into 
Persian,  and  a  Vocabulary,  English  and  Persian,  &c.  By  Lieut.-Col.  H.  W. 
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Including  the  Arabic  Words  and  Phrases  to  be  met  within  Persian  Litera- 
ture, being  Johnson  and  Richardson's  Persian.  Arabic,  and  English 
Dictionary,  revised,  enlarged,  and  entirely  reconstructed.  By  1-'.  Sti  INGAS9, 
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A  TURKISH  MANUAL.  Comprising  a  Condensed  Grammar,  with 
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Character.    By  Capt.  C.  F.  Mackenzie.  Fcap.  Svo.  6s. 

A  Complete  List  of  Text  Books,  6"V.,  in  Oriental  Langi-ages 
tost  free  on  application. 

1-.  By  Monies 
By  A.  E.  Got  OH. 



London  :  CROSBY    I.OCKWOOI)    &  SOX, 
Stationers'  Hall  Court,  K.C.,  and  121A,  Victoria  Street,  S.W, 

January  16,  1909 

The    Publishers"  Circular 


— nay,  more,  practised  in  the  most 
scientific  and  up-to-date  method  of 
modem  times.  Gentlemen,  you  have  only 
to  find  the  synonym  of  'Colonies,'  and  the 
phrase  becomes  as  clear  as  day  :  '  The 
master  of  the  three  settlements.'  I  am 
glad  to  be  able  to  tell  our  friends  and 
guests  that  no  such  office  exists  in  our 
Society  ;  in  fact,  there  is  no  necessity 
for  it,  as  all  such  practices  died  a  natural 
death  on  the  advent  of  the  new  system 
«f  selling  books  by  the  thousand  words  or 
by  weight.  (laughter.) 

Last  but  not  least  on  the  list  comes 
Jacobus  Tveoscula — James  Three-kisses. 
Clearly  the  ancestor  of  our  genial  James. 
In  the  transmigration  of  this  family  to 
Cornubia  the  Latin  name  became  merged 
in  the  Celtic,  and  odulum  became  kiss. 
But  Trekiss  would  sound  silly,  so  another 
attribute  of  the  family  had  to  be  added 
to  the  patronymic  ;  hence  we  get  Tre- 
gaskis.  (Laughter.)  You  will  all 
thoroughly  recognise  the  wisdom  of  the 
committee  in  choosing  our  genial  James 
to  respond  to  the  toast  of  '  The  Ladies,' 
for  what  could  be  more  suitable  for  the 
purpose  than  natural  gas  and  kisses  ? 

Mr.  Albert  Myers  then  rose  to  propose 
the  toast,  "The  Ladies."  "On  looking 
around  me,"  he  said,  "  I  think  it  would  be 
politic  to  describe  this  as  the  toast  of 
the  evening.  It  is  just  a  fortnight  ago 
since  I  was  threatened  with  this  honour, 
and  from  that  day  to  this  I  have  neither 
slept  nor  tasted  food.  (Laughter.)  But 
if  I  have  not  tasted  the  ordinary  food  I 
have  at  least  devoured  every  book  from  1 
which  I  could  gather  anything  concerning 
woman.  (Laughter.)  Having  exhausted 
my  own  stock,  I  spent  many  weary  days 
at  the  British  Museum.  I  want  to  be 
particularly  careful  not  to  exaggerate,  so 
I  won't  say  I  read  every  book.  There 
were  three  I  did  not  read.  They  were  in 
Russian.  I  have  been  exploring  the 
wisdom  of  the  centuries,  and  during  that 
time  I  have  not  come  across  a  single  man 
who  understands  woman.  (Laughter.) 
I  have  made  no  headway  in  the  study 
of  the  sex.  In  these  circumstances  I 
thought  the  best  thing  I  could  do  would 
be  to  seek  the  assistance  of  a  lady  whose 
name  has  been  heard  of  late.  So  I  wrote 
to  Mrs.  Spankhurst — (laughter) — to  ask 
her  what  I  should  say.  Her  reply  was 
characteristic.    She  says  : — 

Dear  Sir, — I  am  obliged  by  yours 
of  the  4th  inst.,  and  could  not  help 
smiling  at  your  childlike  simplicity  in 
thinking  you  could  understand  the  sex, 
of  which  I  am  so  worthy  a  member. 
The  man  who  could  has  not  been  born. 
You  have  probably  heard  of  a  book 
called  '  The  Light  of  the  World.' 
Well !  that  is  another  name  for 
woman.  And  what  a  part  she  has 
played  in  the  life  of  the  Universe. 
Without  her  the  Albert  Hall  would 
have  closed  its  doors,  and  Caxton  Hall 
would  have  been  in  the  hands  of  the 
receivers.  I  am  unable  to  speak  of 
myself ;  my  virtues  are  known  and 
appreciated  by  every  member  of  the 
Universe.  (Laughter.) 

I  have  said  that  we  do  not  understand 
woman.  But  upon  one  thing  I  think  we 
are  all  agreed  :  that  woman  is  the  poetry 
of  the  world  in  the  sense  that  the  stars 
are  the  poetry  of  Heaven.  (Hear,  hear.) 
Clear,  light-giving  and  harmonious,  they 

are  the  terrestrial  planets  that  govern 
mankind,  and  I  am  convinced  of  the 
hearty  response  you  will  give  to  this 
toast  of  '  The  Ladies  and  Mr.  James 
Tregaskis.'  "    (Prolonged  applause.) 

Replying    for    "The    Ladies,"  Mr. 
Tregaskis  said  : 

Mr.  Myers  and  Gentlemen. — Some 
time  ago,  meeting  the  Chairman.  I  asked 
if  I  could  be  put  on  to  a  toast  for  the 
dinner,  and  was  given  this  pleasant  task 
of  replying  for  the  ladies.  I  worked  at  it, 
and  have  worked  at  it  for  six  months,  to 
make  it  go  with  a  swing.  (Laughter.) 
I  have  tackled  Dr.  Fortescue's  forty-eight  ! 
miles  of  literature,  I  have  resorted  to  I 
dear  old  Burton.  I  read,  I  made  copies,  j 
extracts  :  I  wrote  the  thing  about  forty 
times.  I  got  it  typewritten,  and  then 
I  read  it  to  the  children.  They  said, 
'  Father,  it's  lovely  !  '  (Laughter).  But 
of  course  one  gets  from  one's  family 
circle  all  sorts  of  compliments.  I  thought 
the  best  thing  to  do  would  be  to  go 
outside.  I  went  to  dear  old  Karslake.  It 
was  in  nice  form,  nicely  written,  it  was 
epigrammatic,  it  was  fine,  it  was  litera- 
ture. He  said,  '  My  dear  boy,  the  girls 
will  like  it,  the  women  will  like  it  ;  but 
the  men  won't  have  it  at  all.  It's  too 
thick  !  '  I  have  chucked  up  fishing  in 
Norway  for  it.    I  thought  it  alright. 

"Mr.  Myers  and  Gentlemen. — You 
have  talked  very  nicely  about  the  ladies, 
but  you  are  not  to  bamboozle  us.  We  are 
women,  we  are  mothers,  we  are  daughters, 
we  are  sweethearts — I  am  not  a  Suffra- 
gette— and  I  want  to  talk  to  you  about 
domestic  matters.  (Oh,  oh.)  What  do 
you  do  from  the  time  you  leave  home 
about  tight  o'clock  in  the  morning,  till 
the  time  you  get  home  ?  You  go  away 
with  a  little  black  bag  and  you  go  to 
your  Russell  Street,  you  go  to  your 
Strand,  or  to  your  Brewer  Street,  or  your 
Charing  Cross  Road  ;  and  you,  Albert 
tin  Good,  you  go  to  your  Holborn — or 
you  say  you  do  !  I  want  to  know  what 
you  do.  (Laughter.)  We  are  women, 
mothers,  daughters,  sisters.  What  do 
you  do  ?  Shame  on  you  !  You  return  at 
twelve  o'clock  at  night,  reeking  of  cigars, 
hands  covered  with  chalk  !  We  are 
women,  and  we  have  our  feelings  !  Tell 
us  what  you  do  !  (Laughter.) 

"  Mr.  Myers  and  Gentlemen. — We  are 
not  cross — we  thank  you  for  what  you 
have  said  ;  but  will  you  ask  us  next 
year  ?  If  so,  on  behalf  of  the  ladies, 
I  thank  you." 

The  toast  of  "The  Trade  Journals," 
coupled  with  the  names  of  Mr.  Marston, 
Mr.  Murray  and  Mr.  Whitaker,  was  then 
proposed  by  Mr.  E.  F.  Wesley  : 

' '  There  is  another  trade  journal 
which  I  suppose  our  esteemed  secretary 
represents,  and  therefore,  with  your 
permission,  I  should  like  to  add  Mr. 
Karslake's  name.  I  think  this  is  a  verry 
happy  opportunity  of  thanking  the 
trade  journals  collectively  and  personally 
for  their  intelligent  advocacy  of  every- 
thing that  is  best  for  the  Trade  in  all 
its  departments.  (Applause.) 

"  We  owe  much  to  their  accuracy  and 
their  kindness  in  all  their  dealings,  and 
we  have  to  thank  them  for  joining  in  the 
committee  and  for  their  advice. 

"  The  Bookseller  has  had  a  very  long 
career,  so  has  The  Publishers'  Circular, 
The  Clique  not  so  long,  but  equally  useful, 
and   also    The   Book    Auction  Records. 

(Applause).  They  do  their  work  and 
help  us,  and  we  thank  them  most  heartily 
for  all  their  kindness  and  for  all  that 
they  have  done  for  us,  and  I  would  wish 
you  now  to  join  with  me  in  drinking  the 
toast  of  '  The  Trade  Journals,'  repre- 
sented by  Mr.  Whitaker,  Mr.  Marston, 
Mr.  Murray  and  Mr  Karslake." 

Replying  on  behalf  of  The  Bookseller, 
Mr.  G.  H.  Whitaker  said  that  last  year 
when  he  proposed  the  toast  he  ventured 
to  predict  a  very  brilliant  future  for  the 
Association.  He  felt  sure,  from  the 
progress  that  it  had  made  during  the  last 
twelve  months,  that  what  he  had  foretold 
last  year  had  been  very  amply  fulfilled. 
Such  a  large  gathering  as  that  present 
gave  the  most  hopeful  promise  of  a 
brilliant  future. 

Mr.  F.  Walton  Marston,  responding 
for  The  Publishers'  Circular,  said  : 

"  Mr.  Chairman,  Ladies  and  Gentle- 
men.— -As  the  representative  of  one  of  the' 
trade  journals  included  in  the  toast, 
I  thank  you  all  most  heartily  for  the  kind 
way  in  which  you  have  received  it.  I  am 
sorry  my  father,  Mr.  R.  B.  Marston,  was 
unable  to  be  present  this  evening,  for  he 
would  have  done  much  more  justice  to 
the  occasion  than  I  possibly  could. 
I  may  mention,  although  it  may  not 
interest  you,  that  this  is  the  first  occasion 
I  have  been  called  upon  to  speak  in 
public.  I  hope,  therefore,  you  will 
receive  what  I  have  to  say  with  very 
great  indulgence.  (Applause.)  I  may 
add  that  until  four  o'clock  this  afternoon 
I  had  no  idea  I  might  be  called  upon  to 
say  anything,  and  this  fact  has  weighed 
very  heavily  on  my  mind  the  whole 
evening.  Were  it  not  for  fear  of  the 
awful  fate  of  the  Antiquarian  Bookseller 
referred  to  by  Mr.  Stevens  I  would  have 
tried  to  escape.  I  thank  you  all.  ladies 
and  gentlemen,  for  your  kind  appreciation 
of  the  toast."  (Applause). 

Mr.  Murray,  replying  for  The  Clique, 
in  the  course  of  an  interesting  and 
amusing  speech  stated  that  he  also  was 
not  aware  that  he  would  be  expected  to 
say  anything  and  had  come  quite  un- 
prepared. He  reminded  the  members  of 
the  I.A.A.B.  that  it  was  he  who  suggested 
the  alteration  of  title  from  ' '  secondhand  ' ' 
to  "  antiquarian."  "  Secondhand  "  was 
a  phrase  he  did  not  like  at  all ;  it  did  not 
sound  nearly  so  impressive  and  important 
as  "  antiquarian  "  !  (Laughter.)  The 
flourishing  state  of  the  Association  was 
very  gratifying,  and  he,  in  common  with 
the  other  trade  paper  representatives 
included  in  the  toast,  would  do  all  he 
could  to  promote  their  interests. 

Mr.  James  Tregaskis  proposed  the 
health  of  "  The  Chairman,"  and,  after 
the  reply,  Mr.  Karslake,  in  an  able  and 
telling  speech,  stated  how  gratifying  it 
was  to  all  connected  with  the  Association 
to  see  so  many  members  and  friends 
present.  He  referred  in  warm  terms  to 
the  guests  for  their  brilliant  and  enter- 
taining speeches,  and  whilst  disclaiming 
that  the  publication  he  was  connected  with 
was  a  trade  journal,  he  joined  the  trade 
journals  in  their  expressions  of  goodwill. 

The  thanks  of  all  were  due  to  the 
artistes  for  the  splendid  musical  enter- 
tainment, to  the  Hon.  Sec.  of  the 
Association  (Mr.  Frank  Karslake),  and 
the  Dinner  Committee  for  the  way  they 
have  again  worked  to  make  the  Dinner 
a  success. 


The    Publishers'   Circular  January  16,  1909 



Cbe  Unioersitp  tutorial  press,  CcL 

B.Sc.  4s.  6d.   With  a  Short  Sketch  of  the  History  of  Physical  Education  by  J.  Welton,  M.A.,  Professor  of  Education  m 

the  University  of  Leeds. 

"  There  is  a  good  historical  survey  of  the  subject,  and  the  book  is  well  planned  and  thought  out.' '—  Morning  Post, 

PRINCIPLES   AND  METHODS  OF  TEACHING.    By  James  Welton,  M.A.,  Professor  of  Education  in  the  University 
of  Leeds  ;  Author  of  "  The  Logical  Bases  of  Education,"  "  A  Manual  of  Logic,"  &c,  4s.  6d. 

"  A  valuable  and  thoughtful  book." — The  Speaker. 

"An  eminently  practical  book  on  teaching." — Cambridge  Review. 

SCHOOL   HYGIENE.    By  R.  A.  Lyster.  M.B.,  B.Sc,  D.P.H.,  Medical  Officer  of  Health  for  Hampshire,  and  Chief  Medical 
Officer  to  the  Education  Committee  of  the  Hampshire  County  Council.    Second  Edition.   Containing  a  new  chapter  on  the 
Organisation  of  Medical  Inspection  in  Schools.    Price  3s.  6d. 
"The  author  has  succeeded  in  giving  an  adequate  account  of  what  a  teacher  ought  to  know  about  school  hygiene.    The  book  may  be  confidently 

re c om m en d e d . " — Public  Health. 

VOICE   TRAINING  IN  SPEECH  AND  SONG    By  H.  H.  Hulbekt,  M. A.  Oxon.,  M.R.C.S.,  L.R.C.P.,  Lecturer  on 

Voice  Production  and  Physical  Education  at  the  London  Day  Training  College.  Is.  6d. 
"Dr.  FTulbert  speaks  with  authority  on  this  subject  of  vital  importance  to  teachers.    The  work  is  exhaustive,  but  quite  interesting  and  readable. 
It  will  pay  any  teacher  to  get  this  book  and  read  it  carefully." — Schoolmaster. 

PLANT   BIOLOGY.    A  Modem  Course  of  Elementary  Botany.      By  F.  Cavers,  D.Sc  Lond.,  F.L.S.,  A.R.C.S.,  Professor  of 
Biology  at  the  Hartley  University  College,  Southampton.    3s.  6d. 
"  The  freshness  of  treatment,  the  provision  of  exact  instruction  for  practical  work  really  worth  doing,  and  the  consistent  recognition  that  a  plant  is 
a  living  thing,  should  secure  for  Professor  Cavers'  book  an  instant  welcome." — School  World. 

LIFE     HISTORIES     OF     COMMON     PLANTS.    A   Text-Book   for   Beginners   based    on  the  Study  of  Types.  By 
F.  Cavers,  D.Sc,  Professor  of  Biology  at  the  Hartley  University  College,  Southampton.  3s. 

"  This  excellent  manual  supplies  a  long  felt  want  to  the  Nature  Study  teacher;  the  chapter  on  the  most  important  subject  on  Plant  Ecology  is. 
quite  the  best  exposition  of  the  subject  we  have  yet  seen." — Schoolmaster. 

TEXT-BOOK    OF    BOTANY.    Including   Angiosperms,   Vascular    Cryptogams  and    Flowering    Plants,   and    the  Lower 
Cryptogams.    By  J.  M.  LowsON,  M.A.,  B.Sc,  F.L.S.      Fourth  Edition.    6s.  6d. 

"It  is  abundantly  evident  that  Mr.  Lowson  is  an  accomplished  teacher.    The  book  is  well  and  clearly  printed,  and  also  profuse  ly  illustrated.  — 


GROUNDWORK  OF   ENGLISH    HISTORY.    By  M.  E.  Carti  r,  Honour  School  of  Modem  History,  Oxford.  2s. 

"Any  student  in  search  of  the  best  bird's-eye  view  of  English  history  will  turn  to  '  The  Tutorial  Series  '  in  the  natural  order  of  search,  and  will 
there  find  his  reward." — School  Guardian. 


By  Albert  E.  Hogan,  LL.D.,  B.A.    2s.  6d. 

"It  will  be  of  great  service  to  those  who  desire  to  obtain  within  a  small  compass  an  outline  of  the  development  and  present  working  ot  the 
government  of  our  country.''  -Publishers  Circular. 

TEXT-BOOK  OF  GEOGRAPHY.    By  <"..  Cecil  Fry,  M.Sc,   F.I.C.    For  University  Entrance  Examinati.  ns  and  the 
Upper  Forms  in  Schools.    4s.  6d. 
"  We  commend  the  book  with  the  utmost  confidence  to  teachers,  convinced  that  they  will  find  it  one  of  the  most  scientific  and  rationa  lext-book 
yet  published." — Educational  News. 

JUNIOR  CHEMISTRY.    A  Text-Book  for  the  Oxford  and  Cambridge  Junior  Locals,  and  examinations  of  similar  standard. 
By  R.  H.  Ami:,  M.A.,  B.Sc,  Lecturer  in  Chemistry  at  St.  John's  College,  Cambridge.    2s. 6d. 

Uniuersitp  Cutorial  Press,  £U.,  W.  B.  Cliue,  157,  Drurp  Cane,  Condon,  W.C 

UTH  AFRICA  :  J.  C.  Jl'TA  &  Co.,  Capetown.    AUSTRALIA;  J.  I    Lothian  (Representative  in  Australia).  226,  Little  Collins  Street,  Meihourn. 
ANGUS  &  ROBERTSON,  Sydney;  J.  DWYER,  Perth,  VY.A.  ;  W.  C.  RiGBY,  Adelaide;  G.  ROBERTSON  &  Co.,  Melbourne  and  Sydney.     CAN  AD; 
Copp,  Clark  ,  o.,  Toronto     CEYLuN  :  W.  M.  A.  WAHID      Bros.,  Colombo.    INDIA  :  Mrs.  R.  A.  Sagoon,  Bombay  ;  1'.  R.  Kama  Ivar  J*  Cc 
Madras;  Sr.  James'  Book  Depot,  Calcutta;  R.  M.  Gulab  Singh  &  Sons,  Lahore,  Punjab.    NEW  ZEALAND:  II.  H.  Driver,  Dunedin  ; 
S.  &  W.  Mackav,  Wellington  ;  Whitcombe  &  Tombs,  Christchurch  and  Wellington.    NEWFOUNDLAND  :  S.  E.  Garland,  St.  Johns. 

January  16,  1909       The    Publishers'  Circular 


Greenland  flapped  at  Last 

The  World's  Largest  Island 

A  complete  map  of  Greenland,  the 
world's  largest  island,  if  we  call  Australia 
a  continent,  is  published  for  the  first 
time  in  Petevmann' s  Mitteihmgen,  the 
great  German  geographical  magazine, 
from  surveys  made  during  two  years 
past  by  Dr.  Mylius-Erichsen,  who  lost 
his  life  when  returning  from  his  com- 
pleted work.  Says  a  correspondent  of  the 
New  York  Sun  : — 

neighbourhood  of  Bering  Strait.  With 
this  idea  in  view  he  wrote  the  instructions 
for  the  second  German  North  Polar 
Expedition  under  Captam  Koldewey,  who 
was  sent  out  to  complete  if  possible  the 
mapping  of  the  east  coast. 

"  He  succeeded  in  reaching  by  a 
sledge  journey  only  77°  north,  a  little 
beyond  Cape  Bismarck.  We  now  know 
that  more  than  1,000  miles  of  tortuous 
coast-line  stretches  between  his  highest 
north  and  the  northern  shores  of  the 


"  The  trend  of  the  north-east  coast  is 
very  different  from  what  geographers  had 
supposed.  It  had  been  marked  on  all 
previous  maps  as  probably  extending  from 
about  7  8°  north  latitude  in  a  general 
north-west  direction  to  the  Independence 
Bay  of  Peary.  In  fact,  it  extends  for 
about  300  miles  in  a  north-easterly 
direction  till  its  most  eastern  point 
nearly  touches  12°  west  longitude  from 

"  About  forty  years  ago  Dr.  A.  Peter- 
mann  spread  the  view  that  Greenland 
probably  extended  across  the  Pole  and 
down  the  other  side  of  the  earth  to  the 

"  Then,  in  1905,  the  Duke  of  Orleans 
on  the  steam-yacht  Belgica  pushed  over 
100  miles  to  the  north  of  Cape  Bismarck, 
but  fog  prevented  him  from  making  a 
satisfactory  survey  of  the  coast-line. 
Meanwhile,  Dr.  Mylius-Erichsen  formed 
the  plan  of  making  a  complete  survey  of 
the  unknown  coast  of  Greenland  from 
Cape  Bismarck  north  till  he  joined  his 
survey  with  that  of  Peary,  and  thus 
complete  the  map  of  the  island. 

"  He  started  on  the  steamer  Denmark 
from  Copenhagen  on  June  25th,  1906, 
picked  up  three  Greenlanders  and  a  lot 
of  Eskimo  dogs  that  had  been  sent  to  the 

Faroe  Islands  to  meet  him,  touched  at 
Iceland,  pushed  for  fourteen  days  through 
the  ice  of  the  Greenland  sea,  and  reached 
Koldewey  Island  on  August  13th. 

"  On  the  next  day  he  had  an  easy 
journey  in  the  ice-free  coastal  waters  to 
Cape  Bismarck,  and  hi  the  inlet  behind  it 
he  found  a  suitable  place  for  the  winter 
quarters  of  his  ship.  The  little  harbour 
was  named  Denmark  Haven.  In  the  late 
summer  he  sledged  supplies  northward  to 
make  provision-depots  for  the  long  jour- 
ney of  the  following  spring,  and  he  also 
surveyed  the  coasts  both  north  and  south 
of  his  winter  camp  as  long  as  daylight 

"  On  March  28th  last  year  the  great 
sledge  journey  was  begun.  Mylius- 
Erichsen,  Lieutenant  Hageu,  and  the 
Greenlander  Bronlund  were  to  survey 
every  mile  of  the  coast  until  their  explora- 
tions joined  those  of  Peary  at  Indepen- 
dence Bay.  lieutenant  Koch,  the  artist 
Bertelsen ,  and  the  Greenlander  Gabrielsen 
were  to  push  north  of  Peary  Channel  to 
complete  the  exploration  of  the  eastern 
edge  of  Peary  Land,  which  Peary  had 
explored  as  far  south  as  Wyckoff  Island. 

"  Two  detachments  went  along  for 
weeks  to  carry  food  for  the  survey 
parties.  As  it  left  the  ship  the  expedition 
numbered  ten  men,  ten  sledges,  and 
eighty-six  dogs." 

The  lives  of  the  explorer  and  of  two 
of  his  companions  were  really  sacrificed 
to  his  mistaken  notion  of  the  shape  of 
the  northern  coast  of  Greenland.  Instead 
of  being  practically  a  smooth  curve,  as  he 
thought,  it  presents  great  peninsulas  and 
inlets,  so  that  his  food-supply  gave  out 
before  he  could  find  his  way  back  to  his 
base.  His  body,  together  with  the  notes 
of  his  survey,  were  found  later  by  a 
search  party.  To  quote  further  : — 

' '  Hagen  died  on  November  1 5th  and 
Mylius-Erichsen  ten  days  later,  when 
only  a  few  miles  from  the  food  cache. 
Bronlund  reached  it  hi  the  moonlight,  and 
when  the  spring  search  party  this  year 
found  his  body  there  it  was  evident  that 
he  'had  lived  for  several  days  after  his 
arrival,  but  his  strength  was  too  far  gone 
for  recuperation. 

"  With  trembling  hand  he  filled 
several  pages  in  his  notebook  with  a 
description  of  their  wanderings  and 
sufferings  and  told  where  his  comrades 
had  died.  It  was  impossible  to  discover 
and  bury  their  bodies,  because  the  new- 
fallen  snow  was  very  deep.  The  last 
honours  were  paid  to  Bronlund,  and  he 
and  his  comrades  now  lie  on  the  great 
island  whose  mapping  they  completed. 

"  It  was  wonderfully  fortunate  that 
the  bottle  containing  the  survey  sheets 
was  found  slung  around  the  neck  of 
Bronlund.  Perhaps  the  great  result  of 
this  exploration  would  never  have  been 
known  if  it  were  not  for  this  fortunate 
circumstance.  It  is  thought  that  Mylius- 
Erichsen  probably  did  not  venture  to 
carry  his  diaries  and  collections  over  the 
inland  ice  with  him,  but  left  them  in 
some  safe  depository  at  Denmark  Fiord, 
where  they  may  ultimately  be  recovered." 

Specimen  Copies. — We  shall  be  pleased  to 
send  tree  of  charge  a  few  specimen  copies  of  The 
Publishers'  Circular  to  any  who  will  apply  for  same 
and  distribute  them  to  the  best  advantage.  Send  a 
postcard  to  Manager,  PUBLISHERS'  CIRCULAR  Office, 
19,  Adam  Street,  Adelphi,  London,  W.C. 


The    Publishers'  Circular 

January  16,  1909 

Macmillan's   Educational  List 

A   SCHOOL   ARITHMETIC.      By  H.  S.  Hall,  M.A.,  and  F.  H.  STEVENS.  M.A.      Complete,  with  Answers,  4s.  6d.  ;  without  Answers, 

3s.  6d.  Or,  in  Two  Parts  — Part  I.,  with  Answers,  2s.  6d. ;  without  Answers,  2s.  Part  II.,  with  Answers,  2s.  6d.  ;  without  Answers,  2s  Answers,  is.  KEY  in  Pre- 
paration.   This  work  follows  closely  the  recommendations  of  the  Mathematical  Association 

A  MODERN  ARITHMETIC  with  Graphic  and  Practical  Exercises.    By  H.  Sydney  Jones,  M  A.    Paris  I.  and  II.  with  or 

without  Answers,  2s.  6d.  each.    Complete,  with  or  without  Answers,  4s.  6d 

A    NEW   ALGEBRA.      By      Barnard,  M.A.,  and  J.  M.  Child,  B.A.,  B.Sc.    Volume  I.,  containing-  Parts  I.,  II.,  and  III.    2s.  6d. 

Part  I — A  generalised  Arithmetic  in  which  letters  are  employed  to  represent  Natural  Numbers  and  the  idea  ot  Algebraic  Form  is  introduced. 

Parts  II  and  III. — Zero  and  Negatiw  Numbers  and  Fractions  are  considered.    These  two  new  classes  of  numbers  are  defined  so  that  the  expressions  a — b  and  aib 

may  always  have  a  meaning 


A  COURSE  OF  PLANE  GEOMETRY  FOR  ADVANCED  STUDENTS.  Part  I.  By  Clement  V.  Durell,  M.A.  8vo,  5s.  net. 
A   LATIN   READING   BOOK,      Gotham   and   other  Stories,      By  Rev.  E.  D.  Stone,  formerly  Fellow  of  Kind's  College, 

Cambridge,  and  Assistant  Master  at  Eton.    Crown  8vo.,  is  6d. 

MACMILLAN'S  OROGRAPHICAL  MAP  OF   EUROPE.    Printed  in  10  Colours.     Designed  by  B.  R.  Dickinson,  M.A.,  F.R.G.S., 

and  A.  W.  Andrews,  MA,  F. R  G.S.    Varnished,  mounted  on  Canvas  and  Rollers,  15s.    Unmounted,  11s. 
ALSO   NOTES  TO  SAME.     Limp  cloth,  is. 

REPRESENTATIVE    ENGLISH    POEMS.      Selected  and  Edited  with  Introduction  and  Notes,  by  G.  S.  Brett.     Globe  8vo.      3s.  6d. 

[English  Classics 

A   BOOK    OF    POETRY.    Illustrative  of  English  History.    Edited  by  G.  Dowse,  B.A.    Globe  8vo,  limp  cloth.     Part  I.  (a. d.  61-1485).  9d. 

Part  II.  (The  Tudors  and  Stuarts),  qd     Part  III.  (The  Hanoverian  Dynasty),  gd.  [English  Literature  for  Secondary  Schools 

SELECTIONS    FROM    WHITE'S    NATURAL    HISTORY    OF    SELB3RNE.        Edited,    with     Introduction,    Notes,  and 

Glossary,  hy  F  A.  Bruton.  M.A.    With  40  illustrations.    Globe  8v  1,  limp  cloth,  is  [English  Literature  for  Secondary  School 



The  Gospel  according  to  St.  Matthew.  Greek  Text.  With  Introduction  and  N'otes 
By  Rev.  Can>>n  Sloman,  M.A.    2S.  6d.  [Preliminary,  junior  and  Senior 

The  Acts  of  the  Apostles.    Greek  Text.    With  Notes.    By  T  E.  PAGE,  M.A.    3s.  fid. 

[Junior  and  Senior 

The  Acts  of  the  Apostles.    Authorised  Version.  With  Notes.   By  T.  E.  PAGE,  M.A.,  and 

Rev.  A.  S.  Wai.POI.E,  M.A.    2S.  6d.  [Junior  and  Senior 

The  Epistles  to  the  Thessalonians.    Greek  Text.     With  Commentary.     By  Rev.  G. 

MILLIGAN,  D.D.  12s.  [Senior 
The  First  Epistle  to  the  Thessalonians.  By  C.  J  Vaughan,  D.D.  is.  fid.  [Senior 
The  First  Epistle  to  the  Thessalonians,      Analysis  and  Notes.      By  Rev.  G.  W. 

Garrod,  B.A.  2S.  6d.  net.  [.Senior 
The  Second  Epistle  to  the  Thessalonians.    Analysis  and  Notes.     By  Rev.  G.  W. 

Garrod,  B.A.     2s.  6d.  net.  [Senior 


Lamb. — Tales  from  Shakespeare.  Edit  d  by  Rev  A.  Ainger,  LL.D.  Contains  "A 
Midsummer  Night's  Dream,"  "The  Winters  Tale,"  "Much  Ado  About  Nothing." 
"  Macbeth,'   11  The  Comedy  of  Errors  '  "  ■  ithello. '     2s  Od.  net.  [Preliminary 

Shakespeare. — Julius  Caesar.   With  Introduction  and  Notes.  By  K.  DkioHton.  is.  od. 

[Junior  and  Senior 

 Julius  Caesar.    Eversley  Edition,   With  Notes,    is.  [junior  and  Senior 

 Julius  Caesar.   (Text  only.)    Sewed,  od.  [Junior  ami  Senior 

 Richard  II.  With  Introduction  and  Notes.  By  K.  DEIGHTON.  With  an  Appendix. 

is.  yd.  [Senior 

 Richard  II.    Eversley  Edition    With  Notes,    is.  [Senior 

Scott. — A  Legend  of  Montrose.  2s  net  [Junior 
Spenser.— The  Faerie  Queene.     Book  I     With  Introduction  and  Notts      Bv  H.  M. 

PERCIVAL,  M.A.  3s.  [Senior 
Tennyson. — Geraint  and  Enid  and  the  Marriage  of  Geraint.   With  Introduction  and 

Notes.  By  G.  C.  Macaui.ay,  M.  A  2s.  6d.  [Senior 
 Gareth  and  Lynette.   With  Introduction  and  Notes    By  G.  C.  MacaUlay,  M  A. 

2s.  6d.  [Senior 

 Tennyson  for  the  Young.    Edited  by  Rev!  A.  Ainger,  LL.D. 

[Pi  t  liminary 

Bacon. — Essays.    With  Introduction  and  Notes.    By  F.  G.  Selby,  M.A.    3s.  [Senior 

ENGLISH    contin  ucd. 

Gibbon— The  Age  of  the  Antonines.     The  History  of  the  Decline  and  Fall  .,1  the 
Roman  Empire.   By  E.  GiniiON.   Chapters  I — III.    Edited  hy  J.  H.  Fowler  M.A.  is. 



Caesar — The  Invasion  of  Britain.  By  W  Welch,  M.A.,  and  Rev.  C.  G.  Do  field. 
M.A.  selections  from  Books  IV.  and  V.,  adapted  for  Beginners.  With  Exercises, 
is.  6d.  [Preliminary 
-De  Bello  Gallico.  Book  IY.  With  Notes  and  Vocabulary.  Bv  C.  Bryans, 
M.A.     is.  od.  [Junior 

 De  Bello  Gallico.   Book  V.    With  Notes  and  Vocabulary.    By  C  ColbeCK, 

M.A.     is.  6d.  [Junior 

Virgil— Aeneid.    Book  XI.    With  Notes  and  Vocabulary.    By  T.  E.  PAGE,  M.A  is.fid. 

[junior  and  Senior 

Livy.    Book  XXII.    With  Notes  and  Vocabulary.    By  Rev.  W.  W  CAPES,  M  A,  and 

I  E.  Mki.hi  ish.  M.A.     is.  6d.  [Senior 

 Books  XXI.  and  XXII.    Edited  by  Rev.  W.  W.  Capes,  M  A.   4s.  Od.   [  Senior 

Cicero.-  Pro  Milone.  Edited  by  F.  H.  Colsov,  M.A.  2s.  od.  [Senior 
Xenophon. — Anabasis.   Book  II.   With  Notes  and  Vocabulary.   By  Rev  A  S  W  VLPOLK, 

M.A.  is.  6d.  [Junior 
Sophocles.— Antigone.  Edited  bv  Rev.  M.  A.  Bayfield,  M.A.  2s  6d.  [junior  and  Senior 
Herodotus.  Book  VI.  Edited  by  Prof.  J.  STRACHAx,  M  A.  3s  6d.  [Senior 
Plato.    Euthyphro  Apology,  Crito,  and  Phaedo.     translated  by  F  J  Chirch,  M.A, 

2s.  Od.  net.  [Senior 
 Euthyphro  (and  Menexenusi    With  Introduction  and  Notes.  BvC.  E  Graves. 

M.A  is.  fid.  [Senior 
Crito  (and  Phaedo).  Edited  by  Prof.  C.  H  KEENE,  M.A.  2s.  Od.  [Senior 
Homer  — Iliad.    Books  I. -XII.     Edited  by  W.  LEAF.  Lilt  D.,  and  Rev.  M  A.  BAYFIELD. 

M.A.   Os.  [Senior 


Moliere-La  Bourgeois  Gentilhomme.    Edited  by  L.  M.  Moriarty,  M  A     is.  fid. 


Schiller  Die  Jungfrau  von  Orleans.  Edited  bv  loSEPH  Gostwick.  c,d  [vniflr 
 Die  Jungfrau  von  Orleans.    Edited  bv  W  HUMPHREYS     3s.  od.  [Senior 



The  Gospel  according  to  St  Matthew.    Greek  Text 

By  Re\.  Canon  Sloman,  M.A    2s.  f.d. 
The  Acts  of  the  Apostles,    Greek  Tex.,    With  Notes 

With  Introduction  and  Notes. 

[Junior  an  i  Senior 
By  T.  E.  Page,  M.A.    3s.  fid 

[  f  niiior  and  Senior 
With  Notes.    Bv  T.  E.  Page,  M.A  ,  and 

The  Acts  of  the  Apostles,  Authorise  i  Version. 

Rev.  A.  S.  Wai.pole,  M.A.  2s.  Od.  [Preliminary,' 
The  Epistle  to  the  Thessalonians.    Greek  Text.    With  Commen  ; 

MlI.LIGAN.  M.A  I2S. 

The  First  Epistle  to  the  Thessalonians.  By  C  J  Vaughan,  D.D 
The  First  Epistle  to  the  Thessalonians.     Analysis  and  Notes. 

Garrod  B.A.    2s.  fid.  net. 
The  Second  Epistle  to  the  Thessalonians.     Analysis  and  Note 

Garrod,  B  A.   2s.  Od.  net. 


d  Senior 
Rev.  G. 
G.  W. 
By  Rev.  G.  W. 



is.  Od. 
By  Rev 

Keary.— Heroes  of  A  sward.    2s.  6d, 
Macaulay.    Lays  01  Ancient  Rome 

M.A.    1  s.  od. 

Scott.   The  Talisman.    With  Introduction  and  Notes,    2s  od 
Shaltespeai'2.  -  The  Tempest-    With  Introduction  and  Notes, 
an  Appendix,    is.  yd. 

 The  Tempest.    Eversley  Edition.    With  Notes,  is. 

-The  Tempest.   (Text  only.)  6d. 

Henry  V.    With  Introduction  and  Note 


With  Introduction  and  Notes.     By  W.  T.  WEBB, 
By  K.  Deighton.  With 
[Junior  and  Senior 
[Jutnor  and  Senior 
[Junior  and  Senior 

Henry  Y. 

I.  od. 


Eversley  Edition.    With  Notes,  is 
With  Introduction  and  Notes.    By  K  Deighton 

Eversley  Edition.    V  ith  Notes,  is. 
(Text  onh  .)    Sewed  6d. 
Scott  Quentin  uurward.    With  Introduction  and  Notes    2s  fid 

By  K,  Deighton,  1-.  Qd. 

[junior  and  Senior 
is.  ['Tumor  and  Senior 

With  an  Appendix. 

[J  11  nipr 
[  i  ullior 
[Junior  and  Senior 

The  Lay  of  the  Last  Minstrel.    With  Introduction  and  Notes.     Bv  G.  H. 
Shut.  M  A.  and  E.  H.  ELLIOT,  B.A    2S.  [Junior 
The  Lay  of  the  Last  Minstrel.    Edited  by  F.  T  Pai  GRAVE.    i<.  \Junioi 
Tennys  m's  Select  Poems.     With  Introductions  and  Holes,     By  H.  B.  George  m  a. 
and  W  H.  Hadow.  M.A.    2s.  Gd.  [Preliminary  Junior  atid  Senior 

ENGLISH—  continu  d. 

Burke. — Thoughts  on  the  Cause  of  the  Present  Discontents.     With  Introduction 
and  Notes.    Bv  F.  G.  SELBY.  C.I.E.,  M.A.    2s.  Od.  [Junior  and  Senior 

More. — Utopia.    With  Introducton  and  Notes.    By  H.  B.  COTTERILI.  MA.    2s.  fid. 


Chaucer  — The  Prologue.    W  th  Introduction  and  Notes     By  A.  W.  Pollard.  M.A. 
is.  yd.  [Senior 


CsBsar.— The  Gallic  War.    E  lited  bv  Rev.  John  Bond.  M.A..  and  Rev.  A.  S.  Walpole, 
M.A.   4s.  Od.  [Senior 

 Gallic  War    Books  II.  and  III.    With  Notes  and  Vocabulary.    Bv  Rev.  W.  G. 

Rutherford,  LL.D.  is  fid.  [junior  and  Senior 

 Gallic  War.    Book  IV.    With  Notes  and  Vocabulary.     By  C   BRYANS  MA 

is.  Od.  [Senior 

Virgil.— Aeneid.  Book  III.  With  Notes  and  Vocabulary.  By  T.  E.I'm,  i  ma    is.  6d. 

[junior  and  Senior 

Aeneid.   Book  IY.   W  ith  Notes  and  Vocabulary    By  T  E  PAGE,  M.A.    is.  Od. 


LiYy.    Book  XXII.    Bv  W  W.  CAPES,  M  A  .  and  I  E  Mi  1  HUISH,  M  A     ivOd.  [Senior 

  Books  XXI.  and  XXII.    Edited  bv  W.  W.  CAPES,  M  A    4-  fid,  [Senior 

Horace.   Odes.    Books  III.  and  IV.    With  Notes  and  Vocabulary.    By  T.  E.  Page, 

M.A.  (Elementary  <.  lassies)  is.  Od  each.  (Classical  Series)  2S. each.  [Senior 
Xenophon    Anabasis.   Book  III.    With  Notes  and  Vocabulary.    B    Rev.  G  H.  NALL, 

.M.A     is.  0.1.  [junior  md  Senioi 

Anabasis.   Book  IV.   With  Notes  and  Vocabulary.    By  Rev  E.  D.  Stone,  MA 

is  Od.  [.S"  mor 

Euripides.    Hecuba.    With  Notes  and  Vocabulary.    By  Rev  J.  Bo\i>  M  A    and  Rev. 

A.  S.  WALPOLE,  M.A,  is.  od  [Senior 
Plato — Apology.   Edited  by  H.  Williamson,  M.A.  2s  od.  [Semiot 

 Crito.    Edited  by  C.  H.  Kebne,  MA    2s.  fid.  [Senior 

Euthyphro,  Apology.  Crito.  and  Phaedo.    Translated  by  *  I  CHURCH,  M.A. 

2s.  od.  net.  [Senior 
Aeschylus.   Prometheus  Vinctus.     With  Notes  and  Vocabub  y.     By  Rev   H  M 

Stephenson,  M  A.  is.  Od.  [Senior 
  Prometheus  Vinctus.     Edited    >  E.  E  SIKBS,  M  \  .  and  Si  .1  B.  W  Wll  LSON, 

m.a    2s.  On.  [Senior 

MACMILLAN    &    CO.   Ltd.,   St.   Martin's   Street,  London. 

January  16,  1909       The    Publishers'  Circular 


New  Books  for  Lent 

Among  the  new  books  which  Messrs. 
Longmans,  Green  &  Co.  have  in  prepara- 
tion for  Lent,  &c,  are  "  Law  and  Love  : 
a  Study  of  Ouomodo  Dilexi "  (Psalm 
exix.  97-104),  by  Francis  Leith  Boyd, 
with  an  Introduction  by  the  Lord  Bishop 
of  Loudon.  "  Ecclesia  Discens  :  the 
Church's  Lesson  from  the  Age,''  by  the 
Rev.  James  H.  F.  Peile,  M.A.  "  The 
Divine  Friendship,"  by  the  Rev.  Jesse 
Brett.  "  The  Gospel  and  Human  Needs  : 
being  the  Hulsean  Lectures  for  1908-9," 
with  additions,  by  John  Neville  Figgis, 
Litt.D.  "  The  Message  of  the  Church  hi 
Collect,  Epistle,  and  Gospel :  a  Series  of 
Notes,"  by  Henry  Martyn  Sanders.  M.A.  ; 
2  vols.  ;  Vol.  II.,  Trinity  Sunday  to 
All  Saints'  Day.  "  The  Witness  of  the 
Wilderness  :  Bedawin  Life  in  the  Desert ; 
their  Origin,  History.  Home  Life.  Strife, 
Religion,  and  Superstitions  in  their  Rela- 
tion to  the  Bible,"  by  the  Rev.  G.  Robin- 
son Lees,  B.A.,  F.R.G.S.  ;  with  illustra- 
tions. The  Oxford  Library  new  volume  : 
"Immortality,"  by  the  Rev.  E.  E. 

Education  and  the  Principal 
Aim  of  Woman 

In  one  of  the  Philadelphia  public  schools 
is  a  girl  whose  forebears  held  that  the 
principal  aim  of  the  life  of  a  woman  is 
marriage.  This  little  girl  is  well  up  in 
most  studies,  except  geography.  The 
other  day  her  teacher  sent  to  her  mother 
to  see  that  the  girl  studied  her  lesson. 
The  next  day  showed  no  improvement, 
and  the  teacher  asked  her  whether  she 
gave  the  note. 

"  Yes,  ma'am,"  was  the  reply. 

"  And  did  your  mother  read  it  ?  " 

"  Yes,  ma'am." 

"  What  did  she  say  ?  " 

"  She  said  that  she  didn't  know 
geography  an'  she  got  married,  an'  my 
aunt  didn't  know  geography  an'  she  got 
married,  an'  you  know  geography  and 
you  haven't  got  married." — Newsbook. 

An  American  Publisher's 

The  publishing  department  of  Paul 
Elder  &  Company  will  be  returned  in 
February  from  New  York  to  the  home 
office  in  San  Francisco.  Promptly  after 
the  earthquake  of  April,  1906,  the  firm 
erected  an  attractive  building  in  San 
Francisco's  new  business  centre  on  Van 
Ness  Avenue,  in  which  they  continued 
their  local  and  retail  business,  but  found 
it  necessary  temporarily  to  remove  their 
publishing  interests.  The  rebuilding  of 
the  city,  already  so  far  advanced,  the 
rapid  resumption  of  normal  business 
conditions  and  especially  the  renewal  of 
adequate  facilities  for  printing  and  pub- 
lishing have  now  enabled  the  firm  again 
to  concentrate  all  departments  in  their 
San  1' ran cisco  quarters. 

After  January  20th,  1909,  temporary 
address,  Paul  Elder  &  Company,  Publish- 
ing Department,  Van  Ness  Avenue, 
Corner  Bush  Street,  San  Francisco. 

"  Conquering  the  Arctic  Ice  " 

This  book  of  Arctic  exploration  by 
Captain  Ejnar  Mikkelsen  has  an  interest 
of  its  own,  in  so  far  as  the  author  started 
on  his  voyage  with  no  intention  of 
reaching  the  North  Pole.  Persistent 
rumours  had  existed  of  undiscovered 
land  lying  to  the  north  of  Alaska  and 
west  of  Bank's  Land,  and  the  stories  of 
Eskimo  natives  who  professed  to  have 
seen  this  new  country  derived  some 
support  from  the  theory  that  the  drift 
and  nature  of  the  pack-ice  in  these 
regions  could  only  be  explained  by 
assuming  the  existence  of  an  undiscovered 
island  or  continent.  Captain  Mikkelsen 
has  proved  that  no  undiscovered  land  lies 
in  the  region  of  his  expedition,  and  that 
the  possibility  of  any  further  discovery  in 
this  direction  is  practically  excluded. 
But  a  series  of  soundings  along  the  north 
coast  of  Alaska  have  also  enabled  him  to 
establish  the   important   fact   that  the 


Continental  Shelf  lies  close  to  that  coast 
and  does  not  indicate  any  connection 
with  land  further  north.  Plaxman  Island 
became  the  headquarters  of  the  expedi- 
tion and  the  starting-point  of  the  sledge 
journey  over  the  ice  during  the  winter 
months.  The  ship,  the  Duchess  of  Bedford, 
became  a  wreck  in  the  course  of  the 
whiter  and  was  abandoned  next  spring, 
the  crew  being  sent  home  by  a  passing 
whaler.  While  the  ice  was  slowly  wreck- 
ing his  ship,  Captain  Mikkelsen  and 
Mr.  Leffingwell  were  occupied  with  the 
preparation  and  execution  of  an  ice  trip 
which  will  certainly  rank  as  one  of  the 
most  daring  on  record :  during  those 
months  of  1907,  the  party  was  reported 
lost,  as  every  newspaper  reader  will 
remember.  After  surmounting  incredible 
difficulties.  Captain  Mikkelsen  returned  to 
find  his  crew  living  in  a  house  constructed 
from  the  fittings  of  the  Duchess  of  Bed- 
ford. He  returned  to  civilisation  along 
the  Alaskan  coast,  via  Nome  and  Yukon, 
a  distance  of  3,000  miles,  the  longest 
sledge  journey  ever  made  by  an  explorer. 

The  book  is  an  extraordinary  record 
of  wonderful  tenacity  and  perseverance 

in  face  of  difficulties  apparently  insur- 
mountable. Financial  troubles,  storms 
and  blizzards,  the  dangers  of  the  ice,  all 
were  alike  encountered  with  unvarying 
patience  and  determination.  A  feature  of 
the  book  is  the  remarkably  full  and 
accurate  description  of  Eskimo  life  and 
manners.  Captain  Mikkelsen  lived  in  the 
closest  intimacy  with  this  people,  and 
those  who  are  accustomed  to  regard  them 
as  savages  of  a  very  low  type  will  be 
agreeably  enlightened  by  a  perusal  of 
these  pages,  illustrated  with  a  large 
number  of  very  interesting  photographs 
and  other  illustrations. 

The  book  has  just  been  published  in 
most  attractive  form,  fully  illustrated,  by 
Mr  William  Heinemann,  without  whose 
assistance  the  expedition  would  not  have 
been  possible. 

Nature  Study  in  Schools 

In  the  London  County  Council  Schools 
of  Arts  and  Crafts  an  exhibition  was 
opened  on  January  8th  which  is  intended 
to  illustrate  the  subjects  under  discussion 
at  the  conference  of  London  teachers. 
By  far  the  most  interesting  exhibits  are 
those  which  relate  to  open-air  school 
work.  History  rambles  in  London  are  also 
illustrated.  Another  section  deals  with 
educational  excursions.  It  will  be  a 
surprise  to  many  people  to  learn  that 
parties  of  boys,  numbering  as  many  as 
fifty,  have  made  excursions  of  a  week's 
duration  to  places  so  far  away  as  the 
Welsh  border  and  the  Isle  of  Wight. 
These  boys  came  from  the  very  poorest 
elementary  schools.  It  is  due  to  the 
headmasters  of  the  schools,  working  in 
some  cases  in  conjunction  with  the 
Children's  Hobday  Fund,  that  the  neces- 
sary money  has  been  obtained  for  these 
excursions.  Hitherto  they  have  not  been 
officially  recognised,  and  have  only  taken 
place  in  the  Easter  holidays.  Now, 
however,  there  is  a  clause  in  the  code 
permitting  a  week's  absence  from  school 
for  the  purpose  of  such  excursions,  and  it 
is  hoped  this  will  give  a  fillip  to  the 

Bacon's  Excelsior  Maps 

Messrs.  G.  W.  Bacon  &  Co.,  Ltd.,  are 
now  issuing  a  new  series  of  their  well- 
known  Excelsior  Wall  Maps.  The  new 
series  is  coloured  geographically  instead 
of  politically.  The  heights  of  land  are 
shown  by  different  shades  of  green  and 
brown,  and  the  depths  of  water  by 
varying  shades  of  blue.  The  same  bold 
outlines  and  lettering  as  in  the  original 
series  are  retained  throughout. 

The   contours   have   been  prepared 
'  with  the  greatest  care  from  Governmental 
I  and  other  surveys,  and  these  maps  will 
certainly  rank  as  among  the  most  popular. 
1  useful  and  satisfactory  aids  for  carrying 
out  modern  ideas  of  teaching  geography. 

The  maps  now  ready  are  Europe,  Asia, 
Africa,  North  America,  Australia  and  the 
British  Isles.  The  size  is  about  5  feet  by 
4  feet. 

A  section  of  the  map  and  full  cata- 
logues of  other  teaching  aids  for  geo- 
graphy will  be  sent  free  on  application 
to  G.  W.  Bacon  &  Co.,  Ltd.,  127,  Strand. 


D  2 


January  16,  1909 




PRICE  6d.  NET 



Please  therefore  note  that  the 

which  will  be  ready  on  the  25th  inst.,  and  all  previous  issues  must 
be  obtained  from  that  address,  and  not  as  heretofore  from  the 
St.  Clement's  Press,  or  Peel  Buildings,  Cheapside. 


is  the  oldest  established  Magazine  of  its  kind,  and  has  just  entered 
upon  its  seventh  year  of  prosperous  activity. 



2nd  Year. 

New  Revised  Edition  of  this  important  Annual  now  ready, 
price  Is.  net. 

''A  book  of  reference  to  books  of  reference." — Bristol  Times. 


Catering  for  Schools  or  Educational 
Authorities  are  certain  to  be  asked 

CARTER'S  Outlines  of  History 

History  in  3  Parts 

Geography  and  Atlas 

Scripture  Manuals 

First  Year  of  Scientific 

The  Ten  Years'  Examination  Series 
HAYNES'    Geographies,  &c.,  &c. 





All  these  are  published  by 



who  supply  the  Trade  on  the  most  favourable  terms 


A   MOST   IMPORTANT  WORK  entitled 






By  W.  BISIKER,  F.R.G.S. 

Diplome  in  Geography  of  Oxford  University  ;  Author  of  "Across  Iceland.1  etc. 

,    ,.       ...        AN  ILLUSTRATED  DESCRIPTIVE  ATLAS 
dealing  with  everything  concerning  the  British  Islands,  the  (  olonies  and  Japan 
and  with  the  Physical  and  Economic  Conditions  of  the  Whole  World  in  an  entirely 
new  and  exhaustive  way,  yet  in  such  a  way  as  to  be  comprehensible  at  a  glance. 
The  work  is  the  outcome  of  several  years'  research  by 


that  depict  very  graphically  all  phases  of  Home  and  Colonial  Life,  as  well  as  the 
Features,  Resources,  Commerce,  Industries,  and  Scenery  of  all  parts  of  the 
British  Empire  and  of  our  ally,  Japan.  There  are  also  numerous  Tables  and 
Diagrams,  brief  Histories  and  Statistics,  Text  concerning  all  the  Illustrations 
and  a  Descriptive  Dictionary  of  Commercial  Products 

The  quality  of  the  Work  is  of  the  highest  order,  and  no  expense  whatever  has 
been  spared  in  its  production.  Everything  has  been  done  under  the  direct 
supervision  of  the  Author,  and  every  plate  has  been  specially  prepared,  no  old  or 
out  of  date  plate  or  groundwork  having  been  used. 

IT    IS    A    UNIQUE  WORK 
Nothing  of  the  kind  having  been  published  before, 
and  to  show  their  confidence  in  it  the  Publishers  are  putting  it  on  the  market  at  an 

trusting  to  the  creation  of  a  great  demand  to  recoup  themselves  for  the  outlay. 

£1    Is.   Od.  net  Cash 

is  all  that  is  asked  for  the  LIBRARY  EDITION,  a  half-bound  volume  with 
buckram  sides  and  gold  lettering. 

A  STUDENTS'  EDITION  is  issued  at  1  6S.  net  Cash, 

for  the  use  of  Schools  and  Colleges;   this  volume  is  bound  in  full  cloth  and 
has  black  lettering ;  size  of  Atlas,  17  J  by  11 A  inches. 

The  Geographical  Publishing  Co., 

Chichester  Rents,  Chancery  Lane,  London,  W.C. 

Now  Ready  Crown  8vo.  5s. 


A  School  History 

By  John   Lord,  LL.D. 


With  Additional  Chapters,  bringing  the  Work  to  the  Commencement 
of  the  Present  Century;  also 

Copious  Questions  for  Examination 

Now  Ready 

Sixty-second  Edition.      Price  2s. 


By  a  Lady 

The  Original  and  Authorised  Edition  brought  down  to  the 
present  time. 

Lo  .Ion  :    SIMPKIN,  MARSHALL,  HAMILTON.  KENT  &  Co.,  Ltd. 

January  i6,  i7o9       The    Publishers'  Circular 


Chapman  &  Hall's  Annual 
Staff  Dinner 

A  MOST  enjoyable  evening  was  spent  by 
the  staff  of  Chapman  &  Hall  at  the 
Horse  Shoe  Hotel,  Tottenham  Court 
Road,  on  January  5th.  Dinner  was 
served  at  7  o'clock,  after  which  a  most 
excellent  and  varied  programme  of  music 
and  recitals  was  proceeded  with.  Mr. 
Arthur  Waugh,  managing  director  of  the 
company,  presided.  Those  present  were 
Messrs.  G.  Etheridge,  W.  B.  Akerman, 
J.  C.  Pilcher,  W,  B.  Francis,  B.  W.  Matz, 
Frank  Speaight,  Roland  Truslove,  A. 
Dykes  Spicer,  J.  G.  Bain,  Harold  Bayley, 
W.  J.  Roberts,  A.  J.  Gibbons,  E.  F. 
Gibbons,  G.  H.  Page,  Edmund  Roberts, 
A.  E.  Dunnett,  F.  J.  Evans,  H.  Worrell, 
W.  Collins,  G.  0.  Thomas,  H.  B.  Moody, 
and  W.  L.  Jones.  There  is  no  doubt  that 
the  spirit  of  Dickens  has  entered  into 
every  member  of  the  firm,  and  the  few 
friends  who  were  present  seemed  also 
to  have  caught  the  infectious  geniality. 

After  the  usual  loyal  toasts,  Mr. 
Arthur  Waugh  proposed  the  toast  of  the 
evening — "  Prosperity  to  the  Firm  of 
Chapman  &  Hall."  He  said  that  there  j 
was  such  a  good  feeling  of  fellowship  in 
Henrietta  Street  that  the  newest  recruit 
was  always  made  at  home,  but  that  when 
he  compared  his  own  seven  years  of 
service  with  the  long  careers  of  many  of 
those  whom  he  saw  around  him  that 
evening  he  could  not  but  feel  humble. 
With  many  topical  and  personal  refer- 
ences Mr.  Waugh  then  recounted  the 
personnel  of  the  firm  since  the  year  1 87 1 , 
when  the  oldest  present  member  of  the 
staff  joined  the  office,  and  ended  by 
assuring  those  present  that  it  was  upon 
such  records  of  long  and  faithful  service 
that  the  prosperity  of  the  firm  had 
depended  in  the  past  and  would  assuredly 
depend  in  the  future.  There  were  said  to 
be  employers  of  labour  in  the  City  of 
London  to-day  who  boasted  that  they 
could  get  out  of  a  man  all  the  good  of 
which  he  was  capable  in  the  course  of  a 
couple  of  years,  and  that  then  the  man 
was  useless.  But  the  history  of  labour, 
like  the  record  of  Rehoboam  of  old,  went 
to  prove  that  one  incalculable  gift  which 
youth  could  never  bring  was  the  gift  of 
experience,  and  at  Henrietta  Street  they 
had  learnt,  while  taking  each  man's 
censure  and  reserving  their  judgment, 
to  rely  as  much  upon  the  wise  experience 
of  the  old  as  upon  the  eager  impulses  of 
youth.  Herein,  he  believed,  lay  the  secret 
of  the  firm's  continued  prosperity  and  of 
the  cheerful  faces  among  which  it  was  his 
privilege  to  work  from  day  to  day. 

There  were  only  two  other  toasts  on 
the  list — that  of  "  The  Chairman  "  and 
that  of  "  The  Guests."  Mr.  W.  B.  Aker- 
man, who,  although  not  by  any  means 
the  doyen  of  the  staff,  has  nevertheless 
represented  the  firm  as  country  traveller 
for  twenty-eight  years,  proposed  the 
former.  In  the  course  of  his  remarks  he 
alluded  to  the  long  list  of  notable  names 
in  literature  connected  with  the  firm 
since  its  formation,  including  such  names 
as  John  Forster,  George  Henry  Lewes, 
John  Morley  (now  Viscount  Morley), 
Mr.  George  Meredith,  Anthony  Trollope, 
and  Mr.  W.  L-  Courtney.  With  such  a 
glorious  past,  and  from  what  they  had 

heard  from  the  chairman  that  night,  he 
felt  that  the  outlook  in  the  future  with 
Mr.  Arthur  Waugh  at  the  helm  indicated 
that  the  traditions  of  the  great  house 
were  likely  to  be  carried  on  in  the  future. 
Mr.  B.  W.  Matz  proposed  "  The  Guests." 

During  the  evening  Mr.  Arthur  Waugh 
recited  a  poem  written  in  honour  of  the 
occasion,-  from  which  we  quote  the 
following  verses  : — 


'Tis  more  than  seventy  years  ago  that  there 

was  wont  to  stand 
A  humble  little  bookshop  at  186  the  Strand  : 
And  there  one  rain-swept  winter  night  a 

young  man  might  be  seen 
Enquiring  if  they'd  got  the  new  Old  Monthly 


The  man  behind  the  counter  very  quickly 

fetched  it  down. 
The  boy,  no  doubt,  had  thought  it  cheap  at 

three  times  half-a-crown  : 
For  as  he  turned  it,  eager  as  a  miser  in  the 


That  evening,  the  first  time  in  life,  he  saw 

himself  in  print  ! 
He  tucked  it  'neath  his  jacket,  and  strode 

out  into  the  sleet, 
And  his  heart  was  beating  louder  than  the 

traffic  in  the  street. 
A  simple,  common  incident  !     Yet  one  to 

touch  us  all, 
For  the  lad  who  bought  wag  Dickens,  and 

the  man  who  sold  was  Hall. 


Two  years  went  by,  and  once  again  that 

casual  couple  met, 
On  a  night  that  no  one  present  here  is  likely 

to  forget. 

The  tables  now  were  turned  :  it  was  the 
bookshop's  turn  to  call — 

And  the  man  who  sold  was  Dickens,  and  the 
man  who  bought  was  Hall  ! 

Long  time  they  sat  and  chatted  over  Sey- 
mour's sporting  scheme, 

Till  Mr.  Pickwick  rose  to  life,  like  Ilion  from 
a  dream  ; 

Till  Mr.  Pickwick,  wreathed  in  smiles,  awoke 

the  world  to  laughter, 
And  Dickens  and  his  publishers  were  one  for 

ever  after. 

Mr.  Frank  Speaight,  the  famous 
Dickens  reciter,  who  was  one  of  the 
guests  of  the  evening,  entertained  the 
company  with  three  recitals,  the  last  of 
which,  his  own  version  of  "  Casabianca," 
caused  such  fits  of  laughter  as  to  make 
one  feel  a  little  anxious  about  the  sides  of 
his  audience. 

During  the  rest  of  the  evening  songs 
were  given  by  Messrs.  H.  T.  Worrell, 
W.  B.  Francis,  H.  B.  Moody,  A.  E. 
Dunnett,  A.  Dykes  Spicer,  F.  J.  Evans, 
E.  F.  Gibbons,  Roland  Truslove,  W.  L. 
Jones  and  B.  W.  Matz,  and  a  right  good 
festive  occasion  was  brought  to  a  close 
with  "  Auld  Dang  Syne." 

The  following  "  howlers  "  by  school- 
boys are  given  in  the  new  number  of 

The  University  Correspondent  : — 

To  kill  a  butterfly  you  pinch  its  borax. 

The  bloodvessels  are  the  veins, 
arteries,  and  artilleries. 

A  ruminating  animal  is  one  that  chews 
its  cubs. 

Algebra  was  the  wife  of  Euclid. 

The  masculine  of  vixen  is  vicar. 


Messrs.  Macmillan's. 

Social  Life  at  Rome  in  the  Age  of  Cicero,  by 

W.  Warde  Fowler,  M.A.    With  Maps  and 

Plans.  8vo. 
The    Ancient    Greek    Historians  (Harvard 

Lectures),  by  J.  B.  Bury,  Litt.D.,LL.D.  8vo. 
Oxford  Lectures  on  Poetry,  by  A.  C.  Bradley, 

LL.D.  Svo. 

Classical  Librarv.   New  Volumes. 

The  Characters  of  Theophrastus  :  an  English 
trans,  from  a  revised  text,  with  Intro, 
and  Notes  by  R.  C.  J  ebb,  M.A.  A  new 
edition,  edited  by  J.  E.  Sandys,  Litt.D. 

The  Acharnians  of  Aristophanes.  Edited 
with  prose  trans.,  Critical  Notes,  and  Com- 
mentary, by  W.  M.  J.  Starkie,  Editor  of 
The  Wasps  of  Aristophanes.  8vo. 

Monuments  of  Christian  Rome,  by  Arthur  L. 
Frothingham,  junr.,  Professor  of  Ancient 
History  and  Archaeology  in  Princeton  Uni- 
versity. Illus.  (Handbooks  of  Archaeology 
and  Antiquities  .Series.) 

Greek  Metre,  by  R.  J.  Walker,  M.A.    2  vols. 

Physical  Science  in  the  time  of  Nero  :  being 
a  trans,  of  Seneca's  Quaestiones  Natu- 
rales,  by  John  Clarke,  M.A.  With  Notes 
on  the  subject-matter  by  Sir  Archibald 
Geikie,  K.C.B.,  F.R.S.  Svo. 

Thucydides.  Book  III.  Edited  by  E.  C. 
Marchant,  M.A.    (Classical  Series.) 

A  Commentary  on  the  Holy  Bible,  by  various 
writers.  Edited  by  the  Rev.  J.  R.  Dum- 
melow,  M.A.  Complete  in  1  vol.,  with 
general  articles  and  maps.  8vo. 

The  New  Testament  in  the  Original  Greek. 
Text  revised  by  the  Right  Rev.  Bishop 
Westcott,  D.D.,  and  F.  J.  A.  Hort,  D.D. 
Writing  Paper  Edition,  for  annotation.  8vo. 

Surveying  for  Archaeologists,  by  Sir  Norman 
Lockyer,  K.C.B.,  F.R.S. 

The  Psychology  of  Singing  :  a  Rational 
Method  of  Voice  Culture  based  on  a 
Scientific  Analysis  of  all  Systems,  Ancient 
and  Modern,  by  David  C.  Taylor.    Cr.  Svo. 

Human  Foods  and  their  Nutritive  Value,  by 
Harry  Snyder,  B.S. 

Chemical  Technology  and  Analysis  of  Oils, 
Fats,  and  Waxes,  by  Dr.  J.  Lewkowitsch, 

F.  C.S.  Fourth  Edition,  entirely  re-written 
and  enlarged.    In  3  vols.  Illus. 

Cotton  Spinning  Calculations,  by  William 

Scott  Taggart. 
General  Physics  and  Sound,  by  E.  Edser, 

A.  R.C.Sc.  (Lond.). 

A  Class  Book  of  Physics,  by  Professor  R.  A. 

Gregory  and  H.  E.  Hadley,  B.Sc.  (Lond.). 
Mathematical  Papers  for  Admission  into  the 

Royal  Military  Academy  and  the  Royal 

Military  College  for  the  Years  1899-1908. 

Edited  by  E.  J.  Brooksmith,  B.A.,  LL.M., 

and  R.  M.  Milne,  M.A.    Cr.  Svo. 
Five  Figure  Logarithmic  and  Other  Tables, 

by  Frank  Castle,  M.I.M.E. 
A  Course  of  Plane  Geometry  for  Advanced 

Students,  by  Clement  Y  Durell,  M.A.  Svo. 
Key  to  A  New  Algebra.     Vol.    1.     By  S. 

Barnard,  M.A.,  and  J.  M.  Child,  B.A. 
Practical  Exercises  in  Geography,  by  B.  C. 


First  Book  of  Botany,  by  Elizabeth  Healey. 

A  Practical  Introduction  to  French  Pho- 
netics :  for  the  Use  of  English-speaking 
Students  and  Teachers,  by  G.  G.  Nicholson, 

B.  A.,  B.C.L. 

Primary  French  Course.  Part  3.  By 
Otto  Siepmann,  Head  of  the  Modern  Lan- 
guage Department  at  Clifton  College. 

The  Golden  Treasury  of  the  Best  Songs  and 
Lyrical  Poems  in  the  English  Language. 
Selected  and  arranged  by  F.  T.  Palgrave. 
Complete.    Cr.  Svo. 

Gulliver's  Travels.    Abridged  and  edited  by 

G.  C.  Earle.  (English  Literature  for 
Secondary  Schools  Series.) 


The    Publishers'  Circular 

January  16,  1909 


THE  'Book  of  the  Moment 

—  ON  — 

THE  Craze  of  the  Moment 


Picture  boards,  1/-  net.  Cloth,  1/6  net. 

By    "  RINKER." 

The  Publisher  announces  to  the  Trade  that,  owing-  to  the  large 
number  of  subscription  orders,  publication  is  unavoidably  delayed. 
Simultaneous  delivery  to  the  whole  trade  will  be  made  at  an 
earlv  date. 


Mrs.  Coulson  Kernahan 
=  R.  Murray  Gilchrist 




Coralie  Stanton  and  Heath  Hosken 

THE  KING'S  CAUSE  =       =    Walter  E.  Grogan 


IRENE  OF  THE  RINGLETS        -       -  Horace  Wyndham 

Price  1/-  net.  Boards. 

JOHN  MILNE,  Publisher, 

29,  Henrietta  Street,  Covent  Garden,  W.C. 


International  Association 
of  Antiquarian  Booksellers 


Mr.  B.  D.  MAGGS 

THE  Association  was  formed  with  the 
object  of  safeguarding  the  interests  of 
all  dealers  in  scarce  and  other  books, 
the  chief  object  being  the  prevention  of  fraud- 
ulent practices  by  providing  a  Central 
Bureau  for  the  collection  of  confidential  inform- 
ation. The  Association  collects  accounts  in 
all  parts  of  the  world  for  a  small  commission. 
'1  he  annual  subscription  is  five  shillings.  The 
Committee  includes  most  of  the  more  promi- 
nent members  of  the  trade  in  this  and  other 
countries,  and  the  membership  is  increasing 
monthly.  The  papers  issued  by  the  Associa- 
tion, and  all  information  required,  may  be 
obtained  by  addressing  the  Honorary  Secretary, 
Mr.  Frank  KaRSLAKE,  35,  Pond  Street,  Hamp- 
stead,  London,  N.W. 







I.   School  and  College  Edition.    Crown  Svo.,  1,080  pp.,  5s.  net. 
II.    Handy  School  Edition.    i6mo.,  is. 

a  nevTseriesTf ^  readers ~ 

Adopted  by  the  London  County  Council  Education  Committee. 

THE  STORY  OF  THE  WORLD.  For  the  Children  of  the  British  Emp ire. 
In  Five  Books.  By  M.  B.  Synge,  Author  of  "  Stories  from  European 
History."  With  Coloured  Frontispiece  and  numerous  Illustrations  by  E.  M. 
Synge",  A.R.E.,  and  Maps.  Book  I. — On  the  Shores  of  the  Great  Sea,  is.  4<I. 
Book  II. — The  Discovery  of  New  Worlds,  is.  6d.  Book  III. — The  Awakening 
of  Europe,  is.  6d.  Book  IV. — The  Struggle  for  Sea  Power,  is.  gd.  Book 
V. — Growth  of  the  British  Empire,  2s. 

Prize  Edition,  2  vols.,  3s.  6d.  net  each. 

Uniform  with  the  above. 
THE    WORLD'S    CHILDHOOD.    In  Two  Books.    Price  iod.  each. 

These  Two  Readers  consist  of  Fairy  Stories  and  Simple  Stories  of  the  Gods 
and  Heroes,  and  are  fully  illustrated. 


Edited  by  John  Adams,  M.A.,  B.Sc,  F.C.P.,  Professor  of  Education 
in  the  University  of  London. 
Book     I,    For  Standard    IV.     228  pp.     -    -    -    Price  is. 
Book    II.    For  Standard      V.    275  pp.     -    -    -    Price  is.  4<1. 
Book  III.    For  Standard    VI.    303  pp.     -   -   -    Price  is.  6d. 
Book  IV.    For  Standard   VII.    381pp.     -    -    -    Price  is.  6d. 

C/ESAR — GALLIC  WAR,  Books  l.-lll.  By  J.  M.  Hardwich,  M.A..  late 
Scholar  of  St.  John's  College,  Cambridge,  Assistant  Master  at  Kugby.  With 
or  without  Vocabulary,    is.  6d. 

C/ESAR— GALLIC  WAR,  Books  IV.,  V.  By  St.  J.  B.  Wynne- Willson, 
M.A.,  late  Scholar  of  St.  John's  College.  Cambridge.  With  or  without 
Vocabulary,  is.  6d.    Vocabulary  separately,  3d. 

C/ESAR— GALLIC  WAR,  Books  VI.,  VII.  By  C  A  A  Du  Pontet,  MA, 
Assistant  Master  at  Harrow.    With  or  without  Vocabulary,  is.  6d. 

VIRGIL— /ENEID,  Books  V.,  VI.    By  St.  J.  B.  Wynne-WUxson,  M.A.,  is 

HORACE— ODES,    Books    I.,    II.    By  J.  Sargeaunt,  M.A.,  laic  Scholar  of 

University  College,  Oxford,  Assistant  Master  at  Westminster,  is.  6d. 

HOMER— ODYSSEY,   Book   VI.    By  E.  E.  Svki :s.  M.A.,  Fellow  and  Lecturer 

of  St.  John's  College,  Cambridge,    is.  6d. 

SCOTT— LADY   OF   THE    LAKE.    Bj  W.  E.  W.  Collins,  M  A.    is.  6d. 
A  HISTORY  OF  ENGLISH  LITERATURE.     By  J.  Logee  Robertson,  M.A.  3s. 
OUTLINES    OF   ENGLISH    LITERATURE.    By    1  is.  6d. 


D.  M.  J.  James,  M.A.,  Gordon  School,  Iluntly.  is.  Also  in  Two  Parts, 
6d.  each. 


THE  SCHOOL  ANTHOLOGY.  (Chaucer  to  the  Present  Day.;  By  J.  H.  Lobban, 
M.A.    In  Two  Parts,  2s.  each.    One  vol.,  4s.    Prize  Edition,  5s. 

Mercier,  L.-es-L-,  Lecturer  on  French  Language  and  Literature  in  the 
University  of  St.  Andrews.    3s.  6d. 

ALL  FRENCH  VERBS  IN  TWELVE  HOURS.    By  A.  J.  Wyatt,  M.A.  is. 


Mansion,  B.-es-L.,  Royal  Academical  Institution,  Belfast,  is. 

THE    CHILDREN'S    GUIDE    TO    THE    FRENCH    LANGUAGE.    By  Annie 

G.  Ferrier.  is. 


Louis  Lubovii  s.  Ph.D.     Part  I. — Elementary.  Part  II.    3s.  6d. 

A   SPANISH   GRAMMAR.    By  WILLIAM  A    Kj  is 



FORTY    ELEMENTARY    LESSONS    IN    CHEMISTRY.    By  W.   I.  Sargant, 
M.A.,  Head  Master,  Oakham  School.    Illustrated,    is.  6d. 

HIGHER    ARITHMETIC.    128  pp.    Paper,  6d. 
cloth,  1  id.    Answers  separately.  3d. 

cloth.  8d.    With  Answers, 

Full  Educational  Catalogue  sent  Post  Free  on  application  to 

4.~»,  George  Street,  Edinburgh,  and  ."57.  Paternoster  How, 
London,  E.C 

January  16,  1909       The    Publishers'  Circular 


Great  Work  of  the  School 

How  little  the  world  knows  of  those  who 
are  doing  its  most  arduous  and  often  its 
most  important  work  !  In  education,  for 
example.  The  headmasters  of  the  public 
schools  are  honoured  and  well  known. 
The  assistant-masters,  too,  have  their 
place  in  the  social  world.  But  what  of 
the  men  who  are  charged  with  the  far 
more  difficult  and  equally  important 
task  of  educating  the  masses  ?  Why  is 
their  work  not  better  known  and  more 
generously  recognised  ? 

At  the  King's  Hall,  Holborn.  on 
January  7th,  commenced  a  conference  of 
London  teachers,  mostly  drawn  from 
elementary  schools.  Here  one  could  see 
what  manner  of  men  and  women  they  are 
who  are  helping  to  shape  the  future  of 
England  by  moulding  the  minds  of  the 
generation  which  will  follow  us.  It  was 
impossible  not  to  be  struck  by  their 
enthusiasm,  their  interest  in  their  pro- 
fession, their  sanity,  their  desire  to  learn. 

There  are  thousands  of  men  doing 
well  to-day  who  will  tell  you  that  they 
owe  a  very  great  deal  to  their  teachers  in 
elementary  schools.  Not  only  for  what 
they  were  taught,  but  for  the  influences 
brought  to  bear  upon  them  in  their 
impressionable  years,  for  the  stimulus 
communicated  to  them  by  active  minds, 
for  the  healthy  spirit  of  sportsmanship 
and  honour  cultivated  both  in  work  hours 
and  at  play. 


As  for  the  influence  which  a  woman 
teacher  can  and  often  does  exercise  over 
her  girls,  it  is  incalculable.  Only  those 
Who  know  intimately  the  conditions  of 
life  in  the  under-world  of  cities  can  even 
faintly  realise  the  value  of  the  example 
of  a  sensible,  kind-hearted,  pure-minded 
girl  among  the  children  of  the  slums.  It 
opens  out  to  them  an  ideal  of  life  they 
have  never  dreamed  of.  It  keeps  them 
straight  and  decent.  It  shows  them  which 
is  the  "  right  turning,"  and  helps  them  to 
take  it  when  the  moment  for  choosing 


There  was  a  discussion  on  "  Open-air 
Education."  which  includes  both  nature- 
study  and  schools  out  of  doors  -  for 
defective  or  delicate  children.  Instead  of 
denouncing  it  as  a  fad  all  the  most 
intelligent  headmasters  and  teachers  have 
taken  it  up  with  interest  and  enthusiasm. 

They  told  how  they  took  children  out 
to  study  animal  and  plant  life,  to  find 
fossils  and  shells.  They  told  of  long, 
wonderful  days  in  the  country.  They 
explained  how  "  school  journeys  "  could 
be  undertaken,  a  whole  batch  of  children 
being  carried  off  to  some  country  place 
for  a  week  or  a  fortnight  in  term  time  to 
have  their  interests  stimulated  and  their 
minds  enlarged. 


Miss  Beer  gave  a  particularly  interest- 
ing account  of  a  garden  school  for  children 
who  were  not  strong  enough  to  attend  an 
ordinary  centre.  They  were  taught  the 
progress  of  civilisation  by  playing  at  cave- 
dwellers,  then  being  Druids  ;  afterwards 

choosing  a  chief  for  convenience  and 
better  protection.  Geography  was  im- 
parted by  making  rivers  and  lakes  and 
continents  and  seas  on  the  garden  path  ; 
arithmetic  by  pulling  rhubarb  and  pick- 
ing gooseberries  ;  and  domestic  economy 
by  taking  charge  of  the  caretaker's  baby 
and  learning  that  pork,  pease-pudding 
and  pickles  were  not  a  suitable  diet  for 
infants  of  tender  years. 

No  wonder  Dr.  Rose,  assistant  educa- 
tional adviser  to  the  London  County 
Council,  would  like  to  see  all  children 
educated  partly  on  these  lines. — The 
Daily  Mail. 

Hints  for  Copying  and 
Postal  Clerks 

WHEN  folding  letters  with  enclosures  it 
is  an  excellent  plan  to  pin  all  together, 
or  so  to  fold  them  that  the  recipient 
cannot  take  one  out  without  taking  all. 
Everybody  has  had  experience  of  the 
necessity  for  searching  through  the  waste 
j  paper  basket,  or  the  file  of  old  envelopes, 
I  for  the  missing  paper  money  in  some 
i  form  or  other,  or  other  enclosure  which 
has  been  overlooked,  because  it  was  "  left 
in  the  envelope." 

Cheques,  drafts,  postal  and  money 
orders  ought  to  be  folded  so  that  it  is 
impossible  to  cut  through  them  in 
opening  the  mail  with  a  knife  or  envelope 
opener.  Some  twenty  years  ago  or  so 
an  American  brought  out  a  patent 
clipper  for  opening  envelopes.  You  put 
the  envelope  under  a  sort  of  guillotine, 
gave  a  handle  on  top  a  sharp  blow  with 
your  fist,  and  the  whole  of  the  top  edge  of 
the  envelope  was  cut  off.  It  was  a  very 
ingenious  attempt  to  make  money  by 
saving  time,  but  in  practice  you  found 
that  you  cut  a  strip  out  of  so  many 
cheques,  drafts,  &c.  that  the  money 
made  was  lost  in  sticking  it  together 

Cheaper  Books  for  the  Blind 

What  is  to  be  known  as  the  New  York 
system  of  "  point  "  reading  for  the  blind 
has  been  perfected  by  William  B.  Wait, 
Principal  of  the  New  York  Institute  for 
the  Blind,  and  B.  B.  Huntoon,  the 
Superintendent  of  the  American  Printing 
House  for  the  Blind,  at  Louisville.  By 
cheapening  the  cost  of  printing  such 
literature  the  system  is  expected  to 
permit  many  blind  persons  to  purchase 
:  reading  matter.  The  Sunday-school 
lessons  in  the  new  "  point  "  system  for 
the  blind  will  be  sent  to  press  in  a  week, 
and  it  is  expected  that  the  entire  system 
of  religious  instruction  for  the  eighty 
thousand  blind  persons  in  the  United 
vStates  will  undergo  marked  changes. 
Hitherto,  because  of  the  raised  surfaces, 
only  one  side  of  the  paper  could  be  used, 
making  the  cost  of  a  book  or  paper  for 
a  blind  reader  a  large  item.  The  New 
York  system  is  so  arranged  that  both 
sides  of  the  paper  can  be  used.  The 
embossing  on  one  side  of  the  page  is 
between  the  lines  of  the  embossing  on  the 
other.  The  cost  of  production  will  be 
reduced  by  fully  40  per  cent. — New  York 
Publishers'  Weekly. 

Relics  of  Lord  Byron 
for  Sale 

On  January  21st  Messrs.  Sotheby,  Wilkin- 
son &  Hodge  will  sell  by  auction  a 
collection  of  books  (first  editions.  &c), 
paintings,  prints,  relics,  &c,  by  and 
relating  to  Lord  Byron,  including  Thomas 
Moore's  "  Lalla  Rookh,"  an  Oriental 
Romance,  plates  after  Smirke ;  old 
morocco  gilt,  18 17.  On  the  fly-leaf  of  this 
volume  is  an  unpublished  four-line  verse 
by  Lord  Byron.  Brass  Casting  of  Bust  of 
Lord  Byron,  after  Phillips  (3  by  4  inches)  ; 
Plaster  Cast  Medallion  of  Lord  Byron, 
lettered  George  Gordon  Lord  Byron,  in 
wooden  circle  ;  Strips  of  red  velvet  from 
the  piece  which  covered  Lord  Byron's 
coffin  ;  and  China  Figure  of  Lord  Byron 
and  his  favourite  dog  Boatswain,  seated 
(head  of  Lord  Byron  broken). 

Highly  Trained 
Young  Women  Fretting 
Their  Hearts  Out 

THERE  were  several  sectional  meetings  in 
the  afternoon  of  January  Sth  at  the 
Technological  Institute  in  connection 
With  the  Conference  of  Teachers  at 
Manchester.  Dealing  with  the  question 
of  teachers  (Sir  Henry  F.  Hibbert  pre- 
siding), Miss  S.  J.  Hale  (principal  of  the 
Lodge  Hill  Training  College,  Liverpool) 
said  that  more  teachers  were  n6w  being 
trained  than  could  find  employment,  and 
thus  money,  time,  and  brain  were  being 
spent  uuprofitably.  Mr.  Ernest  Gray 
urged  that  local  authorities  should  decline 
to  make  further  provision  for  the  training 
of  teachers  until  the  policy  of  the  Board 
of  Education  was  clearly  defined.  There 
were,  he  said,  "  highly  trained  young 
women  fretting  their  hearts  out  at  home, 
a  burden  on  their  parents,  literally 
hundreds  of  pounds  having  been  spent  On 
their  training.  The  educational  needs  of 
the  schools  cried  aloud  for  more  certificated 
teachers,  and  the  Board  of  Education 
stood  idly  by.  an  imperfectly  informed 
President  telling  the  House  of  Commons  : 
'  I  am  not  aware  that  they  are  experienc- 
ing unusual  difficulties  in  obtaining 
appointments.  In  fact,  such  evidence  as 
the  Board  possesses  indicates  that  the 
demand  for  teachers  is  still  in  excess  of 
the  supply.'  The  intelligence  department 
of  the  Board  of  Education  was  as  defective 
as  that  of  the  Army  at  the  outbreak  of 
the  South  African  War." 

Editions  of  the 
"Encyclopaedia  Britannica" 

Appended  are  the  dates  of  the  different 
editions,  taken  mostly  from  the  article, 
"  Encyclopaedia,!'  in  the  Ninth  Edition  : — 

First  Edition 

..  1768-1771. 



..  I777-I783- 



..  1788-1797. 



..  1800-1810. 


Do.  . 

..  1814-1817. 


Do.  . 

..  1820-1823. 


Do.  . 

..  1830-1842 

(A.    &  C. 



Do.  . 

..  1853-1860 



Do.  . 

..  1875-1889 



Do.  . 

..  1902-1903(77*0  Times). 


The    Publishers'   Circular  January  16,  i9o9 




The  advantage  which  this  Method  has  over  all  others  is  its  combination  of  theory  and  practice,  i.e.  a  clear  scientific  exposition 
of  the  Grammar,  combined  with  practical  conversational  exercises.  By  strictly  adhering  to  this  Method  the  great  difficulty  of 
enabling  the  pupil  to  speak  and  write  foreign  languages  has  been  successfully  solved  for  the  first  time.     The  New  Editions  have 

been  improved  and  kept  up  to  date. 


Elementary  Modern  Armenian   Grammar.  By 

Kevork  H.  Gilian,  A.B.,  Instructor  in  Anatolia  College,  Marsovan. 
Cloth,  3s. 


Dutch  Conversation-Grammar.    By  T.  G.  G 

Valette.  Teacher  at  the  R.H.B.  School  and  the  Gymnasium,  Gouda 
Second  Edition.  8vo,  cloth,  5s.  KEY.  By  T.  G.  G.  Valette 
Boards,  2s. 

Dutch  Reader.  By T.G.-G.  Valette.  Second  Edition. 

Cloth,  3s. 


French  Conversation  -  Grammar.    A  New  and 

Practical  Method  of  Learning-  the  French  Language.  By  Dr.  Emil 
OTTO.  Thirteenth  Edition.  Revised  by  C.  Talbut  ONIONS,  M.A. 
London.     Cloth,  4s.  net.      KEY.    Eighth  Edition.     Boards,  2s. 

Materials  for  French  Prose  Composition.  By 

Dr.  Emu.  Otto.  Fifth  Edition.  Revised  by  C.  Talbut  Onions,  M.A. 
Cloth,  2s.  6d. 

Elementary  French  Grammar.  By  Dr.  J.  Wright. 

Third  Edition.   Revised  by  C.  TALBUT  Onions,  M.A.    Cloth,  2s. 

A  French  Reader.    Being  a  Selection  of  Graduated 

Passages  with  Exercises  in  Conversation  and  a  Vocabulary  by 
C.  Talbut  Onions,  M.A.    Cloth,  3s. 

French  Dialogues.  An  Aid  to  Practical  Conversa- 
tion.    By  Dr.  Emil  Otto  and  Sutton  F.  Corkran.    Cloth,  2s. 


German  Conversation  Grammar.     A  Practical 

Method  of  Learning  the  German  Language.  By  Emil  Otto,  Ph.D., 
late  Lecturer  at  the  University  of  Heidelberg.  Revised  by  Franz 
Lanc;e,  Ph.D.,  Professor  Royal  Military  Academy,  Woolwich.  Twenty- 
eighth  Edition.  With  Vocabulary.  Cloth,  5s.  KEY.  Twentieth 
Edition.     Boards,  2s. 

Elementary  German   Grammar,  combined  with 

Exercises,  Readings  and  Conversations.  By  Dr.  Emil  Otto.  Revised 
by  Dr.  J.  Wright.     Eighth  Edition.    Cloth,  2s. 

The  Accidence  of  the  German  Language.  An 

Appendix  to  the  "  German  Conversation  Grammar."  By  Dr.  Emil  Otto 
and  Dr.  J.  Wright.     Second  Edition.     Cloth,  Is.  6d. 

Otto's   First   German   Book.     Re-arranged  and 

Revised  by  f  RAN/.  LANCE,  Ph.D.      Ninth  Edition.      Cloth,  1  S-  6d. 

German  Reader.     By  Dr.  Emil  Otto.    A  Selection 

of  Readings  in  German  Literature.  With  Vocabulary.  In  Three  Parts. 
Part  I.,  Anecdotes,  Fables,  Descriptions,  Stories,  Parables,  Tales,  and 
Easy  Poems.  Eighth  Edition.  Revised  by  C.  Kemshead,  B.A., 
Magdalen  College,  Oxford.  Cloth,  2s.  6d.  Part  II.,  Select  Readings 
in  German  Literature.  Fifth  Edition.  Cloth,  2s.  6d.  Pari  III., 
Select  German  Plays.    Second  Edition.    Boards,  2s.  6d. 

Materials  for  Translating  English  info  German. 

By  Dr.  Emil  Otto.  Revised  bv  Dr.  J.  Wright.  With  Vocabulary. 
Seventh  Edition.    Cloth,  2s.  6d.    KEY.   Third  tdit.    Boards,  2s. 

German  Dialogues.  An  Aid  to  Practical  Conversa- 
tion. By  Dr.  Emil  Otto.  Fifth  Edition.  Revised  by  Sutton  F. 
COrkr  \\.    Cloth,  1  s.  6d. 

Handbook  of  English  and  German  Idioms.  With 

an  Appendix  :  English  and  German  Prepositions.  By  FRANZ  LANGE, 
Ph.D.,  Royal  Military  Ac  ademy,  Woolwich.    Cloth,  2s. 

A  List  of  German  Verbs,  Adjectives,  and  Par- 
ticiples with  their  Appropriate  Prepositions.  An  indis- 
pensable handbook  for  students  of  German,  compiled  bv  A.  Tehbitt. 
Sewed,  1s- 


The  Hausa  Language.    Grammar  and  Systematic 

Vocabulary.  Hausa-German-French-Fnglish.  By  A.  Seidel.  Cloth,  4-s 


Italian  Conversation  Grammar.    A  New  and 

Practical  Method  of  Learning  the  Italian  Language.  By  CHARLES 
M  akouard  Sauer.  Director  of  the  Superior  Commercial  Academy  at 
Trieste.   Eighth  Edit.,  Cloth,  5s.  KEY.  Seventh  Edit.   Boards.  2s. 

Elementary  Italian  Grammar  for  Beginners.  By 

Pietro  MOTTI,  Professor  of  Modern  Languages  at  the  Roval  Piacenza 
Technical  Institution.    Third  Edition.    8vo,  Cloth,  2s. 

Italian  Reader.   By  Cattaneo.  2S.  6d. 

Italian  Dialogues.    By  Pietro  Motti.   Cloth,  as- 

Japanese  Conversation-Grammar.  With  numerous 

By  H.  Plant.    Cloth,  6s.  KEY. 

Reading  Lessons  and  Dialogues 
Boards,  2s. 


Modern  Persian  Conversation -Grammar.  By 

W.  St.  Clair-Tisdall.       10s.       KEY.  2s. 


Portuguese  Conversation  Grammar.   By  Kord- 

gien  and  KunOW.      5s.       KEY.  2s. 


Russian  Conversation -Grammar.    A  New  and 

Practical  Method  of  Learning  the  Russian  Language.  By  Pietro 
Morn.   Second  Edit.  Cloth,  6s.  KEY.  Second  Edition.    Bds.,  2s. 

Elementary  Russian  Grammar.  By  Pietro  Motti. 

Second  Edition.    Cloth,  2s.     KEY.    Second  Edition.    Bds. .Is. 

Russian  Reader.  By  Werkhaupt  and  Roller.  2s. 

Spanish  Conversation-Grammar.    By  Charles 

Maroiard  Sauer.  Thoroughly  revised  and  enlarged  by  Fernando 
DE  Arteaga,  Hon.  M.A.,  Taylorian  Tetcher  of  Spanish  in  the 
University  of  Oxford.  Seventh  Edition.  Cloth,  4s.  net.  KEY. 
Fifth  Edition.    Boards,  2s. 

Elementary  Spanish  Grammar.    By  L.  Pavia. 

Second  Edition.    Cloth,  2s. 

Spanish  Reader.    With  Notes  and  Vocabulary.  By 

Charles  Maroiard  Saver  and  W.  A.  Rohrich.  Second  Edition. 
Cloth,  4s. 

Spanish  Dialogues.  An  Aid  to  Practical  Conversa- 
tion. By  Charles  Maroiard  Sauer  and  Sutton  F.  Corkran. 
Cloth,  2s. 

Spanish  Commercial  Correspondence.  Selected 

revised  and  classified  from  commercial  letters  and  documents,  obtained 
from  Business  Houses,  Consular  Reports  and  Financial  Journals,  and 
prepared  under  the  advice  ot  several  business  men  by  FERNANDO  DE 
Arteaga  y  Pereira,  M.A.,  Oxford  and  Birmingham;  Taylorian 
Lecturer  in  Spanish  at  the  University  of  Oxford  ;  Lecturer  in  Spanish 
and  Italian  at  the  University  of  Birmingham.    8yo.    Cloth,  3s. 


By  Fort.  2s. 

Elementary  Swedish  Grammar. 


Ottoman-Turkish  Conversation  Grammar.  By 

V.  H.  HAGOPIAN.  IOs.  KEY.  Boards.  In  the  Pic— .  Probable 
Price.  4s. 


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English-German.    3s.       English-Spanish.  2s. 
English-Italian.       2s.       English-Swedish.  2s. 
English-French-German.   Twelfth  Edition.   2s.  6d. 
English- French-Germ  an- Italian.  4s. 

Complete  Catalogue  (also  of  the  Grammars  for  Germans,  French,  Italians,  Portuguese,  Spaniards,  &c.)  gratis  and  post  Free. 

London :  D.  NUTT,  57-59,  Long  Acre,  W.G. ;  SAMPSON  LOW,  MARSTON  &  CO.,  Ltd.,  100,  Southwark  Street,  S.E.; 

DULAU  &  CO.,  37,  Soho  Square,  W    Heidelberg:  JULIUS  GR00S. 

January  ib,  i9o9       The    Publishers'  Circ 



Education  in  China 

UNTH,  to-day  we  have  heard  little  of  the 
scheme  for  founding  a  University  on 
Western  lines  in  China  since  Lord  William 
Cecil  expounded  his  views  on  the  subject 
four  or  five  months  ago.  The  plan,  which 
had  active  support  at  Oxford  and  Cam- 
bridge, was  to  organise  an  educational 
centre  or  University  independent  of  any 
missionary  body,  yet  in  sympathy  with 
their  work.  It  was  felt  on  the  one  hand 
that  there  were  many  who,  while  un- 
willing to  subscribe  to  existing  missionary 
societies,  would  not  be  adverse  to  helping 
forward  Western  education  in  China,  and 
on  the  other  that  many  missionary 
bodies  would  be  glad  to  be  relieved  of  the 
expense  of  providing  purely  secular 
education  and  the  costly  apparatus  that 
modern  scientific  study  requires.  The 
matter  is  one  of  great  difficulty,  as  the 
promoters  of  the  scheme  recognised.  It  is 
only  recently  that  the  real  meaning  of 
education  has  been  understood  in  China  ; 
the  yoimg  men  there  learned  to  read  and 
write  simply  because  the  State  examina- 
tions demanded  it,  and  the  idea  of 
educating  a  man  morally,  physically  and 
intellectually  to  make  him  a  good  citizen 
was  never  entertained.  That  the  China- 
man now  frequently  sends  his  sons  to 
school  mainly  for  the  sake  of  education  is 
one  of  the  most  noticeable  features  in 
modern  China,  and  one  that  makes  this 
period  of  great  danger.  Western  ideas 
have  taken  a  firm  root  in  China,  and  it 
has  become  incumbent  upon  the  West  to 
provide  the  leaders  of  China  with  adequate 
mental  equipment  that,  in  Lord  William 
Cecil's  words,  the  country's  thought  may 
be  reconstructed  in  harmony  with  modern 
knowledge.  We  believe  that  the  joint 
British  and  American  scheme  will  be 
warmly  received,  for  the  number  of 
young  Chinese  who  are  being  sent  to  the 
American  universities  shows  that  univer- 
sity education  is  keenly  sought  for. — 
Times  of  India,  December  21st,  1908. 

The  Church  Militant 

IT  is  quite  refreshing  to  see  a  reviewed 
author  taking  things  in  the  following 
style — not  lying  down  by  any  means. 
The  Times  reviewer  seems  to  have  quite 
stroked  the  Rev.  P.  H.  Ditchfield  the 
wrong  way,  and  in  a  reply,  published  we 
are  glad  to  see  in  the  same  paper,  he 
says  : — 

"  I  cannot  allow  your  reviewer  to  ride 
off  on  the  high  horse  saying,  '  It  is  as 
useless  to  argue  with  those  who  impute 
the  dissolution  of  monasteries  to  Henry's 
greed  as  with  those  who  impute  the 
French  Revolution  to  Mirabeau's  ambi- 
tion or  Robespierre's  vanity.'  I  have  no 
intention  of  arguing  the  matter  with  him, 
or  of  discussing  the  causes  which  led  to 
the  destruction  of  monasteries  in  Eng- 
land. It  is  well  known  that  there  were 
contributory  causes  besides  the  greed  of 
Henry  ;  but  most  authorities  are  agreed 
that  the  latter  was  the  one  supreme 
overwhelming  cause  without  which  the 
dissolution  would  have  been  postponed 
for  many  years.  But  that  is  not  the 
question.  Your  reviewer  insults  me  with 
impertinent  observations  because  I  have 
expressed  the  same  views  which  are  held 
by    Abbot    Gasquet,    Canon  Overton, 

Lingard,  Fuller,  and  many  other  histor- 
ians. Do  the  conclusions  of  these  writers 
savour  rather  of  a  childish  history  than 
'  of  a  rational  history  for  grown-up 
people  '  ?  As  I  read  history  I  believe  that 
the  conclusions  of  these  and  other  eminent 
historians  are  right ;  if  they  are  proved 
to  be  wrong,  I  err  hi  good  company,  and 
ought  not  to  be  exposed  to  the  virulent 
abuse  of  this  extraordinary  reviewer." 

The  Genius  of  Shakespeare 
and  Dickens 

In  a  long  and  interesting  review  in  The 
Times  of  "  The  vShakespeare  Problem 
Restated,"  by  G.  G.  Greenwood,  M.P. 
(Lane),  and  "  William  Shakespeare  : 
Player,  Playmaker  and  Poet,"  a  reply  to 

;  Mr.  George  Greenwood,  M.P.,  by  H.  C. 
Beeching,  D.Litt.,  Canon  of  Westminster 

I  (Smith,  Elder),  the  reviewer  says  : — 

"  '  The  Shakespeare  Problem  Re- 
stated '  is  not,  we  submit,  a  title  pre- 
eminently suggestive  of  explosive  quality 
in  a  book.  The  work  in  question  has,  at 
any  rate,  been  reposing  upon  our  shelves 
for  a  considerable  time  without  exhibiting 
signs  of  latent  dynamic  force  :  and  it  was 
not  until  we  caught  sight  of  Canon 
Beeching  handling  the  book  in  question 
with  what  seemed  an  exaggerated  amount 
of  precaution,  and  throwing  it  into  a 
water  tank  before  proceeding  to  a 
careful  examination  of  its  contents,  that 
our  attention  was  forcibly  directed  to 
the  subject.  Having  assured  ourselves 
now  that  the  pedestal  of  the  national 
poet  is  in  no  immediate  danger  of  levita- 
tion,  it  may  not  perhaps  be  unprofitable 
to  try  to  discover  what  the  bearing  and 
application  of  the  Shakespeare  Problem 
may  conceivably  be. 

"  Great  as  the  advance  of  compara- 
tive psychology  has  been  hi  quite  recent 
years,  the  problem  of  supreme  genius  is 
hardly  one  of  those  to  which  we  can 
expect  an  even  proximate  solution  in  the 
near  future.  At  what  stages  or  under 
what  conditions  of  national  growth 
supremely  great  men  are  most  likely  to 
be  produced  is,  to  say  the  least,  pro- 
blematical. Among  all  the  attempts  that 
have  been  made  to  explain  insurgent 
greatness,  Shakespeare's  own — namely, 
that  it  is  probably  due  to  some  latent 
strain  of  blue  blood  or  aristocratic 
lineage — has  proved  the  least  adequate, 
the  least  satisfying.  It  may  be  a  reproach 
to  the  science  of  eugenics,  but  it  is  the 
manifest  truth  to  say  that  a  great  poet 
is  far  less  likely  to  prove  the  son  of  a 
Lord  Keeper  than  the  son  of  the  smallest 
yeoman.  The  large  majority  of  our 
greatest  writers  have,  in  fact,  emerged 
from  the  ranks  of  the  lower  middle  class, 
to  which  there  is  no  doubt  that  Shake- 
speare himself  belonged.  That  many  or 
most  of  them  have  emerged  from  milieus 
the  most  unlikely  is  matter  of  common 
knowledge  to  everyone  except  the  man 
who  happens  to  be  holding  a  brief  on 
the  other  side.  The  case  of  one  of  the 
greatest  names  after  Shakespeare  also 
points  to  the  same  conclusion.  When 
asked  by  one  of  those  wiseacres  who  are 
convinced  that  in  order  to  write  good 
English  a  man  must  be  taught  to  write 
bad  Latin,  where  his  son  was  edn  ted, 
Mr.    John   Dickens   replied   with  con- 

siderable aplomb  that  his  son — er — well, 
his  son — er — might  be  almost  said,  in  a 
sense,  to  have  educated  himself.  The 
street,  the  warehouse,  Mr.  Creakle,  an 
attorney's  office,  the  reporters'  gallery, 
and  post-chaise — such  was  the  education 
that  equipped  a  young  man  of  twenty- 
four  to  preside  at  the  banquet  of  litera- 
ture at  an  unprecedented  age,  to  make 
the  best  speeches  in  London,  to  go  into 
the  best  society,  to  set  the  table  hi  a 
roar,  to  lead  every  company  in  which  he 
mixed,  to  travel,  acquire  French  and 
Italian  with  ease,  and  write  the  most 
animated  letters  known  to  the  modern 

"  At  every  turn  we  encounter  this 
same  phenomenon  of  the  alchemy  of 
genius  turning  sand  into  gold.  That 
vShakespeare's  should  be  regarded  as  a 
singular  case,  transcending  the  common 
law  of  genius,  is  due,  we  believe,  in  large 
measure,  to  the  extravagance  of  vShake- 
speare's eulogists." 

Educational  Book  Exhibits 
at  St.  Paul's  School 

AT  St.  Paul's  School,  Kensington,  on 
Thursday  and  Friday  last  week,  an  exhi- 
bition of  Educational  Books  was  held  in 
the  halls  and  corridors.  The  following  is 
a  list  of  the  publishers  exhibiting  : — Mr. 
Ed.  Arnold,  Messrs.  A.  &  C.  Black, 
Messrs.  Cassell  &  Co.,  the  Camb.  Univ. 
Press,  Messrs.  W.  &  R.  Chambers, 
Messrs.  J.  M-  Dent  &  Co.,  Messrs.  Geo. 
Gill  &  Sons,  Messrs.  Geo.  Philip  &  Son, 
Univ.  Tutorial  Press,  Sir  Isaac  Pitman  & 
Sons,  Oxford  Univ.  Press,  Messrs.  Ward, 
Lock  &  Co.,  Messrs.  Macmillan  &  Co.,  the 
National  Society's  Depository,  Mr.  John 
Murray,  Messrs  Methuen  &  Co.,  and  one 
or  two  makers  of  scientific  apparatus. 
We  have  referred  to  this  exhibition  in  our 
article  on  "Better  School  Books." 

The  Mountains  of  the  Moon 

When  Lhasa  had  been  visited,  Ruwenzori 
remained — save  for  the  gorges  of  the 
Brahmaputra — the  only  great  geogra- 
phical mystery  unveiled.  Happily  the 
unveiling  has  not  killed  the  romance,  for 
the  truth  is  stranger  than  any  forecast. 
If  the  Mountains  of  the  Moon  are  lower 
than  we  had  believed,  they  are  far  more 
wonderful.  Here  you  have  a  range  almost 
on  the  Equator,  rising  not  from  an 
upland,  like  Kilimanjaro,  but  from  the 
"  Albertine  Depression,"  which  is  600  or 
700  feet  below  the  average  level  of 
Uganda  ;  a  range  of  which  the  highest 
peaks  are  a  thousand  feet  liigher  than 
Mont  Blanc,  which  is  draped  most  days 
of  the  year  in  mist,  and  accessible  from 
the  plains  only  by  deep-cut  glens  choked 
with  strange  trees  and  flowers.  The 
altitude  would  in  any  case  give  every 
stage  of  climate  from  torrid  to  arctic, 
but  the  position  on  the  Line  adds  some- 
thing exotic  even  to  familiar  mountain 
sights,  draping  a  glacier  moraine  with  a 
tangle  of  monstrous  growths,  and  swell- 
ing the  homely  Alpine  flora  into  portents. 
The  freakish  spirit  in  Nature  has  been  let 
loose,  and  she  has  set  snowfields  and  rock 
aretes  in  the  heart  of  a  giant  hothouse. — 
From  "  The  Mountains  of  the  Moon,"  in 
Blackwood's  Magazi ne Jor(  January,  1909. 


January  16,  1909 




Lord  Rosebery,  in  a  letter  to  the  Editor  of  "Public  Opinion," 
dated  November  28,  1908,  from  Dalmeny  House,  Edinburgh,  says: — 
*'  I  can  truly  say  that  '  Public  Opinion '  is  a  weekly  joy  to  me.  It  gives 
me  just  what  I  want  to  read." 

Mr.  Benjamin  Kidd,  Author  of  "Social  Evolution"  and  "Prin- 
ciples of  Western  Civilization,"  writing  from  The  Warders,  Ton  bridge, 
November,  1908,  says:— "I  take  'Public  Opinion'  every  week,  and 
find  it  one  of  the  principal  means  of  continuing  my  education  that  the 
world  provides." 

Public  Opinion 

A  Weekly  Review  of  Current  Thought  6  Activity 

Edited    by   Percy   L.  Parker. 

The  purpose  of  "  Public  Opinion "  is  to  provide  information 
by  means  of  a  weekly  review  of  current  thought  and  activity  as  they 
are  expressed  in  the  world's  newspapers,  magazines,  and  books,  and 
to  put  on  record  the  ideas  and  activities  which  make  for  religious, 
political,  and  social  progress. 

"  Public  Opinion  "  can  be  obtained  from  any  newsagent  or  book- 
stall, or  will  be  sent  post  free  for  one  year  to  any  address  in  the 
United  Kingdom  for  10s.  rod. ;  and  to  any  place  abroad  for  13s.  per 
annum.  Orders  should  be  addressed  to  "  Public  Opinion,"  31  £•  32, 
Temple  House,  Tallis  St.,  London,  E.C. 

Specimens  free  on  application. 

"These  consist  of  a  selection  of  poems  of  Mr.  Mackenzie  Bell,  and 
will  therefore  appeal  strongly  to  teachers  who  desire  verses  that  are  at 
once  unhackneyed  and  suitable  for  children." — 

School 'master,  Die.  26th.  1908. 


Selected  by 

Mr.  C.  Lockington    from    the    Poetry    of    Mr.  Mackenzie  Bell. 
These  Booklets  are  being  larg-ely  advertised  in  the  Scholastic  Press,  and 

have  mel  with  much  appreciation. 
The  Publishers'  Circular  says  : 

"  In  the  collection  for  Seniors  is  a  quite  excellent  set  of  '  Lessons  for 
Empire  Day,'  which  we  hope  all  teachers  will  make  a  point  of  reading-. 
Mr.  Mackenzie  Bell  has  the  art  of  writing  for  children  such  things  as 
will  appeal  to  the  child's  imagination  and  intelligence." 

THe  Series  of  3  have  been  graded  for  the  seven  school  standards  as  follows: 
Book  I.,  for  .Standards  I.  and  II.    Price  2d.  net. 
Book  II.,  for  Standards  III.  and  IV.     Price  3d.  net. 
Book  III.,  for  Standards  V.,  VI.,  and  VII.    Price  3d.  net. 

NOW  READY.    A  New  and  Enlarged  Edition  of  the 


Author  of  "  Christina  Rossetti  :  A  Biographical  and  Critical  Siudy,"  etc. 
Dedicated   to    Theodore    Watts-Dcnton,    and    containing    a  prose 
Introduction  (11  pp.).    Crown  8vo,  cloth  boards,  2s.  6d.  net. 

From  all  Booksellers  or  the  Publishers, 

The  KINGSGATE  PRESS,  4,  Southampton  Row,  London,  W.C. 

When  writing  to  Advertisers  please 
mention  that  you  saw  the  Advertise- 
ment  in  the  Publishers'  Circular  ::  :: 

English   and  American 
Libraries  Compared 

In  reply  to  certain  disparaging  comments 
on  the  management  of  European  libraries 
which  have  appeared  in  the  American 
Press,  the  Library  World  for  January, 
1909,  has  published  a  pointed  rejoinder, 
in  which  it  is  shown  that  the  accom- 
plishment of  the  American  Municipal 
Libraries  is  very  feeble  compared  with 
the  work  of  European  Libraries,  while 
the  cost  is  exceedingly  extravagant. 
The  British  ratepayer,  who  occasionally 
growls  at  the  id.  rate  levied  for  the 
Public  Library,  will  be  comforted  to 
know  that  in  three  large  American 
Libraries  it  requires  an  expenditure  of 
£138,000  and  a  staff  of  624  to  circulate 
in  one  year  3,775,000  volumes.  Three 
British  Libraries,  ranking  hi  size  with  the 
American  ones,  spend  £42,000,  with  a 
staff  of  268,  in  circulating  4.383.000 
volumes.  Every  book  circulated  in 
these  American  Libraries  costs  nd.,  as 
against  2^d.  in  British  Libraries.  Again, 
the  expenditure  per  head  of  the  popula- 
tion is  2s.  2d.  in  Ann  m  an  towns,  and 
Only  8d.  in  the  English  ones.  Other 
extraordinary  examples  are  cited  to  show 
that  there  is  no  ground  for  the  American 
claims  'to  any  kind  of  superiority  in 
Library  work,  unless  it  be  extravagant 
expenditure  and  enormous  staffs. 

One  leading  American  Library,  in  the 
Central  building,  employs  90  persons  to 
issue  287,165  volumes  per  annum,  at  a 
cost  estimated  to  be  £6,000.  The  Cen- 
tral Library  of  an  English  town  employs 
9  persons  to  circulate  322. Soo  volumes  at 
a  cost  of  £405.   It  will  thus  be  seen  that 

in  proportion  to  expenditure  the  work 
of  British  Libraries  is  infinitely  superior, 
more  economical,  and  better  appre- 
ciated by  the  public  than  anything  the 
American  Libraries  can  show. 

The  Library  World  editorial  ends  with 
the  following  humorous  and  pointed 
anecdote : — 

"  A  farmer  of  the  old-fashioned 
school  was  being  chaffed  about  the 
poverty-stricken  look  of  one  of  his 
crops,  as  compared  with  a  fine  fat  crop 
on  the  field  of  a  neighbouring  farmer. 
'  Oh  !  yes,'  said  the  farmer,  '  it's  easy 
enough  to  get  plenty  of  juice  from  a 
gravestone,  if  you  butter  it  thick 
enough.'  " 

The  American  Library  system  is  a 
buttered  gravestone  ;  but  it  reverses  the 
moral  of  the  story  by  showing  only  an 
indifferent  crop  in  spite  of  the  profuse 

All  this  brag  about  tin-  greatness  and 
superiority  of  American  Libraries  puts 
<  )iu  irresistibly  in  mind  of  the  story  of  the 
over-manured  field. 

did.  Miss  Dickens  said  that  when  she 
went  to  gatherings  of  that  sort  she  found 
that  everybody  knew  so  much  more 
about  her  grandfather's  books  and  about 
her  grandfather  himself  than  she  did, 
that  the  best  thing  she  could  do  was  to 
hold  her  tongue.  There  was  one  thing 
that  always  struck  her  when  she  saw 
kind  feeling  exhibited,  and  that  was  how 
unjust  was  the  reproach  which  was  so 
often  brought  against  what  was  called  the 
public — the  reproach  of  fickleness.  She 
thought  that  when  it  was  said  the  public 
was  fickle,  it  was  really  meant  that  the 
public  was  very  generous  and  trusting. 
The  public  continually  thought  that  it 
had  found  the  real  thing  and  expressed 
itself  to  that  effect  ;  then  by-and-by  it 
found  that  it  had  not,  and  it  looked  for 
something  else.  That  was  not  fickleness, 
but  simply  bringing  somebody  or  some- 
thing to  the  proof  and  finding  it  wanting. 
But  when  the  much  maligned  public 
did  find  tire  real  thing,  it  stuck  to  it ; 
there  was  no  doubt  about  that. — From 
the  January  No.  of  The  Dickensian. 

England's  Gratitude  to 

Miss  Mary  Angela  Dickkns.  daughter 
of  the  novelist's  eldest  son,  was  the 
guest  of  the  Gloucester  Branch  of  the 
Fellowship,  at  a  recent  meeting,  and. 
in  replying  to  the  chairman's  speech  of 
welcome,  said  that  there  was  really 
nothing  she  could  say  on  the  subject 
which  brought  them  together  that  they 
did  not  know  a  ereat  deal  better  than  she 

A  Paris  Book  Bargain. — A  few 
months  ago  a  lady  living  at  llouilles  sold 
to  a  Paris  bookdealer  a  number  of  illus- 
trated books  for  the  sum  of  60  francs 
(28s.).  says  a  Morning  Leader  wire.  She 
has  just  learned  that  the  same  books  wi  re 
afterwards  sold  by  auction  for  17.000 
francs  (£680)  and  she  has  applied  to  the 
judicial  authorities  to  inquire  whether 
the  books  were  sold  by  the  dealer  who 

I  bought  them  from  her.  with  a  view  to 
bringing  an  action  against  him  if  he 

1  did  so. 

January  16,  1909 

The    Publishers'  Circular 


Hope  for  Parents 

By  Frank  Eijas 

The  following  circular  has  just  come  to 
hand  : — 

For  parents  alarmed  at  the  prospect 
of  their  sons  abandoning  their  training 
for  remunerative  professions  in  order  to 
adopt  the  uncertain  life  of  literature,  there 
is  now  a  word  of  hope.  To  such  parents 
at  one  time  only  one  course  seemed  open, 
namely,  to  make  the  best  of  things  : 
possibly  to  send  the  young  man  to  some 
school  of  journalism. 

To-day,  however,  all  that  is  changed. 
Parents  need  not  submit.  Their  children 
will  do  that,  and  will  do  it  quite  willingly. 
Further,  the  parent  need  not  enroll  his  son 
as  a  member  of  any  school.  He  will 
merely  send  him  to  the 

Institute  for  the  Discouragement  of 
Incipient  Genius 

The  Proprietors  of  this  Institution 
realise  that  what  is  wanted  to-day  is  not 
a  school  to  teach  people  to  write,  but  a 
school  to  teach  them  not  to  write. 
Parents  will  doubtless  ask  how  this  end  is 
attained.  The  explanation  is  simple. 
The  one  certain  way  to  encourage  a  young 
writer  to  continue  is  for  editors  to  accept 
his  work.  But  editors  do  not  always 
consider  the  parents'  point  of  view. 
They  incline  to  use  work  without  en- 
quiring of  the  author  whether  his  mother 
is  aware  of  his  absence.  The  Proprietors 
of  the  Institute  saw  therefore,  that  if  the 
editor  was  to  be  prevented  from  accepting 
the  author's  work,  the  latter  must  be 
made  to  do  work  so  bad  as  to  be  im- 
possible of  acceptance.  The  Institute 
is  the  result. 

We  guarantee  that  no  young  man, 
however  naturally  talented,  and  however 
successful  with  his  first  contributions,  will 
ever,  after  the  first  week  with  us,  succeed 
in  getting  a  single  line  of  his  work 
published  in  any  reputable  paper  in  the 
kingdom.  We  care  not  if  he  is  a  Carlyle 
or  a  Browning.  Det  him  come  into  our 
hands,  and 

His  Career  is  Over. 

Every  editor  will  mark  him  down  for 
ever,  and  even  if  later  in  life  he  tries  to 
write  again,  he  will  be  too  notorious  to  be 

Our  course  includes — Instruction  in 
Bad  Grammar,  False  Quantities,  Mis- 
spelling, Unsound  Syntax,  Blank  verse 
Prose,  together  with  careful  training  in 
Dulness,  Vapidity,  Discursiveness,  the 
use  of  the  elench,  &c. 

Instruction  in  the  Use  of  the  Split 
Infinite  is  Charged  for  Extra 

Weekly  classes  are  held  too,  for  in- 
struction in  the  employment  of  ' '  Different 
to,"  &c. 

That  our  course  is  successful  need 
hardly  be  said.  During  last  week  alone 
our  pupils  received  931  rejection  forms, 
some  of  them  from 

The  Most  Unimportant  Papers  . 

Three  pupils  were  even  refused  the 
use  of  the  advertisement  columns  of  a 
village  weekly.  Yet  one  of  the  three 
when  he  came  to  us,  showed  the  highest 

It  may  be  said,  "  But  will  pupils 
rebel  ?  " 

That  is  for  the  parent  to  decide. 
But  if  once  the  latter  exerts  enough 
authority  to  get  his  son  within  our  walls, 
we  undertake  that  he  will  go  through  our 
course.  Of  how  we  compel  his  obedience 
we  need  not  say  much,  except  to  remark 
that  in  extreme  cases,  we  read  him 
specimens  of  the  work  done  by  some  of  our 
graduates  on  leaving.  In  order  to  get  us 
to  stop  he  naturally  undertakes  to  write 
our  exercise,  which  is  only  slightly  worse 
than  the  day  before.  But  each  step  he 
thus  takes  is  further  from  literature  and 
nearer  the  desire  of  his  parent,  and  rarely, 
when  the  course  is  completed,  has  the 
pupil  further  desire  to  write.  When 
offered  a  position  in  trade  or  profession 
he  gladly  accepts.  But  read  one  of 
to-day's  testimonials  : — 

Dear  Sir, — My  son  wanted  to  be  a 
poet.  I  had  desired  him  to  join  me  in 
jam  making.  So  successful  was  your 
treatment,  however,  that  not  only  has  he 
been  manufacturing  jam  for  the  past  year, 
but  he  has  added  a  sausage  plant  to  our 
premises. — Yours  faithfully. 

The  British  Empire 
(and  Japan) 

By  W.  Bisiker,  F.R.G.S. 

The  Geographical  Publishing  Company, 
of  Chichester  Rents,  Chancery  Dane,  send 
us  "The  British  Empire  (and  Japan)," 
an  excellent  modern  Atlas,  having  213 
maps  and  272  illustrations,  numerous 
tables  and  diagrams,  with  text  concerning 
commercial  products,  statistics,  histories, 
features,  resources,  commerce,  industries, 
scenery,  and  the  physical  and  economic 
conditions  of  the  world.  An  admirable 
work  suitable  for  the  youngest  and  even 
the  most  advanced  of  scholars,  and  one 
in  which  the  conventional  lines  of  the 
atlases  that  have  been  in  vogue  for  the 
last  two  or  three  generations  have  not 
been  followed.  An  attempt  has  been 
made — very  successfully,  we  think — to 
make  the  maps  interesting  in  themselves, 
and  to  bring  out  clearly  the  chief  points 
and  features.  It  is  certainly  a  wonderful 
production  for  21s.,  in  many  respects  the 
best  of  its  kind. 

Whitaker's  Almanack 

No  one  who  is  interested  in  education  or 
commerce  or  politics  or  anything  else 
can  well  afford  to  be  without  that  won- 
derful work,  Whitaker's  Almanack,  which 
improves  with  the  years.  It  is  a  perfect 
"  Who's  Who  "  in  a  great  many  walks  of 
life — e.g.,  you  want  to  know  who  repre- 
sents Japan  here  or  who  represents  us  hi 
Japan,  or  any  other  country  civilised 
enough  to  have  a  representative,  Whita- 
ker  tells  you  in  '■'  half  a  jiffey,"  whatever 
portion  of  time  that  may  be.  The  light 
of  the  beautiful  Index  to  Whitaker's  is 
hid  under  a  bushel  of  small  type  :  how- 
ever, magnifying  glasses  are  very  cheap. 

Whitaker's  Peerage,  Baronetage, 
Knightage,  and  Companionage  for  1909 

is  also  ready  to  answer  almost  any 
possible  inquiries,  and  is,  like  the  Al- 
manack, a  beautiful  bit  of  printing. 

SchooUBooks  and  Politics 

[The  following  extracts  arc  from  a  very 
interesting  letter  in  last  week's 
Spectator. — Ed.  P.Q.] 

Sir, — One  of  the  wisest  teacher.-,,  William 
Cory  of  Eton,  recommended  a  man  who 
was  to  follow  him  in  his  work  to  write  a 
letter  if  he  felt  aggrieved,  and  to  burn  it 
next  morning.  The  first  stage  in  this  two- 
fold process  relieved  the  feelings,  the 
second  prevented  them  from  harming  the 
writer  or  any  one  else.  The  schoolmaster 
usually  is  inarticulate. — the  ordinary 
schoolmaster  I  mean :  for  unmuzzled 
Head-Masters  have  a  yearly  fling.  We 
ordinary  men,  however,  have  our  feelings 
and  opinions,  and  many  of  us  could,  and 
we  would,  contribute  a  good  deal  of 
valuable  information  on  the  question  of 
education.  As  I  have  just  finished  a 
period  of  work  that  has  lasted  for  fourteen 
full  weeks  with  never  an  evening  off  or  a 
week-end,  I  feel  free  to  kick  my  heels,  and 
I  should  like  in  so  doing  to  kick 
"  Parent's  "  as  well  (see  Spectator,  Decem- 
ber 26th  1908). 

Into  his  attack  upon  grammar  and 
its  terminology  I  need  not  follow  him. 
But  the  sting  of  "  Parent's  "  letter  is 
in  its  latter  part — the  introduction  of 
politics.  And  yet  only  a  few  days  ago  a 
pupil  of  mine  volunteered  the  remark  to 
me  that  it  was  a  pity  that  politics  were 
not  taught  !  My  excellent  "  Parent," 
some  boys  come  from  Tariff  Reform 
homes,  some  from  Free  Trade  homes.  At 
home  some  hear  Home  Rule,  others 
Unionism.  Some  are  little  Englanders, 
others  Imperialists  :  and  so  on.  No  book 
was  ever  written  that  would  suit  every 
boy  {and  his  parents)  in  a  division.  The 
important  thing  is  that  there  should  be 
some  politics  hi  every  book,  and  the  more 
so  in  these  days  of  pleasure  on  the  eve  of 
catastrophe.  The  master  who  deals  with 
"  dead  languages,"  that  embody  living 
ideas,  cannot  help  mentioning  that  sea 
power  is  the  same  whether  it  defends  the 
food*  of  Athens,  Rome,  or  England  :  that 
the  nation  that  will  not  fight  will  lose  its 
independence,  whether  it  be  Egypt  or 
Britain.  As  long  as  the  boy  will  think, 
and,  still  better,  discuss  his  doubts  or 
convictions  at  home,  the  teacher  feels 
that  he  has  helped  to  make  a  citizen, 
and  that  is  not  always  the  product  of 
public  school  and  home. 

Well,  there,  Sir,  is  my  letter  ;  and 
now  you  may  burn  it. — I  am.  Sir,  &c, 

[*We  opened  our  ever-welcome  Spectator 
after  writing  the  articles  on  "  Education 
in  History  "  hi  the  P.C.  this  week,  and 
were  delighted  to  find  "  Schoolmaster  " 
hits  so  hard  the  very  nail  we  tried  to 
drive  in. — Ed.  P.C] 

R.  E   King  &  Co. 

Richard  Edward  King  (of  84a.  Staple 
ton  Road,  Tooting,  and  4,  Eagle  Street, 
Holborn)  again  appeared  under  remand 
at  Bow  Street,  on  Tuesday,  January  12th, 
to  answer  charges  of  obtaining  books 
from  booksellers  without  paying  for  them. 
Evidence  was  given  by  several  Book- 
sellers, and  King  was  further  remanded 
until  next  Wednesday,  January  20th. 


The    Publishers'  Circular 

January  16.  1909 


WANTED,  Books  or  Pamphlets  on  Angling, 
Fishing,  Fishes,  Fish  Culture,  in  all  languages. 
Single  items  or  dealer's  sale  catalogues  offering 
above.  Failure  to  reply  to  any  offer  signifies  that 
Mr.  Fearing  already  possesses  the  items  offered. 
Cash  by  return  on  receipt  of  orders — Mr.  Daniel 
B.  Fearing,  Newport,  R.I.,  U.S.A.  (Reference 
permitted  to  Editor,  Publishers'  (  ircular.) 



Revised,  Corrected,  and  Augmented  by  a  Member 
of  the  University  of  Cambridge. 

Post  8vo.,  Cloth,  Price  7s 



Vol.  EXXI.  31st  December,  1908.  Part  4. 
Published  Quarterly.  Price  5/- 

CONTENTS  : — Social  Insurances,  by  Sir  Edw  ard 
Brabrook  (with  discussion)  ;  American  Methods 
of  Railway  Accounting,  by  Samuel  Chapman, 
formerly  Chief  Accountant  of  the  Inter- Oceanic 
Railway  of  Mexico,  and  Honorary  Member  of  the 
Association  of  American  Railway  Accounting 
Officers  (with  discussion). 
Miscellanea  : — 

1.  Karl  Theodor  Ritter  von  Inama-Sternegg. 

2.  On  the  Probable  Errors  of  Frequency-Con- 
stants (continued),  by  Professor  F.  Y.  Edge- 
worth,  D.C.E. 

3.  A  Study  of  Infant  Life  in  Westminster,  by 
Barbara  Drake. 

4.  Note  on  the  number  of  Plaice  at  each  length, 
in  certain  samples  from  the  Southern  Part  of 
the  North  Sea,  1906,  by  T.  Edser. 

5.  A  Note  on  certain  Tables  in  Part  2  of  the 
Supplement.  Sixty-fifth  Annual  Report  of  the 
Registrar  General,  by  Dr.  R.  Dudfield. 

Book  Reviews,  and  other  Articles. 


Royal  Statistical  Society,  9,  Adelphi  Terrace  Strand,  W.C. 




Copy  with  order 
should  reach  the 
Manager  as  early  in 
the  week  as  possible. 
If  received  later  than 
Wednesday  morning 
it  is  impossible  to 
guarantee  proofs. 

Kipling's  School  Slang 
Philologically  Considered 

A  German  or  Swedish  philologist  from 
Upsala  with  the  name  of  Fredrik  Schmidt 
has  lately  written  "  a  study  in  English 
sehool-hfe  and  schoolboy  slang,  as  repre- 
sented in  Kipling's  '  Stalky  and  Co.'  "  ; 
and  his  results  are  certainly  astonish- 
ing. The  German  philologist  pursues 
with  "impenetrable  seriousness"  the 
subtleties  of  English  schoolboy  humour 
through  thirty-five  closely  printed  pages 
of  the  Englische  Studien.  He  begins,  says 
a  writer  in  The  Academy,  whose  summary 
we  quote,  "  with  an  elaborate  scheme  of 
contents,  and  after  a  short  introduction 
plunges  into  the  '  phonology,'  the  '  inflec- 
tions,' and  the  '  word-formations  '  of 

One  chapter  deals  with  voeabulary 
and  style,  in  which,  it  is  said,  "Mr. 
Schmidt  surpasses  himself  in  his  treat- 
ment of  transferred  appellations  of  human 
beings."  Some  specimens  follow  : — 

"  Terms  of  human  beings  which  have 
developed  a  generalised  sense  from  a 
primary  personal  one. 

"  Dutchman  denotes  at  first  nationa- 
lity and  then  means  '  a  contemptible, 
stupid  person,'  a  sense  due  to  the  rivalry 
between  the  English  and  the  Dutch — e.g., 
in  the  seventeenth  century  (cf.  Reinius, 
p.  162).  Thus  'I'm  a  Dutchman '  =  ' a 
worthless  fellow,'  is  a  usual  way  of 
emphasising  an  assertion.  To  increase  the 
effect  of  humour  Beetle  says  :  '  If  he 
don't  think  the  house  is  putrid  with  it 
(money-lending),  I'm  several  Dutchmen, 
that's  all  '  (in). 

"  A  similar  effect  is  produced  by  the 
expression  :  '  If  King  can  make  anything 
out  of  this,  I'm  a  blue-eyed  squatteroo  ' 

"  The  name  of  an  author  becomes  the 
name  of  the  book  written  by  him.  Thus  : 
'You'd  better  carry  my  Jorrocks  '  (5). 
Jorrock  was  a  great  zoological  scholar. 

"  The  whole  article  would  bear  quota- 
tion ;  it  is  full  of  this  kind  of  portentous 
humour  staggering  under  the  guise  of 
gravity.  Could  anything  be  richer  than 
this  :  '  An  abstract  substantive  becomes 
a  concrete  substantive  with  an  appellative 
sense.  Corridor-caution  =  one  who  excites 
alarm  or  astonishment  in  the  corridor  '  ? 
The  value  of  these  philological  notes  to 
German  scholars  must  be  immense. 

"  The  next  section  is  concerned  with 
school-work  and  organisation,  discipline, 
dress,  pastimes,  sport,  and  games.  Notes 
on  examinations  and  discipline  include  a 
reference  to  Mr.  Clutton  Brock's  '  Eton  at 
the  Present  Day  '  for  the  procedure  at  a 
'  flogging  '  ;  and  the  philologist  declares 
that  '  bag  is  a  word  for  wide  trousers,  and 
is  then  used  as  a  verb,  meaning  "  drop 
stealthily  in  one's  trousers,"  "steal," 
"  take."  '  Among  pastimes,  sport,  and 
games,  '  besides  the  usual  "  spree," 
"  frolic,"  '  there  are  lark,  bend,  jamboree, 
gloat,  football,  cricket,  golf  (a  cleek  is 
'  a  club  bent  at  right  angles  in  order  to 
hit  the  golf-ball '),  fives,  and  marbles. 
The  terms  for  'inebriated,'  'be  afraid.' 
and  '  run  away '  receive  a  section  to 
themselves,  followed  by  '  terms  expressing 
various  feelings  and  acts  of  enmity  and 
friendship,'  which  cover  such  phrases  and 
words   as    '  get   beans,'    '  had   him  on 

toast,'  '  jaw,'  '  hector,'  '  jape,'  '  chivy,' 
'  scrag  '  ;  but  Mr.  Schmidt  can  find  only 
one  phrase  of  friendship,  '  to  freeze  on  to.' 

"  Some  difficulty  was  encountered 
over  the  word  '  frabjous  '  ;  the  commen- 
tator, not  finding  it  in  any  dictionary, 
suggested  that  it  '  may  be  a  comical 
corruption  of  fabulous,'  but  added  in  a 
footnote,  '  As  I  have  been  told  later  on, 
the  word  frabjous  is  to  be  found  in  some 
book  written  by  Lewis  Carroll.'  It  is  to 
be  hoped  that  Mr.  Schmidt  may  soon 
turn  his  attention  to  the  philological 
curiosities  of  '  'Twas  brillig/  

' '  A  hobbledehoy  is  '  a  youth  approach- 
ing manhood  '  ;  a  piffler  is  '  a  man  with 
a  moral  end  in  view,  but  nothing  to  back 
it,  but  a  habit  of  talking  sentimental 
rubbish'  (see  'Cent.  Diet.'),  ex.,  'Don't 
jaw,  you  fat  piffler.'  And  Mr.  Sclnnidt 
perpetuates  the  interpretation  of  '  damn  ' 
as  the  '  Indian  dam,  an  ancient  copper 
com.'  He  finds  no  difficulty  in  tracing 
much  of  Mr.  Kipling's  phraseology  to  a 
Biblical  source. 

"  Mr.  Schmidt  has  detected  a  '  foreign 
influence  '  in  much  of  the  schoolboy  talk, 
such  as  in  the  use  of  'cave,'  '  twiggez- 
vous '  ;  and  he  notes  that  a  French 
influence  can  be  '  traced  '  in  such  phrases 
as  '  I'm  not  smokin'  aujourd'-hui,  parce 
que  je  jolly  well  pense  that  we'll  be 
suivi.'  " 

"The  Cleansing  of  a  City" 


Messrs.  Greeting  and  Co.,  Ltd.,  have 
just  published,  at  the  price  of  is.  net,  a 
work  entitled  "  The  Cleansing  of  a 
City."  We  should  be  happy  to  subscribe 
five  guineas  to  a  fund  for  defraying  the 
cost  of  sending  a  copy  to  every  Member 
of  both  Houses  of  Parliament  and  to 
every  school  teacher.  There  surely  can 
be  no  general  knowledge  by  Parliament 
of  many  of  the  facts  or  alleged  facts  de- 
scribed in  this  work — e.g..  that  since  the 
German  Emperor  cleansed  Berlin  and  the 
Municipal  authorities  swept  out  Brussels, 
London  contains  more  foreign  bullies 
"dependent  for  existence"  on  [  the 
"  ownership  and  exploitation  of  women  " 
than  any  city  "  since  the  fall  of  the 
Roman  Empire."  It  is  said  that  these 
foreign  panderers  have  formed  a  syndicate 
for  importing  foreign  women  and  decoying 
and  ruining  our  women  and  girls,  and  for 
fighting  our  police  hi  the  Courts.  There 
are  thousands  of  these  foreign  devils  and 
blackmailers  now  at  work  in  London. 
Mr.  Cxeorge  R.  Sims  deserves  the  thanks 
of  all  for  the  courage  with  which  he  has 
exposed  this  most  dangerous  stream  of 
foreign  vice,  diverted  into  England,  and 
not  confined  to  London,  because  it  was 
too  foul  even  for  Berlin  and  Brussels. 
There  is  plenty  of  native  vice,  and 
evervbodv  must'agree  that  this  syndicate 
of  foreign  bullies  and  every  member  of 
it  ought  to  be  expelled.  England  ought 
to  be  made  too  hot  for  them.  It  is  too 
absurd  and  incongruous  for  our  British 
Government  to  shake  its  head  and 
solemnly  lecture  the  Belgian  Government 
on  the  atrocities  and  immoralities  011  the 
Congo  when  it  winks  at  these  atrocities 
and'  hmnoralities  on  the  Thames.  Re- 
cently in  two  parishes  of  Soho  there  were 

January  16,  1909  The 

Publishers'  Circular 


over  a  thousand  of  these  foreign  bullies, 
and  the  infection  is  spreading  to  the 
suburbs  and  to  other  towns. 

Surely  it  is  for  the  legislative  assembly, 
as  Bishop  Welldon  points  out,  to  deal 
with  this  foreign  cancer. 

Other  matters  dealt  with  in  this  ugly 
little  volume  are  : — "  Unclean  Fiction," 
by  Dr.  Barry,  "  Noxious  Literature,"  by 
Dr.  Horton,  "  Cheap  and  Nasty  Journals," 
by  the  Editor  of  the  book,  "  The  Moral 
Training  of  Youth,"  &c.  For  these  the 
hope  is  in  education  rather  than  legisla- 
tion, and  it  is  for  that  reason  we  wish  to 
see  this  book  hi  the  hands  of  every  school 
teacher  in  the  country. 

Little  Niggers  and  AngIo= 
Saxon  Kings 

Speaking  at  a  meeting  of  the  Historical 
Association,  held  at  University  College, 
Gower  Street,  on  January  8th,  Mr. 
Sidney  Webb,  London  County  Council, 
said  that  history  was  the  greatest  element 
in  the  teaching  of  what  they  called 
culture,  and  no  man  or  woman  could 
arrive  at  a  state  of  culture  without  a 
knowledge  of  history  in  its  widest  sense. 
History  freed  men  from  the  bondage  of 
the  present  and  the  domination  of  self. 

Dealing  with  the  way  in  which  history 
was  taught,  Mr.  Webb  said  that  when 
years  ago  he  was  a  clerk  at  the  Colonial 
Office,  he  foimd  that  little  black  boys 
sitting  on  a  form  in  Sierra  Leone  were 
beginning  their  study  of  history  by  learn- 
ing the  names  of  the  Anglo-Saxon  kings. 
(Laughter.)  He  tried  to  alter  this,  and 
one  of  his  ideas  was  to  teach  them  the 
time  of  day  by  the  clock.  That,  however, 
was  knocked  on  the  head,  for  lie  was 
informed  that  there  was  only  one  clock 
in  Sierra  Leone,  and  that  was  at  Govern- 
ment House.  (Laughter.)  He  then 
thought  of  writing  a  history  of  the 
world  from  the  point  of  view  of  Sierra 
Leone.  (Laughter.)  This  was  where  the 
teaching  of  history  fell  short.  It  did  not 
treat  the  subject  from  the  point  of  view 
of  those  who  were  being  taught,    *  |  -\ 


Personally,  he  had  learnt  most  of  his 
history  through  examinations,  and  he 
thought  the  examiners  were  more  wise 
when  they  asked  the  student  his  views 
on  feudalism  than  when  they  asked  him 
to  name  the  date  of  certain  events,  for 
dates  alone  were  not  history.  Of  all  the 
condemnations  which  would  be  passed 
upon  Oxford  and  Cambridge,  the  most 
severe  would  be  in  consequence  of  their 
exclusion  of  the  history  of  the  Nineteenth 
Century  from  their  historical  course. 

What  Time  Do  You  Get 
Your  "  P.C.  ?  ' 

As  The  Publishers'  Circular  is  posted 
to  subscribers  every  Friday  before  5.30, 
it  ought  to  reach  all  parts  of  the  United 
Kingdom  on  Saturday  morning.  If  any 
of  our  readers  have  cause  for  complaint 
in  this  respect,  we  shall  be  glad  if  they 
will  look  at  the  post  mark  date  and  time, 
and  send  us  the  bandiyif  there  has  been 

Choice  and  Rare  Books 
in  Messrs.  Maggs  Bros.' 
New  Catalogue 

Sixpence  will  be  well  invested  by  lovers 
of  old  books  in  No.  244  Catalogue  of  the 
Choice  and  Rare  Books,  Illuminated 
MSS.,  &c,  for  sale  by  Messrs.  Maggs 
Bros.,  109  Strand,  London.  It  contains 
some  most  interesting  and  excellent 
reproductions  of  illustrations,  also  par- 
ticulars of  a  fourth  foho,  Shakespeare, 
and  other  rare  Shakespeares,  1st  editions 
of  works  by  Tennyson,  .Stevenson ,  and 
Henley,  the  very  rare  rst  edition  of 
"  Uncle  Tom's  Cabin  "  ;  the  first  folio 
collected  edition  of  Taylor,  the  Water 
Poet ;  a  Caxton  of  1473,  &c.  Messrs. 
Maggs  have  very  kindly  lent  us  the 
extremely  interesting  reproduction  of  an 
illustration  from  Malory's  Knights  of 
the  Round  Table.  King  Arthur  must 
have   looked   rather   undignified,  both 

The  Edinburgh  School  Atlas 

Messrs.  W.  &  A.  K.  Johnston  (Loudon 
and  Edinburgh)  have  just  published  an 
entirely  new  atlas  for  schools.  The 
plates  from  winch  this  atlas  is  printed 
are  entirely  new,  the  black  and  hills 
having  been  specially  engraved  on  separ- 
ate copper  plates  by  the  very  latest 
photo-mechanical  process  in  Messrs. 
Johnston's  studio  at  Edina  works.  The 
atlas  is  specially  adapted  to  the  teaching 
requirements  of  the  present  day,  showing 
as  it  does  the  physical  features  by  varying 
shades  of  brown,  political  boundaries  by 
hard  red  lines,  and  the  depths  of  the  sea 
by  different  shades  of  blue.  In  order  not 
to  overcrowd  the  maps,  only  the  names 
of  the  most  important  places  have  been 
inserted,  but  the  list  of  names  (6,000),  of 
which  the  latitude  and  longitude  are 
given,  is  very  complete.  The  location  of 
places  by  this  means  is  a  very  useful 
exercise  for  junior  scholars.    The  pro- 

MALORY.      HISTORY    OF    PRINCE    ARTHUR.  1634 
See  No.  25  in  Messrs.  Maggs'  Catalogue 

when  he  took  the  chair  and  when  he 
vacated  it  !  But  it  was  a  fine  way  to 
prevent  jealousy  as  to  who  should  sit 
near  to  him.  Mr.  Maggs  had  better 
adopt  it  at  the  next  annual  dinner. 

No.  25. — "  The  Ancient  and  Famous  His- 
tory of  the  renowned  Prince  Arthur,  King 
of  Britain,  wherein  is  declared  his  Life  and 
Death,  with  all  his  glorious  Battailes 
against  the  Saxons,  Saracens  and  Pagans, 
which  (for  the  honour  of  his  country)  he 
most  worthily  achieved  ;  as  also,  all  the 
Noble  Acts,  and  Heroicke  Deeds  of  his 
Valiant  Knights  of  the  Round  Table, 
newly  refined,  and  published  for  the 
delight  and  profit  of  the  Reader  ;  woodcut 
frontispiece  to  each  part,  3  vols,  in  1,  sm. 
thick  410.,  old  calf  gilt,  a  fine  and  perfect 
copy,  rare,  Lond.,  1634  (see  illustration), 
£12  12s." 

Mention  the  "P.C."— Our  readers  who  order  books, 
&c,  they  see  mentioned  or  advertised  in  The  Publishers' 
Circular  will  do  us  a  great  service  if  they  will  mention 
the  fact  to  the  Publishers  and  Wholesale  Agents. 

jection  on  which  each  map  is  drawn  is 
indicated.  The  natural  scale,  scales  of 
miles  and  kilometres  are  given,  and, 
where  possible,  an  inset  map  of  the 
British  Isles,  or  a  part  thereof,  on  the 
same  scale  as  the  main  map,  is 'given  for 
purposes  of  comparison.  There  are  three 
pages  of  letterpress  dealing  briefly  with 
the  form  and  size  of  the  earth,  elementary 
map  projections,  and  the  scales  of  maps. 
Messrs.  W.  &  A.  K.  Johnston  are  also 
makers  of  many  excellent  globes  for 
school  and  college  use,  ranging  in  size 
from  1 J  ins.  at  3s.  to  30  inches,  £16  16s. 

The  Healer,  a  small  3d.  magazine  on 
spiritual  healing,  published  by  Hunter 
&  Longhurst,  58  and  59.  Paternoster 
Row,  contains  in  its  January  number 
articles  by  the  Right  Rev.  Bishop  Mylne, 
on  ' '  Some  Aspects  of  Our  Lord's 
Miracles,"  and  James  Moore  Hickson  on 
"  Our  Lord's  Attitude  towards  Sickness 
and  Disease." 


Publ^^^rs'  Circular 

January  16,  1909 

Musical  Copyright  and 
Perforated  Rolls 

The  important  decision  made  at  Bow- 
Street  a  few  months  ago,  in  which  it  was 
held  that  perforated  roll  was  not  a  copy 
of  a  musical  work,  and  is  not,  therefore, 
an  infringement  of  copyright,  has,  as  we 
anticipated,  come  before  a  higher  Court 
on  appeal  in  Mabe  v.  Connor.  The  case 
came  before  the  Lord  Chief  Justice,  Mr. 
justice  Bighani  and  Mr.  Justice  Walton 
sitting  as  a  Divisional  Court,  and  Mr. 
Danckwerts,  K.C..  appeared  on  behalf  of 
the  appellants.  The  Lord  Chief  Justice, 
in  giving  judgment,  said  the  Court  was 
bound  by  the  decision  of  the  Court  of 
Appeal  in  Boosey  v.  White,  and  that  the 
Magistrate's  decision  must  be  upheld. 
Mr.  Justice  Bigham  expressed  himself  as 
not  satisfied  that  the  rolls  did  not  con- 
stitute a  piracy,  but  the  decision  of  the 
Court  of  Appeal  precluded  him  from  so 
deciding.  The  appeal  was,  therefore, 
dismissed,  but  leave  for  further  appeal 
was  granted. 

The  S.  and  S.  Practical 
Object  Drawing  Handbooks 

Messrs.  Schofiexd  &  Sims,  Ltd.,  of 
Huddersfield,  are  the  publishers  of  a 
series  of  Handbooks  for  Teachers  on 
Practical  Object  Drawing.  Mr.  R.  E. 
Green  is  the  author.  The  series  com- 
prises a  six  years'  graduated  course,  and 
one  of  the  chief  features  is  the  introduc- 
tion of  natural  objects  in  place  of  the 
artificial  objects  so  often  used.  How 
much  more  interested  children  would  be 
if,  instead  of  piling  up  a  cone,  a  cube,  a 
triangle,  and  a  few  other  shapes,  the 
teacher  were  to  give  them  some  such 
article  as  an  inkstand,  pocket-book,  cup 
and  saucer,  jam-pot,  flower-pot,  &c.  ? 
This  is  a  sensible  and  most  useful  series. 

Another  useful  manual  for  teachers 
is  Book  HI.  of  Physical  Exercise,  for 
children  from  12 — 14  years  of  age.  It 
is  illustrated  with  good  photographs,  and 
with  Books  I.  and  II.,  should  be  in  great 
demand.  All  interested  should  send  for  a 
copy  of  Messrs.  Schofield  &  Sims'  general 
catalogue  of  School  Series,  just  issued, 
dated  January— March,  1909. 

Regarding  the 
New  Edition  of  the 
250   Recipe  Cookery  Book 

Good  cookery  is  the  foundation  of  good 
health  and  good  temper,  and  we  welcome 
the  second  revised  and  improved  edition 
of  "  The  250  Recipe  Cookery  Book,"  just 
published  at  is.  by  Messrs.  Evans  Bros., 
Byron  House,  Fleet  Street.  The  title  is 
"  The  250  Recipe  Cookery  Book,"  and  in 
addition  to  these  recipes,  each  of  which 
represents  an  appetising,  inexpensive 
dish,  there  are  valuable  hints  on  methods 
of  roasting,  boiling,  pastry-making,  &c. 
We  wish  a  copy  were  in  use  in  eyery 
kitchen — no  book  would  add  so  much  to 
the  gaiety  of  our  nation — and  we  want  it 
when  our  skies  are  so  leaden,  like  under- 
done pastry. 

Booksellers  Sell  Nearly 
30,000  Copies  of 
The  People's  •'Gladstone" 

Booksellers  may  care  to  know  that 
nearly  30,000  copies  of  the  Daily  Chronicle 
popular  edition  of  Lord  Morley's  "  Life 
of  Gladstone  "  have  been  sold  through 
"  the  trade  "  since  it  was  published  at  the 
end  of  October.  These  figures — which, 
of  course,  do  not  include  direct  individual 
sales — show  how  effectively  booksellers 
have  handled  the  edition,  and  how  well 
worth  their  while  it  was  to  do  so.  They 
also  show  what  may  be  done  during  the 
spring  with  a  biography  so  full  of  vitality 
as  the  "  Gladstone,"  in  a  five-shilling 

An  Educational  Work  on 

Mr.  G.  M.  Doolittle,  author  of  "  Scientific 
Queen  -  Rearing,"  has  just  published 
another  work,  which  will  doubtless  be  very 
useful  to  bee-keepers  in  this  country  as 
well  as  hi  his  own  country,  the  United 
States.  The  new  brochure  is  entitled 
"  A  Year's  Work  in  an  Out-Apiary  " 
(61  pp.,  price  50  cents),  and  is  published 
by  the  A.  I.  Root  Company,  of  Medina, 
U.S.A..  publishers  of  the  semi-monthly, 
Gleanings  in  Bee  Culture.  This  illustrated 
work  is  devoted  to  practical  bee-keeping 
in  out-apiaries  for  beginners  as  well  as 
experts,  and  shows  how  it  is  possible  to 
get  an  average  of  114  pounds  of  honey 
per  colony  even  in  a  poor  season.  We 
know  nothing  about  bee-keeping,  but  it 
is  one  of  the  oldest  of  human  industries 
and  a  fascinating  one  also.  Mr.  Doolittle 
is  an  enthusiast,  and  as  a  natural  con- 
sequence his  work  is  done  from  the  heart 
as  well  as  the  head  ;  it  fairly  hums  with 
good  suggestions  all  through. 

It  opens  in  this  pleasant  fashion  : 

"  The  sun  rose  bright  and  clear  on 
the  morning  of  April  14th.  1905,  the 
morning  of  my  sixtieth  birthday  ;  and 
as  old  Sol  peered  over  the  hill-top  hi 
all  his  golden  splendour,  kissing  the 
swelling  buds  and  cheering  all  ani- 
mated nature  with  the  intuition  that 
'  Sprhig  has  come,'  I  proposed  to  Mr. 
Clark,  my  partner,  that  we  go  over  to 
the  out-apiary,  five  miles  distant,  and 
set  the  bees  out  of  the  cellar,  the  bees 
in  the  home  apiary  having  been  set 
out  three  days  previously." 

As  in  Medina,  Ohio,  the  roads  are 
under  deep  mud  or  snow  six  mouths  out 
of  the  twelve,  Mr.  Doolittle  cannot  use 
his  auto  all  the  time  for  getting  about,  so 
he  uses  it  as  a  motor  for  the  grindstone, 
churn,  feed-cutter,  buzz-saw,  &c. 

Religious  Tract  Society 
Cricket  Club 

Fifth  Annual  dinner 

Thanks  to  the  generosity  of  Mr.  James 
Bowden  (R.T.S.  Lay  Secretary  and  Pre- 
sident of  the  Cricket  Club)  04  members  of 
the  staff  spent  a  most  enjoyable  evening 
at  Anderton's  Hotel,  Fleet  Street,  on 
Wednesday  evening,  January  6th.  The 

Cricket  Club  had  a  record  season  in  1908 
— viz.,  12  wins  and  2  losses.  Mr.  Wm. 
Gribble  won  the  Batting  Prize,  and  Mr. 
R.  Gray  the  Bowling  Prize.  The  well- 
served  dinner  was  followed  by  the  usual 
speeches.  After  dinner  oratory  is  often 
a  thing  to  be  endured  and  not  enjoyed, 
but  on  tliis  as  on  former  occasions  of  the 
Club's  dinners,  the  speakers  were  in  great 
form.  After  the  toast  of  "  The  King  and 
Queen  "  had  been  loyally  received,  Mr 

G.  T.  Betts,  hi  his  usual  able  manner, 
proposed  "  The  Health  of  the  R.T.S. 
Counnittee."  The  Rev.  A.  R.  Buckland, 
M.A.,  recently  returned  from  Cliina,  pro- 
posed "  The  Health  of  the  Staff,"  and  the 
Rev.  R.  C.  Earle,  M.A.,  responded  hi  a 
very  pleasant  and  humorous  maimer. 
"  The  R.T.S. C.C.,"  the  toast  of  the 
evening,  was  proposed  by  the  Editor  of 
The  Boy's  Own  Paper,  Mr.  G.  A.  Hutchi- 
son, hi  a  very  genial  maimer,  Mr.  Wm. 
Gribble  responding.'  "  The  Health  of  the 
President  "  wras  proposed  by  the  Rev.  C. 

H.  Irwin,  M.A.,  and  Mr.  E.  Henderson 
Smith  thanked  the  visitors  for  their 
attendance.  The  visitors  were  the 
artistes,  who  supplied  a  very  fine  even- 
ing's music.  The  part  singing  of  the 
Occasional  Glcemen  was  most  tastefully 
rendered.  Mr.  Frederick  Addison's  songs 
and  encores  were  admirably  sung.  The 
same  criticism  may  be  extended  also  to 
the  efforts  of  Mr.  Stewart  Gardner.  Mr. 
Wilfred  Seton,  and  Mr.  William  Gribble. 
The  singing  of  "  Auld  Lang  Syne  " 
brought  a  most  delightful  evening  to 
an  end. 

Education  on  the  Nile 

"So  you  are  just  back  from  a  circular 
tour  of  the  Mediterranean,  including 
Egypt  and  the  Nile.   Well,  well  '.  " 

The  speaker  was  George  Ade.  Shaking 
the  hand  of  the  brown  young  farmer,  he 
went  on  : — 

"  I  know  the  sort  of  conversation  you 
heard  over  there — in  Egypt,  say.  Listen 
and  I'll  tear  off  a  yard  or  two.  It  ran  like 
this  : 

"  '  Isn't  it  lovely  ?  Cleopatra  lived 
here,  and  Moses,  and  Pharaoh.  It  makes 
your  head  swim,  doesn't  it  ?  ' 

"  '  I  guess  it's  tlie  bad  air.  It  hurts 
my  head,  too.  Is  that  the  Nile  ?  ' 

"  '  Look  at  the  crocodile  basking  hi 
j  the  sun.' 

"  '  Is  he  basking  ?  Oh,  Maude,  dear, 
by  the  way,  is  your  new  basque  to  have 
the  fashionable  long  sleeves  ?  ' 

"  '  Gee,  there's  the  Sphinx  !  ' 

"  '  And  that  must  be  the  desert.  But 
I  I  don't  see  any  caravans.' 

"  '  No.  How  provoking  !  ' 

"  '  Isn't  it  nice  to  travel  on  a  railroad 
j  where  they  don't  have  any  soot  ?  ' 

"  '  Yes.  and  do  yoq  notice  the  balmy, 
spicy  smell  ?  ' 

"  '  Yes.  indeed.  Just  like  cloves, 
isn't  it  ?  What  can  it  be  ?  I'll  ask  the 
brakeman.   Brakeman  I  ' 

"  '  Yes,  madam  ?  ' 

"  '  Where  does  that  spicy  smell  come 
from  ?  ' 

"  '  From  the  engine,  ma'am.  We  don't 
j  use  nothing  but  mummies  for  fuel  011  this 
1  here  line.'  " — Philadelphia  Bulletin. 

January  16,  1909       The    Publishers'   Circu la  r 


Continental  Book=Trade 

(If  our  readers  would  like  to  have 
translations  of  the  titles  we  will  give 
thein.)  uj  L  ^ 

Messrs.  Beond  &  CiE,  of  Paris,  have 
just  issued  "  Le  Cathohcisme  en  Angle- 
terre  au  ioe  siecle,"  by  Paul  Thureau- 
Dangiu  :  price  3.50  francs. 

' '  Guy  de  Maupassant :  Sein  Leben  und 
seine  Wtrke  "  is  a  most  interesting  work 
of  literary  biography,  by  Herr  Paul  Malm, 
which  has  just  been  brought  out  by 
Herren  Egon  Fleischel  ex  Co..  of  Berlin  ; 
price,  10  marks,  cloth. 

Messrs.  Desforges,  of  Paris,  will  publish 
inunediately  ' '  La  Telephonie  sans  hi  et  la 
Telegraphic  sans  hi,"  by  A.  Berthier, 
Iugenieur  ;  price  5  francs. 

Herr  Otto  Leuz,  of  Leipzig,  pubhshed 
on  the  4th  hist,  an  entirely  revised 
edition  of  ' '  Der  Gang  der  Ausbildung  des 
Remontepferdes  "  ;  price  5  marks. 

Messrs.  R.  Chapelot  &Cie.,  of  Paris, 
amioiuice  an  hiterestmg  book  by  Charles 
Chaumet,  Depute  de  la  Gironde,  Rap- 
porteur du  Budget  de  la  Marine,  entitled, 
"  La  Crise  Navale  "  ;   price  3.50  francs. 

'England  und  Deutsehland  "  is  the 
title  of  a  new  pamphlet  by  Herr  0. 
vSclmltzky  ;   price  1.50  mark. 

Herren  Mittler  und  Solm,  of  Berlin, 
will  publish  an  important  bibliographical 
handbook,  "  Bibliographie  des  Napo- 
leonischen  Zeitalters  einschliesslieh  der 
Vereinigten  Staaten  von  Nordamerika," 
by  Friedrich  M.  Kircheisen.  This  work 
will  be  completed  hi  2  vols.,  and  con- 
tain 200,000  titles.  The  first  vohmie  is 
out,  and  costs  12.50  marks. 

The  Borsenblatt  fitr  den  deutschen 
Buchhandel  is  entering  the  76th  year 
of  its  publication.  In  the  first  numbers 
of  the  current  year  it  pubhshed  an 
interesting  article  giving  an  accotmt  of 
the  development  of  this  trade  paper  so 
well-known  in  the  book  trade. 

La  Technique  modeme,  revue  illustree 
des  sciences  appliquees  a  l'industrie,  au 
commerce  et  a  l'agriculture,  is  a  new- 
French  monthly  published  by  Messrs. 
Dunod  &  Pinat,  of  Paris  ;  subscription 
price,  18  francs  a  year. 

Herr  Hermann  Paetel,  of  Berlin, 
announces  the  first  parts  of  "  Das 
moderne  Belgien."  This  interesting  pub- 
lication will  be  completed  in  6  parts  and 
richly  illustrated  ;  price  of  each  part 
1.75  mark. 

M.  Armand  Colin  published  recently 
"  La  langue  francaise  d'aujourdhui — 
Evolution — Probl ernes  actuels,"  by  Al- 
bert Dauzat ;   price  3.50  francs. 

Herr  C.  F.  Amelang,  of  Leipzig,  will 
issue  shortly  a  "  Geschichte  der  alteren 
siidslavischen  Literaturen,"  by  D.  M. 
Murko ;  price  5  marks. 

M.  Ernest  Flanunarion,  of  Paris,  has 
brought  out  lately  an  important  work- 
entitled  "  Rosa  Bonheur  :  sa  vie,  son 
ceuvre,"  by  Anna  Klumpke,  giving  300 
reproductions  of  works  by  the  famous 
artist,  of  which  7  are  in  heliogravure  ; 
price  50  francs. 

Messrs.  Fratelli  Bocca  of  Turin,  an- 
nounce as  ready  "  L'Ordinamento  del 
credito  fondiario  hi  Europa  e  particolar- 
mente  in  Italia,"  by  B.  C.  de  Rossi  ;  price 
10  lires. 

"  20  Jahr.e  S.  M.  Heitere  Bilder  zu 
ernsten  Ereignissen,"  with  an  introduc- 
tion by  Maximilian  Harden,  is  an  amusing 
little  book  of  caricatures  dealing  with  the 
German  Emperor  ;  it  is  published  by 
the  Verlag  der  Lustigen  Blatter,  of  Berlin, 
and  costs  1.50  mark. 

"  Le  Cesar  Allemand  devant  les  siens 
et  devant  ses  allies.  Ce  que  la  caricature 
pense  de  Lui.  ce  qu'Il  en  pense,"  is 
another  amusing  pamphlet  dealing  with 
the  same  subject,  with  an  introduction 
and  an  open  letter  to  the  Emperor  by 
John  Grand  Carteret;  price  1.50  franc. 

Trade  Notes 

I,  David  Winter,  sole  partner  of  the 
firm  of  Winter,  Duncan  &  Co.,  stationers, 
booksellers  and  printers,  of  24,  Castle 
Stieet,  Dundee,  beg  to  intimate  that  I 
assumed  my  son,  Frederick  Winter,  as  a 
partner  on  January  1st,  1909.  From  and 
after  that  date  the  business  will  be 
carried  on  by  myself  and  son  under  the 
new  firm  name  and  style  of  David 
Winter  &  Son.  I  take  this  opportunity 
of  thanking  my  many  customers  and 
friends  for  their  patronage,  and  of 
assuring  them  that  all  business  entrusted 
to  my  new  firm  will  active  the  most 
careful  attention. 

The  Editor  The  Publisher's 
Dear  Sir, — We  beg  to  inform  you  that 
the  publishing  business  of  Anthony  Tre- 
herne  &  Co.,  Ltd.,  12,  York  Buildings, 
Adtiphi,  W.C.,  has. been  purchased  by 
Mr.  Wm.  Webster,  "F.R.G.S.,  who  will 
carry  it  on  hi  future  at  the  same  address, 
under  the  style  of  A.  Treherne  &  Co., 
Ltd. — Yours  faithfully,  A.  Treherne  & 
Co.,  Ltd.  (T.  Read  Davies),  Director  and 

Mr.  Horace  Woollett,  representing 
Messrs.  Frederick  Warne  &  Co.,  London, 
Messrs.  Sett  en  &  Durward,  Bhmingham, 
and  other  well  known  houses,  will  sail  by 
the  Lucania  ss.  on  the  16th  hist,  for  a 
business  trip  through  Canada. 

"America  at  College"* 

This  is  an  interesting  book  and  meets  a 
distinct  need.  It  is  too  common  to  find 
Englishmen  otherwise  well  informed  who 
know  nothing  whatever  of  American 
Universities  beyond  the  bare  names  of 
two  or  three.  This  ignorance  is  due  not 
to  indifference,  but  to  the  lack  of  any 
accessible  information.  Mr.  Risk  supplies 
that  information  at  first  hand.  He  gives 
us,  as  the  result  of  a  recent  tour,  chapters 
on  each  of  the  great  Universities,  on  a 
typical  small  college,  and  on  four  leading 
women's  colleges.  The  book  is  brightly 
written  and  will  be  read  with  advantage 
by  graduates  of  British  Universities,  who 
will  find  much  to  admire  and  something 
to  envy  in  American  University  develop- 

*  "America  at  College,"  by  Robert  K.  Risk.  Glasgow: 
John  Smith  &  Son. 

Glasgow  Book  Trade  Notes 

By  "  Mungo  " 

A  GOOD  part  of  the  business  done  on  the 
week  following  Christmas  Day,  and,  in 
Scotland,  also  that  following  New  Year's 
Day,  is  made  up  of  exchanging  volumes 

1  that  have  been  given  hi  duplicate,  or 
that  have  not  suited  the  literary  tastes 
of  the  recipients.  This  latter  reason 
brings  forward  the  old  question  of  whose 
taste  is  consulted  in  buying  a  gift  book. 

i  and,  for  the  purpose  in  hand,  this  specially 
applies  to  juvenile  literature. 

Judging  from  some  of  the  volumes 
that  find  their  way  back  to  the  bookshop 
some  of  our  young  friends  must  have- 
been  grievously  disappointed  with  Santa 
Claus'  visit ;  but  it  is  a  difficult  problem 

I  to  solve. 

It  is  becoming  more  customary  for 
children  to  be  allowed  to  choose  their 
own  presents  from  the  shelves,  and  the 
delight  they  have  in  doing  this  no  doubt 
makes  up  for  what  is  lost  in  anticipation 
of  Christmas  morning  ;  but  parents  and 

!  aunts  and  uncles  who  prefer  to  follow 

!  the  other  method  often  fall  back  on 
books  they  found  delight  in  hi  their 

j  "  golden  age,"  and  this  habit  explains 
in  some  measure  how  some  titles  always 

!  appear  in  the  lists.  And  without  decrying 

j  these  particular  books,  it  is  quite  legiti- 
mate to  suppose  that  they  might  not  be 
so  suitable  for  the  child  as  some  of  the 
newer  ones  that  are  passed  over  ;  at 
least,  the  newer  books  are  often  more 
attractively  produced  than  the  old  ones, 
and  this  counts  for  a  good  deal  with 

This,  of  course,  does  not  apply  to  the 
classics  of  the  children's  bookshelf,  and 

I  "  Robinson  Crusoe,"  "  Swiss  Family," 
and  "  Treasure  Island  "  will  always  hold 
their  place  in  the  hearts  of  boys  and  girls  ; 

j  and  the  girl  of  to-day  very  often  shows  a 
decided  preference  for  boys'  books,  and 
would  much  rather  have  a  Henty  or  a 
Ballantyne  than  anything  written  by 
one  of  their  own  sex. 

The  animal  story  and  books  of  a 
mechanical  nature  are  becoming  more 

j  and  more  popular.  Thompson  Seton  and 
W.  J.  Long  have  already  made  their 
name  as  writers  of  animal  stories,  and  as 
the  chief  end  of  a  tale  is  to  give  delight 
the  recent  discussion  as  to  the  veracity  of 
our  authors  need  not  trouble  us.  A.  J. 
Dawson's  splendid  dog  story,  "  Finn  the 

I  Wolfhound,"  was  a  notable  addition  to 
this  season's  hst  and  proved  itself  a 

Captain  Brereton  and  Herbert  Strang 
go  far  to  satisfy  the  Glasgow  boy's  tliirst 
for  something  new  in  adventure,  and 
amongst  the  more  recent  writers  of 
girls'  books,  Christina   Gowans  Whyte 

i  holds  a  good  place.     Amy  Le  Feuvre. 

!  Mrs.  Vaizey,  L.  T.  Meade  and  Louisa 
Alcott  are  always  popular. 

The  larger  illustrated  editions  of 
"  Alice  in  Wonderland  "  and  "  A  Child's 
Garden  of  Verses  "  have  been  much  in 
demand  ;  but  Tenniel's  "  Alice  "  holds 
its  own  against  all-comers.     The  older 

!  Annuals  have  shown  a  falling  off  this 
season,  competition  with  newer  books 
with  more  coloured  illustration  telling 
against  them,  much  as  the  rag  book  is 
telling  on  the  paper  toy  book. 



Publishers'  Circular 

January  ib,  1909 

Sampson  Low,  Marston  &  Go^ 


I  Vmy  Svo,  cloth  extra  gilt,  gilt  top,  7s.  6d.  net ; 
in  white  buckram,  gilt    edges,  boxed, 
10s.  6d.  net. 
LORN  A   DOONE.    By  R.  D.  Blackmore. 
Dooneland  Edition.   With  an  Introduction 
and  Notes  by  H.  Snowden  Ward,  and 
Fifty  Illustrations  by  Mrs.  Catherine 
Weed  Barnes  Ward. 
This  is  a  new   and    elaborate   issue  of 
Blackmore's  romance  of  Exmoor,  together 
with  a  less  known  Doone  story  by  the  same 
Author.   Mr.  H.  Snowden  Ward  has  compiled 
a   comprehensive    Introduction    and  many 
Notes,  neglecting  no  point  likely  to  be  of 
interest.    Illustrated  Edition.  Demy  8vo. 

cloth,  gilt  top,  4s.  6d.  net. 
2s.  6d.  Cheap  Uniform  Edition,  crown 

8vo,  cloth,  2s.  6d. 
Thin  Paper  Pocket  Edition. 
2s.  net.  Small  8vo,  cloth,  2s.  net. 

3s.  net.  Small  8vo  limp  leather,  3s.  net. 

3s.  6d.  net.    Small    8vo,    velvet  Persian, 

yapp,  3s.  6d.  net. 
6s.  net.  Small  Svo,  velvet  calf,  round 

corners,  gilt  edges,  in  box, 

6s.  net. 

Oral  &  Conversational 
French  Works 

By  F.  JULIEN,  Officier  d'Academie  (Univ.  Gallic), 

Member  of  the  Socitke'  Nationale  des  Pro- 
fesseurs  de  Francais  en  Angleterre,  French 
Master  of  King  Edward's  Grammar  School, 

Five  Ways,  Birmingham. 
French  at  Home  and  at  School :  containing: 
the  Accidence,  the  most  indispensable 
Rules  of  Syntax,  useful  Sentences  for 
Conversation,  the  Regular  and  Irregular 
Verbs,  and  French-English  and  English- 
French  Vocabularies.  Square  crown  8vo, 
cloth,  2s. 

Petites  Legons  de  Conversation  et  de  Gram- 
niaire.  Little  Lessons  on  the  most  useful 
Topics,  etc.  ;  Verbs,  Regular  and 
Irregular,  Anecdotes,  Correspondence, 
etc.  Seventh  Edition.  Square  crown  8vo, 
cloth,  256  pages,  3s.  ;  with  '  Phrases  of 
Dairj  Use  and  Practice,'  3s.  6d. 

First    Lessons    in    Conversational  French 

Grammar.  Being  an  Introduction  to  the 
'  Petites  Lecons  de  Conversation  et  de 
Grammaire.'  Fcap.  Svo,  128  pages,  Is. 
English  Student's  French  Examiner.  Being  a 
Series  of  Progressive  Papers  intended  to 
prepare  Students  for  the  Oxford  and 
Cambridge  Local  Examinations,  the 
Higher  Examinations,  the  London 
University,  etc.  Square  crown  Svo, 
cloth,  2s'. 

Practical  Conversational  Reader.  Adapted 
ako  to  Translation,  Recitation,  and  Dicta- 
tion ;  followed  by  an  Outline  of  French 
Accidence  in  'Questions  and  Answers.' 
Square  crown  8vo,  price  2s.  6d. 

Un  Pen  de  Tout.  Being  a  complete  School  or 
Private  Preparation  of  French  for  the 
Examinations  of  the  London  University 
Matriculation,  the  Oxford  and  Cambridge 
Locals,  the  College  of  Preceptors,  etc. 
In  Two  Parts.  Part  I.— Texts.  Part  II.— 
Answers.   Crown  8vo,  cloth,  2s.  6d.  net. 

French  Verbs  Simplified  and  Made  Easy.  In 
Two  Tables,  followed  by  a  List  of  the 
Verbs  with  their  Corresponding  Sub- 
stantives.   Oblong,  limp  cloth,  Is.  net. 

For  particulars  of  2s.  6d.  and  6s.  Series,  by:  


Writo  for  the  latest  Illustrated  Announcement  List 


Overy  House.  100.  Southwark  St..  London.  S.E 
and  Tudor  House  32,  Warwick  Lane.  London.  EX. 

From  children  to  schoolmaster  is  but 
a  step,  and  some  weeks  ago,  when  con- 
gratulating a  teacher  on  the  approach  of 
tlie  Christmas  vacation,  I  remarked  that 
at  t  generous  holiday  would  be  much 
appreciated  by  booksellers.  His  reply 
was  to  the  effect  that  he  needed  a  rest 
more  than  the  bookseller  did,  as  his 
work  was  not  manual  labour.  It  seems 
that  pedagogues,  while  sure  of  their 
own,  are  not  agreed  as  to  the  bookseller's 
social  standing,  for  some  days  later  I  was 
told  that  the  daughter  of  a  bookseller, 
who  is  also  a  picture  framer,  had  been 
admitted  to  a  private  academy  on  the 
strength  of  the  bookselling  side  of  her 
father's  business,  the  mistress  looking 
upon  bookselling  as  a  profession  but 
upon  picture  framing  as  a  trade.  I  am 
left  wonderhig  whether  I  am  a  profes- 
sional man  or  a  labourer. 

Mr.  Mackenzie  Bell's  Poems 

Now  Used  in  schools 

Mr.  Mackenzie  Bell  has  composed  a 
long  preface,  with  some  touches  of  auto- 
biography, for  the  definitive  book  of  his 
verse  entitled  "  Poems,"  to  be  published 
at  once  from  4,  .Southampton  Row, 
London,  W.C.,  price  2s.  6d.  The  volume 
will  be  divided  into  sections,  entitled, 
respectively,  "  Poems  of  Nature," 
"  Poems  of  Consolation  and  Religion," 
"  Poems  and  Sonnets  concerning 
Shakespeare,"  "  Pictures  of  Travel," 
"  Poems  Founded  on  History,"  "  Mis- 
cellaneous Sonnets,"  "  Poems  of 
L,ove."  "  Lyrical  and  Other  Poems." 
"  Humorous  Poems,"  and  "  Poems  for 
School  Recitations,  Standards  I.  and  II.," 
the  latter  necessitated  by  the  fact  that 
his  work  is  now  used  as  an  "  unseen  " 
reading  book  in  schools.  In  the  essay 
above  mentioned,  the  author  says  : 

"  Early  Wordsworth  moved  me  in 
some  sort  ;  but  it  was  not  the  poet  of 
the  great  '  Ode  to  Immortality,'  nor 
the  consummate  sonneteer  ;  nor  the 
writer  of  the  more  exquisite  Lyrical 
Ballads  of  whom  I  was  cognisant ;  it 
was  the  Wordsworth  of  his  "  pedes- 
trian poems."  Surely  no  other  exalted 
poet  of  the  world  ever  gave  forth  so 
much  below  liis  proper  level.  About 
the  same  time,  as  the  result  of  hearing 
Matthew  Arnold  speak  one  evening  in 
Liverpool,  I  read  some  of  his  poetry, 
and  it  took  hold  of  me.  But,  here 
again,  I  liked  him  for  the  wrong 

Mr.  Mackenzie  Bell  then  goes  on  to 
explain  briefly  how  he  sought  to  remedy 
his  defects,  and  how  great  was  the 
influence  of  his  friend,  Mr.  Theodore 
Watts-Dun  ton,  the  writer  of  "  Ahvyn," 
to  whom  the  volume  is  dedicated. 

Interesting  Walton  Relic 
for  Sale 

On  Wednesday,  January  20th,  in  a  sale 
commencing  at  1  o'clock.  Messrs.  Hodg- 
son, of  115,  Chancery  Lane,  will  sell  by 
auction  a  beautiful  document,  being  the 
original  copy  and  probate  of  Izaak 
Walton's  will,  on  parchment,  size  20  by 
29  inches,  with  the  seal  of  the  Court  of 
Canterbury j~  attached,  dated  February 
4th,  1683. 

Letters  to  the  Editor 

[We  do  not  hold  ourselves  responsible  for  the 
opinions  expressed  by  our  Correspondents .] 


Dear  Sir, — Your  issue  of  the  19th  ult. 
contains  aspersions  on  the  international 
language,  Esperanto,  which  (as  an  Espe- 
rantist)  I  trust  you  will  give  me  an  oppor- 
tunity to  refute.  Your  correspondent, 
who  sends  you  a  paragraph  of  Esperanto 
selected  for  abuse  because  of  the  r  umber 
of  times  the  letter  "  j  "  occurs  in  it, 
omits  to  inform  your  readers  that  this 
consonant  is  pronounced  in  Esperanto 
not  as  the  English  "  j  "  but  as  the  English 
"  y."  When  this  is  understood,  the  con- 
tention that  Esperanto  sounds  ugly  be- 
cause it  contains  many  "  j's  "  falls  to  the 
ground.  In  point  of  fact,  those  who  have 
I  heard  good  Esperanto  speakers  inva- 
riably say  that  the  language  sounds  like 
Italian — confessedly  the  most  beautiful  of 
the  national  languages.  The  question  as 
to  whether  "  j  "  is  a  nice  letter  to  look  at 
is  purely  one  of  taste.  In  most  editions 
of  Latin  books  it  is  foimd  convenient  to 
use  it,  the  letter  being  then  pronounced 
by  modern  Latinists  as  in  Esperanto — 
e.g.  (Latin),  jam  =  jam  (Esperanto).  The 
origin  of  the  English  prejudice  against 
the  letter  "  j  "  is.  no  doubt,  the  fact  that 
it  denotes  in  the  English  alphabet  a  com- 
pound consonantal  sound.  Esperanto, 
however,  is  not  constructed  solely  for 
English  ideas,  being  truly  international  : 
and  the  Esperanto  value  of  the  symbol 
"  j  "  is  the  one  which  over  a  hundred 
millions  of  people,  including  Germans, 
Poles,  Dutch,  Russians.  Bohemians,  Scan- 
dinavians and  Italians,  attach  to  it.  In 
Spanish  it  has  a  somewhat  similar  sound, 
and  French  and  English,  which  differ 
among  themselves  in  the  sound  they  give 
to  it,  are  the  only  widely -spoken  lan- 
guages to  which  it  appears  strange. 
Apart  from  this,  the  defaming  of  a  lan- 
guage by  castigating  a  selected  para- 
graph constructed  "  ad  hoc  "  is  a  puerile 
expedient,  which  could  be  employed  with 
equal  injustice  to  prove  by  citation  of 
such  sentences  as  ' '  Peter  picked  a  peck  of 
pepper,"  that  English  is  afflicted  with  a 
superabundance  of  initial  "  p's."  The 
great  matter  wherein  so  many  would-be 
improvers  of  Esperanto  have  deceived 
themselves  is  that  the  language,  though 
it  has  been — for  European  consumption — 
presented  as  if  it  were  a  flexional  lan- 
guage, is  really  an  agglutinative  language 
like  Turkish  and  many  languages  of  Asia, 
this  being,  of  course,  the  secret  of  the 
success  of  Esperanto  in  the  East,  the 
Japanese  having  an  excellent  Esperanto 
magazine,  and  an  Esperanto  grammar, 
&c."  in  Arabic,  having  now  appeared. 
Esperanto  consists,  therefore,  entirely 
of  roots,  which  are  put  together  without 
internal  inflexion,  as  required  by  the 
sense.  If,  therefore  "  o "  signifies  a 
noun  and  "  j  "  gives  the  idea  of  plurality; 
the  combined  notion  of  a  noun  in  the 
plural  is  expressed  by  "oxj"  =  "oj." 
There  is  a  very  essential  difference  be- 
tween this  system  and  a  system  under 
which  "  o  "  is  changed  to  "  i  "  hi  the 
plural,  for  we  must  either  regard  this 
latter  as  an  inflexion  or  make  two 
separate  definitions  of  substantive  ter- 

January  16,  1909  ThC 

Publishers'  Circular 


niinations,  where  Esperanto  has  one  only. 
This  is  but  one  instance  in  which  the 
alleged  simplification  of  points  in  Espe- 
ranto turns  out  on  inspection  to  be  a 
complication.  Furthermore,  every  effort 
has  been  made  in  Esperanto  to  keep  the 
number  of  roots  in  common  use  down  to 
the  lowest  possible  number.  It  is  not 
till  one  has  practised  it  that  one  realises 
what  a  tremendous  amount  of  meaning 
can  be  expressed  by  the  excellent  selection 
of  fundamental  roots  which  we  have  in 
Esperanto,  and  because  Esperanto,  like 
English,  German  or  Greek,  makes  com- 
pound words  from  its  own  roots  if  pos- 
sible, many  international  words  are  really 
rendered  superfluous  to  Esperanto.  This 
moderation  and  economy  of  material  is 
greatly  to  the  advantage  of  those  users 
of  Esperanto,  often  poor  and  dwelling  in 
remote  places,  who  cannot  afford  large 
and  costly  books.  This  fundamental 
vocabulary  thus  forms  the  staple  of  the 
Esperanto  language  just  as  the  thousand 
or  two  of  Saxon  words  hi  common  speech 
do  in  English,  while  among  them  comes 
and  go  as  as  the  topics  of  the  occasion 
demand  a  "  floating  population  "  of  inter- 
national words,  which,  if  they  survive, 
are  ultimately  accepted  into  the  complete 
dictionaries  in  the  form  which  experience 
has  shown  to  be  preferable,  laktuko  being, 
for  instance,  the  accepted  form  for 
"lettuce."  These  then  are  the  "2,000 
new  words  "  which  one  of  your  correspon- 
dents uses  as  a  bogey.  They  are  only 
new  in  the  sense  that  they  have  lately 
been  put  into  a  dictionary.  As  every 
fresh  word  is  a  fresh  difficulty,  because  it 
is  one  thing  more  to  remember,  Espe- 
rantists  use  up  old  material  if  possible, 
and  this  is  why  "to  waver  (in  one's 
mind)  "  was  used  instead  of  hezit-i  (to 
hesitate).  As  to  "  akuz-i  "  (to  accuse), 
the  word  kulpigi  {ie  ,  to  put  in  fault) 
really  corresponds  to  the  circumstances, 
as  Continental  law  considers  the  accused 
as  faulty  until  he  shows  he  is  not.  In 
England  (fortunately  for  usEsperantists), 
akuzi  is  not  the  same  tiling  as  kulpigi. 
Esperanto  is  on  the  right  road,  the  only 
one  which  can  lead  to  success. — Yours 

G.  E.  Browne 
(Teacher  of  Esperanto  to  the  Northern 
Polytechnic,  Holloway,  N.,  the  FCC, 
the  Working  Men's  College,  &c.) 
75,  St.  John's  Wood  Ter.,  N.W. 


My  Dear  Sir, — I  am,- of  course,  quite 
open  to  criticism  and  correction,  but  your 
reviewer,  on  p.  48  of  your  issue  of  January 
9th,  seems  to  misunderstand  the  nature 
of  an  anagram.  He  quotes,  as  a  sample 
from  my  new  Puzzle  Book,  the  answer 
I  sent  to  a  competition  question  in 
Truth,  "  Why  is  every  angler,  ipso  facto, 
an  Ananias  ?  "  My  answer  took  the 
form  of  an  anagram,  in  which  exactly  the' 
same  letteis  are  used,  and  each  is  used  once, 
and  only  once  :  "A  liar,  he  spins  gay 
fancies  to  a  woven  yarn." 

Your  reviewer,  ridiculing  this,  pro- 
poses the  question,  "  Why  is  every 
anagram  maker,  ipso  facto,  an  ass  ?  " 
and  proposes,  as  an  answer  by  anagram 
"  An  anagram  maker,  ipso  facto,  wastes 
his  own  time  with  oth  ers."    This,  as  you 

will  see  at  a  glance,  is  no  anagram  at  all. 
The  letters  of  one  sentence  are  found  hi 
the  other,  but  some  are  used  many  times 
over,  and  whole  words  recur ,  which  is  never 
allowed  in  an  anagram.  If  he  was  merely 
"  pulling  my  leg,"  I  have  no  desire  to 
kick,  but  am, — Sincerely  yours, 

(The  Rev.)  A.  Cyrix,  Pearson. 

[The  fact,  is  our  reviewer  of  the  Rev.  A. 
Cyril  Pearson's  work  is  an  angler,  and  was 
not  pulling  anybody's  leg,  only  kicking 
back.— Ed.  P.C.] 

R.  E.  KING,  LTD.,  NOT  SAME  AS 
R.  E.  KING 

Dear  Sir, — Referring  to  the  report  of  a 
prosecution  now  pending  at  Bow  Street 
Police  Court  against  Mr.  R.  E.  King, 
trading  as  "'  R.  E.  King  &  Co.,"  we  would 
ask  you  to  kindly  make  it  clear  hi  your 
next  issue  that  the  style  of  our  company 
is  "  R.  E-  King  &  Co.,  Limited,"  and  that 
there  is  no  connection  whatever  between 
us.  Thanking  you  in  anticipation,  We 
are,  Dear  Sir, — Yours  faithfully, 

R.  E.  King  &  Co.,  Ltd. 

(J.  A.  JamES,  Manager). 
106-110,  Tabernacle  Street,  E.C. 

Notices  of  Books 

From  Messrs.  Allman  &  Son. — "  Sketch 
of  the  Tudor  Period,"  by  S.  M.  Toyne, 
M.A.  This  slight  sketch  is  an  aid  to,  and 
not  a  substitute  for,  the  reading  of  history. 
The  contents  are  so  arranged  as  to  show  the 
correlation  of  important  events  in  the 
period  of  history  dealt  with  ;  "  no  fact 
ought  to  be  regarded  separately — its 
importance  rests  on  its  bearing  on  other 

From  Al-Mokattam  Printing  Office,  Cairo. — 
"  Egyptian  Arabic  Primer,"  by  W.  A. 
Betts,  M.D.,  CM.,  F.R.C.S.  Second 
•  edition  of  a  booklet  intended  to  be  of 
assistance  to  those  who  are  learning  the 
elements  of  Egyptian  colloquial  Arabic. 
The  system  of  transliteration  closely 
follows  that  used  by  Spiro  in  his  excellent 
English-Arabic  vocabulary. 

From  Mr.  Edward  Arnold. — "  A  Parson 
in  the  Australian  Bush,"  by  C.  H.  S. 
Matthews,  M.A.  The  author's  aim  has 
been  to  give  as  vivid  a  picture  of  bush  life 
as  possible,  and  only  incidentally  to  deal 
with  what  he  believes  to  be  the  reasons 
for  the  failure  of  the  Anglican  Church, 
and  every  other  form  of  organised  Chris- 
tianity, in  Australia.  It  might  be  feared 
that  the  book  would,  in  consequence,  be 
too  "  religious  "  to  suit  the  majority  of 
readers,  but  such  is  not  the  case.  The 
author  has  succeeded  in  depicting  for  us 
the  characteristics  of  Australian  life,  full 
of  humour  and  pathos,  which  should 
materially  help  to  remove  our  general 
ignorance,  and  should  be  doubly  welcome 
at  a  time  when  interest  in  our  Colonies 
is  steadily  growing. 

From  the  Same. — "  Latin  Prose  Composi- 
tion," by  W.  R.  Hardie,  M.A.,  Professor  of 
Humanity  in  the  University  of  Edinburgh. 
Oxford  men  still  remember  the  brilliant 
young  Scot  who,  a  quarter  of  a  century  ago 
entered  Balliol  as  scholar,  literally  swept 
the  boards  of  the  University  on  the 
classical  side  and  became  Fellow  and 
Tutor  of  his  College  at  twenty-two.  Con- 
tributions to  the  higher  scholarship  were 
confidently  expected  from  him,  but  hither- 
to, if  we  except  a  volume  of  Essays,  he  has 
been  content  with  mere  routine  work. 
The  present  book  is  the  direct  result  of 

that  routine  work  ;  i.e.,  it  is  the  outcome 
of  Professor  Hardie' s  long  experience  in 
teaching  both  at  Oxford  and  Edinburgh. 
His  purpose  is  to  inculcate  the  value  of 
literary  qualities  as  distinct  from  mere 
grammatical  accuracy.  He  praises  Verse 
Composition  because  it  "  has  this  great 
merit  and  value,  that  instead  of  merely 
remembering  things  and  reproducing  them 
exactly,  as  he  is  constantly  doing,  the 
pupil  for  once  produces  something  of  his 
own  that  has  an  artistic  shape."  He  sees 
no  reason  why  Prose  Composition  "  should 
not  have  a  similar  merit  or  attractiveness  "  ; 
and  it  is  to  aid  advanced  pupils  in  de- 
veloping their  artistic  sense  that  he  has 
written  this  book.  We  may  say  at  once 
that  it  is  excellently  designed  to  accom- 
plish its  author's  purpose,  that  is  to  enable 
a  student  to  view  a  piece  of  Latin  prose  as 
Cicero  might  conceivably  have  viewed  it. 
The  volume  is  divided  into  two  parts 
(which  may  be  bought  separately),  the  first 
containing  notes  on  Grammar,  Style  and 
Idiom  ;  the  second  a  selection  of  passages 
for  translation  into  Latin.  To  see  how 
effectively  Professor  Hardie  handles  his 
subject  the  intending  purchaser  has  but 
to  glance  at  the  section  on  Style.  Es- 
pecially good  are  the  pages  on  Metaphor 
and  Rhythm.  Equally  suggestive  is  the 
chapter  on  the  Resources  of  Expression  in 
Latin.  Indeed  we  are  disposed'  to  ..think 
that  this  and  the  chapter  on  Style  are, out 
and  away  the  best  of  their  kind  that  have 
appeared  in  England  dor  many  years. 
The  passages  for  translation  have  been 
chosen  with  the  judgment  of  a  brilliantly 
successful  teacher  ;  the  collection  of  moral, 
philosophical  and  literary  criticisms  being 
particularly  appropriate.  But  the  whole 
book  is  admirable,  and  may  be  recom- 
mended without  qualification  to  teachers 
and  advanced  students. 

From  The  British  Esperanto  Association.- — 

"  The  Esperanto  Manual,"  by  Margaret  L. 
Jones,  F.B.E.A.  A  complete  guide  to 
Esperanto  in  the  form  of  twenty-five 
lectures  specially  adapted  to  the  require- 
ments of  pupils  in  evening  classes.  It 
contains  exercises,  anecdotes,  aids  to 
conversational  practice,  commercial  letters 
and  guides  to  correspondence,  literary 
articles  by  foreign  contributors  and  others, 
short  poems,  complete  grammar  and  a 

vocabulary.  "  The  Esperanto  Teacher," 

by  Helen  Fryer,  is  now  in  its  third  edition 
(revised).  As  a  simple  course  for  non- 
grammarians  it  has  proved  very  useful. 

From  The  Clarendon  Press,  Oxford. — 
"  School  Algebra,"  by  W.  E.  Paterson, 
M.A.,  B.Sc.  The  main  object  of  this  work 
is  to  provide  a  book  on  modern  lines  that  is 
suitable  for  the  beginner  and  can  be  con- 
tinued in  use  for  higher  forms.  In  the 
order  adopted  and  in  general  treatment  the 
suggestions  of  the  Mathematical  Asso- 
ciation have  been  largely  followed.  The 
early  chapters  are  very  full  in  explanation, 
and  are  written  in  simple,  even  colloquial, 
language.  By  means  of  examples,  some 
worked  in  the  text,  others  set  as  exercises, 
the  student  is  led  to  discover  or  verify  the 
fundamental  laws  of  Algebra. 

From  Messrs.  Dawbarn  &  Ward,  Ltd. — 

"  The  Photo  Miniature  Series  :  No.  93, 
Development  (Gaslight)  Papers."  This 
volume  deals  exhaustively  with  the  whole 
art  of  print-making  by  artificial  light,  using 
a  paper  which  requires  development.  The 
different  varieties  are  described,  a  table  of 
gaslight  papers  is  given,  the  little  difficul- 
ties of  exposure  explained,  with  formula.' 
and  methods  for  development.  Indis- 
pensable to  all  photographers. 

From  Messrs.  J.  M.  Dent  &  Co. — "  Nature 
Study,"  by  J.  R.  Aiusworth  Davis,  M.A., 
F.C.P.  It  is  being  gradually  recognised 
on  all  hands  that  the  study  of  Nature  is  a 
necessary  part  of  the  equipment  of  all 


The    Publishers'   Circular        January  16,  i9o9 

educated  people,  and  Principal  Davis's 
reader  for  the  higher  classes  of  schools  just 
answers  the  purpose  of  training  the  | 
faculties  of  the  young.  It  gives  in  simple, 
non-technical  language  a  connected  sketch 
of  the  natural  history  of  plants  and  animals. 
Common  or  familiar  examples  are  chosen 
when  practicable,  while  many  beautiful 
nature  photographs  by  Mr.  Hugh  Main, 
B.Sc,  have  been  used  as  illustrations — 
"Satires  Epitres  "  and  "  L'Art  Poetique 
de  Boileau."  Preface  by  Augustin  Filon. 
This  is  the  latest  addition  to  "  Les  Clas- 
siques  Francais  "  series,  edited  by  H. 
Warner  Allen. 

From  Mr.  Henry  J.  Drane. — "  After  the 
Confession,  and  Other  Verses,"  by  Adolphe 
Danziger.  A  little  book  of  love  poems, 
after  the  manner  of  Henreich  Heine,  many 
of  which  are  of  a  sensuous  nature. 

From  the  Same. — "  General  Knowledge  of  j 
Common  Things,"  by  Amy  B.  Cowan.    A  i 
little  book  of  questions  and  answers,  em- 
bodying   knowledge    of    common  things 
under  daily  observation.    It  is  intended 
for  the  use  of  very  young  children. 

From    Messrs.    Duckworth   &  Co. — "  Sir 

Richard  Tangye,"  by  Dr.  Stuart  J.  Reid.  I 
The  biography  of  a  man  who  started  from 
nothing  and  attained  to  wealth  and  honours 
must  always  be  interesting.  But  Sir  R. 
Tangye  was  much  more  than  a  mere 
successful  man  of  business.  He  had  a 
resolute  spirit,  a  cultivated  intellect,  a 
sympathetic  and  sunny  temperament,  and  | 
a  natural  gift  for  friendship.  The  record 
of  his  life  therefore  makes  in  the  practised 
hands  of  Dr.  Reid  a  fascinating  book, 
which  touches  at  many  points  the  religious 
and  political  movements  of  the  time,  and 
is  brightened  by  not  a  few  anecdotes.  There 
is  a  portrait  and  a  good  index. 
From  the  Same. — "  Handbook  of  Geography  : 
Descriptive  and  Mathematical,"  by  Emil 
Reich.  Vol.  2.  In  this  learned  volume 
it  is  shown,  first,  how  we  succeeded  in  deter- 
mining correctly  the  geometrical  situation 
of  a  given  town  or  hill  on  the  globe  ;  and 
secondly,  how  we  succeed  in  locating  this 
situation  on  a  given  map.  The  advantages 
to  be  derived  from  a  study  of  this  handbook 
are  such  as  are  not  easily  to  be  met  with 
elsewhere.  There  are  a  number  of  ex- 
planatory figures  in  the  text. 

From  Messrs.  Luzac  &  Co. — "  Semitic 
Magic  :  Its  Origins  and  Development," 
by  R.  Campbell-Thompson,  M.A.  (Cantab.). 
It  is  difficult  to  understand  the  attitude 
of  the  British  Museum  authorities  in 
refusing  to  allow  the  author  of  this  work 
to  study  the  unpublished  cuneiform 
Assyrian  tablets  in  the  British  Museum. 
"  Hence  the  material  at  hand  for  a  study 
of  a  most  interesting  branch  of  comparative 
religion  is  more  imperfect  than  I  could 
have  wished."  The  subjects  dealt  with 
include  "  Demons  and  Ghosts,"  "  Demo- 
niac Possession  and  Tabu,"  "  Sympathetic 
Magic,"  "  The  Atonement  Sacrifice."  The 
work  is  not  only  of  great  value  to  the 
student  of  the  special  subjects  with  which 
it  treats,  but  also  to  students  of  the  Bible 
for  the  light  it  throws  on  many  of  the 
peculiar  customs  referred  to  in  the  Old 
Testament,  and  helps  to  explain  the 
hidden  reason  why  these  customs  existed. 
To  student  of  Man  throughout  t  te  ages 
this  work  must  also  be  most  valuable. 
There  is  a  really  splendid  index,  w.iich  will  ] 
open  its  wealth  of  information  to  all  kinds  ! 
of  searchers  after  knowledge.  Under  "  A,"  | 
for  instance,  we  find  references  to  Ants  in 
Magic  ;  Alkali  in  Magic  ;  Arm  in  Magic  ;  ( 
Ash  in  Magic  ;  Ass  in  Magic,  and  so  on  I 
through  t'\e  whole  alphabet.  Between 
the  superstition  which  amounts  to  a  half 
regret  at  seeing  the  new  moon  through  a 
glass  window  and  the  superstition  w  ich  is 
related!  to  every  act  and  thought  of  life  the  | 

distance  is  indeed  great.  They  believed 
that  every  being  had  innumerable  demons  ; 
we  seem  to  be  losing  our  belief  in  the 
existence  even  of  one  for  the  whole  lot  of 
us.  Since  the  above  was  in  type,  we  were 
amused  from  a  private  letter  of  Mr. 
W.  Clark  Russell  to  find  he  pretends  to 
believe  we  are  in  for  a  bad  time,  because 
this  year  commenced  on  a  Friday.  He 
says  it  is  his  only  superstition,  but  that 
nothing  would  induce  him  to  commence 
any  important  business  on  a  Friday  ;  he 
even  seems  to  regret  that  the  Messina 
earthquake  did  not  happen  on  a  Friday,  as 
it  clearly  ought  to  have  done  in  the 
interests  of  the  "  Friday  "  superstition. 

From  Messrs.  George  Philip  &  Son,  Ltd. — 

"  Lands  Beyond  the  Channel,"  by  H.  J. 
Mackinder,  M.A.  The  Mediterranean  and 
Europe  are  dealt  with  in  the  present 
volume  ;  the  geography  of  the  countries 
is  first  dealt  with,  and  the  history  is  then 
told  in  such  a  manner  as  to  comment  on 
that  geography.  There  are  one  hundred 
and  fifty-six  illustrations  and  nine  coloured 

From    Messrs.    Hugh    Rees,   Ltd. — "  The 

Merchant  of  Venice,"  edited  by  George  F. 
Chambers,  F.R.A.S.  Mr.  Chambers  is  of 
the  opinion  that  Bowdler  "  did  not  go 
nearly  far  enough  "  in  mangling  Shake- 
speare's plays  for  the  consumption  of  the 
"  Lady  Reader."  The  present  version  is 
prepared  for  private  parties  of  readers 
sitting  round  a  winter's  fire.  It  can  be 
read  aloud  in  about  two  hours.  The 
abridgment  is  certainly  very  judicious, 
the  type  employed  is  large,  and  a  little 
incidental  music  is  provided  at  the  end 
by  Cotsford  Dick. 

From  Mr.  Ernest  J.  Rutland. — "  Electrical 
Terms  and  Phrases,"  by  Ernest  J.  Rutland. 
A  phonographic  phrase  book  of  common 
phrases  and  terms  met  with  in  the  elec- 
trical, electro-mechanical  and  general  en- 
gineering professions,  written  in  the 
briefest  reporting  style.  A  series  of 
engineering  letters,  counted  for  dictation 
purposes,  are  appended. 

From  Messrs.  Schofield  &  Sons,  Ltd. — ■ 
"  Story  Readers  " — an  entirely  new  series 
of  reading  books  for  youngsters.  No.  1, 
entitled  "  At  Duty's  Call,"  by  W.  Hislop, 
fully  illustrated  by  W.  H.  Groome,  is  suit- 
able for  children  from  ten  to  twelve  years 
of  age.  No.  2,  "  Toot-toot  !  "  by  G.  R. 
Bennett,  illustrated  by  W.  H.  Croome,  for 
children  from  seven  to  nine  years  of  age. 
No.  3,  "  Norse  Stories,"  retold  by  Mrs. 
Plant,  with  coloured  illustrations  by 
J.  H.  Lunn,  for  cliildreu  from  eight  to  ten. 
"  Children  of  the  New  Forest,"  abridged 
and  adapted  by  M.  T.  Yates,  is  the  first 
of  a  series  of  juvenile  books,  entitled 
"  Old  Friends  With  New  Faces." 

From  Messrs.  William  Smith  &  Sons  (Aber- 
deen).— "  The  Lone  Shieling,  or  The  Author- 
ship of  the  '  Canadian  Boat  Song  '  with  other 
Literary  and  Historical  Sketches,"  by 
G.  M.  Fraser,  Librarian,  Public  Library, 
Aberdeen.  A  volume  of  essays  of  unusual 
merit  and  fine  literary  flavour,  some  of 
which  have  appeared  in  Scotch  periodicals. 
Mr.  Fraser  combines  the  erudition  of  the 
book-worm  with  the  attractive